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why did we do dearly. this is our international remembering beslan russia. since the terrorist siege of the school which killed more than three hundred children left a community forever scarred to hear from survivors of the tragic. craze to find eastern regions present government with a list of issues they say they're ready to work together with the government. i mean time the resistance pushes back partially routing the government's military in the east with more than a thousand soldiers killed wounded taken prisoner by anti-government forces over
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the last few days. and the. british prime minister david cameron outlines his vision on how the u.k. should deal with the jihadist threat posed to the western world by homegrown terrorists fighting for the islamic state group. and its nine pm no year of moscow here without international and a somber day on the calendar today ten years ago today what was supposed to be the first day of school became a terrifying ordeal for the small town of beslan in southern russia the world watched horrified as chechen militants seized the school number one as it was called taking a people hostage mostly children and parents the survivors and families there the
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pain does not diminish. well in the early morning of day with the move excitement and anticipation of course young families arrive for the start of what should have been the new term but the terrorist stormed that school killing eighteen people in the process they laid explosives around the building on the second day of the siege the authorities managed to convince the attackers to release some of the mothers with babies then at around one pm on the third day some of the terrorists explosives went off some hostages tried to escape only for the terrorist to open fire on them a few minutes later russian special forces moved in the number of victims of that siege was high three hundred and thirty four innocents died and more than eight hundred were injured about treasure reports next from beslan as the people remember
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those who were lost. while the crowds and the people may come and go from this tragic site the names will always remain of more than three hundred innocents who lost their lives during the tragic school siege in baseline those three hundred people a small fraction of more than a thousand people who were trapped inside the school gym during that three day long attack now the gym itself is she in this metal coating this area is now a shrine a memorial to the victims that a group of architects has been commissioned to sanctify the interior remains essential unchanged from what it was ten years ago that the horrific attack happened in that place on school number one for example the floor where mourners have been laying carnations still has the damage from the attack to the walls still bare the pockmarks from the bullet holes where the machine guns fired their rounds
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into the walls several things have changed here in the gym for example to cross this altar that has been set up in the center and look at many many hundreds of flowers that have been laid here by the mourners during the horrific attack the militants said that everybody needed to undergo a fast they were denied food and water to the children many of whom stripped down to their underwear because the heat was so sweltering it was the only way to stay cool here mourners are bringing bottles of water in order to give them comfort the on the great we spoke with several people who survived the tragedy here's the story of two of them they survived against all laws a lead us about of and her two daughters lived through that base long school siege they were among more than a thousand children staff and parents held hostage by heavily armed chechen extremists when a leader and her daughter ameena returned for this special commemoration the memories came flooding back. to the right. yeah.
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you know if you're going to get on with the diet the charitable cause of new show will move the morning to eat i think i know it's a lot of tea to. terrorists took the hostages to the gym a little later her mother voluntarily entered the building to be with her daughters complain that when you know excluded to vote with nasty to the way the government your logic is causing all muslim youth to adopt to not must not see him up to the income. of telmarc them don't we have that. when you cover news knowledge she got to. eat. in stupid of them and she. just because i do see up in my goal of some of the moments that. they stayed in that gym with her father school principal tara can sit down all through most of the fifty two hour ordeal there is even a key cheat lie cheat so most of them i didn't keep them standpoint should be to
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put them still in the style i knew each other that he did not going to miss just because soon i'm simplifying to the point of him suddenly snuggle up we point is that you've lost our cans about of i mean his grandfather didn't survive you see the oh it's all black we did the it was good for. years later the blood is gone but the pain remains while the baseline school gym has been cleaned up and turned into a memorial for the victims the school hallways remain virtually untouched since that terrible attack ten years ago the walls still bear the scars of the bullet holes that run from the floor up to the ceiling. our leaders even prayed for their own deaths to end their suffering but she and her daughters made it through and haven't lost their faith in the future i mean it says the nightmare inspired her to help others and she's studying to become a doctor a mattress r.t. best. you've got a look ahead as they say well we've got more coverage of memorial events to come
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over the next two days also the only terrorist who survived the press that atrocities now serving life behind bars we speak to him later this hour we hear what he had to say about the slaughter of so many innocents all of this is called a don't don't give. no no. commissions to the. initiatives you. need to. think about in the and there isn't much of the concern in such a stance of. nature in. most neutral. in the ship that it was. next to mine britain's prime minister is sharing his vision of how the u.k. should deal with the threat posed by the bloodthirsty islamic state group that's
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operating in iraq and syria when a cost of a listen to his speech to appease a bit earlier. it appears that it's all about given british authorities and the police more power david cameron outlined his strategy and defeating this lamech state and he believes to prevent us from going abroad to travel alongside extremists and to prevent those already have some common back he would have to give more powers to police officers at the border to confiscate the passports and in case the court decides to challenge him that he's considering create a new legislation to give the parliament the power to decide that over the court's next two months british authorities to have enhanced the use of exclusion zones or relocation powers this is also something that will be debated and in general david cameron is responding to increased fears in the country over the widespread reach that the islamic state has according to a recent poll by you gov some sixty seven percent of brits support and five the
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u.k. government confiscate passports of those who are suspected to be members of the islamic states and of course their fears are further exacerbated over the of course the slaughter of soldier and lee rigby in london the beheading of american journalist spice expected british jihad this and in fact five hundred of them have already known to have traveled to iraq and syria around half of them are already back so the danger and the threat is real and the brits here feel it and the paul of course shows the results of that and of course the latest revelation the fact that one of the islamic states key financier's was in fact the director of a muslim faith school right here in the u.k. in the city of birmingham and the fears here are shared by brits are also shared by other european citizens and the leaders of those countries as you can see now on your screen everyone is saying that the islamic state poses a direct threat to every single european country political and social commentary
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told me he thinks the u.k. should have seen this threat coming a long time ago. firstly the fact that we have this return of control orders and t. pims i think but before you can we get to that stage people are wondering how when somebody is returning from syria or from the middle east are we going to assess whether they've been involved in any kind of radicalization any kind of terrorism or have in fact been fighting as to how do you think the problem has been that our policy on counter radicalization counter extremism has sensibly failed i mean if failed to intercept the failed around seven seven it's continued to fail seeing people who are under surveillance going overseas to fight as they see it in an ideological in an intellectual or spiritual jihad overseas so we have the minutes have a domestic policy which is centered around the home office which is mired in controversy . and to government leaders in ukraine has to go and screeches have given
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a list of conditions to kiev government under which they're prepared to restore ties and live side by side with ukraine futureless cross. borders has internet put a bit more meat on the bones of this what are the demands to do what the offering in return. well as you say representatives of the donetsk and lugansk republics have been meeting with representatives of the king of authorities in the bell of russian capital this is the first time that they has been such a concerted effort to reach some kind of negotiated settlement between the two sides but we are being told not to expect a major breakthrough and certainly not expected any time soon what this really is is an opportunity if you like for the two sides to size one another up and see in what areas they can cooperate now the team from new guns candidates put forward several demands some of these include ending the military operation that is a direct call to the kiev government there also asking for special economic and political status for the lugansk and in its regions and at the same time for the
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russian language to be granted official status of course this is the dominant language in this part of ukraine in return they are offering to begin the process of restoring ties with kiev they looking at he creation of a shared security area and also for economic cultural political and social cop aeration now these talks come as fighting on the ground intensifies one of the flashpoints here in the past few days has been the town of vice square the ukrainian army was surrounded by anti-government fighters it was forced to surrender and lay down its weapons we traveled to the front line. the sound of victory after a week of did these battles is back in the hands of the anti government fighters of our skins now completely under our control there will be no mercy i will never forgive them for destroying our cities. the smell of death still hangs over the
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battlefield what. one has brewed in the other one of sorts of pieces of them on the field nobody is asking for the spoils of victory made it out or put down their weapons before they did the resistance wrong the result is that the sufferer commander giving is in high spirits at headquarters he congratulates his men. about four thousand eight hundred soldiers attacked us this month not more than two hundred of them survived all of their combat equipment has been destroyed who will want to fight us after this. the thirty four year old commander hasn't had a day off since fighting began five months ago we won that fight we stood up for our city even when we had lost twenty percent of the city in four days we took it back and in the process squashed the morale of the ukrainian army sending thousands to the streets of kiev to demonstrate against the generals who they say abandoned
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and betrayed their own men simply at the end of a hard day of fighting this is where the soldiers come to hang up their guns to renew their energy and to warn the mothers of ukrainian soldiers what their sons are up against paulus fear r t l advice eastern ukraine. and the government forces the should crater on the offensive it's becoming apparent that here is a military operation there is facing defeat let's look at on the news wall so to see what was happening on the ground there the area covered in orange here is reportedly under control the local militias but these three red circle areas there one hundred nine hundred eighty and government troops reportedly have been surrounded the encirclement near the town of a scar on the map there that paula's been talking about has seen anti government forces providing a humanitarian corridor trying to allow soldiers to leave an armed for its part though kiev has forbidden any soldiers to surrender nonetheless at least two hundred have chosen to. do so saying they've been abandoned by their superiors and
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they've been left to die without reinforcements and as for the humanitarian situation huge problem still russian aid is being handed out in cities and towns across east ukraine special trucks organized by local forces of ferrying supplies to communities hardest by the fighting that humanitarian crisis is also figuring big time limit talks between kiev and the east those talks as we've been saying have begun in belarus the vice premier of the so-called next people's republic is one of the go see if this is spoken about conditions back home. the humanitarian situation is very difficult than the aid is desperately needed we are capable of organizing transportation and logistics but they must be supplied preemptively so as there would complications so more talks planned in the second round of talks no set for september the fifth but already some progress report of the has been made regarding prisoner exchanges since we get more details we'll of course keep you updated on any breakthroughs that happen in the belarusian capital it circum at
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twenty six sixty minutes rather past nine at night much more news on the way with me kevin owen including the security problems possibly facing america's billion dollar nuclear arsenal coming up. c.b.s. . propaganda. that is the state sponsored russia today program tops were sabean nothing like cutting a candle and this. is just such a good lesson in answer to my question. john is not. the same thing and sometimes their lives all of them to bring people stories none the colligan the child don't want to see him become the.
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dramas that can't be ignored. stories others refuse to notice. the faces changing the world. so picture of today's los angeles from around the globe. look to. t.v. . again for years the u.s. isn't spending hundreds of billions of dollars on its nuclear arsenal but with the spate of scandals surrounding the units responsible for the thousands of warheads and its aging infrastructure questions being asked over the security of the world's deadliest weapons reports next. in a field where there is no room for error
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a series of scandals is haunting the management of land based nuclear missiles earlier this year ninety one officers were implicated in a test cheating scandal it's twenty percent of all officers who are in charge of some of america's deadliest weapons the air force removed the entire chain of command at the base where it happened while investigating those missile his personal cell phone says part of the drug investigation o.s.i. agents found test material on them investigations of drug possession by missile officers also made headlines and there was more this week the air force says the entire wing failed a safety and security inspection u.s. led based missile facilities failed safety and security inspections several times in recent years although the air force does not reveal specifics of the failures and insists that the weapons are safe but not everyone is it iis as reports about a security breach continue to come in it was one year ago that two nuclear officers
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were actually breaking security rules because they left an underground command center blast door open that's where you get in actually set off the nukes one of the officers actually fell asleep when c.b.s. crew traveled to one of three lead based missile sites in the u.s. they found aging infrastructure and revealed that the man a woman who oversee some of the world's deadliest weapons have trouble hearing what is being said on their phones. what is great about them is that. the hearing or is it that you can connect when you make a call or both i mean you can hear in the other person in the other end line sometimes you can't dial out which makes it very difficult if you're trying to do your job the obama administration's plans for the u.s. nuclear weapons complex including modernization of bombs and delivery systems will cost the country about. three hundred and fifty five billion dollars of the next decade but there's something about this story that's important which is that every
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time the u.s. is about to begin a new cycle of introducing a new generation of nuclear weapons there's always complaints about misconduct faulty weaponry the fact that the united states is leg game behind isn't keeping up with world standards and that usually is used as a pretext to accelerate another stage of what was used what used to be called the arms race of course some of the complaints will help the government raise money to modernize its nuclear complex but the scandals also show what a challenge it is just to keep the weapons. in washington i'm going to check out our team. there's been another win for the euro skeptics this time a german parties won its first parliament seats following an election in the state of saxony now it's got its sights set on other regions and germany the alternative for germany group already has seven euro and please support a party member who brunson explained to me what his group wants to achieve in brussels the main issues that are seven representatives in the european parliament
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i want to address of course over the three points one of calls is to secure national sovereignty and to work against the united states of europe because the peoples of europe has never been asked if they want to live in a super state stretching from lisp on to let's say the border to you crazy. secondly they want to reduce bureaucracy. to spending the uncontrolled spending of taxpayers' money that goes to brussels last but at least they want more democracy more a friend. more news tonight bahrain's detained another human rights activist the moment she got off the plane r.t. dot com got a story also the opinion of a key bahraini opposition leader now bill registrants and last month we got that interview in full also to it turns out that a hard day's work can kill you via a new study shows that you're more like the only job than in a war. those are lurking menace in
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europe's households apparently which brussels green army now is determined to get rid of we're talking about the high powered vacuum cleaner from today europeans won't be able to buy vacuums the burner more than sixteen hundred watts of electricity to clean their floors bad news if you've got pets them with petyr it's supposed to help reduce energy usage but of course the critics say that's nonsense because people are going after use less powerful models for longer times to get the job done. it's not the only appliance either that got their eyes on up to thirty thousand other household gadgets are likely to be in the firing line of the coming year of thing from kettles to head dry is the new spark mixed feelings of panic buying that anger among e.u. consumers some rush to the shops to snap up those last remaining powerful vacuum played as well others took a what are you lawmakers needlessly poking around people's. in one way they're paying atonement to the crazed flawed concept of global warming and another they're
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obviously worried about the fact that actually europe doesn't have enough energy to sustain itself and it's currently having a large argument with russia but really what this goes down to is the belief amongst the liberal elite in brussels they know better what the people should be doing and therefore the freedom to clean your home has not become a victim of the whole process of brussels is nanny state trying to run the whole of europe according to a ridiculous flawed dictum of economic decay heart or will they go when it comes to the process of capitals hairdryers normal ameena teams that are seen as being perfectly reasonable facets of western society oh they know no bones they will keep going until the point in time when the public says no well from energy problems to maybe a few solutions with the world's most ambitious gas pipeline project which is certainly russia and china got a festive start today was in russia's far east region is construction of this historic network was launched russia's gas pipeline network is expanding to the
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east now this is the first section of the a brand new power of siberia by applying that will carry the natural resource to customers here in russia and all the way to china as well invade moscow and beijing signed a record four hundred billion dollar deal that will bring russian gas to china over the next thirty years so you know if you're rated by president vladimir putin the pipeline is set to be complete at the end of twenty eighteen and russia will be ready to export to china the following year now this project is one of many that's been earmarked to further develop russian chinese relations in the energy sector as the economic bonds between the two neighboring nations grows ever stronger. koester of artsy. or what's also significant about this room is that includes some of the world's richest gas fields you see it on the map here for a start the chinese didn't sky filled in the far eastern russian region of acute it
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it's estimated that gas reserves about one point five trillion cubic meters it's a vast reserve also the new power of siberia network is settling another rich gas field called victor in eastern siberia that in turn is going to link into this what sakhalin island with is thought to be about one point two trillion cubic meters a gas and russia's largest field which is believed for the world's second biggest natural reserve is located in west sabera there it is that's over ten trillion cubic meters all these sites will be linked up to start delivering gassed china in twenty nineteen. being a whistleblower against shady governments and businesses can be dangerous enough but it can also be risky when it comes to exposing crimes against wildlife it seems now in the same vein as wiki leaks a new global project looks to help those who want to anonymously lift the lid on poaching and animal trafficking the founder of wild leaks told us of the total anonymity his project promises. leaks that we received our q four lee kept
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offline in the in a server in europe. we can see that the best possible system that we can offer to a whistleblower right now and we never share any sources even if you have beliefs we receive our computer anonymous we don't know who you are so this is the best protection you can likely even to these people and not even know why they were simple orders and in case they get out if you leave from a show and that and gives information maybe it could be instrumental to to find out to understand who they are we never share that information with anybody even when we share actually going to leak so we think of that we build a pretty safe secure anonymous environment for these people. because not to miss programs lined up half an hour from see a large even interactive again of what's going on around the world late edition of in the now but for
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a new season here not international for that off the break as we said earlier on the ten year anniversary of the tragedy of beslan we share what survivors families feel today. in dunedin florida a young boy named t.j. guerrero is learning how to become an american man the old school way by selling cool drinks at a lemonade stand we hear a lot of lame examples of american exceptionalism from blowhard politicians but the idea of kid trumper nerd ship and the iconic norman rockwell esque lemonade stand is something very exceptional and has certainly been good for the nation but for all of his hard work what does t.j. get in return one of his neighbors is trying to shut down his quote illegal business that neighbor doug wilkie says the lemonade stand causes traffic noise trash illegal parking which all harms his property values cry me a river we all
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wonder where does support for the police state come from won't come from people like this will character who need the government to deal with a twelve year old trying to earn yes earn money you know there are some guys who work on cars on the street outside my window and yeah they get loud sometimes but i'm never going to call the cops on them because i'm just happy that some gunmen are still interested in working with their hands in moscow you see a lot of lads in short shorts with chihuahuas it's up to all of us to give each other a break sometimes and not tattle to the state about every little problem but that's just my opinion.
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thank you. does he want to get over the wall to the movies from. which this was the movie this the most lethal movie in. this place. for a movie this new move closer. to do this if they could have used.


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