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that was all rather surreal. definitely the way to stream i've had for a while. there was a memorable ceremony. with one pretty sure the high priestess never spoke to me. what was it she said it full of the flame or something. there's a hell of a lot more of course of base. the top story this morning than the sochi twenty pulteney olympic flame and then by seven days off it was in the ancient greek city
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of in libya carried by russia's deputy prime minister dimitri cool with ak if i traveled in a small mountain to read where i was president vladimir putin spoke of its meaning for the russian people would you live to be killed this symbol of the world's primary sports competition of peace and of friendship. but he has come to russia. there are many marks the start of the longest tools relay in a limb take a story the flame boy it's great that so many people have turned out to the start of the russian relay it looks like a lot of fun out there. in a minute. but it was. the stone i picked up in and then it was on my mantle piece and if that isn't a sign i don't know what it is. i knew i had to get down to red square and experienced
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atmosphere for myself fortunately they were having a two day event. so from sunny greece to rather soggy moscow just at the very start of the torch is journey around the whole of russia i'm excited. the days first run there was paralympic star alessio bloody who picked up two gold medals in the beijing and london games. he's still a big gold medal is there still something special for you i guess of course it's the need feeling because i had never carried the torch before i had first i ran with a quite easily then i felt i was becoming a heavier and heavier but i was determined to carry it properly and show it to everyone so that they could all appreciate the moment.
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and the crowd's reaction words factious i missed out on going to my home games in london and i was determined not to let such a twenty four team passed me by there were fourteen thousand torchbearers slots up for grabs one of them was going to be mine. when we were making the technical order for the factory we say look let's make the thing we want to her. you know whole it also desirable like. a lot of questions where are. it's quite we have to take all the
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cover and the middle that out by. extra weight of the aluminum so it's really fine. it's the feather feather over the period burton book in the russian. stories and fairy tales and to get these feather from the firebird is the super challenge for the guild. the problem can be. underneath here and it just caused the fire but in this case we have a special. wiring inside which melted and the like really a red color. and it's the fire so basically it's a rift fire in itself. i
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was going to have to wait a while before i found out if i'd been picked as a torch bearer more than enough time to try and learn a little more about my mysterious stone. some of russia's most eminent geologists live in. the center of russia's diamond industry on the rocks down here on the most expensive in the country. the pits descend small in a kilometer under the earth and uses the most sophisticated drilling equipment on the market to get to the precious.
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once the stones have been taken to assaulting sense and closely examined each gem is appraised. and i had a close family focused on my precious two. must be some kind. of you. there i can see small crystals here proving that it's ancient rock. movement but really. should it. know it's false but it's luminescent as from. ok maybe you could make it luminescent if you really believed it right thank you did you really expect it to go. maybe maybe i'm just not right.
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there's certainly something very special about this and this grounds i don't know but it might just be because they use to pulling glittering thing this out of the dark here. but who wants me in these diamonds what the top attraction and turn around it was time to head towards the city's most well known landmark where they were getting ready to welcome some very special guests. from old forty years these huge realized trucks of food one of the most famous symbols in your couture carrying the region's diamonds soon from its quarries and factories and now. it's getting ready for its most important passenger ever. it might have been close to minus forty celsius but these are limping torches and torch bearers are made of sterner stuff. this huge quarry has been the frozen heartbeat of the
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city for more than fifty years producing more than seventeen billion dollars of diamonds my stone it meant i was here to watch the parade but what was i supposed to do next. great shot. lives so when two mates were to. again show me the and. by carlo. choice. they can be few more famous natural landmarks in russia than lake baikal the oldest and deep this lake on the planet on the site of a very special olympic celebration. for
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the first time ever they're planning to light the olympic flame on the water. in this case your average tool which isn't going to cut it so special equipment is required and special people to carry it and who better than the local rescue ranger . are professional activity is mostly dedicated to rescuing people on lake baikal our job is important difficult interesting and in a way romantic my cow has many faces in winter it's tough and in summer it's beautiful you can't help but admire its power because it attracts you and it's very important to me because it's a jewel of russia. everything's ready let's go then as nicholas puts the final touches to his equipment the excitement begins to build
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along the water's edge. rallies have been warmly welcomed across the country but the crowds here are about to witness something that's never been done before. then there's plenty of local showmen own hands went to tame them while they wait. a mass of noise and color to cheer the torch bearers all. this torch is based on a special system there is a pyrotechnic charge that can burn at any depth in any temperature and under any circumstances. when it's underwater it's like a second son the flame literally illuminates the entire lake. autumn when you carry it you can feel its enormous power. of the water temperature is four degrees celsius it's really freezing we could feel it on our uncovered faces but we were united by this flame that had absorbed the energy
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of the entire country of every single person who cares about the flame that was what united us and that's why everything went perfectly. as i watched for miles on the water you could almost feel the crowd's energy coming across the waves it had been another remarkable spectacle for this record breaking to a tree and i was wondering what could possibly top it. looks like the right track. so what well but in.
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creating this sustainable operation focused on making the hit and what you are advocating my term self-interest sense of that is which it often won't and has always been the case and had. businesses for hundreds of years without using the label. i think was what got capitalism do it was this notion that economists brought to it which was the idea of profit maximizing. the european union likes to think of itself as one of the brighter and fairer parts of the world a european commission report on corruption the first of its kind betrays a very different picture in every single member country there is corruption in some cases on a massive scale so what can the e.u.
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teach the world of corruption. in the news a secret laboratory tim curry was able to build the news most sophisticated robot of which all unfortunately doesn't give a darn about anything tim's mission to teach music creation why it should care about humans in the world this is why you should care only on the r g dog call.
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i've moved from one ship to another but what a ship. i was on board the ice breaker fifty years of victory the pride of the russian nuclear fleet for a truly once in a lifetime experience. flame was traveling to the north pole i was going with. it my stone was telling me to follow the flame i was going to take it as far as i could. see hundred nautical miles of stark beautiful ocean lay between us and the top of the world. well just in case you didn't actually believe we were going to the north pole i think that eliminates any doubt. it's another historic first for the sochi torch and a relay around the ship was planned for the occasion. and you can learn so many new things when you get the chance to test your own as well as the crew's experience
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and check what the ice breaker is really capable of. i mean this tour of the olympic torch to the north pole never before has a surface ship gone there so late in the season the ice was much heavier and to cope with it we almost needed the ice breakers maximum power. we were making incredible progress slicing through the thick polar ice. for days we were already near our destination that's a world record pace. let you ninety degrees north is it top of the world. ah.
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once the champagne had been finished everything kicked into gear the torchbearers went off to get ready an organizing committee began making preparations for the relay. we loved one on the other one and then tried to hold it right whale until. cricut one. with everyone in position we were ready to go and our captain was given the owner of starting off the run my main task was to keep the torch warm and make sure it goes into pass hand in time and just seconds later she was away and i was on collection g c. i think that's when we now. think. yes i got it they can look off the list and return it later. i was it good. yeah go through it most of it.
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we stepped off the ship and on to the ice the torches glow flickering through the pitch black polar nights. a pioneering soviet polar explorer auteuil chelan goal of would ignite the culture of the most northerly place on the planet. it's not often you get three witness a moment in history this is the first time the olympic flame is out of in the north pole. and i'm here to see it. from as far north as it's possible to go it was time to head east with the olympic organizing committee. the flame the ip that is has its own security team at all times not to mention its own private jet. who got this special. with
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the flame cooper which is just responsible for the security of the flame the keep the flame a little dent on the. on this special will you know that all of these flame will never go off. for. each city's greasing ceremony is unique and hundreds of volunteers helped make the occasion memorable. there's a possibility also to keep the security a fold. you know the nobody will homey nobody will get this for a show police are just people are because he's just a flame and it's very dangerous for everybody. this is come chopped. peninsula that's one of the most easterly places in russia.
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that is to hold the highest so that you don't burn yourself when your torches lit are going. for the mood fortune never talks to the flaming torch bearer in brushing because you never. everybody every had an inhabitant of the city's just smoke problem that comes to his cd and i say that ok lation now. it was the end of another relay and i was in one of the most beautiful places in the country on the shores of the pacific itself but i was beginning to lose patience. i've come to the end of. what's. what do you want. where my.
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life. i've literally run the house of land. but the torch would move all over the mountains across the sea. even else of this world. we live. in yes another historic moment it paid a visit to the international space station more than four hundred kilometers above the planets. and although safety reasons made lycee it's on board a heavily fueled rocket so robot bad idea the world's first olympic spacewalk was
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no problem. back down i was getting some inspiration of my own. yes i mean. i've come so far with the torch i was going to have to see it through to the end but what so many different people in relays all over russia and even beyond now i was going to have my own moments with the symbol of the sochi games i was a new father in the south of the country in under two hours i was going to be a torch bearer. for my fictional uniform. it was time to suit up and pick up the most vital piece of equipment. i think. the let's make. up of their english
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training thank you. last. more than two hundred of us would be running through the streets and the excitement was already beginning to build there was just time for a few tips on how to make the most of the moment. smile and wave your hand then they put out my torch and i stepped back and i'm not there anymore it's your turn you start and i'll be in the car that will be filming us starts to moon and we run towards it ok go to. the russians are. none of us could wait to get started on the pulse he was in full swing as we moved through the city thousands of people had turned out to cheer us all and watch the
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parade and we even had a few guests from the north pole putting in an appearance. we were dropping off people every two hundred meters so i just had a few minutes to go. my neighbor cotton mill. you can really imagine how exciting it is. i'm looking forward to the moment when the whole country will see me it was. honestly i can't believe it. did school was freezing today isn't it. planned so let's meet our troops. as i wave to the crowd i hadn't expected to be so nervous my whole epic journey had led to this moment and as i waited for number one million three to pulse me the flame all i could think of was for goodness sake don't drop it. by.
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the dream come true i missed all the atmosphere of the london twenty games i never thought of the thoughts of another day and now i'm. going to play with this moment fun stuff that. i am. i think. that. i'm going to little further to go on with this tour. i was with it when it was for the very first time in a limpia increase it went deep underground into diamond mines and you could see i was with it when it plunged into the waters of lake baikal and i was with it when
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the wins by president of the very top of the world and then it went out so this one holds the international space station. to believe. if you could combine the four elements of. you could turn face metal into goals this tool which of those elements even a fifth element the quintessence from space itself well i believe that this torch has the energy to help you win gold in sochi. russia believe in us.
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now the power is in our hands. you don't know if you don't panic or. response to bruise. everyone in my life that i cared about they're gone and then. they came to skin well. i was a national champion in track and field and also was able to go and qualify for the
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olympic games. you know nine hundred eighty eight i started to experiment with that the drugs i had lost all the financial means that i. was really on the street. black market can't. break. through. new york london. the whole world is a. feature of the original one a further one on the end. of the quote that the link at the end of the street another one a more transparent society gets the money or the tears become we see military
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unfairly falses mobilized against people who blend into the city who inhabit the city the more people trust electronic devices the more defenseless they are. fear that it has a thousand i. r r t. there's a saying when you're in the arctic you have feel entire world at your feet. she looks like a fairly simple shit but really she's not simple little. handful of people have access to the nuclear icebreakers the real king here is that the polar bear and ice breakers come second not a single complex expedition to the arctic can be conducted with the russian nuclear powered fleet of ice breakers we undertake a unique operation. the northern sea route russia's arctic
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ice breakers. this is obviously more for the ladies because it's paying. women wanted to avoid rape they really need to buy guns and learn how to use them i'm. sure this is the one that i want to go with them once again it's the fear for women are definitely the target of the gun lobby and you don't kill them when you kill me money but if somebody with you would do this with her. i'm noticing more and more that's really scary marketing tactics which implies that women have some sort of moral obligation to own guns to protect their family and young girls shoot out here too so we do have a pink or. kids young kids choke on food than are killed by firearms if being armed made us safer in america we should be the safest nation on earth we're clearly not the safest.
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the host nation since first medals at twenty fourteen with russia's figure skating team taking gold but aside from the celebration of winter olympic sports. the threat of something happening in sochi the western media. launch of criticism raising questions about whether the hype and panic justified in the weeks other top headlines on r.t. international. and you know. the message reportedly coming from the u.s. assistant secretary of state. reveals the depths of washington's involvement in ukraine's political turmoil. and switzerland votes narrowly in favor of a controversial plan to put a limit on immigration this in a name.


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