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tv   Keiser Report  RT  September 2, 2014 12:29pm-12:36pm EDT

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but you know that you're going to get paid at least for whatever you shipped through the oil pipeline for example and so there are no big coins to authorize a shipment of oil like russia just. as as each barrel of oil goes through the pipeline you're getting paid your big points in a in a nonreversible not enforceable not on sanctionable way and then. ok so you've got your you've got why you've got the private keys yourself you're not like letting somebody else hold your gold and not when somebody else hold your big point you're doing it all in this just intermediate so this leverage is the open the ledger of big oil which is the open accounting ledger there's private keys associated with it so you can you can parse out a deal over a year or eighteen months for oil through a pipeline through that territory and you can do it in a way that is completely above board and trustworthy on the open ledger it's irreversible using a private keys you don't need the u.s. dollar oh yeah you don't need the u.s. dollar but one you don't need any centralised so you don't use when you don't need
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all of these don't need the lawyers you don't need only the contract well while the contract you can actually build the contract into the transaction into using the big point protocol so it's all in the math like you see it all in the computer language so that russia china brazil iran they haven't got the new brics bank even if they don't use bitcoin as a let's say a reserve currency they would still want to use the block chain as a way to make it cheaper for them to do various currency swaps and everything else they need to do oh yeah and you can you can and i think when big point starts becoming a settlement currency because you can use it to enforce leverage ratios like insurance contracts there's lots of ways that we can apply this this watch in technology and all of that is done and settled in the watching you know so there's no counterparty risk it's a huge deal no fannie mae freddie mac. lehman brothers bailouts like no good. settlement settlements are done and on the
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block shame then what does this mean that means that we're not necessarily doing a deal of bitcoin if i've got a two billion dollar cultural deal to get through we can settle that all up on the block chain and subtle it's all backed up essentially in a way that takes away all possibility of there being any fraud in the transaction right both parties and if you really wanted to you could abstract dollars or rubles onto the box and then they're represented by small or really small tiny amounts of big coins in the nose trade atomically in a box and so you're trading what's representing the oil with what's representing the rubles on the box given to us thirty seconds left and i just want to get your final comments on are we heading to world war three are we in world war three your thoughts i think we've been in it probably at least for ten years you know along we've been doing this gold price suppression scheme with alan greenspan we've got us empire that's occupying everybody pledging everybody as collateral to consume
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people and take all their money and their identities and not let you grow or you what you want to grow and all these problems across the world it all root cause in the us empire and i think a lot of people are fighting back against that whether it's in our weather center vigils and big calling is the way to fight back because definitely a very powerful tool that individuals and states can use to fight this empire thanks treasuring once again on the kaiser report thanks max all right that's going to do it for this edition of the kaiser report with me max keiser and stacy herbert i want to thank our guests face mayor try to reach us on twitter use kaiser report and the next time bio. weapon it's a political issue in this country any time somebody raise your. through gun control
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if we can attack us but. skirmish with some sort of a person twenty five or thirty years of a person they don't see them social event beyond these young people say that they will not live past twenty or thirty years old victim of the slow feel. they don't know what the past terror. wanting my country or my. comments are. to make. several more. cargo dealing with getting. to. see the specifics of the tried to clear. a pullin to.
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want to get. more efficient teaching every minute. of. the time a no law no weapons. what the heck. was going to say to. these kids is most elite clubs. sometimes for nothing which. is so easy. to slip just keep still he can still be just if he sees the a stage eight look to be. but speech was still. plenty.
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well you won't get a little peace with. egypt elites and that it leads to some political beast little school girl sweet little seems to be. dismissed from the movie just for the most poor and beneath. them years and i and. this is all too long from moscow tonight a resistance concert type reverses kiev's going to treat fortunes in the east of rising body count in the armed forces sparking protests about the soldiers'
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relatives bust i don't want to put the cart before the horse we don't have a strategy because it is forces push back against the advance of islamic state by just as western leaders try to flush out the plan to keep if you have to stretch it but hey. coming up to this hour of news gaza will take twenty years to rebuild says a u.n. led group after weeks of israeli strikes against a mosque the killed more than two thousand others stood. on the kremlin promise is proof.


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