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tv   Headline News  RT  January 22, 2014 1:00am-1:30am EST

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no reconciliation on ukraine's unity day rioters keep up their skirmishes with police and try and. courts with militant radicals taking on an increasingly leading role in the unrest in the capital. diplomatic delegations. of montreaux as the syrian government and the opposition get their first real chance of dialogue. and the new mothers in damascus forced to give birth amidst. but now striving for their children to live in a reunited syria. plus a u.s. court ruled that a former guantanamo bay prison cannot sue the state over torture claims as dozens of former american officers make a public call for the president to honor his promise and shut down.
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we've got the top headlines for this hour it's a national with me rule research thank you for joining us it is a unity day in ukraine and the festivities include billowing smoke bombs under police cars and government riots with militants at the forefront and now into their fourth day in kiev and random people are now reportedly being stopped in the streets and tried in makeshift courts. of a brings us this report from. i'm here on what has essentially become the front line between seven cities is the place here in central kiev these barricades to be sent up the barricades to be made from the well the police vehicles that have been
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taken in the previous two nights of violence. would achieve tonight we saw molotov cocktails that a whole lot of fireworks thrown at police who are around thirty feet just behind me here just in front of the of the government is being called when many important government buildings are well it's really resulted in a standoff between police and demonstrators you kind of fireworks in the lights going off just behind me now what we have seen over the past twenty four hours is allegations that some of the demonstrators have held well what can only be called the training group colts and which they've rounded up groups that they are claiming are instigators and putting them on some form of trial and forcing them to apologize for what they've done now this is just one of the things that's going on around here in kiev at the moment says both this this just this standoff continues
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and what we all really seeing though right now is something of the you of the storm sunday and monday so horrific violence here tuesday night seen something of a coming that the only expected to pick up later in the week because it's unity day here in ukraine on on wednesday and that's expected to see many more people come from outside of the capital here in sick a.f. to take part in these demonstrations now we could only hope that they stay with some semblance of peace however what we've seen over the the previous few days what we're seeing going on right now doesn't really suggest that this is going to be the case of course we'll keep you updated on what's going on here in kiev on all take. out. now the riots in kiev have highlighted the rise in nationalist movements and extremism in the country at the forefront of the violence is believed to be an ultra right movement known as the right wing sector made up mostly of radical young
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people a statement has emerged on the internet allegedly from organization ultimately calling for a revolution political commentator alexander in the cross off he believes the rest is ultimately pushing ukraine all the way to the brink. all the signs are pointing to the to a carrier as basically emerging in key of and i think what there's more worrying is that the so-called nationalists basically extremists who are trying to create there were more killers and more miss these extremists basically saying that terrorists the a moderate opposition is itself or acknowledge that the situation is getting out of control and how can we continue why they say that these people for example are protesting against the government's decision to join the e.u. after we see them attacking police with more of course. bricks and mortar and so on
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. basically breaking all the rules of civil society to do to an extent that these are criminal gangs basically. and the two months of protests in kiev turned into rioting over the weekend the first day of clashes left over seventy police wounded but that number has since increased twofold most suffered from head injuries stabbings and poisoning from gas but the u.s. and the e.u. justified all the unrest by saying it was simply provoked by the ukrainian authorities and one international affairs analyst he says the violence is actually the main goal at least for some of the protesters. we're talking about permanent barricades being set up by people we're talking about people who are taking the law into their own hands preventing people from walking along the street and going about their ordinary business and above all we're talking about demonstrators who
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have time and again showed their propensity to violence we've seen in these latest clashes as we saw in december when the whole issue first erupted how the demonstrators have initiated violence against the police and how the police in ukraine have seemed to be almost powerless to resist what we can see that the violence has been initiated in large measure by the demonstrators themselves no self respecting state no state whose duty it is to uphold law and order can allow such things to continue particular not in its capital city. i mean the tension in the ukrainian capital international keeping you up to date with the events throughout the day you can also log on to r.t. dot com for live updates from kiev. it's r.t. international live from moscow no justice for the son of a pakistani drone victim he's been told by
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a british court he's not allowed to find out if u.k. intelligence contributed to the american strike that killed dozens of locals that's one of the many stories coming your way. also i made a ring of steel and a world of privilege multi-billionaires and celebrities from around the world gather for the davos economic summit in another annual attempt to put an end to the world's poverty. well it seems everyone is descending on switzerland today on the shores of lake geneva political heavyweights are trying to put syria back on the path to peace. and heavy diplomatic artillery has been deployed to the picturesque town of montreaux in an attempt to broker a deal between the assad government and the syrian opposition there for us on location artes you go to person off. for the first time after years of intense
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fighting and unimaginable violence the syrian authorities are going to sit down at the same table with parts of the syrian opposition and negotiate peacefully the conference is being organized by washington and moscow and the united nations and it's being held here in this picturesque down of montreaux on the shores of the lake in switzerland now if the syrian authorities confirmed that they were going to take part in the conference a long time ago the same can be said about the opposition have been constantly changing their minds even in the last twenty four hours prior to the start of the talks here in montreal and finally it was because of iran keep power in the region which is also supposed to take part that was supported by the u.n. and by moscow but the opposition was strongly against it and washington didn't help the situation either constantly changing its stance on the issue as well first being against the idea then supporting iran's participation and then finally asking the u.n. to cancel the invitation for you to switzerland even though washington and moscow
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have been saying that the success of this conference and why we depend on the participation of anyone influence on the situation there in syria is definitely that sort of power russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov said that the fact that iran is not taking part in the conference is not a catastrophe but it surely won't help unite the muslim community in the fight against terror since that's also one of the main issues on the table here in montreaux besides the political opposition in syria it is widely known that terrorists including al qaeda linked groups are fighting there as well. as going off national and foreign affairs expert richard baca he weighed in on the diplomatic hustle over iran's participation in the peace meeting he thinks there is no objective reason to deny this right. it's hard to explain
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i think to anyone who isn't anyway objective why iran would have to be excluded from the tox the opposition is demanding as is the united states and britain and france the they're demanding regime change as the price that syria has to pay for a solution in other words they want to bring about a whole new system inside syria a system that would be answerable to the dictates of washington why would iran be excluded because it supports the government in syria when all those who are supporting the opposition are invited to come to these talks and shows that they're really a. phoney miss about this whole process. meanwhile on the ground syrian kurds have used the security vacuum to declare their own autonomy in the country's north it is the civil conflict drags the divided politics society further away from each other some are already preparing for a future re-union. to travel to damascus and talk to those ready to reconcile.
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even in this dangerously divided country one place the differences don't matter is this children's hospital in damascus. a tiny relative of a government minister shares a room here with babies belonging to fighters of the free syrian army. who have patients from all over syria including areas held by the rebels because this is the only hospital of its kind in the country where babies born think can be treated and we treat them all the same they are all syrian children after all we all belong to one country and have to learn how to live together again. in three years of conflict neither men or women or children were spared according to the un more than one hundred thousand people have died while in fact the number is so high they've officially stopped counting. the anger and paving both sides kind of measure.
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but still it's peace that people want more than removing an idea who's married to a syrian government soldier has just fallen pregnant and the tough lives this is a beacon of hope this kidman salata me my husband it's a connection between us while we are away from a child there which is often for me this baby means life itself i live through this baby. comes one and a half year old daughter was born during the fear is to attack damascus has ever seen. she says her fight has nothing to do with her. or not want to think that war means there and we have to leave and we have to fight for peace and life we can't give up now. it's a side of war that not many think about in the midst of violence and devastation babies are still be born in their thousands of new parents who run away from atrocities in their hometowns often end up in camps which like the basics of
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sanitation and security. between death all around they choosing life. from damascus well throughout the day also international will bring you the very latest on the diplomatic battlefield for syria's future a try not to miss our special coverage. after two years of. does kolber one hundred. c. and common sense come together with one message. war is not the answer. does peace have a chance. to interview.
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to. choose your language. make it with oh and if they still some. choose to use the consensus get to. choose the opinions that immigrate to. choose the stories that impact your life choose access to your.
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quarter past the hour here in moscow it's artsy international a former inmate at guantanamo bay cannot sue over the torture claims at the prison despite being released without any charges the ruling by a u.s. court comes as thirty one former american army officials called for barack obama to keep his word and close the site there's a cafe off reports. will be closed no later than one year from now it might be president obama's biggest unfulfilled promise closing gitmo the detention facility at guantanamo bay cuba that's where we put people in prison forever without charging them with any crime i can imagine where you could put these people that wouldn't endanger the community political bickering has kept detainees in limbo for years nearly eight hundred prisoners have been sent to
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guantanamo bay since two thousand to one hundred fifty five detainees remain there today most without charge or trial i don't think the u.s. has a nuff evidence to support holding. most of these men the burden is on the united states to justify it and the united states can't simply say oh well you know we think these are bad guys but we can't really prove it it's a view the us president seems to agree with the idea that we would still maintain forever. a group of individuals who have not been tried that is pont true to who we are it is contrary to our interests and it needs to stop so why hasn't it one of the problems opposition on capitol hill congressional restrictions have made it more difficult to relocate or transfer detainees for years republicans in particular have insisted the prison stay open in the name of national security
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simply stated the american people don't want to close guantanamo bay which is an isolated military control facility to bring these crazy bastards that want to kill us all to the united states but some civil rights advocates say the white house could be doing more it's only a president who can do it and the idea that it's you know that it's congress's fault is just not correct right the president is the commander in chief it is the president the top holding these men in detention the prison has been mired in controversy amid allegations of brutal interrogations and torture last year one hundred three detainees went on a hunger strike in a desperate protest against their indefinite detention there have been dozens of suicide attempts at least nine guantanamo detainees have died while in custody prompting some lawmakers to wonder whether if keeping the prison open is doing more harm than good the reality is that every day it remains open guantanamo prison
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weakens our alliances inspires our enemies and calls into question our commitment to human rights but after years of setbacks the tide seems to be turning a provision in a defense spending bill signed into law. law by the president last month lifts there were struction zhan detainee's who have been cleared to leave and never charged with a crime the bill basically takes half of what we did in the senate and passes it and that is to give flexibility to the president to transfer detainees from guantanamo to third countries it maintains the prohibition on transferring detainees here for trial and detention and that according to attorney david remes is a big problem i don't think kuantan i'm a will ever be closed as long as the u.s. doesn't allow detainees into the u.s. you've got the problem of where you're going to put the men who are convicted by
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military commissions where are you going to put the men that obama can't transfer for one reason or another but for most of the prisoners and their families one question remains just how much longer will they have to wait whatever answers politicians may offer meaningful change could still be a long ways off reporting in washington for our team and to seek out an old. one lawyer for an inmate at guantanamo carlos warner he says the people locked up without charge and not the hardened criminals officials would like you to think. hopefully these numbers are going to do window but the ministration still wants to hold some people indefinitely and what we do in the united states is we charge people or we release them we do not hold people indefinitely obviously we know that the people who are being held in guantanamo are not the worst the worst they are mostly political problems they you know many of the men are from yemen the situation is still unstable in yemen but certainly the idea that these are hard
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terrorists is just not the case in fact collin powell and his staff said many years ago that they knew the majority of the men being brought to guantanamo were innocent and in fact it's our belief that the people there now are innocent. and you can catch our full documentary on the moki role of doctors involved in told you're with us here on a well i just about ten minutes time hope you can stick around for that. for the meantime an international top billionaire from all over the globe most themselves in a world of luxury in the swiss ski resort of davos to concentrate on. income a quarter inequality and tax evasion the main targets of this year's annual economic forum reporting for. double's twenty fourteen the most anticipated financial to all the yeah it's now kicked off with two thousand five hundred participants including the biggest names in business the business and
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money movers including j.p. morgan's jamie diamond got british data david cameron air with rules who got the finance cheese there's always celebs as well who got bought over the lead saying of you to your remember that he famously branded this event fact cats in the snow what he's bought was a visa going to be a bit more complementary they share so what all these people are going to talk about in the next four days than in the us while on the agenda is income inequality that's one of the biggest things they share and we recently found out that a three point five billion people the paris parts of the walls they actually have the same amount of wealth as the eighty five richest people quite starting ready and rather ironic when you consider the fact that the richest people will be a teacher ryan deal with that problem got eighty billion as expected this as well as that talk but we've also got the facts of de lay should know what risk that
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poses at the moment as well as europe still troubled banks was valued at as well the issue of the chinese economy and how it's developing as well as janet yellen and what that will look like and also the tensions in the middle east too we've got the most anticipated person that will be making an appearance here will be mr rouhani iran's leader will be here to woo investors in a potential post in bargo economies to see how he gets on with that was that there's plenty on the agenda and don't forget that we've also got a few tax avoiders here that are going to be talking about tax evasion again another irony there for you but aside from that the fact that there are so many big names in davos is difficult not to appreciate the fact that they're made. big agenda policies push me high so i'm going to be keeping an eye on the agenda i'm going to be trying to get in a secret job and getting a hold of days people here in a dozen doing a bit of sound painting break the maimings. snapshot now or some other global
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headlines time for the r.t. world update the thai government has put in place a state of emergency in bangkok in an apparent attempt to control protests the sixty day decree allows the security services to impose curfews and detain anyone without charge but already say they're trying to keep the peace the head of new elections planned for early february and nine people have so far died during protests that have brought part of the capital to a standstill. calibur has put iran on a probation period saying it will only lift its sanctions when a permanent deal over its nuclear program is struck meanwhile the e.u. and the united states have started to bring the country economic relief after tehran a hole to its most sensitive nuclear work and coming up in about an hour's time here on r.t. the people of ella's cross told guests certainly hedging their bets over this nuclear deal. i think with the most congressmen realize that they might make
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noises but they are contrary to sabotage this thing and you have to keep in mind another issue is that if the u.s. president agrees to a deal which iran excepts and the senate that says says no how war does the rest of the wall going to do is the rest of the world going to listen to the senators are they going to listen to the u.s. president i think the whole the sanctions system will on ravel if there is an agreement and even if the senate doesn't approve of it. thanks for joining us here on r.t. international a u.k. court has ruled that a pakistani whose father was killed in a u.s.
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drone strike won't be allowed to find out of the british government helped in the attack and the victim's son argued that sharing information on where to bomb was the same was encouraging murder artie's tester australia has more on this controversial case. the court of appeal here in the u.k. essentially blocked a non-person dented case relating to a u.s. drone strike ruling that it could not be heard because that would be asking a u.k. court to pass judgement on the united states now the man behind the case is more con his father was a tribal elder from pakistan's northwest or tribal region and he was killed along with some forty others in a u.s. cia drone strike in march two thousand and eleven but the summing to his father was not connected to any terrorism or militancy and even opposed it however on the other hand the cia reportedly still claims that it had quote a cold killed no noncombatants in that strike for two years nor khan has been is seeking clarification on the policies and practices of the british government who
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is trying to get a judicial review asking the courts to examine whether officials at the british intelligence agency g c h q what in fact shared information about targets in pakistan with the cia and whether this in turn could make the british complicit in murder or war crimes as the law here states so here we are today with the court of appeal ruling essentially deciding against a review it's understood as not wanting to damage the u.k.'s relations with the united states consulate know to that the government in the form of foreign secretary william hague who is responsible for g c h q he had lodged a public interest immunity application in order to stop concentrating for being heard which the lawyer says suggests that there may be things that knows that he does not wish to disclose and there lies a source really of public anger this lack of transparency in what is a very controversial and increasingly unpopular practice but as it stands today the appeal here is lawsuit it seems we won't be finding out this time if the u.k.
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was indeed helping the cia. reporting that all right up next here on the program as promised a documentary about doctors who seem to have no problem working with torture live from moscow it's aussie international. the interim agreement with the red is now in effect what are its prospects can't israel and its congressional i specifically the senate kill the deal and you first the miraculous reason all sides agree to keep to the agreement what can we expect next. in the future. so we hit the road to focus on the new technology. on this moon show no policy is complete without school shootings. and we learn
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about the next until struve evolution this has the potential to save lives. not only on page. we've got the future of coverage. after two years of. the death toll of over one hundred thousand. lomas see in common sense come together with one message. war is not the answer. does peace have a chance and. after seven years in prison mohammed jawad was finally released eric montell though kept his promise to be in kabul when the young man arrived. and his mother couldn't even recognize him because he had physically changed so much because it was just
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a boy and he apparently had a certain shape to the back of his head either for what have you and she. was in total disbelief until she felt the shape of his head and then at that point she knew and collapsed on the floor. in the case of involvement of health professionals when does it rise to the level of national scandal. how many more revelations about physician involvement about research about approval of interrogations for people who are clearly injured to be injured again. how much more.


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