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hello and thank you for joining me for the r.t. sport and then pick special all the action from the winter games in sochi plus the pick of the sport from around the world he is a taster. gold rush veteran alexanders of course steers russia to victory in the two man bobsled to win his maiden limping gold at the sand and the country's first since nine hundred eighty eight. last travel when i.
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gather roos cruises to victory in the women's twelve point five kilometer. by hour long gold medal in starting. last fall good call yours earlier all eyes turned indoors to the curling with the men's fifty kilometer biathlon and snowboard cross held over until tuesday it was heavy fog in sochi. and the raising the bar surrogate booker looks on as french olympic champions then no need. to thank you one year old told the record in january. but first let's go to the winter games in sochi where our correspondent richard brown boldly tazz news of another russian gold medal after a foggy day during the olympics well hello there richard and there's only one place to start which is the bobsled and what an evening for russia. what an evening for
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an example. they claim gold in the men's two man bobsled and what a performance it has been from the last couple of days they were dominant ryan from the start sort of a track record in their first run and also setting another track record in their third run and they were comfortable winners in the end as a finish just over half a second clear of the switzerland who are in second place has been a fantastic story for the driver examples of call food. in the nearly manno suppose for russia claiming a silver and bronze in vancouver last time outs. here going obviously one better claim a gold brick man as well alex a boy of all days forty one more color for personality as you probably meet in the olympics sees also a professional arm wrestler. he took a break actually from. do professional arm wrestling night she intends to take up that side career after the olympics finish also border he. is
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a very good judo specialist as well and has been on a vegetarian diet for the last two years or so in order to try and prepare for these olympic games and obviously events diet has paid off by then getting gold well over twenty seconds russia will have a good chance one would think in the four man bob sleigh. it's going very well for russia with no other gold. unfortunately flown the weather has played havoc really over the last couple of days so we have brilliant sunshine for the first. ford really senti and up in a row as a whole which delayed the men's mass starts free times while the women were finally able to get underway but it really was a race to get the russian winners. could only finish twenty second and twenty fourth. claimed third gold medal at these games what was a nightmare race really for sidesaddle who fell midway through the race snapping
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a pole which cost her valuable time while. she missed two shots on the shooting range and this really is turning out to be a disappointing lympics really for the biathletes just silver and a bronze so far was supposed to be one of russia's top sports the winter olympics and in terms of talking of russia's top sports in the winter olympics we couldn't go any further without talking about the ice hockey russia take on norway tomorrow big expectations both on our. obviously russia worth favors before this got underway and you can understand why with the lying servant xander of age. but things haven't really gone to plan so far the russians only managed one victory in regular time that was their first match against slovenia while the drops. of the united states are memorable matches should say shootouts and struggle really to be some i was on
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a shootout in norway while they might have finished bought some of all the twelve teams here in seoul cheap of a sudden be a force to be reckoned with and russia shouldn't take them too lightly but also they'll be good to. run out for the russians one thing that really lacked here so far has been chemistry trying to get the lines to play well with each other and also to adapt head coach. defensive system. because an coach does like to concentrate on this defense and obviously it does take time to adapt and earlier i caught up with. two time olympic gold medalist hugo lobby on earth who said russia just need more fights on the ice. doesn't always so we're going to see so. i hope these guys. are going to be in the game for the next level and the focus here for france for this me is more goals and more enthusiasm mercury's about the russian character.
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was a great result for russia's cross-country skiers on sundays they managed to claim a silver medal in the men's four by a ten kilometer relay all the warm conditions really didn't help them to march. slushy snow made it very difficult for them to ski and really affected. the course managing claimed a silver behind sweden who retained their gold medal from vancouver and became the first nation to do that since the soviet union way back in and nineteen or seventy two also over was joined for alexander trade treaty cause of in the skeleton as he picks up russians made and gold a matter bends also an unheralded really had come so close in olympic sport for picking up a bronze medal and then a silver the last war championships in summer it's but again just like the bobsled he was dominant really from start to finish and the results for trade to golf and i
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actually caught up with him just. yesterday against right here i just won how delighted he was with the results and a great result obviously for russia in the skeleton they mentioned there some landmark achievements do you expect any more on day eleven. while the place looked really would be. skaters had to lympics really to remember and a lot of that goes down serving on remember in two thousand and six he was competing for south korea one for the gold for them in children but then had a dispute with their south korean federation and move to russia to compete two years ago and he really has brought so much to the russian team. boosting the levels of confidence of a young but talented side who haven't really had much show exposure and experience on the world stage and will actually go in his favorite events on tuesday the five hundred meters and given the form that he's been in so far in solid she one would expect perhaps try and science gold medal tally bird's rid of
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a. aisles of the show so far have been russia's figure skaters with two gold medals and they certainly have had analytics remember and solid she. was a disappointing winter olympics for the russian team but few felt it more than the figure skaters russia and the soviet union's proud record of winning a gold medal in every game since nine hundred sixty four came to an end his face fell just short of clinching atop a podium finish in the men's or benz. four years on and things look like they're getting back to normal as russia had a ready claim to gold to me are it's their true and you've given. and teenager you need sky were inspired in the team events as we're. trying to call of who also took gold in the pairs but of course it's not just our trial lots of people are behind our success we really want to thank everyone who supported us we
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want to share this joy with the whole contractors who are delighted with all the pressure and responsibility because it was really hard to. turn from hero to zero in the space of four days the thirty one year old looked back to his best in the team competition after qualifying for the games of a late behind closed doors trial following two years of injuries yet just before the men's events he pulled out citing a back problem so russia had no insurance as pollution had taken the only sports meaning the country misbah chance to continue their thirty year record of claiming a medal in men's figure skating but despite baseball or so sharon trunk all of the right behind their teammates. i don't think his point out of the tournament is something that's really that extraordinary it's professional sport in anything can happen it's all because it's pollution co and cause i think star the whole team
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supports him not just the figure skaters guineas a real hero it's his forces and he has already won gold and the team is on to here as well one russian star is fading another is definitely on the rise you lift needs has just fifteen came first in the women's side of a team event to help russia win gold and she says only gold will do in the individual competition may be a big ask going up against south korean legend an undisputed favorite. nevertheless live needs says she's just. deleted to be in sanchia i don't feel like i'm already an olympic champion the individual event is coming up my feelings after the awards ceremony were great and it's like i'm still in the fog and don't fully realize what's happened we're sure it isn't just having a big impact on the ice but also off it the country has produced some of the best coaches who helped revolutionize the sports over the last few decades but favorites
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in the only stance americans meryl davis and charlie white's and the reigning olympic champions of tessa virtue and scott more are of canada both courage by marina's joy of american jews are quick to rate the effects russian coaches have had in their career we're so lucky to be able to work with marina and we you know we every day are able to recognize her genius and. you know her choreography first and foremost is is so impressive for us to be able to perform but then training day in and day out getting us in the right mindset getting us physically ready you know and of course we have to think russia for you know bring her to us after a brief you know it seems russian figure skating is getting back to its best and with an alliance of teenagers leap need sky and russian national champion my team colton was the original choice in the men's of and the future is looking as bright as its glorious past. three tante. meanwhile in
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other olympic news that is the much of belarus continued her domination in women's biathlon by winning an historic third gold in sochi the twenty seven year old won the twelve point five kilometer mass start to become the first favored by athlete to win three individual gold medals in one olympics the much of a took an early lead and was never threatened gabriella suckle over the czech republic took silva norway still eckhoff made a late charge to win bronze. well meanwhile russian ski cross rays are mostly at come a sort of a has been flown to munich for further treatment after breaking her spine in a practice session the twenty three year old had undergone six and a half hours of surgery in a sortie hospital after sustaining a fractured vertebra with a dislocation she was visited there by a president of the me a person who calls the athlete's father the update on his daughter's progress. oh meanwhile the women's snowboard cross was won by about
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some core values of the czech republic the twenty year olds dominated from qualifying through to the final silver went to dominique of canada with chloe grace birch of france taking bronze canadian defending champion myopic at crashed out in the quarterfinals while the three time world champion lindsey jacques a balance of the usa crashed while leading her semifinal. and in the men's super g. norway is yet on younes road as a goal to the bronze medal he won in the downhill event while american bowden miller became the oldest alpine skier to reach and the olympic podium the thirty six year old shared bronze with canada's young who debts after the pair finished behind american andrew why brecht though norway continue their dominance now winning the last four men's super g. and the pick events. of the other arena the dutch again swept the podium in
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speedskating of the year didn't turn morse broke the olympic record to hold off the favorite here in roost in the women's fifteen hundred meters with bronze going to lot of fan bake the one two three means the dutch have now won sixteen speedskating medals to set a new record for winning olympic gongs in one sport and that's all the news from the olympics but stay tuned for part two of the sports show where we'll have football tennis and boxing as the rest of the best don't go away. no cholesterol pianist's depression. the efforts to work soon to improve your life. are you see. form those that's. causing.
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hardship. dramas the truth be ignored. stories others refuse to notice. faces change the world lights now. so picture of today's my own designs from around the globe. look to. nato a deadly alliance without a clear mission for decades after the end of the cold war this washington led alliance continues to exist and expand after in a big u.s. adventure in afghanistan and behind regime change in libya nato now looks somehow in some way to absorb ukraine which is made those gambit.
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to cut. right. first strike. and i think you're. gonna reply. welcome back to the second pauls of the r.t.
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sports special and let's kick off with football is buying munich warmed up for wednesday's champions league last sixteen trip to austin all by getting sixteen points get in the board of this league with a four no one drubbing of freiburg despite some effective pressing from the visit as the house opened off to nineteen minutes yeah go content owners cross finding the head at them today. a quarter of an hour later it was to know it sure didn't check eric firing home vajra deflection as he did with his second gold just before the break and with two minutes to go but up azhar as precise finish made it for the all to buy and to stretch that unbeaten wonder sleeker record to forty six games driver go one place above the bottom three. while second place by a labor crews and lost ground on the leaders after slipping up to one at home to force play shocker them get outs go with the visitors ahead after twenty eight minutes later the second half of the host equalized through a leaping sometimes fluke own goal however classy are going to line soon headed in
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the winner against a four straight victory for shaka and move to within three points of second spot while a because it will look to regain their form when they host paris in the champions league on tuesday. while in england on tuesday manchester city has barcelona in the first ever competitive match between the two and in city's first ever match in the champions league knockout stages manuel pellegrini's men are third in the english top flight three points behind leaders chelsea though with a game in hand and beat the blues to nil in last saturday's f.a. cup quarter final however city go up against boss or without top scorer so you know where i've been out for three weeks with a hamstring injury. while rock bottom side following have such manager run a million steen and replaced him with former by unit coach felix my doubts he becomes the first german to manage in the premier league one just for a few seventeen games in charge leaving the country just four points from safety
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with twelve much as to go there remains under contract with the club secure all my doubts and signed an eighteen months deal he's one of the bundesliga three times as a manager most recently with mossberg in two thousand and nine but being out of work since two thousand and twelve. while canadian m.l.s. side toronto have unveiled. brazil goalkeeper julius ceasar who signed on loan from championship side queens park rangers was a four year old was out of favor at loftus road but still first choice he for the world cup hopes to start one of five assyria add titles with into milan as well as the champions league and club world cup in two thousand and ten he joins a former top them striker your main defo that's toronto coach by retired new zealand defender ryan nelsen. i'm moving on to athletics and pole vault legend saturday book looked on as french olympic champion the no level need broke the ukrainians twenty one year old world record and he moved his own city of donetsk
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walked onto the track to congratulate the twenty seven year old after he cared six point one six metres on his first attempt to go one centimeter higher than the record is set indoors in february one thousand nine hundred three and two more than the ukrainian outdoor market cheating nine hundred ninety four new heights set indoors or out are accepted as world records in the pole vault. tennis and the mania simona halep has claimed the biggest w.-t. a title of her career by beating sixty eight and you are in straight sets to win the council have title open in doha the twenty two year old right the germans opening service going to love before going on to break four times while holding serve on route to a comprehensive six two six three victory in just sixty six minutes which. will now let's change direction with some boxing not losing to reigning champion which go last october russia's top heavyweight alexander ovechkin is aiming to put his
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title hopes back on track after signing a deal with a new promoter without anya reports. october the fifth bridget's li undefeated contender alexander povetkin in front of his home crowd loses the bout there his life divides him and the ukrainian king of the modern heavyweight boxing era that day one story of the big russian up and comer came to now and. only to give birth to another the return of the challenger shortly after the crucial defeat of that instead he was still on a mission would have won me and to have two more touches keep oh so yes there were a lot of clinches but klitschko beat me tied to glee it's my own fault i couldn't avoid them to get inside i lost the battle but i'll win the war. why don't we let ourselves four months own the thirty four year old russian was back in the
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spotlight rejuvenated and a deal with a new russian boxing promotion in hand years and years can start to get pretty deep we've already worked out a plan to fulfill provide can start plus a few strategic ways to achieve the goal and after his next bout foster all the wrong. sort of. as soon as the klitschko but it was over i was ready to get back in the ring i never stop wanting it just needed some time to physically recover all this time i've been in the gym running during training to keep myself in shape. according to his new three year deal the vatican will have to fight see year the next one to be held in moscow this may while the name of his next opponent will be revealed within two weeks. i feel like a need for a five base before another title shot that are many worthy fighters out there but i
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need all those fights to become even tougher and once again become a legitimate contender back in october last year it was far more than just about a title belt put that. thousands if not millions of how cool hearts broken and one big sense of pride and require his insight what he wants from this. rematch with klitschko is the top priority with a dart titles have never given me that kind of drive he's the man to beat the toughest one that's what motivates me. the burning no party must go. on to basketball now and in the year only top sixteen says go when joint top of group with a seventy four points to seventy one victory in an intense battle that turkey. pops mensah bombs to shawn early on for the hosts in the game that remained tight until the third quarter and together a thirteen point run to go sixty seven fifty eight ahead and made
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a lead until the dying seconds when paul hines walked mincer bouncers three point shot then i've kissed each top scored with twenty four points as the army men join way all madrid and maccabi tel aviv in a three way group lead with five and one records. andrei out and share their share of first place in group best after holding on to be lucky what if the band seventy eight points to seventy four in carson and the home side trail going into the final quarter but then rallied with ten amounts of points and tied the match at seventy four think however the host magic who ran out as i asked would the game's final baskets so here are three get stood tall for los blancos with sixteen points and six rebounds showing the lay up well seconds before the final buzzer like a thief and now three in three. over in america n.b.a. a four time most valuable player le bron james entertained his fellow players and
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the media with a display of dunks after team practice in phoenix the twenty nine year old proved he can sink a basket with no help while his teammates enjoyed the show and made a couple videos. while in the n.b.a. james crowned one of his best games of the season in dramatic fashion as defending champions miami snatched a thrilling one hundred eleven to one hundred ten victory with the golden state in oakland one way to pulled out of the heat starting lineup late on with a sore foot and they gave as tight into the final buzzer stephen curry was the warriors' top scorer with twenty nine and with fourteen seconds left his shot and extra point the post head by two however with less than a second to go james saved his best until last sinking a three pointer to finish the night on thirty six and give the visitors victory leaving golden state line in the last day off spot. and in last weekend's sixty third n.b.a. all-star game in new orleans the east rallied to beat the west one hundred sixty
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three points to one hundred fifty five batman again le bron james open proceedings will be picking off a faster race in for the first basket lots of blake griffin required with a dunk of his own on the west went on to lead eighty nine seventy six at half time early in the fourth quarter john wall flew in to trim the east deficit to a point kyrie irving added a reverse lay up and carmelo anthony set an all star record by scoring eight three pointers to the east playing their all star victory in four while having was voted the game's most valuable player after scoring thirty one points and fourteen assists. and finally defensive lineman michael sam could become the n.f.l.'s first openly gay player and the first in all four of north america's top sports after publicly revealing his homosexuality last week the twenty four year old completed his college career at the university of missouri in december and is expected to be drafted by an n.f.l. franchise in may. and that's all the sport i can.
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that's obviously one of the rationale for the continuation of return they want to sell the american heart. to a new country new spending markets because most of these countries are. still much more. and. certainly cannot make the bogen between europeans who once europe and united states remain committed to their security and the united states who want to. know that we are all i could just i could jump in and ask you could if i could jump in and ask you i mean they want washington because they want the american taxpayer to pay for it because the united states
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pays the vast majority of the bill for nato so this is free riding that's what they want you know no no they don't want they're not the security of this is really an evolution they want someone else in times of austerity particularly now with the american taxpayer picking up the american defense industries would be more than happy to do it. wealthy british style it's time. to. find out what's really happening to the global economy for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to the reports.
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best way to the heart of moscow. a burning sensation in the chest high blood pressure these. soon to happen heart attack u.s. prison officials say they'll now help russian convert constantine yushchenko with the move coming only to moscow weighed in. also the international the russian. along anticipated gold the first ever in the sport on the host nation's modern history. meanwhile the russian hockey squad prepares to take on norway and their first playoff game we talked to the man who led the red machine to unpick silver back in the ninety's we go live to sochi very shortly here on out.


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