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tv   News Weekly  RT  June 22, 2014 8:00am-8:30am EDT

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we want to see what's this yes we're taking control of the energy we did receive the. day's top stories and a review of the week's headlines the ukrainian military and anti-government fighters accuse each other of ignoring into clarity's fires more civilian lives are lost in army attacks. billions behind on payments ukraine got its gas cut off this week making europe anxious that kiev could revert to its old ways and siphon from the transit pipelines. plus islamic radicals and ever closer to the iraqi capital reportedly capturing three more cities on the way. and israel troops would be on media offices in the west bank including r.t.e. seizing hard drives and destroying appointment and then an intense crackdown against palestinian authorities.
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what you need a national coming to life for moscow i'm marina joshie welcome to the program well it's been a week of grief and trauma for civilians in east ukraine. using it to a new deal let's. go ahead we're going to have more you're going to hear from a group they would be good to both. do we judge is what. well please be aware that you're about to see some graphic video bodies lying in the streets body parts scattered around at least chance millions were killed and matty more wounded in tuesday's shelling residential areas were left devastated with buildings and ruins their walls riddled with holes and windows shattered. took
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up most of those up i didn't let's. look to be. you still which a mortar shell hit this family's backyard instantly killing a thirty year old mother her five year old son died a few hours later as doctors battle to save him they say they found dozens of shell fragments in his hand. you know. you could then you would not cause the meeting your flight to detroit. and you could tell us we would be stuck with. these these these. and then you see it then you have the media and you can you know what they need to upset you when is the deal it's like ok here thanks so much did you see if you were . watching that are.
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now this is the air raid alarm sounding over the city of logan's people there had to suspend in to spend another night in bomb shelters and basements on friday behind an army bombed the suburbs of the residence when from shelling. this mortar shelling killed russian journalist and a colleague the video was filmed by an air camera man a cruise only survivor they were trying to cover the evacuation of civilians from a particularly dangerous area. if you think it's you question this self-defense activists raised his hand to show the refugees the safe path and at this moment the first more time exploded and damaged his hand our journalists stayed further away at the checkpoint and i turned my head and i saw that the second and third more towers went off exactly where they were there was a road between us between our journalists and me i could hear more tires exploding
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all the time they both had press written on their clothes but that didn't save them . the thirty seven year old reporter in grocon luke who was laid to rest in moscow with military orders he is survived by his wife and seven year old daughter sound operator until the last and will be buried next week after rather tests on his body an attempt to ease the tension in the east ukraine's president came up with a peace plan includes an amnesty for those who agree to lay down their arms and having committed to be a crimes the creation of a ten kilometer wide buffer zone along the border with russia and changes to the cars a titian to guarantee use of the russian language and also suggest the valving power to eastern regions and early local and parliamentary elections one of the plans top point is to guarantee safety for all negotiating side par shagun salvo is refusing to hold talks with leaders in the self-proclaimed republics russia supports the
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plan but says it's unlikely to work without dialogue. if those two have to do it but i shouldn't go buel the fact that the president poroshenko declared a truce is a vital part of the resulting the crisis and you might see the most important so it's crucial that this truce paves the way for a dialogue between the fighting sides that's the key to success. president putin also said more artillery fire is taking place in ukraine near the russian border on friday night a russian checkpoint was shelled by the ukrainian military injuring a border guard it happened as around two hundred refugees were crossing into russia . the fighting has driving manny from their homes in east ukraine tens of thousands of civilians have been forced to leave the area most of them seeking shelter in russia a lot of the refugees have left their families behind as parents try to get their children to safety first dozen times to somebody. it's very scary as you see
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flying planes any time i saw them i ran to my mommy and daddy and tanks are also very scary it's seen as the special forces were aiming at our buses they're full buses very scant but thank god i managed to cross the border safely. you know most of them it's a battlefield their constant fire my parents hide in the basement but think cool to have a skid because they wouldn't have lasted long i don't understand why they do in this we've lost everything. that's from the grains capital a group of mass people clashed with police outside the cities of the main cathedral their flag suggest they belong to an ultra nationalist movement the fighting comes as ukraine commemorates seventy three years and the nazi invasion. well it's not all doom and gloom for ukraine though after all it's still got powerful friends
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u.s. vice president joe biden is coming to keep today no doubt eager to check on his son who has coincidentally landed the job at a crain's top private gas company and more on the family ties with ukraine later in the program. also palestinians ask for the un's help in a holding israel's weeklong deadly raids and arrests and strikes in the wake of the kidnap of three jewish teens in the west bank. more alarming reports come from iraq where radical fighters have apparently ousted government forces out of three more cities in the country's north province of anbar these are their latest games in their whirlwind advance on the capital baghdad as they try to proclaim islamic order in the ruins of the country terrorists from by islamic state in iraq and syria group have left a trail of blood and death as they march through the war torn country and they're proud of it these are pictures off should post it showing mass executions of iraqi
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soldiers are losing often has more of the merciless offensive of isis. armed to the teeth determined to conquer on the march across iraq the islamic state in iraq and syria also known as isis. is quickly emerging as one of the world's most powerful just hottest groups the group's goal just what the name implies an islamic sunni caliphate stretching across the middle east isis already controlled large swaths of land in syria and iraq and barr province last week they moved on iraq's north. seemingly overnight isis captured the second largest city of mosul more than half a million residents were forced to flee. we were afraid of isis and it's. because they have no mercy there are people they killed they have no conscience
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that was just the start after mosul a lightning speed advance towards baghdad with cities and towns falling to isis along the way as iraqi soldiers fled their posts they left behind tanks humvees trucks and weapons paid for by the americans and now in the hands of isis the militants have their supporters to the shiite dominated government of prime minister nouri al maliki has alienated iraq's sunni population isis is also believed to receive financial support from sympathetic gulf monarchies and with iran backing the iraqi government there's fear the internal conflict could become a regional one all sides are bracing for the worst in the capital shiite militia men are responding to a call to arms from their religious leaders ready to defend their capital and their faith the iraqi army is also fighting back but this means airstrikes against sunni
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cities and that could make the already sick terry and conflict go from bad to worse sitting out the fight at least for now are the americans with the hottest determined to press on that question is for how long. lucie county. roxanne terry divide runs deep the sunni dominated north west has historically been at odds with the shiites living in the southern regions but isis has a much broader economic strategy militants have been besieging the biggest oil fields which are still in government hands but iraq's on the verge of losing control of this vital industry which accounts for ninety five percent of the economy but if you have a car it's your problem to as the militants make new games the uncertainty is sending oil prices skyrocketing round her again almost five percent this week when she hard to seize the city of mosul trading close in friday and way more than one
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hundred fourteen percent per dollars rather per barrel the price is edging closer to a twelve month record and forecasts predict further growth of up to twenty dollars per barrel in the next couple of months well industry experts to reality it says the situation could become catastrophic iraq exports about two point five million barrels a day to the global market as production is about four percent of the global total so any disruption to the southern exporters would have a major major impact and if we were to lose that oil from the market it would be the tightest market we we've had for a long long long time and even then it's not clear that saudi arabia would be able to replace the lost iraqi barrels we're going to see a lot of change on that we'll market we're going to see people having to stop using that cause if we really would be kind of end game scenario if iraq with the news it's all gone and then we could even see another economic recession across the
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whole world. ices emerged in iraq right after the u.s. led invasion and pledged its a legend's to a condom which later denounced the group for being too brutal isis has fueled iraq's sectarian bloodshed and proclaimed an independent islamic state spanning iraq syria lebanon palestine and jordan it thrives during in going war in neighboring syria gaining access to money and weapons falling into the hands of the rebels their form of panic on analyst michael maloof says the fate of the whole region is at stake if terrorists gain a foothold in iraq. they can sweep through iraq they're going to go into jordan and they're going to have spin offs. that would be created isis in iraq right now is just foreign fighters and what have you a lot of are some old saddam hussein. groups certainly people who work for him who are all sudanese and and who joined on to isis there
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a lot of a. lot of elements a lot of islamic groups that are joining i says inside iraq of course. the prime minister who is shia is resisting any efforts to change his government to try to. make the bring in this bring in more sunni's into the into the government and make it more representative but it may be too little too late already. more of the will be used to calm including spain's cautious carnation as philippe to say that it's crowning protests across spain show how stared he's left people mulling whether the monarchy is worth having. and america's military grade cops we hear concerns that tooled up officers might cause a rise in police brutality in the u.s. . israeli defense forces have swept through artie's office in the west bank destroying equipment and confiscating records this comes as part of a series of similar i.d.f.
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rate on media centers and the military campaign against the palestinian authorities whom israel accuses of kidnapping three israeli children our correspondent was in the office when it was attacked. a large group of israeli military broke into the office of a firm which provides services for a number of satellite companies including at sea as you can see several rooms have been damaged by the troops including editing studios the internet went off because of the action we lost our video archive and some other material completely office furniture and computers are broken doors us smashed computer equipment and hard drives have been seized how media and the company whose office was targeted during the raid was also attacked by the israeli army earlier this month the army broke into their media center in jerusalem as the authorities believe the company is hosting a channel that incites terrorism. israel has arrested hundreds of suspects in this child kidnapping case for an escalation of events in the west bank we spoke
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to an idea for a present if and an official from hamas. we have forces on the ground trying to locate the people on the other hand we have our intelligence capabilities which we are putting a huge amount of efforts in that our primary concern is the safety of the boys so we can't you know expose everything that we know at this time when you know which of course when the situation commits so we'll of course bring the information forward at this time i can say with full confidence that hamas is behind that and for that reason we are operating against hamas at all levels all days and eighteen to be against information doesn't prove. any solid. proof so they have these what they call a mass if they can act out on a mass something like a punishment something inconceivable more than seven hundred thousand people and.
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now under siege and nobody. from the community that i think to do anything this is i get is that international no should be condemned by the international community. as a group that says it's there to protect persecuted jewish people but a dark side has been revealed today with r.t. to learn about the journey defense leans extreme tactics against the people who try to expose their methods. plus yet another scandal at one time was horrifying details emerge of house three detainees dying that story is ahead on our international. you'd think it would be even tougher plug into what you mean it's. good news to talk to me but to the global reach we're going to be right.
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just. stay close. we have been forced to respond. to your calls twenty four c. plus listeners taking control of brazil. to receive the. dramas that can't be ignored. stories others the few still noticing. the faces changing the world lights now. so pictures of today's leaves no longer from around the globe. look to. t.v. . looks. super
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super. super. super long lists technology innovation all the list of melons from around russia we've got the future covered. welcome back you're watching r.t. international after refusing to pay tangy bills for six months caps natural gas supply was finally turned off this week as to how it came to this let's take a look at the facts ukraine currently owes russia an excess of four billion dollars after stopping payments in november what russia wanted when it sent its final deadline was that it at least receives have of the money it craves problem
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apparently is the price keeps happy neither with the current price nor the one offered by moscow in fact it insists on a price that a kohls a market one but which would also be one of the lowest in your caves demanding to pay only half of what some european nations pay even the e.u. has called russia's final offer of three hundred eighty five dollars per thousand cubic meter is a reasonable one not so ukraine which has refused to budge we asked a number of experts what key is really playing for. hooten election member could stand on their hands and say till the cows come home and it wouldn't change the situation and i think the negotiating tactics of the ukrainian government. are simply designed to make someone crazy in moscow you appear to compromise you appeared to be reasonable and suddenly everything collapses this isn't going to help ordinary ukrainian people it's creating enormous economic instability and
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uncertainty a deal would have signaled a step towards normalization of relations with russia which of course is ukraine's by far the largest trading partner so really a deal was in the new ukrainian people's interest and i don't really understand why hasn't gone through what happens now is you know that russia makes the choice and it's not the choice between the you know more losing more money or being the bad guy the main thing is to stop losing money now switch off the gas go to a prepaid system in somebody is respected much more than in this starting to do that an automobile. as of this week the only gas russia is sending through crane pipes is that which has been bought by you have been given past experiences that is still nervous to remind you in two thousand and six half of europe was left in the cold when ukraine began siphoning gas from the pipes stealing an estimated two hundred million dollars worth of fuel and there was another so-called gas war three
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years later when you bring in supplies were cut off have made up the shortfall by withholding eighty six million cubic meters of gas to have been sold to europe. goes up it goes much the amount of gas for european consumers is being supplied in full compliance with those contracts and ukraine's nafta gatt is obliged to guarantee deliveries without disruption according to the transit contract billeted to guarantee transit though is already in doubt a day after the gas was cut off an explosion hit a segment of a pipeline to europe this is the video footage of the incident and ukraine's interior ministry says the explosion was most likely the result of a terrorist attack fortunately the blast happened in a secluded area away from people for now all fuel transit has been switched to reserve pipeline and europe is getting its gas and full. the pipeline in question is
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a main route by which gas from siberia travels to heat european homes its supplies italy and of the continent's economic powerhouse germany which buys almost forty percent of its natural gas from russia one such call came from dmitri jaros should be leader of ukraine's neo-fascist right sector group has threatened to attack and destroy gas pipelines transporting russian gas to europe political with scientists mateschitz course. at the very least explosion is a blow to the country's reputation if you look at the country in its not small no more a state it's rather a kind of sailed state awaits does the control its territory which is on able to guarantee not only the lives of its own citizens about all saw the economics a few. that. have physical same scales. business going on there so this is one of the very many examples meanwhile
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ukrainian delegation went to brussels this week to discuss the possibility of buying gas from european companies currently a russian gas flows westward across ukraine to europe but what kiev wants to do is to reverse the flow something that gazprom says will be a breach of its contractual obligations for all were russia could hike gas prices if you were started reselling to grade at a profit as they have the european geopolitical for murat territory off explains it's all in a legal gray area. a lot of this gas use. gas to leave it to the e.u. it is up to the contract chil agreement between gazprom and the particular recipient of its gas inside the e.u. who had if the coals of that contract does not allow that gas to be re exported then gazprom would have a legitimate right to raise this in an international legal context or at a political you know diplomacy level if all else fails he has got family ties it
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can still rely on the son of the american vice president serves on the board of directors of ukraine's largest private gas corporation and his father joe biden is coming to kiev for a second time and as many months scott looks at a long trail american politicians backing ukraine's new government. whether it's secretary of state john kerry laying flowers his assistant victoria nuland handing out cookies. senator john mccain offering support from a down protest at sarah is what you i mean america's presence in ukraine has been visible since the crisis began late last year and that presence is only growing as u.s. vice president joe biden again visits kiev his son hunter is settling into his new job on the board of ukraine's largest private gas provider certainly one of the
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reasons provides president biden might be going personally would be to ensure that these gas interests are secured for for his son washington officials arrived full of praise for the new kiev government sponsored crackdown in east saying represents the will of the people america claims it's keen for the people to be heard and the no country should interfere with the affairs of another day sen john mccain talking to me in kiev in december need to make it clear. to the russian government anywhere in their putin that interference in the affairs of ukraine is not acceptable to the united states of america or to any other free country in the world ok the message is clear but critics argue the presence of the vice president's son on the board of a prominent gas company the continual procession of u.s. officials in and out of kiev and the promise of financial and military aid represents its own form of interference which only prolongs the conflict in the
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country and let us not forget that the western leaders also supported the overthrow of the attic of its government and what that that were really so what they supported is more really instability and are the rest so this was a thing their support really means nothing to the internal codd. it's going to continue as we see it so against the backdrop of on rest in the east and continuing talk of sanctions and threats against russia vice president joe biden becomes the latest u.s. official to touch down carefully making sure he doesn't cross the line and support interference call it to. our website running a special section dedicated to the ukrainian crisis with months worth of archives and if you are in the mood to catch up here experts expectations for the future and heads to r.t. dot com. spain's new king was crowned on thursday
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philippe the sixth takes over from his father juan carlos the first who was educated but not all spaniards are celebrating there were anti-monarchy protests nationwide even in the center of the capital where security was heightened for the relatively low key coronation three police officers were injured during clashes in madrid seven activists were arrested but quickly released the protest mood has been heightened by years of a staring and soaring unemployment while the malarky was seen perpetuating a lavish lifestyle and seeing its reputation battered by fraud allegations royal watchers say the new king's got a tough job on his hands. the dedication of king kong are grossly scorning in the me the real father every economic oh crisis in this day would come to this by the joy of money there is. a scandalous case of corruption i don't think there was
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this strong political role there are two main they expect a show and that is going to arrange for them for a human crisis economic problems and his multiple need to show his orderly a king but without pointed to the role. the former king's abdication marks the end of a colorful reign as a gift sailor carlos competed in the one hundred seventy two olympics following a military coup in the eighty's he went on t.v. in full army uniform and ordered troops back to base but a low point came when the king was pictured on a luxurious african safari two years ago just as thousands of spaniards were losing their jobs he also liked his motorbikes as thoughts he rode incognito giving stranded people a lift one of his most memorable moments though was when he told the lady venezuelan president hugo chavez to shut up at a summit. the good thing or not i
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want to go but they are going king is not the only to have raised a few eyebrows other elder european royals have found their comments have cannot hold of them into the headlines the quays duke of edinburgh famously told british students in china the rift looking like a local survey stayed too long in the country and but current king of sweden criticised in some media for his party lifestyle try defending himself to the press saying there is a broad definition of sex and strip clubs political analyst mcgann show morocco has his own reasons as to why spain's royals have seen their popularity plummet it was very popular. but it has to be said that he was sure that all frank criticism in the media there was so to speak a tacit governance in the spanish media never to criticize them or that there was a lot about who they should and i've had in the long time proved to be of the sun because once.


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