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tv   [untitled]    January 27, 2014 6:00am-6:31am EST

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this is why you should care what you only call. riders take over the justice ministry in the capital and refuse to obey the opposition leadership who are trying to oust the country's government and refuse to take no for an answer. syria peace talks in geneva give hope to the residents of aleppo as they return to their devastated homes the city has seen some of the happiest fighting joining the civil conflict. the young voters in the u.k. become increasingly disenchanted with politics and politicians sparking concerns of a low turnout for next year's general election.
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what you are to have a national coming to you live from moscow i'm marina josh molotov cocktails homemade bombs and cold seal kiev has seen at all during the last two weeks and this is how it looks right now you're looking at a live pictures coming out of the ukrainian capital at the moment well sunday night saw rioters capture the justice ministry in the city center and we can now cross to our correspondent pierre all over who's got all the very latest for us from the ukrainian capital peter so what's happening where you are at the moment i mean it seems like the rioters are really taking control of the situation there is it so well what was. well what we're seeing right now is the justice ministry has become the latest government building in ukraine to be occupied by rioters this is just a short distance away from where i am right now they've built barricades there we've
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seen numbers of people coming from independence square which is just behind me heading there i was speaking to them saying where are you going what are you going to be doing they're saying they're going there to man those barricades now this was taken on sunday night becoming the latest government building to be to be occupied and it's the group called common cause who are who have led the storming of the building now despite repeated calls from opposition leaders including vitaly klitschko the former world heavyweight boxing champion for them to leave the leave the building and move away from there those writers are saying no they're staying put they're going to stay there they're reinforcing barricades and making sure that that's all should up from them they have no intentions to leave there at the moment what we are hearing from the justice minister herself she's saying that well occupying this building could really disrupt any kind of. any kind of peaceful
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solution and talks that are going on here in kiev and in fact with them occupying this building it could result in. any kind of talks any kind of. discussions about how to bring around a peaceful solution here in ukraine could be derailed by the fact that the writers won't leave these buildings and that they're not listening to the likes of italy klitschko and other opposition leaders who are telling them to do so now to look at the situation regarding the who's in charge here when it comes to the opposition my colleague he looked at whether it's the opposition leaders that are leading the people here on the streets or whether it's the people that are leading the opposition leaders. you know. if i have to take a whole minute. head i'll take a hole in the head the opposition speeches are as fiery as ever but not all of the protesters are buying it. i not even the
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commanding presence if you don't you can check or is enough to bring them in line. kiev's independence square still adorned with different color flags of opposition parties but the biggest question right now is whether they actually controlling anything at all there's a widespread opinion now in ukraine is that their inability to provide crucial decisions let's to the violence uprising by using islam i'm not even listening to them everything is already been done by us or they are putting we are running the show they are forced to listen to us. and now the movements leaders have tossed out the president's invitation to leave the government but what if when you thought of the only say one revolution now we offered them to control government to fight corruption and change the law they're refusing it their actions are deprived of a new object on the way they could not even agree on whether to accept a presidential amnesty for the jailed protesters yes the new board. president and
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of course said he'll release the detained protesters if there is no for the resistance in central kiev and our position is the same it provided prospers that us masri i asked will only agree to began a call that just terms on the release of the protesters if the interior minister orders police not to a restaurant people anymore drives up and decided to get the shots but just they're not politicians they simply want a result and fast and that is a snap reorganization of the country they're like children you see soldiers marching and trying to jump in front of the formation of the field like generals. a country in revolt is now holding its breath until tuesday when big decisions are expected from parliament including the repeal of an anti protest. more but judging by the mood of my gun it seems there are no compromises that the crowds aren't ready to listen to alexey risking r.t. reporting from kiev ukraine and. now the us and the e.u.
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say more political restrictions might be used to restrain the authorities in kiev but legal expert and political blogger alexander mccurry says europe is too out of tune to make such a decision i don't think it's actually as close as it makes out one important change that's happened is that the presidency of the european union the rotating presidency has passed to greece and greece has made it absolutely clear that it's not frankly sympathetic to sanctions so there are divisions within the european union itself there are some hardliners like mr shultz but i'm not convinced that everybody in the european union agrees to this i think the next week may be very important we will see what happens at the parliamentary session on tuesday if there is a political breakthrough there then by haps we could see the end and into the violence . r.t. international is keeping you up to date what events in kiev twenty four seven on air and through our website r t v dot com.
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talks between the syrian government and external opposition agony material seem to be finally bringing about some results the sides have reached an agreement to get humanitarian aid into the besieged city of homes and allow women and children to leave its war hit areas meanwhile in syria's other major and battled city of aleppo people are returning to their homes after government forces recaptured a large part of the town from militants and this is what they are returning to their neighborhoods and historic sites and one of the world's most ancient cities many of which were protected by a nasco almost completely and ruins and often reports on the civilians struggle to bring their lives back to normal. we lend at a little international airport on what is believed to be the first civil airplane
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to touch down here in the last year it's a special government flight but authorities say regular ones are due to start in a month's time of on this flight means the return of life to this airport and to syria. this northern syrian region has seen the most violent clashes during the almost three year long conflict leaving death and devastation behind it's used to be full billion dollar factory where two thousand people were working now you can see thousands left person is destroyed but while that is a common picture here it seems a ten foot piece is slowly coming back to this village elder signed a letter has just come back on to government control. out of fourteen thousand residents who fled after the rebels a tag one third the government says is now back to discover the houses either destroyed or looted in them and it all depends on how lucky you are our home was
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almost untag but they stole everything i mean. this pregnant woman says she and her husband have been waiting for this baby for twelve years and they're happy to finally have it now instead of our home was destroyed we now have nothing but god gave us a baby and that's who give us power to build everything from scratch wherever. rather coffee we need more and more residents here sharing these optimistic. rice and coffee to play out how's life all of life is good things god. family is returned with their kids muhammad twelve years old couldn't go to school for months but he still thinks of his school days i have three friends and him how much and how many there my cousins. while we are talking to many terran aid arrived people are in desperate need of simply everything and most importantly security
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measures did what we do now is we get locals involved in patrolling and helping the army secure the area and protecting the village and we call on all of us to come back soon if he hasn't leave the village to drive to the c.-t. what used to take some fifteen minutes by highway takes an hour today roads are not yet safe enough but parts of aleppo loop secure at least at first glance we are a little bit surprised to see what used to be syria's biggest business center still so vibrant time to actually say we even took off like jackets with us expecting to see clashes in the middle of a completely destroyed city but don't be mistaken this is the western part of the city. more to the east you will see a completely different picture moderate free syrian army factions fighting radical al qaida affiliated groups there for control with the government forces trying to
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fight them both. but minute and still control half of the city and a big part of northern syria remaining the biggest challenge to the cease fire plan pushed forward by syrian and russian foreign ministers we syrians are ready to reconcile with each other and the letter was a good place to start with so we can give an example to other regions but these guys from the news are front from al qaeda the don't know what they want but it's certainly not peace but while they see force is large enough to threaten a carefully forged peace to this rule torn country residents say they're not dreaded to give up their fight for their country to be at peace or if nationality from syria. now it still remains to be seen how the first step agreements reached in geneva will be implemented the talks are ongoing but the middle east expert powerful and says no major deals should be anticipated unless other key players in
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the region are involved in the process. sue well you know the opposition in syria is for many. is not at all sure that those who have been convened into iraq but these talks will be able to transform decisions into action on the ground it is clear that so after the if you should be rather be a step forward in the sense that the conference the collapse but on the other hand . it's for almost all agree to find your role and sustainable solution in syria it is necessary to start a dialogue other tool parties which is iran and saudi arabia which are in fact influencing the facts on the ground the rain in the soul the dialogue is necessary to find a solution for syria otherwise we would continue with the small agreements which
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probably on the ground would not be difficult to be implemented. and coming out here a national unstoppable spirit. or these guys managed to prove to themselves their relatives and the entire society that they are not people with disabilities the people with unlimited ability. to report from sochi on russia's sledge hockey team. we cannot accept to live under those little bishan forever we cannot allow the presence of one sink israeli soldier one person yet to me to me we cannot accept change true nice thing to say as you state. the. gentleman i guess
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your moly. a few hundred a day coming across don't believe. this but we've got people coming in with criminals. people. who knows where in the world this is the united states i'm very tough. i was worried that they may not know. they live on mars you know mars. so we pick up things like. we know that they're coming from the middle east concentration. concentration. body has. not even one in school the fact that. a stranger.
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to china for example they're growing exactly. credit in the system they're creating more debt in the system and the rich are getting richer and the poor poor eight hundred million people live less than fifteen dollars a day in china that doesn't seem to be changing it's the number one problem the chinese government has right now you know it seems to me that what the rich have done is that you know they made themselves so comfortable but in the process of destroying the entire process of where they got their wealth from in the first place the government people. i think if you are a. majority want to believe.
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the. economic down in the final. days that sank night and the rest because i think they will be if we. welcome back this is our senior national only twelve percent of young voters in the u.k. say they plan to cast their ballot and twenty fifteen general election according to one study many say they no longer want to take part in politics r.t. says are cilia found out what's behind a growing apathy among british voters. there's nobody worth fighting for i would have voted i would appoint corrupt sorry i'm not really sure what sentiments that
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don't bode well for democratic legitimacy and british politicians as electoral engagement continues to decline and the public's emotions turn sour anger is the chief reaction to politicians across all sections of the electorate a recent poll found followed by boredom particularly among the youth with one study showing that only one in ten are definitely planning to vote in the u. case twenty fifteen a general elections have voted before i regret doing it i don't want to be involved with it and i don't want to give it legitimacy i think going to the ballot box gives to this particular system no i don't regret having a system in which i don't have and i don't have a choice you have how many people who are protesting against was government never even showed an interest in what it what happens to. peaceful protest groups into anger because they're not being listened to and people have been going to stop taking direct action many may have turned their backs on the ballot boxes but there
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are those who continue their moment of society and politics by taking to the street feeling that this alternative may be more than. young people are interested in politics politicians and the responsible political parties for not appealing to young people young people getting involved in a very diverse range of political parts patiences from titian's to boycotts to demonstrations doing stuff online gauging the occupied. what we have to accept is that our traditional politics is no longer the only game in town i think there is a genuine the existential problem for traditional british democracy if turned were to continue stream where this problem and so they should be. ok. but it seems not enough to us wage the anger that just keeps boiling over onto the
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streets right. dose or so you are to london. and over on our website average snowden says that during his time there and i say had its eyes not only on people's private data. it also showed a great appetite for the industrial secrets of foreign companies all for the sake of america's economy we have more on our t.v. dot com. plus we've got a story on a japanese man believed to be behind the poisoning of hundreds of people by filling pizzas and chicken nuggets with pesticides. and with less than two weeks left before the winter olympics kick off in sochi athletes across the globe are putting in extra training or just a buying once a went along to a practice session of russia's sled hockey team which will take part in the paralympics for the first time this year.
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behind me is a shy but a read this is where the paralympics will hold their eyes a sledge a hockey tournament now the women's a little pig hockey teams will also be playing raiatea in this arena this is a seven thousand multi-polar poses see a readout don't be surprised to hear the crowd chanting shy but the name means punch in russian the only question left to be on stood what's teams winning who received the olympic gold medal now here's some of the sportsmanship to expect that went to the previous intense and fast just the way ice hockey should be. thankful. and for the first time since the introduction of the sports in the olympics the russian team moved to be on the firm ground something that the russian coach
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believes will change perceptions with the disabilities of the missouri work but a few minutes to get a new kitchen world moving these guys managed to prove to themselves their relatives and the entire society that they're not people with disabilities but people with limited abilities these men and women will be showcasing these skills at the cyber stadium come this february and mock insult. to mom with a limp dick stadium on. well stay with arteta national for a series of reports from the olympic city and we'll have a new one for you each day this week you can also catch them on our website r.t. . ok. how do you operate do it but i'm going to most sports such. as it. was i'm not an olympic hockey player which is on. my side.
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now to look at some other stories from around the world demonstrators in several cities in bahrain have clashed with security forces following the funeral of a protester who died in police custody fight al abbas was shot and detained a jury in anti-government rally on the eighth of january police used tear gas against the crowds were attacked police with molotov cocktails reports say around ninety people have died since the beginning of the uprising in twenty eleven. and more public discontent in france as at least seventeen thousand people marched through central paris protesting budget cuts soaring unemployment and high taxes two hundred fifty people were arrested and nineteen officers injured after the rally and in scuffles president francois hollande recently announced spending cuts of fifty billion euro to twenty seventeen. the virtual cash bitcoin continues to impress in the global financial arena for the
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first time a university in the u.k. has decided to accept the digital currency for tuition fees and that's as a future of the crypto currency is being discussed at a conference in miami our correspondent gary and boring has been listening to some of the forecasts. and i'm here at these twenty fourteen north american bitcoin conference i went to the first ever becoming conference about a year ago and in a one year the amount of growth and the decline to me is you we see the number of big points in circulation increased fourteen percent and the number of bitcoin transactions per day have increased twenty five percent in just one year i spoke with nicholas carey's he is the c.e.o. of block chain which is the world's biggest they calling a website decline has been growing at an astronomical rate we say there's an unbelievable migration of human talent and capital moving in a big i expect more volatility but all possibly even afford trajectory this will be a good thing for everybody though more money moving into the space more attention
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to it and greater adoption of decline twenty fourteen is all going to be about making that point more user friendly and having more start up companies to get more consumers and volves in the community so about this time last year we had maybe two thousand merchants on our platform accepting that going now we have over twenty one thousand so about ten times more in the course of the year and so i think the trend is going to continue more and more merchants are seeing the value that bitcoin can bring to their business government regulation is a big threat to because business is the regulatory environment is unclear and predictable and it's already put a lot of businesses out of business regulating big point however it would essentially be endorsing and so there are a lot of governments that are using a hands off approach despite this the rads everyone here seems to agree that the decline floodgates have been opened and that decline is here to stay and miami beach florida kerry and boring are too. but it's not all rosy for big oil has been criticized for being the perfect platform for black market trade and experts warn
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it may be a bubble that's about to burst john battelle from the institute for leadership and understandability says many people use the fertile currency in protest against the world banking system. well i think young people many of them are getting into big coin and other types of complementary cryptographic currency almost like an expression of their annoyance with the current banking system and all these scandals and a perception that not enough being done and so it's almost like a protest vote and saying well if you're going to change things we can do something our own way many people are into it for that reason so i think that for some people it's a protest for other people then i say actually just really helpful and is in the future it's certainly part of the future i call them complementary currencies that i think will bring down national currencies but it will certainly make us think again about what is money and how to make money useful to us in the way it's designed. well protest against the global financial system and ways to deal
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a killing blow to inequality is today's topic on peter labelle scrub stock. the number one global risk going into two thousand and fourteen is social unrest and most of it stems from the understanding and awareness about the inequity between the rich and the poor i mean if you are a billionaire as i say this is your business side to get these people were going to be sort of like sitting there at the top of the table to begin but false majority want to do that no one really wants that to happen the more you know about how the rich make their money the more it makes you angry. russia is marking seventy years since one of its largest cities was liberated from a nazi siege during the second world war people in same pittsburgh which was known as lang grad back then spent over two years cut off from the rest of the country and able to get food supplies and military support these are the pictures from a reenactment of the battle which helped and the siege that too close lives of more
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than a million people a moral services have been held in st petersburg to remember the victims here in our city international we have a special report featuring firsthand accounts from those who survived the intense bombing starvation and extreme cold well you can watch it in about an hour time from now here on our international. global inequality takes center stage and peter lavelle's cross-talk in just a few minutes here on our teacher national stay with us.
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i've always had mixed feelings about speed traps it seems like it's a waste of the police officers time but on the other hand they sure do make people paranoid and drive more slowly one man from texas is completely sure of his opinion about speed traps and he set out to save his felt texans from being fined for speeding and much more importantly from potential traffic accidents caused by the hidden police and now he's the one who is in deep trouble according to fox news runner martin faces a misdemeanor charge for violating frisco texas sign ordinance that says that you may only stand around holding a sign on private property martin claims that he was doing the exact same thing as a speed limit sign reminding people to slow down and i think ultimately he is right you should be able to tell other people where the police are setting up speed traps because that will cause them to drive more slowly which is the real goal of speed traps in the first place the only reason local authorities would be against this is
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because they love the income that comes from a nice big pile of speeding tickets i hope that mr martin finds a way to go right back to holding his sign but this time on private property but that's just my opinion. hello and welcome to crossfire where all things are considered i'm peter lavelle according to a new oxfam report the rich are getting richer at an alarming pace middle classes all over the world are under pressure and the poor well are only getting poorer with growing income inequality how can we expect democratic institutions to survive not to speak of maintaining social train quality is it time to start broadly
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sharing prosperity. cross talk income. p.r. expert and chairman of the board at the world communications form in davos all right cross talk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want and i very much encourage it shares that if i go to you if i can read a short passage from the oxfam report it's quite damning when wealth captures government policy making the rules bend to favor the rich often to the detriment of everyone else the consequences include the erosion of democratic governance the pulling apart of social cohesion and the vanishing of equal opportunities for all unless bold political solutions or institute.


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