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this is the third shoot out eighteen year old liam cunningham got caught up in two years ago a bullet left him a paraplegic this time a bullet went through his left leg. kids killing kids. even apart in the click. of the. right hand you know what keating along all right. well be dorna but anybody get a rest the past. baltimore shares his own story trying to convince leon to stay away from gangs. d's people in these blocks this community if they don't look at the you gotta do what. you gotta think of yourself as to. get my name. on it was cut all the way he. was good dad and i went to school. and this was begat that was server farm when
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they took that they end up out of me. i knew i had a second. if i could do so playing today well with that we're with you all. keep. reading all. night. some of the guys we probably hate to leave you take oh come back at you again. you got a notice on. leon and his family are afraid of what could happen the presumed shooter was arrested then killed in prison. baltimore will have to negotiate a truce with the rival faction to break the infernal vention cycle and whatever cliquey has happened in iran. and they are not what they say they are because there's no way possible you can do stuff. for money his buddies. made
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sure he could be somebody else is generation is just like the wow wow west. this generation's codes certainly are recalled the wild west like leaving this pair of shoes the signal that a gang member was killed in the street. ceasefire says it has defused two hundred twenty three conflicts in six months but the organizations effectiveness is hard to gauge reporter frank mayne of the chicago sun times won a prestigious award for a series of articles he wrote in crime is also investigating these unusual street mediators there are numerous people in cease fire who are still continuing their criminal activities while they were also working for a cease fire and doing this anti-violence work and we found six or seven people who had been. convicted in federal court or were facing serious federal charges. relating to drug activity in gangs and criminal activity we were just trying to to
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. to demonstrate i guess that there's a risk to the strategy as well as you know benefits to it. and yet this past july the city of chicago decided and over one million dollars to cease fire to expand the area served by the group. guns are used in eighty percent of the murders committed in chicago but this ultra sensitive topic wasn't even broached in the presidential campaign because every us citizen has the right to bear arms talking about gun control is a sure fire way to lose folks exasperated southside residents spend their saturday demonstrating outside the areas targeted gun shop calling for tighter gun control laws father pfleger areas flanked by a weighty ally jesse jackson a famous figure in the civil rights movement jackson made to run for the presidency in the one nine hundred eighty s.
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as a democratic party candidate. reverend jackson this is victory to close us the biggest sales they're closed down right now so we're heart. broken and we. think he's the worst of the worst in the country that was a thirty five hundred seventy of some of us in one shop less than us. but it. was clear to me look close. to me look both and they just about making money it's other file that are not that far away. oh my prime minister and it's not the marriage in the black community the guns have been trained back i have to cinch it guns have been traced back. this is the third time they've targeted this shop they already been arrested for disorderly conduct at chucks what is the n.r.a. . and gun manufacturers fight assault hard simple gun registration when you
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register a car one reason. money they're protected by law. they invest heavily in the politicians. they control walls and gracious and we've got to take the n.r.a. got we're not afraid of the n.r.a. . to keep em guns off the streets chicago officials by the. help collect them they hand over one hundred dollars per gun no questions asked. in late june the police superintendent invited reporters to meet him at a secret warehouse five thousand five hundred guns of every caliber were turned in . it's a huge contributing factor guns control because the ease by which people can take quite a routine obviously in chicago you can't do as much damage with a golf club scene people do temperatures golf clubs if you can with the fire it's
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a political issue in this country and any time that somebody raises serious with gun control the immediately get attacked by special interests. needed the police nor cease fire have managed to curb for very long the bloodshed plaguing chicago day in and day out. and the violence has an upper crust areas like hyde park where the obama family has its own. retired army officer ruth thomas goes there every day to work as a school security guy. this. is a very built up area. here. the president. the nice neighborhood. gangs don't care.
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i park's public high school brought in an army veterans group of the iraq and afghanistan wars like rules students around the school perimeter. everybody noticed you're. not doing is fretting you know some attorneys. very bright. school. at two thirty to school weekends for two thousand three hundred students the twenty five member veteran squad takes up positions outside their job watching over a half mile of sidewalk looking for any signs of trouble and keeping the high schoolers safe. hello ladies. this is patrol type information so i right now i see these three people plus the two across the street
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so no one is left alone. just about everybody's assess but. now be a military trained for that we do trained to spot. hundred thousand students attend chicago public school many of them walk back home it can be dangerous like in this area where two rival gangs claim territory from the outside it looks peaceful but when you're actually living here it's that maybe hundreds of you know to be walking behind you or my. god that's a room in the temple. and it's now walking home and this guy just ran like directly in front of me and my friend shot like feet away from me my ears were bleeding it was crazy had to be in around here to school. every day so with him be on the corners of a better chance of someone catching
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a column police or something more quickly than which would normally have with no one being there. stop it before it happens because you get that feeling that you're busy safer than you usually are and then by the past i doubt that a bonanza ok i'm here to give them a safe passage. and disperse them if they really come up but if they get real reality. we have to call the police cause we don't have the authority to detain anyone without me we can make sure they're good. it's more that's their. bedrooms are new fact of dissuasion number of events a dense around this school has dropped sharply over the past two years the city plans to expand the program to other areas. but the best way to escape the violence is to get a way to move out of the south side by going to college for instance but you have
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to be rich to go to university that for your degree can cost one hundred twenty five thousand dollars martin is suddenly in inglewood native studying occupational therapy the former soldier got the army to pay for his education. from the from the goddess. we thought of. it out of his belt off just run out and when he moved out of that situation and out and out of i having lad. this is not really old. but for most youngsters in chicago's south side college seems totally out of reach tutors like ronald hires are working to boost their self-confidence ronald runs the african-american resource center monitoring and assisting students like martinez. a lot of students on a campus they're going to be for classes for the summer right like he always was it took like maybe one or two the wise to learn it so little time and we don't want to
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see you know we're not working to see you fail we look we're going to see you succeed so far so good you know man i suppose for major and one day for sure you'll never be without work saying yeah. you know i encourage a lot of the young men did i meet only in the community and out on the streets that if you're on the block there's somewhere else you need to be it's not in hand and on the block benefit there is a block that waits for you and it's called the same. block. to avoid the bullets in the president many englewood residents like martinez save up their money and move to call more neighborhoods martinez went to dalton an hour from downtown chicago to escape i just didn't want to because i wanted all the testings i felt like. i have to be here for my family i'm a soft family is ok oh my feet. martina's flood the streets of englewood but the
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guns caught up with him this time it wasn't the gangs just twenty two year old sister. shown in this photo was killed by a policeman on march twenty first. really. big amp in this big old. t.v. is bizarre to see it more than the propaganda. that is the state sponsored russia today programme shops were to be enough like. candlelight to spray that is just ridiculous not in answer to my question. john is not. part of their safety and sometimes their lives all over the wall to bring people stories none the propaganda channels don't want you to see and we come to
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a close. to meet. crosstalk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want.
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your friend posts a photo from a vacation you can't afford. to different. the boss repeats the same old joke of course. the ex-girlfriend still tends to rejection poetry keep. ignore it. post only what really matters. to your facebook. react to situations i have read the reports from. the push of a no i only meant to stay current a comment on your latter point of the month to say. no more weasel words when you question me prepared for a change when you throw a punch be ready for a battle pretty off speech and down to freedom to cost.
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i marinate join me on thirteen down impartial and financial reporting commentary for news and much much. only on bombast and on. the united states as i go as a warfare surveillance a president as a presently strong cold war era regulatory export apparatus among other things it wants to manage the internet it wants to spy on every government it wants to you know it wants to have every partner in the world beneath.
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it was another leading up. brother sister relays. as a spy city. they haven't really. formed us and. oh wait they tell us is this on the investigation. the shooting caused the stir martin it's a sister was standing on the street with friends the off duty police officer pulled
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up dues house and got into an argument with. one of the men feeling threatened the policeman took out his revolver and opened fire. house with. the spot woman. was found. the stab i think about this every day i got the images flashing in my head because i don't know. the two men have never met the police officer was reassigned to desk duty but wasn't detained he claims he fired in self-defense to the brother. but he. was ok can't you ever be mistaken here shaving. shaking the camera.
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first and martinez. situation i hope by now you know the truth. well could you well i can't talk about the. court i have a court that man a man did something to me that day i can't discuss it right but there were witnesses there that man tried to kill me ok i saved my life and i shot the man that i intended to shoot i saved my life i would of been at the police ok i saved my life unfortunately his sister was standing in the background she did not deserve to get shot. she did not deserve. my soul it's clear. he says he was threatened but no gun was ever found the case will go to court in two years. of violence broadly chicago is tearing apart families
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the residents of englewood and other south side neighborhoods spend their nights in fear the police are under heavy pressure and overworked but the root of the gang problem lies elsewhere it's a deep seated evil the american social ladder is broken there are no jobs in inglewood and no public investments the education system is in shambles. if you ask me are the schools good there. are you going to ask me is the quality of housing their good no. but if you ask me i think are we spending adequate government dollars trying to stop violence there on the law enforcement side i would say yes so. you have a da in the federal side here the f.b.i. there you know the chicago police there you have ceasefire there you have all these organizations there so and you have church groups and social roups and all sorts of people trying to. make things better there and doesn't seem to do much good unfortunately. inglewood residents have to take it upon
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themselves to fight the bloodshed that is the language of the streets trying to give local youngsters a chance to fulfill their dreams and build a brighter future twenty four year old derek took up boxing and despite the risks he jogs through the neighborhood it's like lifts a favor. by greatest. good . but. if you've only got to ask who you are. because. my life in jeopardy. i'm not today. to be a street fighter he liked and he was good he could have
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a trainer sally coaches junior boxers she set up shop there twelve years ago with a goal in mind. this is how they get their attention i knew it. was more exciting than this and like i like my. self. right so my self sick and there was a big. way to get their money you know and sometimes and cylinder not even talking about g.-d's bts emcees you know who and what's what it was to my talk about it but you know what i mean but we don't care you know what i mean they're not the best and what's going on i guess he needs to see you know like . what was coming hey you know it's not the first person who did a list and a community or else out of a personal problem or it just is a way to get out. and possibly be erroneous. this is good and. hopefully one day. the champion can come get back to marking the
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so no erve thing i'll do it is the purpose but you know the sort of awesome go to the. dreams of becoming a champion and others have made it. not long ago murray park was called murder park baltimore the ceasefire mediator often meets local kids at the work they go there to play basketball chicago's favorite sport derrick rose the chicago bulls star of his first baskets here he grew up in inglewood and has stayed close to his roots. the n.b.a. champion got his sponsors to renovate the local courts. they know it's a way out they know if he if he stay here. and the same able to walk down the same blocks the same thing so it gives them a strat and know that they can do it again the village seats and no dead. a
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wood and such a bad place. chicago's up and coming basketball star is also from the south side. it's graduation day for the students of st sabina high. father phleger welcomes an honored guest seventeen year old joe body parker is the nation's number one ranked senior basketball player the big american teams are trying to recruit him both boys for you is on par off just a couple weeks ago he represents a very bad. next generation of leadership. with. who says it can be tough. for most things. and. for
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freedom. in my seeing the internet you know. it's just a few years. away. you know it with people. with . a supporter me because. our community needs to be safe and needs to be a better place for our kids one day the kids when i figure i will better environment to live in. really anything that i get. that's a room. i don't want them to go out there because when our young people see him and see where he's doing and do that with their own minds we can end the violence as we get too many dreams out here. rather phleger has been living among gangs for over thirty years threatened regularly he's got to know the gangs and learn to live with
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them a lot of our folks i'm not recognize in society i'm not recognized by the education system the big and the poor schools are not recognized by the government as a office on jobs and not in society were invisible and society were not important so they fight for importance and value out here in the street and we're saying you know what. i understand that but not going to tolerate the shooting and you're not going to shoot or kill our kids and think you can run back home put up your feet and watch mcdonalds watch t.v. no. father phleger organize a citizen patrols during the summer helping residents take back their streets and housing projects the first rally was a milestone it was held on june fifteenth and drew more than two thousand people including the police chief. was a flake a drug big fan i have put it to. you that's why.
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this is what. you want to focus is this is what's going to change. what's going to change believe me if i don't know friday night. live in the name. of the man it's. simply. a. case of. the entire community came together at this night around the families of shooting victims i guess if you're. going to every single minute of an always very well. there was that girl. talking to the police chief hoping to get him to kick start the investigation into her son's killing somebody follow him and then i went in and it was so rude at that depth that if not most forty minutes before they see it it
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was really rude really big victims. don't need it and my son case is not the only case but the last time i seventy i'm going to let you know was let me follow up with talk ok all right. ok all right coming up march is the first step and an important battle local residents are proud to be part of it and proud to show them their streets don't belong to the gangs drugs this guy. that's what if i can. see the gaming is still of a hit in the little note even when i have not afraid. of gun.
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safety. bill. in two thousand and eight african american voters overwhelmingly supported barack obama putting him in the white house four years later englewood voters continued to back the president by gangs are still laying down the law in chicago's south side. to. see.
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if you will watch the peace with. egypt food sensitivities the sound will be swiveled still closely today. with just a little school and before we got to me as my. we think of the way we think of. oral sand beaches. coconut palms gently swaying in the ocean breeze. in fact. white has a deep dark little secret a secret the us government would like you to know about. through all
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a breach. of the. bilbo identity dearly associated ok good all will get a new result. right from the sea. sir st louis and i think pictures. on our reporters twitter. and instagram. be in the know. on.
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until government forces in eastern ukraine push the army from ruin towns in a bid to protect shellshocked locals as people try to assess what's been lost. and . don't want to put the cart before the horse we don't have a strategy yet. kurdish forces advance on militants from the islamic state in iraq western officials struggle to find a solution to the rapidly growing threat. george galloway gives an exclusive interview to our teens and he said after being brutally beaten in london for voicing his views on israel.


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