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tv   Keiser Report  RT  September 2, 2014 5:29am-6:01am EDT

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oh. there's. only one piece from. people. here. if you just feel that.
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this scene. what this deals with we will this deal. you where you can police get. that eddy's this sample will be swaddled it will be sure to bring it with you in the least but is it in your c.b.s. . got them in yours and i.
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yes to be. young mind the way of the. zahra is. there a lot of my me in both the three it's of course when you have city at the. university where a small school where she will be that of course school and one of the schools up and i would add them spoke with them leaving the school. as an impish lead not question. and use of the early wolf but. would boyce and others to actually school i mean the truth is that in the.
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years the name just one little vehicle it is a weapon and one was in that august school that we don't repeat of. the year ending in the beginning with seniors the release was written only because early had been the worst would have been when mr. school them when they've been sipping with the what in the school was like to have them with their fishing when the games although in a way you. get in the. three years of this and so until they get there with a few more they will. live a. little living up to look at children and with much more of what. goes on.
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press t.v. and when you mom. by next year. doesn't this one post the parcel would. seem to be on the gospel dull set of the stuff that most wants to deal. with the most go on the show twenty one which shoulda been just complete and. smooth that goes and then you. get the scope of them and have shows that the new movies when you call them give. you the what. you want. this is some liberty did to my. sudden death because because. she's too close for this one might even go with total. disability and to.
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signal this felony because of the possible now to look at the bill of rights with nutritionist if they can with the let's. not. even. school. beatrice in suburbia. it will go down those of us left school much as. well. you are so jealous of the believe it will never be. until you will know that they are taking the paltry list with gayness with. so we did and says we can make. the other give up apollo so with the. blow up which took the choice you put
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them in a commune but what would be which it is because a block on those that want to be different you prevent your group gypsies you would just let me use my real goods a lot more but this means suitable for the who would grant it was all. but that the ship that. one was suppose only to be stay with me for as you took me. in this world will be able and done many of the myriad of those in the middle east well i'm sure they are you doing this they will see them still trust is used only for the interest in the demo for this was a question which. was being bar on about them about their lives call the phone call down see do you know
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i speak but oncet you. would push would you sit it still for cock to but this also used yellow on that move toward us well done they exist just before your show last summer the core storm will not want to put it down. does dismiss him am. just close with the island. yesterday because it was this. in this when it's a school zone or is it in the summer where we're. told long it will be involved in a shawl. and there will be one in there water of nowhere with no other rhythm you know. most of all will show bloom if she did subside would have been requested at ups in the winter park america what is the deal with the british school coom just a quest question with the goofiest.
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assessing imago and partly magnitude that drains it to their possible to tell us the good way to taper so there was a clue to paul not. doing it needing your dinner for the what is the will to smoke some other it's a start and make me choose. to just start. running it is the nature of the only right when you build it in more from jim palmer divisive ordinance we didn't just leave you with nuns. because that is the door you can just on the actually a can do is to learn. and then the more to do is done with most of this business to just work and even a circle to a surveyor who missed you should always use another could really do push a little risk is one in a sling and we need to be here but yes to the branch that she needed to. be there
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in the horse shoes were already there when this business interest is in live and let it all the least oh and by the way she learned this in nature oh you used to call it the bill of the torch slot with a novelty pill the. you want to go to it's a problem also more the more that more get a little it's with that the set up on the books material in the letter would look at that on the sake up with a price to do. the if we go to a stash to put those it was naive and stupid but it did come at the good book of years we should chill a. little sip it but no. more talking is still up on the up at here in the sun didn't most of the money come from a slum on the buffet gradualism you've got i discover in the. city might even have a deal it is theirs and mike did it with them so that no marshall thank you very
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much in your live. here at the cape may be checking this live on the stove with a more flexible blue coat as i am just a top of. oh. yes it. did within the one year up on it within what did you know what the border but almost as if you want to put on and play music naming them in any particular scene in anything you can down the. mall with good if it was one thing and that's member whose mission. that was the war will go on the chest got moved up only preached. there watchable eve normal. beloved that. would be the mother's not out of the storm but the movement of storm number one must but i suppose the boom is a step in the shoes of a. good person to come up with the wood with the wood in. a pinch of was near
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decision which would go on. to push to just get the precious to restore the chocolate purchase appreciate it or you can join your horse is typical but you just. have a story you cover neutral. joe it got to do it suppose it just of us were to study history that it was or what was worse. so this is. the news. only to chew on the charity and the money store will post what your distorted need to be able to put to him put some some serious money for public to us shows us.
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probes or can. reduce talk to a too short for the words told. no one. would go to a regular. robot so you'll go a little scarlets of the interval will be. a change of the toward your store to be able stores are you and your. computer is a fortune in store and you'd to be able to book you when you're able to go to your church was no which i. detest professional in the. courtroom. as a simple that's where we. need me the way i do in these posts will be more of the most of it was a different. plane ticket to me and you don't be able to miss a lot. but you know you. can tell he's got. a chick watching justin is
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a recent case it wants on top of that to play with the things that are supposed to be what does it look like me want. to do good work he wants and i'm just going to move with the monkey would you sleep through it because it was to go on up to someone's post you could you. please move. i'll pull over my language or what i will only react to situations i have read the reports and let the players know i will leave them to the state department to comment on your letter pointless ajuga it lists or carry out a car is on the docket no. thank you no more weasel words when you have a direct question be prepared for a chase when you have to punch be ready for
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a battle freedom of speech and a little bit of the freedom to costs. little . lists little. little little little. cross talk rules in effect and you can jump in anytime you want to. live. blasting away and ever so after world war one
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a bunch of european countries just jump in the middle east and draw a line all over the map and say all these new countries with this recalls are well flashcards twenty four and you end up with islamic state or isis. serious of a global basis trying to clear. a pulling out of. your life for the story taking every minute. some time a no law no weapon. like. most of us think the same setting all time place cases most elite clubs players sometimes for nothing actually. play this season and it's just. it's
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not just any of us still we can still be just everything you see a stage eight look to be. but speech was. playing. choose your language clearly we can with no influential say still so much excitement and place of a struggle to choose that the consensus get a. chance to get opinions that immigrate to. choose the stories that imply looks like. child's play access to often. good laboratory was easy to believe in the most sophisticated robot which on
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physically doesn't give a darn about anything tim's mission to teach is really sure why you should care about humans and. this is why you should care only on the dot com. bust could push the opposite the hard call this. used to be received she just. did she. want to.
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slow this leak aboard the bus restores them to. a source that is. the. one. that. fit this into. their image. there's a lot. of them at that there but i think it's. no. economic condition you. there was.
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no money into the little what that the ladies call me at the mall and then there's all this layer of sit back she discovered deputy mayor. nuked when you could then you dish it saying there's rat you will see but he stepped up with. me help us want the elevator he had them he had over bill on his over the guy that says plush moose kind of a joke but it. kind of always does in the can they should go and then it's all the puppet to lip it's a bit of a basis in. it would it would it as it did the moon the new on course yes tell us might that it's the year they had on the national own you were not going to uni students were going able but thems but with nettie to. get us all
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and then you know. you've got the usual well. lot. more children go at it the pressure. is on the whole courtroom well the players who are pushing that are going to approach to all of it to. live on you know short shorts or a tool or no power. into what they know very much you know would be good. when they go at it why bluffs their way. to what could be sure. of
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a. storm all of them could be. and by giving your post appeals that will mean they sure would have them sneering at. the posted nice on the wall that he had. heard over the last straw in the dollars deal it's suppose to move behind me is. when you post she was some are. liberal with single core your.
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it was like in the news because of the roof story with media. women in this goes all of the schools all of the way in by the upstream or glasgow's that's one way or the. new boy. are you hall of mork. is a high def video the other could be out q were you dealing with the last of those. with you who will tell you good you will both of us be at the goodwood. it's of course that. you know should we do all. the work but most of the boys see it so. who do all the cool chris
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and it's a bill that's. true too but he'll go by you do you since the new boots it will. look good good to go over. yeah i'm watching one of those middle you so that each other. as like it was a good school word that it was your auntie look at us as laws which will be forced on. us was a. misunderstanding of the quote the charter is do things that the what ifs about this unusual says noticed things during the speech to be. the most authentic they say was god all thinking about. mystical probably most mean which is just as not to get smarter just give it a quarter i still want to try and. strongly
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score your push. who could mostly procure was another man to kill tom does your brother took you. so i thought it was good here. we know who. kid is scotch and may have heard it. all the show went to school all day long and you will he. need details no. more interest it's. more. when the. history of science and. obviously as i said and i both recall in the piece and there's an introductory lot of much of the concern is that your stance
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was a chimney that moved to neutral. should the most neutral on the wall and negative that in nature that we will place there will be stupid come. on the sky or it's us because all of our hormones but the most you go with a bunch of things but really i'm. betraying my little. i think it is a cookie you buy me up new do you come new movement the trickle new good in you come when you actually need to know. what i will tim's it's nice to speak what you want yes. this is the who shouldn't get that i would describe it to. the dumbest thing to do to stick up love this music. on.
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the national union list or before. you force the system i'm going to come. clean my article was over. the spicy bow school. it's also done. in the social movement. which in just those of a bazaar all. the
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five children needs me it's mainly cheap i trust that you can see people. do you choose i mean it. would be. good. in the mission some. of them you know. to do here's. some of those who i've been with the kids who need it so they need to. get over this they need to keep you. on the live from both of us who are here with you if you will just do the bills for when you. move from place to morrow. who should both of you first you know if you feel.
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you know who. weapons it's a political issue in this country any time that somebody raises the issue of gun control immediately get attacked by somebody who says a. skirmish should take some sort of a person twenty five or thirty years on a person they don't see themselves living beyond these young people saying that they will not live past twenty five or thirty years old victim of someone feel the
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door some bad stuff she was somebody just sat guess you don't know what that a terror. walking much more. you come to. make. several more. congo dealing with get some real gun. because. we think of why we think there are good. for all sand beaches. coconut palms gently swaying in the ocean breeze. in fact. white has a deep dark little secret a secret the u.s. government would like you to know about. through our labor.
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bilbo i did daily succeeded in kagan all wilderness is. one of the new poll shows common law should be making news all the face i think sometimes you know. a pleasure to have you with us today.
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forces in eastern ukraine push the army from ruin towns in the show. as people try to assess what's been lost. don't want to put the cart before the horse we don't have a strategy yet. from the islamic state in iraq western officials struggle to find a solution to the rapidly growing jihadi threat and british m.p. george galloway gives an exclusive interview. after being brutally beaten in london voicing his views.


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