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pleasure to have you with us here on t.v. today i roll researcher. today on larry king the country music sensations the band perry i think we're an american sound our dad a lot of rock and roll in our mom loved everything from motown and michael jackson countries i think were perfect blend of mama and papa barry on new music we've recorded seven songs at the moment and now we're taking some time pioneer with such a passion project in the sense that we were being consumed by a twenty four seven in really kind of crying and bleeding every whereas this album is just more on a lot of sense of fine yeah i'm just making sure everything just feels right plus some of the not play the lead singer trump card though and he's like i'm not going to say things have certain words i just don't want to put the word in you don't like hurricanes i don't like singing the word hurricane
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a butterfly goes in and i just ask the kids who were that's all next on larry king now. welcome to larry king our special guests the band perry surprise the siblings kimberly reeve and neil perry they were named a.c.m. vocal group of the year at this year's forty ninth academy of country music awards and group of the year at the c.m.t. music awards on september ninth they'll pull freeville perform on c.b.s. is fashion rocks airing at nine pm eastern and the currently touring with blake shelton on his ten times crazier tour which comes to los angeles on october fourth at the humongous hollywood bowl thanks for joining what's been the highlight for you to shoot it can you know if you. had so many i will say they see an award back
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in april was a really special night for us it was the first time that we've won a group of the year in country and you know we actually celebrate sixteen years in october since our first show on the overnight hit like this so that was a huge honor just to know that all the blood sweat and tears that have gone into over a decade you know is beginning to pay he just coming off your pioneers tour right now we always are like you know we spent a month there for new europe back in november so we were playing everywhere from scandinavia to the u.k. and then we were up in canada in the polar vortex and on january february we're going negative forty degrees and said very and then we brought it back to the states in march and finish it up then and then i've been doing the blake shelton tour and there's a festivals arsons and we get the pecking order kimberley is the oldest in the us yes you look beyond well she acts am absolutely area back and read is the middle fail us and you had a baby in the us and they stay with us for west how did you decide to become
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a group. well being the oldest in the family i started the first band of this bunch i was fifteen years old and my little high school sweetheart played bass guitar and they needed a lead singer a bunch of my buddies in high school and so they knew that like to sing a little bit and invited me to be a part of the band and it just sort of stuck in reading neal we would always rehearse with my high school buddies in our living room and so reading mail would have been eight and ten years old at the time and so every time our drummer and our bass player would take a water break reed neil would jump on the john kit and the bass guitar and so all of us sat in the three of us were even playing music in our living room while i was supposed to be practicing with the other band and became very clear that eventually the family band was that the end goal you both guitars the lead role played guitar and yes kimberly is the lead vocalist and she plays acoustic guitar and piano reads the bass player and background vocals and i played mandolin and i started out as
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the drummer but now i've played mandolin and see what he could do you know play cordy and oh what is was it like during overseas you know grazie we would tell jeff some stage and there'd be nothing just goes into understand english but they would sing every single word back to you in english so that was interesting we did blame it on carol these jokes we said they just weren't that funny you know the energy over there to the crowd over there were some of the most energetic we've ever played for and i think there's just something about that culture that just appreciates music so much like we are we are over near where the beatles were from liverpool we're like we can see how b. beatlemania came from here just because they appreciate music and they're all you know your user yeah and this is here to the folks there that was i think the coolest thing is just different parts of the world you're a big hit your group of the year why do you have to open. you know out an opening act we love blake shelton we got to do the voice with him earlier this year and in
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the process of him. biting as said to do the voices said hey doing this tour this summer when you come out an open up and so i think our mindset really has to fall it's we've got our own headlining tour our first one this year but i think that it's also very important as that we continue to grow our fan base and so our mentality when we're open and for a guy like blake is to not only support him in his show but to try and win some of the hearts of his fans out there as well speaking of opening acts jake owen was our guest recently and he was an opening act for something missing is. here's what he had to say about being an opening act watch as an opening act all you want to do is absolutely crush every other person that you're playing with and you want to step on the headliner you want to make the headline earlier well yeah that admits that yeah you want to. permitted out there live but if you're opening act all you want to do is go out there and completely try to try to one up the guy whose name is on
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the ticket ok. you agree with that do you think he was kidding me or you know feel that there is a competitive spirit among artists is just the truth but i think the artists that we've had the opportunity to go out with everybody from keith urban to brad paisley you know we're a trio we're kind of a different entity and i think that word is always bringing an individual flavor to the you want to kill them yeah yeah i mean there is that exciting competitive nature about the whole thing even at award shows and stuff too it's like when another band has a song a great song you know will tease each other like how did you get that song we did but looking back at it with other to you it's just i think it's something that's innate in all of us as entertainers and women big question asker so a big job for us as the opening act is to watch the headliner how and they you know been able to achieve such success that they've had whether it was on stage or off stage or how their you learn that it is going to school we always ask questions even from the very beginning we read
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a mind took so long before your first album you first album was just four years ago right well that was our first year it was our first release on a label but like i said we have been touring for about a decade before that and in the beginning touring for us meant you know playing queen songs in rolling stone songs that in sweaty little clubs at two o'clock in the morning and so we definitely paid our dues and then eventually learned to write songs we recorded an independent album that the world has not heard and will never hear right before we signed a record deal the last song that we had written for that independent album was if i die young and that was the first song that we were like you know what this is one of our king pins and beginning to build this i would've made you play you know i think it was our giant hell out it definitely was the one that opened the door wide wide open for the band perry what was it like glue struggling news you know. was the book outliers said that you had to work you know ten thousand hours of something to get great at it or even get competent and say no we felt like that
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those twelve years are ten thousand hours you know we're always really goal oriented so i feel like if we saw something in the distance we were fine working however hard or however long it was interesting there were times when there are more people on stage in the crowd which is not a joke i mean it is true in the two kids are begging to go home but our whole right is we do. the robot in the south side of the country music is always so close to his fans right and close to each others is competitive but none too but aretha like she should have explained that why do you think that country music as you said begins and ends with the fan and for us here in the band perry we believe country music's the people's music i mean the songs are about everyday life and the struggles and the romances and all that that we all go through and you know i think that the family of country music artists is a special thing because we're all championing the fans and the songs you know it says john or that appreciates
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a well written story and i think that is the tie that binds us together creatively zack you know the country music tuesday very generous to you know you've got things like country care they go to st jude hospital and in june the fans easily yes and in june we have this gigantic festival called c.m.a. fest and that it's amazing people from all over the world come to nashville one weekend again and then yes and that's really amazing to see there's no fanbase like country music for you know what we do really describe your show i think when american sound our dad loved rock n roll and our mom loved everything from motown the michael jackson the countries i think were a perfect blend of you know mama and papa perry and so therefore we'll pull from everywhere our live shows are very you know rock n roll themed inflow. and says we have a lot of traditionalism and taishan of country music but we will put a modern not the country music on bella these days you know it's like with the
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sadly the death of rock radio it's almost like country is the last rock radio friend here but we also experiment with some urban beats and that sort of thing there's a lot of cross pollination between urban music and country as well right now and i think it's exciting i think every day usage honor lines blur more and more and that is even the spirit of come to mean stream no two right yeah and you're going to perform on fashion rocks on september ninth how did that come about well our publicist brought that opportunity to us and we're really excited about that and you know i think one thing that the three of us love not only the music side of what we do but also the visuals of what we do and so to do fashion rocks and also kind of pay tribute to the other side of what we do the fashion side that's really exciting for us and we're really on the pensions of one super excited about iraq says the girl in the band and you know like neal said he's probably the most visual one of the three of us but we really feel like what we look like on the outside is
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an extension of our music sometimes you'll see all three of us in black leather when we had our song out done on the radio it was like the black leather era for the band perry and on our song now chainsaw we're in this nine days grunge mood all of a set and you know what designer you'll be before we don't know and that actually is going to do what i would design that they want to do yes and i will actually that of the saddest song we play if it is black leather or partly done yeah but if it's moody i don't hear about it to someone that you guys or you're married right and your husband's you know months already a texas ranger yes there was his name j.p. aaron c.b.s. or disapproval where's that from j.p. is from miami and parents were both of cuban descent so we call my cuban cowboy you get. be with each of them oh you're on the road he's with the rangers right you know we get to spend more time in the off season which is really the beautiful
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thing we're going to have five four months of a lot of time together but we pick and choose our moments reid has this mantra that we just kind of make life happen on the go here in the band perry and so you know life passed to move on along you've only married one yes. she and i noticed that mom and pop perry are with you they are with us to you is very close shave just wanted to meet you arean and we can just you know very well as you know to be all of us very duty age group right you know there was the fourth and fifth them as well members of the band perry just because they are in the wherry for show what this. am not a home full of sixteen kids and that set up all in here from the back again and. even now sixteen kids to manson none of us could drive and so they're about sixteen of us on the road between her man and you know as a mine knowing families as i do and being the father of boys you do fight. no more than i can seem to mean in
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a civil it's the able to normal so i'm five years older than ri and there that tears a party years apart yeah it was two years you had a fight yeah we had spat yeah our dad would have to come in and say look read you're on the side of the room deal and you're on the side don't cross this invisible line and so we had a lot of those kind of talks but i will say that our parents it was very important for all three of us for them to instill in us a sense of graciousness to each other when we were kids now sometimes they instilled that by grounding his or read they would just take a dollar bill away from me because he would only respond to money and remember but you know i think so much of that early instruction they would always carries over to the window if we were fighting and then they would say there's a world out there you're going to fight in every day we're not going to do it underneath this roof here's where we support areas where we love and we really carry those values with us into the band perry when there's a new album coming we'll find out next.
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it was a. very hard to. do that or how we got her there are really. low. listen
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to. the. i've read and i know. how it works like. crap parties are like a bunch of. words like. i've been aren't. great by a bunch of. like. and then there's more than just the one. i'm directing and i'm fighting one word. we're back with the band perry ok you currently working on your third album and
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touring as well right so when is that going to come well we yeah we are in the studio right now we've recorded seven songs at the moment and now we're taking some time to go on the road play shows and write and come up with the best songs we can for the next batch of recording we're about to do and it's really exciting i think the album's finally taking on some perspective and some kind of direction so it's really cool to kind of have some firm ground underneath us you said the pioneers your second album was a lot more difficult than the first album the debut album the band perry is this going to be more difficult than pioneer you know i don't think so you know there's so much pressure on the software album in during that process we're having to figure out the science of writing while we're on the road this time it's a lot easier we're taking time off from the road to write and record and you know it pioneer was such a passion project in the sense that we were you know consumed by it twenty four
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seven in really kind of you know crying and bleeding over it whereas this album is just more on a lot of sense of fun yeah and just making sure everything just feels right this is going to be very different from the other two well in the sense that i think you know there's a lot of spirit like great set of fun lot of energy into this project and i'm excited to start trial. in the mt lab and just see how they had our fans because when we record now album we're always thinking about how it's going to play the drug. lord sometimes we do sometimes we will yeah we definitely play and come up with arrangements during sound check before the show but once in a while if we're feeling extra courageous we'll try it out minority ends and hopefully fingers crossed they like it oh give me the writing process when three people are writing i know that a lot of. people individually write but how do you write the three of you all different ways i mean right now and it's very much an evolution for us right now
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neil will bring in a musical idea maybe that's on the mandolin maybe that's on acoustic guitar maybe it's a job and a synthesizer and usually that initial musical idea will start kicking around some melodies and we always sort of sit in a rather circle to the music for his next first nobody comes second lyrics come third for us but we all just sort of pile these ideas on top of each other and eventually a song is born there is there a lead writer you know it kind of depends on what part of the song we're talking about or he's influenced a song normally whoever brings in the ideal kind of take lead on it so whether it is a musical idea lyrical idea just kind of there's somebody does not play the lead singer trump card though and i'm like i'm not going to sing names of certain words that i just don't want to sing i just don't like it's an ever evolving list so it's a word you don't like ok i i mean it's if it's really a word hurricane i don't like singing the word hurricane or butterfly those you know i just. i can't remember i love it too sometimes whenever complete there's
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a night d.n. really i don't like it we like kimberly i don't like that idea you can always like we'll come up with something better than she'll sit back and let us know how to done done together right yes very and i remember we were cheating the music video for better dick too and i had my banjo and as we were in between takes i just started doodling around on the band pulled out my i phone and i recorded a little. banjo lick and then we later went to a writing room and done came out in the day and it was actually the last song we wrote for pioneer deadly yes so i think it was kind of our our way of saying we're finished recording you wrote if i die young lives it was the idea behind that you know it was you know morbid little bit depends on how you think of it really i mean a game out of morbid for me it came out of a sense of contentment and i remember the day when i originally got the idea i was sitting on my bed in my bedroom in east tennessee surrounded by beautiful mountains and i just started thinking you know if for whatever reason i died today what would
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my funeral look like so i know that sounds morbid but for me it was about saying you know i feel like i've done everything that i've wanted to do so far and there's a long road ahead hopefully but if it all ended today and i content with how i have left everybody and i contend with what i've done with my moments so far and i really was and so if i die young was that expression of contentment. the act itself is there are talks to be audience the most or do you all talk to be out there talking and really all three totally all three have very different senses of humor at riyadh's kind of are the dry humored cynic of the bunch kneels just like the lovable baby of the munch and i don't really know what my your kind of a sister is in a confident was bossy is like your bossy she's. so i think that comes across you live and how do you guys like your boy playing brother will always good you know everyone asked well do you like and we said yeah you know ken we want to marry in the fleet improves and hey we get every tickets to baseball game that's not pretty
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that's not that and i meet him. one j.p. actually walks through a signing line in a meet and greet before one of our shows and i thought that it was just that serendipitous but apparently for a couple years actually when he saw the if i die young music video he told his buddy who he was with is like i'm going to going to marry that girl and so i took him a couple years to really find his way organically and see where the sphere of the band perry but it was special thing when he had to call your brothers to yes they all they all went on a boys of a k.f.c. couple of winters ago let's celebrate my drive celebrate my drive is a celebration that we've partnered up with to put on with state farm and basically celebrate my drive is doing exactly that and for new drivers in high school it's celebrating the freedoms of the road in this brand new experience that is driving but it's also putting a spotlight on the responsibility that comes along with that it's all about two
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hands on the will two eyes on the road and don't text don't text yes yes we have some social media questions for you t v p n t swithin tweets what's the best part about being in a band with his siblings you know i think it's that we know each other so well we understand that we're all kind of after the same thing and that our commitment is exactly the same to this in this music thing that we've all drive and we've got each other's backs too that's another thing. there's a pioneering terry on twitter what here product. well where do you begin i mean you know hair is the superpower that has a band pairings that is very important question or of a actually is what i use and what do you guys when i have there's enough that's. just on instagram what was your first big purchase when you made it big. j p i actually just purchased about one hundred eighty acres and east tennessee so that's exciting and i got a car i got a hummer so a hummer a big winner
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a little one the big one the h. one i guess you think it's i think in love it good gas mileage yes certainly great gas mileage at m.d. mcbride who has helped you most in your career is now pilots say are parents just because at the age of favorite band queen queen. actually west on instagram best gift you've gotten from a family ok so right now we're starting to get all these polaroid pictures from our fans yes and we started to assemble them on all the walls on our tour bus that's one of our favorite things lately you like the tour bus we did we love the tour of our apartment and we lie a little bit yeah we've been thirty five really it's like austin kelly on facebook what's your favorite song to perform live oh goodness i think it changes your night tonight right now we have a song called chainsaw that's out on the radio and to get into the song live we do a mash up of cash and pit bulls timber with our chainsaw and the crowd flips out
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over them and that's a fun moment of the show it's really exciting also there's a rendition of that bottom you're also you've got here again we love queen so we have to honor freddie mercury and katy eighty one came katy your favorite and least favorite things about going on tour. least favorite thing was probably have to be a pile of laundry that collects on every single run and then you have so much laundry to it's pretty bad at the end of a right to everything and everything you know traveling going overseas that's a really cool thing going to want to fly there and you have to fly there you did take the bus over there now that i know a game of if you only knew what's a superpower you'd like to have flying. i wish i had gills really you could go underwater yet you couldn't swim i could swim i want to be invisible i wouldn't be having every conversation visible to i do other things. characteristic what's his quirk ok really if it is the cheapest one of the three of
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us he actually has a computer that doesn't even have a battery in it but he won't purchase another one has lost the battery so he has a plug it into the law every single time to make a functional because he will but it's still where and again his punishment growing up wasn't like you know i guess spanking or grounding it was always your dollar and that still works today you record what is michael. neal ok sometimes nail can decide in an interview and what word he's going to go with to describe something so we are in the swan interviewing time work where you're going to be mentally couldn't decide between quirky and whimsical so he decided on quizzical yeah so here it is our word is sometimes it was one hundred it takes about five minutes to swallow pills and there's like a full on like maybe her chest to get that pill down it's like she always before she takes like vitamins or whatever she always has to have someone who knows how hard like maneuver in the room just in history it's pretty sad who's the messiest on to or can really really look at her hair or organized chaos and then there was
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the quick just to come up with a catchy were i think probably read and i would say that it is sense of humor he's very dry and a bit of a senate and which song gets the craziest fan reaction if i had a oh yeah yeah music defends would be surprise you listen to. oh. the sound of music soundtrack well lately to me even less you are kidding no no i'm really not there's good melody in it and i like it is even less and so this says to out of hip hop an urban music right now called trap and we've all this time got so hungry to find every single track programmer we can possibly locate there's trouble for music or not it is a national army is a good beat form from the selfie and where you listen to. gosh anything from rap the country to pop whatever i'm in the mood for someone you love to collaborate with. justin timberlake i think would be at the top of our i wish
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list our first song you learned to play first on the i learned to play was the ocean by led zeppelin i started out as the drummer and i loved john bonham was like my hero so i learned that one another mice that us something on piano that i'm sure had something to do with twinkle twinkle little star. they were subdued in high school not including music literature for me here's lifing history math. that's not they were like castles but it is her that was here recently that would be the arithmetic you know what they're always. what they're would you like to go back to and visit. i think for me it would be. when my grandparents were in high school which would have been the late forty's which i know is that you know a difficult time of recovery and our country but i would love to see how our family's
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story originated and sort of on the wall and what state mississippi deep south what you did but the civil war eight hundred sixty s. you know you go back to incision civil war all of us all and want to fight that that are just see it's all going on he's our history never made the golden age of hollywood everything looked great in black and white i just want to go back there you know it really wasn't black and white in the end realize really you know me you're a wrestler what would your name be scary perry. read hadn't read holden because i was like i hope hogan not not named after that us i mean you know there's my love i would have to meet. cherry valid sue is my favorite heroine in all of literature and maybe from the outside which a clear picture in the works. what's hard to remember lyrics so music lyrics lyrics for her. is the lead singer and she has trouble remembering times you know got
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lyrics as she looked to me to help her out the in the background vocalists and i didn't do it i was laughing so hard for you guys are a delight thank you very much and i think the band perry i want to thank my guest kimberly reeve and neal the band very make sure you see them on tour with blake shelton and you can watch them perform on c.b.s. inspection rocks on september ninth at nine eastern good find me on twitter with james things i'll see you next. well. science technology innovation all the list of elements from around russia we've got the future covered. on marriage in the financial world about.


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