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tv   Headline News  RT  August 8, 2014 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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on a mission to the east in ukraine's largest city shells hit a residential building a hospital school in. western could lose billions of dollars. for the food. saying it simply taking its business elsewhere. directed our military to take targeted strikes against terrorists convoys should they move toward the city the u.s. prepares to get involved in iraq again but the islamic militants have managed to occupy the territory that clued in the country's largest christian city.
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the israeli offensive jewish people worldwide. the palestinian people. across the globe. headlines right now and. the whole crew welcome to the program first breaking news here on the network the ria novosti news agency says a source has informed it that one of its photo correspondents who went missing in eastern ukraine three days ago has been detained by the country's security services . it was last tuesday when he sent photos from the region at first it was thought destruction to communications in the area was the reason he had gone quiet stand in his well known for working in dangerous areas like syria and egypt he's been taking
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photos all over the rest of regions where a number of journalists have either being killed or abducted and will be keeping you informed as soon as we get more details on this breaking news here on our national. now the ukrainian army is encroaching on the largest city in the country's east to crush the antigovernment resistance there a series of attacks on the center of dawn yet skit to brand new apartment blocks a killing at least one person. and this footage right here was shot inside one of the apartments you can see how badly damaged it is just two hundred meters from the building is a hospital it's second floor completely wrecked including walls furniture and the medical equipment just to give you an idea don yes he's a city of almost a million people which is roughly the size of brussels i show you another video
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here from a town just outside that's a church right there an inferno more or less after being shelled as you can see was right next to a children's playground thankfully empty at the time of the attack all of this happened in just one day and that crater right there where that was from a heavy bombardment airstrike from just a couple of days before now military officials to say they are ready and troops for a street fight since on yet scanned lugansk as part of a crucial phase in the operation to take back control over the rest of regions maria phenomenon has more. ukraine's national security and defense council has confirmed that the army is currently preparing to regain control over the major cities in eastern ukraine it is also now confirmed by the officials of what kiev calls its antiterrorist the region in these parts of the country they spokesperson has said that the military will take the city center towns and the villages street after street building after building without specifying which city will come first
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saying that it will either be dead or lugansk these are big cities of course and these promises from cave to intensify the attacks the concerns are that they could be even more civilian deaths in less than four months of the operation in ukraine more than one thousand people have already been killed ordinary civilians we just couple of days ago visited this city all the guns can we saw a very dramatic picture on the ground many have already scale the town but to many still inside and they're hiding in their basements they're living under constant shelling and they are mostly women children whole or see and this is the situation now in ukraine. moving away from the east to the ukrainian capital kiev which was also witnessed a turbulent twenty four hours people back on the central square clashing with police burning tires and then dismantling the pavements as well it happened when
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the city or authorities try to tear down the barricades that have been on my done since last november in fact you remember last november that was when the protests initially erupted against the government let us remind you about how it all began so the protests started after the president at the time victor coverture suspended the ukraine e.u. trade agreement a tent city and barricades grew in my down square shortly after clashes with police are up to revealing the presence of radicals in the crowd. it was in january the first deaths were reported in the my done violence and the days of february the eighteenth of the twentieth became the bloodiest in three months of the standoff more than seventy people killed both protesters and police a deal to settle the crisis was signed by ghana cope which opposition leaders just the following day however radicals who played an active role in the protest said they just weren't satisfied at night hundred stormed the parliamentary quarter in
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kiev at the same time going to cope which unexpectedly fled the capital or the next day the ukrainian parliament appointed an interim president and government and presidential elections within set for may twenty fifth however people my done were not going anywhere and barricades remained on the square despite several unsuccessful attempts by the new authorities to dismantle the foreign affairs analyst. says that the situation is all too familiar. actually situations quite ironic to say the least since the revolution seemed to be taken to see the return of the situations that transpired today the same point of exit it was last november when the call to place so right now it seems to me that all the variety of different people who are three people dead wife's or the livelihood as far as the overall revolution is concerned are simply realizing that
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a government they have right now is simply replaced the other and they're simply to a point of exit right now it seems like nothing much exchange overall plus there's a civil war in east so overall if i can sum it up the whole developments in the ukraine is would a complete disaster and there's really nothing else to show for the greek destruction. the food industry on both sides of the atlantic is sounding the alarm over the ban of russia has placed on most imports from western nations fearing billions of dollars in potential losses among the latest reaction a warning of mass layoffs for meat producers in belgium and a drastic income drop for those exporting poultry from the u.s. that are all of it has more no market for those that back sanctions russia's ban on the import of certain food stamps from the u.s. canada australia norway and you is it response to the economic sanctions imposed on moscow the ban will block meat fruit vegetables some dairy and fish imports for one
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year those watching international trade shows that russia is a different animal to other nations sanctions recently what's striking is that when the sanctions were ramped up against iran there was very little iran could do the west didn't really need much from iran that's not the case with russia and i think russia has made very clear that it will retaliate in a proportionate manner with the european cultures set to bear the brunt of the import ban e.u. leaders that backed sanctions against russia look likely to face farmers and export is demanding compensation for their losses if someone there know. it's going to affect us all for us it will take two or three months to collect all remaining crops of oranges and we don't know what will happen if no one buys them and if there isn't a sufficient market prices will go down and we don't know if we can cover the costs
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of production because it is so expensive. european food exports to russia worth over twelve billion euros last year if you win year and finland were the first to contact brussels about compensation some estimates suggest the ban could cost the finnish economy four hundred million euro. mostly from dairy exports elsewhere the german trade union that deals with wholesale foreign trade said that posed a risk to the economy in his country in greece the opposition party says it accused the current government's actions of being detrimental to farming and in ireland the minister for agriculture said there was real worry particularly regarding cheese exports which were valued at four point five million euro in twenty thirteen european analysts are warning that sanctions aren't the way to find a solution free trade is a key for peace we shouldn't be in this game of tit for tat thing we sanction is we
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we should be negotiating on the same table but as it stands russian consumers are going to have to go without certain imports and western export is going to be locked out the russian market peter all over party. and in the meantime the largest opposition party in greece that of syriza is urging the government to drop it sanctions against russia even if the move is not supported by other e.u. nations cost us is yasser member of the party's political secretary and he told us earlier that athens cannot afford to lose a key trading partner. greece is going through a constant recession no more around all this news which followed with will staring for over the last five years created great problems from going on the end of it specially for sports russia has been a strategic partner for greece in many farming and food export. products brussels done a lot still in that. from the economy greece of exports from greece or other countries
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greece has a long history of traditional good ties with russia and we should continue in that role. you can head to our web site to tell us who you think will be hit the hardest by the sanctions over the crisis in ukraine here are the options to choose from here the graphics here ultimately the majority now believing the e.u. and the us could actually suffer the biggest loss is only a little less feeling that both russia and western nations will be affected equally and the rest of you say it's either russia or no one as the world will quickly just cast your vote as r.t. dot com. the in the. it's off the international live from moscow thanks for joining us president obama has given permission to launch u.s. airstrikes on jihadist militants of the so-called islamic state that of occupied
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a large area now of northern iraq however he said the strikes would only take place in the event of islamists attacking the kurdish city here of erbil that's where many u.s. diplomatic personnel live based and this comes as the militants have stepped up their offensive capturing the largest christian town of course it's thought some two hundred thousand people have fled the fighting in recent days meanwhile big bombs went off in baghdad in the oil town of quarter cook killing dozens. now with the latest on the mission of the u.s. to get in the. of the humanitarian crisis unraveling in the country as these states and al-qaeda affiliated groups also known as isis ravages through northern iraq pushing two hundred thousand iraqis to flee and trapping about forty thousand religious minorities on mount zion jar where according to unicef forty children have already died from heat and dehydration air drops of humanitarian aid in iraq are now being conducted by the u.s. these climate militants have been sweeping through northwestern iraq taking over
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multiple towns and cities as well as the country's largest down intensifying concerns that this is only the tip of the iceberg and that the instability in the country only keeps growing directed our military to take targeted strikes against terrorists convoys should they move toward the city. we intend to stay vigilant and take action if these terrorist forces threaten our personnel or facilities anywhere in iraq but are there any other options one of those actually putting together a nato type organization which consists of jordan turkey egypt saudi arabia you can organize the sunni nations which we've helped train and equip to go take care of this nobody wants isis to be successful even the so many wives so you've got to look at this realistically and frankly the american people are tired of war so which steps if any could actually bring more stability to the chaos torn country and how far could any u.s. involvement lead these are sensitive questions after almost a decade of u.s.
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presence in iraq which cost over seven hundred fifty billion dollars and the country is now at the point of catastrophe as chaos and six hereon violence continues to rage on and. previously the u.s. and goes into iraq it was a very costly exercise both in terms of human life and financially let's have a look for you here on the program the white house has spent a whopping one point seven trillion dollars on the whole deal that is five thousand dollars a second during the occupation each american soldier costs three hundred fifty thousand to deploy and the government will still need to give billions to his veterans in pension payments and he will activist richard becker now saying that washington will still need to pull even more money into iraq. the cost of the war has not really been added up yet in terms of the damage done in iraq the damage done to people who slide in from the united states and the actual cost which will
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be i'm going hundreds of billions if not trillions of dollars will be added to that in terms of health care in the future and i think people are quite aware of that now and what a catastrophe that war was for the people in iraq and also for the people in the united states are still to come here on the channel parents and bloggers in the u.s. well they're up in arms over a controversial new book that promotes gun rights to children that story on the rest of your headlines just a second or a nazi and. told you my language as well but i will only react to situations i have read the reports . and no i will leave them to the state department to comment on your letter. to carry on the job. thank you no more weasel.
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when you need a direct question the prison for a change when you. get ready for a. freedom of speech. and the freedom to walk. we speak your language. news programs and documentaries in spanish what matters to you breaking news a little too and it is angles in the story. for you here. in troy the spanish. visit. israel has resumed strikes on gaza and retaliation to missile attacks by hamas hours after the truce between the sides expired at the month long conflict has
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already claimed almost nine hundred lives with most of the dead being palestinian civilians joining me live now from tel aviv is ati's paula give us a latest update on what's happening there paula what is going on on the ground. well a seventy two hour humanitarian truce that was due to expire in the early hours of friday morning has not only expired but has also led to the resumption of hostilities from both sides even before the cease fire expired there were two rockets fired at southern israel from gaza and the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu responded by saying that they would be an israeli retaliation and that a television has come in the form of heavy strikes from both the air and the sea at this stage predominantly on northern gaza now all of this is happening as a follow on from talks in egypt that failed what we understand is that the main sticking point was a demand put put put forward by him us insisting that israel lift its a.t.'s siege
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on gaza and so he this does not seem to have been a condition that was met by the israelis today is friday the situation on the ground is extremely tense both here in israel and in the west bank over the past few fridays we've seen what hamas is called days of rage with clashes erupting both in palestinian cities and also kalandia checkpoint between israeli soldiers and protesters so be moved on the ground is extremely tense israeli police are on high alert and people in the west bank itself extremely concerned about what is happening inside gaza the breakdown of of this humanitarian truce does spell bad news mostly for the people of gaza where the humanitarian situation has been dying to say the least the latest figures suggest that tens of thousands of homes have been destroyed and damaged more than one hundred schools and mosques have been destroyed and damaged one point eight million gazans have been displaced and at the
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same time some one million gazans are without access to drinking water. big numbers are talking about their arteries paula slayer live and to live eve thanks for that. now hundreds of protesters in madrid have taken to the streets in protest at the violence in gaza demonstrators demanding israel put an end to its military ambitions and lift the occupation of palestinian territories this is just the latest in a series of rallies that have swept across the world during the month long runs. but it's not just the protests and demonstrations that have been sparked by the israeli operation hello deaves military campaign has given away to a growing anti semitic sentiment and at times on jewish people worldwide. in a cost of an hour looking at the latest incidents. which seem the tragic images. and public outrage that followed.
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and now it appears that backlash is being directed at anyone who has any links to israel or judaism. in sydney australia five teenagers were arrested for allegedly screamin and systematic abuse how to group of jewish school children as young as five. in the french city of toulouse police arrested a man for throwing fire bombs out a local jewish center in the danish capital copenhagen police had to disperse a pro israel rally fearing for the safety of those taking part in italy rome's historic jewish area has been transformed by anti semitic graffiti and flyers covering shops and walls and even in berlin german protesters were seen barren and systematic banners and chants in hate slogans thousands of brits show up at each stroke palestinian rally calling for an end to israel's operation and demanding the british government stop selling weapons to them foreign office minister baroness
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also quit calling david cameron's position on gaza morally indefensible others vent their anger more destructively according to the metropolitan police and systematic crimes have doubled in london over the past year and these figures predates israel's a recent operation in gaza on the fish really it appears there's been an even sharper rises since the conflict began and jewish communities living here in the capital and beyond are now warning everyone to take extra care with over three hundred and systematic incidents recorded across the u.k. in the first half of the year including twenty two violent attacks their concerns are understandable while politicians scramble to find a peaceful way out of the israeli palestinian conflict there are many other issues which will need resolving too far away from gaza marina cost of our reporting from london for r.t. . and over at our web site for you right now to protect and sometimes blow off the constitution you can learn why one u.s.
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police officer says he doesn't need to follow the country's constitutional rights full story on our web site right now also though we tell you how google is favoring web site owners who are boosting their online security just a few clicks away it's artsy dot com. now in the program a new children's book. the teach youngsters about gun rights is raising more than a few eyebrows in america and while some are lashing out at the idea as completely inappropriate others have leapt to the defense of the author's. nature kind of reporting on how the gun out of a crazy groups are taking the fight for their rights to a new level. a new children's book has hit the bookshelves of america my parents' open carry is designed to explain to children why it is a great idea for their parents to be carrying guns with them everywhere to the thirteen year old character in the books the parents say when seconds count police are minutes away the book already has its supporters and its haters. why do you
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think it's because people need to know how to take care of themselves protect themselves and to protect the children in the home if they know how to use it for them are you are you a father very much i have three boys but i don't think that that's good for example why i think that we already have a pretty violent nation as it is so i think that we have a nation so that just promotes it in a sense some in social media hit back at gun advocates by changing the book's cover irenaeus site the american academy of pediatrics points to grim statistics firearms are one of the top three causes of death among children in the u.s. killing twice as many as cancer injuries from fire arms send an estimated seven thousand children to casualty every year and an additional three thousand died from gunshot wounds before they get to a hospital and despite the growing number of deaths among children gun culture in america seems to be gaining momentum. the documentary film kids and guns
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features american families who encourage their young children to own and shoot arms . and those who regret ever having given a gun to their child he had a little twenty two thank you twenty two and i had just purchased it for him first and have purchased from us. obviously are a great purchase he did it. and this hank was crossing the creek they said these little red slipped. and when he did the better they get hit the guy on. you know when all working and i ran into several non americans as i was asking people what they thought about the children's book you have to explain your kids why your perry parents carry guns i can't even stretch my mind that it's so for me it's just a. very culture shock american children younger than fifteen nine
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times more likely to die in a gun related accident and those in the rest of the developed world gun advocates in the us seem variably see all attempts to restrict the use of guns as an encroachment on the constitution so all meaningful efforts to bring about change have hit a dead end in washington i'm going to check out our. breaking news for you this hour here on r.t. international the rio news agency saying its photo correspondent who went missing in eastern ukraine three days ago has been detained by the country's security services it's believed to under a stone is being held by the national guard in western ukraine it was last heard on tuesday when he was filing photos from the region at first it was thought destruction to communications in the area was the reason he had gone quiet it's not the first time foreign and russian journalists have been abducted by the ukrainian security service just two weeks ago
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a british journalist was snatched outside don't yet he was beaten and tortured in captivity and we'll be keeping you informed as soon as we get more details. i thank so much for joining us here in our international research they all step aside secret warfare and invisible drones a very wiring report coming your way next. in fish farms waters to be a part of me because. i saw it spread all over norway is the most toxic food you have in the whole world. drowned zones in the judicial inquiry furthermore those restrictions. so i am. really knows
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what's inside the feeling of fish. og. i was trained. in december two thousand and ten. more likely to be raped in college than in the real world. and unthinkable did that to each other when they knew each other i thought rape was a stranger in the precious. girl complaining about the son of an alumni gives millions of dollars to the school why listen to somebody who's going to lose money at a school of schools that make money based decisions are much more common than they would ever admit publicly.
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what is on your cultural moment why she's making news all the face and i think sometimes people will go. pleasure to have you with us. deep in the nevada desert for the past eight years the united states have been waging a secret war the war of the drones. our
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investigation begins at the focal point of this conflict creech air force base located close to las vegas. drones are these spooky looking unmanned flying objects. each of these robots are powerful spies able to observe but also to strike which is proved devastating for al qaeda operatives. a predator type drone can shoot at any point around the globe. it's pilot remains concealed in a bunker deep beneath the nevada desert.
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