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tv   Headline News  RT  June 17, 2017 8:00am-8:30am EDT

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the government be held accountable for the devastating fire in a high rise housing. the u.n. and human rights groups. are reportedly killing hundreds of. confederation.
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international news with me now three pm here. in london which is where we start this hour thousands of protesters have marched in the british capital demanding justice and help be given to the victims of the. angry crowds blame the conservative government and its austerity policies for the tragedy number of confirmed deaths as we stand right now has reached thirty but it is expected to rise up to seventy people still unaccounted for. thank you. thank you. thank you. thank you. the have a he was over the course of this demonstration this mosque this march we managed to speak to some very very
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angry people how did you get the damn thing bedroom tonight when there are people who have to sleep on the floor of the media that until. now did not have retaken everything many people have already been lied to for for centuries decades or so about now it's about every minute that we've been lied to that our government has been lines was covering stuff up and we've had enough the broncos are on alarm system because the people of boston you got people killed as a result of their dreams someone should be able to count to build a school for a month or two we have a government that's come down a prime minister that came to the scene of the crime and you have the decency to meet resident ways the elements in swayze ways the paper ways everyone lived a nice flat ways into tennessee equate ways that the nice don't occupy is that need to know when i sat the anger on the protesters by volunteers i have to say that the official response from being completely inadequate and many of the people who are
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angry about the funding was the food the building of the gas system was put in the in the stairwell so when those coal fire it was a death trap and nobody could escape also the fact that ten million dollars spent on cosmetic changes to the outside of the building to make it look that's all for which residents who live nearby that it was that external cladding which caused the fire to spread so quickly and take so many lives so these protests is very angry at the time and but this is going to be a transformative point in the history of this country. judging by the response of members of the public or walking by and in their cause beeping in support that is a very popular course. prime minister has been visiting survivors in hospital she's also allocated five million pounds to help those affected and demanded a full inquiry into the fatal tragedy but as possible we can now report to reason mayes being blamed for more than just her response to the deadly inferno when your
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own ideas fail just borrow your parents. no one and no community is left behind doesn't that sound a lot like this no one and no community is left behind and this no community and no one is left behind and this nobody and no community should ever be left behind in fact jeremy corbyn used that throughout the labor party leadership race last summer he even used it to launch labour's election campaign for the general election perhaps treason may thought that borrowing a labor phrase would help attract some extra support given how badly she fadden has self-imposed snap general election a vote in which jeremy corbyn went from zero to hero. like a political chameleon to reason may has borrowed more than half
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a share from the right as well in the run up to the e.u. referendum she was a quiet to remain but this was back then. people say the e.u. does not make us more secure because it does not allow us to control our border. but that is not true we would obey orders but we want our country back the new role for ourselves in the world as a strong country with control over our borders. the single market accounts for a huge volume of all trade look at the facts the potential risk to jobs the uncertainties for our economy if we were to leave the european union framework of the single market i would say is a beginning but you must be optimistic about what i am proposing cannot mean membership of the single market nigel farage accused of stealing all his policies
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by getting britain outside the european union controlling immigration and helping small businesses and for years old the british prime minister was running on exactly the same ticket while thrilled ukip supporters flocked to join the conservative party when public opinion skewed right to reason may adjusted her speech and her ideas to fit the agenda when it swung back to the left so did her rhetoric it's textbook electioneering but as to reason may's disappointing results at the polls have demonstrated relying on it too heavily may do more harm than good poll ratings are now as low as jeremy corbin at the start of the snap election campaign that's not deterred the labor leader from borrowing some of the reason may's campaign phrases but only for a long and i'm sure you'll look forward to welcoming the queen's speech just as
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soon as the coalition of chaos has been negotiated. snow possible the labor party stands ready to offer a strong. r t london. un and human rights watch dogs are seriously concerned over what they say are mounting civilian deaths from u.s. led airstrikes against islamic state and the reported numbers are much higher than those being admitted by washington. the u.n. says hundreds of civilians have reportedly been killed in recent days strikes in the embattled syrian city of raka the eisel held hub is on the siege by u.s. backed local forces with the support of western warplanes across the border in iraq
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civilian deaths are also reportedly rising in the islamic state stronghold of mosul which has been under a similar siege for months now the u.s. led coalition is also being accused if you can send three weapons and its civilians in both cities and what could potentially amount to war crimes and i'm open report . the u.s. coalition is more than willing to update the world on its activities against the islamic state in iraq and syria who have successfully been able to take ground from isis already in rocca i recently walked the streets of east and west mosul and i saw for myself that markets and their businesses are reopening so things are moving around the city and living their lives however u.n. investigators paint a very different picture of rock intensification of strikes we each have behaved at the ground for the events in iraq has resulted not to all the staggering loss of see if you don't life but because also led to two hundred hundred sixty
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thousand civilians fleeing their homes. in devon to displease the united states insists that less than five hundred civilians have been killed throughout the entire campaign over the last three years in iraq and syria however the united nations points out that three hundred civilians have been killed in the last four months in iraq alone and the situation in mosul is even worse this is just one example one of these strikes in the area that somewhere between fifty and. civilians may have been killed here planes hit our street and we went to rescue people under the rubble we risk you don't we could see and then we left the area on top of that the u.s. led coalition is being accused of using white phosphorous. u.s. leaders won't confirm whether or not they're using the lethal chemical munition however they say that if they are they're doing it in
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a manner that's consistent with international law but human rights watch points out that this chemical put civilians in great danger burning their flesh down to the bone even a minor burn from this toxic powder can be fatal white phosphorus has been used in syria in iraq previous occasions but since a dental effects can can cause terrible injuries to a question is what is it hitting on the ground and adequate provisions being taken to ensure that civilians and not falling victim to white phosphorous that's the nature of urban warfare fighting in close confines with civilians and legitimate targets closely mixed in with each other and there's only one way forward for the u.s. coalition we have already shifted from attrition. from one position to another iraq syria to annihilate two billion casualties are a fact of life in this sort of situation looks like the united states has made their choice about how they're going to go about defeating i still the only
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question left is how many more people are going to die for that to happen. r.t. new york. ok picking up on that with us is journalist and rights activist even across the border from syria in beirut welcome to our international thanks for coming on the program a few things to cover here first off thousands of civilians reportedly trapped inside i still held territory in syria and also in iraq from your knowledge what are the prospects for the safety given the circumstances there in. i mean eisel certainly doesn't have any isis certainly doesn't have any we can't trust in isis to release these people or to care for their well being if they were in areas that the syrian army and government could access their well being would be a shirt. you because visited syria several times during this long drawn out bloody war in terms of the color of the coverage we see of the conflict when people pick
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up their papers switch on the t.v. how does a correspond generally from what you've seen. it really depends who you're talking about it depends whether these people have actually gone to syria and talked with syrian people visited the areas in question or whether they were reporting from offices outside of syria and relying on sources usually affiliated with al qaeda are funded by the west and i say this because recently i've been to some key areas eastern aleppo a lot of homes. these are areas that were heavily propagandized in western and gulf media by people who are relying on sources and in each of these areas people were suffering civilians were suffering and the root cause for the president of the terrorist factions within but the way that western gulf media reported it was to accuse the syrian government and at times the russian government of being the cause of the suffering and in the sort of starvation occurring in these areas when i went
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to all of these areas and spoke with civilians who had remained there or those who had come back afterwards the same story was told to me that in fact aid and food did get into these areas but it was the terrorists who possessed who took control of the eight in the food and in most cases if they were able to buy food from terrorists it was that highly extortionist rate that people could not afford. in terms of being able to report someone who's been like yourself your testimony should carry more weight than somebody right to get out from wars in a bureau thousands of miles away of course you've something of a reputation as a myth but also you've been criticized for supporting the syrian government so where do you draw the line a where is the line drawn between independent coverage of. i would start with the question do we really have independent coverage if we're talking about the b.b.c. which is british state owned or al-jazeera which is owned by. are those are those
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journalists and those articles and reports coming from those sites and other western known sites really independent on the other hand i am presenting things that i have seen testimonies i've taken from syrians whether they're i respect the syrian government or not is in my opinion irrelevant because i'm not reporting on what the government says i'm reporting what the syrian people say i'm reporting on what i see and document with my own eyes it's up to people to do some acts extra research and see whether what i report corroborates with what other people in syria on the ground are reporting not what the syrian observatory for human rights who it's one man based in the u.k. is reporting not what other journalist relying on al-qaeda are reporting. the u.n. and several human rights groups accuse the u.s. led coalition of potential war crimes we had a reporter earlier that talked about the use of and sundry weapons like the u.n. the u.s. insists it's not using those where civilians are of the groups but to differ do you expect the at least be some sort of broader hopefully independent investigation
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into this down the line. has there ever been in the past has there been any investigation and condemnation and and repercussions for the zionist for israel's use of white phosphorus on civilians in gaza has there been any repercussions for the us his own use of chemical weapons and other illegal munitions on civilians throughout the world i don't expect there to be an independent investigation yet at the same time when the u.s. and its allies alleged without any sort of evidence and to the contrary all evidence pointing to the opposite of what they allege when they allege that the syrian government used chemical weapons on civilians and hunchy kuhn nobody demanded in an investigation the u.s. just went ahead and bomb syria so i don't expect there to be an investigation because it would show the criminality of the u.s. actions. not only in syria and iraq but elsewhere in the world apart from the pentagon they're investigating itself occasionally ok i found out in beirut journalist and rights activist eve about it thanks very much for coming on r.t.
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. i think. russia is about to house state's first major international football tournament neil harvey and stan collymore taking in the atmosphere for us in the i was before that opening game we'll catch up with them after a quick break. in case you're new to the game this is how. the economy is built around. washington the washington post media the. voters elect the businessman to run this country business because. you must it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done before.
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the few we go through. every the world to your ear. and you get it all the old the old. the old according to just. come along for the. well again the biggest football event of the summer kicks off in russia in just a few hours from now neil harvey and award winning sports broadcaster stan collymore updating us on all the news for the fee for the confederations cup as fans get ready for that opening match take a look at what to expect. soak
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it up it's sunny it is beautiful it doesn't get more picturesque than this we will witness the opening ceremony of this year's confederations cup football talk all things footy over the next two hours we have alongside me the award winning stanley callable starting to happen now in some preachers program what a beautiful day for the tournament to start all about isn't it excitement building up to the games what do you think about the save the much don't lose that's the mantra in any tournament around the world slightly different today because the russian team is a fairly new team it's a young team it's a vibrant. and may have to get the nation on side they have to get them three in the middle for football again after a disappointing european championship tournament for new zealand slightly different they're trying to break out of the shadow of rugby union the most popular sport in
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new zealand we talk about the pressure on these these teams for today's opening match i think there was visible pressure on the killie the carriage you'll find out why run this video because it takes a long time to get up them to match fitness theory achilles he's the official animal oracle for this year's fifteen federations cup he supposed to predict the outcome of the games i told him the new paul the octopus and he's got a back up job which i think is a smart move given today's performance he works at the famous servitude museum just alongside us so what do you think about they see basically meandered his way around didn't want to make a decision and is a little bit tentative it was a game of to harvest all of the cliches there but eventually he went off we had a little sniff around any problems for russia the home side to get away and didn't eat the food i think that showed that he was incorruptible was going to take the brunt of the food but but chose russia independently. to do is closer to the first guy than we are because she's so the stated. it's typical for live broadcasting as
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you can hear behind me the p.a. system is now cranking up it's now time sounding vision they're testing all the p.a. systems inside close and within the compound itself all the entertainment is you had the volunteers arriving there you had the antiterrorism police then you had the police cadets cops and then after that you had what were the kind of off duty army cadets you were the volunteers so effectively it's now up to say the testing time is over they've got everything in place that the people in place they got the checks that got the security issues said the opening ceremonies looking about four thirty local time six o'clock so it's kind of like basically now everything's in order it's time for the fans to arrive. somewhere to put the pressure on the teams also i would say a lot of pressure on the organizers a lot of scrutiny on them we have the chance earlier to speak to the rockies the c.e.o. of russia's will cup twenty eight hundred organizing committee and he spoke to us about security measures that are in place and also about that intense media scrutiny all the security measures are in place very of all the interested law
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enforcement agencies have been involved in the preparation of this. in close cooperation with for the for so we're certain that we have a very robust security called so very important because the media microscope is on russia would be giving out quite harsh punishments for anybody found guilty of any offenses i would think we have all the proper legislation in place it's recently. was made a little more stringent we now have. the banned list we can ban certain people from attending matches against new zealand will take place in the newly built some pages big stadium with a small design overlooking the baltic sea coastline which you can look with on the scenes at the arena earlier. they stand so first impressions exceptional views from stadium. reminds me of when
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this smaller version of i'm going to be going to die soon this is sixty sixty well i really want to get fresh local boys to take the side to take a look absolutely. twenty first century technology preach technology come down to try the way i'm through you could at least i hope you can take it back there is no problems with a peach come on let's carry on the some of the crowd and these i guess are pretty much standard now which is the chairs for the players on the case so. you got a hater is all right or you'll fall to no let's look at the success of this is look surely. he's normally the layout he's now meeting the great dressing room so maybe everybody has that long. now would you call this tactic full well yeah i mean it would probably be on the on the in the corner here a little would say it would just be you know idea to be able to see the open close
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and same sex role so you always think only more dangerous for it would possible be defeated pool of a horrible sick does it and there's about two days to be above the best. deal you know one of my social media frenzy self you call a job just for you i will own. she. now you may be big on social media but i can put a few strings as well check this out. in the public you know we know it's come on. we will be back with more stay with us for our tease confederation cup coverage now but a place to be facing. all world news now seventy. u.s.
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navy crew members are missing after an american navy destroyer collided with a philippine container ship off the coast of japan the incident took place in the early hours of saturday but the cause of the collision is still unclear at this stage three servicemen on board the army vessel have been injured including the ship's commander they were flown to a nearby hospital footage of the u.s.s. fitzgerald showed substantial damage with some flooding reported but it has now returned to a port in japan the philippine merchant ship about three times the size of the u.s. warship suffered minor damage. influential hollywood filmmaker oliver stone has released the transcripts of his interviews with the russian president including some but to real which didn't make it into the prime time four part series. on the publication for those of you who want to get a bigger picture of putin's take on some of the world's most pressing political affairs while this two hundred fifty page transcript that stone just published will do just that and certainly one of the most interesting highlights in this
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transcript is putin's comments on edward snowden the former n.s.a. contractor and whistleblower who's been granted asylum here in russia since two thousand and thirteen that's already been revealed in one of the episodes that putin said he does not agree with what snowden did but in the transcript when stern asked putin if snowden would ever be extradited back to the u.s. put in said no not under any circumstances as snowden is not a criminal commenting on the current status of the relationship between moscow and washington while putin said that he thinks one of the key mistakes on washington's part is this take a listen the mystique is that our partners in the united states still treat russia as if it were their main geo political rival while the two hundred fifty page transcript documents the about twenty hours that stone has spent with putin between july twenty fifteen and february twenty seventh and really it offers such limits into a person's personality and how he communicates with his closest stuff because at one point don't question demitra peskov was the kremlin spokesman if his boss being
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brought in ever shouted at him to which he answered no here's putin's explanation as to why he never raises his voice i never scream at all if you raise the tone of your voice then people are not very good at understanding the sense of what is being said to them so as you can see there this transcript on top of the four part series certainly offer quite an interesting never before seen insight into putin's personality and his take on some of the world's most pressing affairs. ok listen breaking news to bring you on our top story from the london tower block disaster that is the. transport for london has halted services on two london underground lines it's partly suspended services because of fears that the ground full tower may collapse as you all know from those images that we've seen all week it's in a very precarious position that building it was engulfed in huge fire on wednesday morning as of now both london underground has suspended train services on two two blinds that run very near to that tower that you can see there as we reported the
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start of the bulletin mass protests took place in london demanding that the government be held accountable for that tragedy we'll update you again in our next bulletin in just over half an hour. next on our team international the boom bust looks at a potential storm ahead for wall street if you watching us in the u.k. or autumn there would sputnik hearing from award winning documentary make a jump on the fight against terror and its coverage in the media. armstrong called the move the going to deal hoping. we're going to be your hosts for the two thousand and seventeen confederations cup here in russia we're going to be visiting the host cities or sochi. moscow is going to be great when told to. do something pretty much to bring every topic the puns need to know about the head of the month so don't forget to tune in to some feel it's going to be full of.
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chorus of the younger generation is that if they block the trend and go against the status quo it all in danger their prospects in life and so many of them sell out basically and get jobs in the city or on wall street and they don't continue in their youth fall exuberance for many enough years to make it a permanent solution a permanent movement but now not to belabor the point but now with things like currencies this generation can bypass the entire financial infrastructure and create their own financial reality. i'm going to france as a boom box broadcasting around the world from washington d.c.
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tonight cuban relations revisited donald trump announces massive changes to the u.s. cuba policy put in place by former president barack obama regarding diplomatic relations travel and business dealings with the. military there and a big win for greece creditors agreed to grant the financially strapped country a multibillion euro payout ending months of uncertainty regarding bond payments also major merger alert online retail giant amazon announces plans to purchase organic grocery chain whole foods down by you must start right now. get ready for.


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