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i will develop this documentary in parts to my grandmother that passed away two years ago because she allowed russia and she's in heaven now but she would want me to do this that's why i think about yesterday am i doing the right thing should i do to should i expose the gender madness or not but my grandmother a mother would want me to do this. but. they're. not. quite sure god just to get my brain functions. this is the feminist party that wants to come into the parliament can i ask you again english i'm swedish obviously but yet but we have them we do a documentary about the gender issue in sweden and of course i know that your
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gender aware and so little we're all for equality between men and women but in my opinion is has gone too far the gender they meet and for example in the educational system they say that we have to deconstruct mescaline it in order to may have raised the results of the boys. and. even if we don't talk about deconstructing musters because we are you don't because you have nobody to do that in fact is that just because it may help you deconstruct mescaline it did say with children it's very possible you begin with the shoulder when you offer them different ways to be a. man create one that's what you say and women don't so you don't think that women that come to power will be i mean because as we do we often say that women have to take place and come to power don't you think that we room now. you think women are more
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peaceful ok ok let's make me. look ok i mean he's suing me he's like a great human beast you. should be children if you get to choose your stories we. received the medal maybe themselves we had a good politician saw some really great job. well still going then to go get it it's not a sense you make a stance just that now that you didn't pull your gun they are either going to go play music joke or die for you don't seem remember your one. so. she accused me of not being a free black girl i said what a course i'm a blogger a mathematician she said you come from russia today as i don't come from russia today the seal team council russia today so that's of asco it's a problem if question today gets her view on gender is that a problem i mean why should that she talk about swedish gender politics for
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russia today is there something she wants to hide when it's something maybe this she is not proud of i don't know let's ask why she's not the k.-y. that yeah. so let me just ask you why is it ok if you have. young doing the job but your gender glasses yeah you have the see this election you have to come and see me wearing my gender glasses yes you know in the beginning they're quite serious because as you can see there are parts and i don't think that the gender experts feel like my gender glasses. ok ok so i bring them with me of course. we all have to wear gender glasses and what are gender glasses well folks. the express is your agenda glasses we thought you we're here in order to discuss our power relations and in order to see apollo
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imbalances to discover them so if i use my gender this and i try to read those reports with my gender wes as on which i have done in the video and still i don't get it ok so once we do school. the biology teachers their crow great weave their local gender experts and they came to the conclusion that the metaphor that the straps are active and the eggs are passive in the reproduction process reinforces gender roles now stop it so he can see this into two because this is my comment i think what you think about it it's a bit of a crazy but still it's neat it's like think that i write on my blog. these things are highlighted in the newspapers as good examples good examples so i quote
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from the interview we want to get away from metaphors to the sperms are active and the eggs are passive in the reproduction process or the men and we miss meet women genitals are described as complimentary and quotes so. i still don't understand it and i encourage you to equip your children with some scientific device now in the next meeting you'll see my comment on this i have an idea using my gender glasses and the gender trial but of how to solve this question with this first being active so i suggest that we drug to sperms so they get passive too and that's of course last illusion so the actual passive and distrustful are passive and everybody will be equal of course the cigarette is a shell and will die out and we'll all. be extinct in some years about probably there doesn't broader the gender expressed because they
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ideology and their gender awareness is more important than us surviving as a civilization. actually we have to go be political and get into parliament to change these last i would you need to call myself a part of common sentiment that's why when he's in a common sense party that's what's needed in this country and these are the two groups and you will be. sent to me. now i'm going to buy some food for my cattle. and i will take this. thing. and we start shopping carefully to. hear me show you what my. warm. they want everything of course and they have to have it's. going to should leave. sort of. ok so then you want to be
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helpful then you put it so that they pull on the right side felt now everything perfectly. who. for. the time and scam may. just boldly tire mark five. mystery. men like you who don't.
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play. in a much jail than too much sex can. be. anything from my use to me to anyway nice to be here. and i'm. and i work. almost all my life was going to reach yours. for if. i so. know you i'll just nine it. is we're only here carol. even here gator ph d.
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by pointing out that boys and girls play in different manners and suggesting solutions to this problem because it's preschool a suite that has a legal responsibility for these questions about the quality in preschool but put these glasses on. to check how you treat the call you address them. and you know when a child is you can see it's red and blue you know why well i tell you the blue is supposed to be boys size and these would be i. try to not. have a shy and from which sex she got and i change. for the next time with all my happy jello it's positive glasses use them. and then somebody. you know are supposed to be some kind of between men and women after that it's not isi course you your brain is filled up with for doma
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prejudice if dos that's what was. in one preschool that we can read about in swedish ship public a poor thorough quality preschool. we sure probably haven't read but i have so i'd tell you that in this preschool there decided to stop the boys in the doorway when going out so that they couldn't rush out of the yard before the girls so we are so filled up in our brains who it's not easy to change for us what we are working with children and we are working to a new future and we are working to a new society so we have to change our mind i can't do what i did what my mother did to me or what i was when i was young it's a new life now we have to follow the life in history. here's my cat he wants to be
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first at this video obviously he likes to feel. and then this person start to cry. who was no you have a temper do you want to fly who actually got or are actually going to play football is he going to be iraq did and you just threw him or i saw him again sorry who i know it is a him but why do you what do you think it is then you go on to french more cool stuff to be like that you try to be coarse children they want to be one of the teachers expect from them from my point of view is to give. any child all opportunities like smuggles border things when you have a lot on food and then you can choose what you like from it you can this say six or different six. and you can now i'm morse you can love no one.
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or you can now in the stance you don't even different countries you can love just yourself and. that's where the letter but. thanks. thank me now i'm having a break for the madness so i think you should go away and. let my brain. just rest for whom unless i go back to you later maybe with more gender madness if you're ready to hear it. so goodbye.
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right on the scene. sir st louis and i think you're. on a reporter's twitter. instagram. to be in the know. to what extent do you think the american and british policies in the middle east have contributed to the creation of these very terrifying terrorist groups the western governments of fully understood the policies of contributed significantly to the radicalization of young men and women around the world this is without a shadow without i will confirm with i would agree with some of the young men that we would certainly be radicalized because of western foreign policy.
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and we go again we're told the islamic state terrorist group is the worst of the worst and has global ambitions the public is being taught slowly but surely the fear of the islamic state it would appear washington continues to attempt to shape it in reshape the middle east when we come to talk about addiction to cigarettes we were on this done quite clearly that there is no other smoking or not smoking we believe completely that abstinence. can quite understand why we don't have the same belief or drugs or alcohol to me the only way to productively dependency is to give up trucks work together. your friend post a photo from a vacation you can't afford college to different. your boss
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repeats the same old joke of course you like. your ex-girlfriend still plans tear jerking poetry to keep john norris. we post only what really matters not r.t. to your facebook news feed he's just been happy. it's just being happy all the time he never from place about anything he's always had to feel satisfied with his life. told me tickets for her. maybe i should put him on the show because she's taking this so now i'm doing this gender aware feeling and puts him here. so that he can take a toy dog taught me give it to me now he took it from me so i'm doing this gender aware thing with my cat so that he so i can play with my female cats but obviously
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he likes all the toys. and now he's stealing it from me so you can watch the he. he jumped of the shots now i probably need a gender expert here. go straight ahead and buy that bank that right there was that that i am you are walking or we are walking together in the weeds in the middle or a whole lot i know it's everything is fine just going off everything worth it from oh no i go i'm going to say a direction so i'm gonna go there sweet obvious direction to make i think rick but to. me if.
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i had tried oh yes everything is playground just because i used to face my child here many years ago not many. if moving in. but but ok i don't. think i'm going to do that now is to look for general code toys because i am not an expert and i know gender education to know how to teach cool would gender coded toys as they do isn't swedish preschool as i told you the snake may be a general way or thing for though because i think it's maybe associate it with force i don't know but she likes it here we have a frog. so the point is always when you look at various things
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it isn't good it's good in one way and maybe not good in another way i think it's perfectly across the a.b.c. girl card is the thing but this is called but if there's only one part it last and if there were two cars and one must be close to them then it's already decided for them but not. only one card so because they exist and hold no it's gender coded by ask because we women around the. other things this is obviously something for girls i think but you never know you have to ask the ones who produce the choice. leasehold you want to. ask well what speed chase you are going to fall and general good idea general of their normal bad advice. given you get enough brain wash you get dizzy gender rater inside information stand back you see all these you qualities being inequality things all over the place is it that you did there are people who act on that level and actually see inequality seen as really
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let me see structures in a cup of coffee and they see gender elation and power lation is everywhere because they are so for sure in looking for them what you are a stranger look for you will find nothing it's a little bit of this is a girl crush. what's happening with a focus well something happened with a camera no no no it's ok so far i do like this we'll take a photo and send it to the department of gender science and ask them. to make a intersectional analysis of this pile of taurus i did i think. i'll go see them for just about this now that i'm right it is a disguise for this and i was just about you baby never gender exists so you speak english yeah. that's the way how big of a you know we have anything about gender education in school or in the yard we are
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to. be sure and the right social sciences yes learn about is the low down on gender equality and all that's good for the golden girls years now . it is improving your rights and also in the world we've learned that to be very unequal in some cultures you know when they were this we didn't see the way we need good. compared to you know think of going to also or i seem to be so good now or at least it's much better than we were most doctors now especially so i think it comes out of we don't use you know in many ways. so in one way it's like american values we haven't we have what we have and. then very quickly what does it mean for you really. when they're equal with the
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it's the. women making the same way just men yeah. having the same rights as men for the same or the chances improve their situation and in their work life the maker i think of how misleading is that all the senses have to be a problem we have to discuss but then society is an interesting and so as is everywhere as well just use it or be able if there's a way of like or should be other ways to change the gender scientists takeouts when we abort from the family and the hospital because this is going to be until folks with nothing in it so we can't be gender coded no interest has nothing to that's what we want to do with european discussions it's the last yes yes no and i was just well we're not ahead of the word gender at all so i just knew about sometimes you don't have much of yes let me ask you about it but you still have it you are aware of it i heard your answers your you know you know what to say you can speak
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about it now that's really i mean my brothers we were as it's all you we were didn't think we were just living our lives that i didn't think about these things until i started reading swedish newspapers. my parents got divorced my seven m.b. you know and then i didn't see my far. thirteen years maybe in thirty years but then i met my father while i was twenty studying physics and there we came so close and we met every day drinking coffee and i was studying and then i looked like we are will's a similar if working with technical device i love that too and before they divorced when i was seven he took a lot of derives from the physics department and me and my brother were doing these microbes shift cards so i understood where my genes for this technical interest us the cut came from there so we were so alike in many also in. well the way we. were completely missed the cute little brother the learn the one you know. but when
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i finished my ph d. one month before he married so i won the competition and. you already becoming brainwashed you know because it's a gender deserve it's. not yours and so that's. what do we do and i don't have the. lead really cool. knowing quality you know i think it's so weird swedish equal. with us. in the the and so
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now i'm eating some candy in the end waiting for my train to arrive in for me it's . the round the one time of it eight o'clock in the week i. you have control of everything that goes on the control freak. so. my plan is to feel me i'm back so that we can. hear no. rest the way they carry our faith. there are cameras everywhere anyway so it doesn't matter somebody is watching you all the top. of the. sun now want to see if there's
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a way i usually do like this this is really comfortable but it. is not well behaved. if i would see if they like this if there is room for everybody but for me it's ok to see it like this because i am a ph d. so it compensates for me behaving i need to be crazy. or something like. i experienced. so i can become the prime minister no problem if that's your question my gray hair is the proof of my life experience and that i survived all the swedish madness and by doing that's so i'm a good candidate yeah you should vote for me this is the swedish constitution
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written here first of all i have to study the ads if i'm to become a prime minister but i don't think i'll climbing as the nose of the constitution everybody has arrived to work to. choice. of the place to just. move west whatever. into the basic human rights to i think you know right here we have all my human right to go over god's will because it's late. and the. sunday evening are already outside our already. not so empty and we had a camera as you talking about these pirates and we spy on them so my record and they can record me and we are equal. equality equality in watching each other's behavior. oh it's raining i had to put away the camera.
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the gender trumpet symbol has this the gender madness in swedish it could be me or because i found this. project was financed with seventy thousand euro to investigate the trumpets from a gender perspective and then we can think about all the remaining instruments we have right the drums and so on that haven't been investigated yet for my gender perspective so we have so much research to do and we have so so much to express money that we need for these important questions and. i am not sure that the swedish population will support such fine and such projects but probably government will.
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well just. this month show bush's transports gets a facelift in each city board we make the most of the song is on the signs flourishes in tomsk and we check out some fun car let's say most technology some day just here on r.g.p. we've done the future coverage. of the wall to. egypt to see that it needs this some will go to school both schools grossly to be.
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mostly. almost all. being formed. differently here in syria now many of the members of congress the folks parties who have gone to syria in recent ten months has said they believe he's a reformer mr president the senate which is diddy's time for him to go. to stability and peace to syria is going to be most of the stuff. we think of why we think there are. sand beaches.
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coconut palms gently swayed. the ocean breeze. in fact. while he has a deep dark little secret a secret the u.s. government would like you to know. we're all a. little ball i did read the daily sharpshooter and kagan all will the new.
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headlines in our t. international ten russian troops detained in ukraine on for a partly crossing the border accidentally or returned. also this week so of ukraine's most battle hardened units are trapped in a muslim country time with government soldiers blaming kiev and kiev accusing russia of a stealth invasion. we examine how islamic state terrorists are exploiting black market trade on online p.r. to expand their to harvest them tired uncertain. and by really police arrest the well known opposition activist that she lands in the gulf nation to check on her father who's been on hunger strike.


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