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u.s. president barack obama's of public opinion ratings are in the doldrums to make finishes days in office as one of the country's worst in these defects two presidents how do the story and then the public determine the success or failure of an american president and why are some presidents rehabilitated years or even decades after they leave bob. and i thank you for joining me for the r.t. sports show a pic of the best sporting action from russia and around the globe coming up and here are the top stories. forming cvs maria sharapova and world number one serena williams crown shattered the australian open but victoria azarenka remains on course to defend her time in melbourne. last sort she's
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a bread machine and a child star couple that so is named captain of russia's twenty five month peise hockey roster as the red machine go in search of the country's first olympic gold at their home games next month. and holding court russian balls he will team him keith crush israeli champions marketing hype in the euro cup to extend their unbeaten wrong to twenty one games. but first to tennis and it's been a bad couple of days for the women's top seeds of the australian open after both maria sharapova and world number one serena williams went crashing out at the last sixteen stage third seed sharapova went on to slovakia's dominika to both of us three six six four six one as the russian four time major winner took a magical moment after the second set and posted a total of forty five unforced errors. i mean i haven't been playing the best
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tennis throughout the tournaments but i've found ways to get through the last two matches and. you know i try to do that again today but i should play to play to extremely well. while meanwhile serbia's and evanovich served up the biggest shock so far by beating world number one serena williams for the first time following a come from behind a four six six three six three victory ensuring advantage which only the second grand slam quarter finals is winning the french open back in two thousand and eight . it's amazing i mean this this victory means so much to me and you know i worked so hard and all the hard work you know it's being offered you know for a fact are going to play so much better than what it is with their knowing they're . disappointed in me being there does know that i can play ten times better than a dude. however second seed and two time defending champion victoria azarenka of
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belarus came out an easy six three six two winner against american sloane stephens . while in the men's draw it was business as usual for novak djokovic as the defending champion brushed aside italy's fabio fognini six three six love six two the serbian converted his first match point with his seventh ace of the match the twenty six year old is yet to drop a set of targets his fist astray and open crown waiting in the quarterfinals is stannis last about brink of switzerland. now let's turn to ice hockey and after a disappointing seven three defeat to hosts canada in the quarter finals of the vancouver olympics russia is now among the favorites for a medal in sochi where n.h.l. star pub about soup will count to a national squad with a couple of big name absentees reserve on port fleet has more. the wait is finally over for russia's ice hockey players who were hoping to make it on to be limping
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wrong step of the century game well there was no surprise for the likes of sente of guinea malkin and forwards alexander ovechkin in nearly a culture war included there was no place for veteran defenseman sergei gonchar only curial winger alexander showman who suffered from injury problems this season . we were keeping an eye on superman and it wasn't an easy decision to make i went over to the usa to have a look at him and i was constantly kept informed about his progress however we came to the conclusion that he hadn't done enough to warrant a place on the roster rushes goaltenders practically picked themselves which said good bye brodsky of a current but seen a trophy holder for the n.h.l.'s best net mind and simeon by alarm of set to battle it out of a starting spots however it's in defense where russia have a number of problems and is likely coached in your tool a billion deneuve will be heavily dependent on venturing under the mark of an twenty four year old slav avoiding of who is establishing himself as an excellent
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blue liner of the los angeles kings in contrast russia has been a ray of talent and author ends with the likes of providence salk as well as of age can malkin uncovered schork likely to cause any opposition sleepless nights yet billy led dino believes the bones must be found between attack and defense and this is where someone might be unheralded so he saw incomes in the they'll be times when we need to shut down our opponents and we'll be shorthanded with players like sawing are invaluable in this sort of situation as we're banking on him to be able to neutralize our opponent best players on the ice and on the penalty kill cultural conduct so could be any russians on the roster one million pick metal picking up bronze in two thousand and two the salt lake city games at thirty five done so because the oldest member of the squad and he's been given the honor of cap. sitting beside him we've been thinking about this question for quite a while and we talked about it when we were in america however everyone came to the
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same conclusion that pavel datsyuk should be the captain him and he also got a lot of support from the players who were all right behind him with ten point is from the cage elso representing russia they live dino will have a lot more time with some of his squad than his opposing coaches they're headed to cosign for a training camp on january the twenty nine before going to sanchia on february the six where they'll be joined by the fifteen n.h.l. players as red machine prepare for vero opener against slovenia home favorite team and target a first russian gold since the unified team's triumph in ninety nine to two richard on board fleet r.t. moscow. staying on the ice where to scott beat at al two one in moscow to stretch their winning streak to four games in the k h l and robert father now takes a closer look at the in-form army men and their coach john. it's. probably
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the most famous brand of the sold it and russian ice hockey the club became something special and the great still it coach on top it that awesome and went on to produce dozens of sports superstars of different generations like the lady harlem of slow or fifty's that sort of gave go that of the three times winner was no prove himself as their own is general manager one of their was biggest decisions in his new role so for signing enough american coach john thirty at the. wilson on a hill to get the job was the number one thing that i was on it that they they picked me and to come in here with mr t. can offer mr terrace off to fall that and that's the pressure the twenty ten stanley cup winner as the chicago but hopes assistant coach their charity to georgia in june two thousand and thirteen well with forty eight games played in the
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cake show floor red army are now fourth in the wasn't going for instance and their jet is first going cup playoffs are on the horizon although the american is looking much further we don't want to build our team to go one round or win forty five games and then get knocked on the first we want to build a championship team that comes out and everybody trusts each other on the ice and they understand what a system is and that's what we're building here a lot of fans don't realize what we're trying to do here we're trying to change the whole culture of the organization meaning from the top to bottom that we have to have one thing in mind that cesspool wins hockey games and that's hard to do not just from one year sometimes takes two or three but we're trying to do you know a great deal of work to try and get our tradition of winning back here in the team with some american hockey spirit to revive the glorious traditions built in the soviet times why can this work some of russia's but it's still months away. next on
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the road and young hopefuls like. combined with soul the pros from north america with plenty of and experience to bring forth the other man during the last week north american coach and new just this organization i mean it's it's so professional and just everything you hear about it is great so you know i really wanted to come here and and i'm really happy i was have the opportunity to be here it's north american it's what someone of what i've been been learning about lives it's fun to hear the english again and understand a few more of these meetings so you know systems wise it doesn't matter too much for my job stop the pocket and a few minor things i got to do with my defense when we are sort of their kid has already done something to be proud of in the kitchen in september to scout hosted the kitchell reigning champ ounce and currently clearers skills and beat them six three euler the forty nine year old gleams. is without
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a doubt the league's best team we have something to learn from them in the past that's why they're back to back champions we're always learning every day coaches learn every day this wednesday scale will try to pass through. test away against the no muscular but over thirty no on r.t. . one to football now and while madrid and portugal superstar christiane i went out i broke down in tears after being named player of the year for the second time at a gala ceremony in zurich. this gentleman to be. brazil's world cup legend pele collected the honorary award before handing rinaldo along door the twenty eight year old edged out boss allows me in all messy and fine munich's front for every after scoring a remarkable sixty nine goals in sixteen matches last year that tally included a sensational hat trick against sweden to help portugal qualify for this summer's
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world cup finals in brazil where right now though could be eyeing even more glory. in all this isn't it was amazing it was very very. common in men of all sixty nine goals a. national team to go to the wall. this is giving me diversion to walk more about the for the future. well sweden might have gone out to portugal in the world cup playoffs but the captain abraham of each still claimed the award for the most beautiful go after the perry signed him out strikeout birth to a sensational overhead kick from thirty me says sweden's forty friendly win against england and the thirty two year old says his stomach did deserve the prime. minister says. yes it was in a friendly game but. it's a goal that remains in the history and people will remember it for
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a long time and people will try to players will try to make it but i am was there one made it and i'm very happy. ok now former midfielder clarence adolph was mobbed by journalists after arriving to take up the ac milan hot seat as the club's new coach as a player the thirty seven year old helped the rossoneri win to syria titles and two champions league trophies before ending his ten year spell there with a move to brazilian side both a four go in two thousand and twelve and the dutch start one his class much in charge one l a times verona courtesy of a late mario balotelli penalty. resilient yes a coach yogen klinsmann says he's looking forward to taking on his national side germany as his american squad held a training camp in sao paolo ahead of the fast approaching world cup landon donovan and co have also been drawn against portugal and ghana in group g. and g.
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to play south korea and ukraine in friendlies ahead of the flagship tournament which is set to kick off on june the twelfth. yes the reversal leads or a bit different because they are very very old but even there are still the coaching staff but three. years ago your story and therefore it's going to be able to move through. and that's it for the first half and we'll be back after the interval with some of the week's best basketball and more winter sport in the run up to sochi don't go away. there were millions of dollars moving from a company in saudi arabia called sharpie fruit a fruit company and they were sending money to. one of the leading members of the muslim brotherhood in yemen so this is what. is allowing that in facilitating
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today to happen here that causes political instability in the region and that causes i mean that's fine it's treason it's financing our enemies and what's crazy about it is that each s.p.c. admitted to the department of justice and to the world they've made it treason financing the enemy if you plead guilty to financing the enemy i don't think you should just walk with a fine that's not final let's kill. live
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. live. live . live. live. welcome back to part two of the sports show and let's resume with your early basketball off the russian side. claims their first win in three top sixteen
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matches with a thrilling sixty three points to sixty two victory a turkish team galut have serai the victories a slow the cars and our team's first ever in the top sixteen in their maiden campaign in europe's top flight though it was their third continental win by eighty three point one task on the artist sank the historic basket after scoring eleven of his thirteen points in the second half block away chiefs win sees them fifth in group bath while the istanbul hosts have yet to taste victory in three last sixteen think ounces. and while looking much seal's their first top sixteen victory to scout tasted their first defeat and also by a point this point is on belgrade's never say die approach resulted in a stunning seventy three points to seventy two win over the moscow giant ball down bogged down a bit led to the home side to their famous triumph netting twenty seven points with
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nineteen of those coming in a pivotal final fourteen minutes. meanwhile the n.b.a. was at london's o two arena where the brooklyn nets remain undefeated in three games after beating the atlanta hawks one hundred twenty seven point two one hundred ten for joe johnson scored twenty nine points and andray blatche added twenty to make it three wins from three a throw so between the toronto raptors that twice in two thousand and eleven atlanta's col color extended his record of scoring three pointers to one hundred ninety consecutive games after sinking to travel at the end of the tent with eight minutes to go through all the new n.b.a. deputy commissioner adam silver is considering creating a european division. so once we have in place that core infrastructure arenas there's an opportunity to attention we have a division here we know the interest. exists you know i mean i wrote down in. the tape they played i couldn't agree more with le bron who said the number one
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sports brand in the world i think that's a great way to capture the n.b.a. so we see opportunity there's no question now moving on to the second tier euro cup where russian team him key brushed aside israeli champions must be haifa eighty seven points to forty eight in the moscow region to stretch their own beating run to an impressive twenty one games cousin but apple for reports. after being founded in one thousand men to seven have been on the rise since two thousand and six they finished one result to say scott domestically and one to europe second to utah fiend twenty twelve however this season they made a poor start being knocked out of the top flight euroleague in the qualifying round yet since then remus coach knight his man have suffered just one defeat in the euro cough and are still on beat in the domestic league so went into the last thirty two game against struggling mcabee haifa aiming to continue their winning ways and
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after rolling into the game with a nine nothing burst team can never look back well i guess that we started very good we played hard and fast they couldn't score in the first quarter at all and and after that we were pretty good running to a man if you're gonna get at a fast rate we score a lot of resupplying said you know it's over are today great game for us the moscow region side kept these rally champion said by a widening the margin in a distinctly one sided qantas to twenty one points by the main intermission at the record when it was one zero for all the home side's players to reach double figures and lead the russian outfit to another convincing victory after recently being named family and sportsman of twenty thirteen it's a great on our own i am very happy about that and it's just gonna lay over the surprise for me if i you know it's time for a body awarded and you know hey it's a greater saw than it's also shows that best of always on arising from john king to sail to an impressive eighty seven forty eight bettering off my cabbie high front
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to maintain their perfect euro cup record and were main top of group with four matches to go crashing near a launcher led to victories with eighteen points and ten rebounds while market both of age and fourteen but. we played well both in defense and offense all of us did well the young players were uncalled for more than ten minutes for the first time we need to focus on our double header against czech said limburg it will be hard but if we. continue to play like these will advance to the top sixteen it must well for sharing some point we've got lewis we know that but you know we try to keep it going as long as possible and you know now we are playing very pretty good and everybody got their confidence in and i hope we will win a lot of games feeling always in a row after their disappointing euro league curtain raising him to have bones back with an outstanding run of twenty one straight victories in all competitions and the yellow and blues and to keep this three go eight until they win a trophy whether in europe in russia or even in both constant r t.
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now there's such a games are just over a fortnight away and with the winter sports season in full swing let's take a look at poland two of our actions to watch olympic previews and the medal chances for the whole nation wrote about on ian has more. it could be no never lose your a bit of dench and go forth at the last games in vancouver polo a second place finish at turin in two thousand and six producing the first and so far only olympic medal but the forty two year old the outstanding compare there is looking to shine in his seventh games and finally crown his illustrious career with the guild.
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in two thousand and six and one sou became a short track star by winning three golds for south korea but there raul with his bosses and teammates for the skater to change his citizenship and name in sochi that will go for a fourth olympic gold for russia along with ukrainian born but even if you go to the two time european champion will also be looking to draw at the next level after the pair held their adopted country to european rule a gold in two thousand and thirteen. after finishing twentieth in board the five hundred in one thousand meters in vancouver or go for the coolest improvement has been rabbit being crowned the world one thousand mirror champion last year in sochi while denise your scope has also
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hit big form there will groans in two thousand and twelve in the team pursuit he also produced a season's best to drive on the olympic track at the one thousand five hundred meters. putting both among the top names for glory at their home games. in the movie you. get the clue was grown classical spring jumpin in vancouver the twenty eight year old with a big three at the two thousand and thirteen world jumbo ships in both the classical and team sprints and is no favorite to claim his second berlin big gold one from snow i think somebody golf is a veteran of two games. fourth in the thirty kilometer double pursuit. but victory at last year's tour to ski means that there were a year old is also one to watch
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a movie you knew. you could sit in at the geisha of a big game russia's maiden world snowboard gold medalist back in two thousand and seven after winning the world giant slalom in switzerland and the twenty six year old is back in form at the right time of the claiming another world title in two thousand and thirteen in the perils. and hoping to make it a unique russian trouble next month in sochi. robert for unknown r.t. . and in the mean time at the latest world cup event in austria russian veteran bobsled alexandre's a cough was named in the olympic squad for the fifth time after the thirty nine year old took wrong scrutiny three thousand and twelve in the to none bob sleigh the u.s. two zero zero steven holcomb and steve langton took gold ahead of swiss spat by at hefty and thomas on the line. and in the men's skeleton russian world champion
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alexander to check off claim silver as lucky as martin is due course continue his fine form by sealing the thirtieth of last cup stage victory of his career the world and olympic silver medalist produced the fastest times in both runs with his brother thomas coming home. while china's a four time olympic speed skating champion one leg is a serious doubt for the sochi games after fracturing her ankle during training in shanghai the twenty eight year old report to be picked up the injury when she collided with a teammate wang is the world record holder in the five hundred meters taking gold in curating two thousand and six and four years later in vancouver where she also triumphed in the one thousand meters and was on the winning three thousand meter relay team. well meanwhile during a meeting with the olympic volunteers russian president vladimir putin said gay
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people should feel welcome in sochi but must leave the children in peace putin and other politicians have defended the recent anti-gay propaganda law as a protection of children's rights but critics believe it discriminates against sexual minorities thirteen insisted the measure was not anti gay but for bids the spread of her sexual views to under eighteen's the rules you know when you are for him we are banning anything we aren't rounding up anyone we have no criminal punishment for such relations unlike many of the countries where the more so one can feel relaxed and ease but please leave the children in peace with. and finally with the search the paralympics just over six weeks away russia's sled hockey team wraps up their final preparations by beating the czech republic six nil to win the fourteen international tournament just outside moscow michael crouch and to reports. dolls is often considered to be the birthplace of russian sledge hockey
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and for three days the muster region town once again played host to the fourth annual sledge hockey tournament between russia norway sweden and the czech republic in their first two games the hosts soften one thousand nine hundred four champion sweden with an impressive eight two one victory and then beat the current olympic bronze medalists norway seven goals to nothing and so were heavily tipped to take the title going into the final game against the czechs and it didn't take long for russia to open against the two time european silver medalists racing into a three goal lead within the first ten minutes the czechs appeared shellshocked while the host put the puck around with purpose and in the second fifteen minute period russia ended the game as a competition adding another two goals before netting a six in the final period and wrapping up a very rewarding final warm up ahead of their home winter paralympics in march but the other story this was a big moral voice but there is still plenty to strive for there is
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a lot for us to develop but at the paralympics we will force to try and to be on our best game we not only outran ourselves in the tournaments we were also more effective with the park and we put our train tactics and combinations to good use throughout we were also trying out certain approaches which we are planning to use against all potential opponents in canada and the us. russia has come a long way since putting together its first sledge hockey team four years ago you overcoming humiliating high school defeats and failing to qualify for any major events on monday. when russia first played at an international tournament in the story and the results were terrible they lost their first game fifteen zero in the second game fourteen zero and the third to thirteen zero but the lines didn't hang their hats and got on with it with a hello the russian ministry of sport which has continuously supported the pm since that would. the team recently proved any doubters wrong by taking third place at
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the twenty thirty world championships and judging by their performance at the tournament they couldn't be peaking at a better time so team russia such as b.c. has final preparations ahead of the paralympic games up above extremely well with them beating every single team in the fourteen internationals going to just outside of moscow however they faced sterna tests when they face the likes of canada and the us come the seventh of march but the project go to the region. and that's all from the sports team i found. after three years of. the death toll of over one hundred thousand. lomas see and common sense come together with one mention. war is not the
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answer. does peace have a chance. i know. tanya laid it well tell me how you are my little grandson. i know. i don't like. being cut off. except as an ecovillage that the spiritual side is destructive. i tried to convince her to try to preach that it was a sect but it's dangerous that she had to leave it was a story she had lost her mind. you know you she will come back i know it was and i will wait but even if it means i must wait until my dying day.
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on june sixteenth one thousand forty one we had a graduation party at school and the war broke out. the shops were always full of goods we. were in september leningrad was blocked. one day mom went to europe saw that all the shelves were empty. in the embers of the bomb of the day of steel warehouses it was the main storage place for all the food in the city people eating the earth because it had small traces of sugar in it i tried to eat it as well but i couldn't. was incredibly.


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