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tv   Headline News  RT  September 2, 2014 1:00pm-1:30pm EDT

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this is from moscow tonight a resistance counter attack reverses kids' military fortunes in the rising body count in the armed forces sparking protests of soldiers relatives. don't want to put the cart before the horse we don't have a strategy for forces push back against the advance of islamic state by just as western leaders try to flush out the plan to keep the jihadists threatened day. coming up to this hour of news that will take twenty years to rebuild says a u.n. lead group after weeks of israeli strikes against a mass of the killed more than two thousand palestinians. and the kremlin promises proof that the european commission president putin out of context on ukraine and
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which to potentially dangerous route. for me kevin thanks for company first in this hour after weeks and even months in hiding shell shocked civilians in east ukraine a coming out of the shelters at least in towns no longer targeted by the military swathes of the east have been devastated by fighting but. there's no chance to try to rebuild what's been destroyed. let's see first if you didn't what the fuck for if you've ever done. even though this is. what you think you used the readers you might get. the most of those who says you know what but even if what.
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we see here this is was a school building internet local say was hit by government bombardment youngsters from six to sixteen who is supposed to start this school yesterday and now we're awaiting repairs before classes resume something they say think well as you can see could take months a huge amount of damage in fact a multitude of schools in the east have stayed shut because of the damage money. existence fighters for their part of the middle of a counterattack that significantly reshape the front lines putting his troops on the back foot let's cross to paula slay she's in donetsk oh for. how are the battle lines shifting and what is the latest as we know it tonight. well the focus of kids' so-called anti terror operation is hero in the lugansk and in its regions but although the fighting has been concentrated here what we witnessing on the ground is anti government fighters slowly beginning to push back the ukrainian army from a previously held positions if you look at this map what you see in the striped
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orange areas are areas that the anti government forces controlled before they were forced out of those areas closer back to the regional capitals but the fighters then began to reclaim land and if you look at the area now in orange this is in their hands and they have managed to push the ukrainian military out of these areas over the past few days at least a dozen towns have been recaptured by the ukrainian a by the anti-government fighters and these you can see by the dots in the map what is now happening on the ground is that these fighters are closing in on the city of mario pole they have blocked all the entrances in and out of the city although at this stage we're not receiving any information that they plan to launch any kind of raid on mario pole the red circles on the map are areas where the ukrainian army units are surrounded the latest is that we're being told that thousands of ukrainian soldiers have been
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surrounded they have been offered to leave through means of humanitarian corridors but hundreds of them are choosing not to take this off and they are instead choosing to fight back or surrender. for now and then as they thanks the update one of the casualties we're talking about they have got nothing to do with the fighting refresh no reports emerge from a civil war that's ripping a path of destruction through civilian life what many feared could happen is happening the constant bombardment of the guns has destroyed buildings empty street and populated basements. every time we visit we find more people sheltering underground a cold and humid room three meters down is the only place these people feel safe that you know you can't forget or try to eat or something when you're still in the open like all of its own good work that was likely to. follow you here in the early
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morning in the are. you still believe. this is a soviet era bomb shelter builds during the cold war but until now it hadn't been used. because the. clashes are also intensifying around lugansk kiev's goal is to surround the city and cut off the anti-government forces from their bases people from the embattled areas surrounding the guns are among those seeking refuge from the fierce fighting which has overwhelmed their homes by the offending up on the. block mccaslin road to jupiter studio to ship the ocean or just a russian last march accession of radius of the moon within the confidence wayne law doesn't need for thought but a missional when the because family celebrate the birthday one of the younger
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members the also good thing is that they have finally found some kind of safety that will not mock each it was what. did me good at studio it is she was putting it on one with both of the equipment a lot of people i said thank you are all just little and how did she sound. enough to shake you andree used to love playing war like old boys of his age questionable a lot but not anymore. andrey shows me what he found in their back yard after another shelling these tiny little metal guards are sprayed from so-called flechette shells which are internationally banned gives large scale military operation here in eastern ukraine has lost almost five months so far as more destruction is caused and the casualties rise people's pain feeds the endor and many fear when the guns fall silent he crane will not be able to overcome the
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consequences of what has happened here. in eastern ukraine and the rising casualty count in the ukrainian military too has prompted a mother protesting kiev this time by the mothers of drafted soldiers there was hundreds descended on parliament dividing this is their fathers that has been returned home they also called for an end to what they see as rampant corruption or incompetence in the military to make their point the protests is even brought a guillotine along and threaten the city deputies inside the parliament one deputy also voiced her discontent but she was quick to sign a. license that whatever silat out of me a better beat by beat nearly and that i'd not be stupid enough lice got caught i think in my head but i was not would she any did she really put up a new pair but i walk right through here i see this point that you into darkness way mr budowsky. well luckily none of us started by degrees going i mean you.
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meantime human rights watch says three hundred civilians have died in lugansk since may and as a result of indiscriminate bombing such as those in apartment blocks the group blames both kiev's military and government forces for carrying out what he describes as unlawful attacks indiscriminate attacks are a violation of international law. and he government leaders in the donetsk and lugansk regions retire set out their position on the stablish ties with kiev the conditions that need to be met this is revealed about twenty four hours ago if you want to get speed on what's being proposed both sides r.t. dot com is the place to get more on that. a statement unworthy of a high profile diplomatic leader that's moscow describes recent words from the european commission's president. referred to a private conversation with putin about ukraine sees bit of caution of as more of what was said. just a few to use ago the outgoing president of the european commission also decided to
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share some portion of his private and confidential telephone conversation that he had with the russian president vladimir putin mr brewer also claimed that president putin said that if i want i can take two weeks well not a surprise that such a remark especially coming from one of the top european politicians has triggered a media scandal with pretty much every newspaper across the european union placing that particular line on their front page now in response to this that mr bras so had breached confidentiality and that it was quote it out of context and was sat with a completely different meaning now russia calls this move a violation of the common diplomatic ethics and says that it's basically demands the european union to explain the situation properly or the country is ready to publish the audio of the taliban conversation to clear up any confusion now at the
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moment this town's just as just another example if you were responsible and i believe you are especially when it comes to the situation in ukraine now let me give you just another example one of the current nato general secretary. had of the danish government it turned out that he secretly recorded conversation with the russian president vladimir putin and later leaked it. was made a secret recording of alcohol and then published it in the press i couldn't believe it. couldn't later said that it's really hard to build trust after these incidents and later try to explain himself saying that he simply did that for historical purposes. kurdish fighters in iraq are claiming territory from islamic state extremists in the northwest i did by u.s. strikes and volunteer fighters they've managed to seize
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a militant stronghold killing two senior radicals in the offensive meanwhile the jihadist terror threat said shock waves abroad sparking urgent debate over how europe and the u.s. might deal with the threat from the islamic state group next to some of the proposals on the table. as more countries admit they're up against an abstract threats from international fighters join an islamic state it's more important than ever to find a common solution i don't want to put the cart before the horse we don't have a strategy yet there's no point in me asking for. action on the part of congress before i know exactly what it is that is going to be required for us to get the job . america might not know what to do gets but germany seems to have an idea to spend seventy million euros arming kurdish forces to deter islamic state militants in iraq where it's believed some four hundred radicalize germans are fighting.
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terrorists seize control over an area to create a base for their reign of terror and to retreat try the fanatics this creates a dangerous it affects our security interests but is getting even more involved a viable way forward i'm not sure if the kurds especially if there are influences from the p.k. k p k k is known to be a terrorist organization the p.k. case on the terrorists for both the european union and for the united states if the p.k. is receiving weapons from the germans then i think we are about to repeat a major mistake of arming once again the wrong side here in the u.k. fears have been growing since soldier lee rigby was slaughtered in london now with the beheading of an american journalist suspected. and revelations that one of these lawmakers he financier's was the director of them. muslim school in the city of birmingham brought so want to feel safe and they want the government to take drastic measures it is appalling that people who declare that allegiance elsewhere
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are able to return to the united kingdom and pose a threat to our national security we're clear in principle that what we need is a targeted discretionary power to allow us to exclude british nationals from the u.k. cameron spline tearing up passports from door nationals and battle fighters from returning home from foreign conflicts according to you gov two thirds of british people support taking away citizenship from known radicals although it's claimed that hasn't worked before april two thousand and fourteen the reason may started confiscating passports using the war so they've been doing this exact measure they're talking about for an extended period of time already in many many cases but they we and they bring out is now legislation so that they can look like they're being proactive against the isis issue when really they're just trying failed policies world leaders seemed caught off guard by increasingly militarized and the
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well funded islamic state to harvest who are stealing a march in syria while abroad politicians shift nervously to avoid sending their soldiers back into the middle east but delays and in the size of this could ignite the time bomb that will bring the terrorists to them marina cost of a reporter from london for artsy some politicians want to go further than others when it comes to jesting ways of dealing with the tide of westerners joining the islamic states jihad is one example of a new mayor of london boris johnson one as far as proposing that anyone who travels to iraq and syria without telling the authorities first should be labeled as a terrorist until proven innocent. is ideas from little support of the muslim public affairs committee in the u.k. believes british foreign policies of led to such radicalization in the first place . sims in that region are no longer willing to accept what they think is an unjust order and by bombing them into submission by. driving them or kidnapping them or
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sending them to secret prisons around the world by torturing them that only reinforces that the belief within the muslim world that something is wrong and nothing is going to stop these guys unless as these groups like liason are saying unless you take up arms so why are we giving you more of the same something needs to change and that is we need to adjust our foreign policy make it ethical and we teach young muslims we can deal with the british problem that they can make a change to that foreign policy by being involved in this system it's going to pass not at night here in moscow thanks for being with us internationally me kavinoky stay with me after the break learned by the sheer scale of the task ahead for the people of gaza in the wake of the israeli offensive. differently in syria. many of the members of congress of both parties have gone to
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syria in recent months. mr president the senate which is diddy's time for him to get. stability and peace to syria is going to be the subject of. illegal. language of all but i will only react to situations i have read the reports and let you know please no i will leave them to stay current to comment on your latter part of the monthly. please or carry out a car is on the docket no god. no radio no more weasel words when you read question and be prepared for a change when you run should be ready for
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a battle for the office speech and down the freedom to cost. israel's military campaign against hamas is over for now but the battle for palestinians to try to rebuild their lives of course has barely begun with all the damage there here is what was left after the assault i say damage nothing left in places thousands of homes in ruins after weeks of deadly air strikes townships razed to the ground only shelled craters and debris remaining officials estimate the cost of rebuilding is going to be over six billion dollars let me show you what the u.n. and other international organizations have calculated on what you will probably argue is a more important part the human cost of it operation protective edge left more than twenty one hundred palestinians dead including children the u.n. says more than two thirds of those people who died were civilians israel too so
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losses that seventy two people killed much lower number all but six of them were sold his seventeen thousand homes were destroyed or badly damaged in the recent campaign moreover gaza now has a housing deficit of course of seventy five thousand homes the estimate after the israeli offensive the disaster relief organization linked to the u.n. says i think it's going to take more than two decades twenty years to rebuild the infrastructure to anything like what it was in from a norwegian refugee council told us that it's israel's blockade of gaza to the tempering the whole process here bringing in building materials to guard their is very difficult because. it's really a blockade which prevents movement of materials and people in and out of the guy's a street so basically with the crossing the border crossing between israel and gaza which is open. we have calculated you need seven point five trucks of gravel which is obviously used for making concrete seven point five
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trucks to. based on this calculation then with the current israeli imposed restrictions on gaza we think that it will take twenty years to rebuild houses and not only houses not schools not hospitals not any of the other civilian infrastructure which has been damaged only houses. moral services are being held during the second day as it is now of the morning in southern russia marking ten years since a terrorist attack on a school where throughout the night candles were lit in remembrance of the three hundred plus victims most of them children and their mothers during the day an exhibition of children's paintings to voters with tragedy has also been taking place on the first of september two thousand and four should militants stormed that school it was called school number one. they planted explosives there and held over a thousand people hostage for three days depriving them of food and water. joining
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us if you can throw it wednesday for our coverage of the third and final day of moral events and coming up next hour to r.t. spoken to the only terrorist who survived the beslan massacre serving life behind bars you can hear he's got to say about the slaughter of so many innocent people. more today's news in brief six militants have been killed in somalia in a u.s. counterterrorism operation against the al-shabaab network is still unknown if it tack a limited to the group's leader who was reportedly traveling in one of the two vehicles targeted the pentagon the pentagon gave no further details of the operation that strike comes after suspected members attempted to free extremist seldom of the
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capital's prison. mexico mexico's capital is seeing thousands turn out against the president pushing through a series of crucial reforms from education to energy teachers anger was focused on changes to how the chosen for jobs and also school funding energy reform central plans to open up markets a forum for critics of that say corruption and capital flight demonstrators called for a national strike to start sunday. still focusing on problematic volcano in iceland developing seismic activity again there now it's been up and promises authorities keep an orange alert for aviation the areas in juba weeks of earthquakes that tremors could result in a violent eruption below the glass here that if that happens it could result in large explosions bringing more volcanic ash recall in twenty ten massive ash cloud closing much of the space for nearly a week. people dress up their pets some some pretty out of this
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world ideas sometimes for them poor things but here's the real deal for eight thousand euros you could get this original salvi it space designed for dogs classic it was used to train a pair of four legged space explorers in its day now it's up for auction this month going off scott their historic am heroic tale. they're world famous for going to space and back before humans could ever start exploring the cosmos in one thousand nine hundred sixty two stories. made space history by spending over twenty five hours in orbit and making it back home alive the first creatures ever sent outside the earth's atmosphere and for such a long time to be for them though dozens of dogs took part in soviet spaceflight experiments and i can tell you without them the u.s.s.r. would have never been able to send the first man into orbit pioneering which is dead and gone for instance became the first to reach the upper levels of the earth's atmosphere but there are twenty minute flight was rough extreme turbulence
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and zero gravity but they landed safely and alive wasn't so lucky the vehicle decompressed and the animals suffocated but it's mainly because of that incident that space suits were introduced and that led to the first canine spacewalk lisa became the first live animal ever to float outside a craft in a space suit she came back alive and well and gave birth to some healthy puppies to moshe's trip had an extra twist her landing pad got lost in a storm scientists took two days to find it because a herdsman straw her colored parachute dog was ok but the breakthrough in space came with like her mission is also probably the saddest she became the first ever animal to get into orbit but stressed and overheating meant she died a few hours into the flight but let me tell you the scientists involved including the head of the soviet space program took these dogs to heart and cherish them as spent so it was
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a brief adventure for some of the man's best friends led to some giant leaps for mankind. and i was saying each one of them here all these days of course all menagerie of creatures is headed into space for tests the most recent experiment we can report design test defects it may take in space a batch of fruit flies money to produce offspring but things that we've heard today not so successful for the five get those on board a russian spacecraft part of the throat r.t. dot com. also on line two things got so tense partly during the cold war that the united states started in this day trading up residence in alaska overcome agents behind enemy lines if before we reached the bering strait back bed would read a bit more history of that r.t. dot com. some of an arms race is going on inside the us right now meantime triggered by washington sanctions against russia these target the iconic kalashnikov prompting gun lovers them to clean up the shelves of dealers around the
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country in a bid to draw on by all the remaining rifles with made in russia has dumped on them r.t. spoke to one gun owner about why he can't imagine life without of a k forty seven by his side. it's a very reliable and robust pirate also want to merkel we have a very large aftermarket parts availability so we can customize negates that we know each individual wants the general american populace but what doesn't necessarily have the same stance on international politics as the administration so we'd like sessions we like things the russian aka happens to be the best mate. market this is why we like the russian aka we don't want to buy something that was made say involved area which is not of the same quality just because a we are as mean. now if you find yourself wanting to berlin and the time soon seems you might want to travel light soon or get a helping hand to carry a luggage why were locals in the german capital of the modeling
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a ban on the use of suitcases with wheels this kind of baggage robs them of their sleep it's true he's paid all of his got the story. every year thousands of tourists flock here to the german capital billions reputation as a cool destination for a city break they seen those numbers increase along with the tourists comes the luggage and one type of luggage in particular is causing consternation in some of the neighborhoods suitcases on wheels combined with cobbled streets has resulted in local residents complaining about the noise late at night and early in the morning in fact there's been so many complaints that the mayor of the region of berlin has actually said the bag should be bombed out right that's not something the tourists themselves particularly agree with. i cannot carry heavy items and it would be impossible for me to travel with a twenty kilogram suitcase without wheels my my opinion it's stupid idea but i
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don't know all the people who live in quotes they have another opinion and so it's their decision but i think. through but. i think it's an overreaction it would make no sense to suggest quite so wheels what's a piece of the streets with this new the surface perhaps other possibilities should be looked at first before making this long at times tempers a flared over this issue we've seen some graffiti around the city that say things like you are not and even as far as the tourists whether they like them or not needs the tourism industry and invariably those tourists come with suitcases that will have wheels ph all over r.t. germany. and this is it around for now live and interactive including a chilling claim about the ice bucket challenge from all of this making the rounds right now to let off the brake a look at the lethal gun culture in chicago the u.s. city that suffers more youth is than any other is coming up.
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in dunedin florida a young boy named t.j. guerrero is learning how to become an american man the old school way by selling cool drinks at a lemonade stand we hear a lot of lame examples of american exceptionalism from blowhard politicians but the idea of kid tropper nerd ship and the iconic norman rockwell esque lemonade stand is something very exceptional and has certainly been good for the nation but for all of his hard work what does t.j. get in return one of his neighbors is trying to shut down his quote illegal business that neighbor says the lemonade stand causes traffic noise trash illegal parking which all harms his property values cry me a river we all wonder where to support for the police to come from won't come from people like this will character
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who need the government to deal with a twelve year old trying to earn yes earn money you know there are some guys who work on cars on the street outside my window and yeah they get loud sometimes but i'm never going to call the cops on them because i'm just happy that some gunmen are still interested in working with their hands in moscow you see a lot of lads at short shorts with chihuahuas it's up to all of us to give each other a break sometimes and not tattle to the state about every little problem but that's just my opinion. both of them are ones to prevent a retaliation after a shootout left a sixteen year old girl dead and.


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