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well this movie screen is strong and that is an easily enya that put on some play on the night that that it was eighty propaganda combine mean. their lies were beautifully phrased read only soldiers were cynically offered to make a choice either to perish at the hand of the indestructible german army or to surrender and return to their families to live happily ever after one of their goals was to turn the red army soldiers against their commanders and commissars. their story. was to be able to move them so that i need. to be just a simple swoopy be to can be subtle. if you hide. from a memo by the head of the high command of the rare mocked field marshal general
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will some kind of political compass ours bear a special distinction a red star with the cyclone hammer on their slate they must be separated from other p.o.w.'s in order to deny them the ability to influence captured soldiers upon being separated from the prisoners they are to be eliminated. however even soldiers who weren't political commissars were faced with a life far from the bliss described in germany's power flights by mid one nine hundred forty two less than half of the three point five million red army soldiers who'd surrendered was still a life before the exhibition called through captivity was recently held in moscow in their memory several german students were keen to attend. then what the cutely good had never been up in the hall or poorly in the junk going to put a welcome welcome was disappointing real to me it was you could shift out operating with. a need it would have done you would just was nice the wind up in the mean you . sure to put it would you. buy it
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a more. intimate type. of wizardly me about santa ask if there was. a. memo from the high command of the air months confidential september eight hundred forty one. this is the first time that german soldiers face an adversary instructed not only in the ways of war but also politics. rick soldiers have forfeited their right to be treated like two soldiers in accordance with the geneva convention relative to the treatment of prisoners of war. less than a month after nazi germany and they did the soviet union news came that stalin's eldest son jacob was missing in action soon photos of him appeared on german propaganda leaflets. they read that jake has voluntarily surrendered to the nazis burleigh more girly store work.
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under the new new. starless judge and skipper produced you for your new aunt's tribute jewelry certain style in the pearl and then you stronger or diverse or prudish or its name real its rewards i mean young of had indeed been captured the only difference was that he was captured during an attempt to break out of his seat rather than voluntarily surrendering he was brought to sachsenhausen concentration camp thirty five kilometers from berlin he was a proper course of prominent prisoner he was not imprisoned inside the prison his camp for ordinary prisoners where we are standing now there was a special camp for prominent prisoners and this is where he was imprisoned yacob judicially was kept in one of these barracks intelligence officers were interrogating him every day but still couldn't make of cooperate he was in the camp until nine hundred forty three there was even
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a myth that german officials offered stalin son in exchange for german field marshall paolo's they'd been captured in stalin great in one nine hundred forty three another story that was later disproved after yacob really realized he was being used by nazi propaganda he decided to take his own life by jumping on a barbed wire in a prison camp here in sachsenhausen. in total over one hundred thousand people perished in sachsenhausen during its years of operation. it was where s.s. officers underwent training in order to serve a new concentration camps located throughout occupied countries. that included death camps built for the purpose of annihilating entire peoples. the so-called nazi aizen group and killed more than two million jews on occupied soviet soil they deliver death without mercy women children even the elderly most
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normal people would go mad having to execute orders like that. but officers in s.s. uniform had no such qualms never for alone did they consider that what they were doing was wrong let alone and being a crime they were trained and prepared by nazi propaganda today even the radical measures are not radical enough heels of couples used to say. here in the u.s.s.r. the german soldiers were captives of another myth that in order to bring down the soviet system it was essential to annihilate the jews since they were believed to be the primary foundation of boss of islam in other occupied countries the germans would force the jews into ghettos though they were allowed to live after invading the u.s.s.r. the nazis began to annihilate entire jewish communities. where he did what group he could pursue well is. when you put the spittle still of sin here those are
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needed to do a sold out this is the. one instance show the can move business glow hope. to belittle cause of the political move for all you risk use when you google group report on the. news that in the one using your blog you clearly before that was to love was really sure when you're over news. in his younger years joseph goebbels made several unsuccessful attempts of becoming a writer and journalist the career of the third reich smain ideologists took off after the nazis one elections one of his first initiatives was the practice of book burnings reminiscent of burning heretics at the stake in medieval times the first book burning took place in one thousand and thirty three in the center of berlin under the motto let's clear germany of un-german ideas at that which incidentally said the full solution the nowhere but the most in europe to submit choose to believe which in unison in their. deepest into even only she shall studios newscast
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that's what they do must some. one thousand. come to support of the find me a good i'll not do that you decreases i mean she. in today's berlin books are sold right next to the spot where they were once burned. there are lots of history books here including those on the nazis rise to power in germany this is the moment when goebbels office got the greenlight the so-called ministry of public and lightman and propaganda the third reich was housed in this building. from one nine hundred thirty three to one nine hundred forty one the agency's budget increase nearly ten fold. but i'd be a cool concept. in this to their. best to please the minium so that's the because they mean it's more that i do opinion that share but only at the pride that was a bit new in the. even that they had to william but he didn't need be anyway but
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honestly i'm sitting with his here on this program to prospects. these are right wing rallies in modern germany they do not directly associate themselves with the ideas of the third reich they are fighting to make jobs available to germans and to immigrants from other countries germany has lived through this before and what these slogans lead to is well known but for all true right wing supporters the germany of the 1930's is a model of order and stability. this is another example of a history lesson some people fail to learn this time in ukraine the slogan glory to ukraine glory to the heroes heard in kiev is a carbon copy of the greeting used by ukrainian nationalists who collaborated with
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hitler's forces during the war but if you're more it's eludes you. i mean. in the good. girl for you. doesn't is quicker for design school because i choose to ship refuse ominously in the city. in the early two thousand and fourteen during the so-called euro mind on rally and cheer for local nationalists reverently carried portraits of steep on bandera in one hundred forty one he tried to establish an independent republic of ukraine as a protectorate of hitler's germany. and the it's a story. the . border with artists. but it's supposed to be some of the so that's the thorny shish to warn comedian when he says an issue of the.
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bombing. to see an excerpt from a letter by the head of the party chancellor a margin morman from july twenty third nine hundred forty two. by no means should one introduce any measures giving a non germans a sense of ownership members of the non german population a should in no way have access to higher education as yours of the opinion that reading and writing skills are quite enough for them that includes so-called ukrainians. great army soldiers had to pay a great price to liberate the territories occupied by the nazis victory day is one of the most if not the most cherished national holidays in russia despite the fact that nearly seventy years have passed since the end of the second world war numerous outrageous myths continue to spread some of which even gurgles would envy
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. aviation at the things that are providing it are called way out of there. well pretty about the not pretty. sure surge there could be so merger good there is standing. outside a quick. business. and i would mention sam you have the right of the russian made sure that if you choose your home with your professionally. beast with done it. it is now kerry said that when you put that was. after the war many german generals were all too keen to publish their memoirs while stalin stuff officers were forbidden to do so that's why much of what's known about the second world war in europe was learned largely from memoirs written by the defeated side.
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it was a. very hard to take i. want to get on here. have you ever had sex with her rick perry look at. what. point of view of the people.
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pliny writes on the streets live search tree he lives and i think the tourists tests. on our reporters twitter. and instagram live live in the live on modern live. but all over my language as well but i will only react to situations i have read the reports and look for instance in the know i will leave them to the state department to comment on your letter play like a monkey and say it's it liz or k l a car is all you're talking delgado. thank you no more weasel words when you made a direct question to me prepared for a change when you run should be ready for
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a budgeted for the op speech and little down the freedom to cost. i know c.n.n. the m.s.m. b.c. fox news have taken some knocks lately but the fact is i admire their commitment to cover all sides of the story just in case one of them happens to be accurate. that was funny but it's close and for a different kind of might think. it's because one full attention and the mainstream media work side by side the joke is actually on here. and our teen years we have a different right. ok because the news of the world just is not this funny i'm not laughing dammit i'm not god. i don't know if.
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you guys stick to the jokes well handled it makes sense that i'm. this is mile of a park a popular tourist destination today but few people know that during the second world war one of the country's top secret constructions was hidden away here so secret that a special metro line was built to connect it to the kremlin in one nine hundred thirty six the district of his mile of a became a forbidden zone construction began on the central u.s. the south stevie i'm named after joseph stalin which was meant for two hundred thousand spectators but three years later work was put on hold the facility disguised as a stadium was in fact already completed until one thousand nine hundred forty one another myth appeared there were rumors that the soviet government had abandoned moscow the offices in the kremlin were empty and that the city had been surrendered to the germans but the truth was that stalin never actually left moscow and
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continued working in the secret bunker here in his mind that. stalin always spoke quietly for this reason special acoustics were designed so that everyone sitting at this table could hear him in. the conference hall of the general headquarters looks more like a palace private chambers remain in a macula condition a battle map hangs on the wall it was updated daily while stalin worked here. another common myth is that stalin and his circle allegedly reinforced the german army with their own hands just before the war started the very much officers are
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said to have conducted military exercises at soviet training ranges in reality after hitler came to power the volume of military cooperation. between germany and the us. considerably from the diary of dr joseph campbell used june one thousand forty one cooperation with russia was in fact a stain on our honor but we shall soon wipe it clean i said this to your get agrees with me completely that your believes the operation will take about four months but i believe even less where on the brink of an unprecedented victorious military campaign we must. research or eager is the author of the book the great war that was lied about based on archive materials it is a book the author attempts to debunk the most common myth namely that stalin was preparing to attack nazi germany himself but hitler turned out to be smarter and
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struck first. of course i. give them some good bits. of us vs them way about seems like the only. principle but then you know across the pond. it's a little something good to see a push to discuss who will publish an illusion. in one thousand nine hundred eighty one the sylvie defense industry was working at full capacity despite this the number of german military units at the border exceeded the soviet armies five fold this distribution of forces would have made a preemptive attack on germany unwise. the first days of the nazi invasion remain shrouded in mystery and yet there was one myth during the years that perestroika stalin had so much faith in his
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nonaggression pact with the soviet union that he was blind to the german threat and consequently failed in his own responsibility as the country's commander in chief. the myth that stalin was in a state of shock could be easily refuted recently declassified documents reveal stalin shed you for june twenty second one nine hundred forty one the day nazi germany invaded the u.s.s.r. . stallion's visitors people's commissar for foreign affairs moloto variety at five forty five left at twelve o five for general staff of the ride five forty five left up to eight thirty am but he people's commissar for foreign affairs visions be arrived at seven thirty left a ten forty come in turn leader dimitrov arrived at eight forty left at ten forty. thirty four. thirty.
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if it was for. fun. for. fun. this is. not all we'll be doing nia bloodgood that is back in the survey in the more than a metal gold star near to star in the beloved northeast. pushup match and you have with them suggests that each show even the national year was split showing this year where you will move. a model in the readers or it into star or world. here from the brandenburg gate in the heart of berlin nazi troops marched before heading to the eastern front prior to invading the soviet union germany had prepared the so-called plan all sorts of plan east it would have involved about eighty percent of the population of conquered countries to be moved
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out by force and replaced with people of the master race the plan was to be carried out immediately after germany's victory over the soviet union. the plan to colonize parts of the soviet union extended over the next thirty years as long as german troops continue to fight it remain top secret in order to avoid an uprising the population of the occupied territories was still being fed myths about their future happy prosperous life according to the planned two cities were to be completely destroyed leningrad and moscow. the siege of leningrad lasted nine hundred days during which nearly six hundred thousand people died of starvation in recent years another myth has appeared that such human losses could have been avoided if the soviet command had surrendered the city to the nazis but anyone who
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says that has no idea of the. hitler's master plan and the fate he had in store for the city and its residents. from the dire of the chief of the general staff from sculptor july eighth one hundred forty one to yours determined to raise moscow and leningrad to the ground to make sure that we don't have to feed their population went to the cities must be demolished by airstrikes this national catastrophe will not only wipe off the centers of both of us but also that of the entire muscovy.
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one year after the siege of leningrad began a break in the course of war finally arrived. field-marshal pulse we both are of operation barbarossa was defeated at stalingrad. it then became clear to many for max so choose at officers that the quick and victorious war that gave us promised on the eastern front but also turned out to be a myth. after the defeat in the battle of stalingrad many high ranking nazi officers were taken prisoner they were brought here to appeal w. camp outside moscow after that great defeat many captured nazis began to cooperate with soviet authorities and apply their own propaganda technique to anti fascist campaigning. from that moment
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on goebbels propaganda had to compete with power flits encouraging german advance forces to surrender to soviet troops. the national put up my gun the zilla after another that i knew. some media veneers ski-doo sri the one that the it's a book of bull which national propaganda spot. showed the one million the davis sheed this is of bit by shalit by nature and the whole gem by even that. one nine hundred forty five the war is coming to an end joseph goebbels his office calls for the last resources to be thrown at the war effort the hitler youth weren't enough to defend berlin so military propaganda encouraged women and the elderly to take up arms.
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when soviet troops entered berlin goebbels and his family fled to hitler's bunker that was hidden underneath this where it's now filled with soil and a holocaust memorial has been erected on top of it on may first one thousand nine hundred forty five the third rice chief ideologist and his wife magda committed suicide before doing so they poisoned all six of their children with cyanide. would be still blew out into little miss the on that there's a clock that's i've been with the idea of bill weir i d's janja which crazy will but he just signed it tells us and we're modded to somebody china. sets and use them cause you're middle of the way that is for you where did he eat meat delish double it don't pull a disk feed to those who buy me to believe. but as a woman has to be yup that discreetness i took over what.
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not long before his death dr googles wrote his last invective he spoke about the threat of the iron curtain me that the communists would drop over europe ironically these words were written at google's his mansion it was located on the spot where construction would soon start on the embassy of the united states the us is sause principle cold war rival. google says plan to sow discord within the ranks of the anti hitler coalition worked out as this is exactly what happened. during a speech in fulton in one nine hundred forty six winston churchill the british prime minister repeated almost word for word what goebbels had said about the danger to europe from behind the iron curtain the myths created by the chief nazi ideologist bound for tal saw in the west and grew to provide fuel for the struggle
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against communism we have to fight these myths today in memory of those who won in the second world war. the worst school the tried to play play polo to. fight for the thing every minute the leg the law the leg. like
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the the law is for the sake of the society explains cases it's months now but sometimes for nothing the the lead is so mean and it's important. to look just keep up the still be still be just to be safe be a stage eight look to be. but speech was the books . dramas that can't be ignored to. stories others refuse to notice. places change the world lights never. sold picture
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of today's leaves the list. from around the globe to the book to. the. place right on the scene. first street. and i think picture. on our reporter's twitter. and instagram. to be in the know. on law. if the. economic ups and downs in the final month day of the london deal
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and the rest. take a pill be it briefly talk a. look. there's a media leave us so we leave the media by the same motion security for your party years ago. where shoes that no one is asking with the guests that you deserve answers from it's all politics only on our t.v. . technology innovation. development from russia. was to build a new. mission
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to teach. this is why you should care only. breaking news russia's president asks parliament to withdraw permission for the use of force in ukraine seeking to deescalate tension in the country's east. poland a foreign minister is left red faced after he's caught on tape using vulgar language to describe his country's relations with the us. dozens of women have been illegally sterilized and for prisons in california a new report reveals say even more cases could have gone unnoticed.


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