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tv   Documentary  RT  September 3, 2014 10:29am-11:01am EDT

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seven pm in moscow i matras or bring you today's breaking news coverage here on r.t. international ukraine's president says there's been a coup in his country opposition activists in full control of the ukrainian capital kiev now and the new interior minister says police are now on their side the presidential residence stands virtually abandoned after the head of state himself fled the city or he's alexei or chef skiis live for us in kiev with all the latest alexei. oh. yes indeed despite that what seems to be a true political may have the mayhem in the streets of the riots changed the political situation right now with obviously all the governmental buildings in kiev now if you applied by the opposition including the administration of the president the parliament the government all that most of the ministries including the
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ministry of defense the ministry of the in syria the likes of ski they're giving us that update from kiev. so it's actually you know rather good morning in kiev right now. bill it is going shooting tires burning for the president and most of the ruling party will be in fact left the capital. the fact is that we know the president is close like a peaceful atter cuba or you know law enforcement in the city i was just driving a car for a week out last not a single traffic police had i will be wearing i'm like how did you go when it was pretty much for both of you that you couldn't get anywhere that would actually be true but you know it's like you. have people hold the power right you remember that that is great. that's where we were showed up where else just now with all the conflicts going on in the world that people actually holding the power some weight
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. at the moment the news is a want to bounce ukraine so any stories we're doing. is not going to be top of their agenda at all the latest news is eighty people killed today and the crew never be missing this time the polls are showing on the live position a bullet that has to wind down you know by and say with those have found some kind of show in their office i think mostly i just wish i was there. also. i don't want to get shot obviously. brings. me to. the right to.
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wearing the traveston but have not been so i left when it's a friday and every friday they have demonstrations here against the war so i haven't been here before to try to actually film a demonstration my understanding is that they'll go towards the wall and they'll provoke soldiers and at some stage they'll be a confrontation and they claim here is that all of this land is palestinian land and where the soldiers on with assessments are being told when the wall is being erected on palestinian land and that is radio stating they lead from then you've got what two three dozen people maximum walking the contents but feel a little bit disappointed i mean i'm certainly not where the news is at the at the moment if the police said to. her it's ok to have something happen today when we can justify being there.
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the competition is in trouble. i mean with the same thing. and it is so you it's radio as in it's maybe why it's important. you know that it doesn't shift so you know it's going to get like that's not changing and why i'll take changing anything or i've ever been in ukraine you know. makes me sound like a suicide or something but. you know i never been to a real clash history of violence. so right now we're walking towards the bunco a street which is the administration of the president building and if you go back to december the first that's when basically the whole active phase of the protest started i mean the violent one the biggest fight was here i mean literally. several
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dozen protesters rushed at the police but the police lines were just. to meet us from here right these the bulldozers around the lines and the biggest fight was happening here right now as you can see we can walk inside clearly no obstacles in our way so the administration building is now no longer in the control of of the president and the police it's controlled by by the protesters. so this is how situations changed over the past two months when the police started pushing the protesters back they kicked some journalists out of here and kicked them on the ground so basically where the guys are standing with these yellow things right this was the police line. there was literally several hundred policemen in that line and several hundred more protesters from that side. that's when things were starting to get really really like scary and intense. right now as you see you can see it's a totally different scene at the moment like totally different. try to get inside.
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one of the. was. one of. these things do magic right. actually the time when the some of the first to get here to get in this place that's what i was doing my first stand up my first life i couldn't i could barely speak because of all the pepper gas. at this rate will have to take at the gas masks out. there that's where the police
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were heavily. protecting the administration building so i was literally walking over here and saying things and the guy came over to me and said four five you go away from here because you might get shot by them or by them you're in between the lines. but we did a quick one and returned back to the office and feed it to right now you see there's nothing here i mean it's controlled by the by the protesters that's going side. so this is the presidential administration building which used to be the probably the most protected governmental building in the whole of key of the biggest fight in the first stages of the protest happened here now as you can see we are taken on an excursion it is no longer controlled by the police or the government the protesters have occupied this building as well. the building they're using state security the chinese responsible for securing the government will build this
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happened at eleven pm this evening so we came here we came in close communication with the chair of the security of the building and we made at the station that. the fact that they're controlling the safety and security that they are inside our representatives are also inside which will take anyone inside right. i would represent that these are youths i mean the press. the security. of the press not to get ok their security concern and i know the house is inside right now i would be in there inside already i haven't been but our present that these have been no go at all work you say and thank you. so there we are. no gun shots fired and the presidential building is now split between the for social security forces and the self defense as they call themselves.
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right. i mean i've walked here hundreds of times when i used to work in kiev right so we took interviews inside this building with officials we interviewed the government said if this is on the same square that over the last and has months there's been a besieged territory this is been there the forbidden zone in kiev heavily secured by the police probably the second most guarded and most protected building and the whole of the city the first one was the residence of the president himself right so analysis is pretty much open and we can go inside but this is a temporary thing i guess. it'll. it'll. likely.
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to. lose i i. i
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. do we speak your language or not a. one news programs and documentaries in spanish what matters to you breaking news a little too and it's of angles the stories. you hear. and then try to alter the spanish find out more visit. your c.v. is bizarre to see it more than the comics propaganda are full of it is the state sponsor of russia today programme just worth five sybian else like telling them in this present time is just ridiculous non answer to my question. johnny's not. sure to risk their safety and sometimes their lives all over the wall to bring people stories none the propaganda channels don't want you to see and we told the
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whole sucks. all over the wall piece from. egypt since i didn't see the sound go to school books were grossly today. mostly just almost all told and being formed. we think it will want to repeat the. beaches.
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coconut palms gently swayed in the ocean breeze. and. why it has to be your little secret a secret the u.s. government would like you to know. well i did. dearly search for you to get all wilderness.
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some thursday about eight forty that morning i came over here because i was supposed to have a live broadcast from hotel ukraine which is the building over there just the parking lot so where there's a barricade you see right now there was like a police cordon always here. and i was going to say from the knowledge that there was a truce agreed on wednesday night and then nothing much to be happening i checked the twitter feed in the morning and i saw that. china's a burning with nothing much is happening so when i came here it was a huge line of policemen and they were just saying you cannot go in. well said like guys i have a live broadcast from mosul ukraine that eventually managed to. let me inside.
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when i was passing this very get over here the police line. the first thing i saw on that side. was a riot policemen carried a stretch of people believing all over the place. was like the first creepiest feeling i mean seriously disposed to be truce agreed and now this is happening. so eventually i got to the hotel. and i was doing a live broadcast. whenever things when everything started and things started getting really violent right right behind me i mean people were shooting at each other the police shooting at the protesters with the protesters replying with firearm. gunfire then we went up on the balcony and this is pretty much the scene of the most tragic episode where. i reckon it was about seven or eight people carrying shields only shields they didn't have any firearms on them they were
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trying to get through and they were shot at with firearms so this is where this is this is where they died essentially i mean they were wounded here and the dead as well because i was standing at the entrance to the hotel ukraine about twenty minutes after that and i saw them carried inside and they were like there were bits and pieces basically. there was the idea. that to be honest. some action i know that it's obviously the same thing happens every single. thing if it's like david and i. contemplate oh it's all a game of catch. up. all right. kids.
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and this is going to water has gotten. dangerous. something. wrong it's not. doing this as the woman was explaining to me if we find. something is not working. but how do you say. oh. so.
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many. teachers. say they want gas canisters and everybody's running back and they coming everybody is running. let's get out of here it's just coming in. i have to maz. i. do. you know. why.
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don't you. read any. one knowing that we've told you that what i'm saying. that if you. can see and you don't want to be that kind of. one and a very steamy and the other one manages to close and they get out and i couldn't see anything it was just i could hardly breathe and you know trying to catch me and i was a streaming and it's painful when you get this gas in your eyes it's really really so and you can't see anything you don't know where to go you see the firing you hear people yelling you don't understand what it's saying so like i remember thinking like you cover your head because the head is going to be the most vulnerable possible to achieve move in which direction and.
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it's almost as bizarre and ridiculous and stupid that's stupid because it doesn't achieve anything. to get people killed. wasting their potential. and every time i am there. looks like it's over everybody's going as if. i want to take. on this with journalists a prophetic sway with pathetic pathetic pathetic with a capital t. i want to take one of these there are one of these canisters with me i'm sure of guinea would lock on as well. it was with coming was it. right now it's. a rather bizarre situation in ukraine. bizarre not in it and i'm not in a bad way bizarre i mean it's maybe in a good way bizarre but the thing is that people are mourning the dead they held
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vigils they are saying prayers for their souls the ones who died in the protests right. now you can reach you live in. the same time the setting off fireworks and cheering and applauding every time something big happens in the parliament and one thing you just happened literally five minutes ago the parliament voted with the constitution majority is like more than three hundred thirty votes for president selfishly and legitimately. ukraine has no president now. this is ultimately what these people wanted i mean this is this was their goal to get to get rid of. their next goal. might be
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their willingness to put him on trial. i'm sure he will she will she will still be in exile she will leave the flee the country in a nutshell this should be bringing the us to the end. because they won on every front. the only thing which they haven't won yet is a guarantee that the country will stay in one piece because there's strong opposition to that in the east in the south and that is not that is not propaganda that is not an illusion i mean seriously if you just talk to the people in the south they are against this whole thing. for the past two months my my emotions have been pretty much off i put something of a shield on my emotional level just not to be overreacting over this kind of thing to be professionals award and to deliver the news right but i. i'm sure and i know that i when i returned home myself this gloss of something obviously you know i'll
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probably be very emotional but i think what happened here. is it's really hard it's hard to see all this despite the meaning of it despite obviously. supporting the willingness of the people to oust the president i mean he literally he's going to bed president of this country. many of my friends suffered because of is corrupt system which should build around himself he's a bad president i'm not afraid to say i'm not afraid to say anywhere i mean he's a bad president she was about president right. after dancing and it's really really future and this is the lowest point in the low . that's a city that i knew that did see when i was still sick. left me it's rainy waiting that's the end the first part of the trip where we get
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a chance just relax and reflect i think it was a good job to this because that's jordan over there i mean it's just something to leave above how close it is. and not far from s.s. the city of jericho which was the lowest city in the world that's continuously inhabited there's no signs of life in the water i mean it's it's all said known as the sea of salt because it's completely salty how to get into the sea. for that explanation for. going to be very valuable that you think oh good good good if. i didn't remember reading that if you believe in the bible that whole story of ethical. way everybody was so bad and they turned around and she was turned into to sodom sodom and gomorrah. and that i think has hit the dead scene because they're supposed to be a place i in fact have seen it in jordan we went and somebody showed me this
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massive step. it's lovely to be here and i want to say thank you guys for a great job. i was. a lot calmer right now shooting but still i mean this this was our memory and yours is well because your uncle what happened here but you're right there are. terrible terrible terrible. position if i was going to lie oh standing right here. so you can see the trajectory of this. is you get it right so this should be my. two minutes before we're supposed to go out. for a bit shell shocked. this get my have to do my work with look at this every time it's. easy this is not international we need twenty four hours a day life from
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a studio center in moscow breaking news now lawmakers in ukraine have voted to impeach the president viktor yanukovych for crimes against the people well that's the latest ruling body now opposition dominated parliament and actually had a chef he has the latest for us from the capital ah here is indeed the news are we carry our greens. a big breaking news meanwhile a key itself is no longer controlled by anyone we know that the opposition protesters are controlling goal of the governmental buildings in the city and we know from from heiko fan this has been confirmed that the former prime minister yulia timoshenko the ark royal of yana called which has left the prison hospital and now on her way to get a call that is defined he says he will not accept any decisions coming from the parliament he still is the acting president according to himself and he earlier equated everything happening in the country to a quote a time he even made
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a comparison to nine hundred thirty situation in germany where and nazis were coming to power he said that he will continue touring south and east of ukraine talking to his electorate because that's where he feels safe. thank. you yet another life.
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all i'm not a politician but we see that it is arab countries that sit on the world's greatest oil reserves and the west just cannot stay away from such tremendous wealth so in order to get their heads without oil the west employs what i would call cultural terrorists. if you watch. egypt to see that it has some scruples school. today.
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is forced to move from the most will. be informed. she is in retreat ukraine civil war has grounded into a stalemate and the economy is crushing this is created an opening for dialogue all parties seize the moment will moscow continue to be blamed for. the north atlantic treaty organization arm or simply nato. i would like to invite the secretary general as well as the presidents of albania croatia to join me here you have nato roadmap for the next ten years.
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different leader in syria now many of the members of congress of both parties who have gone to syria in recent months have said. feel. relief which is diddy's time for him to go. to be released to syria is really. playing right close to. her street. and i think the true. on our reporters. instantly cut.
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below. proposes steps for peace between ukraine's warring sides saying his latest phone conversation with president bush showed they see eye to eye. but the crisis is seen differently by the u.s. leader who accuses russia of ignoring diplomatic solutions. russian journalist on the ice then and has been confirmed killed a month after going missing all covering the ukrainian conflict. and washington says the video showing a second american journalist being executed by islamic state terrorist in iraq is apparently off then.


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