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on a mission to surround east in ukraine's largest city shells hit residential buildings a hospital and of school in. western firms warned they could lose billions of dollars as. the food imports by saying it's taking its business elsewhere. the israeli offensive in gaza puts jewish people worldwide at risk of violence against the palestinian people. across the globe. and take action if these terrorist forces threaten our personnel or facilities anywhere in the uk and the us president authorizing the use of air strikes against
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. iraqi territory including the country's largest christian city. is now a.t.m. here in moscow it's azzi international with me will receive from the whole team here welcome to your headlines the a cranial me is encroaching on the largest city in the country's east in order to crush the anti-government resistance there a series of attacks on the. two brand new apartment blocks at least one person locally was killed. were shot inside one of those apartments you can see help. badly damaged it is just
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two hundred meters from the buildings is a hospital its second floor completely wrecked including the walls the furniture and the medical equipment. for the show you some video from a town just outside on the outskirts where a church exploded into a fireball after being hit by a shell again that's a church as you can see it's right next to a playground there which luckily was empty at the time of the attack now all of this happened in one day you see that right there that's a massive created from a previous strike a couple days before well let's go to a scale of all how it's really impacting us for us live. in the region for us right now good to see a marine good to morning to you can you bring us up to speed here it looks like the army is really putting a very firm grip on that region. yes indeed we are now at the russian ukrainian border waiting to cross into ukraine but every day we hear that is gettin only more and more dangerous to go then the situation on the roads is really dramatic ukraine's national security and defense council has
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confirmed that the army is currently preparing to regain control of the major cities in eastern ukraine it is also now confirmed by the officials of wiki it calls its antiterrorist the region this part of the country they spokesperson has said that the military will take the cities and the towns and the villages street after street building after building without specifying which city will come first saying that it will either be done and or lugansk these are big cities the gonski is home to half a million people don't ask is twice as knowledge and of course with these promises from kiev to intensify the attacks the concerns are that there could be even more civilian deaths in less than four wants of the operation in ukraine more than one thousand people have already been killed old mary sue religions we just couple of days ago visited the city over the guns and we saw a very dramatic picture on the ground many have already scaped the town but
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many are still inside and they're hiding in the basements they're living under constant shelling and mostly women children or sick and old people key of has also officially suspended the cease fire at the site of the malaysian airlines airplane crash and fears and also growing that this will only lead to an intensification of the fighting in their region russia has criticized this behavior. decision by key is a faulty start to most those efforts at the u.n. to try to reinstate those were blocked by western countries well this is the situation now in ukraine back r.t. correspondent maria thanks for that. in the meantime a photo correspondent for the ria novosti agency is missing in eastern ukraine. and was last heard over three days ago after he sent some photos from the region at
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first it was thought destruction to communications in the area was the reason he had gone quiet but now there is genuine concern about his whereabouts stan is well known for working in dangerous areas like syria and egypt he's been taking photos all over the rest of regions where a number of journalists have been killed or abducted. now the ukrainian a capital kiev also witnessing well a tough few hours as people in a central square first clashed with police and burnt tires then later started dismantling the pavement amid all this happened when the city also already has tried to tear down barricades that have been on my down since last november of course when the protest against the government first started a foreign affairs analyst derek monro says all the situation is far too familiar. actually situation's quite ironic to say the least since the revolution seemed to take him three hundred sixty degree turn where the situation is that transpired
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today the same for the banks it was last november when the protests took place so right now it seems to me that all the variety of different people who agree people dead wife's or the likelihood us far as the overall revolution is concerned are simply realizing that a government they have right now is simply replaced the other and they're simply to a point of exit right now where it seems like nothing much has changed over all plus there's a civil war in east so overall if i can sum it up the whole developments in the ukraine is a bit of complete disaster and there's really nothing else to show for the greek destruction am. and now that european food industry is sounding the alarm over the ban that russia has placed on most imports billions of euros in potential losses moscow moved to counter western sanctions which had resorted to sanctions over the events in ukraine. are all about how small. no market for those that back sanctions
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russia's ban on the import of certain food stamps from the us canada australia norway and you see the response to the economic sanctions imposed on moscow the ban will block meat fruit vegetables some dairy and fish imports for one year those watching international trade say this shows that russia is a different animal to other nations sanctions recently what's striking is that when the sanctions were ramped up against iran there was very little iran could do the west didn't really need much from iran that's not the case with russia and i think russia has made very clear that it will retaliate in a proportionate manner with european culture said to bear the brunt of the import ban e.u. leaders that backed sanctions against russia look likely to face farmers and export is demanding compensation for their losses there's someone there now. it's going to
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affect us all it will take two or three months to collect all remaining crops of oranges and we don't know what will happen if no one buys them if there isn't a sufficient market prices will go down and we don't know if we can cover the costs of production because it is so expensive. for european food exports to russia worth over twelve billion euros last year lithuania and finland were the first to contact brussels about compensation some estimates suggest the ban could cost the finnish economy million euro mostly from dairy exports elsewhere but the german trade union that deals with wholesale foreign trade said the ban posed a risk to the economy in his country in greece the opposition party says accuse the current government's actions of being detrimental to farming and in ireland the minister for agriculture said there was real worry particularly regarding cheese exports which were. it four point five million euro in twenty thirteen european
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analysts a warning that sanctions aren't the way to find a solution we trade is a key for peace we shouldn't be in this game of tit for tat thing we sanction is we we should be negotiating on the same table but as it stands russian consumers are going to have to go with certain imports western exports is going to be locked out the russian market peter all over. you can head to our web site to tell us if you think you'll be hit the hardest by the sanctions over the crisis in ukraine if we have one just as we can bring up for you here the ones that choose from right now though the majority believing that both russia and western nations will be affected equally only a little less feel the e.u. and the us such really could suffer a bigger losses and also further down the numbers the rest rest of you saying it's either russia or no one as the world would actually adjust very quickly so you cast your vote at r.t. dot com right now. for the meantime here on the child will be back with more news
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in just a moment. right the. first strike. and i think that you're. an army corps. instrument. i know c.n.n. the m s n b c news have taken some not slightly but the fact is i admire their commitment to cover all sides of the story just in case one of them happens to be accurate. that was funny but it's closer to the truth and might think. it's because when full attention and the mainstream media works side by side the joke is actually on here. coming up.
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at our team we have a different press the fellow because the news of the world just is not this funny i'm not laughing dammit i'm not. ok. i gotta stick to the jokes i will handle the stuff that i've got to. the lead. among. the leaves the economic ups and downs in the final months day the london new york sank night and the rest look like it's going be a single day every week long game the lucky.
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dramas that can't be ignored to the. stories others refused to notice and. the first stranger in the world writes never. so picture of today's leaves the long term demands from around the globe. look to. the. your friend posts a photo from a vacation you can't. different. your boss repeats the same old joke of course you like. your ex-girlfriend. poetry.
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or facebook you speak. from moscow thank you for joining us two missiles have been fired from gaza into israeli territory as the truce between the sides enters its final hour. he's pledged to renew fighting in the ongoing peace talks after the peace talks in cairo failed and the month long conflict has already claimed one thousand nine hundred lives was most of most of the dead being palestinian civilians a correspondent joining me live from ramallah good morning to you harry what is the situation now on the ground. well the situation is extremely tense it's a lecture it is palestinians await a result of these ceasefire extension negotiations with still even now these last
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minutes of the seventy two hour unconditional truce yet to hear anything from the palestinian side with regard to whether or not they are willing to unconditionally extend the truce or to hear anything in terms of whether or not these negotiations have generally been fruitful with respect to either a short or long term settlement here in the west bank over the last month of the crisis we've seen a real increase in tension over one hundred twenty palestinians have been arrested just in the last eight days on choose day more than two dozen arrested overnight we've seen several killed in clashes with israeli troops and the human rights watch here on the ground says that at least some of those deaths of palestinian protesters ostensibly constitute trying to face a war crimes the results of these ready force used here the situation has its own kind of crisis and we've seen vast humanitarian efforts here in the west bank for the gaza strip gaza his own has experienced incredible human loss over these last
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thirty days as you say close to two thousand palestinians killed including several hundred women and children around ten thousand injured again mostly civilians and so many of those suffering from horrific explosive injury as. well in terms of the kind of infrastructure loss we've seen tens of thousands of palestinians have lost their homes their homes have either been partially or totally destroyed meanwhile it's not just homes but also schools and mosques that have been attacked more than one hundred schools have been damaged more than one hundred mosques have been down and damaged and on other grounds now almost or around a quarter of the population of gaza quarter one point eight million people have been tunneling displaced and one million human rights groups humanitarian organizations rather say one million palestinians do not have access to water. correspondent harry fear thanks for that. in the meantime hundreds of protesters in
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madrid have taken to the streets in protest at the violence in gaza demonstrators demanding israel put an end to its military ambitions and lift the occupation of palestinian territories this is just the latest in a series of rallies that have swept across the world during the month long offensive. well it's not just the protests and demonstrations that are inspired by the israeli operation tell of eve's military campaign is given away to a growing anti semitic sentiment and attacks on jewish people worldwide. looked at the latest incidence. we've seen the tragic images. and the public outrage that followed and now it appears that backlash is being directed at anyone who has any links to israel where two days. in sydney australia five teenagers were arrested for allegedly screamin and systematic abuse at a group of jewish school children as young as five. in the french city of toulouse
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police arrested the man for throwing fire bombs at a local jewish center in the danish capital copenhagen police had to disperse a pro israel rally fearing for the safety of those taken parts in italy rome's historic jewish area has been transformed by graffiti and flyers covering shops and walls and even in berlin german protesters were seen barren and systematic banners and chance in hate slogans thousands of brits show up at each stroke palestinian rally calling for an end to israel's operation and demanding the french government stop selling weapons to the. foreign office minister baroness also quit calling david cameron's position on gaza morally indefensible others spend their anger at the stuff that. according to the metropolitan police and systematic crimes have doubled in london over the past year and these figures predates israel's a recent operation in gaza on the fish really it appears there's been an even
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sharper rises since the conflict began and jewish communities living here in the capital and beyond are now warning everyone to take extra care with over three hundred and systematic incidents recorded across the u.k. in the first half of the year including twenty two violent attacks their concerns are understandable while politicians scramble to find a peaceful way out of the israeli palestinian conflict there are many other issues which will need resolving too far away from gaza marina cost of our reporting from london for r.t. . and over on our web site this hour taking protest to the supermarket a new phone has hit the virtual shelves called by caught let's shoppers know if the product they want to buy has any links with israel. also that will tell you how google is favoring the web site owners who are boosting their online security those details right now at dot com. right
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to see. first street. and i think that you're. on a reporter's twitter. instagram. for news here from moscow is r.t. international live thanks for joining us president obama has given permission to launch u.s. and strikes on shihad as militants of the so-called islamic state that have occupied northwest iraq the northern territories up here however he said the airstrikes that would only take place in case in the midst attack the kurdish city right here of erbil where u.s. diplomatic personnel are based now this comes as a militants have stepped up their offensive capturing the largest christian town of qatar cause it's thought some two hundred thousand people have fled the fighting in
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recent days meanwhile bombs went off in baghdad in the oil town of quite a cook killing dozens. that's the latest. the mission of the u.s. to get in the way of the humanitarian crisis and traveling in the country has been slamming states and al qaeda affiliated group also known as isis ravages through northern iraq pushing two hundred thousand iraqis to flee and trapping about forty thousand religious minorities on mount st john where according to unicef forty children have already died from heat and dehydration and jobs have humanitarian aid in iraq are now being conducted by the u.s. these time it's militants have been sweeping through northwestern iraq taking over multiple towns and cities as well as the country's largest dam intensifying concerns that this is only the tip of the iceberg and that the instability in the country will only keep growing directed our military to take targeted strikes against eisel terrorists convoys should they move toward the city. we intend to
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stay vigilant and take action if these terrorist forces threaten our personnel or facilities anywhere in iraq but are there any other options one of those is actually putting together a nato type organization which consists of jordan turkey egypt saudi arabia you can organize the sunni nations which we've helped train and equip to go take care of this nobody wants isis to be successful even the so many lives so you've got to look at this realistically and frankly the american people are tired of war so which steps if any could actually bring more stability to the chaos torn country and how far could any u.s. involvement lead these are sensitive questions after almost a decade of u.s. presence in iraq which cost over seven hundred fifty billion dollars and the country is now at the point of catastrophe as chaos and six hereon violence continues to rage on and our. and previously the u.s. and coalition into iraq was a very costly exercise costly both in terms of human life and financially let's
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have a closer look the white house spend a whopping one point seven trillion dollars on the whole deal that's five thousand dollars per second during the occupation each american soldier costs three hundred fifty thousand to deploy and the government will still need to give billions to his veterans and pension payments and he will activist richard becker says washington was well it will still need to pull even more money into iraq. the cost of the war has not really been added up yet in terms of the damage done in iraq the damage done to people who died in it from the united states and the actual cost which will be i'm growing and hundreds of billions if not trillions of dollars will be added to that in terms of health care in the future and i think people are quite aware of that now what a catastrophe that war was for the people in iraq and also for the people in the united states to mexico to open up the world updated where more than two thousand people. had to be evacuated from the town of san pedro after
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a gas line exploded creating a burning crater in the middle of a highway thought a water leak toppled the electricity pole onto the pipeline i should say excuse me causing this huge explosion at this point there are no injuries have been reported . police have stormed a factory in the capital dhaka firing rubber bullets and tear gas to disperse striking workers the protesters retaliated by throwing bricks hundreds of garment workers have been on an indefinite hunger strike demanding a payment of three months salary and promised bonuses reports of several workers and journalists were injured. a new children's book that teaches youngsters about gun rights is raising more than a few eyebrows in america and while some are lashing out at the idea is completely inappropriate others have leapt to the defense of the author's. nature kind reporting on how a gun advocacy groups are taking the fight for their rights to
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a new level. a new children's book has hit the bookshelves of america my parents' open carry is designed to explain to children why it is a great idea for their parents to be carrying guns with them everywhere to the thirteen year old character in the books the parents say when seconds count police are minutes away the book already has its supporters and its haters. why do you think it's because people need to know how to take care of themselves protect themselves and to protect the children in the home if they know how to use it for them by you are you a father very much i have three boys but i don't think that that's good for example . i think that we already have a pretty violent nation as it is so i think that we have nation so that just promotes it in a sense some in social media hit back at gun advocates by changing the book's cover irenaeus site the american academy of pediatrics points to grim statistics firearms are one of the top three causes of death among children in the u.s.
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killing twice as many as cancer injuries from fire arms send an estimated seven thousand children to casualty every year and an additional three thousand died from gunshot wounds before they get to a hospital and despite the growing number of deaths among children gun culture in america seems to be gaining momentum. the documentary film kids and guns features american families who encourage their young children to own and shoot arms . and those who regret ever having given a gun to their child he had a little twenty two thank you twenty take he and i had just purchased it for him first and i purchased from us. obviously our great purchase he did. take his little weapon big slipped. and when he did the better the going to hit the guy all. and he went off and shot
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him or he and i ran into several non americans as i was asking people what they thought about the children's book death explained your kids why your perry parents carry guns i can't even stretch my mind that for it's so for me it's just. very a culture shock american children young teens are nine times more likely to die in a gun related accident and those in the rest of the developed world gun advocates in the us seem variably see all attempts to restrict the use of guns as an encroachment on the constitution so all meaningful efforts to bring about policy change have hit a dead end in washington i'm going to check on party. thanks for joining us on our international we come to you live from moscow all the way the civilian cost of the ongoing conflict between israel and the palestinians are all under the microscope with abby martin.
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world. science technology innovation all the latest developments from around russia we've got the future covered. liz. liz. liz
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. liz. talk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want. right the settlers were strict. and i think the church. and. what's going on guys and i mean martin and this is breaking in
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a set so last month new york city man and father of six eric garner was approached by a plainclothes and i pretty officer and ended up paying the ultimate price after raising his arms another officer daniel panta leo put him in a choke hold while other cops helped to bring him to the ground the entire incident was caught on tape and the video can you can clearly hear garner who is three hundred fifty pounds and asthmatic saying i can't breathe after his death the medical examiner's office ruled that garners death was a homicide caused by the choke hold except the evidence of the video combined with the medical examiner's analysis seemed to have no impact on the largest union representing n.y.p.d. officers take a listen at the president of the patrolmen's benevolent association had to say earlier this week it was not a chokehold he was a big man that had to be brought to the ground to be placed on their rest by shorter police officers well there you have it folks it wasn't a true.


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