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tv   Headline News  RT  January 21, 2014 12:00am-12:30am EST

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another in the ukrainian capital protesters revolution fight with police. made homemade weapons and. the. politician. the opposition syrian national coalition says it's. an invitation to iran. one. of the. diplomatic. leaders to focus on terrorism plaguing the country. and getting the golden boot.
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out of the country. headlines live. thank you for joining the program. charging head on with ukraine police in the country's capital as they try to push the anti-government protesters away from the administrative area of the city of downtown kiev has been turned into a charge battlefield following two straight nights of rioting dozens of people have been injured and hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of damage has been done to the city. reports from. the situation in kiev has been very tense all throughout the night there was an attempt by the police to post
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a protest of the grisettes goes free to governmental a quarter it was done pretty much on violently there were no scuffles they were just pushing the protesters off the first thing they did they destroyed the cats the poles and medieval weapon which the protesters had early a built to hurl cocktails and rocks at the police lines they destroyed it's got to put a matter of seconds basically after that some reinforcement of the protesters came from the independence square and charged at the police so the police actually took a few steps back and right now on the few dozen meters separates the police and the protest as we can see a water cannon standing right in the middle of the police lines that there was information coming from a local media that the police actually warned that they may use weapons against protesters if they continue their violent behavior indeed we have seen and we see that all the time that loads of talk tales are being thrown at the police the fire
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crackers smoke bombs are being exploded from time to time it is still definitely a hotbed of tension also there are numerous reports that identified men in sports costumes are organizing scuffles all across the cranium capital still unclear what the purpose of that is but it certainly creates a very worrying feeling here so the situation is still very tense and it's really unclear where it's going to go we do know that the president on a coverage has been calling for. a negotiation with the opposition leaders some talk has already been held though we understand it was held behind closed doors and no information has come out but definitely as to this moment has been no political solution to this crisis as we can see another most of violent fire to me in kiev unfolded on sunday. night leaving more than seventy policemen wounded most tied to head injuries from the rioters clubs all symptoms of poisoning by an unknown gas
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still the u.s. and the e.u. were quick to turn on ukraine's government saying it brought this upon itself by cracking down on demonstrators as historian and ukraine if as the voice of knowledge says the western bias against president is now so great there's nothing the leader can do at this point to shift. ask yourself would do any western government confronted with the exact same problem or even something a lot milder how would they respond would there be automated weapons deployed actual bullets as opposed to rubber ones i think that the default response from the west is that the ukrainian government can do no right so whatever they do they're going to be condemned for it so they may as well but i figure and i'm guessing that from their behavior they're figuring it as well they may as well do everything they can in their power to secure the rule of law to suppress the violent protesters and to make sure that this does not boil over into civil war i think
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a modicum of force is appropriate when you're facing violent protesters you have to send a message that this will not be tolerated you have to send a message if you stand firm in the law breakers will not be allowed to run rampant and i think from what i've seen they've acted you are restraint especially again compared to what western law enforcement would routinely do in such circumstances. my colleague bill dog discussed the situation in ukraine with. check. she was a writer on international affairs. we are dealing with significant group of highly committed people who are hell bent on regime change through street toggery and by the way the ukrainian legislation. limiting so-called freedom of assembly is no worse than the recent spanish law about which your own station reported six weeks ago in fact what we're dealing with is a clear attempt to undermine the constitutional order of
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a major european state and it is truly shocking for european parliamentarians to say that they are still supportive of a process that obviously wants to use street thuggery and mob rule as a means of regime change regime change but the e.u. wants it wants influence over ukraine in the long term it's not the economic aspirations of the government it's actually expansion and they want to control and carry on no no no no nono no no no we had we had president elections in ukraine four years ago we had elections these elections were recognized arsed freeze for if there has to be a change of government it has to be done through the elections and the protest is waiting for that democratic process there's an election due spring twenty fifth exactly where every car gets ready to be president of the former german foreign minister bust at best available at the barricades and victoria nuland from the
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state department passing quickies around can you imagine russian foreign minister a lot of going to barcelona to support separatists and when it comes to ukraine what we have witnessed is excessive patience by the government the street thuggery and the rule of mob this would not have been allowed in washington d.c. it would not have been allowed in london and certainly not in brussels what was the . the reason was that president you know coverage the ukrainian oratory these refuse at the last moment under the pressure of moscow under the pressure of what i saw. refused to sign the association recently agreed this is simply factually wrong we are looking at a clear cut situation where young the coverage was perfectly within his rights to say no to a horrible deal which had it gone ahead would have cost ukraine tens of billions of
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euros which it cannot afford when russia came in with fifteen billion rescue package and it's simply that europe wanted to have free access to the ukrainian market for nothing and it was geo political all along and as the political crisis in ukraine escalates we are keeping you up to date with what's happening in kiev all around the clock. and still ahead for you here on our to international lead in there and back again the communist icon destroyer of russia has now turned a new trend of socialist ideas which are coming around back into fashion all across the world are international looking at the stages of lenin's turbulent afterlife. for now on the program on r.t.
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international with just a day to go until the long awaited geneva two peace talks on syria we continue to provide our overview of the iran's events i should say all around them. with the opposition syrian national coalition it's back on the list of participants for those peace talks off to the u.n. retracted iran's invitation the coalition had threatened not to attend of tehran was at the table the world body suggested iran blocked itself from the conference by refusing to accept the first communique lucy caffein offer points. at invitation a was a withdrawal by the united nation amid intense pressure from the united states and other allies of the u.s. although the much anticipated syria peace conference is still expected to take place that has been overshadowed by this rather bizarre diplomatic ping pong that's essentially unfolded since that invitation was issues now how did all of this play
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out on sunday bond ki-moon the u.n. secretary general basically announced that he is inviting iran to participate in the new twenty second conference scheduled to take place in switzerland to come to a diplomatic solution over the syrian crisis he said that the iran needs to be a part of the solution it's a key regional player its interests are also involved in what's going on there and that is why bunty moon wanted to bring iran to the table now that decision sparked a confrontation with the united states the united kingdom and france it also angered the syrian opposition and saudi arabia which has been largely seen as a backer of the syrian insurgency they've threatened to boycott of their participation in the talks effectively undermining the whole deal there was the threat of that to be a serious if the geneva two conference could collapse as a result of this what we basically saw afterwards was the syrian national coalition hours after bonking wins announcement issued an ultimatum saying don't invite iran or have iran stick to certain agreements and today we saw. reversing course
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essentially now the russian foreign minister said that the behavior by the syrian opposition group here raises questions about the group's willingness to really stick to commit to a peaceful solution take a listen. then you will judging the necessity of only influential players taking part in geneva two is not seeking an end to the syrian crisis these are just the syrian government who poses no preconditions and is even willing to sit with countries who directly arm the rebels it's not just the moderates so does that mean damascus. the man's their exclusion the goal of any tolls is to bring to the negotiating table not just the parties you like but all those whom the solution to the problem depends on. minister lavrov also said that leaving iran out of the talks would be a quote unforgivable mistake the united nations and several other countries
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including russia for instance have long argued that iran is a critical player in the syrian conflict and that any serious attempt to really genuinely end the war has to bring all sides to the table and that includes tehran and the plague of terror sweeping the nation is one of the major obstacles on syria's road to peace some she hottest minutes and groups refuse to play by anyone's rules or adopting the every man for himself tactics. when the enemy of your enemy is your enemy things can get complicated it's a conundrum the us faces in syria where political financial and military support to the rebels has subsequently served to create a new hotbed for al-qaeda if. did not. stay in power or if he's weakened then syria could become that base another base like pakistan and then in afghanistan before it. uses
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a springboard to go into these other oh experts say an influx of extremist groups has turned the war torn country into a terrorist training center posing a greater threat to american interests than the leader of washington once removed these groups are much more dangerous than we have hands of thousands of international fighters coming in in a very fundamentalist capacity we've almost come full circle after afghanistan where nine eleven were where we are seeing these groups still fighting for fundamentalists. principles what began as an anti-government uprising three years ago has turned into an internal fight between opposition blocs the free syrian army set up to battle assad has more and more found that its hands are full of just defending themselves against jihadists who are seeking a foothold in the country this leaving us officials acknowledging
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a loss of control over the war it initially supported. we too are deeply concerned about the rise of extremism. the world needs no reminder that syria has become the magnet for jihadists and extremists it is the strongest magnet for terror of anyplace today and as world powers star gathering in geneva to map out a peace plan for syria they are being asked to pull the plug on terrorism. ship which is clear results with regard to the fight against terrorism in syria in particular it needs to put pressure on countries that are exporting terrorism by sending terrorists money and weapons to terrorist organizations especially saudi arabia and turkey and of course the western countries that provide that it's happened so i think. that organizations no one ever imagined america would in any way support marina r.t.
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new york. now on this map right behind me you can see the territory under control of one of the most extreme jihadist groups the islamic state of iraq and levant or isis even al qaeda has denounced it for its blood lust recently the isis executed twenty one civilians in a children's hospital that it had taken over for their base. your former professor at tehran university thinks this must top the gender of the peace talks do not want to see and. reproduced in syria where you have you know the breakup of the country and basically warlordism in various parts of the country and incitement of the serious sick tearing in them and so forth you have these kid groups banning music images and of course the hours zero respect for women's rights and so on so what is the priority syrian opposition as a stance is raj and wise and counterproductive even defy that they have serious
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impulses on syria and national integrity and sovereignty in. intrusion and very destructive of thousands of foreign forces zero commitment to devalues a free democratic syria as well as the right so women and so on and of course here on r.t. international will be monitoring the build up to wednesday's syrian peace conference if you can stay with us for the latest developments on this ongoing story. over one hundred. common sense come together with one. war is not. does peace have a chance. at the international is coming to you live from moscow star for the
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british home office are being offered cash bonuses if indeed they manage to kick more failed asylum seekers out of the country than expected the incentive scheme has been lambasted by critics who say people's lives are at stake i'm all from london with. failed asylum seekers that have been told to leave britain can apply here to the u.k.'s home office to have their cases reviewed it's a last ditch attempt to stay in the u.k. if they can prove that their lives back home are in danger but it's been revealed that home office employees are set targets they're supposed to be winning seventy percent of these cases that means that they're aiming to keep out seventy percent of the people that have really applied to stay in britain after their asylum cases have already been rejected if they can hit that target they're rewarded with holiday days cash bonuses and high street shopping vouchers these incentives don't
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have any place in these sorts of cases where people's life and limb can quite literally be at stake there's been repeated instances of other pressures from management coming down to those making these decisions in individual cases it was a toy gorilla that they called the grown monkey and that was placed on the desk of any official brave enough against that backdrop to make a decision to go and someone saw him on their application the home office says that no vouchers are issued purely for winning cases they say that all the factors that taken into consideration as well they refused to say just how many vouchers have been handed out to asylum and immigration staff but a parliamentary oncet reveals that since july twenty eighth well of eleven high street shopping vouchers have been awarded to staff in asylum cases for a one off recognition of individual performance at court boyko artsy london.
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sweet dreams are not made. by one of the most popular drugs in the us is turning people into killers instead of sending them off for a blissful night's sleep. also while you're there. twenty minutes past the hour here in the russian capital it is the story of the death of a man who changed the course of history. the image of his revolutionary ideas much like the man himself still very. one elbel of discord in the very heart of moscow's red square behind these walls lay the mummified remains of the revolutionary and the founder of the soviet state but it's hard to argue
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that he is resting in peace there for the soviet union lenin was an icon he represented the communist ideas that an empire was built on his statues stood at pride of place and the central squares of cities across the nation but his appeal waned over the decades and when the soviet union collapsed many of the statues were removed from their plans his image had passed all the way from revolutionary hero to mastermind of the bolshevik movement to claim to many lives on its ruthless rise to the top when it had gone from deliverer to oppressor from what i can see here now in two thousand and fourteen lenin's position and red square shows what the passing of time can do he remains a key part of russian history but also perhaps above all now the tourist attraction a face to sell russian dolls and t. shirts to visitors with money to spend icons like lenin are never really forgotten
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and the art world either his image still has a place in the imagination of artist because of what it stands for although not everyone is prepared to let his political crusade go easily with lennon's ideology is the idealogy of a fair society in which men can build right here and right now the majority in this is science he will be protected socially one man will not exploit another this is he develops a person who is not burdened with the necessity to make money. however what some see as an interesting historical irony when russia tries to look beyond the ideas of socialism they're beginning to sound more than a little attractive to some parts of western society look no further than the american occupy wall street movement and their slogan of we are the ninety nine. percent and we're not going to tolerate this reading corruption of the one percent and many ways this is a mirror of the frustrations that push the bolsheviks and lenin to power some
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people come to the view that there's something fundamentally wrong with the society the needs completely transforming one of many in central ideas with those people to get together in an organization who they want to bind together that they would be more effective if they work together collectively with a common discipline than they would be if they were spread out across the face of different struggles in crisis hit europe socialist groups and parties report a marked increase in support socialist parties from several european nations have candidates standing in the upcoming elections so lennon will never completely be forgotten as long as the ideas he represented labor on somewhere a legacy few other political leaders can hope for margaret howell r.t. . we spoke to caleb maupin from the workers world party he believes the us welfare system actually takes its roots from the u.s.s.r.
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we need to recognise that part of the reason that workers even in the united states have things like social security stamps unemployment insurance that these things came as a result of the soviet union that the capitalist powers the united states were forced to give concessions because the soviet union existed and it was it was in competition so so we're really seeing the austerity that continues all across europe right now and across the western world as a result of the collapse of the soviet union labor unions have been weakened. and i coming up just a bit later today here at the international are just about as far from coleman ism as you can get a box keyser suggests buying exactly shining examples of august. i would imagine if you asked the chairman and the president and the c b c right now what they had for lunch they would lie they would they have made just out of baloney sandwich and they said we just had a turkey sandwich because it's in their culture it's in their d.n.a. they grew up liars they are liars they'll die liars their d.n.a. if you take it to another planet another universe another parallel dimension you could sell on the open market as d.n.a.
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that's made a pure lies whatever value that has in a parallel universe their lives their d.n.a. is made up of pure lies you know it's funny that they threaten to leave the u.k. if they were actually asked to obey the law i mean imagine jimmy savile here's a guy committed pedophilia with over four hundred children and he's taken to the court taken the old bailey and his defense is if you prosecute me i'm going to go to switzerland that's what h.p. is saying if you prosecute me and our scans and scores and hundreds of incidents of fraud we threaten to leave the country and the government says well. you know stick around throughout the day here on our to international for the meantime into the world update now some of the global headlines for you in brief a large block of an animal feed plant in the central u.s. city of omaha has left two people dead another ten seriously injured it's not
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exactly clear right now what caused the explosion witness inside the plant said he heard a large crack before the back wall of the factory collapsed emotions the surface of all workers and bodies have now been accounted for. the colombian military says it's killed fourteen members of the far rebel movement near the border with by his way still to groups responsible to sabotage oil installations as well as an ambush that killed more than a dozen government troops that was six months ago a colombian officials took part in peace negotiations with the guerilla group last year though a low level conflict is still carrying on. i'm happy to see jubilant scenes and happy people the european space agency as its billion dollar probe gave its first signs of life off to hibernating for more than thirty months the spacecraft is now on target to meet up with a four kilometer wide or ghost hole goes to plan
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a robot robot i should say that will be dropped on to the surface of the comet to run various tests. well thanks so much for joining us here on r.t. international today more of the world's top headlines in half an hour from now a rather rare glimpse into a siberian cult. leader says he's guiding his flock down the path to spiritual salvation it's.
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jingle bells jingle bells it's christmas time for you people or stealing all you're . there in our pocket we give them a bonus every year and they do what ever we want what ever we want the f.b.i. or crooks to the f.b.i. it's funny it's a farce it's american justice is a is a farce the f.b.i. is i think the cost of bribing the f.b.i. has gone down there's your deflation the cost of bribing your bill is going down in america under obama's america there's a deflation. in
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the heart of the impossible siberian tiger lissa group dedicated to following a man who calls himself the seri and every year on august eighteenth members of this community gather on a mountain that they say sacred to see that man who claims to be the modern christ the.
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a week before going to siberia we visited the belgorod region to meet. a form of the syrian follower she's one of very few former members of the sect willing to talk about her experience. i first heard about it when i was in st petersburg they showed a film that affected me deeply and i cried so hard you wouldn't believe what the film was about humility and pride and it really worked in my mind but it didn't say anything about him being christ except it as an ecovillage but the spiritual side is destructive is a u.s.o. enthusiast and it occurred to him sometimes that he was the second coming this. year what explains how she finally came to join the community she worked as a.


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