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clearly not the safest. position refused to. precondition. gripping the country. is the first to reach the. left. claims of. the british prime minister. u.k. citizens returning from. a threat. in the dumps to get back on their feet.
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here in moscow where it's just past. eight pm in ukraine where protesters in the country are vowing to stay put the president's resignation refusing to accept the conditions for an amnesty the bill passed by parliament in a late night emergency session says the protesters won't be prosecuted if they leave the administrative buildings they've seized all over the country. reports now from. last night on wednesday the parliament stayed almost until midnight to find a solution they managed to pass and then an animistic law which provided those conditions but the opposition says they are not willing to take these to meet these demands they are not willing to make concessions of their own the opposition wants
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all those detained in the protests to be released from prison sending criminalised the government the ruling party says they are ready for it only on one condition that other protesters d o q by all the administrative buildings they have captured over the past several weeks and dismantle the barricade in the governmental quarter in kiev and this is the sticking point right now here is what leaders of the opposition sad regarding the new amnesty law which almost here unfortunately did dr bill which you know of is not the best solution to the crisis on the contrary it's good it deteriorates the situation heats up tensions in society because. how can we discuss negotiations today they're pursuing their own goals they pay no attention to the people they ignore the people's representatives in parliament they decided to go their own way we'll see where it leads. so it seems that the compromised which everyone thought was almost reached between the opposition and the ruling party hasn't been achieved particularly from the side of the opposition
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which is not willing to make any concessions the president last night warned that if a compromise is not reached between the sides of the parliament then the parliament may be to solved so the tension is now in the political sphere and it's really hard to say where this will all go. ukraine's president in a covert has issued a statement while on sick leave saying he's done all he promised to do to alleviate the crisis published on his website the statement stresses that it's now up to the protest is to take a step forward well the president made a number of concessions after meeting with opposition leaders earlier this week first he lifted the anti writing laws that enraged protesters shortly after. that he accepted the resignation of the country's prime minister and dismissed the cabinet and now the amnesty bill which the opposition says is not good enough because it requires they leave central kiev was seen as your truth coverts the foreign affairs editor of the chronicle magazine believes the unilateral
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concessions only encourage protesters to step up the pressure on the president your new car which finds himself in a tricky position because we know from experience that a regime in trouble which starts making unilateral concessions actually does not strengthen its position both weakens it because it displays unsureness of touch which the opposition then invariably uses to strengthen its intransigence and its maximalist demands a reasonably the next step for your macaw which would have to be to reassert the authority of the state and the rule of law because let's face it the scenes that we've witnessing with the in kia of over the past few weeks would never have been allowed in washington d.c. in london or in brussels or in any democratic european union capital.
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twitter statistics show the world is watching ukraine's on rest especially in the u.s. and e.u. the latest wave of public anger kicked off on the nineteenth of january and you can see here on this map our tweets with the hash tag euro my data are spreading each red flash represents one tweet and there's almost as many flashes over america and europe as there are over ukraine itself will stay up to date with events there in the country twenty four seven on our website r.t. dot com you'll find a timeline with photos from kiev as well as the latest reports from our correspondents. the british prime minister has been facing a barrage of questions about key threats to u.k. national security and how he intends to deal with them britons had been radicalized while fighting in syria and the flood of leaks from edward snowden were among the main discussion points cilia reports. the prime minister david cameron talked about
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the changing risks of the u.k. is facing he faced a lot of questions although not really challenge was basically the way the security services functioned and where the security strategy was heading and the prime minister did not deviate much really from what was already set in the past on the various issues not just a few things that did stand out on the middle east the arab spring he said is a quote good thing in the long term for security but acknowledges that there will be bumps on the road now he may be challenged on the basis of the ongoing instability in the region and whether these can be quite classified really as just bumps on the road and now in terms of syria you confirm that the situation there is an ongoing major concern for national security and acknowledged the potential for radical radicalization of british citizens he also said that the military intervention the contemplation in the past was purely about chemical weapons and
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not about regime change and of course one of the security issues that he was expected to be asked about is that of the n.s.a. and edward snowden revelations now with david cameron stood by the work of the intelligence agencies and he even had a little message for the media and particularly a newspaper the guardian that is where he said he would encourage newspapers and list delhi and this to think before they act and he said basically that he's worried about the damage that the snowden revelations have on security and he said he thinks the u.k. is in danger of becoming less safe now recall the government had sent a couple of officials to the offices of the guardian newspaper and destroyed some of the computers and hard drives over there containing those the said the revelations by edward snowden and all of this in the name of national security and again one of the arguments that he brought forth in the use of collection of data
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he said that a lot of the tea. all the shows that he's watched it was through the use and gathering of mobile phone data information that criminals were caught this seems to be one of the arguments put forward in defense of the activities of the intelligence services going back to the general strategy that one of the goals is to enhance alliances of the u.k. however just a day before the german chancellor angela merkel criticized once again the cooperation between the u.s. in the u.k. and spying on their allies and in fact she said the end result is not more security but less the international chemical weapons watch dog is meeting to bulls to the drive to eliminate syria's toxic but on the eve of the gathering the u.s. national intelligence chief kick started a new wave of scaremongering saying the assad government remains capable of producing biological arms with james clapper warn that thousands of foreigners have joined the rebels in syria well al qaeda linked groups are inspiring them to bring the jihad back home with them they've even established special training camps to
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teach foreign recruits how to attack targets in the u.s. and other western nations german journalist spoke to him earlier he says washington brought this threat upon itself. who shall know better about the military capabilities of the syrian or of the rebels in syria better than the us intelligence chief because he has to know he was arming them or the west was arming these people so they would have to know how many arms they have i was in damascus when security sources were saying that the united states delivered one hundred stinger rockets to the f.s.a. to the free syrian army which is known as so-called moderate army and a couple of days later the. front of. the slimmest terrorist group claimed that they trust god one hundred stinger rockets from the so-called moderate rebels so you see those arms whoever you sell them in that region will end up in
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the head of the worst people. they snuck in through a sewer during a december snowstorm catching the army off guard soldiers and civilians were allegedly massacred that early morning in syria's town of andhra as it fell into the hands of is the most extremist however those claims have been impossible to verify because of the chaotic situation there already is the first foreign channel to get to the area ports. is just a twenty minute drive from damascus but the highway runs through an area firmly under rebel control so instead we take a newly created pass driving through high mounds of sand and piles of old tires the army uses to shoot its convoys from a tanks it's maybe longer but it's a safer route pocket. where the first foray into vickery to get this close to address after the siege began a month ago it's still not clear exactly what happened in this industrial city last
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december back then reports emerged of numerous killings and violence after alger was attacked by militants belonging to al-qaeda linked groups and the free syrian army. they stormed into the city and they kept the civilians in their buildings using them as human shields which made our mission very difficult this is why it takes so long we want to avoid civilian losses. to reported allegations the dozens of civilians had been executed that people were beheaded and burned in over ins and one claimed the doctors and patients were killed in a clinic which revelled to address hoping to verify these reports but there is still no way of getting into the besieged areas of the town to confirm if any of that actually happened we got as close as the army can there actually to address the old town admiral blood and the work his house in complex nearby
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a drama lear both are now besieged by people who were maybe some bankers here to separate other are below and that room aliya and to prevent the militants uniting. these corridors go all around the besieged cities with the army watch in the area day and night. this is one of the checkpoints of the syrian army behind this wall is territory held by militants and these soldiers strategy and mission right now is just to watch this area and to shoot if they see the enemy approaching. and this is actually all they can do for any military operation could threaten the lives of those who remain hostage and with no access inside it's impossible to tell just how many the are but luckily most of the residents managed to escape are dry we meet some of them two kilometers away they sheltered around
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what used to be a large summons factory but in this hotel's me he doesn't go to school anymore but this place because terrorist attack the street and we had to escape there compiled and we cannot go there their oaths are blocked he says his father is a government employee this is why it was dangerous for his family to stay we ask where they live now. the hours mother appear from the darkness of a room barely ten square meters in a silence everything what is happening is wrong there was no need for any of this see where we are now what degree we have reached now it's a question that many here are asking because these children haven't seen their mother for a month already seriously ill she couldn't get her medicine due to the siege with her condition deteriorating she was sent to a hospital far from her family. we were living in peace and now where are we i wish peace would come back to all of syria. a month later it's still not clear
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exactly what happened another drug most of those we talked to here in this camp fled before the militants arrived but occasionally we meet some who didn't escape so quickly and alone and up they were looking for anybody serving in the syrian army and also the virus so the syrian soldiers beheaded at the sewage system. we were in a group of about twenty people they were beating us three at a time and killing us i saw with my own eyes people stoned i still see them in my nightmares. like this sort of they cut drinking water and they prevented the bakery from working for us and young children are about to die from a lack of water and they threatened us with machine guns. once an important industrial and peaceful city has become yet another syrian battleground for weary forces whose three year long confrontation has left well in excess of one hundred thousand dead and millions displaced and yet it's another place where no side looks
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able to win and it's the ordinary syrian people left to pay the price roof notional tea from address in syria. this is also international live here in moscow still to come on the program this britain and france get serious about making military drones to get european leaders pooling their resources to produce the deadly planes but questions remain about just how they hope to avoid civilian casualties and that's coming up shortly here on all teams. play. play play. play a little.
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play a little. cross talk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want. to. cut. cut. cut. so. britain france are looking to join forces and invest in building military drones
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together the two governments are expected to sign an agreement that will pave the way for two years of joint research into building the planes activist and political analyst chris bambery believes where the u.s. goes militarily its european allies are sure to go as well. americans go or the british and french need to fold because the british and french are essentially american attack dogs in europe they're the only two european powers that have the military capability the americans can sometimes use so if the americans are investing in drones inevitably britain and france are also going to do the same britain is more open about it france is more. about the fight there has to it's a military alliance with the states but never to where they're going to go there and i think it's a warning actually in terms of europe because drugs are not just simply attack weapons they're also surveillance weapons as we know and i think it also highlights the fact that there is in europe potential instability that those drones could well
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be used for surveillance in the east while the clock ticks down towards the grand opening we reveal some of the secrets of sorts and then pick part coming up in our in the big series it's chess all night a sport that seems too complex to many. that's to come up first is not a bird or a plane it's super hobo and he's here to get burns homeless back on their feet shore when he's lost for a beer and reeking breath he's far from politically correct but as. a reports from the german capital he's readership is up up and away. his muscles affair but he has no fixed abode it's super hobo the unlikely superhero inherited his super powers accidentally after savoring some discarded beer. normally like bettman or iron man they are very very rich playboys who rescued the world
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no it's the guy from the on the ground who rescues which gets to the city because it's very attractive for people all over the world not because it's so correct or. because of his shabby charm so it's logical that the glorious superhero of. the so bomb super hobos create a says the idea was spawned while watching a homeless man trying and failing to sell a newspaper on a train. so stefan went to the stratum fair got a newspaper which is sold by the homeless and unemployed and offer to launch the charity supplement in order to boost its sales for sure it's a little bit political incorrect but this is the only way to get more people into the subject homelessness and so we decided to do it the newspapers distributed through kiosks such as this one so the city's homeless can come here and buy in
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copies for sixty cents apiece which they then sell on for one year and fifty and they're able to make a profit but certainly in the time that we've been here several people have come up trying to buy in more copies of that super hoboes supplement that has been selling so well super hobos breath stinks he dreams of oceans of beer and yet the homeless vendors don't take offense. it's a very good idea it should have been thought of earlier the comic supplement makes it heavier and i can't carry as many copies but it's not see bad you just don't carry on. now the customers are asking for this comic because they have super hard to. the document publication aims to brighten the fortunes of its sell as the soup kitchen. station has an increasing number of hungry mouths to feed the crisis is doing and or bringing in bring much more people into difficult
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situations a lot of foreigners you foreigners are law to come and people are telling them only as a rich country and please come and you will have a good life but in fact it's very difficult to get jobs here and it's very difficult to get flats i'm thinking that's the number of people. especially young men believe it's increasing in the next years enormously but there is trying to shift the papers daily say the comic strip has at the very least added that little bit of comic relief. impi games may have the show's stopping venues but they're also about making competitors from all over the world feel at home pool scott went to the athletes' village where everything is sent to provide a warm welcome to the cold winter games. well behind me is one of the three athletes villages that between them can house up to seven thousand
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competitors this is the one in the coastal cluster and for the next few weeks it's going to be the higher to three thousand competitors it's where they're going to eat sleep train and of course socialize but the unique thing about this coastal cluster is that the athletes all of them are going to be within walking distance of their venues leading to a real sense of community spirit there are two other olympic villages based a thousand meters above sea level there are in the mountains and it's going to house all the competitors in outdoor events and of course any olympic games it's really just about the sport it's just about the athletes and with the first competitors beginning to arrive in sochi excitement is on the increase with the games now just a little over a week away. and of all the winter sports to the outside it kerning can seem not one of the most complex the game has been dubbed chess on ice due to the strategic moves involved and at the sochi winter olympics it has its very own venue.
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it's curling up in sochi for the winter games and at the curling lympics stadium at least will be perfecting this sweeping slide and ultimately the quest for gold the ice cube curling center is a three thousand to multi-purpose arena it's one of the smaller centers here at the olympic park it will be hosting the wheelchair curling competitions the come the paralympic games now it's quite a spacious small center and those with disabilities will be able to enjoy this center so one of these green you made one point have seen this. this weekend this to some it looks like a sweeping map but it's more than that physics and strategy play a role. the idea is to push the story in from one end of the ice to the other aiming for the center of the house which looks like
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a bull's eye the sports plant to comes when the sweeping begins sweepers with what looks like a mob to go ahead of the stones melting the ice ever so slightly with the friction of the sweeping this is done to make the rock go farther they can straighten out the pot that the rock is traveling on. now the team with the red crosses to the center of the soon after all those throws winds in the end knocking the opposition's team stories out of the house of blocking it's possible a key parts of the game this involves intense strategy sessions and this is where curling really turns into chess on ice. now you know so curl up at the curling stadium this winter olympics would say sochi olympic our team. will continue to walk you through the olympic park reports on the. international.
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to other world news in brief now on a world update a wave of shootings and bombings have shaken iraq's capital baghdad claiming at least twenty lives no groups that claim responsibility for the attacks although al qaida linked fighters have mounted similar assaults in the past in last six suicide bombers stalled in iraqi ministry building killing at least eighteen before security forces regained control. of thousand people have filed a joint lawsuit against the companies that manufactured at japan's fukushima
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nuclear plant they claim the firm should take financial responsibility for the facilities the two thousand and eleven meltdown caused by a massive earthquake and tsunami the accident is one of the worst nuclear disasters in history according to experts it may take decades to finish the operations around the crippled facility which is leaking radiation into. bangladesh fourteen people including the head of the country's main islamist opposition party have been sentenced to death with charges smuggling weapons and ammunition to rebel groups in neighboring india today called it was intercepted by police three hundred people the foreigners picked into the political bodies page the country last year. so that brings you up to date for the moment coming up here in the international reporting the final frontier of drug money passing from the u.s. to mexico and about that with more news with the team. the
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building behind me the become the center of start up companies from around the world come together to talk about the best way to new ideas. one of the floats of all this so well it will be finished will take place. currencies are graphic markets are tumbling paper no doubt no taper no no no well being true grit work no way they wish taper no they were pretty cryptic taper maybe taper print paper printed paper print paper tape or paper print they picked up the wall marketed out two percent four percent away maybe we should print work now and
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i'm. you know having this whole thing as a commander control economy those every working yeah milk we need milk bread bread yeah bread heard kid print. command control. here you ok. how do you operate. i'm going to impose could do sports such. as roof road rules i'm not an olympic hockey. league. by far. the fact is the place they take you to and detain you. there really root races and educate their racist racist and root they
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reply to. even look in your shoes. they also examine you in places that they shouldn't they treat you worse than a dog the good they say that they got takes his time but he never forgets. almost them as i hope that one day they will also have to go through this. i was trying to got and ask to give you hope and protection and that she protects all migrants because they have seen how much they suffer. gentlemen i guess you all know why you're here today. i guess at this point in time america is going through some sad times and unfortunately feel. i'm sure we all share the same same feelings about what's going on with law enforcement border patrol v.h.s. highway patrol the list goes on at the mention our friend. it's quite obvious that
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our borders is not secure as he'd like to make us believe secure all the time with obama and his bunch in office because they didn't seem to have an agenda where this open borders thing is exactly what they're looking to it's a foregone conclusion that all these illegals are a future democratic vote. white why would the poddy not want them in here. goes on all these people are so well organized states set up networks. in them are also liberating with the one hamas and hezbollah and they've been doing so for. decades we figured that out against the united states of america. we have life our culture our flag this is a war it's an invasion so i. say.


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