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tv   Politicking With Larry King  RT  August 8, 2014 6:29am-7:01am EDT

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u.s. border and what president obama should be doing about it's all next on politicking . a ticket on larry king joining us first from chicago u.s. representative lewis good d.r.s. democrat of illinois member of the house judiciary committee and a member of the house permanent select committee on intelligence we thank him for joining us the house passed two immigration bills on friday night did that did that surprise you congressman. so yes so little is fast yeah well yeah so little gets passed because it has written all over it i mean the president of the united states is very clear that he will veto these bills they knew that going in what that surprised me was how many members of the republican party who have spoken
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in favor of immigration reform this cited there but new position would be simply deport them all that there can't be a process in which we take people who have spent many many years in this country. have families and children and businesses here and and and want to remain here in this country that we can't get them right with the law that we have to be so mean spirited that we can't do what the senate larry last june the senate sixty eight to thirty two with ample republican support very bipartisan bill passed a comprehensive immigration reform bill why can't the house of representatives do it they can't because they have twenty twenty five members and say let's just be mean let's be as mean as nasty as we can with immigrants do you think congressman since that is not a popular national issue it doesn't help them in presidential elections and with the hispanic growth in the population why do you think they remain so adamant. i
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think because they can't stand up to the loudest bullies in their caucus in the republican caucus in the house of representatives they just can't stand up to them larry look there are dozens of republican members of the house of representatives that tomorrow would vote for a bill that would be similar maybe not identical to the one passed in the senate last year that would legalize people help secure our borders and put more border patrol agents there make sure that people before you get a job in the united states that there's a verification system in place so that you just can't get a job and use somebody so security number so that you're that you're registered qualified to work in the united states look there are many things we could do we could secure our airports larry eleven million people work on documented in the united states of america five million of them then cross the border they came through o'hare and kennedy airport they came through the airport in san francisco and airports and and ports throughout the united states of america we need
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a better verification system all of those things can happen we can make the american people more secure or we can take their class of people and make them right with the law make them pay a fine learn english and make sure that they get right with the law and we can and most americans want to fix an american want to fix our broken immigration system they just won't do it because they have a small cadre of people who they have to continuously feed. i want to get this right you recently said of opponents of comprehensive immigration reform quote it is almost as though they despise and hate all of our children and quote pretty harsh yeah i think i think when they talk about bringing ebola these pieces to the united states now we know we haven't a bowler crisis in africa but when they see that little kids larry fleeing drug lords and drug cartels human traffickers smugglers people that are criminals that
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are fleeing on doris's the marauder capital of the world the violence is rampant there and little children toddlers show up at our borders bleeding as refugees from those countries and they say they're bringing disease they say that they're in infesting our country with diseases that are incurable those are outright lies and exaggerations that's pretty mean larry when you treat children like that and then when you say to children who arrived here ten fifteen years ago who because of president obama's executive order are now right with the law six hundred thousand young immigrant immigrants who came here as children through no fault of their own but arik selling in school and are american and everything but a piece of paper they pledge allegiance to the same flag you and i do each and every day of their lives and what do they say to them let's end that program after they've registered with the with the with the federal government given up their fingerprints gotten right with the law paid a processing fee are now working and studying as we believe most americans believe
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they should what do they say let's eliminate that program and take away all hope from them let's send them back into the shadows and into darkness and into fear of being deported from this country that's just wrong every how big an issue is this do you think in the midterm elections. i got to tell you i think that it is going to energize larry nine hundred thousand latinos american citizens. turn eighteen every year two million more latinos voted into a weight than to all for two million more voted into twelve than two away they voted resoundingly for the democratic party i think the republican party should take heat that those people are registering and you're encouraging them and motivating motivating them to register to protect people much like them look larry if you talk about people crossing the border and talk about being invaders to this country i think they all my side you just don't like them how do you assess
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the president's actions in the sole question well here i think number one the president did the right thing larry the law is very clear in two thousand and eight we went together democrats republicans overwhelmingly said if children arrive on our border on a company from adult abandon that we need to make sure that we take good care of them and that's what the president is doing and we also said before we can report them and they're all in process of deportation let me be clear about that. that they have to have their day in court so we're not sending them handing them back to a human smuggler to humans trafficker that will exploit that child even more that we're not sending them back to sudden sutton and certain that in their country that they're fleeing from they deserve their day in court the president's doing the right thing by making sure the children have their day in court he's processing them and quickly as possible in the end larry most of those children will be deported back to their countries of origin because there is
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a really isn't much within the law that is going to help them but they do deserve their day in court for the thousands that will be able to establish an asylum claim and a refugee claim here in the united states of america all of these children from central america and the like is this is a moral obligation in your opinion i think it's an obligation that we have as the strongest. nation and richest and most powerful nation in the world larry with that come certain responsibilities look fifty sixty thousand kids are going to stop the united states of america in its tracks it shouldn't freezes in our tracks we should we can hand though this this is a crisis larry just think about one moment we applaud encourage and help to finance when people flee syria and the assad regime you know many refugees there are in jordan over a million you know many there are in turkey over a million syrians have fled there and lebanon over a million now that's
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a million so we've got fifty thousand children that reach our border we can handle this right now larry only a third of the number of children that were coming a month ago are coming today the border is under control people will say it's not secure but it's definitely under control we don't need to put national guardsmen there and continue to waste money larry we already spent on immigration enforcement in two thousand and twelve we spent eighteen billion dollars i just want to tell you what that means that means we spent more on immigration enforcement than we did on the d.n.a. the f.b.i. that we spent on a.t.f. and all the other inforcing that the federal government throwing more money isn't going to solve the problem we need to fix our broken immigration system we need to settle the eleven million that are already here working hard sweating and toiling and want to chance to be a part of this american dream and get right with the law they're outside the law today let seven pay a fine let's get to the back of the line let's let them learn about the constitution and learn english and have them wait for ten years and work and show
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that they deserve a chance i think we can get them right with the law that's what the american people want them some of the areas terms of how to use the situation the middle east are going to whole is all it's going you know something here's what i pay for i pray for peace i pray for peace i pray for peace every time i pray for. peace for israeli children i pray for peace for those palestinian children i pray for peace for those families because i think in the end that's what people want we have to instead of taking a side i want to say i want to be for all of the children and all of the families and all of the peace loving people there we need to resolve this we need a tool state solution to this we need to stop the bombing and the maiming of children and families come when i thought what happened in the west bank and three israeli youngsters teenagers brutalized and murdered my heart broke when i saw the same thing happen to
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a young palestinian child that was burned in retribution another beaten i said that is no way to treat children what is wrong with the adults it's the adults that we need to we need to we need to bring together and say stop this brutality and this nonsense and let's have let's have a jerusalem let's have a palestine let's have a palestine in which we can live in as a member of the house select committee on intelligence was your reaction to the cia apparently improperly assessing that's a scene senator and so. senator feinstein your party has been vocally critical of wallace well yes it's in its larry it's an intolerable abuse we are there to be the check and balance in the system we are there to make sure i mean the spies are spying on us the members of congress who have the authority of oversight part of the reason that there are they get to be in secrecy is that there
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is a senate and the house select permanent committee on intelligence that supervises and monitors if we can monitor them then i think we need to begin to look at a whole host of new regimes that we need to put in place i think it's it's terrible it's a terrible day the intelligence community and the men and women that work in the intelligence community keep us safe each and every day they deserve better from the leadership and a few others that just made a terrible terrible terrible incursion into the rights of the congress of the united states but the president said he has full time students and john brennan the director of the cia to you i have to you know what i'm going to do i'm going to wait to get back there we're going to be back there right after labor day will. select a permanent committee on intelligence will get together and i'm fortunate enough to be able to talk in a classified briefing with mr brennan before i make any determination about his
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future or what i think about his future what's going to happen in november. it was going to happen in november i think we're going to the democrats keep the senate i think it's going to be a lot harder for us in the house of representatives but we'll keep the senate and i'll tell you one thing i'm getting ready for twenty sixteen because the republican party if they keep acting the way they do against gays against women against latinos and immigrants if they keep doing this they're going to become a smaller and smaller party a party of regions of certain states and certain counties but they'll never be a national party again. spec'd do backed hillary if she runs are you going to go i will be and i will i will be happy to back hillary clinton i think she has an astonishing background and a readiness if she's ready i'm ready for hillary. do you expect any fights in the primary if she gets in you know where democrat. we like
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a good fight among ourselves you know i don't think that should be a coronation i think in democracy the person that gets the most votes of the one that wins but there should always be a contest for those votes so there are others who feel that she she's not the incumbent president of the united states if she was it would be a different look if there are others who feel they want to bring their credentials and put them forward to the democratic voters in primaries i think they should go. fully free to do that this is not a coronation a this is a democracy not a monarchy the united states of america louise thank you so much great push that you larry thank you so much we want to thank john is with louise areas for being with us i'm looking forward to more conversations with him up next sean spicer communications director for the republican national committee to talk more about immigration for egypt and the midterm elections right after the.
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rostock rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want. the secret laboratory was able to build a new its most sophisticated robot which all unfortunately doesn't give
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a darn about anything tim's mission to teach creation why it should care about humans. this is why you should care only on t.v. dot com. dramas that can't be ignored. stories others who refuse to know. things are changing the world writes now. the picture. from around the. globe to. me. welcome back to politicking joining me now from washington d.c. is sean spicer communications director for the republican national committee we
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thank him for being with us shawn over the weekend the wall street journal in an op ed column said that the g.o.p. deportation caucus is the latest immigration debacle in a won't help the party's image which is still recovering from the shutdown debacle of two thousand and eleven it said a party whose preoccupation in deporting children is going to alienate many conservatives never mind minority voters is your party in trouble with the latino americans. you know i think i think what we're doing is trying to solve a major problem that's going on in this country right now and congressman gutierrez your prior guest alluded to this but the problem is is that there are ninety thousand potential children coming over the border because we've creating magnet for him to come over and the president is talked about the fact that his hands are tied because of the two thousand and eight law that he signed and so the house republicans are frankly the only ones who are looking at this is a is how do we solve this problem that's occurring how do we give the government
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the ability to enforce our own borders and ensure that we don't create this magnet to for children and families to get to come to come here the way that they are right now it is a crisis it is something has to be solved in it the democrats have done nothing but offer a talking points and political theater as opposed to real solutions about how to secure this border it was wise though do you think it affects you to make it appear as if your party is in deep children. well i think what we need to do is counter that attack i think it's a fair question on on how it's coming across and i think you're out there we've got a lot of folks out there in hispanic media and hispanic communities trying to talk about how we're committed to solving this problem. enacting comprehensive reform that they secure the border and reform the system make it more fair but right now i think everybody agrees it's broken and what we need to do is get out there more and explain what our priorities are in terms of ensuring that we talk about the idea of
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securing the borders first reforming a broken immigration process reforming a broken broken visa process instituting things that all allow people to know that they're here legally and can work and so dealing with the process i think it's a lot harder when you're actually the part of this putting out solutions as opposed to the party that just wants to to try to throw a political talking point and the one thing that congressman gutierrez i wish he had been asked is for two years the democrats controlled everything they had the presidency the house supermajority in the senate and the president had said that immigration reform was a number one priority has and yet it got nowhere and so instead of throwing balls at the republicans and saying you know you guys are the problem they had every opportunity to solve it they controlled everything and they did nothing for the democrats you would agree that image was though and were just says true the democrats have the edge in the minority vote in america because they are perceived
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as the ones caring more. about percents crabmeat reality. you know right and i think you're right in terms of perception it's something that we are working hand in hand they are acutely day and day in and day out trying to get into communities and we've done that under chairman priebus is leadership deployed the largest number of of staff from the r. and c. out into the states to work in hispanic black asian communities where we can talk about republican principles conservative values why we're the party that's trying to solve solve problems in this country and why our solutions are better so there's no question that the perceptions there when we see in the results the last election but i think part of the biggest problem is that we have a president communities and we haven't been out there talking about conservative values and solutions to problems and letting the democrats to find the playing field so i will give you that and i think that it's something that we're actively trying to counter you know though and people like congressman mo brooks of alabama wants to apparently deport everybody well it's also not helpful when
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democratic activists in kentucky make fun of senator mitch mcconnell's wife because she's asian and that somehow she's not kentucky as they put it because he's from you know asian descent so if you want to go back and forth with people on both sides of this argument that say outrageous things we can be here all day i think the democrats largely get a pass when they go out and say things that are offensive but are you know neither side neither party has a monopoly on comments that are probably unbecoming so but i think that frankly we probably get more attention on the republican side when that happens so in what you've been around why is this so it's i can't remember any time emerged to me probably there has been a time but certainly in birnam earth human history when there's been so much hostility in america so much yes and no we're right you're wrong on both sides why . well that's a great question i don't know that we may have to do that
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a special series on this but i think part of it is just the way that the culture is evolved with twitter and social media and the way in place that people get their news and how filters come through and everybody believes that their side is right or wrong i think people are much more engaged because of social media because of websites and where they're getting they can get tailored news it's just fitting to them and so when i hear or when and so on here's a an argument that's counter to what their believe that the instinct is to fight on it and i think you know you look back on the early days of our country people used to cane each other on the floor of the house of representatives so in some ways it's changed but you know i'm not sure how different it is in terms of hopefully now we just send me tweets as opposed to beat somebody up but you know the country has definitely got more polarized in some ways that's really good that people are engaged in a society in some ways some of the language on both sides is probably
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a little over the top. is the republican national committee taking a stand on the lawsuit a weird thing happened in that they filed a lawsuit in congress and then those house speaker said that obama should address the immigration gross's on his own without the need for congressional action and charles grodin i'm of the noted conservative columnist called it a flip flop and was ridiculous and in conference when you stand on that which partner on the lawsuit or with the board on the lawsuit and then the follow up to the lawsuit which chronicled in comprehensible. well i think the lawsuit i mean look i think when you are the speaker of the house and recognize that this is a the way our constitution works you may people may not like it but there's a house there's a senate there's a president there's a court and there's checks and balances. as your previous guest talked about you know when it came to the senate intelligence committee and other deal with the cia
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he said you know they need to respect that the house is the check of the balance i think has speaker boehner is fundamental point in this lawsuit it say the president doesn't get to choose which laws he and forces especially with respect to obamacare you don't get to pick and choose you may not like what the house of the senate does but you have to follow the process in the law set forth by the constitution and frankly what the speaker is doing is exactly that following a process and saying that there is a law that was supposed to be followed or a process that was supposed to be followed in terms of how to implement or not implement obamacare and the president did not abide by that and so the recourse is to go to the court system so frankly the irony of this is that the speaker of the house is actually using the system set forth in the constitution to air the problems that we have between the two branches the problem with the administration is they frankly just went around congress when they chose not to like what congress said about the law that they were trying to pass or rather the that the administration was trying to implement they didn't they didn't appreciate what
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congress had done and so they just went and did it by executive order that's the speaker's point so republicans assume it was the democrats who are spreading the impeachment rumors in order to gain soup of the of the president due by the. oh i absolutely you look at the the only people who are with the every leader of the democratic party from you know david pluff did nancy pelosi debbie wasserman schultz they're out there they're sending e-mails raising money saying about impeachment impeachment impeachment no one else except for them in terms of a leadership position has ever mentioned impeachment speaker boehner has come out very clearly and said that they have no intention of bringing up impeachment this administration is literally i mean think about the concept of this and larry i know you've interviewed countless world leaders the idea that the president's own team is talking about impeachment to the level they are really shows you how desperate you are can you imagine going into a president saying mr president are tactic is now going to say instead of dealing
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with these issues we're just going to tell one that you're going to be impeached and we're trying to you know scared and high people up it's amazing that that's actually i think the tactic that the democratic party leadership has chosen to use and it really says a lot about how desperate they've become but you have a goose the president of lawbreaking executive overreach deceiving the public in congress is in a grounds for impeachment you know it's grounds for exactly i mean well look here's what the speaker has said about this he does not believe the president follow the process set forth in the constitution and so as i mentioned he took it to the courts which is the way that you solve a problem in the united states when you have a problem unless they raise this to the level of high crimes and misdemeanors that is not the case according to the speaker so he's availing himself of the court system which is the proper proper venue to air agreements and again no one the speaker the house you know the senate leader a republican leader no other republican leaders talking about impeachment but it's
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only democrats the democratic leadership that's actually talking about it because frankly i think that this is the only thing they have left to scare up their base. says when shaun of the november elections. well i think look there's no question when you look at any nonpartisan analysis of what's going on roll call which is a newspaper that covers capitol hill just put out there ten top ten senate races to watch nine of the ten were democrats that they think are going to flip this november and i think when you expand that we're looking at about fourteen seats right now that we think we've got a really good shot at we need six to pick up and i think that there is no question that the republicans will capture the senate the question is how much more will we take and in the house of representatives we currently have two hundred thirty three seats congressman greg walden who chairs the house effort is saying if they think they can get it as high as two hundred forty five seats we look at the governors were in the same type of boat we're expanding the map state legislative races same
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deal works we're looking at flipping multiple state legislatures around the country throughout the states so i think if you're a republican from the low end of the ballot to the high end of the ballot it's going to be a great year and if that happens sean will that then gridlock. well look in the best case scenario we get you know fifty four fifty five seats in the senate that's still not a super majority where we need to be and you still have a democratic president so i don't know that it will and gridlock but it definitely makes it much more compelling case to the president to deal with the republicans right now we only control one change one half of one branch of government that's the house of representatives so i think it makes it a little bit it takes us one step closer but in no way will i think it solve it because that you still have a democratic president the white house and congress you get jurors as long as you party to jesus whether it was image or not this feeling towards women and gays and latino's you not going to win the presidential election how do you assess that
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assessment. i think congressman gutierrez has got to start worrying about twenty four thousand first of all and as i mentioned i'm willing to put our record up in november against anyone that they want to we're going to do very well we're doing just fine as a party i appreciate congressman gutierrez is assessment i think when you look at young people women and minority groups were on the uptick we're making great strides we're doing great i'm not sure i really put that much stock in what a liberal democrat congressman does in terms of an assessment for the r. and c. schönbrunn some are good for dealing more times with you. thank you larry appreciate you having me on we think sean spicer for my viewers out there i want to hear from you join the conversation on my facebook page share your thoughts on twitter by tweeting. me. listening. to.
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clean more zero casualties war this is the great fantasy of war mongering politicians. capturing people is messy what do you do if they're innocent killing them easy we were serve the right to kill any person anywhere any time. they couldn't do the looting but they can be trained to not smoke makes these things are heard and politicians get a new kind of power via this technology that is very tempting. the strategy of china in africa is to build stuff and the strategy of america in
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africa is to bomb stuff and sell i think the africans are thinking it out i think we go with the belt stuff rather than the bomb stuff and the us is running out of bombs. right on the street. first street. and i think pictures. on our reporters twitter. on instagram. really in the. fish farms waters. in the pond to me because. i saw it spread all over norway is the most toxic food you have in the whole world. drama zones in the fischel inquiry furthermore restrictions.
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really knows what's inside the field. on a mission to surround a sin ukraine's largest city on the shelves had residential buildings a hospital and a school in. western firms the one that they could lose up billions of dollars as moscow is sponsoring sanctions without food in called ban saying it's taking its business elsewhere. like to the military to take targeted strikes against isis terrorists convoys should they move.


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