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tv   The Big Picture With Thom Hartmann  RT  August 15, 2014 10:01pm-11:02pm EDT

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washington d.c. and here's what's coming up tonight on the big picture ferguson police have identified darren wilson the officer who shot and killed michael brown last saturday they also say that brown was a suspect in a robbery at the time he was killed in this change the way we look at the case that's captivated the nation we'll talk about that and more in tonight's bigger picture and all discussion on ferguson race and law enforcement in the united states and nuri al maliki has finally stepped aside as prime minister of iraq given the people of that country a chance at a unified government in iraq wouldn't be in the mess it is today if it weren't for the actions of bush and his cronies so this one time we finally held those war criminals accountable for the disaster they created that and more incidents big picture rubble. you need to know this this morning the ferguson missouri police finally released
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the name of the officer who shot and killed unarmed eighteen year old michael brown last saturday at officers twenty year old darren wilson a six year member of the ferguson police department who reportedly had a clean disciplinary record ferguson police also released a video camera footage of an alleged strong armed robbery at a convenience store that they claim shows michael brown getting into a physical altercation with a store clerk all stealing a pack of cigars one can only assume at the ferguson police released that video footage of the deflection or provide some sort of twisted rationale for the officer shooting brown however there is no confirmation that brown is the man seen in the video just hours after that footage was released the ferguson police chief held a news conference in which he explicitly said that officer wilson had no knowledge of the robbery and wasn't aware that brown may be a suspect and that. this robbery does not relate to the initial contact between the officer being. and michael. would be aware but.
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i don't know i don't know what it what came out his interview i know his initial contact was not related to the robbery it was related to blood and race you're telling us that you're telling us that when the officers around there's. not a red sauce. no he was just he was just coming off with a sick case which is why the ambulance was there so quickly as well you know but yes they would rather just say what are you saying he didn't know that he was a suspect or did he not know he didn't. later in the day the police chief clarified his clarification to say that officer wilson learned of the robbery while he was in the process of stopping michael brown currently solely for the crime of walking while black in the middle of the street so there's now even more confusion over the tragic death of michael brown and more questions from the ferguson community that's
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a shame because nearly after because after nearly a week of panic outrage chaos and a military like occupation in ferguson the story there was finally some peace in that city last night or no violent standoff between protesters and police or no police officers wearing military tactical gear and carrying military style weapons and there was no tear gas grenades flying through the air instead there were peaceful protests there were led by normal looking police officers in the missouri state highway patrol in fact state police captain ron johnson was put in charge of the police in ferguson earlier in the day by missouri governor jay nixon marched at the front of last night's protest johnson reportedly told protesters and reporters that i'm not afraid to be in this crowd today that's why i walk up front and he reportedly added that i've told all police inside to this detail to take their gas masks off all the protests in progress ferguson were peaceful last night the fact is that for five nights ferguson look more like a war zone. in the suburban american community the men and women in ferguson who
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are supposed to protect and serve their community looked in behaved more like an occupying military force and public servants it looked like soldiers in baghdad in two thousand and three not american officers in the american midwest and twenty fourteen as a result some members of the ferguson community responded as if they were being occupied by a violent military force as we saw with the incidents of looting and rioting and they are they weren't the only ones horrified by the militarization of a us city is a marine captured by m s n b c who went to ferguson to protest weapons of war in the hands of police then go directly to defend iraqis or to come home and watch the neighbors get brutalized responding with tanks and snipers to a peaceful protest ridiculous we are showing solidarity there should be no tanks on us streets it's absurd and if that militarized president had presence hadn't been there in the first place and had ferguson police responded like the missouri state
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highway patrol is responding now it's a very strong likelihood that there would never have been those scenes of violence and chaos to begin with so is it time to stop the insanity that is militarized police in america to send weapons of war back where they belong and return to a smart sensible community policing let's roll. that big picture of all our chris paul and conservative commentator and activist kneels rocha communications director with democracy for america and peter off contributing editor to u.s. news and world report thank you all for joining us we top your to be here you heard my my rant and analysis done earlier this summer by the new york times found that since two thousand and six police departments across america have received four hundred thirty five armored vehicles five hundred thirty three aircraft ninety three thousand seven hundred sixty three fully automatic machine guns and last but
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not least four hundred thirty two mine resistant armored trucks average weight twenty tons. really playing going to getting in arlington virginia right now over the bridge to get a we got to worry about who's going to plant the mines i don't get it yeah yeah it's really you know i'm glad you're talking about this and it's kind of ironic because those on the right have been talking about it for quite a long time cato institute of welfare program brad orgill radley balko has been writing about this military invasion how outrageous it is how when the government gets too big and passes law upon law and takes more and more authority over our lives and oh what are we going to do with these things out let's give them to local police this this is an outgrowth of the whole problem with an oversized over intrusive government and i'm the last at the one that i over intrusive pentagon i mean i think the reality is that these were surplus military goods because we've
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had two wars over the past decade and. there is a reason why there is this surplus of tools and this was a bad program i think what's really exciting about this it is really interesting is that the right and left are coalescing around this issue and there's going to be a new bill that's going to drop in the house when congress gets back that's going to eliminate or rather reform this program so that we're not sending the weapons of wars to the suburbs or to prove it just for the record there are two programs there's the ten thirty three program that was started in ninety three and amped up in ninety eight and that has transferred four point three billion dollars and that's a program where as you say chris the big government is simply giving money to defense contractors who of course lobbied the big government to do it thanks to the supreme court giving money to the defense contractors and they are giving weapons of war to our cities in addition to that there's a program from the pentagon that has transferred over the last twenty years not just since nine eleven not just since the wars thirty four billion dollars worth of
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this equipment missing you're missing the real antecedents here ok back to address things drug war back well that's not always the emotional rationale for why thirty . back during the clinton administration remember a hundred thousand new cops on the street the cops most of the police forces that took the money understood that this was not reliable funding that we could use to hire new cops so in fact what they did is took they took a lot of that money and used it to buy toys and for a police department that's machine guns that's flak vests that's anti mining trucks i think you're a hater you know this is this is what happened hundred thousand cops we had handed hire we han't you know there were a lot of police forces that took the money and used it to buy toys they weren't trained how to use them the cops for cars are not unheard of in five hundred million dollars because it's fraction of a beating this is i'm telling you this is where it started and so you suddenly have
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police forces compiling arsenals you've got the department of homeland security compiling an arsenal you've got the department of agriculture compiling an arsenal there's an ammunition shortage in this country today because different parts of government are buying up all the spare bullets you have to ask what their intention to do with these things are i think i draw is for war and i agree with i agree with everybody that there's no point to militarizing the police the founding fathers were very specific about this posse come a tata says you can't use the army in lieu of police which presumes you don't turn the police force into an army while in the original do original debate the ultimate will lead to the second amendment was about not having a standing army and that's why our recall one section eight the one thing that congress cannot authorize for longer than a two year period they can authorize you know social security for five thousand years but the one thing they can't authorize for more than two years is the army because these you know the founders didn't want to have an army and they also
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there's an importance to us that the army's kill people they blow things up and kill people police departments surfie urban well there is that they're out there suppose. but the other piece that you're forgetting is that and this is something to blame on the reagan administration they came up with the brilliant idea of asset forfeiture which says if we command and just dismantle your criminal exercise and the price we get to keep the for your drug dealer we get to keep the ferrari's we get to keep the yachts we get to keep the helicopters and we could use them ourselves or we can sell them so they took a lot of that money and what do they do with it they use it to buy toys so they can be cool there that's a huge problem now civil asset forfeiture huge all across where you are presumed guilty until you prove that you're innocent and get your stuff back to lose your assets yeah and you lose your assets and they use it to buy by style a shall or the moment i absolutely had to take hopefully. taking unfortunately the federal courts where it's been adjudicated don't seem to agree i know. congress
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needs to reverse this position on civil asset forfeiture it sounded like a good idea at the time in practice so this government so easily what we've what we've been debating is who's at fault but we're all in agreement that it's time to demilitarize the police in the united states and so absolutely i think that that's entirely true and also let's make sure that rather than having asset forfeiture to fund police departments they can buy toys let's actually make sure that we're funding and paying for cops so that they don't you know from the governments rather than most of the stuff. you know part of it is hard and honest and we say money out of these every second money out of the government they're going to try to find other ways to pay for we have to. it's a nice big picture of rubble after. all
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you like me to want your comedy news with some t.v. once a comedy news to be a bare fisted no holds barred fight to the dad. the truth vampire biting into the necks of the corporate elite the billionaire freaks while they're going. well that's what you get with my new show redacted tonight.
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and. i would rather ask questions to people in positions of power instead of speaking on their behalf and that's why you can find my show larry king now right here on our t.v. question for. magnet that i speak picture over with me chris rocha and peter ruff let's get back to it
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thursday iraqi prime minister nouri al maliki finally stepped aside setting the stage for a hider body to take over as prime minister and form a new more unified government in iraq maliki had create a political crisis by regional refusing to give up his power despite calls from the international community to step aside for months so now looks like iraq might have a shot at forming a more inclusive government that works for all iraqis but there would never have been this mess in the first place if it weren't for the bush administration getting america involved in an unjust and illegal war based on lies so as iraq continues to be in turmoil nearly eleven years after bush's first beijing is the tiger who hold bush cheney bremmer and the rest of the bush administration cronies accountable for the mess they have created it's been a long term mess. and think god the solution has happened this is frankly the only thing that was keeping us out of iraq once again in a place that were millions of americans did not want to go back to so hopefully
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this is a step in the right direction but we do have to hold them responsible and if the first the first thing you states well if the international community had never let saddam hussein seize power in a coup in the late sixty's we help notice what happens is we help i do that because his predecessor was going national as yours here's here's the key point we had a period of reasonable peace and stability in iraq after the search we now have a president the united states who decided to do that was not answerable had nothing to do to get the troops out of iraq regardless of what the consequences were. the whole new explosion of violence is related to what i would regard as the irresponsible way that barack obama pulled u.s. force. break out of iraq and now we're going to have to go back i why senator john mccain or another john mccain doesn't really has a border and john are going to we've been in germany since forty five a day when they were being fired by the nazis for the last ten years. why does it
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require listen i know that you know you know you don't like a genius showing up but of the united states. where we have a very stable government and the way that we get things done is we make arguments and congress votes and the president acts and now i mean people are talking about bringing them up on war crimes i mean when when we had numerous allies who were with us on this. and you know we see what barack obama has done to totally degrade u.s. credibility you know this already this is george bush you're saying well absolutely i mean you know there's a reason why the world yeah i did a bit west broadway compared to what yeah now you have your you know i was simply because he was there because he was so bad he was so wrong i'm sure we will tell you how they how yet nobel peace prize working out for you z's sharing the hell yeah the series craney and right let's look at where the world is ridiculous today
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because brock because of what brought us all on my floor just wish we just started over the previous eight years that's so bad on so why are we still in iraq today because we're really god as well you know you are i don't rock the guy i think you very very probably get half you know rise. turn tail and ran when everybody's show it's nobody can hear the i'm going to we're going to turn your back in iran because barack obama turned tail and ran barack obama it's a big say peter that scenario that he did not it wasn't his decision to pull our all our troops out of iraq after he campaigned and he boasted and bragged about how he was the one that pulled them all out of prison there and was the one who said he was going to get us out of iraq repeatedly they were in every area of the senate as in hayes on the right to be the one and then they dragged from then to your house and forward george w.
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bush was saying i'm going to get us out of iraq in the next year we're out we're out of iraq today because millions and millions of americans wanted us out of iraq and the president listened to be american people. that would have been it for the iraqis how's that working out for the american people have a president actually listen to them as opposed to what happened in two thousand and three speaking of which we all know the john boehner the republicans are suing president obama for something i'm not sure you know it's like it's not following the document he's. told in a year or less or guess what they're saying you know i was saying that he had delayed the opening taishan of obamacare the same way that george w. bush delayed the implement implementation of medicaid part d. medicare part d. but you know obama wouldn't be using that power or whatever his executive orders of congress would actually passive was and we've got this incredible gridlock that's the consequence of a republican controlled house of representatives and the republicans control the house of representatives even though they got a million fewer votes than the democrats the democrats won the campaign in the race
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for house the house of representatives nationwide and yet the republicans are holding the house why because they gerrymandered in in about a dozen states democrats have voted to get what the republicans say and you know this is really really fast i asked so. wants to respond to the gerrymandering which is arguably illegal and unconstitutional why doesn't he sue beaner and the republicans sue us do not seek to explain or part of the brain or in the republicans are not responsible for drawing congressional district lines state legislatures or in some cases allegedly nonpartisan commissions are responsible for drawing state district lines in a number of states the justice department has to approve those lines anyway and those are some of the states that you argue are are gerrymandered even though the obama justice department has approved the lines. there's a word here is what thomas the wrong number argument has nothing to do with who controls i was representing thomas go get it he doesn't he said this over there i
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did three hundred on come out on it fails to discount the number of seats where the republicans put up no candidate. in population senator centers like new york philadelphia detroit here's what says there's going to have to say over a political about this he said the united states has standing to sue any state that interferes with any attribute of its sovereignty and state legislatures tried to interfere with the right of the people under article one of the constitution to elect house members of their own choosing they are interfering with an attribute of us sovereignty if there's reasons for the laws well that the left loves gerrymandering when it works for them you want my money already i already intended it for both should you should you should sue illinois just like it is going to replace the motion gerrymander state in the country and i would argue is the commonwealth of massachusetts with just decided to spite having a large enough entirely democratic congressional delegation. a city of boston
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within that with a minority population large enough to produce at least one majority minority district and they won't ever draw the map that way because everybody has to have their little piece of boston so they can stay in power so so no id complains about that so they cause a plane about a slayer all mass line and we're all agreeing that we should demilitarize the police why don't we all agree that congressional districts should be polygons they should be drawn by computers that are not political they often are drug that's the problem they're not all gone and of no they are all right as they are drawn by you know here is based on the voter polls you know anyone in the race less is registered with race are voting behavior and that now there are definitely i mean to be looked into but you know it. my parents live in north carolina look at the north carolina map and the gerrymandering that has happened there under democratic control and i mean you have it's people you know hundreds of miles away from me
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telling you i would are you going to be a good i've noticed it but i doubt you know mel watts not there anymore but i doubt he was about to give up his his hand-picked household buy a house that's why it's going to take a lawsuit from the executive branch to clean up the legislature you know no new laws you know the justice department can just well i would block for a minute when i was with a grand jury that's what they're doing that's a good one right now which is what our it is for the heart of what that has to do with the violation of a citizen amendment to the constitution that requires the same kind of things that you're talking about about square lines and respecting natural boundaries and and and geographic areas but the problem of course is that it is all open to interpretation and it's always open to interpretation ok. and. we seem to have a consensus again which is interesting medical marijuana i just we just have a minute a half or so i want to get to this jeb bush has come out against the medical marijuana ballot initiative in florida and you know i just don't see how this is
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even good politics. we've got a quote from him but it's fairly lengthy so i'm going to i'm going to skip over to . state again suffering people as yeah you know yeah i was i've got to you know twenty three states the district of columbia have state legalized medical marijuana cannabis programs what's wrong with medical marijuana you say wink wink medical marijuana when you see a man of medical marijuana it's rise of one point everybody knows it's because everybody knows it's a fig leaf for for you know i can tell you know part of the problem we now know that it doesn't hurt only more people who are who are suffering but that medical marijuana is a code word for people who don't have the need to get it leaked legalizing it for even those people i mean why you're going to do that we live it we would because you're right now where people are voting on to have. access to recreational use of marijuana so it's not even like you need the fig leaf anymore this in this case if this is a fig leaf why would he not support it i mean it's just it's a generational thing when you're young and entitled and irresponsible smoking
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marijuana is cool when you're older and married and have to pay a mortgage on your joints in a problem and it's a more effective painkiller than oxy codeine and it's not a victim why can't you get it through prescription from your physician that's what that bush was god against well that's what i'm going to want anyone to go on record literally and say that i am not a jeb bush fan i think he did on the wrong side of many issues and so i've you know i've never taken oxy cotton so i can't make a comparison but advil works just fine for me well with another ten years. ok just i guess we still have a minute half so give us district judge gladys kessler has ordered the basically a colonel john bar you know the commander to explain a standing order issued in may that calls for the use of restraint chairs during force is that nuts that were force feeding these people in guantanamo i mean sure musically i just let them die from hunger strike i suppose yeah it's not i think
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feeding them is the humane thing to do force or speeding them over seventy of these people have been cleared for release by now if you're going to make sure you have before speeding waterboarding nothing make sure that it is absolutely sure you are alive q.r. does not make me happy that these are bad you handle turold have done no they are no you're wrong peter the thing you're wrong on seventy one. seventy of these people have been certified by the bush administration as having absolutely nothing to do with anything other than the fact that somebody wanted to make five thousand dollars which was the bounty which is ten years income in afghanistan somebody wanted to make five thousand dollars by turning in. and they were cleared by the bush administration the only reason they have been freed is because congress refuses to appropriate the funds congress in fact bans the. obama administration from letting these people go bush tried to let go so if we let all these people starve themselves to death then we'd be on here discussing how inhumane are we as a country that we are letting these people commit suicide on our watch that we
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shorten a discussion on capitol hill as of why they're freezing the funds and not allowing these people to go i mean that frankly the united states needs to be sure still mike at why you're going to these places to be let go i have real questions about the verification process chris on the computer of thank you thank you for coming up while the streets of ferguson may be peaceful today there's still a long way to go before that community can heal and have faith in its officers the law what needs to happen in ferguson and across the country to root out the racism install alive and well twenty four to that and more incidents bigger picture discussion for. we welcome aaron nathan abby martin two of the two or three posts on the r t network. boom bust it's going to give you
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a different perspective give you one stock never i'll give you the information you make the decision don't worry about how breaking this work the revolution of the mind it's a revolution of ideas and consciousness frustrated with the system extremely your problems would be described as angry i think in a strong you know when you're single. i know c.n.n. the m s n b c news have taken some slight risk but the fact is i admire their commitment to cover all sides of the story just in case one of them happens to be accurate. that was funny but it's closer to the truth and might think. it's because one politician. the mainstream media works side by side the joke is actually on here. and our teenagers we have to print. because the news of the world
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just is not this funny i'm not laughing dammit i'm not how. you guys talk to the jokes will handle them.
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it's a rights special edition bigger picture panel we're going to take a closer look at the killing of michael brown and the questions it raises about race and justice in modern day america was not the first unarmed black man to die to be gunned down by police but his case perhaps more so than any in recent memory has struck a deep chord with americans from all walks of life response of local law enforcement to protesters in brown's hometown of ferguson meanwhile has shed new light on the militarization of police forces all across our country joining me now for more on this our thena robinson mock civil rights attorney and project director of the advancement project and joe madison to the joe madison show on sirius x.m. and great to have you both with me thank you thank you for joining us. what's let's
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start out with today's news the police identified the cop who shot michael brown as wilson and then immediately released this this video of an altar cation of apparently a robbery or stealing in a convenience store and so that's michael brown. and then came out and but the police officer didn't know that when he first encountered michael brown and then came out later and said well maybe he did or maybe found out but it's like this seems like a p.r. campaign for the police department or the effort to shed light on this particularly after the first quiet night being overseen by the state police officer who himself is a man of color and he thought some sooner. well there's a thing that comes to mind which is if you don't like what's being said change the conversation and it seems like in this case ferguson police have changed the conversation we are now focusing on the character of this young man instead of what
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happened on august ninth and it's heartbreaking and it's outrageous and it's just incredible that we are having that conversation we should really be talking about the systemic failures of this police department and what happened to that young man and i was really want to hear one attorney say about it because as you were talking i would reverse exactly what happened. we were on the air it was supposed to been a nine o'clock news conference it was duly and what happened was the chief of police came out and said we're releasing this videotape that's the first thing he said so the l yeah it's in the reporters are sitting there going what are you talking about what videotape this was a strong arm robbery not a armed robbery so there was no weapon involved it involved the stealing of what amounted to forty eight dollars worth a little sweet cigars they call and the kids love these things and. are the young
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people love them and then then at the end of that. he then said oh by the way the name of the officer is baron wilson and at the news conference just after that trial i was like an afterthought and everybody went well well you know what the the so. and it became a question is this where is this not michael brown then of course michael brown's parents have come forth people say yes it is in fact michael brown but here's the venturous thing thing one does not have anything to do with the other we now understand that the officer remember the prosecutor i'm sorry the the sheriff of st louis county and the police chief initially said that the officer not michael brown's parents or anybody associated michael brown it was the chief of police who said the officers stopped him because he was blocking traffic and he was
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in the middle of the street now backing him from the chief of police the first time this incident broke it did not come from michael brown's mr johnson or any of the eyewitnesses now what you have is an attempt to try to somehow could nick the strong arm robbery at the convenience store to this officer and the chief of police who airlie has blown this i mean there is no if ands buts so bottom line is one doesn't have anything to do with the the man had his hands up he was unarmed everyone knows that there are three reliable witnesses who are by the way they don't know each other they're separate and if this year the lawyer if this was anybody else with three older reliable witnesses the person who would do the shooting would be in jail right now and would study but what's
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interesting too is that so what i mean even if this happened why is it relevant here you know and it's only relevant if we are interested in india humanizing this young person dehumanizing michael brown and in some way justifying what happened you don't you don't you don't. kill somebody over forty eight dollars worth of cigars or for walking while black actress the original of our jaywalking water oh yeah right and and remember this was an officer who was not talking about oh by the way you're a suspect in a robbery that took place it was get the f. out of the middle of the street right and that was the initial confrontation according to eyewitnesses but the tom here's the other thing there was a shooting now you were talking about this not being the only one who we now have a situation in in los angeles a mentally schizophrenia disturbed man that the police all knew the community knew
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supposedly allegedly was told to get down shot in the back we have new orleans police check this one out there's a case a police stop monday new orleans police try to keep it quiet police officers shot a driver in they did on monday you have in my home town of dayton ohio the suburb of beaver creek a guy is in a wal-mart with a baby gun that is on the shelf that he picks up police meet people called nine one one the police immediately show up shot him and now the attorneys are trying to get the videotape because there's some question as to whether or not he responded and drop the gun or what and this comes in light of a police officer beating a woman on the street with a highway of los angeles. man being choked towed to death in new york here's a study i saw the other day that says every twenty eight hours
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a black man is killed by a police officer or a vigilante type in the united states and the or the vigilante the we've got an f.b.i. statistic that says nearly two times a week in the united states a white police officer killed a black person during the seven year period prior twenty two hours. which is the last time that we've got compiles systems so that's twice a week with just the police so when you add on top of that you know the going to be good the want to. liberalism are right that's right i mean we are talking about we are talking about the criminalization of black beans here we are talking about serious abuses of power and i think it's incredibly problematic because we know that these are not isolated incidents we know that i mean all of the different places that you listed we know that this is symptomatic of a bigger problem the relationship between police officers and communities of color and what it means to really protect and serve and i think it's it's underscoring
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our relationship to law enforcement i mean you know you talk to some folks who don't have these negative interactions with police and they see it very much as a protect and serve relationship but in communities like in communities like new york city new orleans i used to live there so that definitely hits home i mean the relationship with law enforcement is very much you know they are not here to protect us they are here to give us hell and i think it's just it's more i'm encouraged that we are lifting this up and i'm hopeful that with ethan systematic policy change along with federal intervention that is necessary in this case this week in one thousand nine hundred sixty watts was. it was august eleventh or twelfth was the day that it took and l.b.j. commission become a commission to find out what we should do and their principal recommendation number one of accommodation they have a whole list of them and they said you know deal with deal with poverty there is always that their principal recommendation with regard to because that was that
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started because of a police killing was that the police officers who serve a community should live in the can should come from the community even or even if they don't live in the community should have it would seem that. this is clearly not the case it's clued out the case all over america it's been fifty years since the current or. that's right yeah you know i studied the current i grew up in that area and the kerner commission report was a must read in my sociology classes and then of course upon graduating it was a it was a blueprint because it also talked about the role of the media because the news media would only it was bleeding lead so it was an image that was projected by suburbanites about these evil demonic inner city people and then that's when you got programs that african-americans as a public service programs but remember what the response to the kerner commission
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report was the response was law and order richard nixon law and order george wallace law and order matter of fact one richard nixon's main concern was that george wallace my outlaw in order richard nixon who wanted most of these dixiecrats who you know who could no longer use racial terminology and racism to gain power so they used law in order busing and the and that type of thing so that that sort of that sort of push the kerner commission off to the off to the side but you know what i can love for us to go back and dust the kerner commission off because there are some excellent recommendations in that report well and that applied and yeah much like back then we have unemployment in the african-american community among young young people is what in the neighborhood
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of fifty percent if i'm recalling correctly and in across the board in that it's in the high twenty's and it is you know and i. suppose it probably depends on geography but. this is not just a moral crime it's an economic or it's not just an economic crime it's a mall. what are we doing. i mean it's interesting because the so part of my work looks at this we look at the school to prison pipeline and we look at the ways in which young people are pushed out of school through punitive policies such as over policing exclusionary discipline out of school suspensions and what's what's interesting about this is that it has a direct impact on our economy when young people are not afforded the opportunity to graduate when they're not afforded the opportunity to live out their full potential because of these kinds of things you know it absolutely contributes to the economy and it's interesting because in michael brown's case you know there's a couple of studies or at least article that have come out recently about his all
10:42 pm
we know that ferguson school district for instance has been you know consistently underfunded the state of education in missouri in certain pockets has been in crisis and all of you know all of this it's incredible because michael brown just graduated was getting ready to go you know obtain another degree and this happened and when we think about how that impacts the economy i mean here here's a young man who was attempting to contribute who was attempting to further his education and that was cut short and people were listening to him conservatives are saying you. went to the store you did a stupid thing but again i remind people you do not execute somebody over forty dollars worth of cigars and that's what's old let's understand again it's a distraction it's more. than it was gushing about ferguson and the killing of michael brown.
10:43 pm
i'm marinated in the financial world needs. to cease to calm and happy and stop it is the only take of no demand for credit you're not going to get any economic benefit in life there are absolutely and there are busts. and. i would rather ask questions to people in positions of power instead of speaking on their behalf and that's why you can find my show larry king now right here on our t.v. question for. your
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friend posts a photo from a vacation you can't. call it different. your boss repeats the same old joke of course you like. your ex-girlfriend stupid's tear jerking poetry. nor if. we
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post only what really matters. to your facebook you st. while the back with me for tonight's bigger picture panel discussion on ferguson the killing of michael brown athena robinson mark and joe madison and the diversity of police well there's a number of things i'd like to get we were you were just talking about. or about the the ferguson school district and how it's really kind of a member of a larger problem that we have in america absolutely so adamant surprise we pulled a couple of data points on school discipline in ferguson and we saw that the public school is overwhelmingly african-american and overwhelmingly african-american students are suspended both in school and out of school and we know that just one suspension in the ninth grade doubles the chance that a student will drop out of school and so what that indicates to me when i look at
10:46 pm
that discipline data when i look at the makeup of the school we need to poke a little further there what are the police. think practices in that school district how are the attitudes that are taking shape in the streets that we saw over the weekend how do those play out in interactions between police and the youth is critically important that we look at that because what we often find is that it usually mare's what we're seeing outside of the classroom we know that whenever you had a high presence of police officers in school we're going to see more school based arrests and usually not for violent things usually for nonviolent behavior such as talking bad or wondering the halls when police are brought in and you don't have a positive environment where educators are encouraged to work with young people you see chaos and i'm very concerned about that i know that if worse if schools are not adequately funded young people are not getting resources you know it's going to advance that that there is just a report out says public schools now particularly public schools are now
10:47 pm
predominantly black and brown. the minority now in public schools will be white children which means that you've got a cultural divide that you've got to breach here you've got to get teachers that understand everything that you're talking about everything does not require police response every disturbance in the school who does not require police response you've got to be able we've got to read to reeducate teachers to get them done to spin and have high expectations you know conservatives like to always say to the progressive everything is personal responsibility and then of course sometimes progress is like to say everything is public policy reality it's usually a combination of both personal responsibility and public policy so yes you must have will financed. schools that are computer
10:48 pm
computer capability why a five capability you know we've got schools. in this country where children can use a computer. and in this day and age it's absolutely absurd so it's a it's a retooling that has to actually absolutely has to take place because i was saying you know there's no sense why would you suspend a three year old from preschool because a three year old gets into a fight or pulls a chair from up on his little girl for no or and then you know when the police are called or the mother is called and by the way you're suspended now that record right follows that preschooler to kindergarten and on and on and you sending a message to this child but somehow no they're not quite right they're not they're socially unacceptable and what we know about suspensions is that it depends on the race of that student and oftentimes when it comes to the color that behavior is
10:49 pm
going to be criminalized and that is why be the response of some michael brown and highlighting this picture of this alleged robbery all of that i mean it is it's huge because what we're doing is we're implanting implicit bias implicit and explicit bias and that taints the minds for instance of potential jurors down the road i mean i you know my immediate reaction to sort of this response was how will that play out in the public arena how are we now going to be you michael brown in light of these pictures and you know it's interesting even just looking at social media just looking how quickly that that shift in the narrative changed we're not talking about police practice it anymore now we're talking up about the behavior of a victim and and that's exactly what plays out when we look at the behavior of youth and i would not trust this prosecutor because the prosecutor st louis county actually criticized the captain of the missouri state troopers because he
10:50 pm
did because he embarrassed the for. police department you know the ferguson for the police department and bears st louis county sheriff's themselves you just did this show the militarisation i mean all of the you know we saw all great police put police community working where they hosted their guns they went out last but that's the lesson that's what police officers are supposed to really be about and there are even military people e-mailing in tweeting saying we're embarrassed because we wouldn't even act like the police did that second night if we were in afghanistan you know it's interesting general honore a in louisiana when katrina happened he said the first thing he ordered his guys to do were to put their guns down you know they were they were they were aiming guns at folks who were attempting to to get food and water and those folks were
10:51 pm
criminalise and i couldn't help but have flashbacks of that when i saw what i saw in ferguson may have been abandoned well originally and in fact here's what marina had to say it was captured by us embassy just a short clip. oh you know are we we've got this clip of this here we go. directly to defend iraqis to come home and watch my neighbors get brutalized responding with tanks and snipers to a peaceful protest ridiculous we are showing solidarity there should be no tanks on us streets it's absurd it seems to me that we have. to and probably more really big systemic issues that we're looking at here that this michael brown killing brings to the fore one is the issue of police brutality essentially and and police community relations actually the three we've also talked about institutional racism and the economics of poverty and all that stuff but then the
10:52 pm
third one is the military. of our police the turning of our cities particularly poor communities and largely poor communities of color into into war zones and it's even i mean this is. i first saw this on and i simply see it i was right there on you tube it was just amazing this is a recruiting video for the stillwater oklahoma police department this is how they communicate to people who might want to become police officers check this out. of. the car throw it cans out the window.
10:53 pm
i was literally recruiting video you see it on you tube it's there's there's another fifteen twenty seconds or so you know come join us and then based on that video i mean you're seeing these new water not really that you are going to attract a certain kind of officer it's going to by having a video like that i mean i don't think i saw person of color in that video at all but i mean you're still you're going to attract a certain kind of you know law and order individual who really believes that they are doing a service to you know their country by brutalizing folks and i you know i just you know. i think you have the time and one point of. color where is the diversity right absolutely and then understand what also happens sometimes in big city some of these got many of these guys washout. they can't make
10:54 pm
a big city police department psychological reasons who knows whatever so what happens is they go to a still why they go to a ferguson you know here in the washington d.c. area fairfax county you know you have to have a bachelor's degree to be a policeman it's a wealthy county so well that the average teacher out there only that but you know you got have more than a high school education and i'm certain that they probably look at those who have maybe degrees in criminology sociology people who have who have had diverse diversity training understand what also is going on in ferguson a town that's seventy percent african-american and has and a town that only has three black police officers out of fifty what to fifty three you know there was no attempt to diversify that and then when they when they show
10:55 pm
the importance of diversity when the captain comes in and he says work i know this community and the people embrace them and he embraced them and you had a night and maybe hopefully two nights of calm because what happened you didn't and to take people pointing rifles and guns and throwing. tear gas at them tear gas i think if i'm not mistaken is it is not can even be used from geneva it's illegal war in war to really listen to us legal in war and you throw in tear gas canisters that media people and war did they make a mistake when they arrested. posed in a washington post reporter who showed a mind day it was like like the marines said this is the we we don't even treat people in afghanistan or iraq like that when we go in or or if and when we do they searched. that i'm sorry if and when we do they start she was true true and that's
10:56 pm
and quite honestly people were being and i and i'm i'm convince that walt and that's one of the reasons i wanted to in this violence because it was a distraction and you know we know that there is some folk out there that took advantage in the president and said you know that took advantage of the situation to loot and that's not acceptable and no more than what the police do is acceptable but but here's the what i'm certain happened while all of that was going around all that conflict and shooting and burning were going around i'm convinced that that police department got around that officer wilson they lowered him down in other words got lawyers they put together this narrow that the chief of police tried to come out with. and this is
10:57 pm
a hand show us except this and they said that's absolutely right this was let me tell you this was plain well it it's hard not to feel that way i mean the lack of transparency was just incredible i mean just no information at all of course right away when we started getting a lot of information but information in sean hannity told him to do it but you know somebody did i but i don't i don't think this came out of nowhere i think that and then sean hannity had the bass today to talk about how when he gets stopped by the police in new york because he carries a can a weapon that he's licensed to carry in the police stop him they all he always puts is in the window and he tells them he. is the guy who doesn't even know why probably well atlanta clavicle reported the benefit of bad. thing or observation not a search had a very real. that's the way it is friday august fifteenth twenty fourteen and don't forget the mocker see actually do. does begin with the you get out there to get
10:58 pm
active tag your. we welcome aaron eight and abby martin two of the two of the coast guard t. network. it's going to give you a different perspective give me one stock tip i'll never i'll give you the information you make the decision don't worry about breaking the said works it's a revolution of the mind it's a revolution of ideas and consciousness and frustrated with the system extremely problems which would be described as angry i think i'm a strong. single. live .
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prostates rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want. well if you're going to like these policies i think you're right peter.
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pleasure to have you with us here on t.v. today i roll researcher. today on larry king now the expendables three randy couture tells me lewis told old college educated guy that you know these are these this is this family these guys are family is dysfunctional uncorking is they are these are the guys he lives in greece for and will die for you and juggle adele with the coaches the first season of the ultimate fighter right to change the way the public looked at them and absolutely everybody thought we were crazy that we were criminals because we got a cage and fought and obviously most the guys in in the mixed martial arts that i know are college educated guys that just competing we need to do that of life and this is about what you know please leave had the impact on the school i mean every look at yourself that way at least i don't i don't see still what i love to do plus
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god gave me armor i think they're hard and they did protect my head does it affect your hearing like deafness and selective. all next on larry king now. welcome to larry king now our special guest is will there be there to a at your business plan and one of em of a zone original superstars. a six time world champion and you have c. hall of famer on august tenth you can see him and frank sam rock hosting spike t.v.'s jim rescue where he also serves by the way as executive producer adam is reprising his role as toll road alongside sylvester stallone jason statham and arnold schwarzenegger in the expendables three opening august fifteenth how do you explain.


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