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tv   The Big Picture With Thom Hartmann  RT  June 24, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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there's a fortune to wake up and start talking about the real causes of. suspect . they would like to do is go did you know the price is the only industry specifically mentioning the constitution. that's because a free and open press is critical to our democracy correct all books. will. never go on i'm sorry and on this show we reveal the picture of what's actually going on we go beyond identifying a problem. rational debate and a real discussion critical issues facing our family member ready to join the movement then welcome to the big city. well i'm tom foreman in washington d.c.
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and here's what's coming up tonight on the big picture. believe it or not republicans and democrats in the house actually done something meaningful to curtail the runaway powers of the n.s.a. and america's domestic spying machine so is this new legislation doing enough to address domestic spying in america and will the senate and president obama even go along and republicans keep warning that the next nine eleven is only a matter of time if president obama keeps handing over terrorists and closes down guantanamo bay it turns out it might be a republican who's done the most the set america up for another devastating terrorist attack more on that it's too early to. play you need to know this we now know when the u.s.
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government thinks it's ok to kill an american citizen without a trial on monday the second circuit court of appeals released the memo used by the justice department to justify the assassination of anwar al. a lockie an american citizen who the obama administration says was an imminent threat to the united states and its citizens the crux of the memos argument relies on the two thousand and one authorization for use of military force the a un mouth which was passed in the wake of nine eleven to help the president specifically hunt down the perpetrators of nine eleven the memo reads just as they a u.s. authorizes the military detention of a u.s. citizen captured abroad who is part of an armed force within the scope of the mouth it also authorizes the use of necessary and appropriate lethal force against a u.s. citizen who has joined such an armed force accordingly we do not believe al citizenship provides a basis for concluding that he is a mean from a use of force abroad that the otherwise authorized us so is what the justice
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department believes is really enough to justify killing an american citizen not the fifth through the eighth amendment's require at least some sort of judicial process in the absence of a declared war or alternatively if the mouth is a declaration of war why didn't congress say that as the constitution requires and given that everybody involved with nine eleven is dead or in prison pretty much everybody i think there's a few still out there isn't it time to declare this war over and proceed with normal intelligence and police actions to protect america and if the a.u.m. out makes it that easy to assassinate an american citizen isn't it time that we repealed the once and for all. joining me for tonight's politics panel arguing newson national advisory council member the project twenty one black leadership network and move on up org ben cohen
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founder of the banter media group and horace cooper conservative commentator and senior fellow at the national center for public policy research i should add better media group as the daily banter which we've been getting. christopher and now he's doing great work and great to see all all of you guys like me and once again i'm always impressed by. as you know this national public policy group with so many out so you heard my set up about the a fact we all have a copy it's only a page and a half and right it's just this short thing. and it's pretty sweeping basically and so. first of all i'm curious all of your thoughts on the enough and i mean doesn't this basically. say that if the president if the if article two branch of government the executive decides based on congressional authorization that they can go after an american citizen and kill them anywhere in the world
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including the united states shouldn't there be. and maybe shouldn't the a.o. enough be rewritten to include some article three that is judge in the process shouldn't there be some i mean. i definitely agree that you have a point. it's almost you know. the constitution in the first place this law because we do you believe continue to go around the constitution in time in terms of using deadly force is not just against civilians right you know you have drawn attacks against american citizens you have shown attacks against civilians that may or may not be going against congressional oversight there are number of different things that we have done but this this is it this is typical in times of war in times of fear because you look at the civil war. civil rights dooms the war with the press you know farewell for us to war to is another great the japanese internment camps you have many different examples of this happening what
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you want to see though you make an excellent point the ascension of the use of these types of powers when we come to a point of peace. or you know when the war's pretty much won i mean it's it seems like and then your thoughts on this and i think it's worrying for a couple of reasons firstly the constitutional aspects and due process and having a kind of a fair trial before you were executed for a drone strike the second also or any other yeah really i mean you know they could have been just you know i mean under my read of this memo is that if any police agency in america was directed by the president to do so and the president's. ben cohen is throughout that somebody could just walk up to you put a gun to your head blow you away i mean i'm sorry but when it comes to being abroad as well i mean there are kind of international law issues as well. these powers. that a u.s. has the right to go and. kill people on the far and other sovereign nation you know
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the sovereign nations which is a big problem which is a huge problem i mean. i think this is an issue that americans don't often think about because they see bad guys outside of american borders and if they ok well we can do we want with global respect but that's not the case. why international was set up in the first place it was to stop these could not would be because it is an act of war if it happened against the united states if pakistan started to. kill u.s. citizens and u.s. so that would be viewed as an act of war so why that is the way around it weighs on or a syrian attorney and and i know you're very familiar with the constitution well first i'm going to say. heard the news about you getting named freedom of speech a war that is an amazing accomplishment and i'm really really impressed and i've seen the list of some of the other recipients and so your instrument. on this is on topic. oh rush limbaugh hold now
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a number of the very very impressive people who i think frank and i are the only two liberals on that list and. on this issue i guess i'm in the dissent here because when you look at this this tells you what the principle ought to be when we are talking about war making and it's not really much of a role for the judicial branch from the very beginning when. president jefferson decided with his own executive power to go after the barbary pirates and issue orders that singled out individuals and then we paid back when our own military couldn't do it to have this done no trial no listing of the specific charges that they were having had against them are not americans these were not american citizens however they were being that particular it was
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a. on the ship you were caught in that area and if they hung all of them whatever you know i'm not respectfully i'm not sure the piracy which internationally i mean pirates every nation on earth basically if they if they found pirates on nobody is about anything that they put him to death i mean that but that's what you're misunderstanding i'm talking about the action of the government of the united states right this minute clear war or not i mean isn't doesn't this dr document unconstitutional on its face it's not at all this document reflects the history of how we believe the american government has authorization to act and it's not limited to what other governments expect it's not limited to how well how do we define war i mean congress you know the constitution says congress has the sole responsibility because we define who is working and who are you know
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what this does it doesn't have to get into any of those more philosophical questions it specifically gives the president of the united states to designate individuals that he believes with reasonable belief that they are parties to it and he may use all manner of four right now as he can kill anybody he wants but isn't this was a high wages that has a side with the two shows where i understand that's what's that got to do with the constitution which is breathtaking be unconstitutional we were the constitution it was all right there is nothing to say the president has had to hit this measure yes there is it's article one section eight to six the men of the state of the a if haven't been shown as. applicable in war savings or in combat no that's my point we are either at war or we're not combat said it's not even going to show you a change of. changing the terms no but you you said it wasn't
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a philosophical debate but now you will do turning into. and by changing the definition telling you what this document actually says and it authorizes the president of united states to designate individuals that will be terminated with extreme prejudice or captured or whatever meaning where in the constitution does it give the the where in the constitution to the executive ban from having that power because as i tell you in combat operate in a in the future in the bill or the idea does not apply to combat operations i think if you know there's the we're going to combat is not a chair but weren't there were combat is not clear if you're going to show me a case where the court has said that even in a combat setting because there are numerous cases i'm making what i think are traditional republican conservative arguments which is that lacking in a declaration of war since world war two we have not had a liberal making a libertarian argument you're not making traditional arguments with regard to executive authority claim or as i think it was or other terry but according to
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what the supreme court has said and done we don't allow attorneys and we don't allow judges to calm in on the ground when combat activities are taking place we've traditionally not done that and the ever door ice been declared no i'm talking about vietnam did we have a war did i'm saying vietnam constitution and a stupid mistake it may be a stupid mistake but it does make it unlawful it doesn't make it illegal and in i think it works in all honesty to sharon paul tried to make this case when he ran in the two thousand and twelve republican and he was right. he didn't eat more if it adds big picture politics panel right after the break. do you want to be a t.v. star and talk to me face to face and e-mail me your video questions and comments to your take my take at gmail dot com we'll air them live every thursday night it's
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easy put your phone in video mode hold it sideways and record your selfie video and he mail us your take my take at g. mail dot com you can also tweet your question or comment to me it underscore are sure to use the hash tag. i marinate in the financial world moves. back to serious development having not started actually taken from the demand for credit not going to get any economic benefit in life there are good and there are but.
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this was in the washington well it's a miss the trees being sued the latest numbers of them the media candidate for the prophesied covering it issues are actually back to and doesn't do too much for ad revenue my own tech agriculture giant teeth on a seventy six year old american farmer in the studio fallout do you think this is going to create for the cia do you think this is what's triggering a great america is the largest economy in the world it's also the largest debtor nation in the history of breaking the set is mostly at all times it's the status quo but one night the real alternatives of points to looking for the american dream the next they were just trying to survive it's time for americans and lawmakers from washington to wake up and start talking about the real causes of.
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the martin the stories we cover here not going to hear any rights or extort the extra headlines same time there's a reason they don't want international airport that we think. now let's break the set. back with me for tonight's big picture politics panel arguing newsome ben cohen and horace cooper. let's get back to it senator john mccain and. grayle have played a key role in getting prince bandar to hustle millions out of rich saudis to arm rebel groups in syria and while the money was supposed to be funding moderate rebels it turns out as steve clemons has reported over the atlantic that they've also funded more extreme groups like the al nusra front and isis the same group that is taking over iraq right now so my question to you all of steve clemons is
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reporting accurately john mccain and lindsey graham bear a lot of responsibility for what's going on in iraq right now should they be investigated or perhaps prosecuted by the justice department or by congress. i'll say this i don't know if they're what they're talking if this is this bears a you know an investigation but it does bear a little bit of you know a little bit contrition to really think about this because this is a very complicated issue i mean over and over again over again in the middle east the united states has found itself on different sides of an issue you go back to back in the shah in the overthrow in iran and then all of a sudden you see a supporting saddam hussein in fighting the you know what i'm about told in the early eighty's continues we were always on either side in which talking about very complicated issues in you know the say this the libertarian in me continues to want to say you know what this is something that we continue to we continue to lose treasure in american blood on in these conflicts we need to really think about
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a full withdrawal from the real in terms of military force or even even thinking of it in terms of eight what's being alleged in this in this article is that mccain and lindsey graham basically went over to bandar bush and prince bandar bin sultan who for twenty four years was the u.s. ambassador from saudi arabia or the investor if you the united states and and then at that time was. the head of saudi intelligence and they went over to him and they say. obama won't raise enough money to give enough weapons to these guys in syria right and your. government want to do it so you hustle a few tens or hundreds of millions of dollars out of some rich saudis and handed off to the guys. bandar did that yeah the guys turned out to be isis who is now in iraq alive and when bush found out irwin obama's father out about it he had a personal conversation with the king and two weeks later bandar was fired now i don't know if you could say there's a causal link that if mccain and that make this trip in this relationship and
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causes this transaction was any allegation that i don't know for certain my point is that i don't know if it's that level but again i want to make sure we're learning a lesson from this continue to continue to find ourselves on different sides of the hour because we don't understand the intricacies of what's going on over there i mean look at saddam say we don't either side with him. and one point we supported him they were against him so it's to me as a pattern in a symbolic of an issue of us not understand what's going on over there to intricately involved and there's also the issue i mean. i don't know i don't know whether it's sunhat or firing with a official of a foreign government to bring arms into a third go i mean it sounds like contra on a technicality i mean the mccain and lindsey of clearly they've helped fund the. crisis in the middle east there's never going to be any culpability is never going to we're never faced justice for these type of ham fisted approaches to foreign
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policy i like me take you know john mccain was a gigantic cheerleader for the rope one of the killers he wants to go back there's not a war in american history that john mccain wasn't for. the war in my opinion he's a walk over and over that he's completely it was crimes i have no idea if he's going to get way of course you can get away with it right technically yes i mean but he's an idiot these guys are stupid. they have no understanding of the complexities of what's happening in the middle east literally nothing whatsoever. i mean this is the time for john mccain i thought for he would take himself out of public life and finally retire i think it's done enough damage and i think it's time for him to just get out taurus are going to be the only turn oh i will agree with you on this front and the reason i'm going agree with you is we have a constitution and the power to engage with the leaders of other countries and the power to decide when intervention is necessary resides in the white house it
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doesn't reside with a couple senators or congressmen or interested parties and frankly i think this is illegal if it's true there ought to be at least an investigation to validate that he of all people as a former p.o.w. understands you have to have command leadership in deciding how wars happening if it's going to happen and other people don't get to stand on the side and foment it and make it happen i'm not saying he did bad but if what you describe is accurate absolutely there ought to be accountability which i think he was doing it he was doing it in. georgia get something to eat it i mean he's been doing it in fact he got a billion dollars from mikhail saakashvili. after the fact i mean after all georgia south of such a thing what was he to have hoping over the syrian border. with a year ago he was. you know what is he doing there right now you know it's not every state is in august and he went off in the next hour tonight and i will be.
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in front of the line and saying i'm critical of the way that ministrations carried out its policies that's not helped by having other people without the authority come in and freelance i don't believe that's a good idea i don't believe that's what the constitution is so big in other words being as being a senator doesn't give you a foreign policy portfolio it does not mean politicking arm twisting goes i'm not agreeing with what mccain and senator mccain did that sort of thing happens all the time and this is political arm twisting it happens all the time not just for policy by. domestic issues too i think it's right but the whole idea that he's a war criminal i think is a little bit strong but it's a separate issue but well yeah whether it was or again gene in foreign policy yeah which is horus extra-constitutional you probably see the i can listen to there are ok well speaking of you know getting back to the constitution congress has passed the actual n s a reform house of representatives and this was. bipartisan there
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were one hundred twenty three people who voted against it out of what four hundred thirty five in the u.s. i was representatives and a massive law for an amendment that strips the n.s.a. of funds needed to go through e-mails without a warrant it prohibits the n.s.a. from pressuring tech companies like google from installing so-called back doors that prevents the n.s.a. from going around the government created internet christian standards and. as i said it was a bipartisan vote in fact i had a guest on last night. and said who are those hundred twenty three people who voted for or who voted against this and his response was they were the shoals of the defensive district basically they were the you know the the the contractors who make money from the n.s.a. which is got a large chunk of its budget privatized so i'm curious your your all thoughts on the massive offer offer an amendment and a strong i didn't support it and i feel at least hundred twenty i would happy i'll give my website is www dot horse cooper dot com if you're defense contractors and you want to send some funds my way i welcome but i haven't received any however but
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i do believe like this president that the threat is real and this most of the changes that we've been uncovering most of the things that we've been uncovering about the n.s.a. have been occurring under this administration i've been supportive of those because i think they keep us safe and i want to continue being able to keep a safe. so you're you don't you don't have fourth amendment issues with what they say is to say that. because i mean this is just a very small dial back or of amendment criminal regime is all about what happens if information is taken from you and is used against you in a court of law the n.s.a.'s materials are intended to be used in a court of law quite a lot more about it the only is only part of the fourth amendment that involves a court of laws that before you can engage in looking at somebody is information you have to go to a court of law and convince a judge i mean the fourth moments quite read where if
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a police officer comes to your house right now and kicks the door down and looks through it you'll be lucky if you can get it just a judgment ordered against him don't do that again the sanction is whatever it is that he found he can't use the fourth amendment it's all about a contraceptive effort to prevent abuse and also a post intervention effort of preventing you from using what you've done of the n.s.a. isn't supposed to be about prosecuting crime since it's not supposed to be about prosecuting well what they are gathering is only for the purposes of their investigations of national sort of snow peano's so so by that logic any police agency your local town sheriff your the f.b.i. anybody should be able to listen in your phone calls read your e-mails know everything you're doing follow me around at least do any of the things that is this
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a memo would prove out that your local police agency should last i checked police agencies and sheriffs are all about crime enforcement and the whole purpose of the fourth amendment was about preventing when they want to charge you they're not going to go through your diary when they want to charge you they're not going to be able to search through your house when they want to charge you they can't because you'd be in a safe. the information that we're going to use bad things like assassinate a lockie i mean yes assassinate people or threats acts or jostling not bring them or work for. the enemy thoughts i have to confess that i don't fully understand. the technicalities beyond what and it's a comic con two i have tried to i have honestly tried my hardest to get my head around the tech surrounding it and i've got different sides and from tech people about what they can and all do i realize that everything my overall take on it the amendments are a good thing the reforms are very good thing you know two things i mean
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constitutionality arguments aside i think that the legislative process is working because the will of the people in the expectation of privacy has been you know has been found has been you know has come up here and has won here so i'm very pleased with him and one thing i do want to point out is interesting that the word defund continues to come in it doesn't ban these practices it just takes money away from these practices that with an authorization bill that's what you work ok that's fine but at the same time i want that restricted in terms of can you know can a future congress come in and funded when i have writing about your president that is what it is it's a ban for as long as the appropriation continues and has been for years exactly or years so you know going down the road we have not abandoned its rights and it's going to future president if you really think yes isn't it yeah. it was a lie to say. it would be nice if they was a little focused on what private corporations are able to do in terms of gathering
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data from from citizens as well to me is. very very worrying particularly cleverish government i mean what i mean who government has the power of guns and jails show corporations don't show but private corporations are increasingly in insinuating themselves into our lives in ways that j. edgar hoover and his best blackmail fantasies never could have imagined right. well so if i were wanting to reform the n.s.a. the kind of change i would ask is that none of the data that they serve to slee encounter can ever be used against you especially when it has nothing to do with their s. efforts. against you in a court of law but we now know that some of these some of this information has been handed off to police departments i mean this just came out of california a few weeks ago is headed out to police departments and that's where they. are making the change where you simply don't allow that information to ever show up but
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it's not allowed as they're doing it anyway if they don't know it's not presently illiterate while at the continue this with more of tonight's big picture panel ready for. you like me to want your comedy news with some t what's your comedy news to be a bear fisted no holds barred fight to the dad. like a truth vampire pointing into the next in the corporate elite the billionaire freaks well they're going. well that's what you get with my new show redacted tonight. chances are slim or so that. in the finish line of the marathon he.
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might. be thinking. i would rather ask questions to people in positions of power instead of speaking on their behalf and that's why you can find my show larry king now right here on our t.v. question. welcome
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back wrapping up tonight's big picture politics panel humanism ben cohen and horoscope or elizabeth warren senator elizabeth warren is going to cold country or to schedule the campaign for democratic senatorial candidate natalie tenant on july fourteenth tenet is challenging republican congresswoman shelley moore capito i think it's in the capital that. thank you who holds about an eleven percentage point lead for the seat vacated by retiring senator jay rockefeller while tenet is a supporter of coal in the sense that he would run in west virginia she also supports stronger wall street reform measures senator warner has been pushing since
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she came to washington it seems that if people you know look at this it seems like of people can get past the issue of coal which is going to be damn hard in west virginia that populism is exploding in the united states and it's just this is the new. the tea party on the right elizabeth warren on the left this is the new force in american politics and it even causes me to wonder you know if if it's going to make it very difficult for establishment figures on the republican and democratic side like hillary clinton or jeb bush to even be successful in running for president i mean are we have such a populist moment that it's going to be elizabeth warren versus rand paul. what what is the role of populism right now to american politics if there was a poll done probably a week ago that talked about you know the gridlock in the fact that i think the questions were if you are a republican do you at least respect the arguments of democrats if you're a democrat do you least respect arguments republicans and
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a number of people that answer the question no was as you know an hour something or you're out of the thirty year are something i can't remember the exact figures and so i think that there is a very strong populism music movement we definitely know it on the right with the tea party and is remains to be seen the momentum of it on the left i think the president obama really captured that when he was a senator but unfortunately fortunately. he's shifted different ship to the middle so it is going to be a great test because i think elizabeth warren is is a great representative for populism on the left but already we're hearing tales of she's not going to even participate in a twenty sixteen pradhan you know primary for the she's whatever they can be successful in casting. natalie turn as a fellow popular would be the big test will that be enough to you know i mean she's eleven points behind if she can say hail mary i'll say this if she can go there in
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campaign against coal and have to with the help of people to do that i'm going to have. to figure it does signify a huge shift on the american political so i kate where you've got. the populist movements from both so i delegate huge amounts of. traction and i think what you're going to see come two thousand and sixteen is that mainstream kind of is like hillary clinton and whoever the bush sorry who are the republicans line up for it is that we are they line up are going to get increasingly i think when it matters opinion i think it didn't and will tell you we will probably take it she runs but she'll get a much smaller percentage of voter turnout was going to drop even more than it has done in the polls over the past few decades horace correct me if i'm wrong but. or if my recollection is incomplete but it seems to me that the last president who literally stood up and campaign by saying they hate me. the establishment the fat
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cats wall street they hate me and i welcome their hate to the last president to say that was franklin roosevelt that was the last truly populist presidential campaign and that was his reelect yeah that was it i was thirty six when i said that and in madison square garden july thirty's and early august july was his philadelphia acceptance speech so. are we it's like the cycle turning this is eighty year cycle or whatever it is i mean are we back to because we're kind of in a great depression now is is that you know. your thoughts i've said on this show and i've said elsewhere f.d.r. was a gifted pol a very very gifted paul i think wrong reagan was also a very gifted paul. we haven't seen and to some extent reagan ran as a populist you have a man who is not the solution government is now we haven't seen that level now mr
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obama brought the energy that we saw with them but not the transformation that followed those two men both made major dramatic changes not just on the hour and yes on the race so it wasn't seeing the same type of. problem it was in the gridlock is for the first two hours all that more but but but the point is transformational and. what i'm looking at right now is i do think that there's a populism push it's happening but we're also experiencing a culture clash and some transformational figure is going to have to figure out how to do this right now in west virginia is a good example when i was a kid all the way up until i had graduated law school you could count on democrats winning there just because they were democrats we are entering a phase now in that state where she'll be lucky if only loses by eleven this state
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is rapidly changing and when you talk about some of the populist issues that mr foreign promotes. there's president's people there hear what she has to say they find it interesting they find it intriguing they think the corporate big guys are out against them but at the same time there's this other cultural populist pool on issues like abortion on gay marriage on a prayer where they are alienated by that and to what extent is that divided by age . i've done a few visits to west virginia and if you go to w.v.u. you'll see. a really strange dynamic a large republican college campus organization much larger than the democrat one which is just not what you normally see at a big state school and it is a sign that those cultural issues are really separating and that's what i mean to
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get be past those two camps have to some transformational figure it's going to have to be big enough to say come with me and let's look on the horizon i don't presently but yeah i mean i don't necessarily agree with your. analysis that they would that these issues these cultural issues are going to be the defining issues going forward what's happening in west virginia maybe i think you know that's what's happening in louisiana right but there are none of these states that were traditionally democrats that are typical just racing full right now on i'm not going to be exploited by the lawyers and the republican strategy they're used cultural issues to divide people when treated they should really be they should be huge concern about the economics is the thing and i think you're now it's now impossible to the skies and you can't discuss it with gay marriage anymore but you can't discuss it with hating you know about hating. gays being about to go you know . equal rights and it's about i think that's going to be the major issue going
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forward is the economic and it's so restrictive that this is i mean this is essentially the promise of the book to. twenty sixteen that i wrote was that it's going to take a crash battle that everybody gets that it's the economy stupid before a transformational figure we have a landmark case involving contraception and hobby lobby coming before the supreme court you can tell sincere people of faith put that aside i want your minimum wage you know if you can't but you know that there are issues. you can tell that is exactly what is said and that's what they hear and they reject it well. children when they have more your soul should when f.d.r. spoke he didn't tell you you have to put your other values aside he said bring those values into the room and let's talk about this action and this action this act was there pretty much wasn't. a cultural war going up right after you are spoke
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i mean the whole country was civil rights. i don't mean civil rights i've put understand i understand the cultural left and the cultural right have a huge disagreement on some basic premises and the public picks up among those two choices i think maybe you are correct. transformational figure if they all to be the face of a populist if they're going to have to appeal to both sides and that's why i think is that rand paul is doing i don't agree with rand paul on a lot of different issues that he's been talking about but this felon rian franchise move plan that he has this new idea that maybe he's going to oppose voter id he's trying to figure out how he can step in the case trying to be the guy who's the right he's trying to be the god it's really interesting i want to point out that you brought up f.d.r. you know easy was a great populist but in terms of cultural issues i think he stayed away from it
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because you know big cultural issue of his time business human rights the civil rights movement right you know he was the. definitely did not play a very important role in probably set the mood back in the twenty thirty years in my opinion but. the coming of this transformational figure i think that is that is the case and i don't agree with my colleague horace that you know the argue it's going to be on cultural lines it will be on economic lines and i think specially if the economy comes in because you're so good so serious now if it was that there's a study out that the u.s. is now the most avoided country yet a lot as well and i'm just going to call it what i thought there would be to getting more than a few hot button issues in compas as a whole way of living the whole lifestyle well and in fact the fact that the unemployment benefits researchers at the london school of economics and the university of california san francisco have found that less than generous on one that's connected to higher suicide rates and conversely they found that states that
7:41 pm
offer strong unemployment programs experience significantly lower suicide rates right now millions of americans are struggling to survive without a job and without unemployment insurance since long term unemployment insurance was cut off in december essentially by republican filibuster in the senate so i mean you know seventy two thousand people are exhausting their state benefits every week to seventy two thousand families being destroyed isn't that i'm just astounded that we've gone six months on this and and there hasn't been an uprising in america to have the only this is what this is what happens when you've got the welfare state when you spend thirty years destroying the infrastructure infrastructure that holds together society in times of economic crises you'll be able to see this in the states that infrastructure in place and how funds to keep people at a very basic level of subsistence are you of course you're going to see that i mean if you have no money i mean what what would you stick around for that if we're
7:42 pm
seeing suicides explode particularly in the states that are not offering more generous benefits and there's a clue. the correlation between the two and it goes back to the b.b.c. published a study that went back to one thousand nine hundred one and they said had conservatives never come to power in england thirty five thousand fewer suicides without them is pretty this is the conclusion b.b.c. . if people are willing to kill themselves why are they willing to go on the streets i don't care if you don't understand it i mean i think seconds sorry to jump in here but but i think if you've got a culture that doesn't understand the education system in america is being corrupted to the point where americans don't understand what they're voting for they don't understand the issues that affect in the most i mean why have you i mean the tea party the tea party are out that. opposite of what the tea party did in the first place the original tea party was a protest against corporate yeah corporate tax. we got it we got it we got to wrap
7:43 pm
it up i'm sorry i'm sorry been and. thank you for the good nature and good graces of being with us today and today i'm going to john mccain yes that john mccain could be responsible for the next nine eleven i'll tell you why in tonight's deal we take. dramas that try to be ignored. stories others to a few still notice. the faces changing the world. to take your focus days these days. from around the globe. to.
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join me. in park and financial commentary interviews and much much.
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money on the left see. what the obama said. mr miller. for tonight's politically corrected i'm correcting texas governor rick perry a recent episode of fox and friends perry made a ridiculous claim about the current immigration crisis is taking place at our borders is what he had to say. we have a record high numbers of other than mexicans being apprehended at the border these are people that are coming from states like syria that have substantial connections back to terrorist regimes and terrorist operations so we're seeing all right that the u.s. border patrol seeing record numbers of apprehensions of people not from mexico
7:46 pm
crossing the mexican u.s. border but that's always right according to official u.s. immigrate. and customs enforcement data from october two thousand and twelve through september two thousand and thirteen whole lot of syrians coming into america at the mexican border in fact when it comes to removed people by citizenship syria is not even on the list nor does any middle eastern or arabic nation make that top ten list from. behind mexico most of the people are from central american countries like guatemala honduras and el salvador they account for the majority of individuals taken into custody at or near the border and federal data shows that less than five percent of other than mexican apprehensions up the mexican border over the last two fiscal years have involved people from u.s. designated terrorists states or safe havens and that's a lot of countries so while rick perry may be right about the boom in activity at the border he's completely wrong about who's coming across it and that's why he's
7:47 pm
been politically correct. is just. it's the good the bad of the very very near are carefully ugly the good university of dayton on monday the university announced that it would be divesting its entire six hundred seventy million dollar and dolman from the fossil fuel industry but yesterday's move date became the first catholic university to join that i best book movement university's president daniel curran said divestment was fully in line with catholic principles because climate change disproportionately affects the world's most vulnerable people people who he said all catholics have a duty to protect fighting climate change is the challenge of our time and it is without doubt a doubt a spiritual as well as a political problem as the pope is going to put on date for doing its part on
7:48 pm
saving to save the one planet we call. the bad rush limbaugh in the broadcast of his radio program yesterday the conservative talk shows rip. you know the obama administration for using mad and start christina hendricks to talk about workplace gender discrimination yesterday's working families summit are said that the kind of rampant sexism that exists in mad men doesn't just even at all exist in it the perfect what is the office place portrayed in the photos suits. in the last episode of suits there are two prominent male characters who are so mindless was. obsessed with feeling. any it is secretaries women who have to come in. and telling them to buck up get a spine get some gonads and stop running around here with your tail tucked between
7:49 pm
your legs. and no rush last time i looked suits was fiction and the fact that women make seventy seven cents for every dollar men make that's fact if you try to make a point even if it's totally wrong at least basic reality and a very very ugly gary oldman ask your nominated actor is under fire today after telling playboy that he thought mel gibson was unfairly criticized for making and his semitic remarks to a police officer back in two thousand and six although i don't know about mel he got drunk and said a few things but we all saw those things we're all f. ing hypocrites that's why that's what i think about it the policeman who arrested him has never used the n. word of that every jew i'm being brutally honest here it's the hypocrisy of it that drives me crazy the batman stock started and stopped there he went on to say that the real reason mel gibson's rant was so controversial is because hollywood is quote run by jews seriously he said mill gadson isn't
7:50 pm
a tallis run by jews and he said the wrong thing because he's actually bitten the hand that i guess is fed him and doesn't need to feed him anymore because he's got enough. it's insanely anti-semitic and. history is repeating itself in the worst possible way and if we don't learn our lessons we could have another nine eleven on our hands a lot sooner than you might think today fighters from the islamic state of iraq and syria isis continue their push for baghdad the group now controls a whole swath of territory ranging from the euphrates valley and eastern syria all
7:51 pm
the way down to the string of cities surrounding the iraqi capital. if you made a list of the nastiest people on earth isis would be the at the top of the list this group was actually kicked out of al-qaeda for being too extreme and they've been pretty open about how they want to cleanse the filth ridden holy cities of the job and karbala when it comes to terrorist groups isis is really the worst of the worst which makes it all the more of the shocking that it's apparently found a friend in none other than arizona senator john mccain. as steve clemons has pointed out in a blockbuster piece for the atlantic mccain along with south carolina senator lindsey graham has played a key role in getting the saudi arabians and the good tarries our allies to arm rebel groups in syria that are fighting the iranian backed government of bashar al assad the saudis in the could tarries say that their only sending weapons to moderate rebels like the free syrian army but they're also reportedly arming more extreme groups groups like the al nasra front and you guessed it isis according to
7:52 pm
clemens isis was a quote saudi pet project and support for the group may have reached all the way to the top of the saudis version of the cia he says that isis in fact may have been a major part of former saudi intelligence chief bandar bin sultan coverts op strategy in syria. this isn't some crazy conspiracy theory that as clemens points out john mccain's connections to the saudis are well documented fact during an interview with c.n.n.'s candy crowley a few months ago he went out of his way to praise both the saudis and prince bandar bin sultan for their role in the fight against assad. but it's not just iraq when you look at iraq syria you were seeing an al-qaeda unclearly there and that is very dangerous to american national security not to mention what's happening in syria of course where again the united states is disengaged thank god for the saudis and
7:53 pm
prince bandar we're starting to see a little bit of a reversal there thank god you know we don't know whether or not john mccain knew that he was helping the saudis arm isis my guess is that he did but that's really a separate issue the important point here is that intentionally or not john mccain may have just set us up for another nine eleven isis has its sights on iraq and syria right now but there are reports that it's also threatened to attack targets here in the west prince bandar bin sultan apparently lost his job because of his support for isis on behalf of john mccain and given what steve clemons has revealed it's amazing the john mccain and lindsey graham haven't lost their jobs as well this is history repeating itself in the worst possible way back in the one nine hundred eighty s. the cia the saudis and the pakistanis worked together to fund the mujahideen in afghanistan the mujahedeen were radical islamists but we thought it was worth it to support them because after all it was the cold war they were fighting the godless
7:54 pm
communists soviets who had invaded afghanistan back in seventy nine here in the u.s. the guy most responsible for getting us to support the mujahideen was a playboy congressman from texas named charlie wilson and i heard a wilson because tom hanks played him in the two thousand and seven movie. for the mujahideen the movie was called charlie wilson's war back here's a clip from that will these trailers. are ready to fight against the so if they get weapons they say they will win. this is six world. joy and i have been passionately involved in the cause of the afghans since the day of the communists my gym why is congress saying one thing and doing nothing and. tradition mostly you sit at the intersection of the state department the pentagon and the cia the three agencies you would need to conduct a covert war. to syrian myself this is what is u.s.
7:55 pm
strategy in the united states no strictly speaking we are not one but we work in our own would mean through other goes. it really didn't happen that way like john mccain charlie wilson body was just trying to help people fight for democracy but whatever good intentions he may have had his plan backfired and it backfired badly our support for the moser had been against the soviets just like our support for the camaro rouge against the cause and our support for the contras against the sandinistas had a huge blowback you see one of the people who we and the saudis armed back in the one nine hundred eighty s. was a rich saudi named osama bin laden who like a lot of muslim radicals from all over the world saw a fight against the soviets as a chance to prove his worth as a holy warrior. saudi prince bandar bin sultan the very same bandar bin sultan who's apparently been arming isis over the past few years told p.b.s. a few years back about the relationship between the saudis bin laden and the cia he
7:56 pm
said bin laden used to come to us when america under law in america through the cia and saudi arabia were helping our brother mujahideen in afghanistan to get rid of the communist secularist soviet union forces to liberate them osama bin laden came and said thank you thank you for bringing the americans to help us get rid of the secularist atheists soviets in love and bin laden went on to form a group known as the base of the remnants of his saudi backed which i didn't force you probably know the base by its arabic name al qaeda the rest as they say is history there's an old saying that those who don't remember the past are doomed to repeat it and if we're not careful with what's going on in the middle east right now we're going to see a repeat of what happened just two decades after we are in the mujahideen in one nine hundred eighty s. in today's real life remake of charlie wilson's war john mccain is playing the role of charlie wilson in abo bachar elba dadi the head of isis is playing the role of
7:57 pm
osama bin. it's only a matter of time before this remake like all remakes of crappy movies comes to a crashing disaster as. you heard it here first john mccain might have just set us up for the next nine eleven. and that's the way it is tonight tuesday june fourth two thousand and fourteen keep e-mailing us your video questions to your take my take a g. mail dot com live every thursday night it's easy to video mode all the sideways and record yourself video question or comment and e-mail it to us at your take my take the g. mail you can also tweet your questions or comments to me at tom underscore harben be sure to use the hash tag talk tough and don't forget democracy begins when you get out there get active tag your.
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i marinate join me on boom box thirteen get impartial and financial reporting commentary and for news and much much. only on bombast and only on.
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up on r t and teaching obama the south dakota republican party is now calling for the president to be booted from office we'll talk to a member of the g.o.p. in south dakota to find out why just ahead. and a cease fire in ukraine does this mean the region's tensions are finally coming to an end more on that coming up. and a mainstream low a new gallup poll shows a decrease in public confidence in the news media that includes newspapers t.v. and the internet but which one does the public trust the least find out later in the show.


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