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tv   Documentary  RT  August 31, 2014 7:29am-8:01am EDT

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this month showed bush's tonsils gets a facelift and you can see the board makes the most of the sun in years on the signs flourishes in tomsk and we check out some fun carlos a little slow so knowledge on danger on r.g.p. we've done the future coverage. of. one of the new poll shows on marlin a lot of the banking news all the face i just i'm getting a bone. pleasure to have you with us here on t.v. today i'm sure. and the nice today and signs of more toward far worse as i see it pays toll plaza
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to many many places and out she asked those red square demonstrators refused to believe that kate saying i want to have a subpoena to go see the game i'm still. in school so it. means. international news live from moscow this is an international with me. and we start with breaking news from ukraine the sound we can our live to our correspondents is going all for the update on the situation that right now in kiev hi there you go. give us
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a heads up of the situation there where you are frankly it's not clear who opened fire first but these were wife rounds a shot there overnight and there are injuries and fatalities on both sides both among the rioters and to the police but like i said right now it seems more or less peaceful but tensions are really high and who knows what could happen next. one by one. so if i really needed key if. that if you live reports basically i'm just now waiting for kellerman to go down there and film just a report from the square just watching it from here it's surreal because it's like it's like a war zone is there swat team there on the rioters on the other side there are a lot of time what imo i want you to watch that building which is on fire exit to
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the headquarters of the protesters. who are waiting for my cameraman but apparently he's an across the square are used to cross i. was here overnight it was pretty insane you know they are there for years to get a little bit here you are you saying everyone back to where they might be. trying to get here we watch it getting here at the time yes tonight is my turn i know what you want to go to the reaction. was you know we're just going to try to stay safe and. do some reporting from there i think when when she's going to hit the fan you know. i'm going to get for dinner it was. out of. here i know we're following yeah. it's quite dangerous there.
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yeah we were thinking about that yesterday still to keep from athens. how do you want us to go to keep it from athens. ok. ok got it yeah we we expected something like this yeah i need to discuss it with the guys. seriously i'm not sure you know we. same here off to syria with no break so i need to to discuss it with them i can't make this decision without them. ok. i'm going to call you back ok and it speaks on. the key of ukraine is deteriorating they want us to go there of course it's gets in so they're like it is a place to be for. journalists for a crew like. like us but the thing is that we're tired to.
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listen i told them that we almost like running to tell them no more speed but still . there are people who are. ok he says i think we need to need to give a break but for how long this is what i would. like to get to five days . you don't know what's going to happen in the ukraine in five days you can receive a little. bit. we will stop somewhere and i'm trying to get something with deeds to the scene and the local p.c. to. the middle. of the one of them would. say. i don't know exactly what i want to do something. what are we doing.
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oh wait. oh my thought i don't i don't have enough. you got crazy. ok way way way way way way hope it goes with you it will. be. jumping yes i want to do a little bit with the one three. very formal. i'm a. little. more on. the look like joining in the find out everything right now i can't live up to me. how can one moment i want everybody. to go. oh oh oh. oh i am not going to do one muffle me are just i have it for all we can do this one dress it's close lol
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it's full brave. heart. yes. i'm. low but we had to rush up the tray because i really wanted to get a shot of just people having fun getting off at places and you know taking this sawed cause when this was a very innocent people do. this is made to guys to call their families but no to ask for permission but actually to tell them that we're going to kill you so i'm calling back. to moscow. i. listen and we are ready to go. actually sunday we can go this is the time that we agreed on because we need to take our flag jack is they
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need a new cameras we need to hardy's we need to like for months everything we're thinking about saturday but we only arrive to morrow evening imagine that if we go inside iraq we don't know when we will not even have time enough to pack properly. by. the mourners through asks for like. for a sign for something my boyfriend is a journalist to do it he's working in the middle east and he was kidnapped we could go. by the end of that literally means that at least a week you're going to be there right. i didn't expect that. i want to go to be at all from here from athens and then drive to and then like see my boyfriend and. stay there as ma says it's needed. this is the sign they want us to to go to
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crane but still i have time to go to be truthful one day. so now this is the decision i have to i have to make go to be to see he my support him like that would be enough and one day more than an hour and then i go to ukraine and crane and maybe by the time we finish with ukraine i may be he will be released. this is the ideal scenario. so i'm going to work hard. to make it come. well. now though we've made friends on the type. of high day basically the photo ops. we're going to get them drunk get them celebrate
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a birthday with one of them so it's gonna be good and of course we're going to film it so i want to lead by you know to get some rest because you know. ways maybe get his t.v. and then some rest and always come up a little bit later as you can do this with us. but there's never a dull moment with tabby. that i keep them that tells you know once i think her everything's ok i'm not going to get this. except. a much nicer and so guys. remember we hijacked the chilean photo op. so. i just found out that it is god knows that the younger guys birthday oh really oh this here are no yes we're going off to that but. they've been complaining that they haven't found anybody who speaks english. and since we're the only people who while you are bilingual you
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guys are bilingual and i'm english speaking well. so. they've invited us to have like a little pot. on the tray even. cry now. well you know. what. yeah. i guess. you like it. so don't hate me i found some people to partake with. we don't work. bring some music bunya. bring something boleh. marco's environs baking sleeping yeah. to the birthday party to that.
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was b.s. gotta love. to get up the minutes away to right now because right now i'm feeling. very young for this silly you have to be with god. in the. loves to move me to loving you between. the. b.s. that i'm a love made love you. love but. that's not.
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true what do you like of all these springs are to back your heart by the fact that you've a car i'll be done for a few times even worse than the sun the love which hard just getting beazley toots . remember how we can dominate three liberated. iraq army if it is destroying your bottom your new guard me arms we are your backyard to defend against and i just saw the dollar drop to go above the ball the box caves of a piece of rock say to make iraqis say forget.
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the fiscal. economic ups and downs in the final column on stakes the london deal sank night and the rest of the life so unique a single day every week on may. dramas that come to be ignored to the. stories others the few still notice. the first since changed the world writes never. so picture of today's leaves. on demand from around the globe. local. t.v. .
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this is where the b.s. . but my filming with by now will only happen when i'm sober and let all the hostages. that i know we're going to have all cause we should we should have but the bulbous are. just fine but. the chip is good question. not.
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very good. and this is a trance a very in a way. doesn't make you feel like the whole chip i've been thinking. i complained a lot of bullshit things but man i'm like teen imagine if you work in one of these small villages where would you live there are no hotels here yet what do the people here eat like that like it's crazy one can go to like somewhere like a lot to deal with the battle yet i like to call this place such loving people in this hall with their fire cold tough calls but it's so simple even if you boil it to the villagers and then you start thinking a breeder should stop complaining because. i had to milk the cow and i think you can do that and these people look at me like competition on milk a cow you know like how do i buy. my mil kept.
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the car but i give my. soul. was. still god the only thing that you remember the one of you that was pretty good. and so got his. lovely wife and give me the equation for you big day. we will be what it. is. on a day away because one of the things i do we go from being. done to that you were going to get. from what is temple.
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you call how can you have somebody. that is built from up. inside. the. room. for the good news i don't need to cross the lebanese syrian border to meet him show they organize the meeting on the lebanese side think that this is good this is show . jurors to me is zero danger. second.
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to make it possible like ukraine on sunday i have to meet him to moral. friday evening so that saturday i go back home. they agreed on that as well so i got a call we now. not easy and focus really looks like. i'm going to lebanon to morrow morning the flight is at eleven am i a london beirut at one pm then we drive with his brother and mother. which is a serial ebony's border so we meet him there friday evening the guys leave stay there till saturday evening and the going to come back to pick me up. and drive me to the airport and saturday night or sunday very very early go back to mosco.
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pick up all my. things that i need to in care of rainy and minus to kiev. plus two and then. i take my flight to crane. if being good at being bad it will be but now that. i think. my favorite story has got to be the family when we visited the village and just happened to be out of the city to be honest unless it be hugely the village with you it's the. who cooked meal it's pretty face is and this is probably a really good. only time say you know what i'm
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excited that they were so nice. it's like they knew we needed that loud at that point because we're all getting really tired and it was cold. and they just they just gave us a laugh. my second one made by cop come on seriously. what was the most interesting person you think when you met in this whole trip to this is america you know the place. right there yeah valerie she's a. she's on a diet yeah she doesn't it is just me because this percent that's. exported from the side that has all the queer stratosphere. everybody all in the. bud she you know for all the.
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fun yes you know cheer normal. so we will say well it's the whole point yeah yeah you're right ok we're definitely back in the real world look at all the ghettos about going to the beautiful landscape when nearing the jungle would just hold the first time we've been on this train for a while now and the one thing that i really wanted was the cold beverage i mean on the entire train they always give us water being always give us some tea and i just wanted something cold so if we stop it's been my mission to try to find a typical beverage and if you say to mush i can bet you ten roubles that if you stop and i get a cold. i was stopping i think we should go find some ice i mean cold. a little below.
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this is the most successful out of the train trip we've had masa. now when we do the jump it's going to be a good one. oh my god. that is the most refreshing drink i've had in st days. using now. the wrap for me. i am wrapped my polar. and now. you can tell that the syrians are really cheese there we're back now in the big cities because now we actually found a cold beverage lot for. expensive so this is worth every single penny that i just spent in every running around and it has
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been the best out of the tree moment of the whole entire trip i and. my boyfriend for talking to me. hi baby. i have to the lake i mean i don't fire the. decisions. because. everybody. you know i so appreciate you know you don't want to risk my life. otherwise you know that. you know my. coming into our is so but but maybe there is something that we don't understand you know what i mean. it can't be that everybody's around you know.
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maybe i don't want you to go out and you know what like i was here in that. for two days and then i got tickets and. still feel i have doubts but now you told me not to go it just made take much more time than you think and you expected. it could be so no i mean because i feel how patient you are and like how you want to. do something . no one's around search because you. know to join them. you know just because you need to do something so don't do this i mean don't think they are your friends. so always decide i would decide like. i'm not go
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away for sure. ok that's your baby. this is final decision so far away. i'm not going to have a know. how it was developing. his brother i told him that they're not going out him his mom. they're just not going because they don't want to risk. that he can't risk my. lawn sure i tell you. so i'm not going to have. gone back to moscow with the crude sunday morning i go
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to. and i'm happy with this decision because this is the season. i fight with everybody about this. side. so. this is the thing. he. decides. i am. i am to.
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well. this one showed bush's tonsils gets a facelift and you've got syrian border which makes the most of the sun in this. this science flourishes in psalms and we check out some car let's say most technology i'm dangerous here on r.g.p. we've done the future. when we come to talk about addiction to cigarettes we
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understand quite clearly that there is either smoking or not smoking we believe completely that abstinence. can quite understand why we don't have the same belief or drugs or alcohol to me the only way to productively dependency is to give up trucks altogether. we think of why we think there are good. and beaches. coconut palms gently swaying in the ocean breeze. in fact. white has a deep dark little secret a secret the us government would like you to know. you all a. little ball i did do a search you did a good all wilderness.
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gender trumpet symbolizes their gender manifest in swedish it could be me or because i. this. project finest with seventy thousand euros to investigate the trunk fence from a gender perspective. differently here in syria and many of the members of congress of both parties have gone to syria in recent months has said that he's a reformer in this. race. which is diddy's tell him you can. still be. sure it's going to be.
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tana russian pair of troops detained in ukraine after apparently crossing the border accidentally or returned home. and also this week some of ukraine's most battle hardened units are trapped in a massive counterattack with the military blaming kiev and king of blaming a stealth russian invasion. and we have a look at how islamic state terrorists are exploiting black market trade and online p.r. to nurture their jihadism higher in iraq in syria.


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