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tv   Politicking With Larry King  RT  August 15, 2014 6:29am-7:01am EDT

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worse condition than the psni feel good. compliment welcome to politicking rob reiner no stranger to political activism and he's never been shy about his opinions and believes his newest film ends so it goes stars michael douglas and diane keaton he directs the also stars in it and it's out in theaters now and he joins me in studio thank you robbie larry thanks for having what are your thoughts on robin williams well i mean i was doing a television show called about a boy and i had a little part in it and many drivers one of the actresses in it had told me just before i was about to shoot and i was devastated i mean really devastated i mean you know it's not just you know that i knew robin and you know i don't know what he went through it hit me in a very very deep level because i know what that is to you have to suffer i have
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depression i've wrestled with it my whole life i know what that is and i know how difficult a struggle that is for somebody and how difficult it was for robin and it's so upsetting to hear somebody who fought as hard as he did all these years to try to manage it was able to it would had to succumb to it and it's just very upsetting you drunk politics one of the thing in that area. you see someone is vital as you say funny direct great films always left political activists where is the how you hiding this where is the depression it's not it's a question of hiding it i mean you manage it you you know i was there a p there's medications there's all kinds of things i mean and it's not something that just goes away it stays with you your life and you just deal with it it's part of what you you know when you have very low i do i do and robin's you know what happened to rob and hit me very hard i mean it's set me off but you learned over the
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years you learned to manage it and you know i you have a show i know with mike wallace and. the him styrene and you know they talk about it and i think it's important that you know that we normalize this a lot of people suffer from it and people don't it's there's a stigma to talk about it and i think if you talk about it you can say ok this is just something you can manage it and you can live with it lincoln was depressed lincoln was depressed churchill was depressed there are a lot of great people who have achieved. a considerable amount you know wrestling with depression but what's your reaction when you go into politics to the latest iraq policy on obama's part the bombing of the isis well look you know the middle east and that whole region we've been chasing our tail for for years for decades
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we've been chasing and we we armed saddam hussein to fight against iran we armed some of bin laden to to fight against the russians in afghanistan and we keep doing this it you know ultimately it has no it's partly to protect israel and partly because of the oil but this is a no win situation. we're not going to win here if you look at you know i made a joke when when when bush went into iraq you know right after nine eleven which to me was the greatest single. foreign policy disaster in my lifetime second to vietnam he made the joke didn't teach c. lawrence of arabia i mean after the first world war i mean the british try to manage that area they couldn't so what they did is they just carved up some territories they said these are they're not countries this will be iraq this will
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be you know that area this will be this and essentially it's not they're not countries they're there they're there sects their religious tribes want of the bided up divide biden said divide it up in the kurdish area in the north you have the sunni and the shia the sunni isn't the she had been fighting for fourteen hundred years as isis were you well sure it does sure isis worries it's just like. al qaida worried us and when they attacked we went into afghanistan and didn't finish the job but kerry said something interesting in the two thousand and four election and everybody screamed low you know you're being a you're wrong this is a. a war on. extreme groups an order to deal with them you need good intelligence you need special ops it's almost like police work there are no countries there so what you do is you try to find out
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where they where these extreme religious factions are where this fundamental extremism come from and go after them but to invade countries and do that that's the biggest waste of time and the biggest waste of blood and treasure and it's sad what we're doing there and right now obama is playing cleanup you know he's cleaned up the mess that was caused when we went into iraq in the first place and what did anybody think was going to happen when saddam hussein was removed the only reason that country was held together is because you had a maniac an iron fist and an iron fist a dictator who was holding that country get together and was doing these horrible things gassing kurds but fats what it took to keep those factions together you remove him and surprise suni's and shia are going to go after each other it's not surprising to me and it shouldn't be surprising to anybody who study that read you
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have the same what can do about what what's the do about the gaza situations well there again you've got a a horrible situation where you have an extreme faction in the hamas that controls gaza that is written into their playbook the destruction of israel the destruction of every jew on the planet. you can't negotiate with that you have to say either hamas goes away and the palestinian authority takes over all of that region and and and deal with some kind of honest broker here and create the two state solution the palestinians turned down the ability to have their own state in one nine hundred forty eight when when israel was formed so clearly hamas and again the very ill and faction of a. really strong fundamental group can control
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everything you look at the congress right now in the united states you've got a strong tea party group controlling the whole country because they have a gridlock they have a gridlock stranglehold on boehner boehner can't make a move and so for that reason nothing gets brought up in the in the in the congress so any time to do it in with an extreme group you cannot negotiate with them and the way to do it is to eliminate it with the tea party you have to go through a political thing you haven't the wait till two thousand and twenty to redistrict but that is really tough stuff what do you make of younger americans no less for him in the support of israel israel gets rocked pretty much around the world for their actions well it's which is terrible to me it's terrible because israel has obviously greater power than you know than any of these arab countries they have
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nuclear weapons and so on so what are they supposed to do they're sitting there and all of a sudden missiles are lobbed been into them now the the horrible optics of this is they strike back and innocent people get killed and so then israel becomes the the one to blame for all of the innocent people getting killed but the fact of the matter is hamas is causing very innocent population to get killed so israel is in a what and in israel gets you know tarred with these the terrible this of the fact that they were the ones that get bombed to begin is there a solution there. you know the only solution is to me you've got to have the arab world the palestinian authority come down heavy heavy on hamas to the point where hamas gets marginalized and then you can then start negotiations but you can't have
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a negotiation when you have somebody lobbing missiles at you you know president obama you supported him. i did support of i mean i was a everybody knows i was a hillary supporter during the primaries but then you know when obama got the nomination i was a big supporter of his own disappointed you know he hasn't disappointed me what has this appointed me is the united states congress it's a tragedy what they congress has done in blocking very very middle of the road. policies that obama's putting forward obama's not some crazy left wing maniac obama is what we would consider a rockefeller republican these days the country has move so far to the right that we've got a president who is essentially a middle of the road slightly leaning to the right democrat and everything he
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puts forward is killed and it's killed only because they want to destroy obama now he may not have the the fire power you know in the rhetoric that he does on the campaign trail and he probably should have a little bit more of that when he's pushing his policies he doesn't but if you look at his policies and look what he's putting forward the congress i'm ashamed that what the congress has done is i've never seen anything like in our lifetime you talk about the one nine hundred forty eight do nothing congress that harry truman ran against they passed nine hundred pieces of legislation this congress has passed less than one hundred fifty so the do nothing congress passed you know seven times as much legislation as this guy we're going to get anywhere with immigration no we're not going to get anywhere with anything as long as the tea party has a strangle hold on john boehner will not get anywhere. i mean the obama's going to
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try to do as much as he can do through executive action but then they say they're going to sue him over using executive action and then when they have a border crisis they say use executive action to go after the border crisis it's it's it's hypocritical beyond belief and guess is rob run as you know in the past and so hard to draw him out to run of the mill down the middle and so in the next segment we'll talk about his latest movie and so it goes and stars michael douglas and diane keaton it's out now and he's a master in the director's chair we'll talk about the film when we come back. you know i used to love to slip and slide. on i'm sure you did you. ok take your time in the air you're the piano player yeah yeah artie burns i play with lee at the the oaks peace trail or what are you doing there i came here to pick you up for the day. you not heard. she likes
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a man. with actual hair well i've been going with sleeping with her well i am. going the parish so. i. gave her a. very sorry to take a. look again here. that are back with her big hair.
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kick right on the scene. first for you and i think you're. on our reporters' twitter. and instagram. could be in the know. on. your friend posts a photo from a vacation you can't afford college it's different. the boss
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repeats the same old joke of course you like. your ex-girlfriend still tends to rejection poetry keep tabs ignore it. we post only what really matters at r.t. to your facebook news feed. each of you take care of my daughter while i'm going to school not it's my son play who's that i miss my granddaughter poppy quite a mom it has section eight once one from the director of the fucking place to sign it is to sell. me to make someone a great wife someday and when harry met sally comes to comedy take that box put it
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on that box it's on that box you claudette valid friendship and the only friend you might have found somebody else likes me so you can from dying out family what is your favorite college feel room packed full no us is no good that's bad for vandals and the little folks to bring this together this time i have sex for money c.l. insist some. that the contempt absolutely should but when you put it that way michael douglas. christmas nothing. you're too young to smoke. so we can. tell you can do that the other. person happens in your sense. anybody crap that was a clip from director rob run his new film and so it goes it's out in theaters now
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michael douglas and diane keaton what a pair and they were great so much fun they'd never worked together before and they they it was instant chemistry between the two of them you like directing i do it so it's a lot of fun i mean a gifted i over i've always said that you know you i'm not great at anything i'm good i'm a good actor i'm a good writer and you know musically i'm pretty good i have a good visual sense not great in any but directing is the one job where you can put all those little talents together and it could be ok and so it goes this is this food and fuel films like about real life people in your lives and it was actually about people of that age you know it's about finding love at that point in life you know finding love later on in life and we you know we made a joke about it which is you know when i did bucket list you know that there's an audience out there for people who like to you know want to you know it's of the
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baby boom generation i said i said oh florida corn demographic we've got you know one hundred percent desire to see with about a forty percent ability to get to the fear so. they're out there we just have to give and you put yourself into this kind of a schaub well i'm in there you know i wanted paul shaffer or mark shamen who is. because it's a piano player but they they weren't available so i was working i had a little low budget i was right needed somebody who would work for scale so i found myself looked around family and then i got to where virtually undetectable oh yeah ok and there so you know there's always that's always a plus of douglas's under-rated he's a such a good actor such a good actor look at what he did last year with the liberace thing the on the hand how great was that i mean it was it was great and he's insatiable in this you of course made one of the american classics the princess bride language live for ever is it going to be a musical well they have disney theatricals bought the rights to it i've begun
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producing to make a musical out of it and i i would love this i think it could be i mean it lends itself naturally to songs as you wish you killed my father prepare to die inconceivable you know all of those they could be some great songs your dad is well he is think you is doing really well he just ninety two years old walks around the block every day writes every day mel brooks comes over they sit they watch a movie they have dinner you see says changes you've always been in favor of equality in marriage yet gay marriage is definitely coming and we see it everywhere how do you account for the swiftness of well i mean a couple of things happen one is. you know it's very there's a thing that happens when you hit a critical mass in a particular movement when proposition eight passed here in california we thought this is incredible how could a liberal state like california endorse you know
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a. ban on gays and you know gays lesbians getting married so my wife and chad griffin and christina shop shockey we decided to you know to to file a federal lawsuit against proposition eight and we got ted olson and david boies the two guys who opposed the each other. in bush v gore when i met ted olson i told him and i said you know you put me in bed for duty for two days after that that that supreme court ruling we got those guys to come together and we challenge proposition was the first time that marriage equality was challenged on a federal in a federal case it got all the way to the supreme court and we were able to overturn proposition eight but in the process we started educating people about this and a lot of people have been working very hard and slowly but surely people started to see that you know hey my i have there's a gay person in my family there's
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a gay person that i work with there's a gay friend i have you know and everybody realized that this is the last piece of the civil rights puzzle that needs to be fixed and people started changing when we started there was two states that had marriage equality now we've got nineteen states and the district of columbia and another nine states that have struck down marriage bans so the ball is really moving and now we've just want to case in in virginia in the fourth circuit we just won in appeals and we're now we've asked for search from the supreme court will see if we get it while we get so involved. you know i think it comes from my mom and dad you know they were both actively involved in the in the since my mother was involved in the you know against the vietnam war she was part of another mother for peace my dad marched in the moratorium we always talked about issues then you know doing on the family and seeing norman lear and
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how he was like a second dad to me and watching what he did and using his fame and celebrity to you know to affect change i thought you know this is something that i can do and i and so i've always always done it could you do all the family no i don't think you could do it on commercial television i think it certainly could be cable i mean you know we listen when more divided now than we ever were i mean you could do a red state blue state but we're very p.c. right now so you have to do it on cable so it was a hysterical show thing though it was a lot of fun though i love working on that show it was a great show cast down along yeah we got along great was like you know it was like a family visit was there mentally it was the wild on his hollywood effect affect politics. no not not not a lesson i don't think hollywood done all of hollywood i think individuals in hollywood can have an effect the first thing they can do is they can raise
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awareness of a particular issue i mean michael j. fox you know with stem cell research george clooney with the situation in darfur in sudan. you can raise awareness but i think if unless you are willing to really steep yourself in the issue to the point where you not only can raise awareness but you can move the ball forward and understand the three dimensional chess game that you need to play with politics policy and p.r. and all of that then i think you can only raise awareness and you can get also get it and. down by being you know i'm a hollywood militant or whatever that thing is so what i've tried to do in the issues that i've got involved it is really steep myself in it so i'm not just some figurehead that's out there but on early childhood you know i went and passed a bacco initiative to fund early childhood in california and then i i was the
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chairman of a state commission for seven years to implement it and you know the same with marriage equality same thing so you know you have to see it through i mean it's not just enough to you know say hey i'm for the environment and then not doing anything you know what do you see in the midterm elections. it's going to be interesting i mean you know traditionally the midterms you have the party in power loses seats so you would think that we will probably lose some seats you know in both the house and the senate i hope that the senate is not doesn't go. all republican but it might it's right on the on the cusp i mean there's a couple of seats either way that could swing it one way or the other and the only reason i mention this is because there could be one more supreme court nominee you know in the last couple of years of obama's administration and i would hope to think that he could put some of the you know it all affect the balance of the of
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the supreme court so hopefully i don't see any conservative retiring to yes no no and that's one of the reasons why we try to push for marriage equality now because . it's only they the liberals that are leaving the court and if you saw what happened sotomayor and also. elena kagan replaced to the liberals you know souter and and stevens so the next logical person who knows if you will is ruth bader ginsburg we don't know but if she goes again it would only be a wash and so kennedy still becomes the swing vote and you don't know which way he'll go but our instinct tells us that he would be with us on this issue but we don't i still firmly for hillary yes yeah i am for hillary i've always felt that you know right now the system is broken i don't see it being fixed any time soon but the supreme court is always an issue and that is the most reason the most
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important reason to vote for president i feel that hillary of all the people has the most experience has probably more experience than anybody has ever had to do that job so yes can she get you know substantive things done during her term if she gets elected i don't know unless you know something happens drastically in congress and i don't see that happening. she's convention is going to run i'm not convinced that she's going to run i hope she does and i'll do whatever she wants me to do but no i'm not convinced because she is not somebody who likes to just have a job she likes to get things done she's you know very very aggressive in wanting to get things done. again she is goal oriented and i think that she might take a look and say hey there's enough you know how do i move any agenda here with with
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the way things are in congress now having said that i still hope she runs because again it's about the supreme court is there a republican on the horizon that you from your political standpoint fear yes the only one i fear i know i don't fear i don't fear the only one right about the only one i think might have a chance in a general election and then the route from the general to the to the i mean from the primary to the general is a tough road for any one who could get elected from the republican party because right now the republican party has turned their backs on minorities and women and they they're not even trying to court them but jeb bush i don't know what his situation is jeb bush is the one moderate republican who's is intelligent he's from a big swing state florida i think he is well liked in the latino community he's somebody who could win i think
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a general to get the nomination that's the question could he get could he you know run that gotten through the primaries i don't know and does he want to i don't know i mean chris christie until the until the bridge thing you know would have had a chance but again could chris christie get through you know a primary challenge or he doesn't run is there a democrat you like oh yeah there's a there's a number of them i mean i. like i like cuomo you know from from new york like joe biden there are a number of good democrats with worn elizabeth warren's terrific terrific you're a no i got another movie coming i have two movies that i'm developing now that i'm trying to try in the middle of trying to cast and i'm really excited about television for the first time you know you go to dinner parties now and people talk about did you see the last breaking bad episode or did you see house of cards or can you are you are you excited about the new homeland season people are talking
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about television of them rate yeah lots of the i mean i love there's a show called rectify that i love it's on the sundance channel it's a sensational i mean the writing is great the character development is great and i think a lot of really good things are being done in tell anybody phone says now all the actors in hollywood want to do told they want to do television and the creative people want to do television because there's more creative freedom thank you rob reiner and so it goes stars michael douglas and diane keaton directed by mr reiner who also costars is out in theaters now for more information on the film check out and so it goes the movie dot com thanks as always for joining me on politicking number i want to hear from you join the conversation on my facebook page share your thoughts on twitter. all this week.
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jenny but you to vulgarize ation of darwin science punishment for an uncommitted crying i was never a lot eastern and could believe in eighty feebleminded still today i don't know why . but i still don't know why genetic improvement through forced sterilization. the basis for nazi ideology they don't stop at just sterilizing and now go to the point of death hated for years rarely discussed. till now i'd really rather not talk about that right now. one of the wonderful marginalize the. face.
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of pleasure to have you with us here on our t.v. today i'm sure. the.
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fear of bomb central deniece killing at least eleven and leaving scorched buildings across the city. as western politicians keep pushing for the further isolation of russia. finland's president meets with latimer potent to talk business and defusing tensions plus. grounds close time square in new york as vigils for michael brown and public anger at police brutality spread nationwide.


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