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question is that no one is asking with the guests that you deserve answers from. politics only on r t. reporting tonight on r t international fears of a possible environmental catastrophe after several ukrainian army shells landed a chemical factory as care prepares for not what it's calling the final stage of its liberation of the rest of east of the country. but the iraqi prime minister nuri al maliki refuses to step down as the country's president names a new premier maliki's forces are reportedly taking up key positions across baghdad . right locked down swat teams that employed stop looting and street violence in the u.s. state of missouri the killing of unarmed black teenager by a police officer. that
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evening is r.t. to national recover though in first as the ukrainian army says it's entering now the final stage of its mission to liberate donetsk but so far this appears only to have meant stepping up its shelling of residential districts of east ukraine's biggest city leaving the people there on the brink of a humanitarian crisis thousands in the resistance stronghold have been living without electricity and heavy shelling of an crippled power stations across the city and now on top of that a major water filtering plant's been destroyed by air raids several districts have been there for that water all major supply routes have been cut off leaving the nets with a severe shortage of medicine and amid the ongoing violence the patients and staff of this maternity unit as one snapshot of what's going on there be forced to stay in a basement they say nurses say the only values to get upstairs for about ten minutes
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to use food to try to get food use basic facilities then the bombardment starts again somewhere else also in donetsk dozens of in they go missing after shells pounded a local jail one prisoner died in number of others were injured when the cells they were in were hit directly around a hundred convicted criminals a scapegoat trying to save their lives half of them are at large still tonight. as kiev tries to wrest control of the eastern a major new threats emerge too we can reveal the region houses scores of industrial facilities and plant managers now raising the alarm over a potential catastrophe these are projectiles that have landed at a major chemical plant outside donetsk in the city of god love officials at the factory said if the army carries on targeting its facilities there's a high risk of an environmental disaster. of the city and the chemical plant continue day and night i officially announced they're due to be irresponsible actions of the ukrainian army the citizens of ukraine russia and
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belarus are exposed to the deadly threat of an ecological disaster only daily bases the size of which cannot be calculated at the minimal impact zone would be at least three hundred kilometers just what you like chemical planting goal of course stores in fact over two thousand tonnes of the substance known as blood poison that's something that's used in the production of pate the experts say if it enters the body it can affect the heart the liver bone marrow it can even cause death on top of that the thirty tons of t.n.t. at that facility alone nearby to ten thousand cubic meters of liquid ammonia reportedly being stored their exposure to that in high concentrations can lead to blindness lung damage and death well as we are just a moment from the plant spokes person a potential leak could affect an area of over three hundred kilometers and radius of it went up that would reach as far as russia's rust off region on the waters of the as often black sea the factory is just one of many to located in and around thirteen cities in the donetsk region which is now
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a war zone overall there are one hundred forty five plants that house potential biohazards that are considered to be at risk alastair hay a professor of environmental technology told us more about the potential dangers here than. if it is vaporized in some way and that would possibly be by direct hits with explosives or very intense fire the chemical gas at the vapor once it's in the air for a very long time. degrades in the atmosphere very very slowly if it lands on stall or water it's also there for quite a long time it doesn't degrade it will easily that has implications obviously for people for the environment for any crops that are grow so really a chemical plant ought to be a no go zone in any conflict. other developments tonight russia says it will supply the threatened regions with humanitarian help a move that's now been approved by kiev earlier the ukrainian authorities have been
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opposed to any help from moscow the red cross has also been invited to provide aid for the people of new gun specifically to after that city declared a humanitarian disaster last week rif notion is there for us. the ganske may luke abandoned but there are still people here. those who didn't have a daily struggle to survive the city has been without electricity for more than a week now but it's the shortage of water which poses the biggest humanitarian challenge this woman is called. in russian her name means home but she has little of that left but should be back when god is unique in your heart not of one couple bumpy but we did go to the blue did you concho it's a new being sinew we've got new cheer war got mum she got not much of what's going to get shut out but invoke for you to my little year you know it's getting a bit of queues form early in the morning because people are afraid they won't be
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enough fuel to go around. there you've done you've still as it just has been below transferred me i'm not sure of fullness to nietzsche when you're really premier if you have the nietzsche when you did it at birth her feel near the early years at the other near the edge of the earth even the coke that your toes are both of us going to say that the the new coke so far and you'll still have a good deal of oh no bourbon billionaire financier gets a. leg of the bullet and some of the city's districts residents have to use water pumps because it's a no go zone for trucks that could share out the precious liquid before you are as well off it was you were part of much of this that americans. know that's what we're going to do this city with no water and no power also has no contact with the outside world. there are big problems with connection now in the guns going all over the city and we couldn't get any signal anywhere but there are some places
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where people say you might be able to connect this is one of the places we keep on trying and try and we hope but still we don't have any signal but what we don't like about this place resists warning signs say attention do not call shelling area . but people still try their luck they say the entire cities shelling area now and at least here they can talk to relatives and friends on the phone and. every day in the guns at least a dozen apartment buildings and private houses are hate by tillery fire some of them more than once. mccloy's flat is on the eighth floor fortunately none of his family was hurried when it was heat these plasma television is the only thing he managed to save he makes one more trip to salvage his belongings. but comes back minutes later and to
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hand it. the u.n. estimates over one hundred seventeen thousand people accounted displaced inside ukraine and russia's authorities claim more than seven hundred thirty thousand ukrainians have crossed the border since the conflict started but in lugansk and other cities across eastern ukraine often huddled together terrified and duct basements and other havens which aren't always as safe as they seem many more remain. in the gonski ukraine. and the job of reporting back the pictures the facts there being a journalist is still fraught with danger to the i.o.c. is demanding that a russian photo journalist has been missing in ukraine for most a week now being released moscow's urge rights group to help under a stand in while i must international says reporters should not be taken hostage period his colleagues from the ria novosti news agency though no launched the
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twitter campaign with a hashtag free andrew he was reportedly detained by ukraine security services but that's something that kiev has been denying worth noting though it's not the first time a journalist covering the conflict in east ukraine has gone missing last month graham phillips from britain was working for r.t. when he was seized by ukraine's security forces before releasing phillips they too had denied detaining him will keep her post. baghdad's bracing for a possible coup tonight the country's u.s. presidents named a new prime minister but incumbent larry manic he is refusing to step down his forces are reportedly taking up positions across baghdad has now lost the support of washington but had previously enjoyed it for years let's take a quick recap when maliki took up the premier's post in two thousand and six he was checked and approved by the cia he positioned himself as a close friend of america always eager to shake the hands of then president george w. bush in december two thousand and six he signed it did saddam hussein's death warrant
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claiming the execution was necessary to pay homage to human rights however my other key apparently took a different approach to freedom of speech and since he's been accused of cracking down on the iraqi media fast forward to twenty ten years but plaintive self interior minister reinforcing his grip on power at the time maliki said it was a temporary move but he still holds the post four years old on top of that he's got his own private army a shia militia which pays his orders alone i spoke to antiwar activist brian baca he says washington has turned its back on my low key because you no longer serves u.s. interests in iraq. they want mali gone they believe that there needs to be a new face on the iraqi government a new way to patch together a unity government in order to save the country or do order person prosecute the struggle against the islamic would be we've got some top u.s. officials saying the islamic state to how does a direct threat to the west and the images being used to back this claim is thought of a young australian boy this guy holding up the severed head of
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a syrian soldier well if the islamic state threatens to take a kurdish regional government or below where a lot of you oil is where they take baghdad or try to again that controls the southern oil regions of iraq or if they move on jordan which is considered this will teach again said the u.s. will view it as a threat to the west east will be islamic state is a reactionary awful organization but why is it in existence why did it get strong because the us fueled arms into the civil war in syria fueling arms to that same entity and of course the us fractured iraq allowing this group to grow three years ago they had six military operations just six and now they're a dynamic military force again as a consequence perhaps the unintended consequence but the consequence nonetheless of u.s. policy in iraq that has shredded that country as a national entity. coming up adding insult to injury as the war is put on hold for a while palestinians find blocking messages apparently left by israeli troops on
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the walls of the ruined flats you don't worry about off the break and also to torture killings i missed international now reporting on what it says could be war crimes committed by u.s. troops in afghanistan. dramas the truth be ignored. stories others refuse to notice. faces changing the world. the picture of today's. home designs from around the globe. you got a lot of sneering and negative press for your engagements here in russia especially
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public appearances with food and even though they weren't explicitly political you were just supporting sports the same certain people regime has become very adept at is controlling the media for example right here c.n.n. do i think c.n.n. is you know completely telling it like it is no i think we have an agenda i think through gender is is bought and paid for. riots erupted overnight in the u.s. state of missouri over the fatal shooting of an unarmed black teenager by a police officer a local say they've got enough of law enforcement brutality of what they call racial profiling our correspondent got to teach a cab that's the latest. this monday michael brown black teenager was to begin his
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first day in college you know crowd gathered to hold vigil for him on sunday with people struggling to understand how police could shoot an unarmed teenager in broad daylight but the gathering quickly turned violent as anger and frustration took over about one hundred fifty officers in riot gear along with a swat team were sent to the area the teenager was shot eight times the officer involved in michael brown's killing has not been identified he was reportedly put on administrative leave this shooting triggered a deep frustration in the country about police brutality and racial profiling and the fact that many officers get away with it. was captured on a bystander scammer new york police suspect the man of selling individual cigarettes i do so and just moments later an officer puts him in what appears to be a choke hold and brings him to the ground. where forty three year old barry gardner
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can be heard saying i can't breathe several times. aragorn a died lying at the feet of those police officers leaving behind a wife and six children my son is missing. the officer who put very garner in an apparent chokehold has been stripped of his gun and badge and placed on desk duty the video garners death in july would viral sparking protests in local communities why has the city not a bargain a campaign that targets zero deaths of police brutality but it's not just newark police that has been accused of using excessive force in recent months in arizona police confronted university professors or for jaywalking. was back i was never asked what my name was i was never told what i was in violation of. in california at fifty one year old marlene pinette quote is walking
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along the highway when a patrol officer straddled her and begin with p. diddley punching her upper body. the woman is known to be homeless and reportedly suffering from psychiatric problems i think much of the brutality sounds firm or a cultural problem where police officers have been used to school from which in a power structure where they can get away where almost anything because they are the police video cameras have only captured some incidents but many more took place away from the public eye more and more people filmed their interactions with the police on camera one officer from new jersey was caught saying this to someone who argued he had a constitutional right to take pictures in a certain area or carry a writing course oh is this really. so out of a prison for prostitution we know this officer apologized for the statement and resigned as the case is so brutality and well documented on camera casts
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a shadow on the thousands upon thousands of police officers who diligently do their work in cities across america but the hope is that greater public awareness will make some police officers think twice before abusing someone in washington i'm going to check out our team. israeli and palestinian delegations are still in cairo hoping to secure a long good ceasefire the arab league slammed israel's actions in gaza meantime saying any peace deal must put an end to the occupation of palestinian lands over a month of fighting has claimed more than nineteen hundred palestinian lives now of a folder and fifty of them children. both are all. born. with. the latest temperatures appears to be holding after it began late on sunday
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the militants want the blockade of gaza lifted but israel says easing access to the area will only allow master restock its weapons again the previous center two hour truce ended on friday at least twenty palestinians have been killed since then meantime israel finance minister now says gaza could get a massive aid package if the masses ousted from power many gaza residents return to the devastated homes during a cease fire as they searched for their belongings in all the rubble there some of them found messages in hebrew currently left by israeli soldiers this one for example reads pursue your enemy until you catch and destroy him and then this one because particular offense welcome guests went on to say this house was federally remodeled we hope you like it. and on the walls here written large the word peace. will leave without these mocking insults the conflict to smelting anger among both
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sides of the border harry fear has got more. since the latest israel gaza conflict began there's been a spike in racial violence and tension between jews and arabs throughout both your keep high territories and his relatives the army installed its system of checkpoints here in two thousand and six now thousands of palestinians who live in the west bank but work inside israel must queue from dawn to reach their workplaces for business hours their attitude to us since the war began has changed completely they have become more aggressive even now when we try to find transport to get to work there's discrimination in new york keep in mind west bank civilians continue to suffer from what they say are random attacks by settlers in one recent incident an eight year old girl was hit by a car palestinians labeled it a settler terror incident. as the war began were really few of the settlers
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one leaves the house with fear in his heart the situation's not like before and some israelis say they too now live in a climate of fear i am in the wife and and i when i walk in back i'm just so i can divide my myself. in arabic drive them to take me from my home and i'm scared i'm scared i'm scared to drive them because there was a case that they murdered. a girl that's go to hell well and they killed her. didn't feel any suspicion but it's politics this is the symbol. of the. hamas i choose. they voted for him for the hamas though we get the bomb but. needless to say the palestinian people see the current situation
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from a very different perspective as palestinians we cannot accept living. we cannot accept to be violated on daily bases and say we are fine with it by listing years do not hate people because of what they are or they don't hate people because they are jews simply by listing ians do not accept occupation and its policy harry fear r.t. jerusalem. just learning to fight to the minute check out our website tonight r.t. dot com among so much else that we've compiled a picture gallery is called stolen childhood really interesting pictures look of the heart wrenching pictures of these children in gaza trapped in the violence that what i'm to go through every day. a new amnesty international report to slam the u.s. military over the torture and killing of civilians in afghanistan calling these apparent war crimes that have gone unpunished airstrikes are responsible for
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approximately a thousand civilian deaths another key source of civilian casualties too was an escalation of so-called force incidents when civilians were fired on at checkpoints or near military convoys the report says the u.s. military falls far short of what's needed to to ensure accountability for these alleged atrocities and most international steve crawshaw told us what incidents the human rights group regards as war crimes carried out in afghanistan. one end of the spectrum if they are extrajudicial executions in other words if you just come in and kill civilians right there then clearly if you torture somebody to death that's clearly a war crime but beyond that what we're seeing is for example in our strikes where we see that it was only civilians who died for example a group of women girls and women collecting firewood or seeing an absolute lack of accountability we're seeing a lack of investigation we're seeing a lack of any consequence and so we have as you see seemed to say seen some high profile cases in general those have tended to come when. the person's own comments
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have kind of brought this forward and where the or thoughtless have been ready to bring it forward the trouble is we have a situation where the military is ready to investigate itself military commanders can themselves overrule. whether there is going to be an investigation or not we need to have external involvement we need to have above all of us or thought it is the u.s. military themselves should of course wish to get to the bottom of things they should not wish to take place and if they are then they should really wish to investigate europe's considering handing key financial decisions back to athens the troika a regulator made up of the european commission the e.u. central bank and international monetary fund and compared by some greeks to nazi occupants it must be said cool be could be pulled out of debt stricken greece now but that would of course be small comfort to those whose lives have already been ruined by the austerity measures for last few years as artie's cossar of reports. enough is enough sake troika with you and lets us live that is the message from the
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greek taxi operators association to the government topped with demands the prime minister step down for failing to stop the economic crisis and the strict austerity measures which resulted in poverty and desperation to the biggest problem in our industry is the message that the self-employed workers insurance organization and heavy taxation if it takes you makes a profit of five thousand euros the government takes almost seventy percent of that it's not the first time great taxi drivers have reached boiling points but this new calculation which requires them to pay tax on money they haven't even earned yet could send money and so financial debt and. unfortunately our country's becoming the pakistan of europe history will repeat itself will have riots it will get ugly no one is offering any solutions so people don't know what to do the government is nonexistent it's absurd. ergonomic interest union reps say they feel like slaves working under a government that doesn't serve their interests it's already hard to find a job in this economy and also lucky enough to have one fear that heavy taxation
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will eventually force them out onto the streets as well what rising taxes a minimal make up our taxi drivers making ends meet let's find out. the me. many times return home unable to cover our basic needs they're taxing everything that moves and they expect you to pay for it somehow if you don't you are in danger of going to prison having your house repossessed we mortgaged our lives our children's and grandchildren's lives to pay off debts that we didn't create and we're sitting here taking it with our hands tied well baffles most greeks is the old tacitly of the government to increase the already high burden of responsibility workers have tried to contact the finance ministry to understand how they justify their latest tax increases and where they expect people to find this extra money their response was no comment. it's been four years of the most draconian austerity
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measures in europe the troika has destroyed greece that program failed the only thing they achieved was to drag greek society into poverty unemployment of twenty seven percent salary decreases a forty percent unemployment of twenty seven percent salary decreases a forty percent skyrocketing taxes in some cases with increases of seven hundred percent it's a disaster and they need to admit it and apologize strikes are out of the question since taxi drivers can't afford to skip a day's work but the revolutionary spirit is the only game in momentum and many here believe that it's only a matter of time before it spills over again during the cost of our reporting from athens for artsy. conversational big stories of the day coming up after the break is the western media are unwilling or unable to cover all sides of the ukrainian. crisis that very question asked by people of elders let's get single story and if you're the u.k. you've got going on the ground national times of london for you. it
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was recently revealed that under the guise of an hiv prevention workshop and as tourists you know latin americans were sent to cuba by the u.s. government to overthrow that government yes the u.s. agency for international development organized for these young people to go to cuba to recruit and set up new political activists however the infiltrators were not very good at their jobs and the cuban authorities were able to nab these well funded travelers in their country this is nowhere near the first time that the u.s. government has tried to meddle in cuba in two thousand and nine usa he tried to set up a twitter like program to organize people in cuba and we can't forget about the ill fated cuban television airplane that was supposed to bombard the island with western media that was totally blocked by the government during the cold war i could see the justification to dominate cuba if the us didn't have influence in
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a country that automatically the soviets did but now what is the justification why does the us need to infiltrate cuba and by what right do you want doesn't have nukes put in america and they have limited industrial capacity they can't do anything to anyone just leave the poor island alone and let the people there figure out their own future without the us state department's help but that's just my opinion. that's right. people go to. war. to get. mummie the law oh well. my. wife.
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was going to say the mall time places is the most elite clubs. sometimes for nothing and the lead is so mean and simple. it's like just keep up the story because you'll be shot if you see a stage eight lupita but the speech was. plenty. the bomb.


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