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tv   [untitled]    January 23, 2014 7:30pm-8:01pm EST

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well give me your take my take a lot i phone lines are now open so if you want to share an opinion make a comment ask a question live on the air give us a call at two o two nine zero four twenty one thirty four if you're outside the u.s. out of one country code for this country let's go to our first video comment of the night there always first from sarah in lubbock texas. i thought i have an idea or a complex life requires exceptionally gifted hindu or goes in elected or appointed positions as vision makers for us along with our compass went off a candidate for the president at the end there is you know i think that devalue of his or her i.q. we did or did you know that we do you often test must also be close to publicly as an aggregate index of a person's quality of the site obviously i.q. is not an absolute indicator of what's intelligence but it can be used as
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a guy i think the i.q. requirement may block off each individuals at the lower levels of bureaucracy guide waters during the elections and bring cold that's corporate interest can be somewhat challenged what do you think. you know it's interesting the idea of. competence or intelligence should be associated with the ability to serve people in government is actually. in practice right now it's called the civil service to us there are the there are actually tests that you have to take if you want to go to work for the government in many positions and i mean just in general positions we're the post office i believe but. with regard to politicians. i would love to live in a country where politicians started promoting their intellect their thoughtfulness as
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a reason to vote for them. rather than this jingoistic stuff you know who's got the best bumper stickers or who's got the best billionaire behind them the problem is the money in politics you know tragically. now our political system is following our business system since reaganomics began basically you know to the person with the greatest degree of sociopathy go the spoils which is tragic i think we first have to get money out of politics and then we might be able to actually have serious conversations about some variation of what you're talking about so to mark with his video comment on campus. i phone with mark. i want to talk about a classic under-reported story that really got. the ball i was shocked to learn with more than ten years ago the u.s. government awarded its federal and represented by the department help human services the patent for medical cannabis known face patent number six six
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three zero five zero seven s. wrong you used to read is that clear and direct contradiction we use place will appear to both one from a parallel but it's going to one my question for you tom is this. in the patent us patent number sixty three there are five there are seven the smoking gun needed to finally force the reason legalisation of the. that's a great point and it's a great question it may well be it may well be and this is something that the president actually has within his power the classification of drugs in the d.e.a.'s hierarchy you know schedule one schedule two schedule three schedule one being no redeeming medical value and totally addictive which is where heroin and pot are are both placed. is. you know i mean richard nixon
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was a want to put pot in there and barack obama could be the guy that takes pot of it in my daily take them out of and talk about how rand paul's presidential aspirations may actually move the democratic party in the direction of that sort of thing i think but you know i think frankly if the president was to say ok we're going to risk reclassified you know just right now i can do this he doesn't need congress he can do it. it would be a good thing i think would be a good thing for him to here's our last video question and i earnestly bethesda maryland. this is. your first. year it's. the right story. so this. christmas list.
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you were liberace. yeah well actually the movies are fairly if you talk about the movie industry. the boomers are fairly heavily regulated the vertical integration of the movie industry that is to say the ability of the movie making companies to own the theaters that distribute their product. was challenged in the one nine hundred thirty s. i think it was maybe it was the one nine hundred forty s. but it was the. you know it was before i was born i believe and and then the television industry with they they did this in the one nine hundred eighty s. it was called the primetime roll and they said that the networks cannot you know they must run at least one or two hours during prime time programming that they themselves don't own and didn't create and the first company to step into that in the television business was mary tyler moore enterprises m.t.m. production company with programs like lou grant and wrote a very tyler moore show and all these other things and then steven j.
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canal got into it with all the action movies and you know it just exploded i mean just the explosion of creativity and back in the thirty's or forty's or whatever it was at the movie business was regulated more heavily there was an explosion of creativity that too because the get used to be that if you wanted to see a metro movie you had to go to a metro theater and you only saw metro stars and when they got broken up you know it provided for a lot of career to never happen in the radio industry and i think it's one of the problems that am radio struggling with right now so. you know as much as i appreciate your point ernest i think the opposite is actually the case that regulation here we have you know the movie industry a great example of regulation actually helped build the industry now is that our callers for the night ed in erie pennsylvania want to talk about the keystone pipeline and you know it of begin.
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to go out. early would. i point. to refinery. was this was the star sands oil or was the sweet sweet crude. come through the cushing oklahoma. terminal leave they get both. yeah that's why you know god only knows it's thank you for the heads up on that it is your point that it's time to do something or or what will. you do you didn't reach around don't you know that it is still playboy it's not their. street but. you know me well and they're doing a book piece by piece but yeah i think you're right i think we'll still be refined
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here need a date you know you haven't it's been one of the being shipped off to off to europe and to south america asia i mean if you actually look at a map we're good early in texas is there's a little over a harbor you know port right there yeah i mean it goes i had an excellent point all the reply thank you for the call. this. bill mckibben has pointed out the this this carbon store in alberta is one of the water just chunks of carbon on earth and one of the dirtiest and. you know that it's game over for the planet with the whole thing is is dug up and turned into into oil and or something resembling oil and then refined and we and the bizarre part about it is you know these refineries that the koch brothers and others own down on the gulf coast we keep the poisons from the refining process we get the cancers we get the
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polluted air and then we ship the diesel fuel and gasoline off to mexico or england or china or you know someplace else i mean is that right. and how is that conservative why are the republicans like all over the us. larry in vancouver b.c. hey larry thanks for calling you want to talk about a national popular vote. cocked your comment i really appreciate your show thank you. for your question i want to know. any effort to reform congress critter. gerrymandered. there is no serious free effort in answer that i can answer very quickly. in terms. of poker your record being a national presidential vote for any effort to reform got it well yeah that you're getting a lot more traction there larry thanks for the call it and there's good news and
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bad news there are states that have signed up that have agreed to legislatively have agreed to or by citizen ballot initiative have agreed to a program where if anough states to turn a presidential election all agreed to it in those states agree that they will flip all of their electoral votes to whoever gets the majority of the vote in their state. so that if you know functionally basically you get a winner take all situation in terms of the national popular vote and i'm sure i'm describing the mechanics of it wrong but in any case the that's the good news the bad news is that there are also republican efforts to say that the winner take all the that's in the states right now should be done away with because you've got some states like virginia where you've got you know one or two very large counties that go democratic and then you've got a whole bunch of smaller counties that are republican and rural the go republican
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and but because the majority of people live in the big cities the majority of the state voted democratic and so the state the entire state vote goes for. for example for obama they want to break that up and say the red counties or the red electoral congressional districts. that those votes will become considered individual literal votes if they had done that in the last election and you've got several states alec is promoting this i believe pretty aggressively there are republican strategist promoting this if this had been the case the last election mitt romney would be our president even though he didn't win the popular vote the popular vote went to obama by a landslide and this is because as you point out the jury rigging the gerrymandering of the republican districts jerald in lake wells florida joe we have just a minute left a quick question. we just have a minute lucky assert. ok you interviewed the man on the great unknown on the whole
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picture and wendell potter. but i couldn't hear the sound like you don't see the images on the t.v. screen i would. like to obamacare. his thank you for the call gerald potter's point about obamacare is that it's the it's the end of the beginning of reform so now we're into the serious part of health care reform and in other words it's a good start but we've got a long way to go and i agree that's it for your take my take live thank you for all your calls if we didn't get to your calls tonight tries back next week and keep the video questions coming in c.z. just grab your phone pointed at yourself or set up your computer however you'd like to do it earnestly great job and record your question or comment and e-mail it to us your take my take at g.-mail dot com coming up rand paul could be just what the doctor ordered when it comes to the future of the democratic party i'll explain why it's a nice day to. dramas that has to be ignored
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in screwed news most people forget it but professional supports are a business and like any business workers can be mistreated or abused current former members of the oakland raiders raider it sure leading squad have filed a lawsuit against the old oakland raiders football team playing with that organization withhold pay from the cheerleaders until the end of the season doesn't even pay for all hours worked their pay works out to be less than five dollars an hour in a press release sharon venet one of the cheerleaders attorneys said that it's as if the raiders owners believe that the laws that protect all workers in california just don't apply to them joining me now to talk more about the lawsuit and the alleged worker abuses are lasing t. oakland raiders redirect and lead plaintiff in the case and leslie levy attorney and partner we'd love even a brawl and i'm a. law firm we welcome to you both. thank you thanks for joining us
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lacy what exactly are you alleging in this lawsuit how are the reader as treated by the organization. all right after that we're asked to sign a contract which soon after i signed on out was hacked with some illegal her vision that make the contract mostly illegal it wasn't very long after i signed his contract that i started having feelings that you know what a lot of money was coming out of my own pocket and i realized well i'm really not going to hurt for ninety nine and i'm not going to pay for all the hours i'm working on a weekly basis that this practice. and photo shoot that we were doing very early on in the season and so at that point is when i brought our contract to the lawyers here and sat down and realized that my feelings were indeed correct. a lot of the things that are contract were highly illegal and there was a really strong case. against the radius that what they're doing is wrong and they
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need to change so lay scene do you think you can win this case since this. is a it was like is it is it was like the attorney is it really that that that. it is that the fact the raiders well so immune to the law that they have no problem putting illegal provisions in writing for example. for example well writing that they say in their contract that they won't get paid for their work until the end of the season so although these women are working from april through december they don't see a paycheck until january well i think that anybody in any work environment would be slightly appalled if not greatly by any policy that is that right lacy right place of is it true good you are paid functionally five dollars an hour for the for this is serious work i mean that you're doing a lot of stuff here. and it's got to be hard on your body oh yeah we have the
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rights and it turns time practice getting ready for games staying in shape and having workouts we meet three times a week well where the season even starts so in our contract it clearly size you're only paid for games there's ten home games that's one hundred twenty five dollars a game so the year end of the year salary is one thousand two hundred fifty dollars so where we got the number for hourly is i tracked all my hours cashier and dividing our in your salary amongst all those hours and it equals way less than five dollars an hour so yeah we're pretty much told after that you're not going to be paid for all your time work you're only paid for your game day and selling at your era if you're a mom you're trying to make a living in your book and you're being paid literally below the poverty level. right and i'm fully aware if a part time job they even even sell you don't have
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a right as a as an employee to be paid for your hours work and that's what i'm really fighting for here. leslie is this a problem exclusively to the oakland raiders are they now a liar here or is this something that's that's just common practices throughout the league we have no reason to think that the rangers are outliers in fact we think that this is pretty consistent through the n.f.l. there may be slight differences between the contracts and the way that women are paid but overall as far as we've been able to determine they've never paid for all of the hours that they work and they are often depending upon the team not paid timely proper records aren't kept they were banned from talking about their salary is going there in their earnings which is illegal and we think that this is an end of n.f.l. why problem lisi really have in the in the in the last minute we have here have you been in touch with the players association the n.f.l. p.a.
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about this and is there i mean the union that represents the players and is there any possibility that a union might represent the cheerleaders that's interesting you know so far we have been contacted from anyone from the oakland raiders are the n.f.l. everything's been kind of no comment no comment no comment so i don't really interesting to see if anyone just kind of hat guy has been in here is the union that represents cheerleaders being life changing for the future of cheerleaders yeah i would have been could argue that you're in the in the entertainment business and maybe you could even get sag aftra to represent you or something like that if there's a lot of a lot of possibilities placing a loving thanks for joining me thank you.
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it's the good the bad in the very very hip no hip really ugly good netflix in a shareholder letter released yesterday the company said that if internet service providers try to slow down its video streams in light of the d.c. circuit court's decision that struck down net neutrality rules it would bigger asli protest and encourage their members to demand the open internet they are paying their i.s.p. to deliver the words netflix wants its customers to engage in massive resistance to protect net neutrality obviously net neutrality is good for netflix is bottom line but what and open internet benefits consumers as well as businesses so good on netflix for speaking out the bad jamie diamond for an interview with c.m. d.c. yesterday the j.p. morgan c.e.o. told said that the thirteen billion dollars settlement his bank recently reached with the justice department was going through her check it out. so you look at
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these big numbers and they are big numbers and so the public looks at them and they're trying to grasp and understand what to make of it do you think ultimately that it was fair no i do a lot of that was unfair but i can go to details i was that really. more than half of that thirteen billion dollars settlement was tax deductible spare us the sob story jamie no one's listening and the very very ugly ted nugent right wing activist went on a wild rant in a recent interview with guns dot com saying that he took personal responsibility for the real action of the quote subhuman mongrel and quote barack obama is description i might take a look. up. just fail to galvanize and try to not shape enough americans to be ever vigilant not to let a chicago communist bring communist which communist nurtured
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subhuman. like the corn community organizer the gangster rockers. to weasel his way. into the top office for forty minutes to sing. as if that wasn't bad enough call the president a chimpanzee will discuss in the benghazi attacks a leader part of the interview. this is a guy who's on the board of the n.r.a. could you get any more racist this is very fear of. president rand paul may not sound to catch you but rand paul being the republican nominee for president in two thousand and sixteen could actually be a good thing maybe even the best thing that happens to democrats or that has
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happened to democrats in our nation for a long time coming splay political commentator peter biner has a new piece in the atlantic where he writes that now that chris christie has been knocked out of the number one spot republican party rand paul is the likely front runner for the republican presidential nod in twenty sixteen minute writes that if chris christie was ever the front runner for the two thousand and sixteen republican presidential nomination he isn't anymore so it christie is no longer the candidate to beat the twenty sixteen republican race who is believe it or not it's rand paul he goes on to write that the two thousand and sixteen election could turn out to be like the election in one thousand nine hundred sixty four when the dark horse weird for in conservative candidate barry goldwater. came that party of the republican party's nominee as buyer puts it it's just possible that two thousand and sixteen could be another one thousand nine hundred sixty four nine hundred eighty years when the republican establishment proved we can pliable enough to allow a candidate previously considered extreme to come in from the coal miners as the
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reason for this in addition to the fact that rand paul has good polling numbers is that there is an existing infrastructure of paul support within the republican party thanks to ron paul taking big chunks of support from republicans and twenty twelve those people who are ron paul followers in two thousand and twelve are now rand paul supporters and they're well embedded into the republican party so basically rand paul has a very good shot at becoming the republican nominee for president in two thousand and sixteen. so why is it but that might be a good thing for democrats and maybe even for our nation the answer is really simple our rand paul republican candidates could force democrats to move way to the left. let me explain rand paul who hates things like social security and medicare is very right he hates long term unemployment benefits or oppose the minimum wage all together very right he's even said the company should be able to discriminate
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based on race or gender or sexual orientation very right economically thinks everything should be privatized the only exceptions being the military police forces and our judiciary and he's totally opposed to a woman's right to choose to have an abortion very right. but most people don't know that those are rand paul's positions what people do know is that paul is strongly opposed to the n.s.a. snooping and spying on american citizens they do know that he's incredibly skeptical of our nation's drone program and that he's in favor of gay marriage and people also know that paul is in favor of decriminalizing all drugs not just pot and earlier rand paul's position on just these issues he appears to be way to the left of much of the official democratic party so if the democratic nominee wanted to have any chance of defeating rand paul whether that nominee was over clinton with warner andrew cuomo they'd have to move way to the left of the current mainstream democratic party's positions if things like this were to play out like
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that and if paul did become the nominee in two thousand and sixteen it's likely that the two thousand and sixteen election could be the election where things start getting really populist imagine of democrats had to become more progressive to take on a libertarian republican candidate creating protectionist trade policies decriminalizing pot could become official parts of the democratic party platform just to push back on rand paul suddenly pushing for things like health care for all and legalizing marijuana would seem mainstream. make no mistake about it rand paul being on the republican ticket for president two thousand and sixteen could be the powerful force needed to move the entire democratic party from presidential nominees to state assembly nominees to the left what a remarkable outcome that. and that's the way it is that i thursday january twenty third twenty fourth and don't forget democracy begins with you get out there get active tag your seat.
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i would rather as questions to people in positions of power instead of speaking on their behalf and that's why you can find my show larry king now right here on our t.v. question for. us how does a new alert animation scripts scare me a little bit. there is breaking news tonight and we are continuing to follow the breaking news many. alexander's family cry tears of joy at it were. i think. that there's. regurgitated or a war zone. there's a story sort of movie is playing out in real life. coming
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up on our t.v. n.s.a. whistleblower edward snowden takes part in a live q. and a lots of people ask their burning questions to snowden including a question about his reaction to president obama's n.s.a. speech we'll take a look at his response just ahead and the capital of ukraine has seen countless clashes between protesters and riot police now a ten cease fire has been declared while opposition leaders negotiate with the government the latest from ukraine coming up and the syrian peace talks have just wrapped a day to win switzerland but with the two sides warring over assad's power in the country will the syrian government and rebels even be able to come to an agreement we'll bring you more from switzerland later in the show.


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