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tv   Headline News  RT  August 13, 2014 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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for years rarely discussed. really rather than talk about that right. heavy artillery attacks killed at least three people in the outskirts of don't yet in east ukraine with residential areas pounded by shells as the army tries to retake the city from local militia. fast foods leaving a sour taste for russian regulators who are suing mcdonald's over quality against the backdrop of escalating tit for tat sanctions between moscow and the west. and washington considers evacuating iraqi refugees blockaded by jihadist fighters it's also sending over one hundred additional military advisers to help kurdish troops amid concern the u.s. is getting too deeply involved.
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you're watching r.t. international come to you live from moscow. at least three people have been killed in fresh craning army attacks on the outskirts of dawn yet where our troops are closing in environment major offensive locals are being told to get out of this city this area came under heavy fire on choose day night and is the current front line in the conflict a market in several apartment blocks were pounded by shells in the main square residents helped firefighters put out the flames still to nineteen year old man and an elderly woman are among the victims many have now been left homeless as a result of the bombardment tens of thousands of people across eastern ukraine have been forced to flee the violence in recent months most of them to russia maria followed some of the refugees as they left their homes in the city of new ganske. valentina is alone in her dark apartment in the gonski packing they has been no
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electricity in most of the city for almost two weeks now and the shelling continues . but indiana has already sent her daughter and her granddaughter to family friends in a russia they didn't see each other for a month we'll meet her when she's getting ready to follow them we will company her all the way to the border. in good books and come on you live just stop for us we wake up stand in the bread line for two hours then get a water and have a kook a meal to eat and the same thing happens every day at this time was said in line we can only send to the knees on the radio or voting tina's husband was due to come back from a trip to their country house this morning but he's still not back the phones are down and she has no way of knowing what's delayed him. but with daily bombings she
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can't help but be worried when might the says any of the there is no connection so i don't even know what happened to him maybe he went to visit his brother. in indiana puts in her girl's winter clothes and finishes packing she leaves her home with six bags and a very heavy heart. zenaida from the guns krege and has cancer her home was shelled twice but she tries to remain bargain but even her optimism was not enough to do with what she saw that day that convinced her she can stay in the ganske bush. i was at a bus stop and then i decided to leave for some reason as soon as i left the bus stop a shell exploded right behind me five people died one man had his head blown off and a woman lost her leg took me three days to get over it she says making the decision to leave was not an easy one but it was a very quick one. it's not about the fear of death but more of outright
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panic why is always going on why is this for their peaceful people here zenaida leaves and just like many others hopes to come back but she fears that you would never be able to do so. well we talked as if i needed but in tina reunited with her husband and great public transportation is sporadic at best and he missed his bus with no way to call home it's less than sixty kilometers from lugansk to the border but these journey might seem endless to those forced to flee. already. it's a mixture of pain and despair and who is these people turning the page of their lives so night over nineteen and her husband will spend some time in this refugee camp at the russian ukrainian border until they manage to get to their final destinations joining thousands of others who fled eastern ukraine living their lives and homes
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behind them they do not know what tomorrow holds in store but at least they say they wore he's now behind them review no show r.t. in ukraine and russia. now this is a video we've received from near done yet some of which is graphic up to fifteen ukrainian troops who were reportedly killed after their bus was attacked by local militia some media suggest those on the vehicle were fighters from the radical right sector is thought the bus mistakenly arrived at an anti government checkpoint after being sent to the wrong location. here sending mixed messages about the whereabouts of missing journalist a russian journalist understanding as international pressure grows for his release officials originally denied detaining the photographer but here's what an advisor to kiev's interior minister told a lobby in a radio station. to
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warn them russian men who will be looked after on tangata shameka added that andre is being held because he's suspected of aiding terrorists when his employer the ria novosti news agency asked for a comment the ukrainian official made quite a u. turn. he said the poor football of course if you're on the horse is part of one of the rest of the. or the thirty three year old journalist has been missing for more than a wake and rights groups are lining up in support of the committee to protect journalists says if you create new authorities are holding him reporter should be released immediately and the city international is also voicing concern stressing that journalists shouldn't have any restrictions in their work and here's the statement from the reporters committee it says that journalists must be free to cover all controversies without being penalized for doing their jobs. who will keep you posted on what's happening with our understanding over r.t.
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dot com we've lined up a collection of some of the photojournalists most acclaimed work for documenting events in kiev and eastern ukraine. now in several hours' time russian humanitarian convoy is expected to arrive at the ukrainian border russia's foreign ministry says kiev has agreed to accept the aid after moscow agreed to ukrainian presence on the convoy officials in kiev earlier refused to let russian trucks cross the border demanding the cargo be reloaded on to different vehicles is because kiev suspected moscow of using the relief mission as a cover to smuggle arms to anti-government forces in eastern ukraine it backtracked after russia agreed to let representatives of the red cross the european security watchdog and ukrainian authorities on board really three hundred trucks are now on their way to the border carrying generators hundreds of tons of products including baby food water medical supplies and sleeping bags the red cross confirms it's
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received a detailed list of the aid saying they will handle its distribution. we will take charge of this consignment once it is in ukraine and we will independently distribute it to the people who most need it but this cannot happen in such a situation on less all parties concerned are in agreement with how things are going to be done we don't function with armed guards we don't function with any kind of protection through weapons we function with a protection through the agreement of those who have the guns and to tell us that yes we accept your mission we accept your transport and we will make sure that you're safe. now a record number of illegal african migrants are heading to europe this year more and they struggle to hold back the tide in just a moment including the latest mass border storming incident also. also washington is stepping up its involvement in iraq it's considering the urgent
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evacuation of refugees who are under siege the u.n. has warned the situation might escalate within days or even hours tens of thousands of civilians from the n.z.d. sect were forced to flee their homes but eventually found themselves trapped by islamic state fighters on mount st john in iraq's north the u.s. and its western allies have been because humanitarian food parcels while one hundred thirty military advisers have been sent to the area to assess the situation washington early announced it will directly on iraq's kurds with light weaponry and ammunitions that you can consider is why the u.s. is keen on protecting the minority. the militants of these lawmakers state have been seizing control of vast swathes of iraq for months now but when they approached its kurdish region the u.s. took action this is a humanitarian issue of great consequence for all the militants threat not just the people of the kurdish region but also its oil production since
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the u.s. invasion in two thousand and three iraq's kurdistan has seen a boom in energy production u.s. energy giants exxon mobil and chevron are among the many oil and gas for arms large and small now drilling there seems that there are american oil companies operating in the kurdish region in the north of iraq. some weight. it was one of the main considerations obama administration. took wives thinking about the engagement of turkey in iraq this month the same my autonomy as region. shown to be friendly with us into u.s. business but the oil rich kurdistan has long sought to break away from iraq it has now moved to sell crude independently from bogged down arguing that the central government doesn't give the region its fair share of oil revenue and leave the onslaught of the islamic state in the political turmoil in baghdad many kurds see
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an opportunity to finally carve out a homeland by exclusively supporting the kurdish region washington may fuels their cause but the kurdish region is functional the way we would like to see it and it is tolerant of other sects and other religion in a way that you would like to see elsewhere so we do think that it's important to make sure that that space is protected the obama administration likes the way kurdistan functions but doesn't like the way iraq as a whole functions the obama administration denies that it gave up on the central government in baghdad moving to directly protect u.s. interests with humanitarian situation so dire and the threat posed by the islamic state so imminent america's increased involvement may not have much opposition now even if the eventual outcome will be the breakup of iraq in washington i'm going to check on our team. former u.s. congressman and presidential candidate ron paul spoke exclusively to our say on the
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prospects for america's latest moves in iraq he told us the united states risks sinking deeper into the conflict and leaves iraqis to deal with the islamic states on their own. always had this reputation of being great fighters and that they're very good day out in town and i'm surprised that they haven't retaliate a little bit better but one of the reasons why they haven't done very well is that ice is ended up getting a lot of weapons from us and if they captured weapons they've got them out of syria and i'm sure there are some they came from libya so they're well armed so we haven't done the kurds any favor whatsoever so i think the sooner we get out there to the better i think the policy that we should follow is one designed to allow the iraqis to solve all their problems and stay out of this let them deal with it because we've tried for a long time we've lost a lot of lives spent
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a lot of money and we allowed a mess to develop and it's nothing but a mess and chaos there and in a way we're partially responsible for that. coming up by day of race riots in missouri where angry crowds refused to be quelled over the police shooting of an unarmed black teenager a few minutes we take a closer look at how officers handling the situation. you got a lot of sneering and negative press for your engagements here in russia especially for your public appearances with food and even though they weren't explicitly political you were just supporting sports one of the scenes that certain people regime has become very adept at is controlling the media for example right here c.n.n. do i think c.n.n. is you know completely telling it like it is no i think is a have an agenda i think through jim is is bought and paid for.
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choose your language killing the killer though if the federal plan to stay still for the last six weeks later no thanks for your services to choose the news that concerns get to. choose the opinions that invigorating to. choose the stories that impact your life choose me access to. russia is taking mcdonald's to court today johns accused of violating the country's nutrition and safety codes in some of its products which could see some of the
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chains most popular bugs and shakes disappearing from russian menus explains why the food farms food is proving hard to swallow for russia's consumer watchdog they have investigated a number of fast food restaurants and that found that the nutritional value of some of the most popular burgers such as world cheeseburger or folio fish simply do not correspond to the declared of value also some of the salads evidently contain traces of the coli bacteria speaking of a call eight not the first time that mcdonald's has found itself in hot water in regard to the bacteria that something very similar has been found just a couple of years ago and there burger patties but it didn't go asked far as a court case and that is exactly what the consumer watchdog in russia now wants to do to mcdonald's they want to take them to board and ban some of their burgers a from that menu so today we're looking at the woman you're hearing still start in that process now of course mcdonald's is one of the most popular fast food chains in the world and is definitely so in russia there's more than four hundred
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restaurants operating here mcdonald's said that in the twenty five years of their operations in russia they have tried nothing but to provide the best customer service and quality of food and also that they actually comply with regulations is said by various russian authorities now this comes hard in the fields of the so-called food force which have been happening lately between russia and the west this concerns primarily because scenes of sanctions between russia and europe and with details of that here is what is going on for the past few months we've definitely been witnessing a rising tensions between russia and the west but what's happening now is we're. being described by many as a full blown trade war first in late july the e.u. slapped russia with saying start getting a whole sectors of its economy four major banks were hit and one airline was completely grounded but then russia announced counter measures banning the import of billions of euros worth of fruit vegetables meat dairy and other products
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european producers are the worst hit and brussels has to compensate the losses the problem is the size of its emergency fund is around four hundred million euros while the estimated damage may reach five billion when you know we are going to lose one point three million euros but we're relatively small business imagine the other big firms such as like to lease which send several trucks a week or so to the us is going to. it will take two or three months to collect our remaining crop and we don't know what will happen if no one buys it. now we're in a bad economic situation more than two hundred families have been destroyed we will have damage in excess of eight hundred fifty thousand your rules of nothing's changed we are in a desperate situation next to russia starts negotiations with latin america specifically ecuador brazil chile and argentina to meet the new eight percent shortfall in imports according to the financial times the e.u. me start trying to talk some of these states out of upping trade with russia
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perhaps promising to open its market to their products but here is the ecuadorian embassador to russia's thoughts on this i think the current situation creates great opportunities for ecuador but it would have been unwise to pass up such a chance to diversify and expand our trading capabilities especially having received an offer to become a privileged partner with russia. some business analysts in the west have now started wondering how wise was it to start playing this game of tit for tat sanctions the sanctions or will they really work and we don't think they will and we've been working in the russian market probably now for. last twenty years and times have always been difficult to do russia's business in russia but i don't think the sanctions will really help and we just wanted to sort of voice the could well be job losses coming along we heard that j.c. being. reported that he potentially could lose. orders as a result of the sanctions and as
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a result of that would lose jobs over here watching this economic battle swing back and forth like a pendulum one is reminded of newton's theory must law every action has an equal and opposite reaction which a school be the last to retaliate is very hard to predict right now. hundreds of migrants have tried to breach a heavily fortified spanish enclave in north africa dozens managed to break through into million which borders morocco on the mediterranean coast using makeshift ladders more storm the barrier wall and waves most were repelled those who got in will now be assessed for asylum or deportation or this is the largest in months is frequently targeted by people fleeing sub-saharan africa trying to make it into europe spain is not the only country where african migrants are trying to make their way into europe says it jobs and shelter this week violent clashes broke out in france as eritreans and sudanese citizens try getting to britain through the northern port of color african migrants also risked their lives crossing the
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mediterranean mediterranean to reach italy's southern coasts and islands now boats carrying refugees are often overloaded many capsized almost eight hundred people have drowned this year alone and the un's refugee agency says the influx into europe through the mediterranean is already sixty percent higher than last year more than seventy five thousand have tried to get into italy greece spain or malta during the first half of this year on the subject a sore point for most europeans but a british think tank says migrants contre be more to the economy than they take but adds that mass immigration strains the country's. infrastructure we've got an investigation on that on our website. right the city. were struck. and i think that your.
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deaths from west africa spread a boat have now reached europe the first victim a spanish priest evacuated time after being infected in liberia the world health organization now says it is ethical to use untested drugs to treat infected patients as the number of victims exceeds a thousand ebola research dr painted the walls from cambridge university told me that dozens of cases need to be treated with the new vaccine before its effectiveness becomes clear there really isn't a commercial market and therefore all the money that's been spent on developing vaccines and treatments has really become from bio defense funding the u.s. military in particular is worried that somebody will try to use this is a weapon to really get enough data to tell where the drugs are effective in humans you need tens of people to be treated the least and so just by treating two or
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three people you're not really going to be able to tell whether it was really a factor of the african countries just don't have the capacity to maintain all the protocols necessary particular the high heat they don't have air conditioning you know they don't have regular power and so the odds that this happens that this spreads into europe or russia or somewhere else there are very very very low. the city of ferguson in missouri has suffered a third night of riots and violence in the wake of sunday's fatal shooting of black teenager mike brown by a policeman in one incident what appears to have been a drive by attack a woman was shot in the head she's now in hospital condition is not. consistent locals say they refuse to yield until justice is done and still the police chief has granted anonymity to the officer who gunned down the teenager saying that making his name public could endanger the lives of the policeman and his family without announcement to walk in the range on the street summons to see which.
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we're currently in ferguson in the suburbs of st louis missouri where tensions have been flying high ever since saturday when eighteen year old michael brown who was on armed was killed by multiple shots from a police officer who has so far been identified we do know that accounts of what exactly took place different police say that the young man had had an altercation with the police officer by getting into his car and trying to take his gun police say that he was reportedly with another young man and they had been in this fight with the police officer that led to at least one gone shot being fired inside the police car and then according to the police several gunshots were fired at the young man which led to his death look we just fired tear gas. ok so tear gas is being fired at the protesters even though there's only really a couple of dozen people here at least police have been issuing warnings and
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warnings for at least two hours now that this would happen if protesters didn't disperse most of the people here that we've spoken to are locals living on this particular street in this community and they're not bothering anybody and they are showing the police you cannot make us go in sad our houses we can stand out here on the sat while the dawn comes if we'd like you can now. force that's best martial law you tell and as we get a curfew now their windows shattered dozens of businesses like this one in ferguson have been boarded up and shut down after the looting and vandalism that has been taking place electronic cords ripped out and security cameras broken some of the store vendors. bought up and protect what's left. but i can understand a family praying in. my condolence go out to the found this gas station convenience store was pretty much completely burned down after on sunday hundreds of protesters took to the streets after a vigil held for michael brown the eighteen year old was just about to start
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college was just days away from going to school and this place and really this death has become a tragic symbol of the major disconnect that exists in this community between the police who are meant to serve and protect and the predominantly black community that lives here and artsy ferguson i'm sorry. coming up next the international get a grip on global finance with arran aid in britain buswell it's going underground if you're watching very soon stay with us.
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there i marinate it and this is boom bust and these are some of the stories that we're tracking for you today now we're coming to you live from our new york city studio today and we kick off the show by looking at how e.u. and russian sanctions have seriously impacted greece's hopes for an exit from its deepest recession and how century that's a long time however it's not looking too bright and we'll tell you why coming right up and we were in a loss in vegas last week covering the bet is the annual cyber security summit black cast and today we're bringing you all the latest and greatest from the event kicking it off with my interview with mr jake koons now jake is the chief security officer at risk based securities. and a black hat veteran one of the few who's been going for fifteen out of seventeen years and he's giving us the inside scoop on how the conference is evolved over the years and then in today's big deal i'm joined by the always always fabulous mr sam sachs and sam and i are discussing how an impending fast food armageddon.


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