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sorry about the porch it goes out to the porch elite oh we're going media. do that now home again easier to do that no bill dollars really the donna said no immaterial you did madonna which is from iraq we wouldn't remember which in good yes the war had started best characterized by two words ethnic cleansing ethnic cleansing ethnic cleansing ethnic cleansing the term however was nothing new in the balkans as it was first used in world war two describe how the creation was to share were clans in croatia unwelcome ethnic elements such as serbs and jews in the minds of the serbs during the one nine hundred ninety s. this was very much engraved in their national memory. didn't care because he knew he had the support of just the right people german foreign minister hun steve genscher in almost daily contact with zagreb gave his go ahead for croatian secession and actually pressured its western allies to recognize slovenia and croatia. as the house votes in
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a sort of another variant of father combination of those the germans said with phobia it was geo political in the sense of one nine hundred fourteen and one nine hundred forty one and that continue eighty also reflected itself in the almost visceral preference for the cross in the slogans who after all had belonged to the german cultural and state structures for hundreds of years there was however one problem in this plan the serbs who are now constitutional people of croatia that pretty much meant that no decisions about could be made without the serbs serbs and croats had an equal status now serbs were facing increasing discrimination by the croatian government the lot of people were killed outright and threatened. people lost their jobs. it was their service croatians who. married partner who were discriminated front in you this all too well so what did he do she wrote
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a new constitution institutional says that croatia is a country of drugs that sell to elastic ethnic cleansing constitutional by creating such a croatian constitution violated the yugoslav constitution which she considered invalid but he still wanted to keep the internal yugoslav borders the surge's had a different idea. was. what the croatian serbs wanted was to have control over the lands they populate their own self-government their schools a right to preserve their language culture and national identity the croats really wanted the same feeling threatened by was now being described by zagreb as a serb oh yugoslav giant the serbs thought well if the croats can separate from yugoslavia why can't the serbs separate from croatia after all the same thing happened in america back during the civil war when virginia seceded from the us the northwestern part of the state seceded from virginia to form west virginia that was loyal to the do when i got there when we inspected the lines and these guys all
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told me these are old stories of how they were just simple peasant croats the patriots in the jna jane age and for little the fighting force that they had overcome and all the weapons that they had they said that they had a caption from the journey. well done mother worked on someone else. and i did my in training i mean and i knew who made his clothes becomes an every single one of the weapons carried by these guys there were for machine guns lubricants was only an instrument if you follow that bouncing ball just recently just last summer croatia donated surplus and three nominees for funds thousands collision comes to the afghan national army closer surplus with the. doing is hiding essentially a murder weapon the serbs had more than enough weapons and they were too eager to crush the croatian army officer would you call the idea teachers not the boulevard
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the city this it took to go to show us what. you would. the creation town of local bar was under siege for eighty seven days which later brought a fear of victory to the surf or since life eric some because they actually destroy the entire city because support for it still is here for the three korea company where the. name is going to perpetrate the fiercest on the leak of a horrific example of how territory suddenly became more important than the people think it's. a. civil war civil war is the worst kind of war involved brother versus brother him as
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a family member and it is one of the ugliest kind of office. the surge wanted to have control over the lands mainly inhabited by serbs including lands that were of a strategic importance of them the croats wanted to sing for themselves while the bosnian muslims are bosniaks as they're called they wanted. to achieve this the bosnian government now increasingly representing the bosniak loyce started getting help from the americans. a secret place where the. good news will get nervous service to the tools of the delivery of arms was an.
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american president clinton later admitted in a book that the americans didn't inforce the arms embargo. but that's not all alia was also offered the help of hundreds of mujahideen commodity you can say no to these guys serves on the other hand relied heavily on aid from belgrade as the yugoslav army was the fourth largest in europe the west moved to stop belgrade from helping the serbs in bosnia so in may of one thousand nine hundred two sanctions were imposed on the us left of yugoslavia serbia and montenegro by october one thousand nine hundred three ninety percent of yugoslavia as domestic drug production stopped the average daily intake of calories had fallen by twenty eight percent compared to one thousand nine hundred and one point five million people were classified as undernourished two months later over sixty percent of yugoslavia's workforce was unemployed and the average monthly income had dropped from five hundred dollars to fifteen dollars to markets and stores are close to
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empty and i may name only a commando with name of a t m k i want to create them. as usual changes in very early people or more is run in the latter people of the top benefit from. this force the serbs into what was a would happen in the world was a criminal economy which became criminals became king because we made it so if you want to go read what used to be the diplomatic areas are now. well so soon as that made tons of money for the artwork and profiteers big time in spite of the catastrophe around them the serbs would not heal to the will of the west so one man decided to use this opportunity to save an organization that no longer had a purpose the north atlantic treaty organization or nato was a system of collective defense whereby its member states agreed to mutual defense response to an attack by any external party founded in one nine hundred forty nine
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the purpose really became to protect the west from the soviets a counterbalance of the later form the warsaw pact president eisenhower. saw a nato as a defensive alliance that eventually the europeans would take over instead the us has turned into an instrument of power and eastward expansion then the soviet union went bust the us explicitly broke the agreement that was made with gorbachev of about not surrounding russia with hostile military really harmed states the colonization of serbia is the bottom or second step on the staircase to russia. we must be colonized because nato learned hitler's lesson don't have a two front war when you're attacking the russians you have to neutralize yugoslavia the way hitler did but to do that you'd need to create
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a case where you had to intervene against an enemy in yugoslavia and terry joe biden we face blatant act of serbian expansionism and aggression this is no more civil war than germany and austria in czechoslovakia and civil wars in the one nine hundred thirty s. this as then in my view is fascist thuggery on the march. he was calling serbs olyphant names at the same time that he had a very influential position on the foreign relations committee of the senate biden was also emphasizing the importance of a new role for nato as seen february of one thousand nine hundred four at the senate hearing on the future of nato last month while the allies reassured themselves in brussels and nato remains that the bedrock of european security crimes of a kind that were tried in nuremberg a half a century ago continued unabated in bosnia without a common enemy to unite us. we may find there are conceptions of what
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constitutes national interest may very well divide us. he found the common enemy in the serbian people who were already previously demonized by us public relation firms such as ruder and then hired by various separatist groups from yugoslavia they don't only demagogues this. leadership they determined just. the subject people the serbs started this war the serbs are the original cause of the war they are the complete aggressors and wrongdoers. and intervention and soon. here was nato and our. ization a form for the sole purpose of defense of its member states attacking a country that is not attacked or threatened and have its member states list mckenzie who is the major general of the un army in charge of sector say able to
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warn the americans of what they were embarking upon so i veered from congress and they asked me my opinion and i said start treaty your grandchildren the peacekeepers. is going to be there. this pattern of intervention was so successful that the was just to replicate it in. the interview.
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the famous line in jaws where. the fishermen on the boat one of them says we're going to need a bigger boat i mean this is what the european central bank has told the market that the fraud is so enormous at this point that in order to accommodate another ten to fifteen trillion dollars worth of credit default swaps and derivatives especially fraud they're going to expand their balance sheet by ten or fifteen trillion euros they need a bigger boat. the . economic down in the final. deal
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and the rest. will be a prickly. right on the scene i am first struck here and i think the church. i am on a record just put a an instrument a and. to me in the. on. my shoulder. today are all forces joined on nato allies and airstrikes against sudden forces responsible for the top of the calls things of the bombing the power
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grid night after night from the power of the monocular most of them they couldn't pump water and they couldn't in the bakeries can fire up and deliberate so the night millions of people access the daily bread and water how does that affect the counterinsurgency efforts of the serbian security forces in the problems of course these were attacks on the serbian people. call them you know. collateral damages and this with you know this is the bad news she wants their neighbors their liberty for their families for the rest of the world with just a little damage i mean they hit the cigarette factory in mitch three times a minute and ended up being purchased by philip morris before work into a supermarket with a hammer start smashing stuff and then silicone peja a pittance for the remains. almost like in the event of apparently the cigarettes made in nice we're also killing albanians in kosovo so he had to be taken out philip morris had an issue with the cigarette factory nish was one of their main
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competitors in the european market the real purpose of the worst economically communist country to replace the entire non-compatible domestic infrastructure with germany compatible american compatible economic systems so bomb the car factory the hugo car factory the car that managed to make it into the u.s. market and you go back to fighting back to the ground. bomb the cement factories bomb the oil industry bomb all of the totally new kitchen systems so you can sell the new ones much more expensive knotting better if this was nato shop that had been well coordinated and dance in fact almost a year prior to the war the world bank carefully analyzed the consequences of an eventual military intervention leading to the occupation of kosovo and conducted relevant simulations which anticipated the possibility of an emergency scenario arising out of the tensions in kosovo the suggest that needle had already breached
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the world bank at an early stage of military planning the plans for occupation started before a good enough pretext to intervene was found in one thousand nine hundred eight the caylee was still classified by the us state department as a terrorist organization bankrolled by the proceeds from the heroin trade and by osama bin ladin. as it became more evident that the caylee was driving events in kosovo the us realize it could use them for their own interests to hold more of a no brainer reason was actually under the control of the charolais not government and u.s. cargo planes were landing at the rate of two a day with suppliers and shipments british special forces a us military forces were providing for and were clearly this was before the war. germany was shipping. ex east german military to a beta but we understanding that again i would give it provide to a k.l.a. the goal was to provoke a harsh response from the serbian army so the west could pretend its jumping in to
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stop the war and impose its policies slobo sent in the military and a full blown conflict erupted in one thousand eight balls that the one that. was for seymour would on the other think. that has a national cause and that sort of the. freedom on conference. with the profitable for your call monica acquired the album war of the. i mean. the i get the most in the vents and certainly everything the united states has done in afghanistan and iraq is far worse than what the serbian military ever did in kosovo if you're going to colonize a territory might as well put it on paper the u.s. state secretary madeleine albright masterminded the so-called rumbly agreement which was modeled on the dayton accords imposed on bosnia here nato outlined how it will occupy and colonize yugoslavia in annex b. of the rumbly agreement nato personnel shall enjoy together with their vehicles
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vessels aircraft and equipment free and unrestricted passage and unimpeded access throughout yugoslavia not only should the school do what i'm. being issued davi we intentionally raise the bar too high we knew that they could not accept this a done them to the agreement. and the intention was to go ahead and bomb and use nato to teach serbia a lesson the first step of that was done to physic interest will was fulfilled in one thousand be in that nato troops and of kosovo and then we may remain still in the close so along with us troops which establish camp bondsteel their second largest foreign military base outside of germany an army of lawyers and consultants was sent into the now occupied coastal underworld bank auspices to create an enabling environment for foreign capital and how is this done. organization to
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manage the privatization of social beyond a crisis and after a certain period of time or a term that they would do go through without any regard to me go on or ship. would have to pay any attention to who actually legally on this just basically confiscated it and privatized this sort of who. i think every major world leader knows that if they don't go along with the system they're likely to be taken out one way or another after an extensive anti still go campaign regularly financed by western ralitsa the e.u. and united states that spends millions of euros in equipping opposition movements inside you to start here with the necessary resources to fight some election campaign lost the elections in september of two thousand wouldn't heel to his opponent slumped pushed on its value and decided that enough was enough.
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victory victory shouted the crowd swell the downslope a damn sight savvy and kill yourself cried out oh it's just you done was when you were going to shoot. you don't we will be slow both fell. but what's next. come two thousand and six after a controversial referendum montenegro became the country of the world fifty five point six zero six is it. just. going to be clever another part of the former yugoslavia still wanted that title you guessed it . in the same year negotiations began between belgrade government and the albanian minority over the status of kosovo however the so-called negotiations were a farce from the beginning as almost all the western powers were promising kosovo independence regardless of the negotiations and sooner rather than later you got to say enough's enough. kosovo's independence. and
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a specificially take in the people of kosovo need to know that it is a solid former position and even though there's diplomacy and talks but it is apparent that that's not going to happen in a relatively quick period of time in my judgment we need to put forward the resolution. think about it if you had some of the world's largest power selling you that you can get whatever you want why the hell would you sell for any less and try to reach a compromise as anticipated the talks broke down and kosovo unilaterally declared independence see above. this matter are to the president prime minister of an independent kosovo to the oval office. brad you are here i welcome you i'm a strong supporter of kosovo's independence. should
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i place at the united states would continue to work. could those nations have direction as an independent kosovo to convince them to do so as quickly as possible contrary to what bush had hoped the majority of the world countries did recognize kosovo and it didn't even become a un member state the us coastal failed to become a country what was absurd in the story is that the albanian minority which in all fairness to suffer greatly throughout the one nine hundred ninety s. thought that they actually got in the penance in two thousand and eight be the first cause of the fun i'll think. how you feel all i think they say who they. think is the i like the theme as this or i feel sorry for the albanians because they have been duped even more than we have. they think they have
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an independent state. car civil is a us military base. it happens to have some local color called out me it's some local foliage like leaves on the tree it's just to join the political sort of fiddle with the year misspeaking with the lord for you the president listed of the bush with the money to the people in america but they could decide to do something not consistent with us wishers impossible you think the course of a government could do anything without the americans agreeing with me no there. there there the good old with your most you know the other thing there's a mini comes leg lives on them us us to live from to stroke or no you started to the closest ally that most of them and i cynical old look at. history so many consummate commission members struggle more. are many many more.
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americans are in control yeah they are pretty much in control. we are not in the ballot from the europeans and from america the formal channels whereby the international missions it was sold have the absolute bubble over all walks of political and economic life all represented through the international civil representative who has the right to expel any elected official or a new and the laws about passed by the by the assembly of the song at the same time there is an informal sound where by the international you know the nobles it within but within politics and economics sylvia bus of those of the powerful countries that have been seen or presented itself a sponsors of the independence of the soul the wishes of these investors are a condom like orders to the soul of sport the sions for solar still remains a colony and this polarization has actually degraded the life or the standard of living and sadly the elite in power even when the majority
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was against them still didn't listen one of my very close and very trusted friend. i was at a dinner. private dinner at which the american ambassador cameron munter was present. that dinner was held between the election in which the radical party which is much more independence oriented than the democratic party had apparently won the election had the most votes of any party. and we were all expecting that well people spoke and it's been election the biggest party going form the government and my friend cameron munter well mr mentor. it seems that your mission here has been a failed. mission to bring serbia under the imperial. to two inch. he said i would speak so soon. in fact
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i'd watch the television tomorrow. and see what the results of the meeting between mr todd each and mr dutch each. give us laws must become aware that their country is a western colony its victims of rampant and merciless globalization bound by economic social and political changes if they don't the weight of chains will slowly get there. the land of the south slavs whatever you call it has great potential shared by some of the most diverse and magic people in the world the east thought they were the west the west consider the mid east some of them misunderstood their place in the clash of currents so outside powers exploited them for centuries.
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live. lives. up to five zero children sloven by giovanni shelley residential areas of the besieged town multiple rocket launchers to bombard the city center one hundred days to decide scottish referendum players step up campaigns for unity and independence . water wars the un warns humanity faces a possible for haiti to survival play what other media turns a blind eye to you get on our t.v. placed
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school places try to. play polo to make news you know like for instance your preaching every minute. the book cuts me no law oh well. like the claim. was false i think this city hall to play this case is the most elite clubs. sometimes for nothing the claim this season and it's going. to look just eat up the story and still be just if you see a stage eight looked to be. the teacher was still. playing the game.
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the interview. cut loose gustav. least be cool language. programs and documentaries in arabic it's all here on. reporting from the world talks about six of the c.o.r.p. interviews intriguing stories for you. in troy
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arabic to find out more visit are a big. problem forces in eastern ukraine it refused to surrender kiev continues its ought to cross the region here on r.t. international we visit a training camp for self-defense fight with. ukraine's government fails to meet a deadline set by russia to start paying off its gas debt now faces a supply cut off later today if indeed further talks bring no breakthrough. and zero tolerance for rough sleepers london's so-called defensive it's triggering anger and frustration. coming up a nazi we'll be telling you how these small spikes on one london.


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