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tv   [untitled]    February 27, 2014 10:00am-10:30am EST

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transit routes. your best way to the heart of moscow. ukraine's ousted president dismisses the country's interim leadership as illegitimate and asks mosco for protection from its treatment. for russian ark citizens occupy a parliament building in southern ukraine with some thousands of supporters gathered outside to push as the rise of ultra nationalists and clear. the real expert on china but. these are the words of the new u.s. ambassador to china there are good bombers latest round of diplomatic nominees are accused of being the most clueless ever and allegedly behind their jobs for two million dollars. and amnesty international accuses israel of using excessive
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force against palestinian protesters in the occupied lands saying it could be tantamount to war crimes. international news life from moscow this is r.t. international with me here national thanks for joining us. ukraine's ousted president makes again a call that a satirist with a public statement which suggests he's in no mood to give up in defiance to hold on to power. a story of victory on a cause which has turned into a genuine hollywood thriller here fled ukraine's capital of five days ago leaving the power it in the capital to what was then the political opposition which was quite hastily putting him on the wanted list branding him
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a criminal responsible for mass murder of ukrainians it has been speculation for some time that you know may still be in ukraine now he may be in russia it's not confirmed by any official source as of yet but we do know that president bush sent a statement to the russians a news agency that us which said that he is still considering himself the legitimate president of ukraine elected in a constitutional manner everything according to mr gonna call which which is happening now in the ukrainian parliament is illegitimate he said he will continue fighting for the restoring the constitutional order in the country but at the same time he stated that he and his compatriots are receiving death threats from those running the show right now in kiev that's why you had to ask russia for help and providing security for him in the times when according to the stream ists are running the show in his country he also says that. the events which are now happening in the east and the south of the country are
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a clear indication that not everyone is happy with the way things are going in here and he will spare no effort in restoring the legitimate constitutional order in the country but as i've said not a single official has yet confirmed that he is in russia although the entire to us agency quotes a certain source within the russian government that which is a plea for help and for political asylum has been granted by russia. with the country more polarized than ever and there's no better time for the ousted president to speak out according to international relations expert mark. while technically still the having rights as the president of the ukraine after being driven out by this putsch in kiev he's released a rather powerful statement we have seen a complete deterioration of the situation in kiev this putsch has shown that they really have no power. to control what is going on certainly
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not in the entirety of the ukraine but even more locally the ultra nationalist mobs which which they cynically made an attempt to ride the tiger of their violence into power are now in control of the streets so. i guess at this point must feel he has no alternative except to try to restore order to the country. so is the rise of nationalism that leading to trouble in ukraine south with a full frontal unrest now in the capital of the autonomous region of crimea is going on as that far. over the night a group of pro russian activists got inside the local pollen here and raise that russian flag on top of it and now scores of their supporters have gathered in front of the parliament as well and they're saying that they're gravely concerned about what's been happening in kiev especially about more and more nationalist coming to power there and they're saying they'll stand here to protect their national
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identity since just explain the east and southeast of ukraine where we are now are heavily populated by ethnic russians all of this is happening after clashes erupted between pro russian supporters and pro ukrainian ones who are mainly crimean tatars and that happened on wednesday and it started as a political rally but then the tensions quickly turned into ethnic was. a lie how far more into ukraine. here in the crimea national slogans are being shouted alongside pro russian ones they share the same land but definitely not the same political views i. was. you would wish that we all came out today to show that without our approval no decisions will be made we see the crimea is a part of ukraine the majority of people here support russia in the u.s.s.r.
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the crimea belong to the russian soviet republic until nine hundred fifty four when the then soviet leadership decided to transfer it to the administration off soviet crane and when the u.s.s.r. collapsed in one thousand nine hundred one the crimea was left as a part of independent ukraine but for the last few centuries mainly ethnic russians have been living on these lands alongside minorities including the muslim crimean tatars to the crimea always used to be russian and was passed over to the crane unlawfully it's time for justice to prevail in the square in front of the a local administration building here in secret all we had was a. division. and. yeah. for political change and if you are truly brilliant and gulf war pro russian with the russian flags there for ukraine works here and the tensions are reaching the boiling point. even i knew several this weeks that would most of the crimean tartars have been siding with the ukrainian nationalist but they were never able to
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agree on much was about tatars want their own crimean tartar government as it was with that idea is too far fetched to reach this point however nationalism is far more important than logic and the majority here are expecting the local gravy authorities to exercise the political will and not oh well a new ethic offered in europe to break out you go to school of reporting from the crane here and do their bit to gain round the local muslim ta-ta community has been holding rallies for the new key of leadership in the region however the group is a minority most of the area is populated by ethnic russians and over seventy percent of the people there consider russian then they have language meanwhile a video has surfaced online of alexander. a foremast siri who fought in church and current leader of the ultra nationalist group known as the right sector and it shows his method of dealing with the remaining remnants of the nation's authorities
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. prosecutor's office in central ukraine and a target and employee while demanding to see the prosecutor who was an old bear began to terrorize staff members assaulting one of them and threatening to tie them up and drag them to my done quote like an animal so alexander was a man of radical views joined ukraine's ultra nationalist party in one thousand nine hundred ninety one in the trench and war you fought against the militants and prides himself on passively hitting three tanks and killing and number of russian soldiers was h.b.o. has previously been accused of organizing an assassination attempt on a fellow party member and also convicted of kidnapping a businessman and causing him to agree was borderline harm and despite all that he
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ran for ukrainian parliament and twenty twelve and now stands at the helm of the country's and nationalist movement. headlines across america and europe as well as in ukraine are speculating russia is on the brink of getting involved in crimea some are directly linking russia's military drills with a tense situation on the peninsula however russian military officials have denied the reason any connection to saying the maneuvers are being held hundreds or even thousands of kilometers away and are simply retain now they have also been alarming reports of the russian military moving its troops around crimea also those explanation is that there are no regular forces serving at the local russian navy base that has been permanently stationed in sevastopol for decades nature and e.u. officials have regard let's send warning signals to the russian government and he is also he is lucid caffein of we have more on the reaction from the west. well a unified message from nato defense ministers urging to keep most revolutionary
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ukraine is one visa message from home alarm we did hear from. in the nato secretary general russia not to do anything that would quote escalate tensions or create a misunderstanding he later told a meeting of the nato ukraine commission which is presently having a get together in brussels that the latest developments in the crimea were dangerous and irresponsible he did go on to also call on kiev authorities to leave the country forward in what he called an inclusive political process the new german defense minister also weighing in at her very first nato summit let's take a listen to what she had to say the situation in the ukraine particularly in crimea fills us with great concern it is of the utmost importance that we prevent a breakup of the ukraine and that special forces in the country are strengthened so nato defense ministers as you heard there are unified and they are alarmed over the developments now as you heard from my colleague going off the crimean that was of course part of russia until nine hundred fifty four and remains home to russia's
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black sea fleet ukraine itself of course had been caught between russia and the west since the dissolution of the soviet union back in one thousand nine hundred one in one thousand nine hundred eighty seven and we did see nato essentially work to set up a special joint commission it with ukraine to oversee relations possibly paving a way forward for membership and later in two thousand and eight there was an agreement that key of could eventually be considered for nato membership but that have been put to rest since so a lot of questions now about whether ukraine will effectively we visit the issue with the change in power and the upheaval that we've seen over in that country. the western media has a longstanding history of making north korea out to be the bad guy they have been here only three trips are bitch. certain people in the west and there are nationalist rodeos in ukraine are interested in demise in russia russia has no
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intention to recall a little interest of the former soviet union by military force. our government and our nation that we don't need new territory this is just at the edge of your door the global media in general all the media internet media newspapers television the likes to attract us so it's very it's a very handy way to attract viewers by creating the sort of painting but i think it's irresponsible it's clear to me by one hundred percent trust will not intervene militarily in ukraine russia will never find ukrainians. in a military way. so in my view this is all just. i'm sorry break my head in russia show in there even if russia does not start a whore the foreign media can started for it. months of turmoil have pushed ukraine further towards a default both the you have have so far pledged to offer financial support but
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that's likely to come with some painful conditions and here are some of the reforms the i.m.f. was demanding from the previous administration so first of pension reform the government had to increase the retirement age also a number of benefits and welfare payments should have been counseled including those for school children and the elderly at a tricity and gas prices needed to be pushed out both for businesses and the private sector with households facing up to a two fold increase state owned coal mines located primarily in the east were said to be privatized and on top of that agricultural lands have to be put up for sale and her political analyst william and dol believes the west has been taken advantage of ukraine's politics the conditions that the u.s. that wants to impose is simply a lenient plundering what of the prime economic areas that are integral
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e linked since the soviet union era to the russian economy the united states government is making sounds about money the u.s. treasury is not in any political shape to give billions of dollars to the ukrainian economy estimates are thirty five billion required this is a manipulation from the outside stay without international eyes were closely following all the latest developments in ukraine more expert opinion is also available for you online at www dot com and i'll be back with more international news stories after a short break. sigrid laboratory mccurry was able to build the world's most sophisticated robot which on fortunately doesn't give a darn about anything turns mission to teach creation why it should care about humans and. this is why you should care watch only on the r g dot com.
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is the media leave us so we leave the media. by the sea pushes your. plate your party there's a bill. for shoes that no one is asking with the gas that you deserve answers from it's all politics. are. there watching all seem to national let's move on now there's growing discontent in
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america as a climatic community also bronco bamma nominated several of his big election basutos especially after a good morning at the senate showed the nominees to be more or less clueless about that future postings and his critics say obama simply we're sending the fable for the funding that so he resends to office as granted to check our reports. confirmation hearings ever deal that a number of president obama's nominees for a mass of their ships have little or no knowledge of the countries their assigned to serve in. the real expert on china but said the man who is confirmed as u.s. ambassador to china one of norway's major political parties progress party now expects an apology from president obama after the future of bassa to norway apparently did know about their existence norway has been very quick to denounce. them. we're going to continue to work with norway to make sure government has
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denounced them the coalition part of the coalition and the government but i would say you know what a guy already i think corrected but what george sunis does know is how to run motels and how to raise money he has reportedly bundler contributed more than one point three million dollars for president obama's election campaign he's not alone more than half of the president's political appointees are his sponsors and or fundraisers the reported quote unquote price paid by his donors for ambassadorships stands at nearly two million dollars. to those concerned about the qualifications of its nominees the white house has a diplomatic answer being a donor to the president's campaign does not guarantee you a job in the ministration but it does not prevent you from getting what many are worried about the message that some of these appointments send to the world the structure reinforces the perception that. the americans are not listening to their
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counterparts because the policies are made in washington and the people who are delivering that policy really are instructed to deliver and what they're getting back isn't going to have any. input whatsoever into the decision making process that is of course if they know what washington's policies are do you agree that the u.s. embassy in china should be an island of freedom that's a question i am going to have to get back to. work with the district not i do not know the destruction policy precisely on that point career diplomats and some lawmakers here are now worried not just about some of the current nominations but about the standards for future diplomats they don't want the message to be oh you don't have to be an expert on the country where you're going to serve on behalf of your government and then there's the broader question what kind of diplomacy can you expect from such diplomats in washington i'm going to check out our team. we
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buy it take time for claimed by some as the most evil company in the wild is once again drawing fire a new study suggests small centers round up weed killer could be linked to a highly toxic and deadly kidney disease ridden more beyond the dangers and into the ground for its producer online. and also now let's find discover seven hundred and fifty new planets outside our solar system almost doubling the number of planets known to humanity details on this story and much more available for you. i'm listing to nationals accusing israel of forces of using reckless monis in the occupied palestinian territories and you report from the human rights group goes as far as to. may actually be war crimes policy hasa details. this amnesty international report that is some eighty seven pages reviews the behavior of the israeli army in the occupied west bank over
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a period of three years from two thousand and eleven to two thousand and thirteen and what it found is that the israeli soldiers behaved in an excessive and reckless way resulting in the death of multiple palestinians in what some might say is war crimes as you can well imagine the i.d.f. has dismissed the report it says that amnesty international has a complete lack of understanding of the situation on the ground and that in fact during the same time period there was a marked increase in palestinian violence on the israeli army and on the list the report documents the death of some forty five palestinians in this time period it talks about a pattern of unlawful killings it also says that in addition to these there were at least two hundred and sixty one people were seriously injured by live ammunition and an additional eight thousand who were seriously injured by other means including rubber coated bullets in the same time period there was only one israeli soldier who was brought to book he was sentenced to one year in prison with five
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months suspended and allowed to remain in the army albeit at a lower rank. and other world news this hour police in peru fired tear gas to disperse protesters armed with sticks and rocks angry about government cuts at least five people were reportedly injured and several arrests were made the clashes are broad business and transport to a standstill then west began after the president over shuffled his cabinet while announcing salary hikes for his ministers. around two hundred people gathered outside london's central criminal court to demand the execution of the murderers of british soldier lee rigby last may several demonstrators have been arrested after clashes between fire and groups and the police rigby were slaughtered in. in broad daylight as he returns to his barracks in south east london one of his killers will spend the rest of their life in prison
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and the other will serve a minimum forty five years in jail. and rest in venezuela is now partying beyond the capital caracas they have been in street battles between anti-government protesters and police in the northern city of valencia over crime levels and the struggling economy security forces were attacked with rocks and homemade explosives they responded with rubber bullets and tear gas which has also looted a large supermarket in america a city near the counter so there have been two weeks of rioting in venezuela involving thousands of people angry actually living conditions and soaring crime sixteen people have died in the violence which some suspect is being fueled from outside the major force driving the opposition is really u.s. support venezuela is crucial to a block of countries in latin america that have broken free of total u.s.
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domination venezuela is key to this u.s. is making an all out effort through creating both artificial shortages hoarding speculation and it's used in particular ways in the media to try to connect it to the occupy wall street movement but these are occupiers who are fighting for wall street at every at every single point they want to connect recall in our lives and control a whole number of countries that have broken free and that's really what is going on in country after country but in venezuela in a very sharp way right now. brazil has warmly greeted the leaves over the e.u.'s most powerful nation showering the german chancellor with all the trappings of the head of state remaining in angela merkel's good books is seen as essential for prime minister david cameron if there has any chance of renegotiating the u.k.'s relationship with the european union although it remains extremely unclear whether
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she will want over esther saw sea level. for german chancellor angela merkel's visit to london it's a red carpet welcome fit for a queen dubbed by foreign secretary william hague as britain's most important partner on seeking e.u. reform and the first german chancellor to address both houses of parliament starkly different to british prime minister david cameron's low key pub lunch with his french counterpart last month all that seemed to be placed on getting the backing of europe's economic powerhouse in redrawing love his relationship with brussels after all. it's not a person this europe incentives on both sides to find a suitable agreement so what exactly does cameron want for the u.k. curbing immigration by possibly putting a cap on workers from europe entering the u.k. at restrictions of benefits claims for migrants castes are protections for
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financial regulations on britain and repatriation of certain powers back to westminster to name a few but the question is what he wants in return but would be some wins for the u.k. but you could imagine it's a tit for tat. they would have to accept something in return amid all the fuss summer of lowering the excitement of the british foreign office has repeatedly advised ten downing street to bear in mind that any reform will require the agreement of all other states that naturally germany won't do anything against its own interests weak. financial transactions tax once again which could cost u.k. savers three point five billion you have. current it's actually the long term strategy seems to be very different the u.k. has many more friends around the world should really be focusing on.
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the world is there. and in the end it still boils down to this one who wants a little less europe while the other wants a whole lot more of it. yes or sylvia r.t.e. london. breaking the set is the next one i'll say international stay with us. the interview.
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process up rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want. the key. hello welcome to breaking the set i'm at the martin where a packed show for you today i'll be talking about religious persecution of the military government trolls and patrolling the net threats that undermine u.s. democracy and a tribute to comedian bill hicks of stick around we got a lot of stats to break. the piece. it's a. very hard to take a. look. at you ever had sex with her right
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there. it's no secret that islamophobia is bred in the u.s. military in fact some would argue that it's a necessary tool to humanize the enemy in order to carry out operations in the least but extremist islam is not the only radical ideology influencing how the military functions in fact one root called the officers christian fellowship is made up of over fifteen thousand five hundred fundamentalist christian military officers who don't think their oath is to the constitution but in fact to the bible
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corney organizations own website it's purpose is to quote glorify god by uniting christian officers for biblical fellowship and outreach equipping and encouraging them to minister effectively in the military society sounds innocuous enough but according to some of the military there is a brutal culture of bowling and harassment for those who just. christian enough so here to discuss this unreported issue i'm joined now by our correspondent on a saucer church thanks so much for researching those nastia what did you learn from your investigation about the prevalence of religious extremism in the military while abby one of the first things was certainly the fact that it's definitely something that's hugely under-reported and not really talked about i mean we did see concerns about extremist christianity make headlines in the me to some of the outlets during the peaks of the iraq and afghan war but this topic has certainly kind of disappeared and been brushed aside and not discussed as oppose.


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