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tv   The Big Picture With Thom Hartmann  RT  September 1, 2014 10:01pm-11:02pm EDT

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soldiers killed wounded were taken prisoner by anti government says. next on our to international the latest edition of the kaiser report to the right thing to stave. hi max guys you're welcome to the kaiser report yet what happens when as we saw
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after world war i won a bunch of european countries just show up in the middle east and draw lines all over the map and say oh he's in the new countries we don't care about the history culture well less for twenty four and you end up with islamic state or isis they see exactly a max it looks like pops to you some do it republicans are right it looks like we might have an islamic state in the world islamic state now resembles the taliban with oil fields the islamic state which now controls an area of irak and syria larger than the u.k. maybe raising more than two million dollars a day in revenue from oil sales extortion taxes and smuggling according to u.s. intelligence officials and anti-terrorism finance experts so it sounds to me like it's running its operations a lot like the u.s. operations. islamic state is a bold new startup i mean think about all the startups they have they're all disrupters i think they take advantage of social media they've got ready access to currency they're able in this case to do two million dollars name revenue but some
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are asking when is goldman sachs going to take islamic state public i'm sure that america would buy into it c. and b. c. would report on it and there could be a huge i.p.o. well the danger to well i think you know fox news and republican party was right a few years ago. i said during the obama administration that we would become an islamic state here in the united states well the danger of that coming true is in this next fact to wait here max about them with this control of seven oil fields into refineries in northern iraq and six out of ten fields in eastern syria the terror group is selling crude between twenty five dollars and sixty dollars a barrel that's up to seventy five percent discount americans of course their number one concern always is the price at the gas station pump right there disrupting the cartel oil is but a cartel pricing like a cartel now islamic states coming in and they're under pricing the current cartel price and as a result they are said to be
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a huge player in this global geo political arena of oil and weapons and the other thing i thought when reading this that reminded me of how the american markets the how any state really but the america is the empire now is you know the islamic state ice isis whatever you want to call them. whatever they started out as they keep on changing and adopting a new flag a new logo a new brand and one of the things that they do is they shake down the local population they take a cut of all bank robberies for example so poorest of the u.s. they've taken a cut of the massive wealth with the robbery that happened during the two thousand and six seven eight period remember during the somali pirate crisis just a few years ago the somalis were you know pirating off the shore of somalia and then they created a stock exchange where you could buy stock in future hiring excursions the real estate in kenya skyrocketed in value because all the cash coming in from the somali pirates and so islamic state i think looking said you know what there's
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a lot of money to be made out there we just carve out a state called islamic state or whatever or rakim syria and you know these ones in the middle east as i said before are just randomly drawn to begin with there's no real reason for them it's just all been based. we pull it all to extreme and so as a result makes perfect sense that could be them building the fifty story tower behind us by the way this view will no longer be available pretty soon as the now they're building a fifty story tower so if you hear noise out there it's just the islamic state or whoever i don't know one of these groups maybe it's the somali pirates who learn from the dutch east india company of course but you know running these. you know these sort of operations as the u.s. has found as every empire before the u.s. is found and now it's islamic state is finding according to the bloomberg article they say that still while ice may now be the wealthiest terrorist group on the planet warfighting and minister doing territory is expensive the official said and
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although the islamic state is flush with cash now a key question is how sustainable is self financing will be because to see the flipside of the self-sufficiency is that there's a lot of territory that they control now that has no wild wild and these are the ones that are sucking the state this law mixtape dry by all these people you know they want to be paid to sweep the streets so you say in the article and so they're costing money but not giving in to any money to islamic state complaining and signing up for the welfare rolls and all that sort of stuff that the islamic state now is to take care of her sort of put this in a context comparing it to america for example on fox news talks about the liberals you know you hear the stop them from bill o'reilly or sean hannity talking about the parasitical liberals over there an islamic state this would be equivalent to the apostolic julia prostate you know they're not they're not totally driven by the ideology of the red state that is the i yes well but in a way if you're really enticing you would be for these parasites because they suck
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the state dry important to collapse so already in this islamic state is the genesis the birth the seeds of this destruction because they have to take care of these people who have no idea well and that. also i think it does show you a lot about what the world the facts of the world the oil rich areas are rich that america the empire the empires always want to control the rich areas the oil that in this case they used to be gold there in the spanish empire well islamic states are a classic example of libertarianism so i'm sure that all the libertarians in america like. we are from the folks over there various universities would be completely in support of the islamic state because are you saying libertarianism do it full of sixteen so a person libertarianism aims don't take care of the said don't take care of the elderly don't don't give women any kind of rights exactly we see in america exactly
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we see in the red states exactly we see in america vertical libertarianism is just suck all the cash there would always been done the other thing i thought when i was looking at this to compare it to the us and things that we understand and know and see in our own backyard is that the islamic state is self financing now only through oil and but through the shakedowns and harassing the local population this also makes it more difficult for the us to apply sanctions like they could for al qaida and bin ladin operation for example they say it's all their donations came from outside and it gets cut off that source of funding well here i'm looking at the harassment and what we see economic morass and economic harassment and the ferguson crisis so they look at ferguson missouri and what they found was economic harassment basically it's one of the highest in all of the united states where these people are shaken down constantly by the police because that's the second highest source of revenue for the ferguson missouri municipality and these are like
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parking fines going through red lights are turning red it right on red when you shouldn't and things like that right parking over a yellow line so the municipality collect some two point six million dollars a year in fine and quirky typically from small. scale infractions like traffic violations this is the second largest source of income for that small physically scrappiness the polity and in fact they were three hundred twelve dollars in fines per household and ferguson missouri i have heard this story this is incredible to me fergus of missouri the shakedown from the police of the citizens and from the courts on minor infractions are what keeping that government alive and as a result there is huge unrest from people who are tired of being shaken down in this matter well again this is what happens when the government spends all this money supporting these foreign excursions and foreign wars there's no money to pay for basic services the cops are told go shake people down on the highway steal their cash and they're going to end up with an uprising right there in the us is
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it's a classic and a vampire story and one of the guys that they talked to in this article says that you don't get three hundred twenty one dollars in fines and fees and three warrants per household from an above average crime rate you get numbers like this from b.s. arrest for jaywalking and what the report calls low level harassment involving traffic stops court appearances high finds threat of jail for failure to pay without a meaningful inquiry into whether an individual has the means to pay well i'm also saying this is comparing this to the roman empire and they collapsed why did the romans welcome in the visigoths the goss the vandals all those people from outside why did they accept them and well because they are being shaken down constantly by the roman emperor for financing all his wars and here are these people are just like forget it i'm being shaken down by these guys at home might as well go be shaken down by those other guys who want to come in it's exactly analogous of the
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suburbs an area of rome that was clipped the famous point clipping that went on peoples of the soldiers to defend the empire were saying that they were getting paid less and less and less and the bank. vandals came in the barbarian came in here in the us. version of point cliff and it's talk want to take of using for the federal reserve bank but also wrapped inflation that's hidden by shrinking the size of packaged goods so you get a third or a half the size for the same price so-called shrink place in all the other examples where the economy is being carved out is being drained of its vitality because america can't really pay for these wars anymore and you've got companies as we've said before burger king going to canada to avoid taxes they don't want to pay for the wars these want the cash so as a result ferguson missouri i think is just one of a thousand such uprisings in america probably in next eighteen months well actually
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because you mentioned the burger king story that's going to be an issue that you face more and more across to us mr khalidi. not only because they have to lower corporate tax revenue because of all these you know the tax and versions but you also have more people requiring subsidies and you also are going to see you know the retirees from these municipalities also demanding more and more of the shipped out and so it becomes a point where all of these people in this town. incurring a criminal record because of these debts that are for small time jaywalking by the way you know i must tell the international audience because this is that that hasn't really hit the rest of the world this that you get fined for jaywalking blocking your cross the street it's only a concept in america that was spotted by brought in by the car lobbyist anyway decades ago because so many deaths are in the run over by cars and it gave bad headlines to what they said is let's make it there jay stupid as jaybirds.
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jaywalking was prophesied while smoking and j. . not sure what that means but now we're starting the second map a whole lot more. please. look it was a problem very hard to take a plunge again took so long here the clock at that x.x. was the perfect hair looks. a little odd. looks look let's
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just say look look look look look. look look look the part. and we go again we're told the islamic state terrorist group is the worst of the worst and has global ambitions the public is being taught slowly but surely to fear the islamic state it would appear washington continues to attempt to shape it in reshape the middle east. dramas the chance to be ignored. stories others refused to notice. the faces changing the world lights now. on the old
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picture of today's leaves long gone designs from around the globe. dropped. to fifty. welcome back to the kaiser report on max keiser time to turn once again to trace mayer he is a leading monetary expert on coins and gold you know so i said that you were the leading monetary x. where you could quite possibly be in the world today given your writing on the subject you're involved in a bit coy i want to turn again to where we left off last time trace this bit license in new york what are they trying to do and what should we do as big coin advocates yes. benjamin lawsky the superintendent he passed for pros regulations for bit coin related companies actually virtual currency companies so
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it's very broad it's very big and it's very discretionary and so it's in a fact it's going to stifle a lot of innovation which i don't necessarily think is a very good idea for the us geopolitically and i don't think it's good for new york city particularly it's going to hurt their economy we're not going to companies won't come here one of the largest companies that testified at their hearing circle said we're not going to do any business with new york residents or businesses and so you know they're going to isolate themselves if they come in community the big players are saying we're just not going to be work in new york and but of course we're protecting our turf right because here's the biggest when you say about this intermediating force is a big going the new york banks are the ones are going to be this intermediated right so they're just protecting their own yeah or at least that's the way they look at it it's like oh we're not going to allow blogs because it could hurt our newspapers the technology is coming like why don't you get ahead of the curve you
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know if more companies that had an internet strategy in one thousand nine hundred five and those companies that did have an internet strategy we see where they're at now and those that didn't well their newspapers earnings are down ninety seven percent i mean it's a completely demolished industry and i think it's very analogous to banking you know we've seen. the internet just attack shipping we've seen it attack mail we've seen it is shit attack radio newspapers press taxi drivers actually drivers who were in protests in berlin like at the end of the day this is new technology it's going to creatively destroy old obsolete systems it's going to raise standard of living if you go out the innovation and if you don't you're going to live in north korea. well you mentioned. people dot com many of the ninety six center people focused on the crash of the dot com crash they forget that from the crash gave us amazon google the biggest market capitalized companies in america in the world are at right the top of the list came out of that press you're suggesting that new york instead of being one of the winners in this new technological front they looks like
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they've opted to become the one of the losers yet at the end of the day been lost is really gotten above the pay grade with these regulations where with the u.s.b. if they didn't have facebook and google and all of these helpful things for the u.s. intelligence services you know i guess we're going to talk about do we really want to drive all the innovation to singapore and to beijing and to moscow because i'm sure they'd welcome it with open arms you know if they could take away all that knowledge the u.s. intelligence services have from visa and mastercard and what's actually going on in the russian economy they can take that away that knowledge i think it be a very powerful tool for them to russia for a second because they're making some moves here they are bringing in that chinese credit card yeah i think it's you know card to get or get out of the union to get out of mass a card and visa they are have been buying gold very aggressively for for decades for years now so they're one of the biggest gold holders in the world
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they are doing selective sanctioning they are coming out as pretty smart in all this one one thing that surprises me that they haven't yet the penny hasn't dropped yet in the kremlin in terms of bitcoin in other words. from where we sit. you know after having lobbied them for years to buy gold and take full credit for the crime of buying gold by the way well that they actually went to a data conference in two thousand and five and this guy that was number two in the economics department attended in the day after gold started from the four twenty five to seven twenty five and right and putin was holding a gold bar and some of the propaganda so i think the data guys actually had a lot to do in addition to you. this this idea that you know the really kill the seal of the us empire is good and that economic calculation ability so the gold antitrust action committee bill murphy chris powell they had a conference there saying right after that oh yeah the guy from russia tended right
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after it started that up and there was a squeeze on this physical you know because the russians were taking physical delivery and now the chinese are gone into and taken out four thousand tons probably straight to beijing right now china and russia and iran have this cozy little shanghai cooperation organization they've got the new brics bank they just get now the dollar i mean what i want to list all my dollars i think right oh yeah . it's hard to kind of bad idea i mean goodness short term because we're reserve currency we're in a great credit contraction it's deflationary but long term like everything stacking up against the dollar but i don't i mean i what i love gold but in a lot of ways it's obsolete because we've got this new technology with big point you can't email gold around like how do you solve the payments problem with gold i mean you can't really do that so like i see big coin and gold is just very symbiotic in germany is a great example they want their gold back from i guess new york they see you laughing well not nice to laugh at the germans like that you want to do
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a burger likes to see trace mayor laughing on the kaiser report are you strive to suggest that they'll never see their gold while i was actually laughing right in the face of one of the very dismaying guys i was at a conference and a guy from the bank was there and there was another person from a large another war. european bank and it was during one of the breaks in the buddhist i was actually very big points is talking to me because i was presenting about it and i asked him i was like you know how's dinner go by going and he starts dancing you know and the other guy's like well we both know what why. and i said yeah because you're occupied. so i mean they're not going to get their gold back there aren't you by they got how many tens of thousands of american troops in germany i think whatever the u.s. says and so does japan and so ok angela merkel you get spied on what are you going to do about it you're going to not renew the military to tell the u.s. to leave best the only real option that they have otherwise it just gets to do whatever the u.s. tells them to do now according to jim rickards we've had on the show
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a few times he's author of currency wars death of the dollar i was talking to him about this recently he's like well germany doesn't really want their gold back because as long as and in new york it can be manipulated the u.s. can like confiscate it they can i pop they get it they can really vava get it right what he's saying they want it to be manipulated as a way to support the current system because they want a role special drawing rights from the i.m.f. and they don't really want to go back to a hard currency a gold backed currency but it seems to me that if we're really entering into a vicious currency wars like i think we are then you would want your physical gold in your country number one and number two unlike records i think this whole idea of geopolitics and big coin has to be explored i think looking at his books they fall short of taking it to the twenty first century is very much a twentieth century currency warrior is not part of the twenty first century in this big coin development is it fair to say that you could wage global currency war
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i'm talking about one hundred billion dollars transactions major currencies in bitcoin on the block chain is that possible is the security there is the liquidity there is that possible trace yeah that will quit it is. not there yet the security is getting there and armory were really built out the tools were built out cold swords maltese signature we're building out the security there big points extensible so you can keep building it building out features to it you know jim rickards currency wars great book i think you present a very strong case a very strong analysis but at the end of the day it's a chessboard that existed you know in the past we've got a new chessboard now and unfortunately jim rickards doesn't really understand the technological innovation with big point and so he can't provide a real sinkin alice's because he just doesn't understand it not that he can't understand it but he hasn't really you know bitcoin is created by
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a bunch of ph d.'s in math and computer science and distributed systems is highly complex you don't just get it and you can't just gloss over it otherwise you have a very superficial analysis of it let's take a look at this geo political chess board and put you on the spot here but i mean think of it i remember the old game we had as a kid risk you know it was a geopolitical game and you're moving pieces around but how would this potentially obviously russia is the one that comes to mind right off the all right off the bat because they're being targeted by the i.m.f. they got this ridiculous this going on in the ukraine on behalf of the i.m.f. to secure agricultural production in the ukraine let's be honest it's got nothing to do with with russia it's about the i.m.f. and the west wanting that agricultural product and they want the military bases there so it isn't. why don't they start to get more and maybe they are what are you hearing. we're building the tools for here's
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a great example with bit we have jeff cars make a big point for developers that we've hired he built out a lot of the payment protocol how could the payment protocol be applied in the ukrainian situation what with the with the payment protocol you can authorize a transaction up to a certain amount of decorum and then. you make watson micro transactions and it draws down against it and then you settle on one big transaction but you've all but you know that you're going to get paid at least for whatever you shipped through the oil pipeline for example and so there are no big coins to authorize a shipment of oil like russia just limbs and. as as each barrel of oil goes through the pipeline you're getting paid your big points in a in a nonreversible not enforceable non sanctionable way and then. ok so you've got your you've got why you've got the private keys yourself you're not like letting somebody else hold your gold and not let somebody else hold your big point you're doing it all in this just intermediate of this leverage is the open the ledger of
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which is the open accounting ledger there's private keys associated with it so you can you can parse out a deal over a year or eighteen months for oil through a pipeline through that territory and you can do it in a way that is completely above board and trustworthy on the open ledger it's era versatile using a private key is you don't need the u.s. dollar oh yeah you don't need the u.s. dollar but one you don't need any centralised so you don't use when you don't need all of these don't need the lawyers you don't need only the contract well while the contract you can actually build the contract into the transaction into using the big point protocol so it's all in the math like you see it all in the computer language so that russia china brazil iran they haven't got the new brics bank even if they don't use bitcoin as the let's say reserve currency they would still want to use the block chain as a way to make it cheaper for them to do various currency swaps and everything else
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they need to do oh yeah and you can you can and i think when big point starts becoming a settlement currency because you can use it to enforce leverage ratios like insurance contracts there's lots of ways that we can apply this this watching technology and all of that is done and settled in the watching. right you know so there's no counterparty risk it's a huge deal no fannie mae freddie mac. lehman brothers bailouts like not notices settlement settlements are done on the block chain then what does this mean that means that we're on the story doing a deal of bitcoin if i've got a two billion dollar cultural deal to get through we can settle that all up on the block chain and subtle it's all backed up essentially in a way that takes away all possibility of there being any fraud in the transaction right both parties and if you really wanted to you could abstract dollars or rubles onto the box and then they're represented by smaller really small tiny amounts
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a big points in the nose trade atomically in a box and so you're trading what's representing the oil with what's representing the rubles on the box i can begin to thirty seconds left and i just want to get your final comments on are we heading to world war three are we in world war three your thoughts i think we've been in it probably at least for ten years you know along we've been doing this gold price suppression scheme with alan greenspan we've got us empire that's occupying everybody pledging everybody as collateral to consume people and take all their money in their identities and not let you grow or you what you want to grow and all these problems across the world it all root cause in the us empire and i think a lot of people are fighting back against that whether it's in our weather center vigils and big calling is that is the way to fight back because definitely a very powerful tool that individuals and states can use to fight this empire thanks treasuring once again on the kaiser report thanks max all right that's going to do it for this edition of the kaiser report with me max keiser and stacy herbert
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i want to thank our guests face mayor trying to reach us on twitter use kaiser report and for that sound bite go. well. science technology innovation all the least developed around russia we. covered. the face i think people.
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a pleasure to have you with us here on our team today. chicago three million people the third largest city in the united states i'll move the loops al capone and barack obama. obama got his start here working first as a social worker then a law professor. he cut his political teeth on the streets of chicago before being elected illinois senator then president of the united states. in two thousand and eight three fourths of chicago ones voted for obama this democratic stronghold capsule h. the great challenges facing the u.s. cutting spending to balance the deficit budget. investing in education on health care while decreasing military spending because americans have been at war for the
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past eleven years. as they are reminded every year on memorial day. rahm emanuel the former white house chief of staff and obama's right hand man has run chicago for the past eighteen months chicago and its mayor and the entire community on our soldiers killed in combat they come together around this woman madi eleven a son was the last marine from chicago killed in afghanistan he died in march the first of two thousand and twelve it was twenty four years old a real hero in american morning. and here in six. months and. his heart was in. the city as you. mean we knew every step of the way every thought every shoulder you need we are there. for the first six months of two thousand and twelve one hundred sixty seven u.s.
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soldiers were killed in combat in afghanistan it over the same period two hundred sixty people were gunned down in chicago which has one of the nation's highest crime rates most of the murders happen in neighborhoods that are ninety percent african-american and there are no parades for these fallen americans two thousand three hundred shootings in two thousand and eleven. two thirds happened less than six miles from the city's business and tourism district in chicago's south side where barack obama did social work the most dangerous neighborhood is named englewood. the daily violence ravaging chicago is the result of a bloody war between street gangs but this violence has never come up in the presidential debates.
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englewood two am. there was a shoot out in the parking lot of the store one man was wounded another killed the shooter caught up with a man in the sally. we don't know what happened to her themselves and the people even they said it may have been a drug. or gang related or whatever the case may be were we don't know together is it a bit of an error. you have every. other data coming we don't want to hear it over here this inglewood men. are worse than the right they did this. violence is an everyday occurrence here beleaguered residents have to live with it . over memorial day weekend alone
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in late may eleven people were shot to death in chicago forty six others were wounded. natural partner in the heart of the south side. two families are mourning loved ones this night one was killed as he left the nightclub his name was cory manual us careens third son. to keep him act at. twenty four year old cory left behind two young children in the house just because a name this is. for. every week general partner director spencer lake mary several people who have been gunned down it's been going on for decades and he's tired of. these young people think that they will not live pass twenty five or thirty years of they
10:35 pm
consider a person twenty five or thirty as an old person they don't see. themselves living beyond it so therefore when they see a person of one of their friends lagan state in a casket they put themselves in that place they say very soon in a few weeks few months i'll be laying their. parents say their son was trying to protect a girl when he took a bullet meant for someone else. you can be walking past and it was meant for someone else and it can just basically travel to someone else because these people most of them are trained shooters and you know they're just alj hearing again random shootings cell that some type of revenge can be expressed in the hope heard or thing is plentiful from the civil rights activists
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spencer leek knows this neighborhood and its violence better than anyone it was once martin luther king's driver and served as illinois attorney general today he's disappointed in obama and feels for sake i'm disappointed that i have not heard a word from the white house about what is happening in chicago or i expected to president to take chicago and you chicago because that's his hometown and say look this is what i want to do in chicago this is what i have because that's my hometown and i want to and what i do a chicago i want that to be a model for the nation a fact to see the president say they had come here i would like to see him not come here for fun races but to come here and walk the streets of being a wood and what. the president is in chicago that very same night he speaking at two dinners to raise funds for his reelection campaign the cheapest seat costs one thousand dollars his team expects to take in around four
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million dollars because chicagoans both rich and poor. still support barack obama. the president of the united states. the president gets a warm welcome from mayor rahm emanuel one of his most faithful supporters and if you really believe a name the nickname of mad man from bears and makes him feel included and. he may not just may never really trim we will continue to. agree with this conflict. once again not a single word about the violence undermining the city and yet over the first six months of two thousand and twelve murders surged by forty percent in chicago. the next morning cory manuals for old is held in the south sun all his family and friends from the fuckin town neighborhood come to pay their last respects.
10:38 pm
gang members turn out as well. corey had a criminal record. detained for three years for a suspected murder before he found god and turned around his line like his uncle gerald the pastor he got out of jail in two thousand after serving five and a half years for selling drugs or you know when you get it all you get out of jail right he say oh i was you know i was in jail and i would just brutal people right you know you know and i will tell about the goodness ajeet afraid that mr just made a trade system cory you all. right i've been there done that many all out of here and all the gun violence and all people do this and
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all who do not trust this is the biggest stated it leads to low who are we would not ordinarily boy very we would not really. go into very suddenly in the middle of the sermon an argument between two and starts to get out of. barrel come back everybody go back we don't need nobody here zero zero zero zero zero zero zero we got it we can thank you know god michel we got it we got it ok come on now you know this is no sooner what he said. they managed to keep the police from breaking up the service. put a man who well was a member of the pocket town gang stuffs. the man in gray produces the gang's videos investigators say corey shooting was no accident he'd gone straight but his past caught up to him to say he was killed because he went to
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a rival gangs territory harvey world. where corey's brothers and fellow members of the pocket tom gangstas play their friends casket to rest as the police look on. it could always be avoided but you know people get they don't get they do they want to do is so when they happen to have. the never ending war invading chicago streets in blood has also taken many innocent lives the killers are rarely apprehended the murders continue unpunished. in the heart of inglewood the most dangerous area in this tiny brick house grandmother tonja birch lives where the granddaughter an absence weighs heavily here toni hassan on ten. u.s. killed in a shootout during a block party but three years later the investigation has gone nowhere. begad they
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gave a party already up with who actually gave a party they failed. to personally. i think they. don't you keep looking for witnesses without police shooting broke out after two teenage girls got into an argument you son was standing in the street when a stray bullet killed him in front of two hundred people it happened on the street corner on august first two thousand and nine cory was nineteen years old. out of people without all would have no bad if the payment they would tell them to pull it over there they claim david thema thing will join in the whole neighborhood with out here. every two weeks nephew down the streets and flyers she's offering
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a reward to anyone who comes forward anonymously with information about the killing more than a thousand of them ok somebody's got to speak to me bad for ten thousand help. casey is two hundred people out here and they know that one person did nobody know . this is the daughter i. call the five and he know that they have it was soon but he wouldn't really say anything when they see a king saying again accomplice fifty seven left on it they may fall meanwhile the head of the link you got to keep it going to cause if you don't just go bad just like everything else in this neighborhood. she lost her brother battling those she know what we going through that you don't feel you don't snitch some of the victims trios may even know but is street dangerous it is on the other side maybe these guys are free and so the killer so they are not going to snitch on a free and so on and in the middle was the residents did know and they just did it
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because they live it is all in one pot called cold assad's sissoko. fear of gangs invisible and yet on the present. but more and more people like tonia are trying to break the code of silence. local churches like the st sabina catholic parish have joined the battle. if not a. few good bread the good larder line. says the media lead us so we leave that maybe. the scene push to secure the. party is a goal. which is that no one is asking with the guests that you deserve answers from
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it's all politics only on our t.v. . there we go again we're told the islamic state terrorist group is the worst of the worst and has global ambitions the public is being taught slowly but surely to fear the islamic state it would appear washington continues to attempt to shape in reshape the middle east. do we speak your language from. all these programs and documentaries in arabic it's all here on. reporting from the will talks books fifty yard p. interviews intriguing stories for you to. see in trying.
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to find out more visit our big. dog called. these mothers have all lost children to chicago's violence now they're standing up putting a face on victims twenty one years and once again the second weekend in june took a terrible toll janet their. twenty two years. sent to you adults twenty one years old and dad say i me dad say counts twenty one years old you. baby. to be over here. they deserve it. they deserve. father michael fletcher is a white priest in a parish that is ninety percent black to last an adoptive son to street violence
10:46 pm
he's using his activist skills to help victims mothers like to fight the indifference and in tonight's. we're aware of these names because they want to represent the people who were shot and people here have been nine people killed this weekend. but damn it there's genocide going on in the united states of america and in chicago. there are thousand more police on the street. and yet crime is up fifty percent and murders. police are not going to solve this thing alone. there were one thousand one hundred shootings between january and july gay chanson to eighty percent of them were suspended because if a thames refused to cooperate with police. who can't keep turning a blind eye to what's happening on the south side as election season reaches its peak the slaughter continues local officials are holding press conferences to
10:47 pm
reassure the public on this day after another deadly weekend law enforcement leaders and education officials turned out in full force to support the mayor as he represents a new strategy for fighting gangs you cannot find comfort because it was not in my block. it happened in your city and when a child is hit or a victim of gun violence. that's a tear at the fabric of our city and who we are this is more than just a police department issue it's more than just a city hall issue although i take responsibility and i'm accountable. but i do believe this combining coordinated our forces are stronger than the gangs there's a full out war going on here police superintendent garry mccarthy yes mobilizes forces but he's working with limited means he's banking on technology and intelligence gathering where we've identified fifty nine gangs more than six
10:48 pm
hundred factions it's important to realize that those factions might be from the same gang good deal be conflict with each other so it's not just like this gang is fighting back and the actual factions even if they're from the same gang might be fighting over who's to introduce them so in this case the officer a slut to the second district and there are twenty six fashions it was destroyed you can see the games. go i saw the black the stones above all the gangster disciples. commander leo schmitz knows them better than anyone the former head of gang investigations is now a district commander in inglewood the city's most deadly neighborhood. he and sergeant boyle face a daunting task fighting gangs there and meshed in the social fabric are part of the neighborhoods d.n.a. . ok you're a pretty tough part of our district no one of the busiest or shooting.
10:49 pm
black that we had not the problems that we took over here. and there i guess my father got out of that seven hundred or. seven hundred. the irony of the scripts are one more time. with a gun. this time they're looking for a burglar in these abandoned house says one. the man vanished into thin air in this block where forty percent of the houses lie empty four thousand abandoned houses in this neighborhood alone. where we want to get a lot of her are hiding guns and. all the battle scars of the two thousand and eight real estate crisis foreclosures causes a bigger problem in neighborhoods like this because people lose their homes there's
10:50 pm
a lot of people who were first time buyers and he just had enough money to get a house if they lose your job they can't you know they're what we call it here upside down they owe more than it's worth so so they walk away from. them against a. lot of drug traffickers use these houses to stash drugs the main source of revenue for gangs which stay strong by claiming and controlling territory. we have over one hundred thousand gang members in the city chicago g d n a case or disciple nation. cancer sales are the biggest gain the cities you call mostly gains are just factions or couple blocks few blocks here and there but there are small gangs and i cover certain areas whereas before it's all tied together. police managed to arrest all the key gang leaders but with their hierarchy in shambles since the one nine hundred ninety s.
10:51 pm
gang factions have been fighting for power a nonstop the violence has spun out of control now you look behind the gang members who are the gang members. who are out there then it's. their right there that's the gang members a certain gang controls a certain neighborhood so. your most certainly if you live in the neighborhood can be exposed to that gag you're going to hate with the gang and if you're not a want to getting your lease accepted they know who you are you know i mean eventually they work it over so that they get you working for the. police are trying to identify a gang faction members i'm stumped the cycle of revenge before it sets in motion. because a simple argument and escalate into a shootout as happened on this corner. the day we were talking like you're
10:52 pm
a school high school girls. roswell so if i. want to. there's like some of the high school kids you know to like to fill you with different cliques growing up out here you can understand the logic behind the turn making if you're part of a group you're accepted within the group you have the protection of the group you know at this point it could have been a girl cell phone that was just taken from her and it will escalate into a solo get beat up later tonight which may cause someone to get shot two days from now which then will cause a retaliation and back and forth all summer long. neighborhood residents have to live with the gangs and these days when there's a safety problem in the streets of chicago people don't always call the police. for program hires mediators to step in and defuse conflicts they just pulled this young woman and her friend out of
10:53 pm
a tight situation when gang members threatened them for speaking out after an altercation about children that you know believe me i think about. the situation is that they jumped on me at seven eleven that's the situation they want to retaliate because we in the beat them with an event to break into the threats is. them surrounding my house like they are right now out in front of the park surrounding my car coming at my car i can go to the store because they're in groups at the store or in it if they know where i be at your porn ceasefire just in case they shot me a shot at me because i have two children the mediators method is simple opening a dialogue on the area and respecting the rules of the street we told the guys that . that we would like you know it's a piece. that you know there was a problem we could resolve they told us it was over with so we believe in pretty simple reason and they know us for years you know i just i grew up around this
10:54 pm
neighborhood so i speak to them when i speak to them i'm hoping that they respect me as i was i don't really don't see very. good pay they are no gay members you know. in the city i would say one of the five largest gangs in c. . group a is the black pistone not mentioning gangs by name is one of the mediators rule ceasefire recruits volunteers from the gangs ranks most of the three hundred mediators hired by the group have done jail time many have long criminal records they understand the hierarchy in the local gangs better than anyone else every week day me to take stock of their headway with tio hardiman the head of ceasefire in illinois. he. and the young lady know. i'm going down. we go talk to the guys and you just put the guns down and it's magical it
10:55 pm
doesn't work that way you have to be a strong individual mentally and physically because you go right back into the lion's den and there's no way to mediate a conflict without a confrontation was a bad start it's just sad he guess he don't know what i'll. stay with us. for that four hours for him not to retaliate. he. said as good that's what he calls his west stepping up there we have to be careful with these mediation don't go without vance's in the mind does not have enough virus to virus or violence a cease fire is more like a vaccine that we use to treat the violent virus of violence or the epidemic of violence you have a lot of young people raise and themselves so now if you jump in my face now
10:56 pm
eighteen you can't tell me nothing i ways myself to get out my way before i kill you that's the mindset so you have to change behaviors that's the only way you going to stop the violence and. cease fire has recruited twenty mediators nangle what bernard baltimore is the most seasoned one of. the former drug dealers spent nine months in jail and was nearly killed several times many of his friends were gunned down in chicago streets. when i was in st activity with. your. help from the household it was a day that was like those who just learned this is what you're supposed to do this is both of the with. i was brady that way with all of the blood all because a lot of the. brotherhood. he's protecting his own kids from gangs and street life. baltimore is thirty five years old he changed
10:57 pm
cleaned up his act got married and became a father cease fire hired him because his firsthand experience as a gang member is invaluable in resolving conflicts. i was in the street and i can understand a variables or any reaction present every gad that we might run across day my wall of b. to kill but at the same time they really are not. before day there was ways to stop what it would out you know without killing somebody if you got a problem. on this night instead of dining with his kids baltimore will eat with his colleagues on the streets of englewood they've been called in to mediate a dispute that's odds out this to stop things on a friday though it is but it was. it well you know my niece she probably didn't change the mass set of a you as out here as likely to shoot likely to be shot.
10:58 pm
you had to stay until what and you got to stay on top of them basically just like a baby sitting. on the day. looking over the wall in. egypt since that at least the sound will be swiveled still closely would seem to be . dismissed the little things in the most will all be thought and.
10:59 pm
we think of the way we think that there are no. sand beaches. coconut palms gently swaying in the ocean breeze. and frank. white has a deep dark little secret a secret the u.s. government would like you to know about. the ball a. little ball i did daily succeeded a pig in all wilderness. do we speak your language or not and. what news programs and documentaries and spanish what matters to you breaking news a little tonnage of angles to the story. so you hear.
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this troy altie spanish find out more visit. remembering beslan russia marks ten years since the terrorist siege of a school which killed more than three hundred people mostly children left a community forever scarred we hear from survivors of the tragic. british prime minister david cameron odd lines his vision on how the u.k. should deal with the international threat posed by home grown terrorists fighting for the islamic state. ukraine's defined eastern regions present the kiev government with a list of demands on offers for the two conflicting sides to make peace. distance pushed back partially writing the government's military meet with more than a thousand soldiers killed wounded were taken prisoner by anti government. up next
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an r t cross talk debates. in syria could push the u.s. into a new war stay with us. the only solution. is a. hello and welcome the cross for all things are considered i'm peter lavelle here we go again we're told the islamic state terrorist group is the worst of the worst and has global ambitions the public is being taught slowly but surely to fear the islamic state would appear washington continues to attempt to shape in reshape the middle east. to cross-talk the islamic state on.


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