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tv   Headline News  RT  September 3, 2014 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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but they pay a moscow time let him a potent proposes steps for peace between ukraine's warring sides saying his latest phone conversation with president poroshenko showed they see eye to eye. at all for tonight the crisis is seeing differently by the u.s. leader who accuses russia of ignoring diplomatic solutions. and. russian journalist andre standing has been confirmed killed among the going missing while covering the plane come. on washington says the video showing a second american journalist being executed by islamic state terrorists in iraq is apparently all thank.
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you thanks for being with us international money kevin our first in this president putin suggested how ukraine's warring sides might work towards peace his ideas follow a conversation the russian leader had with his ukrainian counterpart the details of their phone call have been released but our correspondent in a coach never has more on what is known so far. overall there is a seven point plan now first the russian president believes that the two sides of the conflict should stop military operation on both sides should withdraw troops from southeastern parts of ukraine and militia should do the same to their four stop the blood chat the troops should pull back to rule out any shelling of cities
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than a fool in international ceasefire monny touring system should be in place in those areas now there should be no hour to use against civilians and there are also should be some kind of a system arranged to provide the exchange detainees and that should happen with no exception now the last two points of the plan include a humanitarian corridor or there should be open for the refugees of those areas and of the reconstruction of the a war torn region shelf ukraine to happen in the near future now this is briefly of the plan that the russian president is suggesting the two sides could use to peace and ukraine now not being a part of this conflict russia however says that it is ready to provide any assistance possible to stab realize the situation because the putin also so that will talk and says ukrainian counterpart they both agree there's
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a crucial need for a ceasefire the east confirmed later the both leaders apparently do see i do on a correspondent paula sleep brigs war on the possibility that peace in ukraine. the self-defense leaders are saying that they are expecting an official invitation to the negotiating table there is a lot of confusion here on the ground in terms of where exactly kiev stands on the matter in the first statement that was issued by the office of the ukrainian president petro poroshenko he spoke about a permanent cease fire now or later the word permanent was dropped and the statement read that it was a ceasefire regime now it's unclear to people here what exactly this means the anti government fighters say that at this stage i'm not taking that statement seriously but they do point out that they are willing to reach a political solution but they do want assurances from kiev in terms of where it stands on the matter that and that it is prepared to halt its military offensive there has been at least one cease fire in the past decade has called for that which
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was later violated here on the ground there's a lot of question marks over whether petro poroshenko is not just buying time or whether he's just testing the waters if you like there are talks that are scheduled on friday between the sides but at the moment there are a lot of differences and a lot of issues will need to be ironed out and this is because you have a kiev government that wants to remain in power it wants to go back to how the situation was before all of this mess and then at the same time you have the republics who say that while they are willing to maintain ties with kids they want to determine their own fate and their own future was been reaction the prime minister's already very relieved rejected the peace plan proposed by vladimir putin saying the russian leaders only trying things to buy time for him to go move fighters or so they have snoop went so far as saying that the only thing is to quote to destroy ukrainian reinstate the soviet union but former british
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intelligence officer shoshu bridge says that any peace progress or any progress towards p.c. things is going to be welcomed by the ukrainian people themselves. behind the scenes as has been suspected for some time the high level talks are progressing and if people are moving closer together in a positions as president putin himself has implied today then that's got to be a positive thing above all for the fi poles of the civilians particularly of southeast ukraine so anything that's because it's towards peace and of course that must come. eventually via political dialogue political negotiations or political settlement if something's going to be permanent is surely to be welcomed of course so much damage has already been done months into the army offensive swathes of east ukraine a devastated schools hospitals apartment blocks homes all either badly damaged or completely destroyed no water no electricity the constant threat of being killed it's all been the daily reality for civilians in eastern regions u.n.
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sources say two million people are still living in the conflict zone many there are going in basements and shelters still spending days at a time down there as bombs and bullets fly overhead when they get home others many find their houses severely damaged or completely uninhabitable some are entirely reduced to rubble more than a million people used to live in donetsk take a look at the before and after pictures of the timeless how the city's changed in twenty twelve it stadium for instance hosted european football matches. on the left you can see fans enjoying the time of the tournament on the right swat left the now of that focal point now this to a similar fate befell donetsk international airport you can see on the left a gleaming modern transport hub for the city reduced on the right to smoldering battle scarred ruins and these aerial pictures now show the remains of a village in the donetsk region that was devastated by the military campaign over the summer at least fifteen hundred people they used to live there well now as you
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can see houses lie in ruins most residents have fled it's just a snapshot of what life is like for so many people these days. the u.n. refugee agency says more than seven hundred thousand ukrainians have escaped to russia since the start of the conflict on top of that more than one hundred thousand have been displaced inside ukraine itself many of their homes destroyed as are saying there by army artillery fire on towns and cities in the east but arias said it's a publisher of business new europe says it will take up to twenty years to bring the country back on track. to the stand at the clock is ticking on ukraine and its military conflict cannot last forever the country is virtually bankrupt is living hand to mouth on i.m.f. and publishing are desperately needs to bring this conflict to an end because he has the whole work for twenty years of economic reforms ahead of him before he can prove the country back on its feet country itself definitely and desperately needs the fighting to end because the rest of the economy is in is bankrupt and donetsk
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in the donbass region remains the most productive part of the country and train doesn't work without it. more reaction to this some analysts say that kiev stands to benefit from any ceasefire now mainly because the casualties exam is suffering the loss of life in the ukrainian army is widely blamed on the appalling supply chain to the front line this for example is the kind of ammunition soldiers being given to fight with rusty basically falling apart officially almost eight hundred government troops have been confirmed dead more than two and a half thousand wounded but care is being accused of a colossal cover up here anti-government forces say up to fourteen thousand military personnel have been killed or injured and that the authorities are in panic control mode now there are some first hand accounts of the condition of the which ukrainian soldiers live in fight. is that if you listen to this interview with a look over to the video footage that. was all of your thoughts they want to see.
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would you this new. or this freezer. is there. and the cost to the tragedy of wars being acutely felt in the homes of ukrainian soldiers whose mothers big not information by the authorities about the children from any parents is too much to bear. well earlier we discussed the moves towards peace now in ukraine with political analyst and xander puppet she told us he believes kids recent defeats in the east is what's pushed it to finally seek a norm violence solution maybe now i think there are forces in kiev who are
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interested in peace now now that they've suffered really heavy devastating military losses and setbacks if if the whole anti-terrorist operation had been going well we would be talking about this as any sort of an option the public pressure would have been less had it been going well had the had that mr poroshenko is military forces been successful instead they've been losing ground they've been losing territory you know then then public pressure increases very much the economy ukraine's economy is on life support and on top of all that you are doing badly in on the ground in militarily so of course there is great public pressure on mr poroshenko as well he will u.s. president barack obama's expressed quite a different view on the situation in ukraine we must continue to stand united against russia's aggression in ukraine.
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thank you keep in mind that repeatedly president putin has ignored the opportunity to resolve the crisis in ukraine diplomatically obama's words came right after the ukrainian government took a further step towards trying to get into nato approving a bill to cancel the country's nonaligned status the us leaders stressed that he supports the military alliances expansion into europe a washington correspondent next the got it she can as will. this might not be the best moment for petro poroshenko to talk peace with moscow when his friends to the west of the border are preparing to deploy more forces against russia and are making all kinds of statements against russia president obama in a stone here did say there will be more u.s. forces in lottery only to a near zero near the u.s. will be assisting the ukrainian military including by training he said when asked about the cease fire plan the president and president putin supposedly agreed on
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the us president said it's too early to tell those are just went towards at the moment but moscow has actually put forward the ceasefire the major point of which is for both sides to stop military actions that would include the rebels and steve's bombing campaign in eastern ukraine with the ukrainian president truce to stop the offensive maybe not right now after all government has just asked the country's parliament to consider dropping the country's non aligned status and seek nato membership in nato has made it clear it's looking forward to it at the moment it seems the more tense the rhetoric between moscow and kiev the more chances for for it to pass so the talking points that president obama has prepared for the upcoming still in force a diplomatic breakthrough at this particular moment may not feed into the let's stand up against russia narrative very well at least for the moment a correspondent in washington political science professor from university told
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ukraine's government now faces a difficult choice ahead. yes decision in my different mr bush because this one seems to be ukrainian president is now realizing that the situation on the ground is. developing. very negatively for increased anti-terrorist operations for the same client to make some concessions or as of course means. ukraine must not surrender it's most likely that the card is meeting of nato will see it remit. of your approval size which is not very helpful actually . the u.s. and russia to prove through its allies in nato at least dedicated to the security of its allies and that's one way to do it well lots been happening today as we're on air have got some news just in to tell you about seems france has nope respond delivering the first mistral military was shipped to russia over the situation in
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ukraine it says the conditions are not right adding it believes russia has not done enough to secure peace in ukraine so that bit of news just in france knows has been debated for a long time whether or not it should be done france's hold firm saying it's part of a contract but it seems now the latest news is that france is perspiring delivery of that first mistral military war ship to russia more details on that then big news as we get it. and next let's focus on the upcoming nato summit in the u.k. and wales raising money to a bolster a military presence in eastern europe in the wake of the ukrainian price crisis appears to be a key priority whatever nato leaders plan hundreds of peace protesters turned out at the weekend in the host venue in newport also in cardiff in wales they want less money spent on more in nuclear weapons so the question could nato afford to boost defense infrastructure across eastern europe end of the day can they afford it others pockets deep enough for currently the twenty eight member states spend as much as one trillion dollars a year maintaining what the alliance already has it's
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a lot of money that means the organization alone. gets more military funding from the rest of the world put together big sums washington's currently footing most of the bill with just over a quarter of those budget made up by other members those in the alliance as opposed to contribute two percent of the g.d.p. every year but not everyone does in fact more than eighty five percent of countries on the list through the unwilling or unable to supply that much cash as mistral news coming in from france in the coming hours more the day's developments ahead to will be testing you whether you've got the knowledge to win a british passport amongst other things. differently or. members of congress the. money.
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to go. to the peace to syria it's going to be. a. pleasure to have you with us here on t.v. today i'm sure.
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dave so much mixed news today good and bad good maybe there could be peace come into ukraine but here russian news photographer understanding has been confirmed dead in the east of ukraine france's you're on the international monitoring mission in europe the always seen demanding now an investigation into the death of stan and who went missing nearly a month ago really has got the story it was another dangerous assignment covering the progress of a refugee convoy in the war ravaged the new it's region and on august fifth under a stand ins phone went silent after several days of searching for him proved fruitless it was assumed at least and had been detained by ukraine's security forces like several other journalists. were this is where the news agency for whom he worked called for his release this led to a mass show of support from thousands of people worldwide including major
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organizations for the protection of journalists we've followed andries fate and demanded that international organizations freed him we are thankful to everyone in russia and their broad for your activities and for your support. unfortunately when we were trying to do everything possible and even impossible for his freedom and there was already no longer with us korean officials first said they knew the entry was then they retracted their statement finally it was a search by his journalist friends that led to the gruesome discovery a burned out car we have a special d.n.a. testing confirmed that one of the bodies inside was that of and just to see those who worked on site him are in shock is an understatement just within them he was a man of a man saw he was kind and i think the main element of our profession he was reliable when andrew was near i always felt my back was covered first of all he was
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a great person and a good friend you clueless need more straight to a none of us thought this was possible through these days and weeks we hope for a miracle which. bosses rarely told him what to do it was mostly he who pushed subjects to his colleagues and managers and reason mother did a sting in a want to talk to journalists this is the goodbye she gets to have with her son a picture is worth a thousand words and under a stand ins works speaks volumes about people caught up in a bloody conflict about a country being torn apart and about a bloody war in ukraine that's already cost thousands of lives including andres own in moscow. r.t. . and restudy was a respected photographer who worked in conflict zones around the world for various media including reuters news agency an associated press in ukraine he covered the mass antigovernment rallies in kiev before moving on to report on the ongoing army
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assault in the east era dida saw the pictures he took while working on the front lines around the world. u.s. is vowing to degrade and destroy these law mixtape group president obama made the pledge after it was confirmed that a second american reporters been executed by the jihad is militants a gruesome video of the killing of stephen sokoloff who was taken captive more than a year ago emerged choose day he previously been seen in the video were another u.s. journalist james foley was beheaded again the killers got a british accent this time around to the latest video saw him threaten the execution of a third journalist that you heard his claim the killings are reprisals for u.s.
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airstrikes against them in iraq middle east expert joshua landis told me that the fight against islamic state militants will turn into another afghanistan for united states it's very difficult in this situation because isis dominates a region the size of great britain in both syria and iraq if you're going to destroy them and kill them. and hit their buildings you have to have somebody else to replace them otherwise they'll just spring up and you'll infuriate this is a nice that are trapped in between baghdad and damascus so the u.s. has to come up with a strategy somebody has to pay for it and there has to be an exit strategy and obama does not want to get stuck in some swamp the way the u.s. did in iraq originally or in afghanistan without an exit strategy the southern russian and best land where the third and final day of commemorations are underway marking ten years since chechen militants that are terrifying and deadly three day
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siege of a school taking over a thousand people hostage treasures in. the memorial bell has rung at best soon three hundred thirty four balloons will rise into the air it's the same number as there are candles on the ground behind me it's the same number as there are names on the memorial wall each one of those balloons each one of those candles is more than just what it appears to be. it's more than just a rubber and string it's a life it's a life that was cut short ten years ago. ten years ago and the horrible attack at school number one best long as the balloons raise into the air they remember the victims and as they rise there are ten years among the crowd we can hear crying. we can hear wailing. as each victim is remembered as each name is thought of names
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that are written on the wall inside the gym names that are written on the headstones of the city of angel cemetery where the next events in the memorial will take place on this final day of commemorative events. to become a british citizen you've got to pass the test these days but the latest list of questions designed to sort out the past trips has also got some of the native scratching their heads too even a few high profile politicians a struggle with the says is when a culture of a london. hundreds of years of history boiled down to twenty four questions questions that any migrants of war can age must get rights if they stand a chance of becoming a british citizen. the pass mark is seventy five percent but even brits are having a hard time getting it right with just under half of those aged between eighteen to twenty four making the grade and what hope is there when even politicians get it
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wrong magna carta the literal translation is was what you have mag nine are you again you're testing me. it would be good for you to do this yeah i would it would . be the aim is really to stop people coming in there are other immigration policies for that really it's a tool to try and reassure the public something which it fails to do and invoke a sense of civic pride into immigrants that come to this country something which they also failed to do i didn't test because i was curious i actually thought i would pay for it but i didn't have a very biased toward sports and things which i wouldn't consider relevant to what it means to be living in england i think it would make more sense to all think what's the difference between england great britain the united kingdom because that's the here and now even though the brits are citizenship tast has been described as a bad pub quiz and unfit for purpose it was conceived as a way to task the candidates knowledge of brits us life and signs of the english
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this is supposed to ensure a person can in so great and super it's their society but what mates have to fail and that's how some feel it's unfair and even able critical of the government so expect foreigners to know more about british values and their story than them i think it's very badly together i think it's put together by people who have been immigrants themselves so you have information about how tall the illuminati is and feeds and meter about how old approximately how big ben it's about was common how or six one hundred the you know when you get that one wrong and pack your bags i don't know if i became more british and i certainly knew more obscure trivia about the united kingdom so what happens if you fail you have to wait a week fork out another fifty pounds and try again to pass a test that appears to show you know more about your new homeland than many of the people who were born there. marina call survive reports in from london for r.t.
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. got to say some of those questions had us to scratch my head a bit as well they do vary a lot and difficulty and will be checking a bit later up next though if the break be much in the city going to america's notorious guantanamo bay prison of which all of the latest reaction on ukraine's moves towards peace that's been a big news day because they were. not a politician but we see the just arab countries that sit on the world's greatest oil reserves and the whist just cannot stay away from such tremendous wealth so in order to get their heads without oil the west employs what i was a cultural terrorist.
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what's going on guys i'm abby martin and this is a break in the set so a couple weeks ago i had the great privilege of traveling to guantanamo bay prison in cuba to investigate the continuing plight of the hundred forty nine indefinite detainees still there because most of the world has forgotten about these men reporters are needed on the ground and get on now more than ever however in order to understand what's happening in the notorious prison today first you have to understand get most history who these men actually are and what they went through
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so don't go anywhere. because it's time to break the set. the government says it wants to close the secretary defense and defense department are committed to the president's goal of closing guantanamo bay if the public knew what actually happened that heads would roll there are a lot of issues that are being handled at a higher level join us as we seek answers to those issues and much more this is at the heart breaking the steps i want on a mobile. few realize how expensive it is to keep running the joint task force detention center that opened in two thousand and two costs taxpayers one hundred forty million dollars a year that breaks down to eight hundred thousand dollars per detainee but the detention center was never meant to be permanent so how did we get to the point where cuba is hosting what amnesty international has deemed the gulag of our time
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to answer that question you have to go all the way back to eighteen ninety eight. around tanana bay cuba a tropical paradise for a tweet with crystal clear waters white sand beaches lush greenery and landscapes. what better place to build a mini america complete with mcdonald's starbucks subway a gift shop and torture so how exactly did the u.s. and a posting one of the most of the various secretive prisons in a country it's been enemies with since the war more few realize that guantanamo bay consists of more than just the infamous detention facility in fact the history of this base goes all the way back to june tenth eighteen ninety eight during the height of the spanish-american war u.s. forces seize control on tunnel bay from spain and soon signed a lease with newly independent cuba establishing.


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