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tv   Headline News  RT  September 3, 2014 1:00pm-1:30pm EDT

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to join me here you have. a roadmap for the next ten years. to international live from moscow tonight. proposes steps for peace between warring sides phone conversation with president poroshenko and show they see. the crisis seen differently by the u.s. leader says russia of it nor a diplomatic solution. of the elements russian. speakers killed a month after going missing while covering ukraine come from. washington says the video showing a second american journalist being executed by islamic state terrorists in iraq is currently off and.
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just joining us is nine pm here in moscow want to know in the developments in crane to tell you about tonight first of president putin suggested how ukraine's warring sides might work towards peace today he's ideas follow a conversation that the russian leader had with his ukrainian counterpart the details of the phone call have been released though a correspondent in a coach never was more of what is so. we're all there is a seven point plan now first the russian president believes that the two sides of the conflict should stop the military operation on both sides should withdraw troops from southeastern parts of ukraine and militias should do the same to the air for stop the blood chat now the troops should pull back to rule out any shelling us. than
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a fool in international ceasefire monny touring system should be in place in those areas there should be no out and used against civilians and there are also should be some kind of a system arranged to provide the exchange of detainees and that should happen with no exception now the last two points of the plan include a humanitarian corridor or there should be open for the refugees of those areas and of the reconstruction of the a war torn region show for ukraine to happen in the near future now this is briefly of the plan that the russian president is suggesting the two sides could use to peace and ukraine now not being a part of this conflict russia however says that it is ready to provide any assistance possible to stab realize the situation. president putin also said that while talking to his ukrainian part of the card the public both agree there's
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a crucial need for a cease fire in the east of confirmed later the both leaders apparently did see either why our correspondent brings us more now on the possibility that of peace at last in ukraine the self-defense leaders are saying that they are expecting an official invitation to the negotiating table there is a lot of confusion here on the ground in terms of where exactly stands on the matter in the first statement that was issued by the office of the ukrainian president petro poroshenko he spoke about a permanent cease fire now later the word permanent was dropped and the statement read that it was a ceasefire regime now it's unclear to people here what exactly this means the anti government fighters say that at this stage and not taking that statement seriously but they do point out that they are willing to reach a political solution but they do want assurances from kiev in terms of where it stands on the matter that and that it is prepared to halt its military offensive there has been at least one cease fire in the past decade has called for that which
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was later violated here on the ground there's a lot of question marks over whether petro poroshenko is not just buying time or whether he's just testing the waters if you like there are talks that are scheduled on friday between the sides but at the moment there are a lot of differences and a lot of issues will need to be ironed out and this is because you have a kiev government that wants to remain in power it wants to go back to how the situation was before all of this mess and then at the same time you have the republics who say that while they are willing to maintain ties with kids they want to determine their own fate and their own future. there's been other reaction to the ukrainian prime minister's already vehemently rejected the peace plan proposed by vladimir putin saying the russian leaders are only trying to buy time for antigovernment fighters. went as far as saying that the only thing putin wants was to destroy ukraine in reinstate the soviet union but former british intelligence
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officer chose shu bridge says that any progress towards peace will be welcomed by the ukrainian people behind the scenes as has been suspected for some time the high level talks are progressing and if people are moving closer together in a positions as president putin himself has implied today then that's got to be a positive thing above all for the peoples of the civilians particularly of southeast ukraine so anything that's because as towards peace and of course that must come. eventually via political dialogue political negotiations and a political settlement if something's going to be permanent is surely to be welcomed. it was the diplomacy plays out every day life goes on months into the army offensive swathes of east ukraine are devastated schools hospitals apartment blocks homes either badly damaged or it's not there all completely destroyed no water no electricity and the constant threat of being killed it's all been daily reality for civilians in eastern regions u.n.
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sources say two million people are now living in that conflict many there are going in basements and shelters spending days at a time the mayor is bombs and bullets fly overhead when they get home many find their houses severely damaged or completely uninhabitable some are entirely reduced to rubble more than a million people used to live in donetsk it was a big city take a look at the before and after pictures how that city's changed in twenty twelve for instance its stadium hosted european football championship matches were left you can see fans enjoying their time at the top of a look at the right what's left of what was so recently a focal point of sporting celebration a similar fate befell donetsk international airport these are the pictures from there you'll see on the left the gleaming modern transport hub for the city in its day reduced now on the right to small during battle scarred ruins and aerial pictures here to show you again another snapshot of life showing the remains now of one village in the donetsk region which was devastated by the military campaign over the summer at least fifteen hundred people used to live here as you can see
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houses my lad ruins most residents fled. the u.n. refugee agency says more than seven hundred thousand ukrainians in fact of escape to russia since the start of the conflict mellen top of the more than one hundred thousand have been displaced inside ukraine itself many of their homes were destroyed by army artillery fire on towns and cities in the east and areas from business to europe told us it's going to take twenty years to bring the country back on track. you have to stand it the clock is ticking on ukraine and this military conflict cannot last forever the country is virtually bankrupt is living hand to mouth on i.m.f. and publishing are desperately needs to bring this conflict to an end because he has the whole work for twenty years of economic reforms and head of him before he can quit the country back on its feet country itself definitely and desperately needs the fighting to end because the rest of the economy is in is bankrupt and
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donetsk region remains the most productive part of the country and train doesn't work without it. some other viewpoint some analysts say the care stands to benefit from the ceasefire mainly because the casualties army is suffering the loss of life and ukrainian army is widely blamed on the appalling supply chain to the front line this for example is the kind of ammunition that soldiers have been given to fight with it's rusting falling apart. officially almost eight hundred government troops have been confirmed killed and more than two and a half thousand wounded but kiev is being accused of a colossal cover up even then anti-government forces say up to fourteen thousand military personnel have died or have been injured and that the authorities are in panic control mode now here are some of the firsthand accounts of the conditions under which ukrainian soldiers are serving god is the budget then you can still do translates into a little bit let's go over to the video footage get to it for your vocal chords and
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work toward result of your thoughts they want to see if you've got the body to do this new. front because your roots preserve. this is that. the tragedy was being acutely felt in the homes of ukrainian soldiers of course tuesday mothers are being denied information by the authorities about the children for many parents is too much to bear. i mean. i don't know what. you look. at it we discuss the moves towards peace in ukraine with political analyst exam to tell us he believes kids recent defeats in the east is what's now pushed it to finally seek a nonviolent solution i think there are forces in kiev who are interested in peace
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now now that they've suffered really heavy devastating military losses and setbacks if if the whole anti-terrorist operation had been going well we would be talking about this as any sort of an option the public pressure would have been less had it been going well had the had that mr poroshenko his military forces been successful instead they've been losing ground they've been losing territory you know then then public pressure increases very much the economy ukraine's economy is on life support and on top of all that you are doing badly. on the ground in militarily so of course there is great public pressure on mr poroshenko as well well obviously a lot of goings on the reaction today u.s. president barack obama's expressed quite a different view on the ukraine situation we must continue to stand united against russia's aggression in ukraine. the
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e.u. keep in mind that repeatedly president putin has ignored the opportunity to resolve the crisis in ukraine diplomatically obama's words came right after the ukrainian government took a step towards trying to get into nato approving a bill to cancel the country's nonaligned status the us leader stressed that he supports the military alliances expansion into europe and washington correspondent going to teach you can has more on that. this might not be the best moment for petro poroshenko to talk peace with moscow when his friends to the west of the border are preparing to deploy more forces against russia and are making all kinds of statements against russia president obama in a stone here did say there will be more u.s. forces in largely early to a near the one year the u.s. will be assisting the ukrainian military including by training he said when asked about the cease fire plan the president and president putin supposedly agreed on
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the us president said it's too early to tell those are just went towards at the moment but moscow has actually put forward the ceasefire the major point of which is for both sides to stop military actions that would include the rebels and steve's bombing campaign is doing ukraine with the ukrainian president truce to stop the offensive maybe not right now after all the ukrainian government has just asked the country's parliament to consider dropping the country's non aligned status and seek nato membership in nato has made it clear it's looking forward to it at the moment it seems the more tense the rhetoric between moscow and kiev the more chances for for it to pass so the talking points that president obama has prepared for the upcoming nato summit are still in force diplomatic breakthrough at this particular moment may not fit into the let's stand up against russian narrative very well at least for the moment it's such a busy day of political progress some would say today but the. president was not
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see it like that let's get some reaction live to a president obama's latest comments and ukraine with front of. how the bush thing speaking with us we would have barack obama mean he says that russia is ignoring diplomatic solutions for ukraine but that came after putin said during a phone call he thinks that they have no brokered the warring sides and ukraine some sort of way forward it's not exactly free helpful to the situation as it was comments. well president obama's speech was written prior to today's events and unlike president putin he doesn't do very well on adapting them on the go but i think it reflects a consensus of political establishment in washington d.c. that this is a top tale of brave united states standing up to evil russian aggression and that's the line he's going to champion no matter with what. president obama also mentioned something about the door of nato always being open referring specifically to
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georgia moldova and ukraine although humans did qualify that with sort of mealy mouth qualification that if these people you know if people are able to contribute to the alliance in a meaningful way so he left himself an out. by it was a clearly implied commitment of the u.s. and nato to bring more troops more weapons and essentially prop up these client regimes. that are in these three countries at a time like today when so much work has been going in diplomatically still of especially today to try and get a cease fire here was his choice of words talk about expansion into into europe into the east of europe really was was a good time to be talking about that was it just really stoking the fire. well according to him and political stablished it's a perfect time the nato summit in wales is coming up. it's happening tomorrow and nato is being desperately in search of a mission this is this is coming perfect to them they can rebrand themselves as
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crusaders for freedom and democracy helping the poor innocent this and that against evil russian aggression again this is their narrative and they're sticking to it this is their white knight ploy. and so obviously it's not in the interest of the u.s. government for any sort of meaningful cease fire to take place but i would go a step further and even wonder if it isn't poroshenko because even though his military has been broken and is no longer capable of sustaining offensive operations i think the from his perspective all this talk about cease fire simply buying time until until he can get nato troops to fight the war for him so you say he's not really behind this ceasefire plan that if it comes to fruition on friday. i think the government in kiev is absolutely not interested in the cease fire they have repeatedly pledged themselves to complete eradication of any dissent in the country where they were in donbass or death or harkov or everywhere else and this is just a ploy to buy time and whitewash their atrocities in the world opinion before the
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nato summit before they can get a pledge to join the alliance and invoke article five i think that's their ploy on for this but the bush managed thank you for your thoughts although with a not to. very present look forward for the future is doesn't look very good for the peace that we were talking about there but thanks anyway all right well on the eve of the nato summit more news to tell you about france in the last hour or so announce it's going to postpone delivery now the first mistral military warship to russia even though contracts have been signed money's been paid over the situation ukraine let's get more on that from harry fear he's in cardiff in wales there get ready for the nato summit bring us up to speed what's actually been said is it dead in the water the mistral ship or is it just postponed for now what's the situation . we understand in the last while france has taken the official decision to suspend the delivery of these warships to russia now france's president hollande had said only two weeks ago that this was
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a bilateral business deal struck in two thousand and eleven which was not subject to the policy or e.u.'s policy of sanctioning russia we can listen to that sound bite right now. to do the level of sanctions doesn't threaten the delivery it was bruce olds who decided not france should there be any additional tension and it would be impossible to find a way out then we will have to deliberate but for the moment that's not the case. so it's not clear why france has taken this moment to take such a stand against russia but of course this falls in the context of the nato of course itself taking a very strong line against the russian federation in the last few months citing of course the ukraine ukraine crisis now for its part nato here its
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leadership has distanced itself from france as unilateral action saying that it was not responsible for pressuring the french state and has indeed tried to distance itself as much as possible from this new stand against russia. from a cart of bear think it well things have so much. reading to break now but one tragic development from ukraine as well to tell you about when we come back after the break confirmation today that russian journalist andrey sterling is dead to talk about that. drama. stories other's. faces change. the picture.
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from around the globe. to. be with us here on t.v. today i'm sure.
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russian news photographer understanding has been confirmed dead in east ukraine france has now joined the international monetary mission in europe the o.c. and demanding an investigation into the death of stunning went missing nearly a month ago when it reports it was another dangerous assignments covering the progress of a refugee convoy in the war ravaged region and on august fifth i understand his phone went silent. after several days of searching for him proved fruitless it was assumed at least and had been detained by ukraine's security forces like several other journalists. this is the morning news agency for whom he worked called for his release this led to a mass show of support from thousands of people worldwide including major organizations for the protection of journalists we followed andries fate and demanded that international organizations freed him where thankful to everyone in russia around them broad for your activities and for your support. unfortunately
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when we were trying to do everything possible and even impossible for his freedom and ray was already no longer with us ukrainian officials first said they knew where andrey was then they retracted their statement finally it was a search carried out by his journalist friends that led to the gruesome discovery a burned out car rather special wing d.n.a. testing confirmed that one of the bodies inside was that of interesting to see those who worked on site him are in shock is an understatement just within them he was a man of a man saw he was kind and i think the main element of our professional he was reliable when andrew was near i always felt my back was covered first of all he was a great person and a good friend you clueless need more straight to a none of us thought this was possible these days and weeks we hope for a miracle at the. bosses rarely told him what to do it was mostly he who pushed
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subjects' to his colleagues and managers. andries mother in a sting in a wants to talk to journalists this is the goodbye see gets to have a son a picture is worth a thousand words and andries tenons work speaks volumes about people caught up in a bloody conflict about a country being torn apart and about a bloody war in ukraine that's already cost thousands of lives including under a zone in moscow and in and out of school r.t. . as you heard understanding was a respected photographer who had worked in conflict zones around the world for various media including reuters news agency associated press for instance in ukraine he covered the mass anti-government rallies in kiev before moving on to report on the ongoing army assault in the east couple seconds know some of the pictures he took while working on the front lines around the world
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the u.s. is vowing to degrade and destroy the islamic state group president obama made the pledge after it was confirmed that a second american reporter had been executed by the jihadist militants a gruesome video of the killing of stephen sokolove who was taken captive more than a year ago emerged on tuesday you previously been seen in the video where another u.s. journalist james foley was beheaded again the killer had a british accent the latest video saw him threaten the execution of a furred journalist now that you heard his claim the killings are reprisals for u.s. airstrikes against them in iraq middle east expert joshua landis told me that the fight against islamic state militants will turn into another afghanistan for the united states. it's very difficult in this situation because isis dominates
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a region the size of great britain in both syria and iraq if you're going to destroy them and kill them. and hit their buildings you have to have somebody else to replace them otherwise they'll just spring up and you'll infuriate the sunnis that are trapped in between baghdad and damascus so the us has to come up with a strategy somebody has to pay for it and there has to be an exit strategy and obama does not want to get stuck in some swamp the way the u.s. did in iraq originally or in afghanistan without an exit strategy. the southern russian the third and final day of commemoration and marking ten years since chechen militants that are terrifying and deadly three day siege of a school taking over a thousand people hostage president was it wednesday ceremony. the memorial bell has rung at beslan soon three hundred thirty four balloons will rise
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into the air it's the same number as there are candles on the ground behind me it's the same number as there are names on the memorial wall each one of those balloons each one of those candles is more than just what it appears to be. it's more than just a rubber and string it's a life it's a life that was cut short ten years ago. ten years ago in the horrible attack at school number one it best as the balloons raise into the air they remember the victims and as they rise there are ten years among the crowd we can hear crying. we can hear wailing. as each victim is remembered as each name is thought of names that are written on the wall inside the gym names that are written on the headstone of the city of angel cemetery where the next events in the memorial will take place on this the final day of commemorative events.
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memory still so painful ten years on programs coming up after the break in a minute or two we invite you to get in the know in thirty minutes and this is now easier again following up but if you watched last night what should have been a cards on the table talk with ukraine today yes the show on the network spokes a woman stumbled a seconds after saying a low so we got some reaction to that about half an hour of the boom bust taking a bite out of tech giant apple tonight.
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i'm not a politician but we see that it is arab countries that sit on the world's greatest who reserves and the west just cannot stay away from such tremendous wealth so in order to get their heads without oil the west employs what i was cultural interest from. if you want people who watch movies from. egypt to see that it has something to do swoop school closely to be.
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used. in the most will. be thought and got them years and. years in retreat ukraine's civil war has grounded into a stalemate and the economy is crushing this is created an opening for dialogue all parties seize the moment when will moscow continue to be playing. polo there i marinated this is boom bust and these are some of the stories that we're tracking for you today. first up euro zone factory growth slowed in august could tensions in ukraine be causing the trouble and euro. and we're looking into it then founder and president of alice investments david merkel is alive and in studio today he's sitting down with me to discuss accounting evaluations and in
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today's big deal edward hairs and i are discussing an underqualified eric cantor taking an arguably overpaid position on wall street it all starts right now. welcome to a brand new season of boom bust now our lead story today europe european purchasing managers index or pm i came in monday and it wasn't pretty manufacturing growth in the eurozone slowed to a thirteen month low in august the markets eurozone manufacturing and purchasing managers index dipped to fifty point seven in august down from fifty.


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