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tv   [untitled]    January 27, 2014 8:00am-8:31am EST

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radical anti-government rioters dig and now ukraine's justice ministry ignoring opposition leader's pleas to leave the siege threatens to negotiations with the governments with a state of emergency looming. hold for home the syrian peace talks to move toward allowing trapped civilians out of the embattled city and to get humanitarian aid in. the british voters who are to board for the ballot as only one in young people say they'll be bothered to turn out for the next election.
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which nineteen a national coming to you live from moscow how marina joshie welcome to the program bonfires barricades and pavements that's how ukraine's capital looks after almost two weeks of unrelenting violence right now you're looking at the latest pictures coming from the ukrainian capital kiev where and to government rioters are entrenched and the justice ministry building refusing to budge even despite fellow opposition leaders please while about fifty a radical activists from the movement known as common cause stormed the ministry at night smashing windows with clubs and metal bars opposition leader vitaly klitschko tried to talk them down and convince them to leave instead they dug in deeper calling for backup and erecting barricades ukraine's justice minister calls them a threat to talks between the opposition and the president and warns she might call a state of emergency if the occupation continues oliver has more from kiev this is how it looks right now at the justice ministry here in kiev is this the latest
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building to be overrun. a riot is on sunday evening now it's still being occupied by opposition forces as you can see they've they've the windows that are being broken through their feet in using the furniture here to make some kind of barricades and block those away you can also as i come over this way still groups outside making sure that nobody can get into that building night telling me that they have no intention to leave anytime soon now that's despite opposition leader batali klitschko coming here and saying to these people that they should leave they say in this position leave this building now we've heard from the justice minister herself she said that the fact that they occupying these buildings and they refusing to leave could end up how purring any kind of talks that are going on to try and broker some kind of peace here in ukraine so i can also you see behind me the barricades that they've built very sturdy barricades in order to stop anybody
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from coming here where i am right now is not too far away from independence square the areas that the opposition occupying or is growing not decreasing at the moment this is despite calls from their leaders that they should move away from these buildings my colleague alexy out a shift ski has a report now on who is in charge here whether it's the opposition leaders that are telling the people what to do whether it's the people that are dictating what they want to happen. if i have to take a hole in the head i'll take a bullet in the head of the opposition speeches are as fiery as ever but not all of the protesters are buying it. was not even the commanding presence that you tell you can check or is enough to bring them in line . i t if independence square is still adorned with different color flags of opposition parties but the biggest question right now is
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whether they actually controlling anything at all there's a widespread opinion now in ukraine is that they're in a big. to provide crucial decisions let's to the violence uprising by using islam i'm not even listening to them everything is already been done by us here but if we are running the show they are forced to listen to us. and know their movements leaders have tossed out the president's invitation to leave the government but what punk when you thought of the only say one revolution now we offered them to control government to fight corruption and change the law there with you isn't it their actions are deprived of a new object. they could not even agree on whether to accept a presidential amnesty for the jailed protesters yes the new board. president and of course said he'll release the detained protesters if there is no for the resistance in central kiev and our position is the same it provided crossbows of us masri i asked will only agree with you on
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a call that just terms on the release of the protesters if the interior minister orders police not to arrest our people anymore robert that but i did look at the shots but i just stood there not politicians they simply wants a result and fast and that is a snap reorganization of the country they're like children you see soldiers marching and trying to jump in front of the formation of the field like generals. a country in revolt is now holding its breath until tuesday when big decisions are expected from parliament building the review of an anti protest more but judging by the mood of it seems there are no compromises that the crowds are ready to listen to live. from kiev ukraine. now the new laws the causes such public anger in ukraine introduce harsher punishments for protests to discuss the matter is we're joined live by charles should bridge he's a security analyst and former british counterterrorism intelligence officer he's
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also a former london trained a right officer think it is for joining us but let's first take a look at how protests are dealt with in europe and north america well if you are found guilty of stirring a riot in britain you could find yourself in jail for up to ten years and ninety years if you hurled petrol bombs but in ukraine you would get just two years of vandalism in france from defacing statues to tearing up streets is punishable by seventy years behind bars by any of crane it'll get you locked up for just three years attempting or even encouraging your withrow of the united states government can get you thrown into a cell for up to twenty years and that's twice as much as in ukraine well finally don't hide your face at a rally in canada because getting ten years attention would dampen your enthusiasm and that's against just fifteen days in ukraine so that was a look at what's happening in some of the countries now charles let's return to you
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and get your take on the situation in ukraine and specifically could a protest of this scale be allowed to go this far in london for example. well i think the answer to that question which is need to look at the way that the british police particularly one that have dealt with pos protests that have occurred really only in the last three or four years if one looks at for example the protests that occurred at the g twenty summit in london or props with demonstrations that took place against cuts in student grants and loans and and such like then the place that gave a very robust response to those demonstrations of course it's also the police responsibility in the united kingdom clearly under the european countries under the united states officially to facilitate peaceful protest particularly where those protests have got permission and violence is required but nonetheless when the kind of disorder that takes place that we've been seeing happening quite rightly now
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kevin elsewhere in ukraine the police would do have been expected here in the united kingdom to respond very much more robustly i give an example as well of the legislation in the united kingdom to further what you've just said in your graphic for example the united kingdom media has made quite a bit of what it's called noise being introduced into ukraine for example. people called where mosques on demonstrations and so on but of course it's not to mention that this has also been the law and united kingdom for some time well you know looking at the situation in ukraine and how the police is dealing with the young around there we have seen a police have been using violence rather spiraling so far so in your opinion why isn't there an all out crackdown happening in the capital kiev and elsewhere in the country. i think it's true to say that sudden from the footage we've seen here in the west that much of the protest movement is peaceful clearly also it's
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politically organized in a way that often doesn't take place in the west that's to say you have opposition leaders actually taking part in these protests started there might be a feeling that this is perhaps more than just a small section of society irrespective of how democratic and democratic the protesters actually are and that's anti-fashion but having said that it's certainly true that there seems to be despite some examples that we've seen over to the screens of what might be called police brutality and some of the have been some beats and so far it's just it's by police we've seen us on t.v. screens but generally speaking there seems to have been a very a much more tolerant approach passive approach of props what some public order specially smart you can call attention to approach from the cradle thoughts to dealing with this disorder because there is generally now i think one of the stuart maxim that if you don't nip this kind of disorder in the end it will invariably spread we saw that you know what you can do you know what's going out where is the message that we're sorry for interrupting you you just said if you don't nip it in
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the board but you know what is your forecast for the protests in ukraine do you expect the police response to stay the way it is or grow harsher as a ride to go on very briefly if you could because we're running a town. well clearly there is a responsibility for the state to protect its citizens protect its business and protect its political processes it's hot so much and that a situation continued website testers especially violent protesters occupying government buildings this again would not be tolerated in the west for a long time where violence is actually being protected by purchase these there needs to be a crackdown against people specifically but of course there is a danger that if these protests continue to credit increasingly violent then the crackdown from the state could be seen to be disproportionate and actually this people palm even if you like as it's been dumped in the west could actually end up being counterproductive for ukraine democracy if that crackdown takes place are charged a bridge security analyst and former british counterterrorism intelligence intelligence officer talking to us just wanted to remind our viewers maybe just joining us the
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middle of our conversation we've got time for one more question for you here and a specific when you you know this one as we've mentioned earlier in our conversation the opposition leaders and now i'd like to talk about their demand on the investigations into the case of a police violence so do these get much investigation in the u.k. and elsewhere in europe. in your expertise what happened yesterday elsewhere. no that's absolutely right notwithstanding that in the past where protesters have been seriously injured or even killed even in london by the police there have been now recorded attempts of police covering up the. killings nonetheless particular because in the united kingdom we have particular london we have very very extensive c.c.t.v. video footage of the city have a so it's very difficult for police for example to get away with attacks on protesters or if that involving self-defense not be caught on camera and so it's
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difficult for them to achieve escape justice and they would indeed the united kingdom even if it took some time to happen there would indeed these days be inquiries and prosecutions into police malpractise in this way but having said that when you look at the results of court cases against the police normally very often these lead. demonstrators and people complain if human rights and civil liberties very disappointed either in the verdicts that i've delivered against police officers or into sentences that they then get. all right and i was charged your word security analyst and former british counterterrorism intelligence officer thank you so much for sharing some of your thoughts with us here on r.t. international on the protests in ukraine. and as the opposition leaders tried to ring political concessions out of president yanacocha administration they insist they had nothing to do with a forceful takeover all of the justice ministry building the radical common cause
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movement has been disowned by the man appointed as security commander for the protesters camp on independence square r.t.o. com we're running a poll to get your opinions on where the current rights are in leading ukraine will here's how the answers are shaping up so far the protests as you can see began as an act of support for ukraine a partnership deal with the e.u. and most of our viewers which is over forty percent and say that instability will ultimately scare and. such partnership away about a third of you say the riders will manage to force early elections about sixteen percent as of this point say a peaceful deal will be struck between the opposition and the president and just eleven percent believe president got a car which will give in and signed a deal with the e.u. so he can long gone to let us know what you think about this. party international is keeping you up to date with events in kiev twenty four seven
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on air and on our website r t v dot com. and on the way to glimmer of hope for some stricken syria's syrians rather and the business secrets being scooped up by america's annecy it's all hands on to international. well told about language as well but i will only react to situations i have read the reports i'm likely to put in the know i will leave them to the state department to comment on your latter point. secure a car is on the job here no. thank you no more weasel words. when you need a direct question be prepared for
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a change when you. get ready for a. printout of speech and a little bit of the freedom to. dramas that try to be ignored to. stories others use in the. sixty's change the world right now. to make sure. former students. look to. welcome back this is our to international hundreds of women and children trapped in the middle of syrian warfare may be able to leave the besieged city of homes and
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it's a hope that reason at the geneva two peace talks were the government and opposition have agreed to allow those civilians to flee to safety and allow humanitarian aid in elsewhere people are slowly returning to the country's biggest city of aleppo to find their homes demolished or pillaged and some of the most destructive fighting has reduced large parts of the ancient side to rubble raven optional looks at what's left for citizens to rebuild their lives with. we learned at a little international airport on what is believed to be the first civil air plane to touch down here in the last year it's a special government flight but authorities say regular ones are due to start in a month's time this flight means the return of life to this airport and the syria. this northern syrian region has seen the most violent clashes during the almost three year long conflict leaving death and devastation behind it used to be four
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billion dollar factory where two thousand people were working now you can see there is left person is destroyed but while that is a common picture here it seems that helpful peace is slowly coming back this village elder signed a letter has just come back under government control out of fourteen thousand residents who fled after the rebels a tag one third the government says is now back to discover the houses either destroyed or looted in them and it all depends on how lucky you are our home was almost untag but they stole everything i mean. this pregnant woman says she and her husband have been waiting for this baby for twelve years and they're happy to finally have it now and start our home was destroyed we now have nothing but god gave us a baby and that's will give us power to build everything from scratch wherever.
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rather coffee we need more and more residents here sharing these optimistic. lights and coffee to play out how's life life is good things god. family has returned with their kids muhammad twelve years old couldn't go to school for months but he still thinks of his school days i have three friends and him how much and how many there my cousins. while we are talking to many terran aid arrived people are in desperate need of simply everything and most importantly security measures did what we do now is we get locals involved in patrolling and helping the army secure the area and protecting the village and we call on all of us to come back soon you have to leave the village to drive to the c.-t. what used to take some fifteen minutes by highway takes an hour today roads are not yet safe enough but parts of aleppo loop secure at least at first glance we are
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a little bit surprised to see what used to be syria's biggest business center still so vibrant time to actually say we even took off like jackets with us expecting to see clashes in the middle of a completely destroyed city but don't be mistaken this is the western part of the city. more to the east you will see a completely different picture moderate free syrian army factions fighting radical al qaida affiliated groups there for control with the government forces trying to fight them both. but militants still control half of the city and a big part of northern syria remaining the biggest challenge to the cease fire plan pushed forward by syrian and russian foreign ministers we syrians are ready to reconcile with each other and the letter was a good place to start with so we can give an example to other regions but these
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guys from the news refrain from al qaeda the don't know what they want but it's certainly not peace but while this force is large enough to threaten a carefully forged peace to this rule torn country residents say they're not ready to give up their fight for their country to be at peace rich nationality from syria . well looks like america's big brother has been getting its hands on big the. business now with snowden has revealed really television that the n.s.a. has been using everything it's got to pry into the commercial secrets of foreign firms more than i had also in the program here on our team taking on the toughest we're in sochi to meet russia's paralympic sledge hockey team stay with us for that and more. now the brits just can't get themselves fired up about voting and more with turnout for elections in recent years on a downward slide and its young people in particular who are backing away from the
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ballot box only temper sand say they will definitely take part in the next year's general election test arcelor reports from london there's nobody worth fighting for i would have voted for i want you to point i wrote corrupted sorry i'm not really sure what state sentiments that don't bode well for democratic legitimacy and british politicians as electoral and gauge med continues to decline and the public's emotions turn sour anger is the chief reaction to politicians across all sections of the electorate a recent poll found followed by boredom particularly among the youth with one study showing that only one in ten are definitely planning to vote in the u. case twenty fifteen the general elections have voted before i regret doing it i don't want to be involved with it and i don't want to give it legitimacy i think going to the ballot box gives to this particular system no i don't regret having a system in which i don't have run i don't have a real choice you have how many people were protesting against was government never
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even showed an interest in that if you what it what happens to you is that that sort of peaceful protest goes into anger because they're not being listened to and people have been going to stop taking direct x. . many men have turned their backs on the ballot boxes but there are those who continue their moment of society and politics by taking to the street feeling that this alternative may be more up to him than the boat you. people are interested in politics and politicians and money responsible political parties for not appealing to young people young people getting involved in a very diverse range of political participation such from the titian is to boycotts to demonstrations doing stuff online gauging the occupied leave with. what we have to accept is that actually traditional politics is no longer the only game in town i think there is a genuine the existential problem for traditional british democracy if about
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turnout termed were to continue politicians are extremely aware of this problem and so they should be. but it seems not enough to us wage the anger that just keeps boiling over onto the streets. does or so you are to london. when i say isn't can tan just to spy on huge numbers of people edward snowden says it also keeps a very close eye on businesses there was a lower told german t.v. that the us agency tries to siphon off any information it can get its hands on any machine on former am i five officer says the n.s.a. is taking industrial spying to a new level the importance is about the scale of the problem because our intelligence agencies have always had a mandate to not only protect national security but also to protect the economic well being of all countries however that is very different from aggressive industrial espionage on an aggressively industrial scale which of course is what
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snowden has now revealed because that new technologies with the internet and all the surveillance capabilities that the n.s.a. and its its u.k. partly have developed mean that they can hoover up literally everything so of course each country wants to protect its economic well being of course it will try and just be for political and economic advantage but for the sheer scale of it i think that is the issue here and the paralympic winter games following on the heels of the such a win. will see russia sledge hockey team perform before a global audience for the first time artist about which they saw them sharpen their skills on the ice. behind me is a shy but a read out this is where the paralympics will hold their eyes a sledge hockey tournament now the women's a little pig hockey teams will also be playing raiatea in this arena this is a seven thousand multi-polar poses see to a read out don't be surprised to hear the crowd chanting side but the name means
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pop in question the only question left to be on stood what's teams winning would we see the olympic gold medal now here's some of the sportsmanship to expect when to see it intense and fast just the way ice hockey should be. thanks. and for the first time since the introduction of the sports media lympics the russian team moved to be on firm ground something that the russian coach will change perceptions was going to team and none of them are still works but a few on the second huge one was more of these guys managed to prove to themselves their relatives and the entire society that they are not people with disabilities people with limited ability these men and women will be showcasing the skills at
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the cyber stadium come this february and mock insult. to mom with a. limp dick stadium on. and coming up a recap of k. bench in the world of sports from the past. and go the way to reach me. and with windows are these israelis have to accept the fact that you know the patient has to. hold your money it will go to the police to know who are you to. they have to realize that you know you have to let it go the gobi should the notion of who told me i don't allow them to see youngsters. you know guards to get on the future i still have so dreaded you over the only region but you know that you are the conditions of the ships from visions to me and
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those to your state this and this so that it is under the control of the stimulus this is something i'm just not going to hold the us nor the israelis nor the american the force or the possibility of the right decision to go through to the complete. hello welcome to the all the sports show the pick of the week sanction from russia under around the globe coming up with me partridge and these other top stories. staying on fabio capello signs
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a new four year contracts to remain as russia's head coach until the end of the cups in twenty eighteen. plus maiden glory to switzerland stannis last five ring injury hit rafael nadal in four sets to win his first grand slam of the australian open often a not so for the women's title. around a quarter drawn. out here in key fight back to clinch a thrilling last second ninety points to eighty seven victory over giants say it's got to stay top of the view to be. all the tennis balls the ball and sortie olympic build up to come but first football and head coach fabio capello has committed his future to russia until the end of the twenty eighteen world cup the sixty seven year old italian replaced dick advocaat in july two thousand and twelve or the two year deal and lead the team to qualify for this summer's world cup finals in brazil finishing top of group at a point ahead of portugal the former melana event is underway on madrid coach had
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been linked with a return to club management but will not lead russia's quest to qualify for the twenty sixteen european championships in france before preparing to host the twenty eighteen world cup. while colombia start right in el falcao is a big doubt for this summer's tournament after picking up a serious knee injury in monaco three no french cup win a fourth year shall slay the twenty seven year old striker opened after half an hour but was later caught by defenders. and suffered ligament damage in his left knee though after only getting surgery falco's doctor says there's still a chance he'll go to brazil the striker has scored twenty goals in fifty one international matches. meanwhile with the transfer window set to shut on friday not just united have signed chelsea midfielder one mata on a reported four and a half year deal for a club record sixty one million dollars with the blues the twenty five year old won
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the champions league europa league and f.a. cup was twice club player of the year and scored twenty goals last season but has made limited appearances since the return of coach jersey marino the thirty two caps spain star is set to make his united debut at home to cardiff on tuesday. while in germany i'm beaten by a. receiving from glad back to go ten points clear with a game in hand at the top of the bundesliga the visitors open after just six minutes thomas run up to go back and mario gets attempt at home seven minutes after the break it was two nil the goalkeeper saved twice before the ball struck the granite jackers forearm and byron were finally given a penalty which mueller converted before his men wrapped up their fifteenth when the seventeen days. long struggle in freiburg twice came from behind to snatch a last minute history to win over second place by live accusing one.


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