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tv   Breaking the Set  RT  January 22, 2014 3:29am-4:01am EST

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and let us recognize that most of the death and destruction in syria come from conventional weapons which are thrown in abundance to all the warring sides from many quarters different actors have been inserted a sectarian get a mission into this country some of these obvious have generated or said forth in prophecy but we have also been continued into a community we have also seen continued into communities already there it and even demonstrators of against extremism syrians are still united india deep love for their country pride in their culture and religious heritage and long history of living in peace syrians must start talking to each other again to regain what has been lost we see power for example of this the spirit of sort of
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their it in every day with the many mothers and fathers striving to protect and instruct go to of ditch families on a daily basis in syria i decided that all syrians women and men i you gauged in the effort to shape our shared future. excellences let me turn now to the war that begins at this conference. the syrians themselves had the primary responsibility to end the conflict determine their political system and future and start rebuilding their country. the duty of all members of the international community whether present in this room today or not is to do everything within their power to help them achieve discords but geneva communique sets out a number of key steps for
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a city in that transition starting with the establishment of a transitional governing body with the fool egypt the powers formed by consent including over the military forces and secret and intelligence services. to communicate communicate also states that the public services must be preserved and restored and or poured shmendrik cendant they more step leaders who inspire public confidence under the control of the transitional governing body. i urge all doors gathered here today to impress upon porthos eyes the list cysteine and in a bid to ability over pretty to go solution i count on you to encourage the syrian sites and their delegations to reach a comprehensive settlement based on the geneva communiqué as the parties see
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a political solution so marched they respect international humanitarian law which has been appalling the violated joining this country. the pyros must be ended attacks against the civilians must a cease or parties must walk to put an end to all terrorist attacks by urgently color on the government and the opposition to allow immediate and poor humanitarian access to all communities in need. particularly in the busiest areas the hundreds of thousands of people who have been cut off from any assistance for months with a disturbing reports of money tradition and desperate health the conditions food and medical and surgical equipment must be allowed in. the sick and wounded
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people or must be allowed out i call on the syrian delegations to engage seriously and constructively great challenges lie ahead but they are not in some insurmountable how many more we die in syria lose their loved ones be maimed for life or lose their homes if this opportunities are lost there is more to keep to ending the violence and the party to a solution that is why we are here let us prove to all that the war disabled to unite and support the people of syria as they are on the path towards a peaceful and democratic and stable in syria i appeal to all of you to show create a vision for humanity as read as leadership writ flexibility serious
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a desire of our future peace dignity mutual respect and freedom appeal thank you. ladies and gentlemen and people we started our debate today allow me towards just some. of our conference that everybody needs to ops of we have only one day today to hear all the heads of delegations who have traveled long distances to be here out of courtesy. to one another and particularly to the speakers for to deliver their statement later today. i wish to request each and all of you what are the here strictly to the order to time for statements seven minutes for all the delegations
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a seven seven minutes with the exception of two syrian delegations whose a statement should not exceed ten minutes ten minutes to help speakers respect the speaking time limits conference officers building up their first to bed in at the. five minutes five minutes then second ben has six minutes that means you have to wrap up within one last minute. i'm confident that i can count on your kind corporation so that i would not have to interrupt your very valuable. presentations once the list of the speakers is at the end of the day our give the floor to. once again to
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a syrian and delegations to make concluding remarks for five minutes each five minutes each. i understand that after three years of approved turner warfare and at tours it is emotions are running high in this war among the delegations there what that is i r p s two or participants to exercise maximum restraint and patience in their remarks and refrain from language that could undermine the chances of making progress at this conference i appeal to you. i make this appeal to you it would be awful not only of the international community but also the syrian people who desperately require a statesman like approach at this conference and who hope distributer starting point toward achieving peace industry got our exercise
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your story of the chair to court to order the speakers whose language is deemed inappropriate in this forum and i intend that or not to allow the point to a point or borders or right of reply to be ex exercise in order to ensure swarth conduct of the court conference if any delegation has any additional points to make at priests i meet them out to the secretariat and we are to make sure that your points will be recorded in the offseason a record. i think i can have agreement and understanding of all the delegations to today i really count your cooperation and i appeal to you so that we
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can really have a very constructive harmonious and businesslike conference without a showing emotions. i thank you for your cooperation. but its assist with this in now gives me great pleasure to invite the heads of delegations of the two initiating states of the conference the russian federation and the united states to address a discount for us first and our invite his excellency mr. minister for for your peers of the russian federation to make a statement you have the tools to mr. bush's possible. president rosary with this podium given this a distinguished extra general awareness but the ladies and gentlemen colleagues it was a little bit at the opening of the international conference on syria when the world as it will go and how long the attention of the whole of the world's community which places particularly i know it's a historic responsibility on the shoulders of momentous events because the light is
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not yet this is all of those who consider tainted the convenience that the united nations organization and its actually general the special representative that he made and his predecessor kofi annan this particular gratitude goes to the government to switzerland to ensure the want to an organization at the conference as the most conducive conditions for its preparation which may express our gratitude to all countries and organizations such as the leak apparent stays the i.c.c. and the e.u. to it because it was the joint initiative of russia and united states of america to convene geneva two with a view to a political settlement being found a syrian crisis that it was working with all and very close working in fact has contacts with the united states is a date i know who about quite how much john has done personally to ensure that this meeting today could take place despite the real and imaginary problems which emerged our common task is to achieve an end to the tragic conflict in syria which
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has brought incalculable suffering and pain to the syrian people and destroying these centuries old land we must not allow the shock waves to engulf neighboring. countries the whole of the middle east region which is living for a difficult period in time russia supports the efforts of the arab peoples to achieve a better life sustainable development employer suicide his way convinced that the transformations going to be effective if they are conducted through peaceful means without the use of force through a national dialogue based on. domestic absolutely evolution's within societies that tends to impose any models reform from outside on the countries of the middle east and north africa and the experiments in social engineering issues there will come by the clock on the progress made and the process of political and economic modernization and we don't have to offer such examples which once again i call upon all external players to strictly abide by the basic principles of international law
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of respect for serenity of a state non-experience investigate fast and it is a settlement of disputes understand the outset of the crisis in syria russia i think consistent and it's sure that i can be no solutions on bodies of force and they cannot be found through what would look i love amongst the syria because syrians themselves this approach was the basis for the geneva communique which was with some delay adopted unanimously by the un security council investigation twenty one eighteen as an international legal framework for the human to peace in syria we convinced that we all wish to see syria maintained as a saw friends secular state with territorial integrity in which we see the rights of all confessional i think groups on this basis today we are starting a dialogue between the syrian side they need to. discuss the concrete privatise to implement the geneva communiqué and the subsequent steps to be taken to do it for the syrian people that syria intended slayers determine their own future. very
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much count on external players. encouraging syrians hope to achieve agreement and refrain from an encouraging the syrian sides to refrain from any attempts to it's good. turman the outcome of the process and as a drain on the mind to process the energy of a communique on the un security council resolution to your money and its emphasized that the impossibility to take part in a national dialogue should be extended to all groups of the syrian society which however end this process we do not see some countries to combine to opposition groups active in syria being involved who have expressed an active interest in being participants in geneva to suggest that we used could overcome a situation to correct it to include them in the negotiation process even if they are not there on to say we would suggest what europe we would very much hope on understanding from our partners including the league of arab states if this applies equally to the involvement of iran and the efforts to include the geneva communiqué of any attempts to interpret this document in any way whatsoever the essence of the
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geneva communiqué is that those are issues referring to the future syria should be decided upon on the basis of a mutual agreement between the government and the opposition a major problem has become these threats of serious turning into help international terrorism extremists who came from all corners of the world so in this is a chaos in ukraine soon. destroying the cult of the centuries old culture and demographic makeup of syria and creating a completely alien culture to syria kristie which she said i'm afraid of intolerance but is greatly concerned about the mass exodus map lexicons of the christians who for some two thousand years have lived side by side in peace and harmony with the arab and other brothers for a woman we are seeing a very very dangerous a trend of the internals of going to take it is time which could take on the edges proportions and the world with russia is going to values its friendly relations with the arab and other muslim states and the interest in the economy growth being
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united on taking up its rightful place as one of the main pillars of the party centric system of international relations and this is what guides us in partnership with the negro. stacy oh i see and a corporation counsel to the arab states of the gulf. breeze will record upon oh but this isn't in a conference but we can all they can to assist the government of syria and the opposition to unite efforts review to eradicating terrorism i remind you that the g eight leaders called for this in the final communique of the duck and summit in middle of june two thousand and thirteen it augurs well for the work of the conference that has been progress achieved and destroying the syrian chemical weapons arsenal it is with so that when you put up with your human issue and know the cooperation between the syrian government. the u.n. resolutions this process and also the information of the agreements on the wing iranian nuclear program will be a real contribution to establishing a zone. of as an intimate place which is free from the n.t.
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words we are all for stepping up efforts to alleviate even a tear in situation in syria which will rebuild confidence as well in the area and this close will be because mentions with already two google groups we are convinced that she went to terry and issues and all aspects of the situation in syria should not be subject to speculation should not be used to demand out of the show needs and to undermine the dialogue with the negotiations between syrian sides will not be easy they will not be quick. and many have to go forces which child support us to end was but you know the issue to be successful and that's not one hundred percent chance of success but as a realistic chance that we can achieve peace in syria through this process and everyone to this we need to. make sure that we can if you can because it's for the good of a friend of syrian people and this is the good of the international ations it's on the partnership and interactions russia is prepared to assist in the process in every way i can thank you. and we thank you mr
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minister you a statement and you have been very even much more disappointing than a seven minute tune. you have finished in five minutes that think you meant. i never invite he sinks in this mr john kerry secretary of state of the united states to make a statement you have the floor. and . thank you very much sir. and. thank you and that's it ebrahimi for your commitment to helping the syrian people find a new future and i join with foreign minister lavrov said thanking all of the
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countries around the table all of the groups around the table. thank president barack alter and the people of switzerland for making this important meeting possible and i thank the russian federation for mr for his cooperation and efforts together with us working to try to initiate this process. i also want to welcome the leaders of the syrian opposition and i thank them for the courageous decision they've made everybody here knows the pressures that have existed. today is a beginning. and the beginning of what will obviously be a tough and complicated negotiation peace talks to end the war and end a struggle like this always are tough frankly this is a test for all of us who support the syrian people in their effort to end the extraordinary suffering that the world has witnessed and which continues and it is
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a test of the global community's ability to come together and ultimately secure a syria where people can live in dignity and not in fear. i want to start by saying that i think it is impressive i think it is significant in and of itself that so many countries have come together even though we know it's for one day that all the countries will be here in this form but all of them have come together because everybody understands our critical that is for the world to prove that we have the ability to make a difference in this kind of a conflict now lost in the daily reports of violence is the fact that this revolution did not begin as an armed resistance this started peacefully it was started by schoolboys in daraa who are armed only with graffiti cans.
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citizens who were peacefully and legitimately calling for change. and they were met almost immediately with violence when their parents came out to protest the arrest of the children one hundred twenty people died that was the beginning and tragically the regime answered peaceful demonstration after peaceful demonstration with ever increasing force in the three years since then this conflict has now left more than one hundred thirty thousand dead and it's hard to count accurately we all know that the fact is that. these people have been killed by guns spiked tanks by artillery by gas by barrel bombs by scud missiles they've been killed by weapons almost exclusively of
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the magnitude not possessed by the opposition. starvation has been used as a weapon of war. and most recently we have seen horrific reports of systematic torture and execution of thousands of prisoners this is an appalling assault not only on human lives but on human dignity and on every standard by which the international community tries to organize itself recognizing the horrors of the humanitarian catastrophe that is unfolded the destabilization of neighboring countries and the endless exile of refugees as a result the international community came together eighteen months ago to support the syrian people as they sure sought to change course now this has taken a lot longer than many of us wanted to bring everyone together though we have come here determined as ever to implement the geneva communiqué sergey lavrov just
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mentioned digital of a communique i reiterate the geneva communique and the geneva communique can only be implemented through the concerted efforts of everybody in this room millions of people are relying on the international community's ability to help find a solution that can save their lives and their country and we see only one option a negotiated transition government formed by mutual consent now we need to deal with reality here we really need to deal with reality mutual consent which is what has brought us here for a transition government means that that government cannot be formed with someone that is objected to by one side or the other. that means that bashar assad will not be part of that transition government there is no way no way possible in
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the imagination that the man who has led the brutal response to his own people could regain the legitimacy to govern one man and those who have supported him can no longer hold an entire nation and the region hostage the right to lead the country does not come from torture nor barrel bombs nor scud missiles it comes from the consent of the people and it's hard to imagine how that consent could be forthcoming at this point in time so just as there could be no place for the perpetrator of this violence there can also be no place for the thousands of violent extremists who spread their hateful ideology and worsen the suffering of the syrian people and as we hear talk about terrorism today make no mistake it is the presence of the current intransigence within the existing government that
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makes this problem worse that is creating a magnet for terrorists and until a transition takes place there is no prayer of reducing the increase of terrorism. there is another way forward we all know it it is what this conference is organized around it is the geneva communique which has the support of the international community as a peaceful roadmap for transition and the only thing standing in its way is the stubborn clinging to power of one man one family i believe the alternative vision of the syrian people is one that can gather the respect and support of people all around the world it is a place that doesn't force people to flee or live in fear a syria that protects the rights of every group we have not only an opportunity but
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we have an obligation to find a way forward so that the people of syria can choose their leadership no peace and for nine million refugees finally be able to return home in dignity my final comment is this there are in this room all of the players who have the ability with the exception of one or two to have an impact on the choices that are made here people who are supporting different groups are here these people have the ability to affect the outcome and if we put our common energies together we can forge a resolution that can provide peace to the region and peace to the people of the of syria hope we will succeed. i think he thinks and see a secretary kerry appoints a statesman and for he's leadership in does he show. ladies and gentlemen as i mentioned i do apologize for interrupting here on r t
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international there we have the opening statements of the geneva two peace talks of course trying to return at peace to syria as it's going on live right now in montrose switzerland i would give you a wrap up of some of the comments being made by a bank the moon the u.n. chief there or the russian minister of foreign affairs. but we've just heard from john kerry the u.s. secretary of state he's made a couple of potentially wiring comments as it's understood at this peace conference that the main condition for talks was that there would be no have create conditions and there was the u.s. secretary there are the u.s. secretary of state john kerry saying there is no future for syria if it stays in power mr kerry saying that assad cannot be any part of a new government that assad has no credibility and there could be no place for the perpetrator of the violence in syria in fact it's been it's been reported countless times from our analysts and reporters around the world that indeed the violence
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that's been ongoing in syria is the result of both sides of both sides of this continued war of both committed atrocities it is a two way street the focus is supposed to be peace and not about a transitional government in fact john kerry referring to the syrian leader assad saying that in till the transition takes place that can be no end to the terrorism in syria and that the syrian people must choose a new leader otherwise syria cannot move forward peacefully or with dignity so there we have the u.s. secretary of state there the kickoff to the geneva two talks that may condition for the talks that there are no preconditions and the u.s. secretary of state john kerry just laying out preconditions for the kickoff of the peace talks more details to come here on the international of course you can cover this live right now at our website r.t. dot com for now though a very short break. as
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a new physician i swear to abide by the hippocratic oath. to the best of my ability and judgment. i will prescribe for the good of my patients. i will not give deadly doses to anybody. or advise others to do so. i will never do harm to any. doctors of the dogs on top to.
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see. here's a guy who committed pedophilia with over four hundred children and he's taking to the court. defenses if you prosecute me i'm going to go to switzerland that's what i just b.s.a. if you prosecute me and our scads and scores and hundreds of incidents of fraud we threaten to leave the country and the government says oh no you. do. on june sixteenth one thousand forty one we had a graduation party at school and the war broke out.
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the shops were always full of good. works in september leningrad was blocked. one day mom went to some of the shows were empty. in november they bombed the warehouses it was the main storage place for all the food in the city people would be eating the earth because it had small traces of sugar in it i tried to eat it as well but i couldn't. cook. incredibly heavy bombing. it was a direct hit on that very shelter and everyone was buried underneath. all of them.
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as unity day dawns on ukraine police dismantled part of the barricades in the capital but have to. throw rocks and molotov cocktails. diplomatic delegations kick off the long anticipated syrian peace talks in the swiss town of montrose as the government and the opposition get their first real chance of dialogue bring you a live update from switzerland in just a few minutes. and our team meets the new mothers in damascus forced to give birth amidst fierce bombardment but now striving for their children to live in a reunited syria. plus the u.s. court rules that a former guantanamo bay prison cannot sue the state over torture claims dozens of former american officers make a pup.


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