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tv   Headline News  RT  September 3, 2014 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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so picture of today's. from around the globe. breaking news here on r.t. international russian photographer is dead after being missing in eastern ukraine for a month. islamic state militants release a video apparently showing the execution of another u.s. journalist saying it's in revenge for american airstrikes on jihadist forces in iraq. the final day of commemoration ceremonies marking the tenth anniversary of the baseline school massacre. in beslan we'll bring you the recollections of the survivors. now.
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as the ukrainian army is driven from the embattled don't yet region altie follows local fighters on that mission. processed as a gathering in new paltz in wales where security is tight attitude day. we'll look at what's driving the push for more troops in eastern europe and who's likely to pay for. what you know it's international it's good to have you with us we're coming to you live from moscow where it's now eleven am. i'm breaking news this hour it's been confirmed that russian photographer andre stannin is dead he'd been missing in eastern ukraine for almost a month let's cross to r.t. correspondent arena for more on this latest tragic development arena do we have any
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information on how and when this happened. while hopes for injuries safe return from ukraine have been shattered after genetic tests has proven conclusively that the remains that have been found in south eastern ukraine indeed do belong to andre steady and it was a photo journalist working for ria novosti which is part of the corporation rest in supporting news corp the head of which has made this statement on the death of andre. rieu paulo gundry's fate and demanded that international organizations freed him we're thankful to everyone in russia and their broad for your activities and for your support. unfortunately when we are trying to do everything possible and even impossible for his freedom and ready no longer with us. now those words of gratitude to prompted by
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a massive show of support that was that began right here there are i see a subordinate headquarters where i'm standing i was spread all over the country even all over the world not just journalists but people in other countries including organizations for protection of journalists worldwide have issued their support they have been calling on andries release because it was assumed that andre was detained by ukrainian forces as they have previously done to a number of russian journalists or journalists working for russian news outlets including our team but no information was provided by kiev that would specify exactly what was happening to andre or where he was at one point keep the fishes were saying that he is aiding and abetting the government of fighters in southeast of ukraine from kiev called terrorists they would do that statement later on when there were offers of exchange of andriy for ukrainian soldiers was finally when russia realized there is absolutely no way to get any information from ukraine they
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have organized their own investigation of andris fate stand in serve friends journalist who had been working with them also participated in that investigation they have discovered andris car among other vehicles that were part of a civilian convoy of refugees that was in the nets krege and that convoy was fired upon by ukrainian forces and entre whose remains were found right there on the spot was one of those who died in doubt attack is thirty three year olds what a journalist so definitely was a seasoned war reporter who's been to maybe other hot spots he went to libya syria covering conflicts there he survived by his mother for whom it is obviously a very tragic time and her tragedy and her loss is shared by thousands of people in the world the world over and of course by andries friends and colleagues for mourning him today. we thank you very much as he's a really good reporting and bring us up that. now photo a correspondent for the ria novosti news agency stan and had been working outside
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on yet covering the ongoing conflict in the region he lost contact in moscow on august the faith and hadn't been heard from since a week later in an interview to allow the in radio station the ukrainian security service said they had him only to later backtrack two weeks after his disappearance kiev issued a search warrant and said he was most likely being held by anti government forces on august twenty second to burn car with three bodies and camera equipment was found on a road outside of done yet d.n.a. test results now confirm one of those bodies was that of andre stan in. understand it was a respected photographer who worked in conflict zones all over the world for media outlets such as reuters and a.p. these are some of the last pictures he took while working in ukraine before covering the ongoing army assault in the country's east he was in kiev during the mass and government rallies on may down the square and more than a dozen journalists have been killed abducted interrogated and tortured in ukraine
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learn more about their fate in the conflict zone at r.t. dot com. a second american reporter has apparently been executed by islamic state militants stephen sokoloff was taken captive more than a year ago and was previously seen in the video where another u.s. journalist james foley was beheaded this is going to come as the story. because it's a scenario that we've seen before when another american journalist james foley was beheaded two weeks ago similar orange jumpsuits a desert setting an execution a with a british accent in both videos and now that westerners threatened to be killed next when these islamic states your heart is beheaded james foley two weeks ago they showed stephen sokoloff in that same video and vowed to kill him unless the u.s. started airstrikes against the isis so those mother addressed the isis shortly before he was killed here i ask you to please my child as
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a mother just as to be merciful and not punish misson for matters he has no control over cycle of force kidnapped at the syria turkey border last year he was thirty one years old he had written for the time and foreign policy magazines he reported from syria turkey egypt bahrain after steven sort of the islamic state group is threatening to execute david paints a british citizen david haynes reportedly had experience with the british military he did security work for nonprofit organizations leader now these long state doesn't just working americans in the video they warn other governments against becoming part of quote unquote this evil alliance of america against the islamic state after the killing of james foley president obama made it clear that the executions would not stop the airstrikes some u.s. officials say for anything murders like these could only make america more involved
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in the fight against the jihad a school. well the islamic state has become the richest terrorist group to ever exist with two billion dollars in their war chest now to put that in perspective the taliban's budget is five hundred and sixty million dollars with such funds at their disposal of jihadists able to maintain a well armed unsupplied army but where does the money come from but almost half of their cash comes from capture the oil fields in syria and iraq robbing banks going to the militants approximately four hundred thirty million dollars money laundering and smuggling also forms a large part of their budget middle east expert joshua landis told us that the fight against islamic state militants will turn into another afghanistan for the usa it's very difficult in this situation because isis dominates a region the size of great britain in both syria and iraq if you're going to destroy them and kill them. and hit their buildings you have to have somebody else
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to replace them otherwise they'll just spring up and you'll infuriate the sunnis that are trapped in between baghdad and damascus so the u.s. has to come up with a strategy somebody has to pay for it and there has to be an exit strategy and obama does not want to get stuck in some swamp the way the u.s. did in iraq originally or in afghanistan without an exit strategy well ati's oksana boyko discuss the rising jihadist threat and its effect on the west with british muslim social and political activist anjem choudary and you can watch that on thursday on r.t. international. memorial services in the south russian city of beslan are entering their final day the nation is marking ten years since a deadly terrorist attack on a school where chechen militants took over a thousand people hostage for three days the attack took the lives of three hundred thirty four people most of them children and their mothers the reports from beslan . we are in the baseline jim this is the epicenter of the tragedy and
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the whole place has become this very touching memorial i just want to point out some of the things that we've got here aside from the faces of the victims lining the walls including this lady galina sequoyah who we're going to talk about in just a little bit you can see all the different toys for example and of course flowers lining this entire area especially for today's event and the bullet holes that were left behind during the attack and the rescue operation that followed now while the photos of the dead are lying in the walls here more than three hundred people including. that i mentioned her daughter was actually with her here in the gym. died protecting her her daughter and another friend of hers both survived the attack and now ten years later they came back to the school for the
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first time and they spoke with us about their memories more than three hundred candles shined in the darkness each one a life lost in the baseline siege ten years ago angela sequoyah and diana aleko the made it through the terrible attack then only seven years old on the first day of class their rescue was preserved in photos both gruesome and iconic. you know you're still i remember i was with my mom and the men came up to me and put me into a car so i was in a car when this picture was taken but the minute. just that that's a human being i don't really remember how they brought me out of there i just remember a man took me and carried me through some gardens or something and my face was covered with blood the blood dried out in my eyelashes and i couldn't open my eyes and i remember that i still had to ponytails my mom made love to me. this is the grave of angela's mother who died protecting her during the attack while angela and
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diana were spared the fate of many of their classmates on that horrible day they say their childhoods are buried here among the victims now after this tragedy you remember all those terrible things and this is not normal childhood once you start remembering those years when you were a child you remember this terror attack very vividly you don't remember anything else. they save you or deal forced them to accept the harsh realities of life and comprehend things no child should but they add that the memories of the people they lost must live on with the next generation. is that which in this is important for me somehow i want my children to know about it and never forget maybe when i tell them what happened they'll begin to understand certain things and treasure alive because it can stop an animal mend and a day anything may happen to us. a mattress or r.t. baseline. and you can join us throughout wednesday for our coverage of the third
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and final day of memorial events in beslan. now these aerial images show the remains of a village in the don yes region in eastern ukraine devastated by a military campaign at least fifteen hundred people used to live there but now as you can see it's empty and houses lie in ruins nearby villages and towns are still being bombed despite anti government forces pushing the army out followed the fighters and one of their missions. with the anti-government fighters in the outskirts of the town of ill advised we're traveling to where they think they might still be ukrainian soldiers fighting walking through the fields well we're
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following the anti government troops now this part of the town is supposed to be leaving the ukrainian army but they come in just to check that there's nothing no soldiers hiding here no mines on the ground. at this hour so but i can. still hear us. right next to us. just it's going to. ok you heard that explosion. this explosion is going to appear. we can still. you can hear some of the firing coming from behind us and some. in front of us. since all this
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government prices have actually been winning by most of the fifteenth here in eastern ukraine what do you find the problem. we saw an armored vehicle belonging to the ukrainian military entering our territory we did not invite them here we want to live freely on our own land. there are no russians here and there never were there is only the local population who rose up to defend themselves do you see any russians or chechens here. but i know way back like i say it was a successful mission and it's just a matter of time before not only to be entire town all the advice going to surrounding areas but indeed the whole of eastern ukraine is you may have noticed me i'll see on the outskirts of a device. coming up a one hour to international reaching out for an alternative view but getting a media war response ukraine launches a new channel to promote the view on international affairs but boucher's an
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interview was our team tries to learn more about the media outlets. plus a quick mind takes it all in the u.k. immigrants pursuing british citizenship are tested with questions that puzzle many britons themselves later in the program you get to watch me turn to answer one of the questions. differently here in syria now many of the members of congress of both parties have gone to syria in recent months has. the. best approach. which is diddy's telling you good. stability and peace to syria is going to be so obviously.
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that is the. russia today program just for. sabean. this. is just ridiculous not an answer to my question. and sometimes there are. stories. don't want you to see. made the crisis in eastern ukraine kiev is launching a new english language t.v. channel aimed at promoting its point of view on the raging conflict on global affairs now it's called ukraine today also a host and he said now i reached out to the networks executive producer for more
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details with the conversation didn't go exactly as planned. invited her on and as our audience just saw the invitation to come on and have frank dialogue she had the questions beforehand she could have been well prepared with arguments we didn't get to that because the. goal of coming on was to show this sign of russia today stop lying which we did and unfortunately right now what we're seeing on social media is ukraine today trying to say that we cut them off which is absolutely a lie if you're not only wasn't there i went back to it to make sure our audience saw what an invitation for dialogue was turned into i think what it comes down to calve and we of course in the witness instance were right we're in a media war and this is part of the game we're going to continue to invite these people on we're not going to stop we're going to continue to make the state producers we're trying to get yes we're going to fight a different views are not going to give out we want to have all perspectives on our
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t.v. certainly on in the now it's something we try very hard to do and this is going to be stuff that happens if we continue to do that but we're not going to stop we're not going to back down let's just take a quick look at some of the initial promo material the lessness and see what they're about ukraine today bringing to you such a deal. if you want to. hold. to extend does that reflect what we see on the broader channel how much more if you see pretty much all we're seeing right now because they don't have presenters they don't have reporters yet they've basically just started for now they have big plans they're portraying themselves are trying to portray themselves as the information channel on a lot of interviews. that town has given to b.b.c.'s al-jazeera she's talked about how they're going to be informing they're not going to the press to day they're not
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going to be propaganda and not sort of running a promo talking about how russia is a threat to the entire world could be deemed not propaganda but it's for the viewers to you today. and you can watch the nation's full encounter with the executive producer of ukraine today on our you tube channel and a wednesdays in the now in asia will bring you more reaction to that conversation you can watch it at six pm g.m.t. . now immigrants dreaming of british citizenship are being put to the test however a list of questions designed to challenge hopefuls knowledge of their potential homeland is receiving criticism will even high profile politicians failing to answer some of the more challenging questions things marina koester ever finds out how well britain's themselves for. hundreds of years of history boiled down to twenty four questions questions that any migrants of war can age must get right if they stand a chance of becoming a british citizen. the pass mark is seventy five percent but even brits are having
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a hard time getting him frights with just under half of those aged between eighteen to twenty four making the grade and what hope is there when even politicians get it wrong magna carta the literal translation is was what you have mag night now you can you are testing me. it would be good for you to do this yeah i would it would. be a mission really to stop people coming in there are other immigration policies for that really it's in order to try and reassure the public something which it fails to do and invoke a sense of civic pride into immigrants as they come to this country something which they also failed to do i didn't test because i was curious i actually thought i would pay for it but i didn't have a very biased toward sports and things which i wouldn't consider relevant to what it means to be living in england i think it would make more sense to all think what's the difference between england great britain the united kingdom because that's the here and now even though the brits are citizenship task has been described as a bad pub quiz and unfit for purpose it was conceived as
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a way to task the candidates knowledge of brits a slow life and signs of the english this is supposed to ensure a person can in so great and so brits are society but with natives of failon that's how some feel it's unfair and even able critical of the government so expect foreigners to know more about british values and this story than them i think it's very badly with together i think it's put together by people who haven't been immigrants themselves so you have the information about how tall the illuminati is and feeds and meter about how old approximately how big ben it's about was common how or six once. you know when you get that one wrong and pack your bags i don't know if i became more british and i certainly knew more obscure trivia about the united kingdom so what happens if you fail you have to wait a week fork out another fifty pounds and try again to pass
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a test that appears to show you know more about your new homeland than many of the people who were born there. during a cost of our reports in from london for r.t. . now every hour artie's produces a putting r.t. international british presenters to the test is going to case so far they've got another question lined up for me now let's take a look at it i haven't seen this before hand which of the following statements is correct magistrates usually work unpaid into not need legal qualifications or magistrates must be specially trained legal experts blah blah blah i think magistrates are volunteers so i'm going for the top one see if that is correct it is another correct answer and will be more challenges every hour throughout the day here on r.t. international well so far. in
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other news raising money to bolster a military presence in eastern europe in the wake of the ukrainian crisis this is one of the key issues to be discussed during an upcoming nato summit in the u.k. over the weekend hundreds of peace protesters hit the streets of newport in cardiff in wales they want less money spent on war and nuclear weapons so could nater of food to british defense infrastructure across eastern europe currently the twenty eight member states spend as much as one trillion dollars a year maintaining what the alliance already has that means the organization alone gets more military funding than the rest of the world put together so washington is currently footing most of the bill with just over a quarter of nato is budget made up by other members those in the alliance are supposed to contribute two percent of the g.d.p. each year but not everyone does in fact over eighty five percent of the countries on the list are willing or simply not ready to provide that much cash peace
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activist lou thinks the timing of the summit is well picked. it's not by accident that every important subject in the nato summit will be the question of the victim's budgets which was difficult to sell because little binion but now with the crisis in ukraine and the stepping up of the crisis it gives arguments to let's say the western military industrial complex to say look we need this budget it's for our security experience borken increased military presence in the region would be. would be very dangerous and could escalate the conflict. or the nato summit will begin on thursday and r.t. will be closely following advents that. the north atlantic treaty organization more simply. i would like to invite the secretary general as well as the presidents of albania
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croatia to join me here you have nato roadmap for the next ten years. to some of the headlines now from around the world starting in mali where four u.n. peacekeepers have been killed and fifteen others injured when that convoy hit a landmine on monday the u.n. base came under mortar fire four civilians were injured northern mali fell under control of separatist an al qaeda linked extremist following a military coup in two thousand and twelve the un mission took over responsibility for security in the region last year after french troops forced islamists from key towns. thousands of marched through the peruvian capital against what they say is fraud by the country's electoral council supporters of the former mayor of lima came to the rally after his name was removed from the ballot in the upcoming election riot police blocked the protesters movement as they tried to march to
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government buildings. and to remind you are breaking news this hour here on r.t. international it's been confirmed that russian photographer andre stannin is dead and been missing in eastern ukraine for almost a month russian investigators say stemmons car was shelled by the ukrainian army along with a refugee convoy a photo correspondent for the ria novosti news agency stanton had been working outside donetsk covering the ongoing conflict in the region he was thirty three years old. coming up the bell discusses the ukraine crisis in crosstalk stay with us.
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we think about why we think there are no. beaches. coconut palms gently swaying in the ocean breeze. and frank. has a deep dark little secret a secret the u.s. government would like you to know. well i did. a search for you to get all. these.
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little things with. a low in welcome to crossfire all things considered i'm peter a little kid of in retreat you can civil war is grounded into a stalemate and the economy is crashing this is created an opening for dialogue all parties seize the moment or will moscow continue to be blamed.


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