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tv   Headline News  RT  January 20, 2014 5:00am-5:30am EST

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which is why you should. only. treat my house in ukraine in range protest as a long shot at police torching cars and for russia sleeve beating dozens that is the well being of the activists that the e.u. and you are so worried about thrashing they also are issues with sanctions unless they pull the police out of central. also the syrian opposition threatens to drop out of the geneva two peace talks after a big one and by iran to the negotiating table meanwhile also investigating the is that europeans radicalized by the conflict could drag people back home. this snowden leaks and freedom of speech the u.k. government finds it's time to get one investigation into its crackdown on media
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outlets responsible for publishing sensitive information. international news and current live from moscow international with me thanks for joining us. it's of continuing violence and smouldering cars and debris on the mainline mosque something ukrainian capital right now that's a nice of violence in kenya which left at least seventy policemen injured on to government protesters angry at a recently adopted set of rules against demonstrations have been attacking police lines with clubs flash bangs and fire bombs. reports now from this find. just when everyone thought that the protest in kiev on the whole protest movement was dying down and all hell is breaking loose again protestors have been trying to
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penetrate the governmental quarter behind those what remains of the police buses which have been burned by the protesters is the police line it's really hard to say how many policemen are there but there could be hundreds of them this the riot police called it's a special regiment of the right police and they're trying to secure this perimeter here. we can see the fire is still burning the water is being used the police the water cannon is being used to extinguish the blaze but we have reports that people said that the water be used against the people the protesters are drawing fire crackers and tells that at the police lines it's not exactly reaching the police but explodes right near the police lines of the police is responding by throwing flash bangs and sound grenades as well as some reports suggesting that they're using rubber bullets against the crowd this is basically the people's reaction their anger towards a set of laws which was adopted by the country's parliament which they believe to
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be a repression of democracy which they believe to be oppressive on many actions protests actions can be punished with a prison sentence and as usually happens and given for the last at least two months or so people gathered for a meeting on for a rally on sunday which escalated to violence even worse than what i saw and what we all saw in december not far away from here at the press. administration building when there were clashes with the police right now the atmosphere is very tense no one knows what. he's actually happening on the other side of the police structure. the policemen are having there is a chance and this is the word on the draw that the police actually use this riot as a pretext. on the barricades which have been there for. try to disperse the crowd because this gives them a valid reason according to the new legislation. so far it's still it's it's a very. it's going to go.
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meanwhile foreign ministers are said to me is to discuss the bunsen ukraine they are in talks with the u.s. on bringing sanctions to the government they say they are concerned about they have a hundred times being used by the authorities and among the riot police. the white house express its support for the ukrainian opposition while the national security council spokesperson said it's here is that. it wasn't especially when these protests started last year and chat her experiences with my colleagues. there had to. burst into flame earlier right when they started back in november or it got to the point where they have to do something and by they i mean the protesters and of course the government as well but most of the protesters because for a while there they tried to you know keep coming in waves they were waiting for the
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dispersal of the mind they kept saying it's going to happen people kept getting messages through their phones and through twitter. threatening messages which were saying we're about to be ambushed at the police because there's going to be you know essentially all hell breaking loose and it never happened really quite safe to say that we probably had several hundred of these ultranationalist activists i would say this is exactly what they wanted them to me and at one point they tried to direct the bus somebody got into the bus and tried to direct them to the police if we go back to to back. there was already an incident when they tried to run a bulldozer into the police as well so this is sort of a repeat of what we saw back then just a month ago essentially but it does look a lot does look a lot sillier of course it's much more colorful now rewinding the cloak. very briefly to all the stores it. back back in the day basically it was about the fact
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that you know college pulled out at the very last moment from signing my trade agreement with the european union but now they're completely different now it's against the government now they're protesting now they're saying this is a revolution and once the government to step down were over in the second month of protests and they cannot agree on anything they decided not even to bring out a unified candidate should the elections take place and a lot of people i think were really upset by that but that's what people were chanting earlier today they were they were shouting meter leader because that's exactly what they need and they don't see. and let's not discount the situation in ukraine with barris editor and publisher of business news europe mr harris welcome to all very nice to talk to you right now so you and us were quick to threaten the ukrainian government with sanctions for using violence on protesters but they obviously ignoring the word tell us one part of the rioters why is that.
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well i think we're into a very difficult situation and i black in my cover seems to be painting it's going forward it's going to be. divine is the stuff that i think we thing the take up from last night is that the opposition leaders have lost control of the situation and the people on the square last night fighting was more of a more organized protest along the lines of the gripes they have about the government so going forward i think the everyone's going to have to focus on stopping the violence stopping the fighting and get to the negotiating table. that we're here we need is calling for a coup and even cage call actually said that he warned he had a cold which not to repeat the fate of khadafi why is the west side into that. well it's not a democratic process i mean that the perp i'm with face here is that ukraine is
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actually divided fairly evenly the last polls i saw fifty percent of the people supported. just over forty were against it was seven percent on the decided which means that the opposition doesn't have a clear moral authority a mandate from the people in order to change the government moreover you have to remember the end of the day for all his ills and he has many yannick over his remains a democratically elected president and for the last twenty years we've been saying to the eastern european countries that they need to respect democracy however we are in a situation where you know that the the e.u. and the u.s. saying well forget everything we said for the last twenty years not support these guys because they're fighting for quite a freedom so this is a double standard going on here and the opposition leaders say they want ukraine to be a european state but do you think the hero wants ukraine to be among their ranks do they want to revolutionaries as pawn. well that's the irony here isn't it i mean
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the values for democracy and the opposition stand up for that as well but ukraine under the currently. using a much more sort of. way of running the country and that kind of country would not make good european so i'm not sure that you know you've got to be careful about what you wish for if they did leave ukraine in where they would actually be a suitable member for the union and the situation here we're seeing and the situation in care of a nice tending to a more broad do you thing that opposition leaders can control. their supporters and can actually control the situation. i'm not so they can i think the violence that broke out last night was symptomatic of the frustration that some people on my dyna feeling with the inability of the opposition leaders to deliver any change to force his from office like i said he selectively the democratically elected leader and
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under the constitution you have to wait until the elections in twenty fifteen that's really the only legal way of getting rid of him but of course people are impatient they want change now. and they're going to try and force it but the problem is if you come down to force you get a call which has all the instruments of power in the form of the police and the army and the opposition are not going to well the protesters are not going to be able to force change on the on the court and she has to be a negotiator change if there is going to be a change and there's no reason why he should step down before the elections. and to barras editor and publisher of business schools europe to arras thank you very much indeed for your time reparation. so whilst i have today to what the situation k a by going to see dot com where you can find the latest pictures and footage as well as the analysis will be banned in ukraine. hat.
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as the geneva two conference on bringing peace back to syria draws near zero r.t. is beginning its special coverage of the diplomatic build up to the event which could lead to a potential breakthrough. on the past or ultimatum from the syrian national coalition to the u. one could mean the group is not interested in a balanced and impartial outcome of the geneva peace conference according to russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov the opposition group refused to sit at the same table as iran after the u.n. chief invited terror around to join the talks former french prime minister dominique de ville pan thing the coalition should not ignore iran's political importance i believe we have two problems today one is we need of cause the opposition to take part in this discussion because how can we have any settlement without having everybody rub the table but also we have with the
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opposition a very strong. very strong fights between the two parts of the political opposition and the jihadists are fighting very strongly on the ground i really believe that iran should be as much as possible part of the talks because you really see very regional players and if we can have you run on board in discussing the crude prices of the region we of course we will be much more efficient. but diplomatic model comes amid growing fears surendra harvest of violence could spread over to the new latest estimates suggest up to seventeen thousand foreigners have joined a rebel fighters there the biggest european contributor is france as many as seven hundred of its nationals could be and see where right now beltran and the u.k. round the top three are caught up with one wonder who lost his brother to a war thousands of miles away from home. they're young british and they're
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traveling to syria in their hundred. and according to one experts the now part of the largest european islamist foreign fighting contingent in recent times. at least eleven hundred. seventeen hundred it was from this picturesque seaside town in portsmouth this is a group of young men recently left to go and join the fight in syria about a month ago a news reached a community that twenty three year old kid your man was killed last fighting on the syrian front line this is the local mosque that if the current number of his friends attended before they left syria where they joined one of the most radical opposition groups operating in the country isis the islamic state of iraq and.
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now before he died it's a coup was active on social media placing video as an update of the group's activities now in the first interview since his brother's death mystic in germany exclusively tells r.t. he wants to set the record straight about who his brother really was and why he thinks he went to fight difference between. a uniform just because he was in uniform. for something else you had this was. just because he was a new uniform policy differences. people in uniform that always fight for the people they fight for what benefits as a country and what he for force for the people like many foreign fighters it take a hit crossed into syria via turkey it was only once there he informed his family he'd gone to fight jihad or holy war do you think the.
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same as completely completely misinterpreting with. and specially in the city it is it is in this completely wrong concept and wrong wrong idea there other members of the religious community we met in portsmouth agree and they're under no downsides to one of the major challenges in tackling do you think gauge meant social media friends in other places they get lead part of who looks interesting and suddenly they're listening to the teaching and i know that our leaders here in ports with would not support i don't think the problem exists within any of the mosques in portsmouth per se the issue lies in where if those mosques and not delivering what the youth want. they may look for it somewhere else because the country and europe why it's under syrian conflict is engaging a young generation like note that the four years ago
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a member of my friends we were just ordinary boys you know you just never thought about this stuff in a spoke about you know we're still you know still were well what's going on around the world but we have to you know my brother one this one year older than me is. going to be who died in a battlefield just something that hasn't sunk in for me or a lot of people so i know it's happened but it still hasn't sunk in so for for the full force as i'm in here. so let's see what portion from portsmouth in the south of england. for years had made it to the highest echelons of global security the f.b.i. director said one of the main problems was that radicalized citizens work very hard to identify giving them space to maneuver while across the atlantic be handled britain's and over by syria one become the number one destination for all those sympathizing with major terrorist groups like al qaida so trained for for the
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special coverage of the geneva two peace conference on syria later in the day as we'll be bringing you all the latest as well as expert opinion on the prospects for the talks. and common sense come together with what. war is not. a chance. more news coming your way of break including an investigation into fears brakes are being put on media freedom in the you carrie . hello tanya. well tell me how you are my little grandson.
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i know. i don't like. being cut off. except as an ecovillage that the spiritual side is destructive. i try to convince her try to preach that it was a sect but it's dangerous that she had to leave it was a story she had lost her mind. you know you she will come back i know it was and i will wait but even if it means i must wait until my dying day.
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this is all paint a national welcome bank the un's nuclear watchdog how it's going to fund iran how to hold its most sensitive uranium enrichment under his story can you be a deal struck by in november under their greenland and number of painful sanctions will be eased in exchange for a run grabbing a snoopy ambitions the deal will last for six world powers hope to agree on a final compromise under the deal the estimated economic relief to run for the next six months is what seven billion dollars access to launch titles that some four point three billion dollars will be available through currency blocks uranium funds abroad the rest will come through the easing of restrictions on the exports of
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petro chemical products gold and precious metals and international financial transactions but as all she's point is here we're told there are still challenges ahead to reach a long term deal. from today a deal between iran and the international community goes into effect that will see iran freeze parts of its nuclear program in return for the easing of sanctions in terms of the agreement there will no longer be restrictions on the rainy and exports of picture chemicals the country will also be able to import parts for its auto manufacturing industry and trade in gold and other precious metals the next six months are critical because it is during this time frame that the international community and iran will need to reach a final agreement that many fear without which could ultimately see the border middle east descend into chaos and possibly even a war what is clear is that there has been a good will and the wanting for this deal to work that has overridden the skeptics
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and the voices calling for fresh sanctions but what is not clear is how the united states is going to maneuver its way forward it has a very fine line to walk on the one hand you have israel there continues to say that this was a deal with the devil you also have u.s. congressmen and women who are calling for fresh sanctions but on the other hand you have iran's which essentially the american prison barack obama is urging to come to the party and he himself needs to show transparency and commitment while not alienating for example his friend tel aviv in the region so the next six months are going to be critical the hope is that at the end of half a year you will have a permanent deal in place between iran and the international community policy r.t. tel aviv. of or his own to your state say they'd consider bringing the death penalty by shooting up to a botched attempt to kill a convicted inmate who are they new drug cocktail in a ploy or wave conserves illegal drugs are difficult to come by the details aren't
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out at all. and also they're targeting terror or why a russian law wake up or pose as a bellwether. well setup fake social media accounts would be slapped with amounting to thousands of dollars that too on our website. it's wrong and i was ation that's investigated complaints against press freedom in trouble spots like yemen and myanmar and now it's turning it's science in the u.k. the world association of newspapers and news publishers is so worried about the reaction over so issues there to the snowden leaks that it's taking the government to tosk lower smith has more now from london. the world association of newspapers and news publishes isn't an organization everyone has heard of but if you live under a government that violates press freedoms it's likely they will have visited to
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investigate and document now they've sent out another delegation but not to a war torn failed state or dictatorship it's come here to the u.k. to look into international concerns that the government reaction to the guardian publishing edward snowden's revelations on the n.s.a. was way over the top and very worrying for press freedoms the paper says its face said to sit out on the threats of legal action and you are the chief executive of the organization. and you were already concerned about the status of press freedom in the u.k. before the snowden affair up. studying the religious and case. we've always as an organization taking care of patients all over the world always concerned about a situation especially in the major democracy like u.k. we set an example to the rest of the world where they can be potentially a risk to. creating an exceptional case of interference between
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the public authorities the state and the freedom of the press basic principle which is far as the mother of all the principles and civic rights and then of course following leveson the snowden affair blew up what specifically are you concerned about about the government's reaction to the guardian's publication of the n.s.a. leak there might be some risk actually be. that the british instead of the speaking . turns to believe. they could bypass the future of professional journalism it's become. a general trend which could. for actually the. the rights of citizens might be a connection with the political environment with the state and as soon as there is a connection to the states you can trust. the system. of.
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petitions. and admits the u.k. visit is unprecedented but his organization is worried that any violation of the freedom of the press here will give others carte blanche to oppress their own media and throwing away three hundred years of press freedom inside a single year is not something to be ignored. and i was some more global headlines this hour i think couples have broken out the riot police and protesters marching in memory of a journalist gunned down seven years ago around during campaign for armenia rights and all shot by an ultra nationalist outside his newspaper's office director say big government is done little to uncover lend support to the killer they rally takes place once again and has become a general call for justice in. america and japan has
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strongly against the relocation of a us military base to his city has been reelected divide puts us planted in the wax fish oils have been trying to move the current installation from okinawa for more than ten years thirty thousand american soldiers are still stationed at the base but many locals associated with pollution and questionable activities. later putin has addressed the international press to waylay some of the concerns that have been cropping up over the approaching breaks the russian president's security services will pull out all the stops to make sure the soldier lympics all safe but remain as low profile as possible he answered questions on the cost of the games and made it clear that it gave visitors would be welcome and he also said the threat of a bow. called by southwest us states was a sign of competition between countries. you could wish for but it really i don't think that these are manifestations of the cold war but it is
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a demonstration of competition when such a powerful country like china starts showing rapid pace in growth it becomes a real competitor in global politics and being low ball markets and of course tools to restrain such growth are switched on probably some old approaches towards russia still exist from the perspective that there is a need to restrain something. they were harassing to national for the eccentric ways of a cult in siberia and in the u.k. where going underground with action what type thing. another whistleblowers facing a lot of heat including a wave of death threats but what did she discover some sort of dark secret cia plans or some other plot for a new war of luxury no she exposed something far more dangerous and important to
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the zombies on their couches the university of north carolina athletes are mentally unfit for college and even high school mary willing him blew the whistle on the fact that between eight and ten percent of the school's football and basketball players read of a fourth grade level and many others are sub college level she also claims that these students were allowed into the university based on the screening process done by the university implying that the you of n.c. knew exactly who they were letting into the university remember college football makes a lot of money i always had a feeling that something like this was going on i mean according to usa today many college athletes claim that during the season they put in more than double the amount of hours on sports that they are allowed that's fifty to sixty hours a week how can they possibly learn anything maybe it isn't so sad that this goes on it is a reflection of economics what is sad is that the whistleblower is getting death threats just for saying that it is going on by those stupid hard core fans but that's just my opinion.
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in the heart of the impossible siberian tiger lissa group dedicated to following a man who calls himself the seri and every year on august eighteenth members of this community gather on a mountain that they say is sacred to see that man who claims to be the modern christ.


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