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tv   Breaking the Set  RT  September 3, 2014 4:29am-5:01am EDT

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the protection of journalists worldwide have issued their support they have been calling on andries are these because it was assumed that entry was detained by ukrainian forces as they have previously done to a number of russian journalists or journalists working for russian news outlets including our team but no information was provided by kiev that would specify exactly what was happening to andre or where she was staying in surf friends sternness we've been working with you may have discovered andris car among other vehicles that were part of the civilian convoy of refugees that was in the nets krege and that convoy was fired upon by ukrainian forces and one tree whose remains were found right there on the spot was one of those who died in a drought attack he survived but his mother for whom it is obviously a very tragic time and her tragedy and her loss is shared by thousands of people in the world over and of course by andries friends and colleagues for mourning him today. well a photo correspondent for the ria novosti news agency stand in had been working
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outside on yet covering the ongoing conflict in the region the last contact in moscow on august the fifth and hadn't been heard from since now week later in an interview to allow me and radio station the ukrainian security service said they had him only for them to later backtrack two weeks after his disappearance he had issued a search warrant and said he was most likely being held by anti-government forces when august the twenty second a burn car with three bodies and camera equipment was found on the road outside don yes d.n.a. test results now confirm one of those bodies was that of andre stan and austin and was a respected photographer who worked in conflict zones all over the world for media outlets such as reuters and a.p. these are some of the last pictures he took while working in ukraine before covering the ongoing arm yourselves in the country's east he was in kiev during the mass anti-government rallies on may down and square. more than a dozen journalists have been killed abducted interrogated and tortured in ukraine
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you can learn more about their fate in the conflict zone on our website that's r.t. dot com. back to our breaking story this hour on r.t. international a permanent cease fire has been announced in eastern ukraine that's according to the statement comes after a phone conversation between ukrainian president poroshenko and his counterpart from russia vladimir putin let's now go live to our teams paula with the very latest on this breaking story paula could this be the beginning of dialogue then between care from the antigovernment movement. well it certainly seems as if it's a step in that direction and yes we could be looking at a breakthrough in the deadlock between the antigovernment fighters and the king of authorities so to directly answer your question it is a break through now what we are hearing from the kiev authorities is that the ukrainian president petro poroshenko spoke via telephone with the russian president vladimir putin and the to discuss the possible ways that they could end the
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conflict what they did agree and this is according to a statement that it was issued in the last few moments by kids is that they are on the same page regarding the steps that need to be taken to end the months of fighting that have basically broken down eastern ukraine at the same time we are hearing from the ukrainian president that he has announced a permanent cease fire here in eastern ukraine but let me point out that the news has just broken i haven't had time to gauge any kind of response from people here in eastern ukraine we haven't had any official response from the ground it does come a few days after a very important meeting in the minutes that meeting was the first time that there was a direct push between leaders of the lugansk in donetsk republic and be careful far as he's to try and reach some kind of negotiated settlement but at that stage we were being warned not to expect a breakthrough however it does seem as if a breakthrough has happened it comes as fighting on the ground until now has been intensifying the anti-government fighters have been winning back positions that
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were previously held by the ukrainian army no doubt it will take some time for this news to full to down to the battleground where we have been updated until a few moments ago that fighting is still on the go. paula thank you very much our team's paula slayer there reporting on this developing story on the ground and even crane it is a breaking story of course here nazi international a cease fire has been announced in the east of ukraine to talk more on this i'm now joined by political analyst alexander i thank you very much for joining us live and to talk about this developing this breaking story here on international why he's ukraine do you think agree to they cease fire and now i think the key to this is. military success of the forces and gone by us i think we. probably would have been ready for this for this move i think that's the one thing . if they had been able to successfully conduct their so-called anti-terrorist
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action. actually suppress the resistance the form. of the new government mr pollack here this winter i think you've been able to carry that through we probably wouldn't be talking about a peace plan. talking about grueling work here but i think this is the key do you think the king as has total control over all of the the forces in the east i mean the national guard for example do you think that they'll be able to on a day cease fire i don't think they are total control i think some of the forces are under. very independent some forces are actually maybe. control or let's say the influence of even outside forces perhaps the nato countries but it may be that it's in everyone's interest right.
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now was for there to be at least a cease fire for them to consolidate because gerbil actually do something why have you lost you you think you're considering that then how confident are you that they ceasefire will hold. i'm afraid this looks like a tactic i don't know if it's a strategy because for that we would have to hear a clear statement from here but there are really ready to talk to people from the long bus from there with just a minute with their legitimate representatives about our real long term not just the settlement but actually are in the arrangement of power to run the country meaning they all have to recognize the political people that have come to the forefront over the past few months from dawn bust if they're glad there isn't happening and this will all be a temporary peace so do you think that they say it's not so much a ceasefire open dialogue but more of a ceasefire fakih have to reorganize its forces it's right now works this way
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unless i repeat unless we hear a clear willingness from kiev either from mr poroshenko or somebody high up in the government from your current government structure here that they're ready to directly talk with representatives from i don't bus or no arrests no mercy on. how do you think the why do while the west for example is going to respond to this the announcement of this ceasefire do you think that rhetoric is going to change in any way well i think it must change and you can see work in peace and so i think the rhetoric with no positive. actions that will be more loudly than words especially have been coming nato summit in wales we'll see what kind of. if the west says just long term peace. so it's really important to hear what washington and brussels london. about this real burden.
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if this ceasefire does hold and dialogue is opened as i'm sure we'll all hope it is the self-proclaimed republics say they certainly don't want to remain as parts of ukraine do you think you have is really ready for that sort of compromise. well i don't think he can afford to be. in a position to recognize another part of the country going off on its own my car happened we were crimea. so for their own internal political reasons on the other hand it's really hard for people were taking up arms over the past few months lots of blood has been shed it would be really difficult for them to just say oh yes we will just lead to great can be this country with the capital has been waging war against us for the past few months so meaning practically if there's
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some sort of the world is a compromise and some sort of loses then aeration remember liberation it might be the recipe for success otherwise you just cannot have the same sort of controversy here before this conflict started and i don't the other side of the coin inside ukraine is i'm to the russian sentiment there's a huge economic. problems for the country how is such an announcement likely to affect supports for petro poroshenko amongst the ukrainians in kiev and the west of the country. well around forces world oh we're post of this thread and we are russian forces that's for sure. i think the majority of people want peace so we just a question of how their war story will be heard we're going to you will actions if we have a real election relatively free election. or we're very easy this can really be
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worse with the thinking. majority voice some representative voices to speak in their name we might see what i think people feel that if most people in ukraine want peace they don't want on to wage war at any cost just to have a unified country no partner is more with your other there's a permanent hatred there so i think if we have we have a free and open. discussion as part of the election. it would really help the cause of peace thank you very much this developing story as we speak the more information is going to be for the next i was and days but i was on the published thank you very much political analyst. joining us here to discuss this developing story here on international now just to remind you all of that breaking news
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ukrainian president petro poroshenko has announced the pumpkin cease fire in eastern ukraine that's according to his press office now the statement comes. a phone conversation with the russian president vladimir putin it's believed the two leaders discussed and agreed on steps to try to end the bloodshed and violence in the east of course self-proclaimed republics they say that they all ready to sit down and discuss that kiev stops its assault the so-called anti terror operation ukraine's military crackdown on anti-government fights is in the east of the kind. has been going on for five months but it looks as if there might now be an agreed cease fire in the east of the country. so let's now take a look at how the fighting between the ukrainian army and the anti-government forces has been unfolding lugansk and don't yet regions which you can see here they were the focus of what he have called it anti terror operation anti government forces used to control this territory that you can see here but army troops forced
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them out closer to the regional capitals fighters now say that they are in this area in orange it's under their control and they're driving the army out in the past few days they managed to seize around a dozen towns the ukrainian army is also surrounded in several locations as you can see here in the latest incident hundreds of soldiers were encircled but were allowed to leave through humanitarian corridors right now until government forces are closing in on the port city of mariupol they say they've blocked all the roads leading in and out of the city well after months of an army offensive he's the new crane is a devastated schools hospitals apartment blocks and houses are rather badly damaged or completely destroyed as you can see here. but. even this is. used to reduce. the.
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well these aerial pictures show the remains of a village in the dawn yet region in eastern ukraine which was devastated by the military campaign over the summer at least fifteen hundred people used to live here now as you can see houses lay in ruins and most residents have fled and this is a school building in don yet skitt self which local say was hit by mortar fire children aged six to sixteen were supposed to start their school year on monday but are unable to go to class until repairs are carried out and that could take months in fact many more schools across the region remain shut due to the extensive damage . meanwhile antigovernment fighters say they're ready for peace talks with the kiev if the army does indeed stop its assault there currently carrying out an operation to protect civilians or follow the fighters and one of their missions. with the
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anti government fighters in the outskirts of the town of ill advised we're travelling through where they think they might still be ukrainian soldiers hiding we're walking through a field now we're following the anti government troops now in this part of the town is supposed to be the use of the ukrainian army but they're coming just to check that there's nothing no soldiers hiding here no mines on the ground. at this fight right now if you like and yet. you still hear us right next to us. we're just getting down. this was going down and. ok you heard that explosion. if explosions going to appear we can stay on the ground. you can hear some of.
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the firing coming from behind us. in france. since all these anti-government fighters have actually been winning wagons most of the cities here in eastern ukraine what do you find there. we saw an armored vehicle belonging to the ukrainian military entering our territory we did not invite them here we want to live freely on our own land. there are no russians here and there never were there is only the local population who rose up to defend themselves do you see any russians or chechens he's. well no way back i say it was a successful mission and it's just a matter of time before not only the entire town of the advice going to the surrounding areas but indeed the whole of eastern ukraine is the name for this the hot seat on the outskirts of ill advised. you are watching r.t.
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international breaking news this hour and this is that moscow says president vladimir putin and more or less have agreed on the steps to help stop the violence between the ukrainian military ninety government forces in the east of the country early have announced a permanent cease fire in eastern ukraine it's believed the two leaders discussed the issue over the phone so proclaimed republics in the asia say they're ready to sit down and discuss an open dialogue that's if they have does indeed stop its military assault or its anti terror operation as it's being called ukraine's military crackdown on anti-government fighters has been continuing for five months that is breaking news they are not international. the crisis in eastern ukraine kiev is launching a new english language t.v. channel aimed at promoting its point of view on the raging conflict and global affairs it's called ukraine today party host and he said now i reached out to the
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networks executive producer for more details although the conversation didn't go exactly as planned. joining us in the now is to tiana push nowhere the executive producer of ukraine today i just want to share our audience a little taste of your broadcast. what. can we see that is live now a name like you're also responsible for selves and so i wasn't of this in my country and russia today who financed by. like my county by about ukraine and that's why i don't want to communicate as you and they call to my international colleagues don't cooperate to visit russia today could you just tell us a little bit more about. ok very good ok well after that and he joined kevin owen here in the studio to talk about that interview invited her on and as our audience just saw the invitation to come on and have frank dialogue she had the questions
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beforehand she could have been well prepared with arguments we didn't get to that because the. goal of coming on was to show this sign of russia today stop lying which we did and unfortunately right now what we're seeing on social media is ukraine today trying to say that we cut them off we just absolutely ally you're not only wasn't there i went back to it to make sure our audience saw what an invitation for dialogue was turned into i think what it comes down to calve and we of course if we witness instances where it were in a media war and this is part of the game we're going to continue to invite these people are not going to stop we're going to continue to fight the state by state producers we're trying to get yes we're going to fight it from views on up and get out we want to have all perspectives on our t.v. certainly on in the now it's something we try very hard to do and this is going to be stuff that happens if we continue to do that but we're not going to stop we're not going to back down let's just take a quick look at some of the initial promo material that they've put lessness and
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see what they're about ukraine today we'll bring international you into the action . if you want. to extend does that reflect what we see on the broader channel how much more if you see pretty much all we're seeing right now because they don't have presenters they don't have reporters yet they've basically just started for now they have big plans there for training themselves or trying to portray themselves the information channel and a lot of interviews. that touch and has given you see the al-jazeera she's talking about how they're going to bring in foreign aid they're not going to their quest. they're not going to be propaganda. running a promo talking about how russia is a threat to the entire world can be deemed not propaganda but it's for the viewers to get out. and you can watch and it is full encounter with the executive producer over ukraine today on our you tube channel and on wednesdays in the now when he's
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all bring you more reaction to the conversation you can watch that at six pm g.m.t. . so back to our breaking and developing story here on r.t. international moscow says the president vladimir putin and petro poroshenko have more or less agreed on the steps to help stop the violence between the ukrainian military and government forces now earlier have announced a permanent cease fire in eastern ukraine it's believed the two leaders discussed the issue over the phone self-proclaimed republics in the a say they are ready to sit down and open dialogue if kiev stops its military assault ukraine's military crackdown on anti-government forces has been continuing now for five months this is a developing story information and facts are all coming into us as we speak and we're going to bring them to you as soon as we get them here on r.t. international but it appears as a cease fire has been agreed in the east of ukraine.
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and here is a tweet from the ukrainian president confirming the truce in the east of the country petro poroshenko says as a result of my phone conversation with the russian president we reached an agreement on a permanent cease fire. now raising money to bolster a military presence in eastern europe in the wake of the ukrainian crisis this is one of the key issues to be discussed during an upcoming nato summit in the u.k. over the weekend hundreds of peace protesters hit the streets of newport and cardiff in wales they want less money spent on more i mean killer weapons so could nato afford to boost defense infrastructure across eastern europe where currently the twenty eight member states spend as much as one trillion dollars a year maintaining what the alliance already has now that means the organization alone gets more military funding than the rest of the world put together washington is currently footing most of the bill with just over
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a quarter of nato is budget made up by other members those in the alliance are supposed to contribute two percent of their g.d.p. each year but not everybody does in fact over eighty five percent of the countries on the list are willing or simply not ready to provide that much cash peace activist ludo de broadband thinks the timing of the summit is well picked it's looking for excellence in. order to meet the standard. question of chips which was difficult to sell particularly. with. the stepping up of the prizes in this argument. let's say the western military complex story look we need to search it for our security experience for. well the nato summit will begin on thursday and i will be closely following events. the north atlantic treaty organization. or simply nato.
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i would like to invite the secretary general as well as the presidents of albania and croatia to join me here you have nato roadmap for the next ten years. now let's get more insight into our developing and breaking story this hour here on r.t. international that a permanent cease fire has been agreed in the east of the country between the ukrainian military and the anti government forces let's go live to london to washington town the host of arties going underground option is good to see there what's your opinion then is this cease fire a sign that kiev is really ready for patients to open dialogue always it just looking for a time out to try and regroup its forces. that is certainly one of the questions to the question here in london of course where in britain preparing for the largest
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gathering of world leaders the country's ever seen the whole summit was billed as a war with russia by ukraine so this news will have called everyone on the whole and as to the bigger questions that you raised i mean thousands of people have died hundreds of thousands of being displaced. so a lot of analysts maybe asking whether poroshenko can be trusted whether he is in control there were questions over let him have putin would other countries of allowed thousands of their people hundreds of thousands displaced to go on without i mean the ethnic russians in the east of ukraine. some were saying why was the russian government not doing more to help them but certainly here in britain we have the nature summit billed as this war with russia a defacto challenge gerry and media telling us that what we must do what britain must do what all the nato members must do is forge huge amounts of troops and
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placements on the borders with russia and prepare for this new cold war and what david cameron and and difference will land and president obama has just arrived in a stone here this morning must be thinking with this news maybe baby is intelligence and for you how telling is it that petro poroshenko says this is a parliament cease fire how telling is that why do you think well with ukrainian to be quite a few ukrainian government since the coup d'etat in february and which route we can take much that comes out of kiev seriously but you know hearing is seeming to say that all those thousands of lives you have. i mean think of all the bereaved they must be asking the question why didn't mr poroshenko do this earlier instead of only a few days ago saying no ukraine one. to be a member of nato and of course backed up by a mr rasmussen secretary general of nato saying absolutely ukraine is going to
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become a member of nato of course and that and that breaking the one thousand nine hundred agreement with the then soviet leader mikhail gorbachev of course you've already touched on it the timing is fascinating with the nato summit starting this week in wales how do you think this announcement is going to change the rhetoric that we had coming out of that nato summit well i'll tell you looking at the media here in london i don't think many of the journalists have been basically repeating the mainstream journalists here it's difficult for international viewers maybe to fully understand the level of propaganda over ukraine certainly here in london and in mainstream media they don't know what to do all those diplomatic correspondents all the journalists supposedly covering the impending nato summit talking about it what's going to be happening the people in the state department journalists now
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what are they going to say because from them there was one narrative the kremlin wants to expand russia's borders who knows as far as britain we had we literally it's very difficult for us to understand. for me to understand as a journalist we were told that russia was sending warships near the british coast. when we get tweets like this from mr poroshenko that must send all those journalists are wondering well maybe one of the intelligence agencies or the i suppose what noam chomsky and herman would call the whole manufactured consent what are we supposed to do now we were told different we were told that a major summit because don't forget was coming to wales as well and the whole narrative as well over the last few weeks and months i suppose has been about escalating sanctions on russia the threat. russia doesn't do this and do that then that the sanctions will increase will we see an end to that rhetoric and could we
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even say this discussion about sanctions being lifted or mustn't underestimate the absolute ignorance of major leaders when it comes to sanctions david cameron in the past few days has been talking about the removal of swift bank payments something that the united states force through with iran but iran doesn't supply much gas to britain britain shooting itself in the foot with that suggestion i'm sure a regular merkel but that went down very quickly yes the sanctions regime has been stepped up for steadily over the past few months but again we haven't heard from president obama he's in a stone here he's going to be visiting those countries that are known to take the washington consensus line i'm sure you know we on the phone back to. people in washington asking them what it should he do he was probably going to announce new sanctions in a stone i want to discuss something that you've already touched on about the the
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media. campaign i suppose for want of a better word against russia in recent recent months do you think that this announcement could see that change in the narrative in the rhetoric that change. well we wasn't forget that the certainly the media here in britain does change eventually i mean the british media wanted war with iraq and sort of the us media actually went to war with iraq and now it's widely seen commentators who back then were saying iraq must be destroyed and we must invade and now neatly evade those questions and say yes it was a terrible mistake one can hope that some of the journalists for the new york times for the murdoch press here and they all they got the press in britain because it's owned by a few players a few of those journalists start to realize hey we were a bit wrong about this and we should be forging a more peaceful world and we should be thinking about all the dead in the displaced
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rather than automatically resorting to a neo con you liberal hawkish view of the world far more based in the bad old days of the so-called cold war yeah there's also a strong anti. russian sentiment within ukraine do you think this announcement is going to affect the popularity of president polish anchor this is far more dangerous i mean this question i know there were people better than me to talk about it such as our correspondents on the ground they will be wondering and be investigating this because it's very difficult here in britain where we're continually told that basically the russian army is in there fighting with it there is no narrative here of any element in the post kiev ukraine that would wish harm against minorities and. they wish harm against ole regions of what was once
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a ukraine basically and in the same way one has to say has the people who didn't ask and their self proclaimed area they happy with what mr poroshenko says do they trust mr poroshenko because. all they've experienced recently is defacto again nature backed shelling of civilian areas over recent days they just going to forgive and forget you believe mr bush and go and as you say the allies in the shadows because certainly there will be hawks in washington and in london and in brussels who will be pleased that it is. just their eyes out showing to most fascinating timing of announcement it's going to be interesting to see the rhetoric coming out of that nato summit afshin rattansi thank you very much for your time here on r.t. international tansey that host of going underground reacting to the developing and breaking news here on r.t. into.


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