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true. arabic forgot me because it arabic don't call. coming up on our t.v. u.s. forces go back to iraq as president obama ok's a round of airstrikes against isis this as the militant group threatens to raise their own flag at the white house an update on the military action just ahead. and in gaza the ceasefire ends hamas and israel are exchanging rocket fire once again adding to the casualties in the conflict more from gaza coming up. forty years ago today president richard nixon left office in disgrace on this anniversary we'll take a look at the nixon the man and what we've learned about him in his time in office thanks to an audio recording that's later in the show.
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it's friday august eighth four pm in washington d.c. i'm an ellipse hannity you are watching our team america. and it's deja vu for the u.s. as president barack obama not only approves airstrikes in iraq but just hours later made good on that promise early friday morning the u.s. fighter jets dropped a five hundred pound bombs in the northern iraqi region of irbil to protect american personnel in the region and push back isis militants from the kurdish regions where there is a large christian community these are the first airstrikes in iraq since obama pulled out all u.s. troops back in two thousand and eleven but as the sunni fighters have advanced on the region seizing mosul in june and the country's largest dam yesterday president obama has had to change his tune take
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a look at how the tune is changed since twenty eleven. one leaving behind a sovereign stable and self-reliant iraq the united states will not pursue military options that support one sect inside of iraq at the expense of another there is no military solution inside of iraq certainly not one that is led by the united states i think it's fair to say that. their extreme ideology poses a medium and long term threat there are a lot of groups out there that probably have more advanced immediately lands directed against the united states that we have to be on constant guard for directed our military to take targeted strikes against eisel terrorist convoys should they move toward the city we intend to stay vigilant and take action if these terrorist forces threaten our personnel or facilities anywhere in iraq. the obama administration has said and will keep the offensive limited to airstrikes
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with no immediate plans for boots on the ground at this point however isis tells vice media that the u.s. is cowardly if it doesn't put troops on the ground and in the still image from vice news an isis spokesman says the fighters will raise vera flag at the white house and yesterday's announcement of the strikes came after the u.s. dropped relief supplies to tens of thousands of years e.g. people who are sheltering from isis on a mountaintop in northern iraq so from humanitarian airdrops to airstrikes the u.s. is seeing a major turn in the presence in iraq earlier i was joined by retired brigadier general david reste his also the vice president of strategy and planning at the potomac institute i first asked him what he thought the goals of the airstrikes were. i don't think we're going to push them out of iraq but i think the airstrikes have have a three three purposes really first of all it's to push isis back on their heels
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second is to support the kurds and i think third it's to allow us to hopefully put a little bit of a divide between the sunni tribes and isis and now the strike today doesn't that just return the u.s. to direct combat and for the first time since the u.s. withdrew back in two thousand and eleven do you feel that we had any other option. we've got all the roxanne's and we're executing them probably they are just not making the news but the airstrikes really are the perfect answer at this point in time because what isis is done is by holding ground by having times by being out on the open it allows us to target them and in the past groups like isis have worked underground they've been able to go back into the neighborhoods at night now all around the open so from a military perspective we can use kinetic action against targets that we can see and it is going to be very visible and back in june as you recall we saw the u.s.
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send about three hundred more try. here are our personnel and the embassies there they are already there now the airstrikes are in an effort at least like you mentioned to to protect the now i am hearing eight hundred american troops who are there the u.s. is saying that we won't put boots on the ground whether planned or unplanned the sequence of events feels like an escalation doesn't look that way to you well i think what's happening right now is we're looking at courses of action based on the actions that are happening on the ground after it's time to speculate what's going to happen in advance this is going to be a chess match back and forth this is the essence of maneuver warfare and this is what's going on the enemy makes a move you make a counter move the beauty of those though as i said before is isis has brought themselves out in the open and we can hit them at this point in time and this is exactly what what it especially her power is
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a very effective and efficient at doing well in your opinion what do you think do you think that the situation could develop to the point that we will have boots on the ground in this well escalate. it always could but the let's see what happens with the airstrikes let's see how isis responds and once again looking at this like like a chess match this is going to be a very visible signal now there's one thing about airstrikes the precise nature of them is important here because isis has shown that they're very adept at the social media game and what they're going to do is if something happens and goes and goes you know a little bit off kilter they will exploit them so this is going to be a fascinating point counterpoint to to watch and observe and see how both sides react on this gotcha now let's let's have a quick look at how president obama described isis back in january in an interview with the new yorker's david remnick he said this is the following he wrote the. now
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logy we use around here sometimes and i think is accurate is if a j.v. team puts on lakers uniforms that doesn't make them kobe bryant now do you think president obama underestimated the power of i said no not at all i talked to some iraqi friends. isis is is a loosely knit group they've got some support there they are extorting money they are stealing money they game some momentum but that momentum has come as a result of some press coverage probably here in the u.s. i think we're not giving enough credit to what the tribes are doing the sunni tribes and we've got to remember this relationship right now between a sunni tribes and isis is one that maliki has pushed the sunni tribes into a corner where they had to make a deal with the devil when there are some states created and where there are some political maybe acknowledgement of some sunni concerns this will push isis away
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from those tribes couple that with the airstrikes that's the sort of things we want to watch at this point in time and i think the president has a right these guys they were just the they they were around they saw an opportunity they attracted other people who wanted to fight some foreign fighters maybe ten fifteen percent who knows what that percentage is but given him a good a good swift punch in the nose they will roll us see what that goes now general you mentioned something about the funding there just a second ago. from from the different. cities and towns that they have that isis has captured and they've taken over some of the tanks and some of the equipment that that the iraqi forces left behind are you hearing anything about them taking those and selling them on the black market. i haven't heard that and can't comment on that sorry ok and so if the u.s. bombed isis when iraq asked for the assistance about
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a month or so ago what it has helped to avoid a humanitarian crisis. hard to speculate looking back. i think the times got to be right for the united states to engage and how to engage we're on the political world stage as a leader but we've got to watch how we influence and how we lead with the power we possess so. you know the president through his advisors through general austin down at the u.s. central command is taken the actions that are warranted at the time that those actions are taken now seem to be the time with the advice the president's getting to engage. we just got to see how this one plays out not on the what a simple we would have done thirty days ago sixty days ago it's hard now general isis has also gained a lot of ground outside beyond the iraqi borders well into syria well well we draw the lines of u.s. involvement at the iraqi border or could we potentially see u.s.
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or or perhaps nato air strikes into syria as well of i think the president will take the country see what's involved mil this all together look at a holistic response to deal with isis isis has the flexibility that the borders don't mean anything to them and they can gain some refuge in some other countries so this will all be taken and will be but not for the best course of action on how to cut them off at the knees will be will be dealt with. all right thank you so much for your insight that was retired brigadier general david rieff he's also the vice president of strategy and planning at the potomac institute thank you sir thank you. more violence out of gaza just shortly after the end of the seventy two hour cease fire three short days of peace broke when hamas launched rocket attacks into israel refusing to extend the truce after both israel and hamas refused to
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meet each other's terms and demands already the israeli military says hamas launched at least forty five missiles into southern israel israeli officials confirmed that many of those missiles did hit while three were intercepted by the iron dome israel exchanged fire killing five including a ten year old palestinian boy according to relatives and gaza health officials bringing the death toll now to nearly one thousand nine hundred palestinians largely civilians sixty seven israelis and of them three civilians are paula slayer is in tel aviv and brings us more on the failed truce. all of this is happening as a follow on from talks in egypt that failed what we understand is that the main sticking point was a demand put forward by hamas insisting that israel lift its a.t.'s siege on gaza the situation on the ground is extremely tense both here in israel and in the west bank over the past few fridays we've seen what amasses called days of rage with
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clashes erupting both in palestinian cities and also kalandia checkpoint between israeli soldiers and protesters so the mood on the ground is extremely tense israeli police are on high alert and people in the west bank itself extremely concerned about what is happening inside gaza the breakdown of adverse humanitarian truce does spell bad news mostly for the people of gaza where the humanitarian situation has been dying to say the least the latest figures suggest that tens of thousands of homes have been destroyed and damaged more than one hundred schools and mosques have been destroyed and damaged one point eight million gazans have been displaced and at the same time some one million gazans are without access to drinking water. that was artie's policy where. and ukrainian police forces are working to clear out the remaining protesters at kiev's
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independence square reports of approximately one hundred or so people are still remaining at the square and have occupied the space for the past seven months some may know them as the maid and self-defense activists initially laid siege to the square in protest of then ukrainian president viktor yushchenko bitches plans to bring ukraine closer to russia and away from the e.u. and the theme of hitting the nation's pocket books continue here as well ukraine is now threatening to block off russia's oil and gas supplies to europe they kiev government had already cut off their own ties to russia no longer receiving energy gas or oil from russia since the conflict escalated but ukraine still acts as one of the conduits to how russia transports its oil and gas to e.u. nations this move will most likely hurt european countries depending on russian energy resources meanwhile in the east the ukrainian military is preparing an
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offensive to secure their territories against separatists artie's maria if an ocean has more from the ground. ukraine's national security and defense council has confirmed that the army is currently preparing to regain control of the major cities in eastern ukraine it is also no confirmed by the officials of wiki it calls its anti to rip the region these parts of the country the spokesperson has said that the military will take the city send the towns of the villages street off the street building off to building without specifying which c two will tom first say that it will either be dead or guns these are big cities full force with these promises from cave to intensify the attacks that concerns are that they could be even more civilian deaths in less than four months of the operation in ukraine more than one thousand people have already been killed ordinary civilians we just couple days ago visited the city all the guns can be so very dramatic picture on the
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ground many have already stated to the town but to many still inside and they're slightly in the basins they're living under constant shelling and they mostly women children or see and old this is the situation in ukraine. that was our to correspondent maria. and the paula outbreak has now been declared by the world health organization as an international public health emergency just yesterday i attended an emergency congressional committee meeting on capitol hill regarding a bola national health leaders along with those who have been on the ground in a bowl of hot spots and gave chilling testimony regarding this unprecedented outbreak some notable speakers were dr tom frieden he's the director at the center for disease control dr frieden said that this outbreak is the largest ever already
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surpassing the total death toll of all the previous outbreaks combined he also went on to say quote an outbreak anywhere is an outrage. everywhere that's in reference to the global society that we now live in four countries in west africa are affected by the outbreak of guinea liberia and nigeria and sierra leone but perhaps the most compelling testimony came from mr ken isaacs he's the vice president of programs for samaritans purse that's the organization that dr kent brantly works for he is the doctor who acquired who contracted a bowl and west africa and is now undergoing treatment in atlanta i sat down with ken isaacs following the congressional hearing and asked him when he thinks it might hit america i do think a bolo will come to america that's not a question of if it is just when. i don't think that in america we're going to
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see the death toll because we do have an excellent public health system but what dr frieden said today is absolutely right we will be able to quickly isolate the disease and there are some people will get sick and some people die but you're going to see pockets you going to see four or five or ten people you're not going to see hundreds of people i don't see that happening. two weeks three weeks two months three months it's going to be very soon this disease this pathogen called bola now lives in the world with us it occupies the globe with us and it's important to remember that it can move at the speed of an airplane all it takes is one person to get in an airplane and come to washington d.c. or come to new york city or lost. or charlotte or seattle any international airport they get off the airplane and the way the screening process works right now is they take temperature if your temperature is not above one hundred one point
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five degrees as what the c.d.c. is saying then you can't be shedding virus and you can have it but you're not contagious yet so you could get on it on an airplane and have it. but it might be three or four days before you get a fever in three or four days you'll be in another country. and if you get sick on an airplane. you could give that to dozens of people in that airplane and they not even know it so i understand that there are public health measures and or stand at their monitoring that airports and i applaud that that is good but i think it is inevitable that we don't live in the fourteenth century this is not the bubonic plague where we're going to build before to run the city in your body else outside it that is going to happen we live in a global society people move around freely there are tens of millions of people coming into this country every day coming into russia every day coming into the european union every day and they're coming out of africa you can go to liberia today to monrovia and get direct flights the united states. you know you can fly
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from sierra leone because report in saudi arabia that somebody from sierra leone just died of hemorrhagic fever i wonder what that hemorrhagic fever was and then of course there's the very real example the liberian american man who flew from liberia he was told not to fly by the ministry of health and by the ministry of finance he got on the airplane he was sick. we think he was contagious when he got on the airplane he flew to nigeria stopping through togo and maybe another place he got off the airplane he's dead two days later and my patrick's lawyer yes and the nigerian public health service said there was no danger he was put into isolation he was treated properly he died it was no danger and his doctor and his physicians assistant or maybe have died by now i think the physician assistant has died the doctors tested positive for
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a bola and they have eight other people in isolation that treated him i wonder what they have i've had blowback from from viewers. because i've stated that that your workers are experiencing harassment and experiencing intimidation and that there is some danger involved from the community can you speak about that well and for you in the northern part of liberia next to the border with guinea on july the twenty seventh we were called by the ministry of health to go collect the body so our vehicle followed the ministry of health ambulance and we had the hygiene team we call it the outreach team the outreach teams dressed in the spacesuit they have chlorinated water and spray cans they have the body bags and they go collect the body and put it in the ambulance that was what we were going there for when they came up over the rise into the village there was a road block were trees have been cut down and as soon as our vehicle stopped in the ministry of health ambulance stop they mediately put
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a road block behind us so we couldn't go forward or backwards they drug the four men out of the ambulance they beat them they broke the windows of the ambulance they took a machete and chopped one of the guys up he didn't die he lived he ran off into the bush and they set the car on fire. that was ken isaacs the vice president of programs and government relations for samaritan's purse. and i am not a crook famous words from perhaps one of america's most infamous former presidents yeah we're talking about president richard nixon of course this week marks forty years since nixon resigned in disgrace take a look at this picture here this was nixon's last meal at the white house yep pineapple cottage cheese and a glass of milk on a silver tray. lindsay france takes a closer look at the man who led perhaps one of the most notorious administrations in the u.s. history. forty years after president richard nixon walked away from the highest
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office in the land we've received this resigned thirty hours of nixon describing those final days to former white house aide frank gannon recorded in one thousand nine hundred three and just released to the public the tapes give us a peek inside a presidential resignation are resigning now where's the option i didn't want to do above everything else personally i'm a fighter i just didn't want to quit also i thought it would be that admission of guilt which of course it was and also i felt that it would set a terribly bad precedent for the future i hope no other president ever resigned under any circumstances two years before in the most famous bungled break in in american history operatives of president nixon's administration broke into the watergate office complex in washington d.c. it was just one instance of the clandestine and illegal collection of information
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on political opponents directed from the office of the president it was frantically covered up and steadfastly denied i have never obstructed justice and i think that i could say that in my years of public life that i welcome this kind of examination because people have got to know whether or not their president should have well i'm not a crook i've heard everything i've got the revelation of a money trail and nixon's interoffice recordings from the white house offered up all the evidence investigators and newspapers needed to convince him that resignation was the best option he made the decision informed the nation one week later and then explains how the rest unfolded that summer i went up stairs and all the family was gathered in the west hall and as i came in and they have it said i don't see how you did it i don't see how you did it because he had seen the text in advance and then suddenly they all got up. and they came around just surrounded
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me it was sort of a huddle sort of a family embrace saying nothing and saying everything and i went down by the way like a roman made a few calls to people. heard the chanting outside and reminded me of the vietnam days except this time the trap was jailed or the chief jailed or the chief there than bother me however you know after all i've been heckled by experts in the watergate scandal cover up amounts to only about five percent of the total material recorded on the nearly four thousand hours of incriminating white house tapes that was always the public focus on nixon's presidency however that could be changing i think this is the first time in my wife's term you are interested in knowing more about the owner ninety five. months what's your next and credit where credit is due and what's current continue to criticize workers is. certainly good i can detect
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a slight shift plane adjustment mystery especially young. nevertheless watergate was the reason he boarded a chopper to leave the white house two years earlier than planned as the helicopter began dry i heard mrs nixon who was sitting in the seat next to us. speaking to no one in particular but to everyone and she said it's so sad it's so sad. they lifted off over the white house leaving behind a tainted history of the american presidency but perhaps with the release of these recordings it will shed new light on how that departure unfolding. in washington lindsey friends r.t. . and erectile dysfunction or unable to get an orgasm sure we've heard of these issues that plague older americans but what about college kids
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well new york university or an n.y.u. plans to post flyers in their dorms this fall offering free sex therapy to incoming freshman and returning students the flyers asked if you're having problems related to sex or having issues reaching an orgasm and then refer students to seek help in human sexuality at n.y.u. slang go on medical center the program actually started thirty five years ago but this is the first time they have had direct outreach to students let alone in the dorms the programs co-director amy rosenberg stated that outreach to young adults is important because college kids often find it difficult to seek help so they wait until the problem becomes overwhelming well not only is this program open to students but it's open to the public as well for a small fee of course and patients can come alone or bring their partners.
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and breaking news the u.s. has launched its second round of airstrikes near erbil in iraq the first airstrike came this morning after president obama announced last night that the u.s. would confront advancing isis militants who threatened iraqi civilians and americans stationed there and that's going to do it for now for more of the stories we just covered go to youtube dot com forward slash our to america and check out our web site r t v dot com forward slash usa you can also follow me on twitter at manila chan stay tuned boom bust does next. i'm marinating in the financial world. to talk to seems to comments having not stopped is a very funny take no demand to credit not going to get any life there and there are so. dramas that can't be ignored to. stories others appear in those. places changing the
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world right now. the old picture of the states. from around the globe. look please don't get fifty. live.
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cross talk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want. well you like me you want your comedy news with some t twenty comedy news to be a bare fisted no holds barred fight to the dad. but the truth vampire fighting into the next in the corporate elite the billionaire freaks well they're going. well that's what you get with my new show redacted tonight.


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