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tv   Headline News  RT  January 20, 2014 10:00am-10:30am EST

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molotov cocktails and homemade bombs the k. of sky over night protests as a result of violence and stalling the police barricades erected to stable for a revolution. dissolve the parliament and call for early elections do not repeat the fate of gadhafi the voice of the opposition is supported by the richland bill so she's had only themselves to blame. and nothing is a solid the un has two hours to withdraw an invitation for iran to take part in peace talks on syria or the country's main opposition group says it will drop out of the negotiations. and see where the president says the upcoming
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conference wants to focus on not talking terrorism up let's look at how nasser is from europe contribute to the spread of jihad to someone. international news life or. international with me hugh national thanks for joining us. and these are not images from the disaster these are actual scenes from the ukrainian capital taken other night the pictures show protesters running amok angry over plans for laws they say are aimed at punishing them for holding rallies the response has been fear is a mix of molotov cocktails clubs and fireball was all thrown at police trying to stave off a revolution there. forty. it's morning now in kiev but the chance
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in the right place where the investments unraveled in a very violent manner yesterday are not dying down you can see what remains of the police cars and police buses which were burned yesterday a predicting picture of what happened here yesterday over there just literally fifty meters away from here all the police lines the right police the special regiment called the better they're trying to secure the governments of water yesterday on sunday the protesters gathered for a typical rally after that they decided to form the government the court and the clashes with the police erupted we have information that more than seventy police officers have been. to hospitals with different injuries that still remain pretty much although there was some some very brutal scenes of the police officers being beaten up also there was some violence from the police report the need to use rubber bullets against the crowds we can see from time to time photo from tells the
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ropes and flash bangs are being thrown from both sides towards each other this is the live barricade with the protesters. against the police there still here we can see like the cement literally several thousand people the numbers are expanding as the day progresses really unclear where this whole going to go but so far it's been very very time the word on the ground is that the police may actually try to hold the barricade on the independence square which has been there for almost two months now and this may and a very violent very violent scenario will come to know that president obama just met with some opposition leaders that he's ready to hold negotiations with the opposition but this is not the talk of the town right here the people are still very much determined for the government to resign for the president to step down this is their goal this is a no longer afro e.u. protest which it was at the beginning of this whole protest story of this is a purely anti governmental movement we're starting following all the developments
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of what's happening in the ukraine capital here. ski's closely following the ongoing turmoil in ukraine and you can find the latest on his twitter feed and he says protesters have started building and an actual actual rather catapult to send projectiles into the police ranks and follow him for the most dramatic pictures and up to date information. so dozens of policemen remain hospitalized and killed with had injuries fractures and poisoning by unknown substances the interior ministry is claiming the opposition is now arming the protesters with clubs but despite a use sticking to its position of blaming the local authorities and as a report it appears the scene is being set for the final act. as rocks went flying and police buses went up in flames the opposition leaders really quickly found the man responsible for the mayhem ukraine's president get to
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the footage or break is that this we demand that you stop the escalation of the situation get the police off the streets dissolve the parliament and call for early parliamentary and presidential elections are going to do not repeat the fate of ceausescu and get after it the fact that the riots were started by several hundred protesters hailing from the ultra nationalist camp on the defensive square seems to have been split into the party the police had to the standard shower of rocks and molotov cocktails the government and abolition of criticism for using water cannons and rubber bullets to contain the raging crowd think christian tension in ukraine is a direct consequence of the government failing to acknowledge their legitimate grievances of its people the u.s. will continue to consider additional steps including sanctions in response to the use of violence and though the protest leaders and members chanted revolution in much of the night the west seemed indifferent for the open calls for more
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a step under these conditions we don't want to live we don't want to work that's why we're going to change the power of whether the score is some sematic seventy policemen were injured twenty protesters arrested cameras captured the scenes of the rioters vicious attacks against the security forces yet for the western leaders and for the ukrainian opposition this seems to be the european way to solve ukraine's internal political issues. we have european values we have european principles we have european rights that we must uphold in each and every european country this type of pressure seems to be effective not even twenty four hours after the lights started president in a club which has already made concessions to the opposition going as far as you know with good and bad by the rampaging log in and a billion square. ukrainian opposition seems to be in a win win situation either by getting a change of leadership by force or simply forcing early elections but with radicals
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there it's now well it's really spilt in kiev the question is would the opposition be capable of getting it back in the bottle it even goes r.t. . the us secretary of state was also highly critical of the ukrainian leadership saying the new un to protest the laws would deprive the nation of its but the editor and publisher of business new europe told as human lives by speaking out the west is only denying its own democratic running it's not a democratic process i mean the problem with face here is is that ukraine is actually divided fairly evenly the last polls i saw fifty percent of the people supported the protests but at just over forty were against the seventy seven decided which means that the opposition doesn't have a clear moral authority a mandate from the people in order to change the government moreover you have to remember at the end of the day for his ills and he has many yet to call this remains a democratically elected president and for the last twenty years we've been saying
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to the eastern european countries that they need to respect democracy however here we are in a situation where you know that the in the u.s. saying well forget everything we said for the last twenty years let's support these guys because they are fighting for quote unquote freedom so this is a double standard going on here. and as a political crisis in ukraine escalates what k.p. up to date with what's happening in care twenty four seven. with the long awaited geneva peace talks on syria just a few days away o.c. is beginning its special coverage of the diplomatic buildup to me saying well trains to find a way to end the bloody conflict. the presence of syria's main opposition group internee were is in question again they western backed body issued an ultimatum threatening not to show up after the u.n. invited iran they say were national council is demanding that either iran proves
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its commitments to setting up an interim government in syria or the new one withdraw its invite but russia's foreign minister said this caused doubts over the opposition's unwillingness to find a solution. anyone judging the necessity of all influential players taking part in geneva two is not seeking an end to the syrian crisis these are just whims the syrian government imposes no preconditions and is even willing to sit with countries directly arm the rebels it's not just the moderates so does that mean damascus demands their exclusion the goal of any top is to bring to the negotiating table not just the parties you like but all those whom the solution to the problem depends on. the syrian national coalition does attends the peace talks its priorities are likely to be very different from its opponents its leader earlier said forming an interim
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government without wash are assigned a main aim of the conference they say we need to himself said stopping the spread of terrorism should be the primary focus. the geneva two conference must lead to concrete results when it comes to fighting terrorism and the other outcome that does not touch upon the come back to you of terrorism would be of no value at all. there were real fear is that terrorists cutting their teeth in syria could spread across the e.u. europeans make up a big chunk of that seventeen thousand for in your heart is thought to be in the war torn country the biggest european contributor is france as many as seven hundred of its nationals could be in syria right now belgium and the you care also in the top three they will raise what happens when they return home. caught up with one british citizen who lost his brother to a wall thousands of miles from harm. young british traveling to
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syria and now hundreds. of decoding to one experts the now part of the largest european islamist foreign fighting contingent in recent times. to at least eleven hundred. two. hundred it was from this picturesque seaside town in portsmouth this a group of young men recently left to go and join the fight in syria months ago and news reached a community that twenty three year old kid your man was killed last fighting on the syrian front line this is the local mosque that if the current number of his friends attended before they left syria where they join one of the most radical opposition groups operating in the country isis the islamic state of iraq and show the before he died if it was active on social media placing video as an update.
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now in the first interview since his brother's death mistaken djimon exclusively tells r.t. he wants to set the record straight about who his brother really was and why he thinks he went to fight difference between. uniform just because he was in uniform. or something. just because. different. people in uniform. people. as a country. people like many foreign fighters crossed into syria via turkey it was only once he informed his family he'd gone to fight jihad or holy war do you think the young men listen to what she has.
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complete the music debating with. and specially in the city a case it is in this completely wrong concept and wrong wrong idea the other members of the religious community we met in portsmouth agree and they're under no doubts as to one of the major challenges in tackling you think gauge moment social media friends in other places they get led part of who this looks interesting and suddenly they're listening to the teaching i know that our leaders here in ports with would not support i don't think the problem exists within any of the mosques in portsmouth per se the issue lies in where if those mosques are not delivering what the youth want they may look for it somewhere else cause the country and europe wide and the syrian conflict gauging the young generation like never before two years ago a member of my friends we were just ordinary boys you know just never thought about
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this stuff in a spoke about you know we're still you know still aware of what's going on around the world but we never thought you know my brother one this one year older than me is. going to be who died in a belfort just something that hasn't sunk in for me or a lot of people so i know it's happened but still and sunk in something before for the full force of. reporting from portsmouth in the south of england. and as he has also been closely following the story of a belgian father her son converted to islam and left for syria to join the rebels there so his father dimitri made several trips to the war torn country and managed to finally bring his son home and he told us he was it was the belgian government that should have access that. i succeeded in my mission to bring my son back and they see cool things there really cool things also things going on there that is
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against human rights he was against so all this kind of things and you guys are so against the i don't let you off of some of the rubble or groups how many young people from here about fighting that whether they mostly come from what's motivating them to tell us more. look i'm sure but there's not that the ball that if you're talking about only europe we're talking about and believe me i know what i'm saying we're talking about between fifteen and twenty thousand job in themselves that only at this moment and every day every day they are still going to see your medal from all over the world they're still arriving took in the up that's just by the banner in syria and they're still going to syria betterment is doing nothing to stop this i have to with the my technician that it's possible through ten youngsters because i brought my son back with that's a bet i understand about the respect for my own government so after all of that
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this possible so if i further what's right other governments then the right at the end of course will be updating you on any developments that could affect the big journey of a to peace conference on syria throughout the day please don't miss our special coverage of the summit that starts wednesday. after three years of. just two months over one hundred. limosine and common sense come together with one. war is not d.h. . does peace have a chance. and coming away later in the story deal comes into effect the one you can i watched on come funds iran is curbing your reign and richmond to the exchange for an easing of sanctions a report on what the future holds for the tricky negotiations still ahead.
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and a threat to three hundred years of press freedom i mean to national mission goes to london to investigate whether the government is trying to control the media in the wake of snowden's leaks to stay with us from what. i know. tania. well tell me how you were my little grandson. i know you. was being cut off. as an ecovillage that the spiritual side is destructive. you're trying to convince her try to preach that it was a sect but it's dangerous that she had to leave it was
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a story she had lost her mind. you know you she will come back i know it was and i will wait even if it means i must wait until my dying day. but i will only react to situations i have read the reports. in the know i will leave them to the state department to comment on your part of the monthly so it. is on the docket. no more weasel words
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when you need a direct question be prepared for a change when you run should be ready for a. pretty upscale each little bit on the freedom to crush. economic down find out. that. night and the rest of the day if we. welcome back to our team to national the e.u. says it has removed a number of sanctions it had imposed on iran after it hold it apart all with
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security and richmond the move comes as part of a landmark deal between the country and six world powers and let's now take a closer look at all iran is gaining here they total it can only really for the country over the next six months is seven billion dollars most of that money four point two billion dollars will be acceptable three arena funds overseas which will be unblocked the rest is coming from an easing of restrictions on export of petrochemical goods precious metals and financial transactions however the move is just the beginning as for the next hoffer year iran and six world powers have to reach a final compromise but as all see is policy here of course the path to the agreement may not be easy. from today a deal between iran and the international community goes into effect that will see iran freeze parts of its nuclear program in return for the easing of sanctions in
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terms of the agreement they will no longer be restrictions on the rainy and exports of petrochemicals the country will also be able to import parts for its auto manufacturing industry and trade in gold and other precious metals the next six months are critical because it is during this time frame that the international community and iran will need to reach a final agreement that many fear without which could ultimately see the border middle east descend into chaos and possibly even a war what is clear is that there has been good will and the wanting for this deal to work that has overridden the skeptics and the voices calling for fresh sanctions but what is not clear is how the united states is going to maneuver its way forward it has a very fine line to walk on the one hand you have his role there continues to say that this was a deal with the devil you also have new is congressmen and women who are calling for fresh sanctions but on the other hand you have iran which essentially the american prison barack obama is urging to come to the party and he himself needs to
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show transparency and commitment why not alienating for example his friend tel aviv in the region so the next six months are going to be critical the hope is that at the end of half a year you will have a permanent deal in place between iran and the international community policy r.t. tel aviv. allow for one as are all lying officials in two u.s. states consider bring the death penalty but i should say. the shorter final of the lethal drugs is forcing local law makers to resurrect a message that has disappeared and much of the world all the details are at r.t. dot com. and also setting up a fake social media account might cost you a pretty penny in russia as one lawmaker prop. poses a bill which fines mounting to thousands of dollars. an international organization that inspects violations of media freedom across the
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world is on its first ever mission to the u.k. there are growing concerns about a government pressure being put on the press in britain allowing the authorities response to the guardian newspaper printing leaks from n.s.a. whistleblower edward snowden and some suggest three hundred years of press freedom is under threat laura smith investigates. the world association of newspapers and news publishes isn't an organization everyone's heard of but if you live under a government that violates press freedoms it's likely they will have visited to investigate and document now they've sent out another delegation but not to a war torn failed state or dictatorship it's come here to the u.k. to look into international concerns that the government reaction to the guardian publishing edward snowden's revelations on the n.s.a. was way over the top and very worrying for press freedoms the paper says its face
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says to sit out on the threat of legal action we've always as an organization taking care of patients all over the world always concerned about the situation especially in the major democracy like u.k. where they can be potentially a risk to. creating an exceptional case of interference between the public authorities the state and the freedom of the press but it is since generally speaking. tends to believe. they could bypass the future of professional journalism it's a big concern to. the general region of africa actually be that's. the rights of citizens. and admits the u.k. visit is unprecedented but his organization is worried that any violation of the freedom of the press here will give others carte blanche to oppress their own media
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and throwing away three hundred years of press freedom inside a single year is not something to be ignored. so while the global headlines here right now iraq's capital by the time has been shaken by a series of explosions including compounds coming over twenty people and injuring scores more. most of the blast happened in share neighborhoods with the deadliest attack targeting a crowded market meanwhile the iraqi army is engaged in fierce fighting with al qaeda linked militants in the city of ramadi this is the large part of it in december. even foreign ministers have approved a different development be the deployment of several hundred troops to the central asian republics he reinforce peacekeepers from france and the african union meanwhile the transitional parliament in the african country has elected a new interim need to meet ongoing clashes between rival christian and muslim militias latest reports say at least fifty people have been killed in the country
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over the weekend as into a total death toll of over one thousand. time fissionables i can see during a state of emergency contacts on protesters in bangkok over the weekend left of the face of people injured years and also mounting the recent of violence might force the army to intervene to stop the crisis between the opposition and the government and as ron is so fond of the people marching through the shake to assist the prime minister step down. an extra nasty international a story of a sags which is calling on people to abandon their old lives for spiritual salvation state.
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another whistle blower is facing a lot of heat including a wave of death threats but what did she discover some sort of dark secret cia plans or some other plots for a new world luxury no she exposed something far more dangerous and important to the zombies on their couches the university of north carolina athletes are mentally unfit for college and even high school merely willing blew the whistle on the fact that the. eight and ten percent of the school's football and basketball players read of a fourth grade level and many others are sub college level she also claims that these students were allowed into the university based on the screening process done by the university implying that the use of n.c. knew exactly who they were letting into the university remember college football makes a lot of money i always had a feeling that something like this was going on i mean according to usa today many college athletes claim that during the season they put in more than double the amount of hours on sports that they are allowed that's fifty to sixty hours a week how can they possibly learn anything maybe it isn't so sad that this goes on it is a reflection of economics what is sad is that the whistleblower is getting death
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threats just for saying that it is going on by those stupid hardcore fans but that's just my opinion. so we. see your. shoes that no one is with to get that you deserve answers from. politics. in the heart of the impossible siberian tiger lissa group dedicated to following a man who calls himself the seri and every year on august eighteenth members of
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this community gather on a mountain that they say sacred to see that man who claims to be the modern christ .


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