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tv   Headline News  RT  September 2, 2014 2:00pm-2:30pm EDT

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now a live from our chinese news room tonight russia promises proof that the european commission president took the words out of context on ukraine which sparked a dangerous groomer another american journalist has been beheaded by isis according to a new they released a video of what is becoming a her rift a trend that's fighting continues in eastern ukraine and in information of more rages russia today meets ukraine today your in the now.
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it's night we looked at our russian tanks and combat planes invaded ukraine and now it turns out that lead to murder putin threatened to take kiev within a couple of days and no less to a high ranking official at least according to some news outlets peter all over joins us live from germany and let's try to get more on this tell me peter that this is not the case what do we know it's so far. well what we've seen come out who isn't a reporter in la republica newspaper and his paper from italy quoting mr barroso who's just got a few weeks left in the job is the president of the commission quoted him as saying that he after he questioned president vladimir putin over whether there were russian troops in ukraine that he responded by saying if i had had troops in ukraine that i could have taken kiev within two weeks now an immediate response
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came out from the kremlin they said that these words are being taken out of context and since then russia's representatives to the european commission have said that with mr but also his permission and only with his permission they're willing to release the complete transcript of the telephone call that they say will prove that this was was taken out of context and they said they're willing to do that within the next few days so this could all be cleared up quite quickly as long as mr people in the people in the european commission agree to allow that transcript to be released peter all of our in the now live from at dresden germany thanks so much for that well as the information war continues so does fighting in eastern ukraine our main news is keeping up with all fronts and details from the conflict so do follow them for developments but in the now we want to share this great example of newfound freedom unfolding in the ukrainian parliament and give tries to position
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itself as a democracy. license to whatever silat out of me a better beat by beat me admit that i'm not the stupid light good. god we should not. put up a new tip but i want you to she supported our to a number. should i can assuage me separate oscar. could you not get us not to put it to me you. speak up and stand down will speaking of freedom there's a new addition to the media family welcome ukraine today joining us in the now is to tiana push snow but the executive producer of ukraine today i just want to show our audience a little taste of your broadcast. can we see that when our own name like you are also responsible for sells and sells and of this in my country and russia today who financed by. like my county by
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about ukraine and that's why you don't want to communicate as you and they call to my international colleagues don't cooperate to visit russia today could you just tell us a little bit more about ok very good ok i just want to take this time to point out that russia today tries very hard to get people to come on to give the other side of the story to give different views we have a great difficulty in trying to get people with different views not the russian perspective i do want to give you a little taste of some of ukraine today's air we tried to get the executive producer on to talk about the new project out of ukraine take a look at this promo from ukraine today. my. great. great. joy.
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my. consciousness they we invited the executive producer of a new media project a new media project which says that it wants to be about information and not propaganda and she agreed to the interview last week we sent her questions which we can make public and we've been trolled live on air you're in the now on many so now we're going to take a short break and we'll be right back. different leader in syria now many of the members of congress of both parties have gone to syria in recent months had a. former. president. which is diddy's telling him to go.
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to syria he's going to be so obviously. well talking about language as well but i will only react to situations i have read the reports but i'm likely to put the no i will leave them to the state department to comment on your minor point. to carry out a car is on the job you know going to. make you know more recently. when you say to direct question be prepared for a change when you know you should be ready for a. critical stage a little down the freedom to watch. here
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in the now live with me i need to now and there have been several reports on russian opposition news outlets which were quickly picked up by foreign media thousands of russian soldiers according to them are being sent to ukraine they're being killed and injured and then they are being secretly buried in russia where the headlines are followed with images of a cemetery with wreaths and plaques containing the names of a russian soldiers who were killed in ukraine or some phone conversations no radio or journalist say they are being threatened and chased from the gravesite. joining us in the now is flora chairman of the angio committee of soldiers while there is of russia what can you tell us about these claims that there is evidence of russian soldiers fighting in ukraine did your organization try to check this information or verify any of it. we had a cold shower and we are going to use a shower and that's we received it and there was one of the soldiers who asked me
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to help her find her son that at first i realized the bed he her son had been moved from one base to another and he hadn't told her where and then she said he didn't really move anywhere and then i asked him did he do something did he do that without any new orders and she said he had to served in the army a long long time ago so she said please go to ukraine and move koori my son in donetsk and i was like who sent him there and she told me he took the money out of his own accord but he took my mind he she said he took his own passport and left saying that he's going on holiday but then he gave her the whole when he was in the russian ukrainian border and he said i'm going to donetsk and i told him that the
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only thing that you should do is take that money take your own prosperous and you go to ukraine you know you need to look for your own son and he went there all his own in order to he did not follow any order. he was probably looking for adventure or looking for some money that he could make a bet of course as one example of one situation in much of a of a wide range of accusations this one another engineer which is a very similar name to yours take a look. we are. already here. how can you comment on these that your colleagues about other injury or talking about. if you're talking about this league but if thanks were really true if there were indeed several claimants common to russia every day there's injured soldiers
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from that crane if this were true our committee of soldiers smothers would have known about it we would be visiting our sons in hospitals by now but we didn't have any information like that obviously there were russian power trippers found in ukraine they were to tame they've now been returned they were supposedly to join military role there and ended up barbie on the russian border how can you explain about. the government you'll spoil i can't explain that but i need to look at i even though it feels good but russia and ukraine now have a legacy board that he was solved that. he knew she did and for a while i knew the sport very well but it was not in your hands to say oh shit that's why it was all quite a long period of time by then when we were it sacked by rol to send i shall spoke
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on the ukrainian side aided by the president our minister of just stands to get a decision at. the border on the russian side so that's why they sent paratroopers silverio they also have a rifle division and several other units. i still go to assume the maintain contact with the lady whose son is right now is when you put still that border patrol he's one of the border guards david and he confirms this some other nations did it and the fact that nine paratroopers were always in ukraine with them would be a lot of can will probably because you mean by the fact that they. so you can see that the territories did a deed to you get out you believe mutated it's a good one they did put out so they probably were not to where and where they were getting that smile and for that of course it's chairman of the ngo committee of
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soldiers mothers of russia thank you so much for being in the know. well coming up isis is at it again another american is beheaded by the organization according to a new video stay in the now for more we'll be right back. the media leave us so we leave the media. are the same motions to the other your party there's a bill. for shoes that no one is there still with the guests that you deserve answers from it's all politics only on our team.
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the. economic downturn the fun at. the new york sank night and the rest because i will be taking the lead every week. on the air and in the financial world. talked to moments i may not stop incidentally take the credit. in life there are an awful. if you mean people who watch with the movies from. egypt to get it there's some movies where the most were to be.
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dismissed from the movie for the most of it and. got them years in the eye and. another american journalist has reportedly been beheaded by terrorists from the islamic state and it's to canada and washington and joins us live in the now thanks so much for being with us bring us the details that you have. well and he said the video reportedly shows jihad just with these on the stage beheading journalist steve insult friend threatening to murder and now the west in our next british citizen david taints now why reportedly the white house has not confirmed the authenticity of the video yet i have not seen the entire video clips from it but it
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very much looks like the beheading of another american journalist james foley the isis murdered him on august nineteenth and then so i can to kill stephen sort of who was seen alive in that video was kidnapped at the syria turkey border last year he contributed to time in foreign policy magazine the committed to do to protect journalists says it has identified at least seven more journalists it believes are being held by these lawmakers state by targeting western journalists the jihad is with these lawmakers state or apparently trying to get as much publicity as they can and they demand the u.s. stop targeting them in iraq after the killing of james foley president obama made it clear that the blackmail would not work and the airstrikes continue now some u.s. official said if anything murders like these could only intensify america's involvement in the fight against the isis going to she can live from washington on this latest
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beheading in what is becoming a horrific trend. when whole world is obviously a poll by these beheadings but the barbaric action is something saudi arabia for instance doesn't public on a monthly basis without sparking an ounce of international scandal. a lot of them are sure you. are from. mars with saudi arabia is one of the top five countries to execute more people than any other nation beheading is just one form of execution the other one is stoning twenty six people that had their heads chopped off just this august eight of those were convicted for nonviolent offenses seven drug traffickers and one source are joining us live this must soon shows our east chairman of the islamic human rights
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because isha thanks so much for being with us in the now i want to ask you do you think that drug traffickers and black musicians should be beheaded i mean this seems ridiculous why so much silence surrounding these actions. well it is it really is all traces saudi arabia as sort of. sort of vision of islam is actually exactly and very near to what the sonic estate is an indiana lety and the only place in the roles of which promotes starts. and sort of knew what the. sort of tech chidi ideology is saudi arabia and many observers has in the muslim holy see and origin also this is something to state ideology is from saudi arabia and until it has never been held accountable i remember there was
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a interview with one of the saudi princes this was supports the government and she was actually saying she was bragging about the fact that saudi arabia practically could get away with murder and the international community and u.n. and others are really not willing to challenge it and they are recently polls show that there are kitty cows and political prisoners in saudi arabia and these you know this is actually extremely huge number for a small country like saudi arabia and these people are sort of living like sardines and being there mistreated on a regular basis and international community is totally silent how do you explain that and scarce international criticism. well i do i do in the senate seems that you know if you are part of that sort of a u.s.
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the western sort of. structure international a structure you get a good get away with murder and this is as much true it's so to review or back rain or indeed what we saw in egypt when sort of. thousands of people were killed in the demonstration and there was total silence from international community and united states continue sending aid to these countries and supporting them politically and militarily and really it is the total sort of double standard when it comes to the reality that this sort of ideology needs to be challenged and saudi arabia is probably the most sort of prominent organo the country which is promoting this sort of amp tech chidi extremist ideology how does saudi society react to these beheadings. well i think
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some of the sort of the society is is extremely controlled a really no room for the saudis to have any sort of dissent as i said there are fifty thousand political prisoners currently in in a country which has got to only several million population and that's part of lou reed because people are being sort of put in prison just because they dissent or they want to bring a political sort of reforms and they're all real majority of these are people who want to reform and the saudi arabia you know of organizations including the muslim brotherhood are a consulate a terrorist organization but they're not at hand saudi arabia is the biggest funder of these extreme groups in syria and elsewhere in the international community i just want to briefly ask you about this latest isis development
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a new video has been released which apparently shows another beheading of an american journalist and that's come as a surprise to you know i think i think we have been seeing sort of. this group. isis is being so beheading people in in thousands and hundreds of thousand is just turning against the american sort of reports is what they've been beheading ordinary citizens of. syria and iraq for a very long time and it's not all character and you know i have to say that unfortunately they have become powerful because of the support both military and finances from wrists and indeed saudi arabia the did not come to all the resources and sort of why magic is is been supported and unfortunately now they are tending against. their supporters and
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i'm extremely concerned because the fact of the matter is if isis is not challenging the real to understand is going to create huge ethnic cleansing right across the region. mr choudary chairman of the islamic human rights commission thank you so much for your analysis in the now tonight. so much interest to cover so little time i can do by myself in the non-presence a new segment with they want to not only resident laurie harshness to make sure you are always in the know. did you know that millions of people dumped water over their heads this summer to help fight the disease a.l.'s all the cool favors people didn't.
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get. and so did regular and cool people. everybody did it and it's great that the a.l.'s association received over one hundred million dollars as a result but the ice bucket challenge is viral crabbe at its worst it's more than just stupid it's offensive its own charitable to dump millions of gallons of water over your head when the world in the middle of the record droughts it's a slap in the face to the almost eight hundred million people who have no access to clean water if people really cared about being charitable they'd be conserving water but instead they're dumping it out because they got caught up in yet another brainless internet fame game not because they care about a.o.l.'s you want five minutes of facebook fame go playing like
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a regular jerk leave terrible diseases out of the internet ego fast because when you don't need to a cause and make it all about you there's nothing to charitable about it i'm the resident and now you're in the know. well speaking about those areas with a lack of clean water that laurie was talking about here is what people came up with in gaza to raise awareness. so. but the truth is this with the. charity watchdog is quoted as saying that the als foundation which is trying to gather funds through this whole ice bucket challenge doesn't manage cash donations very well take a look at this just around a quarter of all money raised actually goes for the purposes people donate for the
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rust cover salaries fund raising and external donations so keep this in mind the next time you take a challenge for charity keep in touch with us on line you can tweet me at a now are to like us on facebook follow us on twitter and remember it's now or never see you tomorrow. choose your banker. clearly we could with no information will send us photos of the exotic places to choose good sense to. choose the opinions the great. choose the stories to. choose be access to.
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the. economic. months they belong to the old saying i and the rest of life it's a neat take it will be everything nothing. will. your friend post a photo from a vacation you can't afford. to different. the boss repeats the same old joke of course. your ex-girlfriend still pens tear jerking poetry keep count ignore it. we post only what really matters at r.t. to your facebook you speak. one tons it's
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a political issue in this country any time and somebody raises the issue of gun control immediately get attacked by somebody who's. skirmish should be some sort of a person twenty five or thirty years of a person they don't see them social event beyond these young people say that they will not live past twenty five or thirty years old victim of the swan feel good or some bad stuff she was. his sad yes we don't know what the past terror. to be walking much for my. book and several. several more. congo dealing with getting. gun.
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there's. only one piece from.
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here. if you just think they could have used. this scene. that's what this deal so we will this deal. you where you can please give. this sample to libby swaddled it will be sure to bring it up with you in the east but is it in.


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