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i'm with you on the. all next on larry king now. well i don't know larry king now today's show comes to you from our police will manage the eagles and the man who needs a little introduction in fact he is the my oldest friend from miami of fifty seven years don rickles mr warmth you may know him as a hollywood treasure the godfather insult comedy he's steward the likes of reagan and sinatra and johnny carson and yes me too at the one of the six decades as an entertainment and a resume that includes the johnny carson award for comedian excellence and the first of a friar's club lifetime achievement award don shows no signs of stopping in fact he'll be at the all ian's hotel in las vegas aug sixteenth and seventeenth why do you never why didn't you just retire when you hollering with. him when the call
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we're going to let the mouse fuck off and. one on one retired with you keep the money going like you're not retiring and you've been asked. what it was made of the mind of the in all of the mind like the wife says it had to keep the mind going and i had this that on the series i had this leg problem you know it's not it's a little nothing and that i can't even pronounce it it was you do you have a disease. he have a disease he no one and no it's a it's not a it's a thing like that it's a poison that gets into your leg i don't know how i got it and they came and the doctor said we got. operate at seven operations well yes so you can start this stage any more i get used to you i will run say i'm not finished i'm not going to go in a wheelchair and spit up on myself no no i'll eventually i'll get rid of the cane at this level but that's and i mean by the time i told johnny depp the thoughts of it. with your friend if they take the lego house on my lawn i'm happy because i
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know i'll be able to do a pirate movie. that's funny. and like a ton of money he's got to tell me i'm funny. you see you don't move of course so what the act now i sit in a chair was i go to i'm going to go to ali and so tell on your sixteenth a saturday night as a comedian you know i'm going to go to watch you oh i see when i sit there uma now you know jack you know what you'll be sitting on it yeah but that's a little different now because of the film you know and it's funny what they show highlights right yeah. you know all that stuff it's about human to him i cared about him not that he. had nothing to live i mean sitting there with. some great stuff with him. for presidents it's a good thing those shoulder clips and then yeah i don't want comments it's a great idea it is thanks. we had great times yeah but i used to know you in the
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restaurant the flying public if you walked in my mother used to say he's wonderful . and i use the methods that i used to come on like a busboy insult people sitting there waiting to have breakfast you know we'll great time no money but great times so as i mentioned money to the list is fogged up and your brother and you walked away when you started. as comedically did you start insulting people you know i mean we use the word insult let's not insult to day it's exaggeration and an attitude somebody has kids come on today that they tried to do what you can't it's it's part of my personality and so i did i didn't plan on being me i went to the american academy of dramatic arts believe it or not i came out of the navy and i went this is the american academy and it's a great school and acting with my saying like that or going on with you know actor in the clothes there's been some great movies and you did say i was going to be shot saying i miss i don't know any book that rest a soldier's. best my closest thing to like broadway that we did in the round. up
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the play the odd couple and the funny part is he played he played he played the heavy get i was the quiet guy you were feeling. and it were your feelings i heard you. to help us and. well your host of we're told one of you i know well i don't know. how much longer. you know that i know her and that's what i said i loved acting so when the big comedy thing happened when i found i could make money no not really a common thing i was always a kidding around and so i thought of the campus around on broadway and i was into i work in a place we were off the street when the wind came in it covered me with their truth and they were going to the joints all around the car just doing that somebody just started saying i'm going to have fun with people i'm going to work off i would really must to my work and it was in joints like in jersey you know had
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a guy because to sit in the front row at a bathrobe and spit up was great for your father but the guy was still has. all kinds of joints at work that you don't like the internet you're on the internet now this is the new world on i got chills. chills like that. this is the no world on i don't care i'm eighty eight years old i don't know about the world thanks for the applause i'm eighty eight years old health is good and i'm doing this because i enjoy it and people show up to say me what the new world nation or what the whole secret is added to it was they way they were ethical those two hundred years if you like if you're going to hell and i always believe that the kids today don't want nothing if they do you know because it with all that stuff they find people laugh ok well i don't do that the truth is you're also one of the nicest people alive ever you are sweet person as anyone ever. but i mean no i'm ready to cry. did anyone ever take you serious did anyone ever get mad
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well sure you know not not up to my face. when you it was bob hope russell when you're out there you know when you're out there selling yourself you can't please everybody career not everybody's going to walk out what he said i keep my friends do that voice i can come and see what you really have selling yourself and it's very difficult to have everybody love you and i'm certainly not all that but the whole world loves me you know and so when you started to get on celebrity all of who almost i was in a car going home a lot do you remember the first celeb you picked on not what i think they thought it really got me recognition was between johnny carson and frank sinatra. so we have biggest guys in the business that by the way we have found out what your illness is it is not critize ing fussy i guess you know but i must correct you one thing i don't have the disease and in other words the poison is the doctors that
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u.c.l.a. that did that wonderful job and they were only up to my name eight and they got it all really you know laid up operation so it was really do you know what make good ties in firstly i diseases yeah it's a jewish fungus. but it tags only jewelry jewish women and this is revolutionary in attacks only june and rabbis die when i was nineteen or. when the first time you take done sinatra. did you have any trepidation because i know we had a great sense of humor but did you have some of the first time i met my mother went up to see dolly at the front it was starring at the fontainebleau this might not be the first time but it seems like. she said when she was there she called me to complete said dolly that was his mother please have frank frank he got frank about frank frank you go and see that me please you were in the lounge then yeah in the lounge at the play it wasn't allowed and it was a club called the marquis franklin's and luke twenty third street him and i went in there and all this and it was
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a line around the block with what i do which was not telling jokes it was attitude making fun of people and not being hurtful in my opinion otherwise i wouldn't be on this that you know this was touch and go for a while. but i know you a long time and so it's like a marcy thinks of me and i. don't know so that's a lie or so what happened was. that he's thought of that stuff you know about making fun of people and she's not really into it and she said thank you go see done and he came in and i never met the man before in my life at that time and i said frank be yourself stand up and hit somebody. and all the guys with a moment is funny. i've traveled with scientists. floyd does what do you think the funny part you know and then i traveled with them for almost two years and work with them yeah and we have
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a bit where they come out on this on the stage and i say frank you don't need that sort of thing that that's when you know when i do me because i don't want to do a stand up alone with him it wasn't for me so i would come up with the idea that interrupt all of their exact so after about three weeks i come up on stage i go frank pipes i'm a friend god. and he said isn't it funny listen but when talking about the phone i think it's a joke with them and you know commitment to take is funny. he said bet no i said. yeah he said and i said i think i'm going to win them. and. forget about it and then i get to talk to him but it was similar to ed sullivan was he fighting you know here he is a brilliant comedy mind and i walk out of state that i can't say i did why are you out here. while you had i'm supposed to come up and get off the stage and not let me come and see me later and somebody else and say we're back with us and. my
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career is over my. daughter but they didn't mean any harm but frank was a was when we when he never was i had a relationship with him it was we went to dinner and i was eating he said you know i said i think i'm talking. and he would stop for a little so you can treat him anywhere you want anyway he was i'm always to my wife he was great with women too. well was it was it was that that it's not it wasn't really was he in danger is you know i once asked you did you ever not frank sinatra and us me if i had relatives he didn't jersey was he really tough guy freddy believed he was a tough guy but he was he was a boxer he was a kid but he always used to say when somebody bothered him with tony jail might be him one night we were in the men's room some guy was bottom francis and i would drop this guy right here i said tell me take care of it if. he had he like that sort of that was much oh yeah but he was he had i think
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a wall they had to take his i know aside from on a regular basis so. when you walked into a room if you were along today when you walked into and i think you know that it stopped absolutely stunned people like them just like that i said it comes frankly since the dentist who stopped you know same thing with a certain. ronald reagan the same thing you know you killed him a lot oh yeah well i know when he was governor you know i said i've got a cousin that's going to chat tomorrow morning one phone call to let me write one phone call and he's doing good. and my cousin died. and this is a little we're going to know and you know what is my biggest treat life like laws because i was in hawaii for the cold and said you got to be in the office of the regular side and complain to the cabinet and i said oh well crazy but i had this guy get up there and buy him off so frank which i turned around and the inaugural
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was really they said to my friend we're going to recalls he said let me put its weakness at rest itself he said if you don't have if you don't have wrinkles you're not going to have me i see exactly he said i couldn't think of nothing from my from that day on but we always did when we travel to europe together he was always he would a lot of food take done it's delicious and i would say that's great it's like he wanted to scrap you know he would do everything to get a rise and we were on our children of the past you know i was whole baritone you know those are those that will feed. on marriage and the financial world. is told let's start a city and family take no demand for credit you're not going to get any economic benefit in life there are. often.
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your friend post a photo from a vacation you can't afford. to different. your boss repeats the same old joke of course you like. your ex-girlfriend still tends to rejection poetry keep. ignoring. the post only what really matters. to your facebook news feed. you like me you want your comedy news from t what's your comedy news to be a bare fisted no holds barred fight to the dad. like a vampire quiting into the next in the corporate elite billionaire freaks while they're going. well that's what you get with my new show but jacked it in night.
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put it on your. face you know. a pleasure to have you with us here on t.v. today i'm sure. other things to talk about with you that you're an american treasure what do you think of a joan rivers the english she walked off the so on c.n.n. and weatherman was. a very bright woman. in college she's smart as a with he really is and she chose that that road to do. she does and sometimes if you have a bump and don't co-writes of i can sit in judgment of what children feel and she
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have many times and you know she does her stuff and then they left and i want to back and i pay or so i get an apology or i know charlie steiner my dear friend the dodger radio announcer is here graham you once took a dodger pitcher out of the game right oh you know about that tell me about that i don't charlie even that one hell of a limit i went to a game one night when tommy and i were a pretty tight so he said and i. put on a uniform and go out to take that put you out of the game with the summer in training or the record i was a fan of appreciation day or something i said i'm not going out here by the way he got fined for that he said i don't kid go i didn't take it so i went that route like or probably over at that time we looked like no time has i'm carrying a little ball when i'm out. and i love him dearly so if he gets offended by that they'll get over it but it up from there to himself so long looked at us and don't
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know it's like a bank a ok but if he's ok. i guess for no money in your slamming shut up i don't care i'm no i'm saying no so now ok ok i never heard that he was jewish gee whiz ok the one time she's going to take my gold medal and i walk like tom it was like that so much of this is to me a book you can't take me out again what do you want to know your if it's not reality or if i want a blog comment i want to go there first to get a board is god's truth i don't have nobody in the morning stepped up something tells me you're going to like. this and you're going to meet him both or i just think of it i want the ball now i want rod what you got i don't give a damn about at the nobody on this team you take the ball to me. with that how to win a step ahead of the on board i helped another one roof some of them ask what the hell he sees me what can you get me to take in terms of the. truth two tickets
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for the money. that's going to another great story that is it's not of me that is of but you are incredible i'm going to name some people give me your thoughts ok justin bieber. because. it will. be. the fact that kim carr dash here. really i mean it was you have you have no opinions on this she's beautiful woman when i say any polar funny i love her great hadley griffon lovely lady and a good and a good hostess betty white lovely woman a good host only i get i don't know how long she's going to dissolve right.
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bob newhart genius you ask. genius. now he's my dear friend is the class she is the most beautiful man i know he really is he's just he's bright he's clever he is you tell great stories and you try. serious catholic oh yeah and i'm a jewish kid and you went to bed with him with him yeah well the whole secret is you know hey i thought i don't talk about marriage and love but you know what teachers will be here all night. two priests and seven rabbis died getting you to. know because when i die i will with know how it went as really got it when we had great times and he'll just you know he's a you know he's a book one of that committee and so to speak i'm allowed to from the neighborhood you know but we always loved each other and look and love the basic to this day love the basic facts about each other to great friendship you have zero and the key is as i say in my shell is the wives and you know that his wife and my wife are
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like sisters and if their wives get along with the guys i don't care where guys from you know it makes for a wonderful friendship when you were here on world war two you know but i was there i was in the philippines for two and a half years and i said when i first i thought the rest as i said going unless i simply don't go in the army it's thirty go with maybe it's my sickly so i went and i joined up and they took up the fight started talking and they took my blood pressure and the doctor came in grand central station those days. that's right you have the wrong show you want to lay down. i said it's a. lie down. then i get up. would you stay over night. the latter i potentially. then you're nervous well one she'll be if you're in the but don't put my hat uniform on you're going to go tell the guy knows where anyway so i said next day that they passed me for some reason and i when i said that i said
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lieutenant i do comedy and jokes comedy he jokes ok you can go to the next station and simply look when you do some comedy and joke. joke. ok i said that in a comic book can't seem to. understand your new comedy and jokes. like comedy and jokes and the good and next thing you know i was on a ship i said we're going to a station for entertainment now you're going to philippines. because it was two jews on the ship and me the link allowed to me. you know let those around us hear about what it's about what do you fire the japanese doesn't shoot guns they don't know a shot at zero mandatory life. how did you get to show that your fire at that japanese no two from a working man restaurant town. you know. we had
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a few incidents but i hate the guys that really went through it because i never had a big guy and i got a double star but we have some social media questions and then a couple of personal questions how much four is on facebook wants to know what it was like working with robert de niro and martin scorsese even the movie casino absolutely fantastic. first of all robert de niro was a guy that before i met him they said don't kid around for serious to think oh fast forward to next you know him in his trailer and it would toss up a little of what i'm going to think i'm not going jen he was a wonderful guy and the first scene we have a did in casino was walking down the block of the world at night midnight the night shooting which was tough and we walked down the casino floor and i was like this body got everything and i want a man like oh i don't know half the guys i don't know boy simply something like that or should we take the gun from the guy and louie will know when temple going
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to be when we think we're going to move we will move and i said hold it hold i can't i can't marty i can't work with this man. i cannot work with this man and the crews up there left me with the man mumbles i don't need this i don't want to talk about him with i'd only a man i mean particularly the mobile and bottom of the level. i said see the left but i don't know where that wing is i can't take this anymore and that was the first time i've gone and then little by little i ran the crew and the staff you get killed it will be no no we had a guy hit you that if you only try to actually really try to you know he had that rubber suit on me and i come back i mean you know but and he thought that was fun i would tell him to look take some water have a seven b.s. love via twitter do you have any regrets or things you do differently in your career no not really i did in person asians and i started like you didn't have us or you did catch me clark i would get baby dive dive. was going to.
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dollars didache to you got to get out ok now i was on the run someone would think was my first picture with burt lancaster and weston clark and i and i had clark was great he was like well i'm sure it was great to me but it was very kind to say something about somebody until around it was wondering why the something dives and why close up now and they would say it again he'd. with that little cramp he went with dimes ok that's one of a little game of if you only knew i ask just snap quick questions and your quick answer we have got them on the first girl you have a kissed you just. so you know i'm with the first girl i'm eighty eight years old how do i remember the first girl i kissed and first of all i had a few girls and i knew vegas their names and i could be mentioned on this mickey mouse so i didn't mean vegas i mean like you're a kid but i wasn't what i was known i wasn't drop my pants and say what me here we go to bed with you. to get out of this. what makes you
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laugh. this kind of shocking. stuff. you know what makes me laugh funny guys really of course bob novak my dear friend it brilliantly most embarrassing moment most embarrassing moment she had so much to say didn't they in vegas once throw you out to the guys make you go out of door nude yes the steam room that's what it was in the betterment well yeah they were that statement and i was kidding around frances that said throw me out them and i was nude and i went out right where all the beach umbrellas were stood there in the nude and they threw out in the room yeah and i stood up like that and it could get like this it was about you know the perfect body. so even bad did not embarrass you know a lot of funniest fan encounter when you're thinking well i'm thinking was that
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funny. that that was really the guy the guys i would say that the navy the navy guys come up to me you know what a lot of the same ship you know and as i said i'm eighty eight. they're not near eighty eight they're close but then and they come up we go and then them to me any . minute late remember that made in philippines. we went to bed inflation you said to me when we seem to really move. and i said go away. we were ever starstruck sinatra yes and johnny carson show you have words of advice for young comics in a day job. you know for young comics i think you have to be you have to be right at it you have to believe in it and rejection rejection rejection if you can as my daughter then you really should i mean she is starting out in comedy and i tell it to a lot of rejection you can't please everybody and when you start out you've got to
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build a reputation and if you catch on little by little and it took me i was in my thirty's before i started to get there still get a job when they left do you still get bad well you do too with this show i know you all the years i know you when you have the right gaston that have come along certain shows that you feel i was my best but i don't know we used to deal years ago i i told jokes can go right to rest his soul was my manager at the time i said joe and play stuff but that that was a five that was an eight that was a seven never tell a joke you know you know nine percent it comes out a joke sometimes but i had the attitude and what i'm talking about becomes a joke like what's the secret to your long marriage aka. you know god i hope i don't. have an i pad i could here are watching this and sinker. personally i don't think that's something. you know if i don't know oh yes and if you've got
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a lovely wife and you took. the friendship the things you can talk about now everybody thinks that the big pop is that all story was for me for a while when i was single had. enough a waitress smile that went oh you know but the whole thing is the friendship and the caring and your family and i've got a lovely woman god bless it all bob was forty one years when they go to vegas august sixteenth on the seventeenth the orleans hotel he's still doing that oh that's it oh you only have a half a hole oh my god all somebody. what it's like i clear my throat i have fallen i use a semi friend the legendary don rickles be sure to see him at the orleans for a woman las vegas august sixteenth and seventeenth can always find me on twitter at anderson cooper. i just did not. receive next time. as year.
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old. technology innovation all these developments around russia. the future of coverage. a pleasure to have you with us here on t.v. today i'm.


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