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tv   Headline News  RT  August 12, 2014 3:00pm-3:29pm EDT

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they are still hiding the truth from us still and i don't know why they have children on the role but it hurts so much to know that you can't protect our children. headlining tonight here on our team to national hear of backtracks statement that it's detained a russian reporter on charges of aiding terrorists understand he went missing in east ukraine a week ago. brussels fights back you know that russia has banned the food imports in response to sanctions european officials reportedly want to spoil moscow's plans to get alternative supplies from latin america. to gas and rubber bullets the u.s. police response to crowds demanding justice for the killing of an unarmed black teenager by a missouri cop. and the girl that survived eleven days in the siberian wilderness
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surrounded by walls and bears all thanks to a brave puppy a. very good even when i was kevin owen it's eleven pm here in moscow our top story this hour the kids back tracked on its earlier statement that it had detained a russian photographer in ukraine understand and went missing in the country's east a week ago while his whereabouts remain on known kev's apparently struggling to get its story straight this is a quote from ukraine security services from a couple of days ago it reads we're not holding anyone in the name of a standing we are also want to wear away such information could have come from then shortly after that this is how an advisor to kim's interior minister answered when asked during a phone interview with the latvian radio station if he knew where stand in is.
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but you are. very welcome you're. still with them when we look back at well the kiev official reportedly added that the thirty three year old photographer had been charged with aiding terrorists however in a further interview with sterling's employer russia's ria novosti news agency he seems to change his mind completely. but all of which. was. well stand ins colleagues at ria novosti have been drawing public attention to his plight with an online campaign has tagged free andrew they also organize a flash mob to him posted pictures which say it went viral the un's expressed its hope to there's been a lot of reaction that the us here at the rio reporter will be found safe also reaction from new york based committee to protect journalists and they're calling for sterling's immediate release and also his reaction from human rights watch
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stressing that whoever's holding andriy end of the day they've got a free and because no charges have been pressed against him the european security watchdogs also insisted that he be released condemning the practice of arresting journalists full stop. other developments brussels is planning to talk latin american countries out of boosting oprah cultural exports to russia it's according to the financial times citing senior e.u. officials nations such as brazil and chile worst set to meet the short for when russia introduced that food embargo on a range of european products in response to a huge sanctions more of the story from our correspondent in berlin peter all of. well following russia's decision to ban the import of certain foodstuffs in agricultural produce from from europe as well as other countries in retaliation to the sanctions that were opposed the economic sanctions that were imposed on russia
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as we understand that brussels are going to try and contact some countries in central and south america in order to dissuade them from selling the blockaded the banned foodstuffs to russia at a decent price now what we're particularly looking at is countries like brazil and chile and brazil is already seen this is an opportunity it has long trading history with russia it's opened set to open around one thousand meat processing plants it's expected that brazil will be the place that russia goes to to try and get its beef and pork also chile which is said to be the place it goes to for fish imports that it's no longer accepting from the european union now those farmers that are here in europe well they're saying that when washington and brussels came up with the sanctions against russia they weren't thinking about them and they didn't think about the consequences it would have when making a decision to impose sanctions on russia the e.u. should have realized that businesses will have problems that russia will let it go
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and will take responsive measures for which we are paying right now we need access to the markets could help solve the deadlock situation in which for example the fruit sector is in elsewhere poland is preparing an appeal to the w t o the world trade organization against the sanctions imposed by russia they say that it infringes upon the rights of particular apples were a huge import to russia from poland what they're saying is it goes against w t o rules russia says not in the slightest doesn't it fringe upon anything that suggests and it says that nobody was complaining to the w t o when stacked sanctions were imposed on russia so what we're seeing is these things to sanctions starting to bite and the people that they're impacting on the most of the farming business and the agricultural industry in europe. robert oulds who's the head of the bruges group think tank believes the latin american countries won't bend anyway
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under the pressure from brussels well we it's time that the european union as well as perhaps even the united states stop dictating to other countries around the world argentina brazil chile the beauty it will be in their economic interest to expand their trade with russia is a very good opportunity for them to forge closer links with russia as well as so really these countries will not bow to pressure from other states and i will look to expand their links with russia just like china has recently done in terms of gas and oil supplies. retired me gypsy increased agricultural exports to russia by thirty percent and is ready to in large volumes further that statement from president putin has been meeting the egyptian leader in sochi moscow in cairo of all spin discussing a possible free trade zone between egypt and customs union countries russia belarus and doesn't stand this is the first visit of the federal c.c. outside the arab world. in. moscow says it surprised by the
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confusion about its humanitarian aid to east ukraine is all details of the mission were coordinated with kiev earlier today ukraine said it's ready to accept the aid but not on russian trucks agreement was eventually reach those foreign minister sergei lavrov explains. there's a new bill in the ship of the movement of the convoy has begun as we got to know confirming ukraine's readiness to receive this help on top of that's we took into account all the wishes of the ukrainian side regarding this operation including the route that was chosen even though this means we have to take a large d. to us we are relying on the assurances given by the ukrainians they guarantee the security of the convoy during its movement of through regions controlled by the country's army we also expect the same attitude from the self defense forces russian foreign ministry says that cargo will be handed over to the red cross at the border as agreed with the international organization and the ukrainian authorities a convoy of always three hundred trucks carrying aid from russia is on its way to the russia ukraine from tir keva moscow reached initial agreement on that mission
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on monday a week after officials in east ukraine advance declared a humanitarian disaster in the city. meanwhile in kiev the parliament passed a raft of new laws allowing the country to impose sanctions against russia the new legislation allows you create a block and freeze all russian assets in the country can also ban all broadcasting of russian media and block all russian activity in ukraine's internet space on top of that all transit of russian goods and even of russian citizens through ukraine could be blocked by kiev now is yet to be decided whether any of these measures will actually be implemented meanwhile in separate legislation also voted in today security personnel have been given the right to shoot without warning in the rest of east. well one of the new laws has already turned heads in europe with the o.s.c. saying it seriously endangers freedom of speech goes against european principles of present liberty it wants the law revoked with keeping up to date with any developments of course here on air and online. then the.
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next public rage in the u.s. state of missouri spilled over into a second night of clashes with police over the fatal shooting of unarmed black teenager by a cop officers fired tear gas and rubber bullets of protesters who have theories about what they called police brutality and racial profiling unassisted canards the force. tensions chaos violence and really mayhem have been an unraveling on the streets here for these last couple of nights tear gas had been used. but. of course people have been coming out onto the street in the hundreds and thousands since the killing of an unarmed eighteen year old michael brown took place here the community is outraged because the young man
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had no weapon however he was fired at multiple times by a police officer and he died as a result of this people have been coming out onto the streets protesting violence has been erupting and most certainly we can get in front of our eyes today tear gas was fired at least twice and one of those times when the numbers of people in the street really had died down it was only just a couple dozen people who live in this neighborhood and of course so we do not expect any of these tensions to die down because the locals that we've spoken to most certainly intend to continue coming out to protest in outrage of what happened and while we don't know exactly what unravelled the police have been claiming that an altercation took place between my old michael brown and this police officer but many of the details remain a big mystery including the identity of this police officer who we know now is currently on leave and this is something that the local community wants. two to
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change they want to see accountability happen to certainly police misconduct and police brutality has been and huge issue in this country throughout the last several years. and it's a series of polls across the latest developments in missouri for you you can follow her on twitter for updates as they hot new pictures from the city. here after the break we look at how america is having to wobble rocks could snow so they can try to defend themselves against you how this study using u.s. firepower coming right up. on marriage in the financial world. developments cannot stop exit exams only take you know to credit. in life there are obvious and there are but. this is the media leave us so we leave that maybe. i will see bush and secure the
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other your party physical. issues that no one is asking with the guests that you deserve answers from it's all on politics only on our t.v. . do we speak your language. programs in documentaries in arabic it's all here on t.v. reporting from the world talks about six of the ip interviews intriguing story for you to. see arabic to find out more visit arabic. dot com. ongoing u.s. airstrikes on jihadist and rack of not contained all broken momentum of the
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militants that's according to the pentagon washington the so far been reluctant to launch another ground invasion but is now beefing up the flow of weapons to the region u.s. officials say they're seeking to further undermine the so-called islamic state by arming kurdish resistance fighters in northern iraq no so far they've only been sending light weapons and ammunition but the kurds also want rocket launchers and tanks as out his gun if you can report snake some of those weapons used by the jihadists were also made in america. thousands of iraqis are helpless in the face of terror from the islamic state the jihadi militants are ruthless and well armed this year harvest forces in iraq are probably the strongest the hardest forces in the region and in the world they are equipped with advanced american weapons and that's how they were able to ethnic cleansing minorities christian and is he the minorities from many areas in kurdistan or south of kurdistan and now they're attacking kurdistan u.s. officials see no alternative to sending weapons to combat the extremists who now
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fight with american weapons you cannot confront isis with flowers at the same time flooding an already deeply divided country with more weapons could backfire in the future. there is no american military solution. in iraq. only way. is for iraqis come together and form an inclusive government president obama may want a unified iraq but the kurds have long wanted out and arming kurdish militia forces could lead to a permanent breakup of iraq any peaceful cessation of the kurds of iraq would like to bring the region several days and multi-ethnic cities as well as major oil holdings they both kurdish and testing cared for and now is pressing as the current defense things are the question is whether the weapons provided the paint today.
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in washington and to track down. well every side of the conflict in iraq is now than using american weapons let's take a closer look at how that came the big the u.s. military pulled out of the country twenty eleven but they left a deadly legacy more than nine billion dollars worth of weapons much of this american firepower was captured by islamic state fighters sweeping into northern iraq from syria where that already got hold of some weapons that washington had supplied to anti assert. i know with us is being used on two sides of the barricades in iraq america's not having to said more of its hardware to the kurds to help them repel the jihadists former u.s. foreign service employee told me some people are making a killing from this conflict the only people happy here are the american arms merchants american weapons are being used to destroy other american weapons if you're selling those weapons that's called good business mary huff the u.s.
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state department had something to say about what she thinks is the cause of all this she's a big syrian assad let's listen isis started really gaining strength in syria when a side a facilitated their rise helped facilitate their movement into iraq and gave them a security environment in which they could operate prime minister maliki has been fighting a very serious battle against him in his own country yes he could have governed more inclusively but that's very different than allowing a terrorist group to flourish and indeed supporting them. you're saying you facilitate that movement from syria through uk and we will be provided with truck and transportation to have more specifics for you than that so you don't think that the syrian regime was actually fighting myself and. look i know that they supported their rise and they helped facilitate them into iraq i know that i think this just shows the desperation of the state department do in particular in the u.s. government in general to try to paint this picture as something other than america's mistakes lysis until very recently was part of
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a broad sunni group in syria that was being supplied by the united states and was and still is being funded by american allies in saudi and kuwait and other sunni states blaming us sod for all this is absolutely beyond my understanding how it's an intelligent person can even say that. washington's number one european al-ameen times also weighed in the u.k. sending at least three fighter jets to iraq as well as military helicopters because a london correspondent. there are checks said is to get aid to tens and possibly hundreds of thousands of refugees that are trapped on a mountain in northern iraq now these refugees are from the religious group now this is a people that have been brutally brutally assaulted by isis fighters in recent weeks they have said to have been tearing through their villages and just murdering
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hundreds of people and a huge number of them are now stuck on this mountain saying with no food and water we've also had from the ministry of defense reassurances that this is only a humanitarian mission but we do know that that surveillance there are reports that the surveillance that these jets carry out will be shared with the u.s. that we know has been carrying out air strikes against isis militants in kurdistan and we also know that parliament could be recalled so that members of parliament can discuss the ongoing crisis we'll keep you posted online showing a web site a fractured report on from the u.k. government beliefs and the passages from what was supposed to be an unbiased study on the controversial gas extraction amounts that. under our you tube channel is a huge collection of pictures and stories look of the over the guts to try and copy
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spider-man doesn't mean you've got the skills to do it at the time to climb between two buildings on power cables almost were terribly wrong for this russian you can see the video but definitely not of course you should try it for yourself. alone would you survive in a siberian forest surrounded by wolves and birds with nothing but the clothes on your back well a little girls for the love of days indeed wandering the wilderness before being rescued is a good new story ortiz eagle has been off to scrub so she managed to fend for herself so long. a story straight out of jungle book becomes news bombshell around the world eleven days and nights in one of the most dangerous places in russia the same. harsh impenetrable forest infested with bears wolves and other wild predators but remarkably this three year old girl survived eating wild berries drinking river water and sleeping in the long grass temperatures dropped to
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a chilling five degrees celsius but thankfully kareen of that party kept her warm the girl wandered off from following her father of one on a trip to another remote village her mother actually thought they'd gone off together but four days later when the parents got in touch with each other they realized through their horror that they were a little girl was missing and that's when the search operation began with despite using drawings and helicopters hunters and special police forces weren't able to locate the girl until more than a week after she went missing when her puppy came back home at first they were devastated thinking this pet was screeners only chance to stay warm but it was the hero we prudes which led the search teams to the girl astonishingly the child's only injuries were mosquito bites and scratches to her feet kareena was given food and water and taken to hospital and doctors say the girl now just needs a good rest at home and some quality time with her family. but she will get now the u.n. secretary general. says israel's actions in gaza have been disproportionate the
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cost thousands of civilian lives the organizations and the masses hailed the move israel slammed it accusing the future inquiry of bias even before it started paula slater explains. well israel has called the united nations human rights council a kangaroo court it comes after the announcement from the council that it was appointing a three member panel to investigate allegations of possible war crimes now the decision follows an announcement that was made several weeks ago by the head of the council navi pillay and she said at that time that there is the strong possibility that israel is violating international law and that will power was should hold israel accountable for possible war crimes she went on to point out that the israelis had hit schools and hit homes and hospitals gaza's only power plant you and premises and that all of this was in violation of the geneva conventions the u.n. chief banking has also in the past spoken out in the hottest terms against israel
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accusing it of hitting particularly in schools where thousands of gazans who have been displaced by the monthlong fighting were seeking refuge now israel has responded by calling this forty seven member state for women in the words of the country's foreign minister he said it was a terrorist rights council and that its investigations and conclusions were predictable israel accuses the un of being a biased against it and what these radio argument is is that it is him us who should be investigated for what they call double war crimes number one firing rockets at israel and number two using civilians as human shields. here's what the recent conflict with israel's cost of this tiny strip of land by the sea has been left in ruins more than nineteen hundred palestinians have been killed tens of thousands of homes have been destroyed or damaged by israeli strikes universities over hundred schools and mosques all reduced to rubble reports say half a million people have been displaced that's almost
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a third of the population and over a million people are now without access to drinking water. with the greek state run power sector up for privatization industry workers are pulling the plug leaving parts of the country in the dark when it cost for of a next reports than from the crisis stricken country. marches strikes and power cuts this is how electricity workers are responding to government plans to liberalize the greek energy sector so i understand their concerns with travel to one of the largest mining areas in the country the plants here i'm telling my you then the surrounding areas used to produce seventy percent electricity all the economic crisis slashed overall demand and the national output dropped to roughly fifty two percent having said that the public power corporation remains the main employer here and people living in these areas fear that with this
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privatization the government is not only slowly selling the public well but it is also jeopardizing their livelihood which has already been dealt a blow. to the us will be able ready expropriated our land for public interest without even asking us we're talking about one bigger than the size of up until now locals were given preferential treatment because of that whereas the guarantee that a private investor will choose to employ these people this place could become that there is no security you will be slaves and dependent on big corporations greece currently owns over fifty one percent of the country's biggest electric power company but its plan and suspend all thirty percent to comply with its bailout conditions said by the european union and the national monetary fund it's a move they all believe will attract investments increase capital flows and improve quality as well as efficiency and the sector. we have successful examples of privatization the arguments you hear now against this are the same that were used
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during the partial privatization of the main telecoms provider in the end we got great results for the greek people lower prices and higher quality and in this case two we'll see how successful competition will result in higher quality of service for all but back in the mining fields people are not convinced and even though the probably government. says that only good can come out of this it's falling on deaf ears thank you very the sailing twenty ten the government has been saying not a single public workable be fired thousands were let go they said salaries won't be lowered but they were by over fifty percent this government never tells the truth no one believes them anymore and the money they will get from the sale will go to the public power corporation not the government and it will only equal one year's profit. greeks are having a hard time letting go of a company which contributed to the growth of their economy for sixty years but since the government has gone ahead with this privatization plans these people are
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going ahead with their rotating blackouts hoping that one day their opinion will be taken and some account merino call survive reports in from greece for r.t. . the next live news update thirty three minutes from now with me kevin and thanks for choosing us after the break make it more mincemeat of more the world's financial headlines max and stacey bring in the kaiser report very shortly. on marriage in the financial world. series developments have not started yet only take no demand for credit to get any economic benefit in life there are groups and there are fucked. thanks for.
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the reply. did you know the price is the only industry specifically mentioned in the constitution and. that's because a free and open process is critical to our democracy correct albus. role. in fact the single biggest threat facing our nation today is the corporate takeover of our government and i was crushed several we've been hydrangea why a handful of powerful friends dashiell corporations they will profit by destroying what our founding fathers once told us about my job market and on this show we reveal the big picture of what's actually going on in the world we go beyond identifying the problem trucks and rational debate and a real discussion of critical issues facing america to find the book ready to join the movement then walk away from the big picture.
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the book. looks like it was terrible a family's very hard to take up. once again there is a plan that life has never had sex with the perfect hair no please. please. please. please. one of the beauties of the people.
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a pleasure to have you with us today. welcome to the kaiser report i'm max kaiser you know victor if you.


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