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good for your activities and for your support. unfortunately when we are trying to do everything possible and even impossible for his freedom and already no longer with us now those words of brad is a different a massive show of support that was began right here. subordinate headquarters where i'm standing i was spread all over the country even all over the world not just journalists but people in other countries including organizations search for protection of journalists worldwide have issued their support they had been calling on andries release because it was assumed that andrey was detained by ukrainian forces as they have previously done to a number of russian journalists or journalists working for russian news outlets including our team but no information was provided by kiev that would specify exactly what was happening to andre or where she was staying in service friends journalists who had been working with him and they have discovered andris car among
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other vehicles that were part of the civilian convoy of refugees that was in the nets krege and that convoy was fired upon by ukrainian forces and one tree whose remains were found right there on the spot was one of those who died in doubt attack he survived but his mother for whom it is obviously a very tragic time and her tragic loss is shared by thousands of people in the world the world over and of course by andries friends and colleagues for mourning him today. while a photo correspondent for the ria novosti news agency stanton had been working outside on yet covering the ongoing conflict in the region he lost contact in moscow on august the fifth and hadn't been heard from since a week later an interview to a lobby and radio station the ukrainian security service said they had him only to backtrack later two weeks after his disappearance have issued a search warrant and said he was most likely being held by anti-government forces on august twenty second a bun car with three bodies and camera equipment was found on
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a road outside don't yet d.n.a. test results now confirm one of those bodies was that of. well understand him was a respected photographer who worked in conflict zones all over the world for media outlets such as reuters and a.p. these are some of the last pictures he took while working in ukraine before covering the ongoing army assault in the country's east he was in kiev during the mass and government. for more than a dozen journalists have been killed abducted interrogated and tortured in ukraine you can learn more about their fate on our website that's r.t. dot com. so to recap our breaking news here on r.t. international that is that president putin spokesperson says that the russian and ukrainian presidents have not agreed on a ceasefire in the east of ukraine not because russia is not part of the conflict it follows the announcement earlier but a permanent cease fire in eastern ukraine had been agreed it's believed that polish
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and putin discuss the issue over the telephone of course self-proclaimed republics in the east do say they are ready to open dialogue if kiev stops its military assault which it appears they are now keen to dig ukraine's military crackdown in the ace has been continuing for five months but it appears now that a permanent cease fire has been announced by. her and here is the tweet from the president confirming that troops in the east of the country he says as a result of my phone conversation with the russian president we've reached an agreement on a permanent cease fire. now in all it's been almost five months since kiev launched its military crackdown in the since then it has officially confirmed the deaths of almost eight hundred government troops and more than two and a half thousand wounded but kiev is being accused of a massive cover up and government forces say up to fourteen thousand military
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servicemen have been killed and injured in the casualties are being under reported on purpose. well in the last few days alone hundreds of government troops have reportedly been killed or taken prisoner in the town of in a vise skin the don't yet region that entire battalions found themselves surrounded during a counterattack by anti-government forces one of the commanders of those units accused of abandoning the poor slayer reports on the growing frustration in the ukrainian army and will bring you that report later on on r.t. international. well earlier i discussed the issue with political analyst alexander he believes he has recent defeats in the east pushed it to finally seek a peaceful solution i think the key to this is the military success of the un forces and i think we're talking. here probably wouldn't have been ready for this but there's no i think that's the whole thing. if they had been able to
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successfully conduct their so-called anti-terrorist action. actually suppress the resistance of. the new government mr pollack here this winter i think you've been able to carry that through we probably wouldn't be talking about a peace plan today we are talking about guerrilla warfare but i think this is the key do you think the kids has total control over all of the the forces in the east i mean the national guard for example do you think that they'll be able to on a day cease fire. i don't think there is total control i think some of the forces are under. very different songs forces. are actually maybe under. control or let's say the influence of even outside forces perhaps the nato countries but it may be that it's in everyone's interest right.
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now is for there to be at least a cease fire for them to consolidate because they're very much against something one of the last year he's done a few very. well made the crisis in eastern ukraine kiev is going to be a new english language t.v. channel aimed at promoting its point of view on the conflict on global affairs it's called ukraine today r.t. house and he said now i reached out to the network executive producer for more details like the conversation didn't go exactly as planned and joining us in the now is to tiana push snow but the executive producer of ukraine today i just want to share our audience a little taste of your broadcast. here what. can we say that when our name is mike you're also responsible for thousands so i wasn't of this in my country and russia today who financed by criminally and. like my contacts lie about ukraine that's why i don't want to communicate to visit you and
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they call to my international colleagues don't cooperate to visit russia today could you just tell us a little bit more about. ok very good ok well off the bat a nice spoke to kevin i will here in the studio to talk about that interview invited her on and as our audience just saw the invitation to come on and have frank dialogue had the questions beforehand she could have been well prepared with argument we didn't get to that because the. goal of coming on was to show this sign of russia today stop lying which we did and unfortunately right now what we're seeing on social media is ukraine today trying to say that we cut them off we're just absolutely a lie you're not only wasn't there i went back to it to make sure our audience saw what an invitation for dialogue was turned into i think what it comes down to. and we of course in what witnesses this were it were a media war and this is part of the game we're going to continue to invite these people are not going to stop we're going to continue to fight the state produces
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we're trying to get yes we're going to fight a different views often to get out we want to have all perspectives and certainly on in and out something we try very hard to do and this is going to be stuff that happens if we continue to do that but we're not going to stop we're not going to back down and you can watch nieces full encounter with the executive producer of ukraine today it's on our you tube channel on wednesdays in the now and he said we'll bring you more reaction to the conversation you can watch it at seven pm london time that's in just eight hours from now. back to our breaking and developing story here analogy international ukrainian president petro poroshenko has declared a permanent cease fire in the east of ukraine followed a phone conversation with russian president vladimir putin however an agreement has to be reached with the government forces with which russia insists it has no control over so for claims republics in the aist say they are ready to settle sit
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down and open dialogue if kiev does indeed stop its military assault meanwhile u.s. president barack obama says it's too early to judge what the truce means ukraine's military crackdown on anti-government fighters has been continuing now for five months. and this is the tweet that confirmed the news from a ukrainian president petro poroshenko saying it's. following his phone conversation with russian president vladimir putin that they have reached an agreement on a permanent ceasefire. political analyst john white joins me live to talk more on this issue john thank you very much for your time. international now what do you make of the cease fire
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announcement is a sign that the two sides are ready to genuinely open a sincere dialogue or indeed this is hugely welcome. it's been a long time coming and it suggests that mr poroshenko of last understand that there could be a normal solution to this crisis. and he will have to gauge and go to see asians to resolve in the interests of his own people the russian people and everyone involved we just hope that some of the same seems to be emanating from kiev. moves into brussels and almost certainly into thinking all mr rasmussen the secretary general of nato who we said pronouncements and bellicose statements have been absolutely disgraceful with regard to need to expand the creation of oxford reaction force and so on considering the timings absolutely
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fascinating isn't it with the nato summit taking place in the u.k. on thursday. well absolutely i mean if you look at it from a diplomatic initiative to putin has played a blame to. know that this is a game of chess but you really have to see at this point that he is playing chess while the west is playing checkers closely or searching for the living will think in their champagne and talking about you know a new cold war with the new thinking in western capitals of late he's an incident to negotiation to bring this hopes to a peaceful resolution that would oversee enough to include the ignored in all the rights of the citizens of eastern ukraine who after all sacrificed all its blood and treasure in the course of these past few months. well those are for claims republics that you mentioned there in the a said i don't want to remain within ukraine i mean is kiev going to accept but with with in dialogue if it eventually
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happens well this will be an interesting outcome to this process that will have to be negotiated i canno for see that there would be some pain the whole paralyzation is part of the process and you know there's no doubt regardless of whether it's a tick in the propaganda we've seen anything from the west over the course of this crisis this bhatia this crisis came of a because of an unconstitutional coupe which toward the last legitimate democratically elected government of ukraine headed by so young a covert back in february so all the citizens of eastern ukraine legitimate rights . their resistance and certainly not being based on terrorism of a billion it has been a resistance against what he saw as an unconstitutional government that was trying to of standish right through to the country and the accused to abide by the so let's hope that we can reach a peaceful resolution to the crisis and we're told proxies can be happy with what
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about why do global reaction to this we know that the narrative has been. talking about escalating sanctions against russia and threats to russia in recent weeks and months we've got reaction coming in it's obviously a breaking story here an international a president obama says that it's too early to comment on the ceasefire what do you make of that reaction and what do you think the reaction the wider reaction will be . in a disconnect here between kiev on the west for so almost a portion called seem to be an actor the proxy of the west in terms of their avoid the geo political objectives but it seems that this initiative this court the west by surprise. i think obama will have to teach talk he's gone off on his plate and her husband in the middle east and this is why it's so important for the west and russia to be on good terms with the increase in for a horse by islamic extremism in the middle east russia and the west how
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common interests i'm sort of disaster in this crisis was to deepen if the likes of mr rose muse and senator john mccain and catherine ashton of the u.k. and victoria nuland of the state department or t.v. the people who are to direct the policy these folks need to be actually to even the whole of this initiative with so many do starting the process we've already touched briefly on the timing of it with the summit taking place on thursday but why do you think petro poroshenko has decided to make this bold step out of line perhaps with with western nations why now is it the economic situation or is it the situation on the ground with the troops i think it's undoubtedly a combination of both i think mr cole as as as now starting to realize that the west support his paper think that he has a country to run as economy has tanks and sally on the ground has course
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stance when he first came to produce them by that he promised to end this resistance within hours the. that was back in me. and you're losing ground and in terms of the military situation so unfortunately you know the fact that he's been able to cause a q a military victory she wants you to he wants you to come across as a strong. center not going to happen and you can be forced to come to you and go shooting people regardless it is a positive development and everyone should welcome the. already touched on a possible disconnect between kiev and western governments with with the the decision there's a strong anti russia sentiment within the rest of ukraine how do you think this decision will be perceived in kiev by the wider population. well. you know this is something that. will match in the next few days or weeks i think it's in everyone's interest that this piece i think those extremists in the western
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ukraine but i don't think for the majority of the population i think it's in everyone's interest will live in a globalized world. before words mean focus is being able to shoot people who cover their heads and if you dare kids in the future their families and so forth and so this is undoubtedly this destabilization. make it back on people's ability to do so and western ukraine and i think everyone wants peace for the radicals the hawks in the west of the radicals and extremists. and you have these are the people who think you know a lot of damage. thank you very much for. talking to us. international about this developing story the announcement from ukraine from kiev that there is a permanent cease fire breaking news it's been announced a permanent cease fire in eastern ukraine that's according to kiev the statement comes after a phone conversation between president. vladimir putin let's get more on that.
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joins us live. obviously still a developing story is this the beginning of. the two sides. i think it's still too soon to say whether this is the beginning of sincere dialogue certainly what we're hearing from a spokesperson of the kremlin is that presidents petro poroshenko and vladimir putin did not agree to a permanent cease fire simply because russia is not party to this conflict and is not in the position to agree to this russia of course saying it does not want to interfere and has not interfered internally in what is happening inside ukraine but he did say that they pretty much agreed on the steps that need to be taken for a permanent cease fire to be put into place now there has been some reaction here on the ground in eastern ukraine from the leaders of the anti-government fighters and they're saying that they don't that they do doubt that kiev is going to stop
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the operation what they're saying is that they are prepared to have a cease fire in place and they are prepared for some kind of political solution to be reached but they do want a commitment from the kiev authorities that they are going to stop with this military operation that has been on the go for the better part of five months i have been talking to people here on the ground and there are many who are telling me that they believe that is simply tasting the ground that he's essentially putting out feelers and seeing what is the response to them but many people here are telling me that they don't trust the statement that has been made by poroshenko is office they do want to confirm to by russia there are those that are also telling me that a ceasefire is not enough some people i'm talking to say that they want literally to get down on his knees and beg forgiveness for the thousands of people who have lost their lives here after months of shelling in eastern ukraine and then there are those who are actually even harsher they're saying that this is and if it by
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the kiev office to disarm the anti-government fighters to almost send out a message that they willing for a ceasefire so that the the rebels will step back and then the ukrainian military will step up its offensive and attack that many people here. also saying that the fighters on the ground must not listen to the words that are coming out of publishing because office just to remind you what the statement does say and this is a statement that was released from kiev is that the two leaders pushing combe putin discussed a permanent cease fire that they are on the same page in terms of the measures that need to be taken for a permanent cease fire to be put in place now it does follow hot on the heels of the meeting that was held earlier in the week in the belorussian capital of minutes that was a meeting that was attended by representatives of the lugansk in donetsk republics as well as representatives of the kiev authorities and that was the first time that we saw a direct push from the two sides to try and reach a a permanent negotiated settlement what is interesting is at that time we were told
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not to expect a major breakthrough so that is why there is some surprise here on the ground that a major breakthrough essentially has been announced but again let me say emphasize that the the statement was first released by the kiev authorities there is still fighting on the ground so while you have this statement released on the one hand it still is going to take some time for it to filter down to the fighters on the ground there have been according to the ukrainian forces some twenty attacks by anti-government fighters on member overnight and in the early hours of the smalling and then according to the anti-government fighters the ukrainian military has not let up with it shelling at this stage we are monitoring shelling on the outskirts of the dinette screech and we have been told that at least one civilian has died in the last few hours so certainly any kind of developments on the political front are going to need to filter down to what is actually happening on the ground paula thank you very much for your time alters paula slayer on the ground there in
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ukraine bringing us the very latest developments on this breaking story now raising money to bolster a military presence in eastern europe in the wake of the ukrainian crisis that's one of the key. issues to be discussed fascinatingly i do not coming nato summit in the u.k. which begins in the next twenty four hours over the weekend hundreds of peace protesters had the streets of new ports in cardiff in wales they want less money spent on nuclear weapons but could nato afford to boost defense infrastructure across europe or currently the twenty eight member states spend as much as one trillion dollars a year maintaining what the alliance all ready has now that means the organization alone gets more military funding than the rest of the world put together washington is currently first in most of the bell with just over a quarter of nato his budget made up by other members those in the alliance are supposed to contribute two percent of their g.d.p. each year but not everyone does in fact more than eighty five percent of countries
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on the list on willing or simply are not ready to provide that much cash peace activist thinks the timing of the summit is well picked. it's not a coincidence that the very important subject in the nato summit will be the question of the terms of chips which was difficult to sell because it'll be new but now with the crisis in. the stepping up of the crisis it gives arguments to let's say the western military complex to say look we need to search it it's for our security it's very important and. well ahead of that nato summit president barack obama is in a stone here where he commented on the cease fire announcement. the cease fire announcement let's get the reaction from our correspondent peter all of peter good to see that what's the reaction been then where you are well i'm in germany right
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now the reaction across the e.u. to this statement that's come out this statement from the american president the american president and the president of stone here in tallinn is that they well well they were discussing the announcement of the cease fire for his parts the stony and president said that he hopes it works he spoke very briefly said that a lot of it depended on russia all they've seen so far from russia though had been aggression in his opinion and he said that they would continue to push on with what he described as restrictive measures u.s. president barack obama followed that up and said so far there was only a few reports of this cease fire that there was nothing concrete for him to really comment on but he said that in the past russia in his opinion had not been serious when it comes to following up on previous promises. of cease fire as he said that he would support this if it came about he said that they have their preference was
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to see a as strong productive and co-operative russia but so far he couldn't calm comment too far on the reports of a cease fire being announced elsewhere he spoke about. the need to try and rebuild ukraine's economy speaking in the baltic states he made represent he made a comment on those saying that they would should be a shining light to ukraine that they can try and. bolster their economies but that there was an awful long way to go we told it called it a tough road to hold in order to try and get ukraine's economy back on track saying that that was going to be a long way to go yet he did finish it by saying that as he saw it at the moment there was no political solution to the crisis in ukraine as long as fighting continued in the east of the country. peter thank you very much at ease pain to all of our bring us up to date where the nato summit will begin on thursday and r.t. will be following events. the north atlantic treaty organization
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are more simply a call. i would like to invite the secretary general as well as the presidents of albania croatia to join me here you have. roadmap. for the next ten years. breaking news here were naughty international ukrainian president petro poroshenko has declared a permanent ceasefire in the east of ukraine says the announcement follows a phone conversation with russian president vladimir putin in which they discussed the steps to end the bloodshed in the region however a person press secretary stresses no agreement between moscow and kiev has been reached because russia is not a party involved in the conflict the truce must be discussed with the self
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proclaimed republics they in turn say they're ready to settle. down and discuss the conflict have indeed stops its assault meanwhile u.s. president barack obama says it's too early to judge what the troops will made a military crackdown on anti-government fight is has been going on now for five months. so let's take a look now at how the fighting between the ukrainian army and the anti government forces has been on folding lugansk and don yes you can see here where the focus of what's called it's anti terror operation m t government forces used to control this territory but army troops forced them out closer to the regional capitals fighters now say the area in orange is under their control and they're driving the army out in the past few days they managed to seize around a dozen towns ukrainian army is also surrounded in several locations in the latest incident hundreds of soldiers were told to leave for humanitarian corridors right
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now and the government forces are closing in on the port city of mariupol they say they've blocked all the roads leading in and out of the city. well after months of an army offensive eastern ukraine is devastated schools hospitals apartment blocks and houses are either badly damaged or completely destroyed. that's a good first didn't cause the. repairs even though there was a this is another example of the use that we didn't even get. the name of the city know what evil indeed but. breaking news then r.t. international we'll have more on the latest developments with my colleague andrew follow him just a few minutes. series
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took place a try to place. a polling. place for the story changing every minute. cut a no no law no a. mile or less like ok. let's say. this case is the most elite months. sometimes for nothing. this season and it's. still just he still can still be just if you see the stage eight look to be. but speech was still. played. i'm not
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a politician but we see that it is arab countries that sit on the world's greatest oil reserves and the west just cannot stay away from such tremendous wealth so in order to get their heads without oil the west employs what i was called cultural terrorist from. i'm abby martin the stories we cover here are not going on here in iraq said our big story the extra madaline same time there's a reason they don't want to do now that are important that we should all be completely out now let's break the set. we think about why we think there are no. beaches. coconut palms gently swaying in the ocean breeze. and. a deep
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dark little secret a secret the u.s. government would like you to know. how to. play. play. play. play. differently in syria now many of the members of congress the folks who have gone to syria in recent months have sent these are of a clear message. that we choose diddy's telling him to go play and stability
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and peace to syria is really the stuff about. playing. the. breaking news here in our to ukraine backtrack from declaring a permanent cease fire in the instead announcing steps needed for reaching a truce earlier the president announced a complete end to the fighting in restive regions after a phone conversation with russian president vladimir putin. well let's go back to the breaking news here in r.t. ukrainian president pushing.


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