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tv   The Big Picture With Thom Hartmann  RT  September 2, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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americans and lawmakers in washington to wake up and start talking about the real crisis a problem. overflight gold if you. did you know the price is the only industry specifically mention in the constitution which says that's because a free and open press is critical to our democracy which recall for us. will. never go on i'm sorry and on this show we reveal the picture of what's actually going on we go beyond identifying the truth rational debate a real discussion critical issues facing america ready to join the movement then welcome to the big picture.
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belong to our been in washington d.c. and here's what's coming up tonight on the big picture. with the apparent beheading of another american journalist new questions are being raised about the obama administration's fight against isis could the u.s. be walking into another deadly and costly terrorist trap more on that with tom in just a moment also just a few weeks after officially stepping down as i was fine already leader eric cantor has a fancy job with a big time wall street firm and at three million dollars a check so is the time we did something about washington's revolving door problem we'll talk about that and more and tonight's big picture politics and average household incomes in america grew by over fifty three percent between one thousand nine hundred eighty nine in two thousand and seven so why are we why are working class americans worse off than ever before or on that steely take.
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to know this isis has apparently reportedly killed another american thirty one year old freelance journalist stephen sought long sought loft. it was from miami florida covered the syrian civil war for outlets like time magazine and had years of experience reporting from war zones and difficult and dangerous work friends and colleagues described in this selfless loyal and as someone who lit up a room news first broke about soft murder earlier this afternoon when a video apparently showing him being be edited began circulating around the internet the video which was first reported on by an anti-terrorism group called site looks a lot like the video released two weeks ago showing the beheading of james foley an american journalist with a global post a man who appears to be sought loft is dressed in orange and held on his hands and knees by a masked militant wearing all black. before killing soft the militant says in
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english that he's the same person who beheaded james foley and says the site last beheading is revenge for american airstrikes against isis fighters in iraq he also threatens to kill a british citizen held by isis although saw it was family says it thinks the videos real the obama administration has yet to confirm whether or not it's authentic and asked for a response assad last killing during a press briefing earlier today white house press secretary said that the administration would analyze the video very carefully to determine whether it was real or not. i'm not in a position to confirm the authenticity of that video or the reports at this point obviously since i just walked out here but i do if there's a video that has been released it is something that will be analyzed very carefully by by the u.s. government and our intelligence officials to determine its authenticity state department spokeswoman jen psaki and sackey has also commented on the sauce apparent murder condemning isis and promising that intelligence officials would get
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to the bottom of what happened. and we've seen reports of the video that purports to be the murder of u.s. citizen steven start off by eisel the intelligence community will work as quickly as possible to determine its authenticity if the video is genuine we are sickened by this brutal act taking the life of another innocent american citizens our hearts go out to the family and we will provide more information as it becomes available i don't make no mistake about it if the video of saw it last we had a news reel and all signs do point to it being real it raises some really big questions about what's going on between the united states and isis joining me now for more on this is tom hayden director of the peace and justice resource center former california state senator and author of numerous books including inspiring participatory democracy student movements from port huron to today tom hayden welcome back to. you. to be with you tom thanks nice to see you on although the
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circumstances are rather grim when james foley was killed on least a chorus of hawks calling for more action against isis what do you expect the apparent killing of stephen sol awful day. well we're certainly going to war with isis one way or the other i think. a couple of my friends were very close to james foley and thought of him as a really great guy and. he was planning to. not go back to the war zones he was. a humanitarian he everybody loved. he was a close friend of the director of my teenage son's school. when you hear these stories really. is really really disturbing and gets you gets you in the heart. one thing i would say assuming that the second beheading is.
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an accurate story is that we have to rethink this idea that we never negotiate with terrorists i know that it's very hard for people but look over the past ten years fifty five zero. people held in the middle east by these groups have been returned for ransom fifty james foley's fifty sought laws have been returned only the united states and the british take the absolute fundamentalist position that we don't negotiate with terrorists in addition it's not even true. we recently negotiated with the taliban for the release of private bergdahl and obama was accused of trading with the enemy or something but we got an american held in captivity for
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five years back. so the policy. seems to prohibit any any negotiation and we know from the new york times account that. isis was. looking for ransom to release foley we don't you know we don't know yet about the second one so. that would be my first take is that people have got to. come to a different attitude that the u.s. policy should be. ambiguous at best just but not absolutely announcing that no way will we ever negotiate with terrorists because we do. and in this case we didn't and so there's two dead i'm not blaming the administration but the facts are really there that had money been put on the table in the case of
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foley i think he would have been returned to put this in a somewhat larger frame bin laden's strategy was to draw the u.s. into a long term conflict with al qaeda back in november two thousand and four your remember he said all we have to do is to send to mujahideen to the furthest point east to raise a piece of cloth which is written al qaeda in order to make generals race there to cause america to suffer human economic and political losses without their achieving anything of note other than some benefits for their private corporations i think isis is trying to lay a trap for america as well. but i believe bin laden actually said wave two black flags. that that small detail aside. well they've been saying that they they they're they're they're they're baiting in. obama in the pentagon they say they're saying we want to fight you we want you to come. out
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and i don't think there's any question but that one way or another we will but. there there needs to be more than a military response. somebody needs to analyze where isis came from and what are you going to do. to to eliminate the conditions that give rise to the virus and i think that's what obama saying you know he doesn't have any choice as president he's going to bomb somebody. but but he doesn't want to get bogged down in another war and neither do the american people so that's what's been trying to when it's been considered now and. i don't know how strong these people are. but given the history of the last ten or twelve years no one should say that military victory comes easy comes cheap or is even possible
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has specially over the long term we if we look at the genesis of isis it appears that the in the atlantic had a piece steve clemons of the atlantic. said that reported that isis is essentially a product of the saudis and that it might again force after john mccain and lindsey graham went over to saudi arabia and urged prince bandar to increase their funding for some syrian rebels if that's the case to mccain and graham have sought lives blood on their hands. and it's it's a good theory i don't know what what is clear is that we have a double standard in the middle east saudi arabia is kind of. don't go near them they're exempt they're making gradual progress towards women being able to drive they behead a lot of people but that's an internal matter i mean it's absolutely disgusting
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the way we fall on them and scrape to the to the saudis. i think what happened is when we started the war in iraq there was no al qaeda there al qaeda entered in our province. ok there was. damaged or derailed by the anbar uprising because al-qaeda was too extreme for the sunnies and now al-qaeda has been replaced by isis an isis is is a weird it's an amalgamation of the original saddam hussein bassus party military people who are good militarily and well organized combined with the preachers the. the extreme islamist religious people
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who proclaim that their leader is now the leader of the entire muslim world i guess that includes muslims here in los angeles i don't know it it it's a very weird coalition and i do think it's prone to being demolished from within. but i have a feeling that if the west attacks it will actually it may actually fortify isis. and that may be that that may be the reason that they want to. to attack it's a no win situation for obama yeah yeah and if he attacks and puts it puts them at the nexus of us so if he doesn't attack he gets the impeached yeah yeah if he does . if he does attack he could get impeached it's really it's a really really tough hard to analyze this with including american politics in the equation thanks so much for being with us. sure. contrary to what you might hear
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from the talking heads on fox news the long term costs of medicare aren't really anything to worry about that and what it says about the future universal health care in america and tonight's big picture of politics right after the break. the government says it wants to close the secretary of defense and defense department are committed to the president's goal of closing guantanamo bay. why are there so many legal roadblocks for the remaining. states constitution doesn't apply to these proceedings the government has demonstrated that they have no respect for the attorney client relationship no you can't look inside that board no you can't see the police which is adjacent to the client so if the public what actually happened that heads would roll there are a lot of issues that are being handled at a higher above will join us as we seek answers to those issues and much more this is breaking the set on the back.
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or changing. the list. is a. candidate ocracy is going to actually back to doesn't do too much for ad revenue my contact agriculture giant teeth on a seventy six year old american farmer based in indiana fallout do you think this is going to create the cia do you think this is what's triggering the race for so long to stick but it's also the largest debtor nation. instead of breaking the set is mostly about alternatives to the status quo want a good deal all those points and the working poor the american dream the next they were just trying to survive this time for americans and lawmakers are forced to wake up and start talking about the real causes problems.
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on marinating in the financial world. to talk to seems to moments cannot stop exams only taken from the demand to trade is not going to get any economic benefit in life there are obvious and there are facts. and. joining me for tonight's big picture politics panel are scott greer associate editor of the daily caller ben cohen editor of the daily banter and david healthcare policy analyst at the national center for public policy research thanks for joining us tonight. everything republicans have told us about how medicare is bankrupting the country turns out it's probably just a load of b.s. you won't hear this on fox so-called news but the government's own estimates for how much it will need to spend on medicare over the next ten years of the plummeting over the past decade back in two thousand and six the government expected the cost of medicare to soar to around fifteen thousand dollars per person
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by two thousand and sixteen by two thousand and nine however dropped its ten year estimate to just under fourteen thousand per person projections the long term cost of medicare continue to drop in two thousand and ten and you president obama signed into law the affordable care act and have shrunk every year since the congressional budget office most recent report reported on medicare costs which came out at the end of last month with the ten year as to made cost of medicare at around twelve thousand dollars per person now there is medicare is going to do be a whole lot cheaper over the next decade and we thought it would be just a few years ago so. to the republicans on the panel idea scott davis you guys going to come up with a new strategy to beat up medicare if you don't have to it's still going i mean it still has a present value deficit over the next seventy five years of twenty eight trillion dollars so seventy five years that's progress i was supposed to be alive and so there's some of that design you know that and the c.b.l. remember the cvo has to make certain assumptions about medicare that are not
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necessarily good ones for example the doc fix which. you know congress has to repeal all these cuts to position payments every couple years the c b o since that's part of current law has to assume. those cuts aren't going to take place there's also cuts to medicare advantage in hospitals that that are assumed in there which i think politically are not going to be viable. a few years in the future so those savings which you know so you're saying you're tapping your talking points are attacked in the face of this information but what they did what i think is one of the most bizarre things i have it really comes to republicans policy of health care. is the externalities are never ever calculated when you're talking about things like medicare right sees the cost isn't just it's not just you know one plus one equals two right that you spend money medicare and not money is lost driving down the cost of health care for people right for the general public has
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a knock on effect because it means they have more money to spend and they going out to not getting completely pillaged by their health care provider getting low cost health care good quality health care which keeps them healthy keep them working keep spending money keep them contributing to the economy keep them paying taxes but these are the nazis that republicans never ever ever. on medicare are working they're either disabled or they're over age sixty five don't think they don't have the rather spend any of that but it does it doesn't doesn't have. what i mean but it doesn't keep them working i mean people who are out of money and spending money is called demand that's what stimulates the economy so people who spend money are the job creators and spending money medicare just takes it's just like making a point is really well no it's just taking you know it's taking a bucket taking water out of what got anybody in the other yes yes yes well medicare is definitely an essential item in our country and everybody and the vast majority of americans support it and i want to hold on it besides paul ryan well
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not even really besides paul ryan but pretty much everybody wants to keep it around and not a purge it so but we have to look at the long term cost you know david koch ran for vice president on a platform of eliminating medicare i mean really did it's right there in the the one nine hundred eighty libertarian party platform well i mean david koch ran that in one thousand nine hundred is that now so the republican platform of two thousand and fourteen i think it's the republicans we're going to see so because some respect i do agree with you that sometimes when republicans are talking about cutting certain elements of medicare that's not good both for a third of the country as a whole because people want medicare and even further for the party in terms of. getting new voters but i think series so you see i don't think that a body in the republican party is one of those nine hundred eighty libertarian party platform as the platform of twenty four yeah i will agree that a recent commonwealth fund study found that the u.s.
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is a lot worse than pretty much on any of the quote socialist european countries and a lot of money even socialism and so this is switzerland program is not even a single payer program when it comes to wait times you can see in the chart the u.s. ranks near the bottom of countries polled in terms of the percentage of people who said we can get same do treatment and the chart of the right reveals how the u.s. ranks near the bottom in terms of the percentage of people who say they had an easy time getting after care after hours care without going to any are so we're not doing all of what happened to this this monster of we've got the best health care system but yes it's the most expensive it is the most in the know it's not. every day but it's further proof that certain things should not be left to the hands of the market you don't have to be a communist to to recognize that having state intervention in certain parts of the markets it could lead to things like health care things like education these are things where the market is not particularly efficient or certainly needs to be
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tempted i think and this is just proof that countries that have a more centralized socialized system for the health care have a much better health gets out of that study should have been printed on toilet paper it would have been more useful it did not measure things like wait times for care which of course most european your european countries are much worse at then than the u.s. is not according to the that that is not a wait time for surgery or cancer treatment that's just the next day i point out you lived in another country yes i have something you can actually go out of mexico i've come in university and we have a social of because of us which is not perfect by any means. by any means it's. yeah but it's better than the american no it's not you know it you know i know i did i live this i know it's not it is it is you know and i was really on the on the if you single on the every single why you've calculated we have better health care outcomes such as we have we have. a far far cheaper system right the cost i don't
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you just get me to push the cost on the sick people just don't you know him to start an argument you know who need serious surgery who need cancer treatment you push the cost off onto them by making them wait for a day that i do have extra now all these different people not being able to david act it works very well yes it is it's now here on government many years the wait times and in the u.k. it's not but it is and we have a far more efficient health care something to remember you know if you go to your health care system that's the terrier you set out to get care to get care where thirty were thirty nine after hours you're not talking about waiting times you're like months and years to get your to get heart treatment or the record i lived in germany for a year and use the health care system and my kids all use the health care system and i was astonished by the you know you're going to see a doctor literally on the same day you call without exception every single time we used it whereas when i moved to washington d.c. we called every doctor in our health insurance companies network every single one
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and none of them can see me in less than eight months for the first time visit eight months and you could also go bankrupt in america that's the thing you know you don't tell you in the u.k. but you can yes the u.k. tracks i'll just send you got a new card now you know we are paid for it he said i would but i don't know what you're trying to talk about but you try how they have been posed by iraq from free health care because of the money because no one because it's not my life said with each other i want to make sure you know how many yes i do know how yet i would have access you can go you can walk off the street and get the best health and have to wait for health care and you have to pay for it out of your own pocket don't you can go right ira you don't have to pay for a lot of them ok i will send you the link tomorrow because you just wrote him back for free he gets a free health care. it's bankrupt to go bankrupt because of medical care ok. let me let me just simply not well again for the record to that point we did the show for a week from denmark and from copenhagen and we had on the speaker of the house their equivalent speaker the house number one politician in the parliament and and
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you know i said how many people in denmark go bankrupt every year or one percent of people go bankrupt go bankrupt because of health care costs and it just blinked he was like what are you talking about this i said well in america it's half of all bankruptcy said is a guy that is not crazy you know this guy was a conservative there is a self described as conservative and i said very well if you conservative do you want to do away with your you know single payer health care system and he said i'm a conservative i'm not crazy. i played i can play the clips i mean this is this is people people who have lived in europe well we're we're we're are we're doing anecdotes and i don't go over too well scott you want to have a last word on this or i think better david have the last heard yeah ok all right that's great let's move on to obama and i says this. the mainstream media has latched on to president obama's remarks last week that quote we don't have a strategy and sizes as proof that the white house is clueless when it comes to
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foreign policy it turns out however that mainstream pundits are the coolest ones here really good piece about this on your website been on the daily banter because if you watch president remarks at the president's remarks in context you'll see that they were made in response to a very specific question about a very specific issue whether the white house needs to consult with congress before striking isis in syria check it out. i have consulted with congress to up this process. i am confident that as commander in chief i have the forty's to engage in the acts that we are conducting currently . and as our strategy does. well it's we will continue to consult with congress and i do think it will be important for congress to weigh in and. or that our can console to work on this continue to develop so that. the american people are part of the debate but i don't want to put the cart before the horse we don't have
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a strategy yet and i think what i've seen in some of the news reports suggests that folks are getting a little further ahead of where we're at to than we currently are now early on he says we're developing a strategy we're working this thing out and we will develop it with congress that's how it's supposed to be as if the constitution says what's wrong with it well i think the main problem is that most americans see that obama doesn't really have a coherent strategy when it comes to syria and now the ongoing crisis in iraq i mean last year we were talking about bombing assad who is now seems like one of the few people who's actually effectively fighting isis now we're talking about bombing isis why is there so why is there is this because george bush broke a record we did but we can't we had george bush but now we're wrong but we're now have a bomb as president and we now have the situation in syria we now have a completely different situation in iraq so how do we solve this we don't solve
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this by giving which obama has done by giving funding and arms the rebels which a lot of that has now get to isis and now they're using that to take over iraq in large swaths of syria and so i think a lot of people are seeing that this strategy keeps changing first now assad's our enemy now isis is that are to me but how would you concede the situation on the ground is shifting so quickly and so dramatically that having one set instead of struck she would be completely point i agree but i think there is some point that a lot of people see that obama is flailing around on this issue and we're getting mixed messages i mean he will use bombing at the only flailing around but yeah but that's all that it's now eleven it's it is was i was just trying to help out the current. there's no long term strategy in dealing with isis that. i've read much about the situation and from my admittedly very minimal experience in this one is off by calling for the life of me think what i would do if i was in power as
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president but this is a father would be bad situation and you've got lots of different players with lots of different motives and crossing some sort of coherent strategy out of all the competing interests is mission impossible goes a disaster more of tonight's politics. are you like me you want your comedy news to some t want your comedy news to be a bare fisted no holds barred fight to the dad. but the truth vampire fighting into the necks of the corporate elite and billionaire freaks while they're going to run . well that's what you get with my new show projected tonight. dramas that can't be ignored. stories others the few still noticing. the faces changing the world lights now.
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so picture of today's news. on demand from around the globe. local. t.v. . i would rather ask questions to people in positions of power instead of speaking on their behalf and that's why you can find my show larry king now right here. there are t. question more. but
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a back to tonight's politics panel with mayor scott greer ben cohen and david o'beirne and let's get back to it speaking at a labor day event and no walking was constant yesterday president obama gave a rousing speech on the economy and once again call on congress to raise the minimum wage check it out. all across the country right now there's a national movement going on made up of fast food workers organizing to lift wages so they can provide for their families with pride and dignity there is no denying the simple truth america deserves a raise folks are doing very well on woefully they're doing very well the corporate
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boardrooms. you have american words. we also see in this is the first president since nine hundred thirty six to say this if i wanted a good job i would join a union which i thought was a nice nice touch so anyhow should we give america a raise and should we go back to have to what. are the it's right ok here's what we're doing this. i'm all in favor of people getting a raise i just don't think the government should be forcing anyone to get a raise which is what a raising the minimum wage would do then it wouldn't wouldn't happen it would never happen people never get raises unless the minimum wage goes up but it's not only different though it is not if you don't enforce a minimum wage raising the minimum wage federal level or state level it would never go in a loose labor market as long as your great was wages will never go up in the labor market unless you force them would have wages i would have been studying it for folks years the minimum wage you know that it's good yeah they have you know yeah
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of course you know define the minimum wage in america it's impossible to live you call it leave the minimum rate right now it's not possible most people who make the minimum wage are not providing for a household actually i want to forty eight percent of the people who are in the minimum wage are providing no they are not going where did that where did that come from the economic policy institute backed by labor unions give me a lot have no that's not what the you know it is not they maybe average people who are working in fast food is twenty nine years old these are. teenagers thirty for wal-mart just to give them the world including our third time with spouses working full time and i just want to jump in real quick and say this i don't think that there's necessarily a huge problem with maybe raising the minimum wage if there wasn't for workers themselves that yes we're going to want to but that's going to prompt more companies to lay them off and switch automation there's already that's not what i asked rules but there's already but history is changing technology is changing history are in europe many fast food stores are resorting to automated cashiers
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which if we eliminate the middle are if we raise. in a way to hear that my problem or companies like mcdonald's burger king that are going to let me tell you they want you off the minute that they can so by the place is going away he gives them more incentive to lay off now doctors yet they already made up a web site he's at is they have has it been cheaper to get a computer to take your neighbor is somebody who's close to twenty thousand guys who are going to be as enthusiastic about that as some of these guys in twenty two thousand it is we're going to address the large the larger problem income inequality doesn't the problem doesn't raising the minimum wage seem not like the correct idea to do that since it's just half of the other half it's time to search everything and you have to do it through a combination of raising their wage and putting taxes up on the wealthiest one percent but these two percent this make it worth is five percent right the people at the top of the economy can't afford to pay more taxes they can afford to pay their employees more i don't understand why it did you know food food this is part of his mantra in the thirty days was to be able to pay its employees
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a living wage what why is that so extreme i don't understand what i'm sorry for the forest dodge suit henry ford of get what why is that now recalled that there's some sort of communist yeah you know if you came out and said that now because you've been able to come in all honesty your faction jobs that would give people many living wage are now gone there's also there's there's an interesting flipside of this and that is you know talk about getting a paycheck on somebody this is mitch mcconnell went to. a koch brothers hosted event in dana point california this june and well here's where the ads. were off oh oh. oh. oh. oh oh. oh oh oh oh oh oh oh. oh oh oh oh. oh. oh oh.
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oh oh. oh oh. so you know here's mitch mcconnell and he went on to basically say you guys on me you know i mean this this is the message of several of the people who spoke at this conference the koch brothers alone the republican party is the second most probably going in america sucking up to billionaires. you know you would be funny if it wasn't so tragic but. i'm kind of doubt that's what went on at the conference but there are just look what we need in this country is more economic freedom not more taxes on the rich not a higher minimum wage what we need is to cut taxes what we need is to reduce the normal amount of regulations that this frankly this administration here where i'm all going to bumper stickers are going to foods you know what i would immediately you know it's really no no we forgot our best economic times when we've cut taxes and reduce right. rates is one of the greatest crash economic crash in seventy
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years but could must've been deregulation no. not for the rich no it did no it did not there are a lot of them as the twenty inch of deregulation of the bush administration of course there was no there was not while a huge amount of interest modernization wasn't doesn't make it so of course they warn you saying that there was the spigot so either give up the break right now. ok what's your explanation for. basically regulation no i would say getting fannie and freddie mae involved in the housing market in and funding high risk of the night out what's really in dollars for the derivatives i read how many were written by fannie and freddie is always a way of putting people with zero and i'm blaming probably but i'm not blaming them for people all i feel you thirty years are where were are semi government agency right but that ok when you're fifty five and i risk have been deregulated he's going to blame fannie and freddie that you know i mean deregulation was not but
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we're mad we're. back to this question of you know when when we live in an era. billionaires buying politicians and bragging about it i mean people are politicians yes like george soros ambling got him one for on crowd that song or another war zones tom styer owns loads of them not a big billionaire how do you not even get close to yes i am they have a billion three hundred we can debate forever obama on who's getting the more billionaire money but what i think most saturdays want what more was most americans don't want is they want actual solutions and i think debating on who is being owned by who is not going to the real solution we people want more going back to the minimum wage thing we need to make sure that more people are getting these jobs that can give them a what living wage to help with the income inequality and i think almost so we get kind of sidetracked by these issues of who's getting more billionaire money if
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they're being paid to constantly slash minimum wage to make sure that when people go on wage ever been signed ok well that's the way everyone has their say it is pretty minimal. relative to inflation but that's not right slash right but he did ok so therefore he hasn't risen along with the rest of you quite a bit of economic growth but so you've seen the top. one to five percent of the economy has grown tremendously you know well the most rate of teen unemployment in this nation it was during the forty's in the fifty's when the minimum wage had not been raised in over ten years and inflation and taken most of you know what that is just people people like that in years have very few skills and every time you raise the minimum wage you raise the cost of their labor you make it back much harder for them to get into the labor market and start getting the skills that they need to start moving up the economic ladder before with all you're doing with race he's in the fifty's was talking with the u.s. government was investing heavily into infrastructure investing heavily in social
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programs but this was they just come out of world war two with a scene just because she wouldn't work. all i'm saying off the board would say right with you know that if it were true there were loads of budget cuts right but they said us that it did the pay if we want to get into the pentagon system the military industrial complex all it would say there was a very very deliberate years when i was an employee there was a very deliberate choice i mean i don't system on right there nobody and we wouldn't have such a boon to the economy ok was was was having a system of government that would spend money on not of their own to the economy what it was that's what it was not who the us of the of the recession was would take that biggest government stimulus program ever in the history of the united states and arguably in the history of the world yeah it was a government spending of us are absolutely was not a government spending program it was government spending world war two i mean anyway this this the senate majority pac which raises money for senate down has released a new ad attacking senate minority leader mitch mcconnell and his failed leadership
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check this. senate majority pakis responsible for the content of this ad. so my question in response to this ad which is coming from the democrats and attacking free trade which bill clinton championed in one thousand nine hundred four is is the rest of the institutional democratic party ready to catch up with people like sure brown bernie sanders i realize isn't a democrat he's been saying this for a long time and virtually every single member in the house of representatives of the congressional progressive caucus. progress progress i mean who are all now on
7:41 pm
the record as being opposed to so quote free trade and if so what's that going to do to our president's efforts to push through the shaft of the southern hemisphere asian free trade agreement also known as t.p. . so looks to me like oh there's a change in the way you know populist change and yet they're rethinking the average american is now becoming far more aware of how damaging these free trade agreements are and how outsourcing has essentially right you know the bomb third of the economy so yeah it's pretty disingenuous when you see democrats using this to bully republicans when the top quality is fairly much pretty much in step with corporate america itself so yeah i obviously i'm going to side with the democrats because they you know they are they are less pro free trade than the republican saw. this is a sign that maybe things are j it's clear that that's the way and if so i mean you've
7:42 pm
got the on the republican side you've got the rand paul opposing free trade deals like if my recollection is correct we'll go about a democrat i think it's more than that for the new blah blah i want to say it's more of a sign of just the democrats understand that this messaging is powerful and it reaches a lot of people a lot of people like it i don't think it's necessarily that they're leaning towards the house progressive caucus and elizabeth warren and more people like that grimes is not a progressive liberal by any standards i don't think she's a very moderate opposed she's a very moderate democrat david. fifteen seconds or so i'm sure it's it would make it much harder to get the free trade deals through. that if the president really wants to push it he's going to need some help from democrats and to the extent that the that the democrats are now moving away from pro growth policies like free trade like lower taxes like less regulation yeah it's really it's unfortunate that whole burgh been calling scott greer thank you all for being there for you coming up
7:43 pm
since the birth of our nation concerned is have been terrified of an economically and politically powerful working class so back in the one nine hundred eighty s. they decided to wage a war against working class americans and last week that war claimed its lives victims more on that let's do the. drama as they're trying to be ignored. stories others refuse to notice. the faces changing the world lights now. on the old picture of today's events i told you and from around the globe. to.
7:44 pm
the. primary join me. for. yes impartial and financial reporting commentary interview and much much. only on bombast and only.
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in scrutiny is the fate of detroit rests in the hands of one man that a judge steven rhodes began hearing arguments in detroit's municipal bankruptcy case and the stakes couldn't be higher if you're the motor city in large part depends on whether judge rhodes approves of that city's plan to slash over seven billion dollars of its estimated eighteen billion dollars in debt while reinvesting a mere one point five billion in city services while supporters of the plan argue that it's the best way to get the motor city back on its feet is
7:46 pm
a really the best deal for the people who call detroit home joining me now for more on that is pastor d.l. xander boyd founder and national spokesman for the change agent consortium esther boyd walking back. tom great to be on the show it is always so great to see you my friend let's start off with detroit's bankruptcy plan what are the specific details that we know now. but what we know now is that there are six classes of creditors with one class of proven to five other class is ever going to reject a plan very interesting component of the plane as a revenue from the detroit water and sewerage department. going to pay for general general retirement of course there's also this grand bargain where you save the art from the a and give the pensioners a smaller shave than they would have gotten without that grand bargain but i'm telling you tom what we know is that this plan really is very controversial and that one point two one point five billion dollars that supposed to be reinvested to
7:47 pm
improve city services well what we do know is that nobody knows where that money's coming from and so whatever happens with this plan it's doubtful it will benefit the citizens of the city of detroit because the plan was put together by a republican governor and a republican administration essentially essentially i think you you're right on this plan was orchestrated by the republican governor rick snyder by he is proxy kevyn orr so there is no democracy in the city of detroit and what it what it does is it creates an opportunity to slash pensions to take away the pension promise to allow retirees to have to pay more for their health care to have more of that health care burden and terms of what they have to pay and so it's interesting how the bankruptcy proceedings in the city of detroit have generated economic revenue for consultants and for lawyers would really is balancing the budget of the city of
7:48 pm
detroit on the backs of the most vulnerable namely those who have retired and we're supposed to be able to depend on pensions for their livelihood if if this deal stinks so badly and it certainly sounds like it is there an alternative i mean can the judge just pull something out and say ok i'm going to do it my way and do you have any sense that he might have an inclination of us because what the jets can say is that this plan is not feasible that this plan is not equitable that this that this plan needs to be reworked and we sayn just even roll. inject himself in certain conversations especially around the whole water shut off and judge rolls was asking questions about how the shut off was rolled out why the emergency manager with the ross so many people in detroit being shut off so the judge has some latitude in terms of questioning specific proposals in the plan it would just
7:49 pm
miss specifically i'd like to see just stephen rhodes ask a couple questions why do folks think that revenues from detroit water and sewerage department can go to pay for general retirement obligations and where is this one point five billion dollars supposed to come from to reinvest in city services if you if kevin or and his team can't show exactly where this money is and how they're going to secure it then i think this plan stinks and hopefully judge stephen rolls will hold them accountable for demonstrating that this is a plan that benefits citizens and not corporate special interests in other states and other parts of the states over the last four or five decades i mean go back to old the old new york bankruptcy is and what there have been there is plenty of precedent for cities being in trouble and the state bailing them out is there it is the is the judge have the ability to throw this to the state legislature in a foursome down their throats or does he have to do everything in the in the constraints of what's in detroit. well this is in federal court now so it has to
7:50 pm
stay under the jurisdiction of the federal court system and as you well remember it's the state of michigan that is partly responsible for the so-called financial crisis in the city of detroit governor rick snyder with hail tax revenue that the city of detroit is supposed to get by law thus increasing the the so-called financial crisis or cash strapped city and so we don't want to play volleyball with the city of detroit definitely wouldn't want the city of detroit. back in the hands of governor rick snyder we hope that judge stephen rhodes will do right by citizens in the city there you go pastor d.l. example it's always great to see thanks for dropping by thank you so much great to be uninsured.
7:51 pm
is the good the bad of the very very most searing really ugly the good. feel of knots over ice bucket challenge there's a new social media campaign a charity campaign coming to town over the last week celebrities like british comic ricky gervais's have been tweeting pictures of themselves grabbing their family jewels along with a hashtag feeling nuts carolyn they're trying to start a back in june by a british organization called check one two tries to raise awareness about testicular cancer and encourages men to regular check themselves for growths down there one time will tell if the feeling doubts campaign becomes as successful as the ice bucket challenge but there's no debating the fact that anyone posed posted a picture of themselves grabbing well themselves really has balls in the bag full of missing the pastor of cleveland ohio as king of st tabernacle has
7:52 pm
a new cause removing books about vampires and zombies from the local library seriously check it out. in the young adult section at austin memorial library cleveland's public library you'll find s.a.t. study books and those focused a nation's there are fifteen hundred here including fiction one particular genre stood out to pastor phillip in a sick i think it's dangerous for kids mystic of the small king of saints tabernacle says he was stunned by how many fiction books there were on vampires and demons the shelves are full of them in a letter to the library he wrote he wants them perks we have a responsibility to see that there's good things instead of this or overwhelming amount of the demonic. that's right people the twilight novels are the biggest threat to america's youth these days not student loans not unemployment. unbelievable and the very very ugly larry klayman judicial watch founder went full
7:53 pm
on birth there and then some of his most recent column for world net daily warning the president obama's into action regarding events in the middle east is a sign of what klayman said were the president's conflicted will be able to see the road the events of the past week and months in particular have proven that the united states is in dire and critical condition angin by a thread rollover by a president who is more loyal to his middle eastern muslim brothers and his racial heritage than all the people. it's middle eastern muslim brothers it doesn't get any more racist not to mention dishonest than that that is fairly there.
7:54 pm
is time to stop the conservatives war on working people here in the united states since the birth of our nation conservatives have always been wary of average working class americans having too much political or economic power john adams the second prez the united states and a federalist that's the precursor today's republican party was very wary of the working class which adams are for to as the rabble adams believed that if a country or society wanted to be stable in a must have a governing elite that must be separated both power and privilege from the rabble many federalists of the era didn't even want working class non landowners to be able to vote in the era from the one nine hundred forty s. through the seventy's the rabble gained a lot of power here in america both economically and politically they formed unions and led protests and made life as. absolutely miserable for conservatives this strong working class and support for democrats like f.d.r. led to ronald reagan leading the charge in the one nine hundred eighty s. to take the working class down a notch now that thirty four year old conservative campaign to destroy the american
7:55 pm
working class stripped of its wealth and power now it's bearing fruit and claiming lives last week police elizabeth new jersey found thirty two year old fernandez dead in her car which was parked in a convenience store parking lot friends of fernando's told police that she worked as many as four jobs and often tried to catch some sleep between jobs by pulling over in parking lots to investigators fernandez's death may have been caused by inhalation of gasoline fumes from a gas can that had spilled in the backseat of her car fernandez's friends said that she kept a gas can in the car because she had in the past run out of gas while driving between jobs for an end as tragic and untimely death is a stark reminder of the challenges and struggles that low wage working class americans face every day but a working class americans like maria from fernandez wouldn't have to face those struggles and wouldn't have to live off such low wages if it weren't for the thirty
7:56 pm
four year conservative war on working people a new study from the economic policy institute has found that if any quality had not risen between one nine hundred seventy nine and two thousand and seven middle class incomes would have been nearly eight hundred thousand dollars higher in two thousand and seven but thanks to reagan in the war on the working class all of america's income growth over the past thirty four years has gone to the wealthy elite all everyone else has been led to struggle as the study points out average household incomes grew by fifty three point four percent between seventy nine and two thousand and seven but those gains were far from equal for example the bottom fifth of american households saw incomes rise by just over twenty nine percent between seventy nine and two thousand and seven. well incomes for the top one percent of households rose by a staggering two hundred forty four percent similarly as anna and. points out over the new york times the inflation adjusted net worth for the typical household was
7:57 pm
eighty seven thousand nine hundred ninety two dollars in two thousand and three ten years later it was only fifty six thousand three thirty five a thirty six percent decline for the past thirty four years america's wealthy have been siphoned america's wealth susan has been siphoned away from the working class and pumped up to those at the very top as a result we're seeing more and more people like maria from others who have to work multiple jobs literally just to survive it's time for this insanity to stop america is the richest country on the planet and there's absolutely no reason that working people should be living in poverty in this country the working class has been and always will be the backbone of the american economy and conservatives in washington need to get it except that fact time to end the thirty four year war on working people in america and give all americans an equal shot at success. and that's the way it is tuesday september second two thousand and fourteen and don't forget
7:58 pm
democracy begins when you get out there get active tag you're it.
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