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tv   Headline News  RT  September 3, 2014 8:00am-8:30am EDT

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it's really so obvious. here backtracks on its initial decision to commit to a permanent cease fire i need to create outlining conditions for troops instead. ukrainian government's approved a bill to cancel the country's nonaligned states is asking nato to take it in. and russian journalist on the stand in has been confirmed killed a month after going missing in eastern ukraine.
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and other working watching the national coming to you live from moscow now our breaking news this. ukrainian president petro poroshenko has backtracked on his initial announcement of a full ceasefire in the country's east his website now says he's only greed to discuss steps towards a truce the ukrainian leader had area announced on twitter that a permanent truce in the region was imminent let's go live now to our tease paula slayer in the east ukraine for say paula some confusion then coming from kiev do you think we can actually expect some sort of pace. well the situation on the ground certainly is chaotic in that initial statement that came from kids the wording was for a permanent cease fire the word permanent has now been dropped and the phrase is a ceasefire regime now this is difficult to interpret and people here on the ground certainly are not clear about what it means what we hearing from the anti
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government fighters is that they're not taking this seriously they say that they are willing to reach a political settlement but they need to first have assurances from kids that it is serious about laying down arms let me remind you that there was at least one cease fire that was announced in the past by kids but that was later violated i've been talking to people here on the ground most of them are suspicious of statement they say that they think he might be trying to buy time he might be trying to test the waters if you like now there are talks that are scheduled between the two sides for this coming friday if indeed the talks go ahead they certainly won't be easy and this is because the goals between the two sides are very different on the one hand you have here that wants to remain in power that wants to return to how the situation was before all of this mess on the other hand you have the republics who say that they are willing to maintain ties with the kiev government but at the same time they want greater autonomy they want to be able to decide their own fate and
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their own future. ok thanks. to be crying. now the announcement of a cease fire came after a phone conversation between ukrainian president petro poroshenko am vladimir putin moscow has stressed that no agreement between the two leaders has been reached because russia is not a party in this conflict or months into the army offensive swathes of east ukraine is devastated schools hospitals apartment blocks and homes are either badly damaged or completely destroyed no water no electricity and the constant threat of being killed has been the daily reality for civilians in the eastern regions u.n. sources say two million people are still living in the conflict zone many they're hiding in basements and shelters spending days at a time there as bombs and bullets flew overhead when they get home many find many find their houses severely damaged or completely uninhabitable some are entirely
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reduced to rubble these aerial photos here show the remains of a village in the jeannette's region in eastern ukraine which was devastated by the military campaign over the summer at least fifteen hundred people used to live here now as you can see has is lie in ruins most residents have fled and this is a school building in yet skitt self which locals say was hit by mortar fire children aged six to sixteen were supposed to start their school year on monday but are unable to go to class until repairs are carried out and that could take months in fact many schools across the region remain shut due to extensive damage. to the other side of the barricades the loss of life in the ukrainian army is widely being blamed on the appalling supply chain to the front line this for example is actual ammunition the soldiers have to use to fight and it's rusty and falling apart officially almost eight hundred government troops have been confirmed killed and
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more than two and a half thousand wounded but here it is being accused of a colossal cover up antigovernment forces say up to fourteen thousand military personnel have been killed or injured and that the authorities are in panic control mode here some firsthand accounts of the conditions under which ukrainian soldiers live and fight. you still do. that it's good. for you. because all of your thoughts fail to see. you. are the stories of. forces there. well the tragedy of war is being acutely felt in the homes of ukrainian soldiers whose mothers are being denied information by the authorities about their children many parents it's too much to bear.
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are they still much skepticism about the rigor reliability of parish and co statement we discussed that earlier with international affairs expert john laughland he said inconsistency does make poroshenko seem untrustworthy. i think. this flip flopping around shows the extreme inconsistency on the part of president poroshenko and the government after all let's not forget that only a couple of days ago president poroshenko and the kiev regime told us that ukraine had been invaded by a thousand russian soldiers it now turns out the president had a phone conversation with president putin this shows that the original allegation
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that russia had invaded and that russia was at war with ukraine was not true and that's why i'm very skeptical about this latest declaration as well the president clearly is not a very serious or reliable person. ukrainian government has taken a further step towards nato membership it's just approved a bill to cancel the country's nonaligned status we're joined live now by r.t. peter all over peter signaling a shift towards nato what is still such a delicate time now in ukraine how might that affect possible dialogue do you think with militias in the east. well what this essentially does this announcement was put forward by petro poroshenko the president and the prime minister it basically gives ukraine a clean slate to work with when it comes to forming future alliances now in the east of the country this may be viewed as some kind of a provocation suggesting perhaps it wants to move closer towards nato membership
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now we heard from the u.s. president barack obama speaking in a stone ear now he said that he was talking about the current cease fire that was there was an announced and then was pulled back from and we now he is now we were in what form it's going to take now he says that in the past the cease fires had broken down and he would need concrete evidence before he would be backing hoped it would go forward but before you give it it's falls short it needed some concrete evidence to make sure the same type of breakdown didn't happen again what we are seeing now is this all comes before this major nato conference is going to take place in wales at that conference. it is expected that nato expansion will be discussed also that ukraine is set to dominate the agenda there but during that speech from the president of the united states what he did say is what he wanted to
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see in the future was a russia that was strong productive and co-operative but there's going to be lots more discussed over the next coming days as that big nato conference gets underway in wales of course ukraine set to dominate dance and perhaps the potential of an application from ukraine for full nato membership. ok thanks peter artie's peter all over there while raising money to bolster a military presence in eastern europe in the wake of the ukrainian crisis this is one of the key issues to be discussed during an upcoming nato summit in the u.k. over the weekend hundreds of peace protesters hit the streets of new port in cardiff in wales they want less money spend more and. clear weapons so could nato afford to boost defense infrastructure across eastern europe currently twenty eight member states spend as much as one trillion dollars a year maintaining what the alliance already has that means the organization alone gets more military funding from the rest of the world put together for example
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washington is currently footing most of the bill with just over a quarter of nato is budget made up by other members and those in the alliance as opposed to contribute two percent of their g.d.p. each year but not everyone does in fact more than eighty five percent of countries on the list aren't willing or simply not ready to provide that much cash well let's return to our breaking news story in the fact that so ukraine is back track somewhat on its announcement of a cease fire needs to be crain it now says it's putting forward steps for a possible truce let's go live to geo political analyst we mingle and author of full spectrum dominance thanks very much for coming on to the program again what steps do you think could be referring to do you think. the steps in regard to what they've backtracked on their earlier statement of a ceasefire saying that they're now putting forward steps for a possible truce. well it's very
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unclear at this point i think there is a deep split cleft between poroshenko those faction and who is the. golden boy of victoria nuland the state department neoconservatives in washington and i think the more the situation in east ukraine develops into a catastrophe for the demoralized ukrainian army forces that are trying to. to destroy the place ethnic cleansing the more that that happens if they aren't successful the more that split between poroshenko and the prime minister is going to manifest itself and how that plays out is very unclear at this point i don't i don't hold much weight to by any of the steps that he's talking about. full nato membership for ukraine something that's into the lunacy in my book why if there is
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big divisions you think in ukrainian government. well i think it's the fault lines run run on different interests factions poroshenko those business interests live very much in eastern ukraine and the agenda of the probably sector of the interior minister and certainly of the neoconservative hawks in washington is to create a and this is the only interpretation possible since since march of this year to create such a destruction in the eastern ukraine as to destroy the economic relationship between russia and especially germany but russia and the european union and that is the major goal i think the other thing is that the very powerful. interests the vested interest behind the u.s. military industrial complex behind the wall street banks see this as the only way
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to save the dollar system from from complete collapse and the diminution of american many american power globally because this is a. do or die life and death thing for this this western elite in washington and also in london around cameron some of the things that i guess would be just running out of time to one last question gee think the west's opinion could be influenced atoll by the fact that the u.s. he is going to see for itself the destruction and the dumb bastard agency think what they'll say off the thing that could change opinion until. i would hope so because the pictures that i've seen are just devastating it's human destruction of an unimaginable scale. the nazis during world war two didn't to achieve anything more complete than what i've seen from the. destruction of east ukraine i don't think however the propaganda machine driving this from nato from from washington is
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such that reality doesn't intrude on their on their propaganda it's just a. pilotless drone of lies and deceptions that is coming from washington coming from london and we need some voices of sanity and reason they are beginning to come out in. foreign affairs and the retired intelligence officers open letter to medical from washington these are signs medical is being lied to faulty intelligence fake photos and so forth that are being presented by. government to justify severe nato sanctions and this is this is step wise move toward world war three and certainly toward a new cold war and that europe certainly doesn't need the world doesn't need it. thank you william thanks for your thoughts on a sense that when william angle a g.i. political analyst thank you. well one tragic development from ukraine is
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confirmation that russian journalist on the ice then in his stead we'll have more on that in a couple minutes time. cause. they all told him a language of war but i will only react to situations i haven't read the reports first so i'm not you know pushing the no i will leave that to the state department to comment on your latter part of the month to say get to it mr k.l.a. car is all you're talking delgado. thank you no more weasel words when you made a direct question simply prepared for a change when you draw a line you should be ready for a. pretty of a speech and a little down to freedom to crush. dramas that trying to be ignored. stories others refuse
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to notice. the faces changing the world lights never. so picture of today's leaves long long distance from around the globe. dropped. to fifty. i. tell again you with r.t. now returning to the breaking news from ukraine kiev has backtracked on its initial announcement of a permanent cease fire now saying that steps towards peace in the east are being discussed well let's now bring in political analyst alexander power which for his view on all lists we're trying to just assess perhaps what might be the motives for the announcements that have been made today from kiev ukraine's army has suffered considerable losses in recent days do you think that could have been
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a factor. absolutely i think that's a primary factor in whoever is trying to seek peace because i think there are forces in kiev who are interested in peace now now that they've suffered really heavy devastating military losses and setbacks if the whole anti-terrorist operation of the going well we would be talking about this as any sort of an option so you know that contributed to it the other thing i think. of course we have no proof we can only theorize now but there's also a sense that maybe just maybe someone in kiev was trying to. make it so that russia appears to be a party to the conflict because mr poroshenko is office announced their first announcement was. a peace agreement has been reached following a telephone conversation with russian president putin which implies that in fact
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it's russia who's controlling something on the ground in dumbass of course we had an announcement from the kremlin just. a couple of hours later even even quicker that that's an internal ukrainian thing and that they're not a party to the conflict so i think we had that as well is there also a case to say that mr put a shank receiving a lot of pressure from the public within ukraine because as we've been running area there are a lot of people annoyed about the possible number of soldiers that have died in there have been accusations of a cover up can be saying the number is much lower than what anti government forces and some of the public is saying gee think he's feeling public pressure. absolutely he is especially once again because the military campaign is going so badly. the public pressure would have been less had it been going well had the had that mr poroshenko his military forces been successful had they been able to show something
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instead they've been losing ground they've been losing territory especially in the last three weeks or so and in the last couple of days we the fall of the airport in lugansk and now dawn yet you know then then public pressure increases very much because lives are being lost destruction is being solved. the economy ukraine's economy is on life support and on top of all that you are doing badly in on the ground the militarily so of course there is great public pressure on mr poroshenko as well there's another line of thought perhaps he said he may still give himself and his forces a chance to regroup considering the losses they have experienced over the last week and say absolutely that is almost a must for them now but on the other hand we can see that there are forces in kiev the really radical forces who are not even interested in that today we had the
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key have foreign minister yet saying you. may be a couple of hours after the announcement from mr porter shank was office who came out and. openly called russia terrorist state and that ukraine was going to seek nato membership and that they were going to build the wall. between ukraine and russia so the the hawks who are supported by the hawks in washington the neo conservative faction in washington there were not obviously even interested in in a ceasefire they want to radicalize things especially having in mind the nato summit that's coming up on the fourth and fifth of september. so just finally alexander author of the words we've heard today is the expectation of pace existing it's all in ukraine at the moment e.g. the people just think this is just part of the gang just part of the war.
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unfortunately i think majority of pinioned if you really ask people most of the ordinary people everyday working people in ukraine whether they want peace yes i think they want peace i'm fortunate leave their voices are not being heard by the political class that took power in a coup or in february they're not interested in peace all they've been doing for half a year now is radicalizing their rhetoric radical closing their policy not just toward russia but towards people who they claim to be their own citizens in the us i mean they never really tried to talk to any of representatives from dawn yet school gonski anything that's being termed as a number of syria so. unfortunately i think the ordinary people in ukraine are for peace brought the political class is not for peace or they're involved in a zero sum game where somebody has to win and somebody has to lose and of course
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russia as really a big major state is really cannot afford to lose ok well thank you for your opinions we do have to leave it there but that was a alexander a political analyst thank you. news just in president putin has commented on the latest statement from kiev he says that both the authorities and anti government leaders should agree to an unconditional exchange of the people who've been captured and also added that using military aviation against civilians is totally unacceptable and that ukraine should move its forces away from the front line and that and the government fighters should also stop their advance that news just in. the in another breaking developments in ukraine is the forensic confirmation that russian news photographer andre stand in is dead the international monitoring mission in europe the o.s.c. east demanding an investigation into the death of the thirty three year old he went
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missing nearly a month ago really good has got the details while hopes for andris safe return from ukraine have been shattered after a genetic test has proven conclusively that the remains that have been found in southeastern ukraine indeed do belong to andre stallion it was a photojournalist working for real novice thing which is right off christie's by the news corp the head of which was read this statement on the death of andre we've followed andries freight and demanded that international organizations freed him we are thankful to everyone in russia and their broad for your activities and for your support. unfortunately when we were trying to do everything possible and even impossible for his freedom and already no longer with us now those words of brad is a different and by a massive show of support that was that began right here there are a sea
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a subordinate headquarters where i'm standing was spread all over the country even all over the world not just journalists but people in other countries including organizations up for protection of journalists worldwide have issued their support they have been calling on andries are these because it was assumed that our dream was detained by ukrainian forces as they have previously done to a number of russian journalists or journalists working for russian news outlets including our team but no information was provided by kiev that would specify exactly what was happening to andre or where she was to stand in serve friends journalists have been working with him they have discovered andris car among other vehicles that were part of a civilian convoy of refugees that was in donetsk region that convoy was fired upon by ukrainian forces and on tree whose remains were found right there on the spot was one of those who died in that attack he survived but his mother for whom it is obviously a very tragic time and her tragedy and her loss is shared by thousands of people in
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the world the world over and of course by andries friends and colleagues for mourning him today. on price then it was a respected photographer who worked in conflict zones around the world for various media including reuters and a page in ukraine he covered the mass anti-government rallies in kiev before moving on to report on the ongoing army assault in the east here are some of the pictures he took while working on the front lines around the world. sudden rush in beslan where the third and final day of commemorations underway marking ten years since chechen militants led a terrifying and deadly three day c.
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of a school taking a breath fans and people hostage. is in beslan. the memorial bell has rung at best soon three hundred thirty four balloons will rise into the air it's the same number as there are candles on the ground behind me it's the same number as there are names on the memorial wall each one of those balloons each one of those candles is more than just what it appears to be. it's more than just a rubber and string it's a life it's a life that was cut short ten years ago. ten years ago in the horrible attack at school number one it best long as the balloons raise into the air they remember the victims and as they rise there are ten years among the crowd we can hear crying. we can hear wailing. as each victim is remembered as each name is thought of names
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that are written on the wall inside the gym names that are written on the headstone of the city of angel cemetery where the next events in the memorial will take place on this the final day of commemorative events. thanks for being with us today with international i'll be back with more on the developments in ukraine in the back thirty minutes time. on marriage and the financial. stocks did it actually take. in life there. if you mean people who watch movies from the budget
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but. most of us think that since. the base case is the most elite clubs in the be sometimes for nothing which. is silly and it's improvements to the it's not just stealing kids you'll be shocked if you see the stage seem to be looking to tell us what's going to kill all the cells in the boys the book. what's going on guys i'm out in martin and this is breaking the set so a couple weeks ago i had the great privilege of travel.


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