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the. headlines in our team ten russian troops to taint in ukraine offer of partly crossing the border accidentally are returned home. also this week several ukrainian army units are surrounded by anti-government forces with soldiers blaming their own commanders and kiev accusing russia of a stealth invasion. we examine how islamic state terrorists are exploiting black market trade and online p.r. their job on this them higher in iraq and uncertain. also coming up but really police arrest the well known opposition up to this that she lands in the gulf nation to check on the well being often fall but who's been on hunger strike for
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almost a week protesting against his own. you're tuned into the weekly around of the top stories from the past seven days and right off to the moment developments as well i'm you know neil welcome ten russian card for bush returned home on sunday after spending almost a week detained in ukraine the group was captured when they claimed they mistakenly crossed the ukrainian border while in routine patrol has been following the story. the talks were complicated and difficult but we can now confirm that all ten of russian paratroopers crossed over into ukraine are back inside russia the negotiations were easy but thankfully common sense prevailed and the guards are back with us the soldiers were patrolling the ukrainian russian border at night
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when they unintentionally crossed over into ukrainian territory it was a part of the border that is not signposted they were later detained by the ukrainian security services such border incidents are not uncommon and on several occasions ukrainian soldiers have in fact crossed over into russia but russia's never made much fanfare and it's always ensured that they are able to return safely back to ukraine there was an incident early in august when around some four hundred ukrainian servicemen appealed to the russian border guards for humanitarian colorado that would allow them to bring their injured and into russia at the same time it would allow them to stock up and food they'd run out of food they'd run out of ammunition they later returned to ukraine off to the wounded had been treated inside russia also around three days ago some sixty three ukrainian servicemen soldiers shelter on the russian border this was just state the shelling they later to were turned back into ukraine. an interest for
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a told us why he thinks kiev seize the opportunity to put russian servicemen in the media spotlight craning government wanted to milk the. political list. they're trying to argue and have been trying to argue for a long time that they're not really fighting the people of the eastern ukraine but that they're fighting the russian army so here they had ten russian actual ten actual russian soldiers and they were able to parade them and to put them on television and to show them as proof of the claim that they've been making for a long time that it is the russian army that they're fighting rather than their own the evidence does not look. that there are any russian troops there but of course one can have the evidence to believe. because until. heaven that
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just to get. the fighting continues in acacia a fire in the night in the main building of donetsk where base one civilian has died in the ganske opposition fighters eccles and seize the strategic.
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they are useless and they are the way. in the next pope will be even more. from the it was the right approach for actions as the situation and did not ease the tensions it was clear when the imposed sanctions that there would be a counter reaction and the stakes would be raised now because of that a lot of entrepreneurs as well as the general public in germany has been affected by that. the e.u. may be losing money over the events in ukraine but it's making sure kiev has enough cash to keep the country going ukraine's presidency's brussels is ready to hand around a billion dollars in the near future that's on top of a one point four billion dollar installment already approved by the international monetary fund to get it through ukraine will have to raise people's high school
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bills freeze wages on pensions and even introduce new taxes to boot and that's not all the package includes slashing tax breaks for agriculture allowing banks to repossess property but complying with the mountains will be hard for a nation that's already in economic freefall its debt is expected to jump to more than sixty percent of the countries i put by the end of this year at that pace it could reach eighty seven percent in four years significantly humping ukraine's ability to pay its debts making matters worse is the receding economy economists predict a dramatic drop in the coming months as kiev digs to find another nine billion dollars to pay off lenders a former assistant to the u.s. treasury secretary told us that ukraine will need to sell its assets to western companies to pay the loan. the government takes an i.m.f. loan pass to curtail its expenditure as it has to cut pensions it has to cut
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government employment it has to raise money that it can use to repay the i.m.f. and part of this process is the country is forced to sell all of its assets to western firms if for example ukraine has any or all or gas deposits that could be tracked they will have to sell those deposits to a western count and then the. proceeds will say oh the ukrainian government has to use to repay the. poland's prime minister double tusk has to be the use next president he'll take office on the first day of december and replacing herman van rompuy he say's the e.u. has major challenges are the economy ukraine and britain's place in europe the blocs leaders of also nominated the telling foreign minister federica to be their
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new foreign policy chief political commentator on of an density thinks the two new leaders showed very different political views and not my proved to be a problem for the future of the. maurine is seen very much as tolerant candid as towards russia while donald tusk is seen as tough men who will are wrestle with president putin about it small to about it it's about that this relationship should be functional and unfortunately it's not because they contradictions are so profound and there is no other way that the states well it's try to vote by a letter all relations with russia because more complicated more profound the debate in europe is and less less vision common vision is represented towards russia our last chance is for european union to become a real player and our fulfill its role or its ambition to become
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a saver off ukraine to nations any more news and views for you online including why day to day jobs can be more dangerous than war for reports from the un international labor organization finds that more labor is dying for reasons soldiers on the world probably feels the full story waiting for you at r.t. dot com. also there are volcanic eruption in papa new guinea forces people to flee their homes on planes to change their vote all the details on the best pictures for you online. the threat posed by islamic state terrorists will be high on the agenda at the nato summit this week in the well cities of cardiff a new port as harvey fear reports hundreds of really gathered to protest the threat of yet more military action amid fears the alliance might decide to launch itself to another distant war. well the leaders the organizers of this protest
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movement against nato hope that in the coming hours and days ten to twenty thousand protesters from across wales the u.k. and even some coming from mainland europe are going to come here to talk protest nato summit which is taking place on thursday and friday around sixty leaders from around the world coming off for this very high profile and significant conference protesters here are against nato itself the the entity which they see as they say just waging war on conscience they say it is symbolic of global equality now to protect the nato summit taking place in the next few days has been on trial precedented security operation by the police close to ten thousand police officers have been drafted in from across the u.k. now this operation that critics say has cost up to fifteen million pounds to secure
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a part of new port this city and also wells capital cardiff which has also been caught up significantly in the security preparations including tens of kilometers of security barrier is being put in the center of the south wales cities the police are trying to do many things first protect the nato summit itself second to also facilitate the democratic protests of peaceful protesters and third to try and keep wales and the u.k. secure given the increased terror threat which was raised just in the last couple of days. to more news in brief starting in fronts where an apartment believes that was left at least six people dead in the parser verb one of the victim was an eighteen year old girl twelve the survivor some rain severely injured rescue teams are still sifting through the rubble in search of five missing men. it's official say the tragedy was probably caused by a gas leak. in somali islam
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a terrorist wearing army uniforms have stormed a high security prison in the capital killing twelve people gunmen from the al-shabaab network set off a car bomb outside the building before shooting their way in and attempting to flee fellow militants where they feel to reach the underground cells where prisoners are being held al-shabaab has been fighting to retake control of mogadishu since they were driven out of the capital by african union forces three years ago. israel has laid claim to a huge tract of land in the west bank paving the way for further settlement construction the move comes despite international calls on israel to halt settlement expansion in palestinian territory one of the key disputes holding back the peace process the latest takeover spawning one thousand acres is the largest in thirty years. now while many of us resort to trolling the internet when looking for cheap flights one russian man has perfected another approach when he goes on
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holiday he flies on a plane not a built in itself dana conscionable reports. sir gay and his eight year old son took a flight to their holiday destination there'd be nothing exceptional about that word not for one thing you will go to all and i made it plain we flew in myself i know every single tiny part of it and of course it gives me great comfort so i feel confident about his spend over five years building and from scratch using mostly fiberglass plastic old machinery parts and his inexhaustible and from sarah ganim has sunny kita spent a total of twenty three hours in the sky traveling from the heart of siberia to the coast of the black sea. i was born in a very remote area in a small village there were no roads there it was like living on an island once my father told me that when i grow up i would be able to build some type of
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cross-country vehicle that would get me anywhere i have a once it was i was always dreaming about it but his real passion for airplanes started back in ninety seven when russia introduced a new law that allows anyone to have a private plane for personal use so we didn't use the list but i had to overcome a number of challenges because it is a self made aircraft i had to obtain a special certification for the plane aviation experts had to acknowledge it is safe to operate so now i am a legal user of the flying space but this chap cheek families and bishan reaches even further. one day we took a globe and decided we wanted to go to the equator if you draw a straight line from the city of supes to the equator you get to the most you know this is the place we now dream of visiting together with my son there's only one thing standing in their way the himalayas sergei sas he needs to the engine to increase the flying out and as we've come to learn for him not even the sky's the
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limit might in a question are. brings a whole new meaning to the term get off and go well coming up here or to international juice news casts of the surrounding i over the world's top stories but first venture capital investigates why europe's reliance on russian gas isn't going to change in the forseeable future. i'm i'm. i'm . well just.
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this month showed bush's transports gets a facelift and you got something borked makes him most of the sun in this on the signs flourishes in some states and we check out some on the car let's say the most signal g.m. gauge here on r.g.p. we've done the future. if you want. to get the sense that it needs is some good news for both schools mostly it seems to be. mostly just almost all meaningful and.
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we think about why we think there are no. moral sand beaches. coconut palms gently swaying in the ocean breeze. in fact. white has a deep dark little secret a secret the u.s. government would like you to know about. through all a. little ball i did really succeeded ok good all wilderness. is. welcome to venture capital with me we are off to
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a little summer break so the temperatures will now gradually begin to decline at least in this part of the wall that away which means of going to cause even more for you show your means to keep warm for wind also coming up on business cold but it takes a hit britain's wages are in decline if i went on to most of those international costs. to go to college he invested in the last time he's been in that magic will so we'll see how that works out old still to come but first we're going to get stuck in because the credit rating agency fitch has put a big spot in europe to reduce reliance on russian gas fĂȘte says that europe will remain heavily reliant on russian gas for at least another decade and that with the lack of alternative sources it means that the options well limited at least according to fit in a way and will remain so for at least the next ten years now we're talking to the
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editor of business in new you're always good to get you to listen what did you make of the fitch report the findings europe's two dependent on russia is a. indeed i mean it's a question of politics versus economics and right as it comes out of the crisis it's been in five years we'll go back to growth and growth means you consume more energy and energy has to come from somewhere and the infrastructure these two huge pipelines that run into from russia to to europe is the infrastructure to deliver this energy. however the politics of it is that given the truly terrible relationships between europe and russia as a result of the ukraine for and indeed you know there was an increasing income for ability of. russia over the past years but europe is looking for political reasons to diversify its energy supplies and get energy from somewhere else but there's
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nothing there to replace there's no other alternative to russian gas and i want to ask you we have had siphoning off gas before by you cry do you think that that could be another scenario going into this winter. at the moment the ukraine story. full that's about fifteen thousand billion cubic meters of gas but that's not enough to get them through the wind winter they need another five to ten billion cubic meters and the problem ukraine faces has no money at all to pay for it and what they've done in the past is say simply siphoned off some of the gas that's on its way to go to places like germany western europe to customs other customers and they simply siphoned off what they need for themselves and then you know this is effect sort of stealing you have to pay for the gas or at least it goes into their bill what they owe russian people have been saying we want to wind down our dependence on russian gas because it's an unreliable supplier of energy it's not
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a reliable supplier of energy and so much is said explicitly in the p.t. stick to its contract and the instability of the unreliable. reliability that's come into the equation is that. so bankruptcy crane middle what happens when that negotiating or deciding on sanctions because they do have this dependency which is evident for everyone to see now what does that exactly mean all they can to be held hostage what is i mean held hostage i mean that implies the threat that russia will turn off the gas to europe. the colonel said he said that he will not do that and never do that but the irony of the situation is the only person as i said threatens to turn off russian gas supplies to europe is ukrainian some gas in your city other day we might turn up prices gas supply to the rest of europe as a way of like striking back to russia and it would help russia because you know the gas remains the significance of that it. is very concerned about its reputation
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for reliability and would not do that and so therefore left in the city situation we're talking about sanctions to using shouldn't use it as a weapon and the russians are saying well we're not. agencies were going to make using it and threatening they're the ones who are threatening to ban areas thanks so much we appreciate your time as usual. germany your power house has a set of appalling days releases this week with business confidence down for a fourth month the lowest in almost a year this was on top of the no point two percent contraction in growth for the second straight quarter now in contrast to u.k. it showed its strongest coarsely growth in six years which sounds brilliant bob it still wasn't quite a whole percent still though
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a growth of no point eight percent it was this is likely to make this all difference to the average brit wages in the u.k. have trolled below spell humans partly due to that we could pounds now this is good news for international firms who set up in a ball five years of fairy we pay growth in the u.k. has pushed our living standards to the lowest in a decade which is bad for overall confidence productivity and talking of currencies the escalating tensions in ukraine this week the russian ruble to its lowest level against the dollar since march moscow's stock markets were also down on fears of sanctions now we're going to stay a russian company is economics and it's talk about the corporate news this week option who produce a product that posted a twenty percent rise in net profits in its hardest average daily oil production in
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twenty years for the second quarter but the company failed because a majority owner is off from selling due to an ongoing investigation process into its parent company is to just lock his children good dog. while i was in the flagship cell in the center most days in the past six months the company has already happened. tends to have that number before the. free moment don't have been temporarily placed in the process this is on top of the already placed the re rest this is due to some of terry reasons by bosses how was dog like over a plate full hundred forty restaurants in russia and considers the country one of its top seven model kids outside the us has now this statement about. to take on because it's been a long time since i spacey out there i want to know how you've been getting on
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because it's what happens here i know we're now it's my secular world view the wheel is alive and it has the presence of the ghost of a financial expert because somehow out of the vase a big kind of sluggish you know car company that does have some iconic but not that really popular trendy cars has hit big they have signed a partnership with ross over here and the government has announced their second russian cash for clunkers program the first one got about five hundred thousand cars sold so they're expecting similar results for this one so often voz has hit big and what up to twenty and i'm up to excuse me twenty two thousand dollars in total for the original ten thousand dollars worth more than double we've doubled our money katie. because i remember when it lands on after i've asked you kind of jesting around like who know this is going to go you know i thought that was biggest one yet yeah exactly i thought that there was doom because you know despite
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the fact that here we have a picture of. those are not certain selling well especially outside of russia but you know they have figured to be others katie this cash for clunkers program me and the wife are kind of in the market for a new car and the gaza road partner which is a russian s.u.v. for seventy thousand dollars it's looking pretty. good and we do have a car that qualifies for the cash for clunkers program. like a and i have to say next door to that that's a new one magnates is what i'm looking forward to seeing what happened with mike needs as well because of the feedback be adjusting all right and there let's give him the truth now yeah let's see we're going to invest in this we get most of it might be an interesting one but it would be rather dry here getting our yearly affair test a company i'm a huge fan of you know that that is basically let's call it russian google we have the email maps of various different programs for your telephone and a home computer and an awesome free dictionary for those students of the russian
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language so let's see your next week how yandex does i need to get on that improve my russian is definitely through so i can fantastics if gauge around one hundred twenty percent that is no sign at all it is that we will speak a while katy i guess i'll see you after the program will go and get some drinks to celebrate him cabaye thank you very much indeed and best of luck with the yeah decks on just this week i did indeed go along to moscow's international or some of those solemn and fortunately despite the current climate there was plenty of optimism. but the last week i think gorgeous women you would be forgiven for thinking that the constant threat of global sanctions against not so was it beneath the feet all the foul but the car industry is taking a little bit of a slump at the moment it's a bit of a rocky ride bus the bus market is still one that everyone here wants to tap into here and that's the case in about five years' time is that to overtake the german
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one that has the biggest in the e.u. at the moment it sits at around they don't take the bull by getting for example the company has a huge presence here loves to sell three hundred thousand cars he never wraps up now and if we do take sanctions in mind this means. the gemini industry profit by about twenty five how it impacts about fifty thousand jim and joe bob i spoke to the company and they didn't seem to think i'm a from a bob optimistic about basis. to remain absolutely dedicated to our strategy of growth in russia we believe that differently and the growth is still going to continue over the next few months in years to come and then when you look at it to over two million vehicles are being sold in russia right now which is still one of the top bootable the markets in the world now there is still about sites being imposed upon the quality just very specific place now this one affects foreign policy companies that produce that big pay we've got some eighty percent of them
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some talk about spirits up for this town but it would have that the impulse thing of components not something that the modified just one of the sickly enthused about right now the o.b. saw i've heard that there will be some policy or they all to industrial from russia garments they want to zoom on they already have stars on. for a bit to eat or something european brands from europe to russia and. there will be something empty here in the market i think the seeds have to space and we can launch our new bobs now despite the crushing qantas three taking a bit of a battering this year down some seven percent twenty three percent for july this what that sick unless that stuff that is still growing and that's the luxury while the russians they love it. shouldn't have it it looks written.


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