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tv   Headline News  RT  January 22, 2014 4:00am-4:30am EST

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as unity day dawns on ukraine police dismantled part of the barricades in the capital. diplomatic delegations kick off the long anticipated syrian peace talks in the swiss town of montrose as the government and the opposition get their first real chance of dialogue bring you a live update from switzerland in just a few minutes. and our team meets the new mothers in damascus forced to give birth. but now striving for their children to live in a reunited syria. plus the u.s. court rules that a former guantanamo bay prison cannot sue the state over torture claims dozens of former american officers make a public call for the president. to shut down. the
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latest world news live from moscow it's the international with me. it is unity day in ukraine but it hardly looks festive burnt out cars and rocks and molotov cocktails in the air police in the capital of made some advances against the government rioters and they managed to dismantle the barricades during the past three days of violence. witnessed the action. the police again attempted to push the rioters off the governmental quarter just like they did a night ago but right now their retreat retreated to their position with through
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their ranks and they're standing over there the police lines the protesters are still here the numbers are expanding and just to give you the idea how far the protesters were pushed they actually reached this area underneath our vantage point where we're standing literally over here where the people are dismantling the pavement to use the rocks against the police by calling peter all over was in the thick of what was happening here in the morning and here is his report this is the scene in central kiev on wednesday we saw nothing nice a good night of stop off between police and dry it says in the sense of the ukrainian capital what you can see just going on behind me over that riot is still throwing molotov cocktails huge pieces of masonry we're talking about rocks about twice the size of my fist into being killed from the barricades to be set up by right as the first case goes that are made up of good tell police vehicles that some of the said rights have been taken away by the ambulance service here but only
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after they dropped i can pause the said these these people have come very well we're just moving away from the situation it's going on just over my left shoulder there were a bunch of cocktails go to me a bunch of stuff is appeared to have. gone off in amongst those riots as there was throwing the police i do hope nobody is caught up in not enough. yes we have seen people taken away by the ambulance services we have seen groups just over behind by the cameras basically getting ready set up like put to use in the military. getting old is these people all come but they all come with helmets that will come with must of old. quite heavily armed with three big metal bars sticks shields everything like that some of those shields we cover only you can see some of those shields ones belonged to the police it seems that they've commandeered
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sort of those shields that had been used against them these rights is here and in central kiev in order to. to use them again against the police it is independence it it is national youth day earing kiev that mean here in ukraine that's a national holiday and that means that we've seen many many more people turn out here into the center of the ukrainian capital in order to to take part into what is descending into. really a five very violent scene in a continuous violent standoff between it is demonstrators here in kiev. now doctors in central kiev have confirmed that two people were killed during the night both reported to be rioters and one fell from the top of a local stadium from where he was said to be throwing objects at police and the other reportedly shot a police official say the unit station in the area not equipped with live ammunition and the country's general prosecutor's office also says about fifty
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people were kidnapped from the streets by unidentified groups of people but the riots in kiev highlighted the rise in nationalist movements and extremism in the country at the forefront of the violence is believed to be an ultra right movement known as the right wing sector made up mostly of radical young people now a statement has emerged on the internet allegedly from that organization and it ultimately calls for a revolution political commentator alexander in a class off he believes the unrest is pushing ukraine all the way to the brink. all the signs are pointing to the to a carrier as basically emerging in key of and i think what is more worrying is that the so-called nationalists basically extremists who are trying to create there were more killers and more miss these are extremists basically same with terrorists the more that the position is itself or acknowledge that the situation is getting out
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of control and how can we. knew why they say that these people for example are protesting against the government's decision to join the e.u. after we see them attacking police with more of course the bricks and mortar and so on and basically breaking all the rules of civil society to to to an extent that these are criminal gangs basically. and the two months of protests in kiev turned into rioting over the weekend and the first day of clashes left over seventy police wounded and that number has since increased to fall most suffered from head injuries stabbings and poisoning from gas but the u.s. and the e.u. justify the unrest by saying it was provoked by the ukrainian authorities on international affairs analyst says the violence is actually possibly the main goal at least for some of the protesters. we're talking about permanent barricades being
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set up by people we're talking about people who are taking the law into their own hands preventing people from walking along the street during a business and the bubble we're talking about demonstrators who have time and again showed their propensity to violence we've seen in these latest clashes as we saw in december when the whole issue first erupted how the demonstrators have initiated violence against the police and how the police in ukraine have seemed to be almost powerless to resist and we can see that the violence has been initiated in large measure by the demonstrators themselves no self respecting state no state whose duty it is to uphold law and order can allow such things to continue particular not in its capital city. and amid the tension in the ukrainian capital international we'll keep you up to date with the events throughout the day you can also log on to r.t. dot com for live updates directly from kiev. it's
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r t international live from moscow thank you for joining us it seems that everyone is descending on switzerland today on the shores of lake geneva political heavyweights are trying to put syria back on the path to peace. or the giants of international diplomacy have the future of syria under a magnifying glass as the long awaited peace talks have started in the picturesque town of montreaux. going off now joining me live from switzerland with the latest statement so you have got a good to see you here on r.t. international we were showing un chief ban ki moon the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov and of course the u.s. secretary of state john kerry opening statements but as i understand you accord the main condition for talks is that there be no preconditions and yet john kerry the
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u.s. secretary of state letting out a precondition that assad house to go. well that's right laurie even though the main agreement for this conference was to be for it to be held without any preconditions first the syrian opposition taking port were saying that they're going to push for president assad to step down and now u.s. secretary of state john kerry said that the syrian president has no future in his country once again despite the fact that washington and moscow they've been organizing this conference they both agreed that no preconditions was sort of the main condition for this whole event to be helt and soon enough towards war here as well they were saying that they are not ready to discuss president assad's future for them the main goal right now is try to achieve some sort of a cease fire we've heard from the russian foreign minister sergey lavrov also in
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his opening statement just a few minutes ago earlier today and he's been saying that he hopes all outside players will keep themselves from distorting the course of this conference and from making any predictions on its outcome bunky moon the u.n. secretary general was saying that he hopes both sides of the conflict. and the opposition will finally allow humanitarian aid to get inside so clearly there are still sticking points here we're seeing at the conference in montreaux but having the syrian authorities and the opposition even in the same building and later on they are going to sit down at the same table and negotiate after these years of unimaginable violence having all that can already be called a diplomatic breakthrough the other sticking point is that iran is not taking part it was supposed to but the opposition was completely against that and while this
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position was supported by washington which ended up asking the united nations to cancel rounds invitation and. according to his office this is not a catastrophe that iran is not taking part but it is a key power in that region is definitely with a lot of influence on the situation in syria and while not having it participating in the conference would definitely not help uniting the muslim community in the fight against terror which is also one of the key issues on the table here in montreal this is the first and will be opening day of the conference and we're hearing mainly these opening statements like we've heard from the russian foreign minister from buying ki-moon from u.s. secretary of state and we're going to hear them from both soon afterwards and the opposition about direct talks between them are going to be held a little bit later on there for more about the situation the situation there in syria i'm joined by a german journalist who's based there karim looking forward thank you very much for
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joining me so you are based in syria they're now talking about terrorism being one of the key threats and that is being agreed by all sides present here in the sky of france how how real is that threat did you feel it yourself can you tell us more about that. it's definitely to be felt inside syria and i'm based in damascus but i travel around a lot as much as possible. you can feel it on a daily basis by grenades by explosions inside the city you never know where grenade might explode where it can hit you and you know pupils and civilians. hit by these so grenades so you can feel it by kidnapping kidnapping killing and you never know who's doing it people are disappearing. the friends of mine have been kidnapped they disappeared so yes you can feel the threat of terror
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on the ground very much. one of the latest force now suggests that. around you have an thousand people who've been tortured in syrian president think these or while this is solid ground for demands for president assad to step down. well i think this report to what i question it the time of publication actually one day ahead of this country and it's clearly meant to disturb the conference in one way or another i think this report has to be. looked at by the united nations by independent investigators pictures have to be looked at and to see whether this evidence is really proven definitely. the syrian president has to take some responsibility on what is happening on the ground in syria and he
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already mentioned it several times this is why he doesn't step down he's taking the responsibility of what is happening but also i must say that the opposition or the armed groups who call themselves a position they definitely have a big responsibility also for what is happening for the killing and destruction of the country so both sides have to. you know. take a stance of and take responsibility yes you just mentioned distortion of this conference for instance this report could theoretically be in the distorting it but perhaps there are several other things which have also. there also they're sort of like obstacles to these talks for instance the fact that iran is not taking part even though it seems that washington and moscow did agree along with the u.n. that iran was supposed to quote just last week john kerry said the u.s. wasn't against iran if it agreed with all the agreements reached earlier and now
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basically took the side of the opposition on that stance and. cancel the invitation how do you think iran's absence would affect the these talks well it's definitely a very big mistake first to invite iran and then to tell them not to come this is so shows a big weakness of the united nations that they are not. you know in the position to keep their promise to keep their path which they pointed out for this country and elected brahimi has been talking for the attendance of iran from the very beginning and of course they have to be part of this peace negotiations for syria as much as saudi arabia nobody is talking about saudi arabia and i think saudi arabia is a very strong part behind the position of the. armed
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groups of that part of a position who is attending the conference now and it's so about a regional power struggle and all of the regional powers have to be taken into the peace talks if we want to have peace in syria. so you are off in his opening statement just said that he hopes iran would still be able to join these talks and perhaps other groups of the syrian opposition would be able to join as well not maybe on the first day i was always there not today maybe a little bit later on how what are the chances of that in your point of view. well i hope reasoned. procedure will prevail and. iran will be a partner in this talks as well as the internal opposition which is absent here completely i don't mean the of the armed groups i mean the moderate secular
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nonviolent of position groups. i'm pretty sure the iran as well as a moderate opposition groups will pay a play. a very productive and constructive role in this country in trying peace in syria so they have to be partners yes thank you very much for your time this is actually all the time we have for now this was a german journalist based in syria kerry in looking for it yeah thanks very much for that very quickly as i still got you on the line here from montrose just hearing now from the syrian foreign minister at these peace talks the syrian foreign minister blaming some participants at the talks for having blood on their hands actually being to blame for some of the violence and the death perhaps alluding to weapons that have been coming in from regional and global players just putting more fuel on the fire of the ongoing syrian conflict you're at the geneva two talks in a montreaux switzerland go and we will see you soon throughout the day. for the
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meantime we are coming to you live from moscow on the ground syrian kurds have used the security vacuum to declare their own autonomy in the country's north but as the civil conflict drags the divided parts of society further away from each other some are already preparing for a future reunion maria phenomena traveled to damascus and talked with those who are ready to reconcile. even in this dangerously divided country one place the differences don't matter is this children's hospital in damascus. a tiny relative of a government minister chose a room here whose babies belonging to fighters of the free syrian army. who have patients from all over syria including areas held by the rebels because this is the only hospital of its kind in the country where babies born think can be treated and we treat them all the same they're all syrian children after all we all belong to one country i have to learn how to live together again. in three years of
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conflict neither men or women or children were spared according to the un more than one hundred thousand people have died in fact the number is so high they've officially stopped counting. the anger and pain on both sides can't be measured. but still it's peace that people want more than giving an idea who is married to a syrian government soldier has just fallen pregnant and the tough lives this is a beacon of hope this kidman salata me my husband it's a connection between us while we are away from each other which is often for me this baby means life itself i live through this baby. comes one and a half year old daughter was born during the fear east attack damascus has ever seen. she says her fight has nothing to do with her. i don't want to
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think that war means there and have to leave and we have to fight for peace and life we can't give up now. it's a side of war that not many think about in the midst of violence and devastation babies are still be born in their thousands new parents who run away from atrocities in their hometowns often end up in camps which like the basics of sanitation is security. but was death all the wronged they choosing lawyer rafe notion on t.v. from damascus. after three years of. the death toll of over one hundred thousand. roma see and common sense come together with one message. war is not the answer. does peace have a chance. there's
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a media leave us so we leave that maybe. by the same person securely play your party is a good. thing for shoes that no one is asking with the guests that you deserve answers from it's all on politicking only on r t.
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it's about international law from moscow thank you for joining us a former inmate at guantanamo bay cannot sue over torture claims at the prison despite being released without any charges the ruling by a u.s. court comes five years after the us president promised to close the site you see catherine of reports blog talking about it will be closed no later than one year from now it might be president obama's biggest unfulfilled promise closing gitmo the detention facility at guantanamo bay cuba that's where we put people in prison forever without charging them with any crime i can imagine where you could put these people that wouldn't endanger the community political bickering has kept
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detainees in limbo for years nearly eight hundred prisoners have been sent to guantanamo bay since two thousand to one hundred fifty five detainees remain there today most without charge or trial but i don't think the u.s. has a no evidence to support holding. most of these men the burden is on the united states to justify it and the united states can't simply say oh well you know we think these are bad guys but we can't really prove it it's a view the us president seems to agree with the idea that we would still maintain forever. a group of individuals who have not been tried that is pont true to who we are it is contrary to our interests and it needs to stop so why hasn't it one of the problems opposition on capitol hill congressional restrictions have made it more difficult to relocate or transfer detainees for years republicans in
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particular have insisted the prison stay open in the name of national security simply stated the american people don't want to close guantanamo bay which is an isolated military control facility to bring these crazy bastards that want to kill us all to the united states but some civil rights advocates say the white house could be doing more it's only a president who can do it and the idea that it's you know that it's congress's fault is just not correct right the president is the commander in chief it is the president the top holding these men in detention the prison has been mired in controversy amid allegations of brutal interrogations and torture last year one hundred three detainees went on a hunger strike in a desperate protest against their indefinite detention there have been dozens of suicide attempts at least nine guantanamo detainees have died while in custody prompting some lawmakers to wonder whether keeping the prison open is doing more
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harm than good the reality is that every day it remains open guantanamo prison weakens our alliances inspires our enemies and calls into question our commitment to human rights but after years of setbacks the tide seems to be turning a provision in a defense spending bill signed into law. law by the president last month lifts the restrictions on detainees who have been cleared to leave and never charged with a crime the bill basically takes half of what we did in the senate and passes and that is to give flexibility to the president to transfer detainees from guantanamo to third countries it maintains the prohibition on transferring detainees here for trial and detention and that according to attorney david remes is a big problem i don't think want a mobile effort be closed as long as the u.s.
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doesn't allow detainees into the u.s. you've got the problem of where are you going to put the men who are convicted by military commissions where are you going to put the men that obama can't transfer for one reason or another but for most of the prisoners and their families one question remains just how much longer will they have to wait whatever answer as politicians may offer meaningful change could still be a long ways off reporting in washington for our team i'm to see catherine of some of the global headlines for you know the thai government putting in place a state of emergency i'm buying called trying to control protest the decree allow security services to impose curfews entertain just about anybody and nine people though so far have died in three months of protests. the israeli military says it's killed a senior palestinian militant in a missile strike on gaza medical services say two men dead and thought they were
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a part of the islamic jihad but israel blames for launching rockets at its territory in the past few weeks. all right up next to analyse international an in-depth look at the troubling world of medics who watch over. after three years of. the death toll of over one hundred thousand. homeless a and common sense come together with one message. war is not the answer. does chance. the interim agreement with the red is now in effect what are its prospects can't
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israel and its congressional i specifically the senate killed the deal and if for some iraq us reason all sides agree to keep to the agreement what can we expect next. in the future. so we hit the road to focus on new technology. on this show no posses complete with old school shootings. and we learn about the next until suv evolution this has the potential to save lives. knowing. how to. weave the future. sigrid laboratory to mccurry was able to build a new most sophisticated robot which will unfortunately doesn't give a darn about anything turns mission to teach music creation why it should care about humans and. this is why you should care only on the dog call.
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the abu ghraib pictures raise the question where were the doctors while this was going on either they directly witnessed the abuse or they witnessed the consequences of it why hadn't they protested. here the doctors were complicit they were a center piece of torture the work of enablers they work for so it caters they will authorize here's. the. room. from apocrypha east to now the standard for the healing professions has been simple.


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