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tv   Headline News  RT  August 10, 2014 11:00am-11:30am EDT

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schools that make money based decisions are much more common than they would ever admit publicly. in the weekly on our national a look at the top news from ukraine including a fierce fighting in the country's east leading to a growing humanitarian crisis and blazing protests in central kiev. plus the sanctions us government show moscow fights back against the e.u.'s punitive measures with a food am called ban or ukraine says it could hold russia's energy transit to europe. israel's assault on gaza as well as a huge wave of public indignation inside and outside the country as protesters urged the government to stop supporting the killing of palestinians. he was trying
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to just make a come back to iraq for three rounds of strikes against two hundred militants but washington is accused of fighting the same group of aids in syria. a very warm welcome to you if you're just joining us here on our two international you're live with me from wasta i'm to be on with a heavy armor is moving to watch as the queen an army prepares to unveil his forces to take the city it's already been extensively shelled and bombed. in one of the latest strikes to apartment blocks in the city center where tact in a week of assaults dozens of people were killed in the centers of teen west of legions in the east. what bothers you and says you i did not ride.
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i fulfilled only the photo work of road destruction housefly. government book you. are you are you was a national. poll. we did. amid intensified attacks from the army the self-proclaimed republics are ready for ceasefire to avert a humanitarian crisis in the area dunny asc is the regional capital in the heart of anti-government resistance in ukraine but it's also a vital hub for the entire country at least it used to be it's a crave first largest city with a population of nearly one million last year forbes the name did the most
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attractive city for doing business in the whole country that's one of the state's main economic hubs and the center for the nation's mining industry just areas ago it drew tens of thousands of football fans from all across europe when it was her city for the euro twenty twelve football championship how things have changed or even getting out of the area is highly dangerous the dash camera video shows a rocket to presume to have been fired from a missile launcher hitting the highway fortunately the driver had a lucky escape most of the people trying to get away from the violence are flee to russia so maria from national went to the border crossings. in each of these cars individual stories of anger uncertainty and loss. these ukrainians are fleeing their homes for russian after months of conflict has left well over one thousand civilians dead and reduced whole cities to rubble the
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people in these cars have already spent six or seven hours sitting in line waiting to cross the border which is still a kilometer away but they say they're ready to wait as they practically have no other choice but bill of a group the more who believe in inch of muslims made up of the. news no god knows no british throne you don't usually many of the cars here have a sign saying they've got children on board the war does. can discriminate between age or gender only no trouble i notice it's a. little too through the. years off with a little sheepish will get us closer to his nose than with the ability to press the point you know which of you which is the planet this is where many refugees will end up when they make it across the border to russia and people here are angry.
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but i still not all feel warship should have brought him so i'm a bit from her wording really could be so but i was floored didn't go so far but i started. with her to her doctor says his family has no room to go back to your story of. your thoughts i'm sure you're both for abortion rights group over for. mercy. for. he invites me to see where they found shelter the rest so many refugees many don't have a proper place to sleep prisoners wife also doctor tells us how she lost her home and is therefore does a before i know. it didn't have to be a regular dorm or farkle. to get a. cover for her shoes could be cheap this camp is designed for
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a thousand people with the right at least twice as much air now every afternoon officials managed to send up to three hundred refugees from eastern ukraine to different parts of russia but every evening even more arrive these people have managed to escape a war but their fight for a peaceful life is just beginning. raef notional from russian ukrainian border. the u.n. says over seven hundred thousand refugees have crossed the russian border since the beginning of the. berrien situation in ukraine is grave moscow has offered age to the embattled zones but washington said it's not russia's place to do so heated words flew out of the un security council meeting given that ukraine has allowed international humanitarian groups to deliver aid within its territory there is no logical reason why russia should seek to deliberate. apparently
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u.n. philanthropists think children a better being. ignored pleas from russian and human rights groups to move youngsters to safety and what is the un think kids deserve to be safe. and this week has also seed under arrest in the capital of ukraine assisters the clashes have been flaring in kiev central square as authorities try to dismantle the camps the but many of the scenes evoked a sense of deja vu this is what happened in kiffin february when the then i thought he's also tried to remove the protesters back then the clashes led to the overthrow of president and called it and this is an image from this week of the government has changed but the dissatisfied protesters remain dug in.
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enraged crowds are set fire to car tires and their own tens clashes resulted in dozens of injuries and arrests at one point kiev's mayor for my down activist himself arrived at the scene to personally take part in the cleanup commentators believe people feel deceived by the promises made to them. situations quite ironic to say the least since the revolution seem to take a recurrence of the river and the government they have right now is simply replaced the other and they're simply at a point of exit right now were it seems like nothing much exchange overall plus. surely some forces from the might down have gone on into power and they are now acting against those that are outside of power that have political differences with the regime has come for power and so we see a lot of ideological differences pretty personality fighting and really a power play among different factions. the russian news agency
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ria novosti has launched a campaign in support of one of its photo reporters who's missing in eastern ukraine it's all going in and out of display of his work to inform the public about his plight andrew stanton disappeared on tuesday and the latest reports suggest maybe being held by ukraine security services here has made no comment and has provided no help in identifying the reporter's current location there's also at online campaign on social media people concerned with standards of age are calling for him to be released and returned to his loved ones others suggest kidnapping reporters will not prevent the truth being told. food producers on both sides of the atlantic have want to russia's ban on western imports could lose them billions of dollars the restrictions were imposed after the u.s. and the e.u. along with other nations hit moscow with sanctions over what they say is its an
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influence in the ukraine crisis which are all about has the details. no market for those that back sanctions russia's ban on the import of certain food stamps from the us canada australia norway you said response to the economic sanctions imposed on moscow the ban will block meat fruit vegetables some dairy and fish imports for one year those watching international trade say this shows that russia is a different animal to other nations sanctions recently what's striking is that when the sanctions were ramped up against iran there was very little iran could do the west didn't really need much from iran that's not the case with russia and i think russia has made very clear that it will retaliate in a proportionate manner with the european cultures set to bear the brunt of the import ban e.u. leaders that backed sanctions against russia look likely to face farmers in export
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is demanding compensation for their losses there's someone there now it's going to affect us all for us it will take two or three months to collect our remaining crops of oranges and we don't know what will happen if no one buys them and then i should put it but it's a disaster for my company will need to stop production the money will receive without imports to russia won't even be enough to pay for the buses that bring our staff to work. so i don't know what we're going to do if this continues. being threatened in our region we have dedicated to good part of our produce to this market and so this is very dramatic force that european food exports to russia were worth over twelve billion euros last year if you win year and finland were the first to contact brussels about compensation some estimates suggest the ban could cost the finnish economy four hundred million euro mostly from dairy exports elsewhere the german trade union that deals with wholesale foreign trade said the
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ban posed a risk to the economy in his coming. three in greece the opposition party accused the current government's actions of being detrimental to farming and in r.l. and the minister for agriculture said there was real worry particularly regarding cheese exports which were valued at four point five million euros twenty thirteen european analysts a warning that sanctions are the way to find a solution the trade is a key for peace we shouldn't be in this game of tit for tat thing we sanctions we we should be negotiating the same table but as it stands russian consumers are going to have to go with imports western exports is going to be locked out the russian market peter all over forty ukraine is planning its own sanctions against moscow on tuesday the parliament is expected to vote on measures outlined by the prime minister which could include stopping the transit of energy supplies
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to europe now let's take a look at what that could mean for the buyers of russian gas in the e.u. right now the e.u. gets about a third of its gas from russia and most of it is delivered via ukraine now cutting this particular route here the ukrainian route could be harmful for the industry of some european countries six slovakia as well as will gear right there for example which are almost entirely powered by russia many others rely on its gas as a main source as well now of course the scheme could be replaced by the south stream pipeline project bypassing ukraine its construction is being handed by e.u. lawmakers but some other nations there they are ready to push through construction political risk analyst eric rolls or says the situation could force the west to rethink its involvement in ukraine. well this would be excellent news because that would source the utes to stop playing games with the situation and to get seriously involved to broker
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a peace deal if you've got to realize that if he keeps reaching would hold up maybe forty eight hours without support in the west so their freedom of actions very limited and if they push it to a crisis well that might end some misery for each of the people it's to ukraine. one is coming your way shortly including the palestinian humanitarian catastrophe in gaza will be right back. i'm abby martin the stories we cover here are not going here in iraq other big story after headline same time there's a reason they don't want international airport they're trying to raise that we don't think. now let's break the set. when the unit peen union promise to met ukraine become part of it it clearly contributed to the bathtub ration of tensions within ukraine and ukraine will not
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become part of the european union for the most telltales ukraine obstinately doesn't have the economic level to become part of the e.u. or in. throughout. thanks for staying with us according to reports palestinian negotiators have accepted and egyptian proposal for a new seventy two hour ceasefire in gaza that's after this week's witness a new wave of violence with palestinian civilians again bearing the brunt side
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started hostilities after previous talks to prolong a cease fire brought little result. you. the. only one i did i leave again let me know. a month long conflict that has claimed more than one thousand eight hundred lives and has left in ruins and the return of hostilities brings the region even closer to a humanitarian disaster tens of thousands of homes were destroyed or damaged by israeli strikes universities hundreds of schools and mosques where rendered into rubble reports a house a million people were displaced that's almost a third of the population for more than a million civilians there's no fresh drink of water we talk to medics without
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borders advisor michele back from the al she thought hospital she says the israeli strikes achieve only one thing the death of civilians. you know gaza is a very small area it's seven kilometers latch on to articulate meters high so it's one point seven million people living in this very small area and still even in this area we are we are shelled every night eighty percent she billions more than three hundred of the best our children shot to camp has been shelled and i just passed through the emergency room and again children women elderly. experience. but deaths in gaza spots massive protests across the globe over the weekend tens of thousands of people united in a worldwide day of rage against the israeli offensive with the latest in brussels
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also in new york several hundred miles to the u.n. headquarters should protest the killing of. and the gaza blockade a rally in german and the german capital saw more than a thousand waving palestinian flags and chanting and war slogans one of the targets of the largest protests to place in musée in france where crowds condemned president online for his support of israel's actions and more than twenty thousand people gathered in london slamming the government for sponsoring israel and accusing the b.b.c. of biased and unfair coverage destruction of gaza also brought many dissenting voices from within the israeli armed forces honestly i've talked to some of them. you know that there are a lot of soldiers a come back and say to yourself you know what the hell are we doing here you know why are we using so much force why we're treating them as a way hanna is one such form israeli soldier she calls herself an anti occupation
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activist and was one of fifty reserve troops to sign an open letter to the washington post refusing reserve duty book and i showed the law during the service i didn't talk about this thing and so when you are there you just a part of it but more and more soldiers are choosing not to be part of an army increasingly seen as the bully in the region we are spending billions and billions . or. befriend through the system and there is no top of the firm to. pool. for. the possibility overcoming five wars in eight years levanon two thousand and six thirty four days more than eight hundred people killed and in the end israel faced an even stronger hizbollah for devastation was with hamas two thousand and six eight twelve and fourteen thousand skilled international outrage and in the end israel faced
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a unity government between former rivals hamas and fatah foreign policy was. we had four years in the which we lost the middle east we lost. we in a way lost egypt. and we are very isolated in the middle east and many would argue more vulnerable the latest operation protective age has done seemingly little to protect israel in the long term you're not going to finish by trying to physically destroy hamas there's nothing there's nothing that indicates that it will work this time or indeed the next time and that's taking its toll on the reputation of what was once considered one of the world's most efficient fighting forces the hope is that the coming days will see a permanent cease fire in place but bottom line gaza is in tatters mistrust between israelis and palestinians is at an all time high policy r.t. tel aviv. a passenger plane has crashed immediately after takeoff at an
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airport in the iranian capital tehran they a craft was carrying up to forty eight people reports say thirty nine of them were killed it came down in a residential area five kilometers from the runway injuring several people on the ground early reports suggest the crash may have been caused by an engine problem including this accident of the brain at least seventeen fatal crashes involving iranian planes since two thousand sanctions imposed on the country prohibited from buying new aircraft or spay parts hindering the maintenance of fleets ideation as for chris years of things western sanctions have undermined the safety of the runs passenger jets are talking about an aging fleet of aircraft and we're also talking about the fact that. lines within parts of the world no longer being store windows they. needed to. across.
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primarily because of the sanctions to be imposed so the fleet getting olds the for the aircraft in short supply all normal existence already being bought from a black market for which there is no. safety guarantee. the u.s. military carried out four rounds of air strikes on radical islamists in iraq who are seeking to expand their zone of influence in the country as a team finders and drawings targeted at tillery and military convoys belonging to this state heard the jihad is have seized oil rich territories in the north west of iraq proclaiming an islamic caliphate there and are now advancing on kurdish controlled regions during this band the militants have surrounded somehow four million people from the religious minority who were trying to flee to turkey but
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were trapped by the extremists and are facing execution unless they convert to islam hundreds have already been killed defending the kurdish minority was among the key reasons president obama gave the also rising of the eight strikes while promising u.s. involvement will be strictly limited a journalist john white thinks the jihad is way given more than a leg up by the us i know we have a situation where the west is opposing isis rebels in northern iraq and right we saw but has been tacitly or implicitly supporting them in syria the divide in the region right now is not between sunni and shia it's not between rich woman on this one is between sectarian and nonsectarian so the rule must be to isolate known as experience forces to bolster nonsectarian forces so they have to also look at the relationship with the saudi arabian koku see the khatami's because they go for states who are for main thing in funding this chaos in. region and have been for
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quite a number of years now. a serious escalation in a long term conflict in a disputed region brought to the many end azerbaijani presidents to that he go shooting table with russia as a mediator so is the end of july up to thirty soldiers from both sides have been killed in violence in the south caucasus region of and i've gotten a cut of what is and ethnically out of mania enclave in azerbaijan at the beginning of the ninety's the region wanted independence which led to a war between the nations the conflict claimed some thirty thousand lives before fishley ending in one thousand nine hundred four when a ceasefire was proclaimed independence of the region still wasn't recognized since then have been ongoing yet occasional shooting incidents the recent escalation is among the worst or so the leaders of both countries met to negotiate in the russian city of sochi plan we're putin was also away and said the conflict inside their
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shared the will to end violence russia's foreign minister sergey lavrov offered reassurance that moscow will work through to keep the peace between the nations close to its sovereign borders. the north is going to put sort of the presidents of armenia and azerbaijan have confirmed they will seek a peaceful resolution to the conflict and respect to rhetorical integrity and the right of nations to self-determination be easy to find a solution bugs growing aggression contribute. mutable but one hundred years all of the world has been cooperating the start of the great war events on the eastern front are overlooked compared to the big battles in the west r.t. center pharma evaluates russia's role in the first truly global conflict. franz ferdinand. set off a chain of events that would lead to the great war within a matter of days the great powers of your head war on each other when it all
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started cranks cheered and welcome the fighting little did they know of the horrors that lay ahead while the battle lines were drawn long before russia joined with britain and france forming the allied powers on one side and on the other side the central powers of austria-hungary in germany later joined by the ottoman empire and both garia while russia fielded five million men at the start almost as much as germany and austria hungary combined and war raged everywhere and always warships delivered tons of rands with the explosion shaking the expanse of the seas conflict filled the sky city for the first time and pilots of the first war planes were regarded as heroics the breakthrough for russia came in nine hundred sixteen russian armies managed to ram through enemy lines almost a hundred kilometers into austrian territory threatened the central powers sent thirty divisions to the eastern front easing the burden for the allies in the west
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from that moment germany had lost the strategic advantage but it was too late for russia paypal exhausted by war coupled with a weakened government through a red revolution enjoying growing support the bolsheviks to abandon their posts and let germany have whatever it wants and by early nine hundred eighteen the war ended for russia but despite that the road is hard to overstate it carried on each shoulders alone the burden of the eastern front and helped end the war which would claim eighteen million lives. coming up do you think the fish you're eating is healthy think again and watch our next report after the break i'll see you see.
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a few weeks ago we discussed detroit's plans to shut off water to those who can't pay their bills logically one of basic human assisted he could get taken away some protesters gathered to give their opinion on the issue at our plaza and what is the response from the state maybe some sort of dialogue or explanation as to why they have to turn off the water you know they turned up on the high tech quote non lethal weaponry against the protesters they used an l. red system which basically blasted the protesters with sound which sounds but intended humane until you look into it and read that the weapon can cause permanent hearing loss the company even admits this is true at less than fifteen meters we see all across the country so-called non-lethal weapons being used to very harmful and even to well we thought ns but why does this happen because they make breaking up protest easy unsafe for the cops remember in the old days when you had to physically break up protests well things like el read allow any coward to just flip a switch to disperse a crowd with not
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a drop of blood visible and the fact that it seems not harmful as the police to be justified in using it whatever they want for the sake of the constitution i think no police forces should be able to use a spell read technology but that's just my opinion. overall road in western norway. surrounded by glaciers and cliffs. a road is winding as the shores of the fiords.


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