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welcome back in the now is season two kicks off with me and he said now a line from our news newsroom it's been a busy couple of months lots of developments on stories we follow closely a civilian plane shop down above ukraine's war zone an avalanche of accusations few facts and an investigation still underway. the war in ukraine got more bloody. and israeli offensive on gaza meant for terrorists killed thousands hundreds rather of civilians. the bowl was spread out of africa. fergus in the front back
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after another on our black americans were killed by u.s. bombs are back in iraq and isis turned into ice we haven't missed a step and are on top of the latest your in the now. russia has invaded ukraine again russia is intervening in russian troops in ukraine the in soil russia has armed equipped and now joined illegal separatists that is an invasion only this time it's a full scale invasion. russia accused of launching a full scale invasion of ukraine full scale invasion is that how you see this
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invasion. and what are these claims based on you might ask evidence of course the factual ingredient of ukrainian territory by the russian army ukraine's president says so when we've heard lots in the media about those russian soldiers who cross the border everyone is talking about them but no one seems to remember the dozens of times during this conflict that ukrainian soldiers wandered with arms and ammunition into russian territory. but nato has proof they say that these are russian military vehicles inside of ukraine and this is not the first proof of a russian action that we've seen from nato concerning the ukraine crisis they share intel with the public like these images which were used to prove a russian build up at the border last spring but turned out to be from the year
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before according to russian officials and just had some new dates put on them and ukraine well they can always be counted on to provide accurate evidence to back up kiev's claims take a look at this that white line that's going to shoot across your screen ukrainian mass media trying to use this as proof of an imperent russian strike over the border into ukraine only this is where that material came from yes a video game look at the top right corner it's clearly the same image game over. well the u.n. is also not convinced that these latest accusations have real hard facts to back them up the united nations has no independent means of verifying this information and the russian federation has starfleet rejected these reports but we have in the now have found our very own proof that russia has in fact invaded ukraine take a look. do it yes call them.
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all jokes aside there are some very serious allegations flying on both sides joining us in the now is professor bruno drear ski of the national institute of languages in eastern civilizations in paris to discuss them what facts do we actually have here i know the conflict is not all black and white but i feel that it is being pro-choice that way by many what do we actually know for sure. we do we have we have no proof of. your brain and claim it's only only claim and we heard a lot of claims. from the very beginning of the crisis which happen to be false. if we look at things in
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a broader way. on crisis in syria in libya. or you know other part of the world russia has been accused a lot of time and up to now it was never proved so you know i think rather that ukrainian situation is very bad. ukrainian government. they don't know how. to manage the situation so the only way they are obvious forgive me for interrupting you it's not just ukraine it's the united states it's nato it's many countries in europe people accusing picking up on these claims made by kiev. yes of course but you know where ukrainian government is a result of. you know approval of western countries and especially from the united states and it's specially you know the united states claimed. in ukraine as they did earlier in syria they are accused
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of of action which happened to be true so you know they support ukraine. if they don't give any proof we can not believe them because the daylight quite often too often to be. to be convinced of what they are telling us so how do you see a way a way out of this crisis we have claims coming and it seems like each claim trumps the other claim the latest crimes we're hearing and these are reported i should add accusations coming out of kiev that russia has made a nuclear threat tore you towards ukraine i mean. it sounds ridiculous if you know . what would be the benefit of making that sort of claim. because you know the situation of ukraine is very bad the military situation on the front seems
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to be very bad but also and especially economical situation of ukraine is very bad and will not be improved very soon so does the basic problem and you know the only solution would be negotiation but negotiation between ukraine russia and western countries so to stabilize situation in the rue grain and especially stabilize the economy good situation in ukraine because the burden in which ukraine is now needs a lot of improvement from ukraine but also from countries especially from russia there is no solution for economical crisis in ukraine without russia and the. situation in the world is. you know is going in the direction which is not very pleasant for the united states because they are losing their. leadership only superpower so they try to
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behave the way to make things. worse for russia. and to maintain their leadership which is in crisis. in the now professor bruno the national institute of languages in eastern civilization in paris thanks so much for joining us. when we come back british m.p. george galloway joins us elin now despite his broken jaw after he was attacked over the weekend because of his views on israel stay with us. c.b.s. it's hard to see it more than the propaganda. that is the state sponsored russia today program just words like sabean not like something to analyze this guy
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is just ridiculous not an answer to my question. john is not. supporting their safety and sometimes their lives all over the wall to bring people stories among the public and the challenge don't want to see him he told the sun. dramas that can't be ignored to the. stories of others who refused to notice. the food since changing the world lights now. so the picture of today's leaves no longer from around the globe to drop to. the.
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it's september first the first day of school lines of happy first graders faces barely seen behind huge caves of flowers flowers or tradition here in boston parents come of course to watch their children enter a new stage of life that happens anywhere september first first day of school to symbolic day for many people here in russia it's a real holiday. ten years ago and a school in a small russian town of beslan the first day of school turned into a nightmare. tourists took more than a thousand people hostage in a school more than half of them children they spent three days lying on the floor of the gym deprived to water and food with guns pointed at them in a building that was packed with explosives special forces stormed the school
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eventually but three hundred fifty four people one hundred eighty six of them children never made it out i went to beslan for the third anniversary of the siege and i will never forget it a decade on there are hundreds of mothers who are still trying to cope living without their children. joining us in the now is for to exile she is a mother who lost her daughter almost a decade today thank you for being with us i know this is probably a marriage in memory that is very difficult to you certainly remembering especially today tell us more about your story that morning i got my girl dressed up same as millions of girls like her and september first the first day of school later that day she was taken hostage during the opening ceremony along with other students she spent three days in horrible human icing conditions with no food or water. on the third day she perished as spec ops troops were storming the school she was burnt alive scorched so badly even i couldn't recognize her half of her body was burnt
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and we only identified her through a d.n.a. test. i wish i hadn't taken that test because before that like any mother i had clung to the hope that my daughter was still alive no mother will think it possible that she may live to see her child's funeral which i know this is really difficult for you but can you tell us more about the conditions that you were talking about like they were kept in horrifying conditions locked with no food and no water in a stuffy room with barely any air to breathe we spent those three days camped outside the school and they kept telling us the kids were well provided had we known their actual situation we would have probably stormed the school ourselves what mother would stay back if we knew that our children were going through. and i correct in understanding that you at the time didn't know of course what your children were going through exactly tell us more about the communication how you went through those three days knowing that your daughter was inside that school.
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and every now and then someone would come up to us an update us on what was going on in the school who were told they were keeping in touch through a phone the principal was on the phone from inside the school and we were told that it was all right and the children were being fed and had all necessities provided and that their lives were not in danger even though we heard on the radio that the terrorists had presented their demands requesting for individuals to stand in for the hostages if you would you have done anything different that day knowing what you know now you know when my husband and i first heard our daughter has been taken hostage we tried to sneak into the school my husband wanted to exchange himself well with girls but the school was already sealed off by the military and they told us you can go there or we'll shoot my husband tried to slip through anyway i told him stay back there are professionals in charge here without the government would
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save the day how can you describe the rescue operation dr i would say there was no storm as such. i guess their objective was merely to kill every single terrorist rescue hostages probably wasn't even part of the mission if anybody had cared about saving the children our kids would have probably survived for to much. mother who lost her daughter a decade ago or more in the past on school siege thank you so much for being in the now. when all the terrorists were killed except for one our she went to meet him in prison well this is this is who do them give all he. knew. could be. a strategic. you. can see as an advance to go in. there isn't she to go to the concert situation and
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. most neutral. in the trip that it's to go with the scariest thing is that the threat of terror doesn't seem to be diminishing on the contrary it's getting bigger at least that's what we're being told and now it's saudi arabia's king abdullah was ringing the alarm he says that terrorism should not be neglected meaning the atrocities of the islamic state and if neglected it will spread into europe within it and then to the us that's the saudi leaders prediction sounds ironic given that saudi arabia is constantly accused of sponsoring and breeding terrorism well joining us in the now is expert on muslim studies mohammed to ron thanks for being with us tell us what you have to say about these warnings that we're hearing out of saudi arabia. i think the warnings are more a product of his concern for his internal political circumstances cannot go as one
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interested in having security and peace while the transition between his rule to the next king to come in. the advice can i guess you could call solomon minute as he is but he just wants to keep all the problems us out of saudi while that happens do you think that saudi arabia could bear some of the responsibility for what we're seeing in iraq in syria with ice. they do they have an interesting relationship with ice or isis or whatever they want to call themselves in that they allowed for the funding from private individuals to go to these organizations when they were still receiving no donations while at the same time the quality if it's internal so they supported externally and they suppress it internally what kind of threat does the islamic state pose to the saudi regime. the biggest threat for them as they describe torment amongst the local populace
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with the corruption of the monarchy itself and so they opt for an alternative in addition to the two the lack of legitimacy those seen now with the with the scholarly elite a lot of the people in saudi arabia look at the scholars now as just scholars for the sultan's facilitate for toys for them to benefit their their rulers but when it comes to benefiting the population that's not the common fact religion is used as something to oppress the population and benefit the ruling elite. what do you have to say specifically about this message in terms of terrorism being spread to europe possibly to united states this threat is it imminent. this threat is imminent but it's not to the extent that the king is making a sound to be he's more interested in having isis be occupied with fighting the foreign forces from the west because if they get really well established and they should secure their goals and they actually stated this very clearly is to march
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all the way to the capital of saudi arabia and take over what do you think that european leaders or the u.s. could do to prevent these threats i think the focus on the military interventions is. history will show that it's not going to be the answer to this group has an ideology behind it and if that ideology is not tackled what a lot of people don't realize is the amount of effort that they put ice is themselves they put a lot of effort into spreading propaganda spreading intellectual material that they use the islamic tradition to facilitate to basically be able to see to what they're doing from an islamic perspective and so far all we do all that we've heard from muslim scholars is just condemnation but without any intellectual engagement and just a call for military intervention well who is the military intervention of the u.s. and western forces that went into iraq that created a vacuum that allowed the rise of this group so they go in again all this going to
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happen if they try to quell them is pretty another group that could be even more lost risk than these guys are great expert on muslims tell you how many of you on thank you so much for being in the know thank you. but i will take twenty years to rebuild gaza after israel's summer offensive against hamas militants there . about seventeen thousand gazan residential units were totally destroyed in an area with an enormous housing deficit houses of course can be rebuilt but more than a thousand palestinian civilians and six israeli civilians killed in this conflict they can never be brought back the loss is huge and wonder israel and its government is being showered with criticism but some critics are being showered with punches. joining us in the now as respected british m.p. george galloway he was brutally beaten in london over the weekend and it seems
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because of his comments and his general position on the conflict in gaza this is the first television interview thanks so much for joining us good to see you're well how are you feeling after this brutal attack. well i'm in a lot of pain it's very painful to walk to move even to speak because i sustained. a dislocated jaw quite bad head injuries and most especially very badly cracked ribs and a very of your viewers have ever had cracked ribs you know what i mean when i say that can be no pain like it this side of unconsciousness saw be lying if i said i was feeling well but i'd like to take the opportunity to thank the for whom i present a weekly shore of course. that's correspondence viewers for all the good wishes or
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even more so than thank you for joining us i know this is painful for you you look very well i'd like to add we know you were attacked in broad daylight the motive is apparently political how exactly did this happen take us through it. well i was in the street around seven thirty seven thirty five in the evening it was broad daylight. unlucky for me the one many people around the luckily for me as it turned none of my small children while there to witness what happened next i was posing for a picture with tomorrow can gentleman who. had a business in the street and whilst i was posing for the picture out of nowhere dressed in israel defense force shot complete with the logo came a man charging up me cursing and swearing and shouting. support for israel and opposition to my views on israel and then.
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punches and kicks which he's admitted in court today though he has pled not guilty to the charge that it was religiously aggravated and in any case the judge has referred it to a much higher court because his sentencing powers one not sufficient amount has been denied bail so he will spend some weeks now in prison before this matter comes back to court. was a pro israel fanatic his facebook morning contained his words that he would like to cut my throat. a man who says he'd like to cut your throat and then dresses for the occasion in an israel defense force. and ends up on the street. has probably a serious intention to do you harm its own president in recent times
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britain is not really the kind of country were law makers legislators members of parliament are savagely attacked in this way. certainly not when they are six times elected twenty seven years in parliament and having just turned sixty i'm sorry to say we asked our audience if they had questions for you they did indeed have got great responses i want to read one of them to you one viewer asked if the lack of response from fellow m.p.'s indicate their support for israel. will it is something quite serious it's been remarked on by a conservative writer peter oborne in the conservative daily telegraph newspaper just this very afternoon mr obama asked the question why has not a single senior politician or any politician in britain condemned this attack it
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seems very strange they're always telling us how much they hate violence and terrorism how much they believe in the rule of law. and how much they believe in free speech and democracy but when it came to the attack on me their lips were sealed and this conservative columnist was making the point which is obvious if this can happen to galloway it can happen to anybody we don't want any israeli goods we don't want any israeli services we don't want any israeli academics coming to the university or college we don't even want israeli tourists to come to bradford even if any of them have of doing so this is what you've said about israel lately do you think this could come across as anti-semitic. no israel has nothing to do with judaism many jews are against what israel is doing and most of the people supporting what israel is doing are not jews. the war jew never
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crossed my lips would never cross my lips i don't have a racist bone in my body when people like ronald reagan and margaret thatcher were advancing their hatred of the soviet union they would have been quick to point out that they had no hatred for the russian people the soviet union was a political construct apartheid south africa was a political construct design a system apartheid state of israel is a political construct it's nothing to do with hating people still less hating religion. do you think that the israeli government is the only responsible side for the recent violence that we've seen what about hamas did they bear responsibility for the violence well the palestinian resistance has for almost seventy years being trying to restore their country to them up it was wiped off the map and the palestinian people scattered to the four corners of the earth no nobody
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would accept that you wouldn't accept my country wouldn't accept it if foreigners come and steal your country and wipe off the map and take your house and drive you out you're going to struggle to return and it is their lead go and moral right of the palestinian people to resist the occupation of their country by israel has announced a major land grab on the west bank in the west bank i should say on sunday some four hundred hector's. a lot of people are going to argue that this is wrong but these are of course the government actions you pointed it out with separating back during the cold war soviet union from russia and since the israeli people be implicated here. well ninety six percent of the israeli public supported the attack on gaza consistently every week throughout the five week assault nearly six weeks these reputable polls showed the only four percent of
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israelis or posed. of course any israeli citizen who is against the apartheid system who is against the zionist settler state is a calm rid of mine and many of them now in exile are professor pappy for example of a university formerly high for university is one of my closest comrades and these are not just jewish but an israeli citizen but i'm afraid though they are the bravest people on the earth the opposition to the apartheid system in israel are very very small the number british m.p. george galloway with us in the now thanks so much for your time and do get well soon stay safe thank you so much thank you. well libya is plunging into chaos while militias they're taking the plunge and their own . pool party location
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it's the u.s. embassy in benghazi it's empty there are no staffers there because it's not safe what or if nato found out these consequences when they bombed gadaffi out three years ago leaving the country in the hands of these swimming militias. that does it for us tonight we're live now monday through thursday here on our t.v. it's now or never you tomorrow. technology innovation all the developments around russia we've got the future covered. plenty. plenty. plenty. plenty.
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